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Volume XXXV

Cantilan, Surigao



June - October 2014


Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

Lieutenant General Hernando Delfin
Carmelo A. Iriberri, Commanding General of the
Philippine Army visited Saint Michael College
in the afternoon of August 12, 2014. General
Iriberri is a proud Cantilangnon and an honorary
member of Saint Michael College Alumni
Association having spent his first three years of
high school studies in SMC. He was appointed
to his present position last February 2014.

He was overwhelmed with the way he
was welcomed by the SMC administration,
faculty, staff and students. A short program was
given in his honor at the schools multi-purpose
hall by his classmates and mentors. The school
gave a plaque of appreciation to the honoree
that was handed by Mrs. Diosdada A. Israel, his
high school teacher in mathematics. Messages
were given and many congratulatory words as
well as inspiring remarks were said.

After the program, the group spent some
time together sharing experiences and joyfully
reminiscing beautiful memories of their high
school years.

General Iriberri, in his speech during
the program, was thankful for the simple but
meaningful welcome and reunion given by the
school, his classmates and mentors.

College Leaders Attend 10th National TPSLC

Jecel Marie A. Consigna, BSED-IV

Last April 28 - May 1, 2014, the
10th National Tertiary Paulinian Student
Leaders Conference took place at Saint
Paul University Surigao. The gathering was
anchored on the theme: Paulinian Leaders:
Alive in the Word, Let us be Light.

Eight Paulinian schools nationwide were
represented during the said event. Nine student
leaders from SMC together with Mrs. Marie Angeli
Y. Jadloc, Student Affairs Coordinator attended
the conference. The objectives of the events
were: to deepen understanding of leadership
as stewardship, to equip each participant of
the basic leadership skills particular to ones

duties and responsibilities and to realize that a

Paulinian leader is called to live and proclaim the
word by being light to others.

On April 28, 2014 was the arrival of
delegates and registration followed. Rev. Fr.
Rannielle Pineda officiated the Eucharistic
Celebration at the Amphitheater of the Basic
Education Campus at exactly 5:00 oclock in the
afternoon that day and Sister Marie Rosanne
Mallilin, SPC- President of SPU Surigao
formally welcomed all the delegates. A pool
party and program took place after dinner for
the participants to get acquainted with each
other. The Michaelinians presented a song
during the occasion that was well applauded.

Day 2, April 29, was opened by a
morning praise. Rev. Fr. Rannielle Pineda was
the first speaker of the day. He talked about the
deeper meaning of Leadership as Stewardship
and took it from biblical citations and stories.
The second speaker of the day was Mr. Kenneth
M. Clamor,. He tackled the details on How to
Prepare a Financial Report and the talk was
immediately followed by a workshop.

Day 3, April 30, activities were continued
at Cabacongan beach, one of the islets of
Surigao. There, the group was divided into two.
The first group was with Mr. Larry R. Dillo, who

gave workshop on how to conduct meeting,

assessment, and evaluation. Mr. Dillo also
inspired the Michaelinians to become animated
servant leaders. On the other hand, the other
group had a workshop on how to prepare
communication, reports and minutes of meetings
with their speaker, Mr. Raymond A. Mosquito.
The last speaker of the day was Mr. Nikko T.
Ederio, who tackled on How to Conduct Team
Building Activity. Team building activities which
were actively participated by the delegates
followed. The group left the island at three oclock
in the afternoon. In the evening was the closing
formalities which was highlighted by the awarding
of certificates to the participants. All were wearing
the 10th National TPSLC official shirt. Mrs.Wendy
Delos Santos gave the closing message living in
each delegate an inspiration to sail onward and
be evangelizers to other people.

The last day of the conference was
intended for a city tour. The Michaelinians bid
goodbye to their co-delegates and to SPUSurigao family as they departed and headed
back home to Cantilan.

The gathering was full of experiences
for the Michaelinians having learned new things
about leadership and being inspired to become
animated servant leaders of SMC.


June - October 2014

Senior High School: Gearing Up for the Future

K to 12 stands for kindergarten plus 12 years of elementary

and secondary education. This involves one year in kindergarten,
six years of elementary education, four years in junior high school
(Grades 7-10), and two years of senior high school (Grades 1112). The two years of senior high school intends to provide time for
students to consolidate acquired academic skills and competencies.
During the two years of specialized upper secondary education,
students may choose a specialization based on aptitude and
interest. The choice of career track will define the content of the
subjects a student will take in Grades 11 and 12. Senior High
School will offer a core curriculum required of all students and
electives in four tracks: Academic track; Technical, Vocational
and Livelihood track; Sports track; and Arts and Design track. The
curriculum aims to provide students with sufficient time for the
mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, prepare
graduates for tertiary education, train students on middle-level
skills and prepare them for employment and entrepreneurship. In
general, students in Grade 11 will spend about two-thirds of their
time studying the core subjects and one-third of their time on their
chosen career pathways, either on campus or more likely on an
internship or immersion in a company. Students in Grade 12 will
spend more than a third of their time in internship or immersion.
The K to 12 program acknowledges that most, if not all
Filipinos, want a college diploma. At the same time, most Filipinos
want to make money, either as entrepreneurs or as employees.
The program, therefore, promises to give every Grade 12 graduate
a realistic chance to go to college or to earn a living immediately
after graduation because it is believed that every graduate will be
equipped with information, media and technology skills; learning
and innovation skills, effective communication skills, and life and
career skills.
The government introduced the K to 12 Program to be at
par with the world because the Philippines is one among two
countries in the world offering only a 10-year basic education
program while the rest of the world offers 12 years. Our desire,
however, to elevate our educational goal to be at par with the rest
of the world seems debatable because looking in the situation
in the preparation we lack enough study, careful analysis and
good planning to implement the change. The factors surrounding
and affecting the issue need thorough and exhaustive treatment.
Considering the old 10-year basic education program, we have
already gone far and have an edge in the world market. Many
Filipino people who are educated in the 10-year basic education
only and those who receive college degrees are equally qualified
like their counterparts from the different countries who underwent
a 12-year basic education program. Our engineers, nurses,
teachers, IT graduates, to name a few, are in demand in the world
today. It is a reality, nevertheless, that with the keen competition
in all sectors in the world at the present time, our educational
system needs changes, but why the abrupt implementation
without considering if the necessary resources and capabilities
are available?
Right now, DepEd seems overwhelmed with all the concerns
in public education not to mention the number one problem
classrooms. It has difficulty focusing on the planning of the K-12
program. When this new program was introduced a few years
back, the government boldly declared that all input shortages will
be wiped out before the end of 2013 that a 1:1 ratio of student-

to-textbook and student-to-seat will be achieved within SY 20122013 and that shortages in classrooms, teachers, and needed
facilities like comfort rooms will be fully addressed. There were
other concerns cited that were also considered to be addressed
immediately. However, how far is the preparation from reality.
Were all those target realized?
In 2012, the DepEd started to implement the K12 education
system. Public schools now have to master the art of shifting
schedules. Some schools are trying a shortened school-week
because of lack of classrooms and facilities. These are some
realities that our public schools basic education is facing. With
two additional years in the curriculum under a system that could
not cope with a simple roadmap in terms of solving the backlog of
classrooms, facilities, instructional materials, teachers training,
etcetera, the government seems to have added two layers of
inefficiency to its perceived inefficient basic education program.
This K-12, though, has been implemented already by some
schools in the country but it still needs a lot of thinking and sincere
support from all Filipinos to achieve its purpose. We should all
contribute to the change and the effectivity of our educational
system for individual development and for the progress of our
country. Our authorities are working hard but they need the help
of the entire Filipino citizenry. We must make a distinction of a
first job and a job for the rest of our lives. We should also be able
to distinguish education on how to earn a living and education for
The change is two-fold. It will give focus not only to the
curriculum enhancement but also to the transition management,
as well. The intention of K to 12 is not merely to add two years of
schooling but more importantly, to enhance the basic education
curriculum and to prepare the students for life.


June - October 2014


Nadine M. Huerta, Guidance Coordinator

The Guidance Center conducted
the Anti-Bullying Talk to college students
in the four year levels at different
schedules. Its aim was to keep the
students aware about bullying and its
impact to others. It discussed R.A. No.
10627 also known as Anti-Bullying Act of

The activity started with an opening
prayer in video presentation. Its objective
was discussed next and followed by

the presentation about cyber bullying,

conventional bullying and the R.A. No.
10627. The activity informed the students
on the types and nature of bullying and their
effects on the parties involved. The speaker
encouraged the students to be watchful
on how to conduct themselves, especially,
when relating to other people considering
their words, expressions, gestures, actions
and tone of voice.

The students were further informed


Merlyn E. Lao-ay, BEED-IV

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on the harm that bullying will create because

it is disrespecting the party bullied and at
the same time it creates bad image of the
person doing it. Friend dont let friends bully
others, a saying that will remind us that a
friend never bullies a friend.

The Anti-Bullying Talk was conducted
on the following schedule:
June 23, 2014 1st year college students
June 30, 2014 2nd year college students
July 16, 2014 3rd year college students
August 6, 2014 4th year college students
and TESDA students

Joana Marie P. Oblino, BEED-I

MES 14- 2015

LAO-AY, Merlyn E.
Feature Editor

For the awareness of every
individuals environmental responsibility,
the Office of the Community Extension
Services and External Affairs sponsored a
symposium on Environmental Care and
Social Responsibility on July 7, 2014,
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 oclock at the Maalman
Christian Community Center.

The sponsoring group headed by Mrs.
Felomina O. Arreza, Community Extension
Services and External Affairs Coordinator,
invited four resource speakers who gave
informative talks on different topics. The
Role of the Civil Society Organizations in
Protecting the Environment was delivered
by Ms. Emma Y. Hotchkiss, Chairman of
Nagpakabana na CarCanMadCarLanon
(NNC) and Baywatch Foundation. She gave a
stand on their Anti-Mining Advocacy. The talk
on National Greening Program was given by
Forester Emelyn T. Sumaoy, a representative
from NGP Department, DENR-CENRO,
Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. She stated the
objectives of NGP which includes poverty
reduction, food security and climate change
mitigation. The OIC of Surigao Development
Corporation, Mr. Rowil Aquillon, gave a
talk about Policy and Governance, Critical

Advocacy Arena for Environmental Defense.

He stated, we should educate ourselves and
protect certain areas for balanced ecology.
Liberalism serves as the bedrock and
essence of democracy, thus, people should
participate. On the other hand, Mr. Vicente
Cirilo A. Iriberri, General Manager of Cantilan
Water District, talked about the Watershed
and Water as Human Right.

Library orientation for the college
freshmen was given last June 5, 2014
at 2:00-4:00 oclock in the afternoon by
Mrs. Proserpina A. Cruiz, Librarian. The
purpose of the orientation was to help the
new students become familiar with the
rules and regulations of the library and be
aware of the different materials to use in
the library.

The orientation started with a prayer
led by the school librarian. There were
two groups of freshmen students who
attended the orientation. The first group was
accommodated at 2:00-3:00 oclock and the
second group followed at 3:00-4:00 oclock.
Mrs. Cruiz presented the objectives of the
library and encouraged the students to make
use of the resources available; she told the
students of the benefits that they can get from
the library in enhancing their knowledge and
abilities by reading and continuous learning.


Honey Lea D. Geraldo, BSED-I

Last June 6, 2014, the Guidance
Services headed by Ms. Nadine M. Huerta,
Guidance Coordinator, conducted a Career
Guidance Orientation to the college freshmen
at the Maalman Christian Community Center

The orientation started at exactly
10:30 a.m with an opening prayer through
a video presentation. The program was
intended to help the students realize if they
are certain of the course they are taking. The
speakers of the said event were Merlyn E.
Lao-ay, College Executive Council President,

Jasper Jay E. Susada, Computer Science

Department President and Ivy J. Pelemiano,
President. The presentors shared their
different experiences in their chosen field of
study. Likewise, Ms. Nadine M. Huerta, gave
a short talk regarding her college life and
experiences in her studies.

Because of this activity, the freshmen
became more aware of the field that they
intend to pursue. The activity ended at 12:00
oclock noon and was hosted by Ms. Jeh S.
Arwita, CEC Secretary.


June - October 2014


Merlyn E. Lao-ay BEED-IV

Friendship is a sweet responsibility never an opportunity.

The Student Government Organization
sponsored La Noche de Amistad on August
2, 2014 at 6:00-11:00 oclock in the evening
at the SMC Sports Court. The theme of the
said affair was Friends are Like Stars, Found
Everywhere; True friends are Like Diamonds,
True and Rare.

A song presentation by the College
Choir opened the event and this was followed
by the singing of the National Anthem led
by Ms. Rosiefe Cabadonga and Mr. Regie
Gorgonio. Ms. Merlyn Lao-ay, CEC President,
warmly welcomed everyone to the gathering.
Presentations from 4th year, 1st year and
transferee students as well as from TESDA
grantees followed. Then, Sister Vivina M.
Init, SPC, gave a friendship message. She
emphasized the value of love, respect and
honesty among friends. This was followed by
an amusing dance from the faculty and staff.
Dinner came next and some students rendered
beautiful songs of love and friendship.

The second part of the program was the
disco. Everybody enjoyed dancing like nobody
was watching. It was a joyful family gathering
that everyone was comfortable and confident in
each others company. It was also a night full

of surprises because the CEC gave awards to

chosen ladies and gentlemen on the following:
Mr. La Noche de Amistad 14 - Mr. Miguel M. Estrada
Ms. La Noche de Amistad 14 - Ms. Carnille May S. Agua
Ms. Face of the Night - Ms. Karla D. Arjona
Mr. Face of the Night - Mr. Jan Michael P. Besinga
Ms. Confidence
- Ms. Nieva B. Calog
Mr. Confidence
- Mr. Christian Heart A. Sulapas
Ms. Glamorous
- Ms. Ritchelle Grace Azarcon
Ms. Friendship
- Ms. Mae Rose Suniel

Ms. Punctuality
- Ms. Jeh S. Arwita
Ms. Fashionista
- Ms. Chenny Larong

The event was, indeed, an affair to
remember, since the occasion comes only once a
year. Everybody enjoyed the night to the fullest.

Ms. Jeh Arwita, CEC Secretary, gave the
acknowledgement and Mr. Manuel Griar, Computer
Science Department Vice- President led the closing
prayer. On the other hand, Ms. Ivy Pelemiano and
Mr. Miguel Estrada hosted the event.


Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

The vision-mission, school directives,
academic policies, rules and regulations
and different services of the school were
discussed during the general orientation last
June 4, 2014 at 8:00 oclock in the morning until
12:00 oclock noon at the Maalman Christian
Community Center. The program started with
an opening prayer led by Ms. Ma. Rizalita A.
Mabalay, college faculty and followed by the
singing of the national anthem.

Dr. Proserpina O. Yuhico, College
Dean, welcomed everyone and introduced the
administration, faculty, staff and students. A song
was presented by the officers of the College
Executive Council and Teacher Education
department. Then, series of talk followed that
started with the presentation of the schools

Vision and Mission by Mrs. Margarita L. Duero,

Business Administration Program Coordinator.
Spiritual, academic, community involvement,
physical, social, cultural and environmental
care activities were presented through pictures
flashed on the screen to realize the visionmission of SMC. Mr. Frantor B. Fernandez
discussed next the objectives and programs of
the Christian Formation while Dr. Margarita M.
Ladanan, Dean of Teacher Education, informed
the students on the academic policies of the
college department. After the three speakers,
Christian Heart Sulapas, a first year student,
entertained the crowd with a song. This was
followed by the talk on records by Mrs. Jocelyn
P. Comon, school registrar. Mrs. Rachel S. Mazo
shared next on tuition fee and other charges.

She, too, discussed the policy on discounts,

then, Ms. Frances Dee A. Israel together with
Mrs. Cherly B. Sardovia shared on school
directives. Afterwards, the officers from the
Computer Science and Business Administration
departments showed their talent in dancing.
The guidelines of clubs and other

organizations were presented by Mrs. Marie
Angeli Y. Jadloc, Student Affairs Coordinator,
while the canteen, clinic and security services
were discussed by Mr. Cyrus P. Tabudlong,
Student Services Head. With regards to
the guidance services and programs, Ms.
Nadine M. Huerta, Guidance Coordinator,
gave a brief and complete information to the
students. This was followed by the talk of Ms.
Zyra Amor D. Pedotera, Library Personnel,
who shared the library vision-mission, rules
and regulations. A song by the campus
nightingale, Ms. Jecel Marie A. Consigna,
came next that delighted the audience. Mr.
Marvin G. Minguillan, Computer Laboratory
In-Charge, gave the computer laboratory rules
and regulations, objectives and guidelines
while Mrs. Felomina O. Arreza presented the
Community Extension Services Activities
and Projects.

The program was closed by the
message of Mrs. Marie Valerie Y. Ruayana,
college faculty, followed by the singing of the
Michaelinian Hymn. The program was hosted
by Cynthia P. Padual, Teacher Education
Department President.

June - October 2014



Charissa J. Palma, BEED-III

Last July 1, 2014, the College Department
launched the celebration of the Nutrition Month
sponsored by the Homemakers Club and Youth
Medical Team. Kalamidad Paghandaan, Gutom
at Malnutrisyon Agapan, was the theme of the
said celebration. Each department prepared
and displayed different fruits and vegetables
for the booth and vegetable display contest
sponsored by the Youth Medical Team. The
students actively participated in the said activity
to signify the beginning of the nutrition month

On July 23, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. to
12:00 noon, the Homemakers club conducted
fish garnishing contest participated by the
academic clubs while the Youth Medical Team
spearheaded Nutritious Juice and Snacks
contest that was participated by the NonAcademic Clubs.

On July 30, a culminating activity was
made wherein Table Setting contest took place
participated by the four departments, namely:
Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Computer
Science and Teacher Education. There was
also a Ginat-an Cooking contest participated
by the Other Organizations. After the contests,
the sponsoring club had share-a-lunch together
with the college faculty and staff.

Here are the winners of the different
Booth and Vegetable Display Contest
1st place Teacher Education Department
Computer Science Department

2nd place - Business Administration

3rd place - Liberal Arts Department
Fish Garnishing Contest
1st place - Social Science Club
2nd place - English-Drama Club
3rd place - Computer Club
Nutritious Juice Contest
1st place - Arts Club
2nd place - Sports Club
3rd place - Ecoteam Club
Nutritious Snacks Contest
1st place - Arts Club
2nd place - Dance Club
3rd place - Sports Club
Table Setting Contest

1st place - Computer Science Department

2nd place - Teacher Education Department
3rd place - Business Administration
Ginat-an Cooking Contest
1st place - Entrepreneurship Club
2nd place - College Choir
3rd place - Peer Facilitators Circle
Congratulations to the winners!

The activities were all geared towards
the realization of the theme. The contests given
developed the cooking and table setting abilities
of the participants as well as enhanced their
relationship with one another and kept them
confident in carrying out the task assigned.


Jecel Marie A. Consigna, BSED-IV

Revealing Concepts and Methods of
the Future Time, was the theme of the first
College Merit Awarding last September 3,
2014. The program was held at the Maalman
Christian Community Center at 10:00 11:30
in the morning. Anna Marie D. Libatog, a Math
Club member, gave the opening prayer. A
welcome message by Myra Jane C. Faelnar,
Math Club President followed. Thereafter, was
the presentation of the Math Jingle Contest
with its board of judges and the reading
of the mechanics and criteria. The contest
was participated by the four departments:
Liberal Arts, Teacher Education, Business
Administration, and Computer Science. The
highlight of the said event was the presentation
of the meritorious students for the midterm
period Academic Year 2014-2015 by the
respective Program Coordinators.

The following were the meritorious


MIRANDA, Rolieta R.
LAO-AY, Merlyn E.
FLORES, Jenie T.
PADUAL, Cynthia P.
CONSIGNA, Jecel Marie A. 1.42
SUAREZ, Reabel R.
SAMBALOD, Reymark S. 1.55
DUMALAGA, Glendame B. 1.66

After the awarding ceremonies, Sister

Vivina M. Init, SPC, School Directress, gave an
inspirational message. Sr. Vivina encouraged
the students to focus on their studies and give
their best at it. She congratulated the outstanding
students for proving themselves and the sposors
of the program for their effort in keeping up with
their responsibility. A song number by Jimson
Tomas came next. Everyone was amused at the
beautiful rendition and interpretation of the song.
The presentation of the Upcycling Contest and the
board of judges came next. This was followed by
the reading of the mechanics and criteria for the
Search for Ms. Upcycling given by Manuel Griar,
Computer Science Department Vice-President.
The contest was participated by the four Other
Organizations: Peer Facilitators Circle, College
Choir, MYCA, and Entrepreneurship. The

contestants looked gorgeous in their upcycled

dress. They presented themselves beautifully
and confidently. Then, selected Math and Dance
club members presented a dance presentation.
The announcement of the winners for the two
contests followed.

Here are the winners for the Math Jingle
Contest and the Search for Ms. Upcycling:
1st place - Teacher Education Department
2nd place - Liberal Arts Department
3rd place - Business Administration Department
Ms. Upcyling - Peer Facilitators Circle
1st runner-up - Entrepreneurship
2nd runner-up - MYCA
3rd runner-up - College Choir

The program ended with the closing talk
of Jasper Jay E. Susada, Computer Science
Department President. The singing of the
Michaelinian Hymn followed.

Peter John Orsenado and Nieva Calog
were the program masters and the activity
was sponsored by the Computer Science
Department together with the Computer and
Mathematics Clubs.

Congratulations to the meritorious
students and to the winners of the contests!


June - October 2014


Ailyn D. Libatog, BEED-III

Ninety five student leaders of the
college department attended the Leadership
Seminar on July 12, 2014 held at the Audio
Visual Room at 7:00 oclock in the morning until
5:00 oclock in the afternoon. MichaelinianPaulinian Leaders: Alive in the Word, Let us
be Light was the theme of the event that was
facilitated by the College Executive Council.

The seminar started with the registration
of participants facilitated by Jeh S. Arwita, CEC
secretary and Mario Amparo, CEC Auditor.
The seminar started with a prayer led by Bryan
D. Luarez, CEC Business Manager. A warm
welcome message was given by the Student
Affairs Coordinator, Mrs. Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc.
The introduction of participants and facilitators
followed and was announced by Jecel Marie
A. Consigna, Math Club Treasurer. Peter John
J. Orsenado, CEC Vice-President and Ailyn D.
Libatog, CEC P.I.O introduced the two speakers
during the morning session. The first speaker
was Ms. Louvanne Jessa D. Orzales, high
school faculty. She discussed about St. Paul

Mc. Vincent L. Delos Arcos BSEd III

Our character is what we are and

who we are.

The college students convened at
the Maalman Christian Community Center
to listen to the Talk on Social Graces last
June 18, 2014, 10:30- 12:00 in the morning.
The activity reminded the students on how
they should act as Michaelinians, in their
thoughts, words and deeds.

The topics taken included manners
in the family, in school and in public places.
The program was opened by a prayer dance
given by the Marian Youth Catholic Action.
Ms. Ivy Pelemiano, Department President of
the College of Business Administration, gave
the welcome address. The talk was followed
by a presentation from the College Executive
Council and the English-Drama Club members
who portrayed the different behavior of students
in the campus. Thereafter, Mrs. Marie Angeli
Y. Jadloc, MAST shared the different ways
of carrying the self effectively. Furthermore,
Mrs. Jadloc stressed the significance of
good manners in the development of selfconfidence. She described a finished person
that is expected of every Michaelinian. Rules of
etiquette were also discussed. She emphasized
that character is most important than anything
else in a person. After the talk of the resource
speaker, the Dance Club amused the audience
with a Dance. The program ended with a Prayer
sung by Mr. Bryan D. Luarez, CEC Business

as a Powerful Model and Leader. Her talk was

focused on the ten characteristics of St. Paul
that a student leader should possess. Power
Paul- Understanding the Power Within was
given by the second speaker, Mr. Nico Michael
D. Huelma, Secondary Executive Council
Moderator. According to Mr. Huelma, attitude
reflects leadership. Then intermission numbers
by the Liberal Arts and Business Administration
department officers and an ice breaker by
the Teacher Education department officers
followed, to entertain the participants.

At around 1:30 in the afternoon, the
facilitators gave an ice breaker to energize the
participants for the afternoon session. Janine
M. Callote, CEC Treasurer, introduced Cynthia
P. Padual, Teacher Education Department
President, for her Re-Echo of the Leadership

Seminar at Surigao City last April 28 to May 1,

2014. She explained how to write letters and
memos including the general rules and styles in
writing a letter. She also tackled the guidelines in
writing a report and how to prepare the minutes
of the meeting.

Team building activities were also done in
the afternoon to develop patience, cooperation
and teamwork among the participants. The
seminar content was evaluated after all topics
and activities were done for further improvement
of the program and other related purposes. The
awarding of certificates came next followed by
the singing of the song, Shooting Stars which
was led by the facilitators. The closing remark
was delivered by Merlyn E. Lao-ay, CEC
President. The activity ended with a closing
prayer sung by the choir.


Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

Saint Michael College, Cantilan,
Surigao del Sur, a Catholic institution is
committed to its mission of total formation
of the human person by providing quality
Catholic education to its clientele and
service to the poor of the local community.

To attain its mission, the teacher
education students conducted literacy-outreach
program at Purok 5, Brgy. Magosilom, Cantilan,
Surigao del Sur. Its main objective was to help
the children, ages 7-9 years old, preferably
grades 1-3 of the place, develop their reading
proficiency. The activity started last July 27,
2014. It was a one-on-one activity conducted
every Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 oclock in the
afternoon. A pupil and a student teacher carry
out the activity to ensure that learning of the
child is monitored personally.

On September 21, 2014 was the
culmination program wherein there was a short
program and awarding of school supplies to the

Through the full support of the school
administration and with the cooperation of the
Brgy. Officials of Magosilom headed by Hon.
Jimbo A. Luarez, the said activity was very


June - October 2014


Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

A total of 107 Michaelinians coming from
the Grade School, High School and College
Departments attended the Campus Journalism
Seminar last July 26, 2014 from 8:00 oclock in
the morning until 5:00 oclock in the afternoon
at the Maalman Christian Community Center. It
was anchored with the theme Campus Paper:
Responding to the Concerns and Challenges of
the 21st Century.

The activity formally started with an
opening prayer by Ms. Zyra Amor D. Pedotera,
grade school faculty, followed by the singing of the
National Anthem. Then, Hanna Eula C. Sahilan,
high school student, gave the welcome address
and the introduction of speakers by Cynthia P.
Padual, college student, followed.

The first speaker was Ms. Louvanne Jessa
D. Orzales, High School Writers Club Moderator.

Jecel Marie A. Consigna,BSED-IV

Selected 4th year teacher

education students conducted tutorial
classes to the 1st year, 2nd year and
3rd year students of the department
starting last July 8, 2014 at 10:30 in the
morning until 12:00 noon. The classes
were scheduled every Tuesday and
Thursday this semester. The participants
were divided into two groups. The first
group was composed of the first year
students. They were given remedial
class in English every Tuesday and
in Mathematics every Thursday at the
Audio Visual Room. The second group
on the other hand, were second year
and third year students. They were
given remedial classes in some of the
Professional Education subjects at the
Science Laboratory in the Elementary
department. The said activity culminated
last September 21, 2014. The objective
was to help the teacher education
students cope up with the requirements
of the course.

She talked about the different Guidelines,

Structure and Tips on How to Write a Good
Feature Article. After her talk was an exercise
break facilitated by selected high school students,
then serving of snacks followed.

Mrs. Amorel P. Arreza, a college alumna
of Saint Michael College and school paper
moderator for twenty years at Carrascal Central
Elementary School, was the second speaker. She
shared her expertise on School Paper Lay-Outing.
Steps and Principles on Lay-outing as well as on
Page Designing were given emphasis during her
talk. After Mrs. Arrezas talk, the participants took
their lunch break.

The activity resumed at exactly 1:30 in the
afternoon. To awaken the participants, selected
college students facilitated an energizer which
everybody took part and enjoyed. Then the

last topic was about News and Editorial Writing

delivered by Mr. Achiebald A. Rozano another
alumnus of Saint Michael College. He talked on
the Guidelines in Writing a Good Editorial. He also
discussed the Different Types of Editorial and The
Qualities of a Good Editorial Article. The awarding
of tokens and certificates to the resource speakers
by Mrs. Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc, school paper
moderator of the college department,followed.

Then, the participants were grouped
into three for the workshop. Each group was
assigned to write their own articles and prepare
a lay-out of a school paper. The participants were
all enthusiastic in doing their assigned tasks.
The articles and lay-out were submitted to their
respective leader. The activity ended at exactly
5:00 oclock in the afternoon and the program was
facilitated by Mc Vincent L. Delos Arcos, college


Merlyn E. Lao-ay, BEED-IV

On the 4th day of June, 2014 at
3:00 - 5:00 in the afternoon, the college
students were gathered at the Maalman
Christian Community Center for the Student
Government Organization (SGO) Assembly.

An opening prayer was led by Peter
John O. Orsenado, College Executive Council
Vice- President. Cynthia P. Padual, President
of Teacher Education Department gave the
welcome message. This was followed by the
report of Merlyn E. Lao-ay, CEC President.
Then, Janine M. Callote, CEC Treasurer,
discussed the Fund Statement as of the
Second Semester A.Y. 2013-2014. After all
the reports were presented, an open forum
followed and questionnaire were answered

by the officers involve.

There were numbers given by
the Dance Club and Skylark Band that
entertained the students. Then, Mrs. Marie
Angeli Y. Jadloc, Student Affairs Coordinator,
introduced the new set of officers of the
College Executive Council for A.Y. 20142015. She further discussed the School
Directives which cover the General Rules
and Guidelines on Organization Membership.
She also presented the activities for the
month of June.

Mr. Mario A. Amparo, CEC Auditor, led
the closing prayer. The assembly was formally
closed with by the singing of the Michaelinian


Janine M. Callote, BSBA-IV

The College Executive Council

spearheaded the talk on Health Care,
Proper Hygiene and Sanitation on July
02, 2014. It took place at the Maalman
Christian Community Center, 10:30 a.m
to 12:00 noon.

The said activity intended to
give indispensable information to the
college students, faculty and staff on the
importance of living a healthy life.

The program was formally opened
by an Invocation led by the College Choir
and was followed by the Singing of the
National Anthem. Ms. Cynthia P. Padual,
Teacher Education department President,
warmly welcomed everybody who attended
the said event. Mrs. Marie Angeli Y.
Jadloc, Student Affairs Coordinator, gave

the Talk on What is Health Care, Proper

Hygiene and Sanitation and stressed the
importance of cleanliness and good health
to a happy life. Then, selected BSBA
students rendered an intermission number
to entertain the audience.

The Closing Remark was given
by Jasper Jay Susada. Mr. Susada,
Computer Science department President,
acknowledged the attendance of the
students and thanked the people behind
the success of the activity. Mr. Mc. Vincent
de los Arcos was called after to give the
Closing Prayer.

The event was planned, designed
and organized to promote the importance
of health because we believe that Health
is Wealth.


June - October 2014


Merlyn E. Lao-ay, BEED-IV

The celebration of Saint Michael

College Foundation day this year was a
tremendous success. Alive and Ablaze
in Gods Light at 99 was everywhere in
the campus during the four day event.
The celebration started with the College
Alumni Reunion on September 20, 3:0011:00 p.m. The events during the gathering
of college graduates were simple but full
of gist. Although the number of attendees
was not significant, the Michaelinians who
responded to the call were all enthusiastic
and happy participating actively during the
Eucharistic celebration held at the school
chapel, during the meeting and program
that followed the mass and, of course,
during the disco that came after the dinner.
Everybody present was enjoying the aura
of the place while reminiscing the old
times. The disco was superb that brought
almost everyone to dance and sway to the
beautiful music.
The Talent Ablaze took place on
September 26, 7:00-11:00 p.m. at the
MCCC. This show brought talents to the
stage. The performances of grade school
pupils, high school and college students
were remarkable. The presentations were
unique and the audience was overwhelmed
by the talented Michaelinians performance.
The show was replayed during the Parents
day on September 28 at 2:00-4:00 p.m. The
grade school category was Kids Category

and the high school and college category

was teens category.
The activities that followed were the
High School Alumni day on September
27, Parents day on September 28, Saint
Michaels Feast day and Intramurals on
September 29-30.
The days during the celebration
were full of events. The high school alumni
batch 1988-1989 was the prime mover on
September 27. These silver jubilarians
brought in many activities to complete
the day. Free Medical, Dental and Optical
Clinic in the school ground were given
to 200 people. Michaelinians and nonMichaelinians arrive from 6:30 a.m. to
3:00 p.m. to avail of the said services. A
Eucharistic Celebration that gathered the
Michaelinians in the Parish Church took
place at 8:00 a.m. This was followed by a
Motorcade around Cantilan where batches
were happy waving their banners to show
their participation, loyalty and love to
the association and the school. After the
motorcade, a General Assembly facilitated
by Mr. Edilberto Cortes, SMC Alumni
Association President and Ms. Rizalita A.
Mabalay, MBA, Alumni Coordinator, took
place at the MCCC.
The evening events included a
program, party and disco. During the
program the Silver and Golden High School
Jubilarians were applauded and were given

certificates of appreciation by Sr. Vivina

M. Init, Directress. At the same time, the
bequeathal of the Key of Responsibility
to the Golden and Silver Jubilarians next
academic year were done. Bequeathal
speeches by Msgr.Florio R. Falcon, DCT,
High School Batch 1963-1964 Coordinator
and Dr. Cynthia Teresa Mongado-Jao,
High School Batch 1988-1989 President
were inspiring. On the other hand, the
acceptance speeches of Dr. Isabel A. Cruiz,
High School Batch 1964-1965 Coordinator
and Mrs. Catherine Seril Gonzales, High
School Batch 1989-1990 President, were
emotional and full of commitment.
The night was full of beautiful
memories. Laughter was everywhere.
Dancing by young and old was all around.
The Parents day was Sunday.
Like in the previous years, the parents
gathered at 9:00 oclock in the morning
after attending mass at their respective
parishes. The program started at 10:00
oclock in the morning. The parents and
faculty presented songs and dances and
everybody enjoyed watching the beautiful
presentations. The oath taking of the new
set of PTA and School- Home Partnership
Officers was done. After the lunch, the
Talent Ablaze Performers showed the
parents their songs, dances and other
talents that delighted everyone.
The celebration of the Feast of Saint
Michael on September 29 was started with
a Eucharistic Celebration officiated by Rev.
Fr. Danny Garay, DCT, Parish Priest. This
was followed by a colorful parade where
the students wore their field demonstration
costumes. The ground presentations
followed and the students gladly gave their
best in the Dances, Gymnastics and Parade
and Review. The afternoon started with an
opening program for the intramurals that
lasted for two days. The whole celebration
was awesome. It proved the oneness and
unity of the Michaelinians.


Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

In response to the memorandum
sent by the Commission on Higher
Education (CHED) encouraging all
higher education institutions to observe
the National Disaster Consciousness
Month with the theme Kahandaan at
Kaligtasan ng Pamayanan, Pundasyon
ng Kaunlaran, Saint Michael College
conducted different activities such as
Fire and Earthquake Drill and Talk
on Environmental Care and Social
Responsibility. On the other hand, the
College General Council (CGC) officers
spearheaded an essay writing and poster
making contests last July 18, 2014. The

essay writing contest was participated

by the academic clubs while the poster
making contest was participated by
the non-academic clubs. One point
in the mechanics of the above stated
contests was the relativity to the theme.
There were five college students who
participated in the essay writing contest
while eight students joined the poster
making contest.

The results of the contests are as
1st place Cynthia P. Padual

Computer Club

2nd place Ruby Ann S. Flores

Social Science Club
3rd place Jenie T. Flores

English-Drama Club


1st place Cyril Dessie Joy A. Huerte

Youth Medical Team
2nd place John Paul C. Almeda

Dance Club
3rd place Christian Heart A. Sulapas


Congratulations to the winners!

June - October 2014

College School-Home Partnership

Convenes for Semestral Assembly
Mrs. Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc, College Faculty

The college parents, teachers and
office staff met last July 6, 2014, 1:30 5:00
in the afternoon at the Maalman Christian
Community Center for the semestral

The gathering was composed of two
parts. The first part was orientation of the
parents to the Vision-Mission, Goals and
Objectives of the institution and of the
college department that was remarkably
handled by Mr. Frantor B. Fernandez.
Then, a Talk on Responsible Parenthood
given by Mrs. Felomina O. Arreza was
another significant part of the program.

Part two was the meeting proper.
The SHP President, Mrs. Brenda S. Flores
welcomed the parents to the second part
of the assembly and thanked them for
giving their time to attend the meeting.
The reading of the previous minutes of
the meeting by the secretary followed
and the report of the treasurer and the
president came next. Mrs. Flores reported
the donation of P40, 000.00 by the School
Home Partnership in the construction of
the Speech Laboratory. The new business
was presented next and was discussed
thoroughly and it included the participation
of the parents during the SMC Foundation
Day Celebration, Christmas Recollection
and Party and Project for A.Y. 2014 2015.

The parents unanimously agreed to
join the activities during the Foundation
day and the Christmas celebration. They,
too, were willing to contribute P100.00
each to raise funds to purchase books for
the library, which was the agreed project
for the academic year. They also decided to
have raffle during the Christmas gathering
to raise funds to support other school

The parents met with the Program
Coordinators after the general assembly to
discuss matters pertinent to the students


Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc, College Faculty

sponsored a Dinner for a Cause on August
13, 2014. This was held at the sports
court of Saint Michael College, 6:00-11:00
oclock in the evening. The activity was
part of the Pre-Centennial celebration of
the school aimed at raising fund for the
Centennial Celebration in 2015.

President and Ms. Rizalita A. Mabalay,
MBA, Alumni Coordinator, were very
positive that the activity would be one way
of reaching out to the alumni and inspiring
them to come and attend the great
celebration next year.

Many alumni of SMC and even
non-alumni graced the occasion. A short
program opened the celebration and an
inspiring message was given by the Alumni
President. Dinner was served next while
music was all around the school campus.
The disco was the last part of the gathering
that lasted until 11:00 oclock that evening.
The night was full of fun and music that
everybody enjoyed dancing, both young
and old.


Community Extension Services on the Go

Mrs. Felomina O. Arreza, CES Coordinator

The Community Extension Services of Saint Michael College through Mrs. Felomina
O. Arreza, CES Coordinator, has recently closed a Memorandum of Agreement with Brgy.
Magosilom, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur represented by Hon. Jimbo A. Luarez, Brgy. Captain,
making Purok 5 of the place the schools new adopted community.

The Purok 5 community was chosen to be the new site for the community extension
projects and activities of the school after a survey was conducted by the research and
community extension services ably facilitated by Ms. Ma. Rizalita A. Mabalay and Mrs.
Felomina O. Arreza with the help of liberal arts students.

Activities conducted by the Teacher Education and Business Administration students to
Purok 5 residents are underway in the desire to serve the community.

Particularly, the teacher education students conducted literacy-outreach program to
grade school non-readers during Sunday afternoon every week since July, 2014. On the other
hand, the business administration students gave seminars on candle, rug and pot holder making
to the women of the place last August, 2014 in the hope of introducing them to simple ways
of earning additional income and become entrepreneurs.

The literacy-outreach program part I ended last September 21, 2014 and the teacher
education department opt to conduct part II during the second semester. On the other hand, the
livelihood and entrepreneurship program of the business administration department is going
on. The liberal arts and computer science departments outreach activities will commence in
November, 2014.

The school and Brgy. Magosilom look forward to the realization of the proposed
projects of Garbage Segregation and Organic Fertilizer Production this academic year
2014-2015. Bgry. Captain Jimbo A. Luarez with the Magosilom barangay council and Saint
Michael College are optimistic that the projects will become a reality and could help alleviate
the financial condition of the purok residents and the entire brarangay populace, as well as,
contribute to the attainment of a clean and healthy environment.

Faculty Attends In-Service Seminar-Workshop During Semestral Break

Marie Valerie Y. Ruayana, College Faculty

Twenty-six college faculty both full
time and part time, sixteen high school and
twelve grade school teachers attended the
Seminar-Workshop on Student-Centered
Teaching and Learning Strategies and
Appropriate Instructional Resources that
Match the Learning Content on October
10-11, 2014. The training was conducted
at the Multi-Purpose room of Saint Michael
College. The two-day exercise was
noteworthy to the teachers because new
updates and procedures in teaching and
learning were thoroughly tackled and a
workshop was conducted.

Sr. Felicitas Bernardo, SPC, VicePresident for Academic Services of St. Paul
University Surigao, Surigao City was the
resource speaker. Sr. Felicitas has been
going around to the different Paulinian
schools to give updating seminars to
teachers in classroom management,
strategies and other relevant approaches
that are significant to the 21st century
education. She emphasized to the teachers
at the start of her presentation the important
role of the teacher to the development of
the person and the society. She described
the 21st Century Teacher and gave the
qualities and characteristics. She talked
about being a proactive classroom manager
and identified the ways to becoming one.
Sr. Felicitas, on the other hand, presented
the different teaching-learning strategies
and cited several example presentations.
She stressed the significance of the
learner in the planning and in conducting
the lesson. The instructional materials that
fit the lesson was addressed and different
samples were given.

A workshop for three hours took
place in the afternoon of the second day.
This was followed by the presentation of
output by every group.

On the other hand, the college
teachers also attended a SeminarWorkshop on Capacity Building in Research
last October 25-26, 2014 presented
by Professor Larry R. Dillo, Director,
Institutional Planning and Research of St.
Paul University Surigao, Surigao City.

The two-day seminar was important
to the attendees. The resource speaker, in
his introduction, presented the purpose of
research and gave the benefits of a good
research. Furthermore, he discussed why
teachers should be involved in research.

Theoretical Underpinnings of Action
Research and Doing Action Research were
the emphasis of the two-day gathering of
the faculty with Professor Dillo.



June - October 2014

SMC Unwraps Exceptional Talents


June - October 2014

Michaelinians Participate in Cantilan Town Fiesta Activities

Ailyn D. Libatog, BEED-III

Algien A. Parker, College Faculty

Michaelinian talents at its finest!

September 26, 2014 marked the day of a grandiose showcase of Michaelinian talents tagged as TALENT ABLAZE
2014 at the Maalman Christian Community Center participated by selected elementary, high school and college students.
The said contest kicked off as a signal of the one year countdown of Saint Michael College towards the Grand Centennial
Celebration in September 2015.

The elementary pupils stunned the audience in the KIDS EDITION wherein various outstanding performances were
made. A solo concert-themed performance by CHERISH SAMUELLE CUIZON wowed the audience and won the hearts of the
judges as she was declared as the champion of the said category. Troy Domini Ayado, on the other hand, filled with emotion
gave his own rendition of the song Faithfully popularized by the The Journey. With his prowess in singing, he garnered the
second place. The third placer were the Graders Ethnic Dancers who showcased a muslim-inspired dance with a twist. The
other performers were Christian and Jilliane (Duet), Chan-Tim-Christian (Super Trio) and the Graders G-Force.

In the TEEN EDITION vivacious high school and college students competed for the most coveted title of being the first
Talent Ablaze Champion. The hall was filled with dynamic spectators cheering for their classmates and bets. The intensity of
the performances were at the maximum level. There were ten (10) different acts showcased by the performers that moved
the audience crazy and jaw-dropped. After the world class performances, JOSE GUARDO named as the Super Human
Beat Box- a Grade 9 high school student, relished his luck for being the Champion bringing home a trophy and 5,000
cash. No doubt, Guardo won as the champion since he had been the spectators bet since the audition. Blazing their way to
stardom, the high school JUNIOR FUSION showcased an exuberant dance extravaganza which made them the second best
of the night. On the third rank, the high school MIXED AND BEATS BAND went wire to wire with the COLLEGE MODERN
DANCERS. Both acts were spectacular and an eye-party to the crowd. After thorough deliberation, the High school Mixed
and Beats Band was proclaimed as the third best performer. The other finalists were Modern Dance Movers Archangels
(College), Axe Gang (High school), Kiven (College), La Diva (High school), Angelyn (College), Spectacular Duo (College),
Bryan and Michael (College). The night was full of energy through the high-level of stamina shown by the hosts, Mr. Algien
A. Parker and Ms. Louvanne Jessa D. Orzales.

With the cooperation of Teachers, Students and Parents, as well as the generous sponsors, the Michaelinians were
able to unwrap their God-given talents. The proceeds of the activity will be utilized for the Grand Centennial Celebration
next year. Winning the Talent Ablaze was a great achievement. However, the marvelous experience and lessons learned in
joining were far better than the prize and trophy we received. Hail to thee, SMC! Guardo uttered.

Marajaw na Fiesta Cantilan!
celebration of the feast of the Assumption
of our Lady to Heaven last August 15,
2014. The event was festive; series
of activities were done that made the
occasion meaningful.

At 8:00 oclock in the morning
of August 13, 2014 was the grand
opening parade around the town.
It was participated by all schools,
NGOs, government agencies, civic
organizations, and the general public. A
program held at the town Plaza followed
the parade. Despite the very warm
weather, the Cantilangnons willingly
witnessed the highlight of the program
which was the On the Spot Search for Miss
Cantilan 2014. This was participated by
young and beautiful ladies from different
sectors including Saint Michael College

represented by Miss Michelle P. Mata,

a first year Business Administration
student. The whole SMC family cheered
for her and gave their full support.
Likewise, she also did her best to make
Michaelinians proud of her.

On the night of August 14, the town
plaza was full of people who watched
the semi-final of Cantilan Showtime.
Live Band Disco Concert followed after
the showcase of talents. At midnight,
the fireworks display made the night

On August 15, the feast day of the
Assumption of our Lady to heaven, the
traditional Diana around the town took
place at 4 oclock in the morning. The
people were all awakened and some
prepared for the 5:30 a.m. mass. A
procession joined by the Cantilangnon
devotees followed the first mass. The
high mass was celebrated at 8:00 oclock
in the morning. Priests from neighboring
towns were present and the celebrant
was Msgr. Florio R. Falcon, DCT. In
the afternoon of the same day was the
grand final of the Cantilan Showtime.
After the proclamation and awarding of
the winners in the said program, the live
band disco concert followed.

The celebration was successfully
done through the cooperation and unity
of the active people of Cantilan.

CANTILAN: 232 years of Oneness, Harmony and Progress

Brylle E. Adoriano, BSED-IV

On its 232 years of existence,

joined hands to make
the realization of this years theme,
Sa Panaghiusa, May Kusog Kalinaw
Kauswagan sanan Kalamboan Ato Makabot. Varied activities were set starting
October 4 16, 2014.

On the 15th day of October was the
opening parade participated by different
schools and barangays, LGU and other
civic organizations. A program at the town
Plaza followed. The on-the-spot search
for Mutya nan Adlaw nan Cantilan 2014
was featured on that day through drawn by
lot and was participated by the seventeen
barangays. Miss Cabangahan was the
lucky to be one. On the same date, in
the evening, the Cantilan gym was filled
shouts, laughters and claps as the boxing
players showed their strong determination
to win the battle.
October 16, its birthday, Cantilangnons
gathered together at the Immaculate
Conception Parish church at 8:00 oclock
in the morning for the Thanksgiving Mass
celebrated by Rev. Fr. Leonardo Orillaneda,
Jr. Thereafter, the wreath laying was
done at Father Marzos tomb at the town
plaza. Various activities transpired on
this day such as Inter Barangay Billboard

painting contest, Free Haircut, Pedicure

and Manicure, and Duwa Kinaraan.
On the other hand, a share-a-lunch in
every barangay relished everyone. The
Pa-raffle ng Bayan facilitated by Vice
Mayor Marlyn R. Plaza made everyone
thrill and stayed long at the town plaza
waiting for their names to be called.
Later in the afternoon, everyone hanged
around for the championship games of
volleyball (girls) and basketball (boys)
held at the town plaza and municipal gym,
respectively. For volleyball, Barangay
Cabas-an and Barangay Cabangahan
competed for the championship round and
Barangay Cabangahan was able to hold
the title. For basketball, Barangay Parang
won over Barangay San Pedro for the
finals. The games were really breathtaking
that everyone could not move in their
respective place. In the evening, the town
plaza was filled with music which signaled
the Disco ng Bayan.
went home with smile on their faces.
Congratulations to the Planning and
Management Board of LGU-Cantilan for
the achievements and realization of every
Cantilangnons dream!


SHP Donates Books to the SMC College Library

Mrs. Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc, College Faculty

Association of the College department
during its 1st general assembly last July
6, 2014 decided to donate fifty thousand
pesos (P50, 000.00) to the school for help
in the purchase of additional books in the
College Library.

Mrs. Brenda S. Flores, SHP
President presented the said project to
the body explaining the significance of the
move to the development of the students.
Furthermore, she stressed that the amount
is a good help to the school in its desire to
continuously update the different resources
and elements of the school.
The parents were unanimous in their
decision to give the donation as early as
July so that the books will already be used
during the 1st semester of this academic

College Responds to Call for

International Coastal Clean Up
Mrs. Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc, NSTP Instructor

The college students under the
NSTP class with the Community Extension
Services and Student Affairs Coordinators
and NSTP Instructor and some college
faculty headed by the college dean
responded to the call for International
Coastal Clean Up last September 20,
2014. The group walked to Brgy. San
Pedro, Cantilan at 6:30 in the morning that
day to conduct the cleaning activity at its
beaches. The troupe picked up papers,
bottles and other waste on their way to
Brgy. San Pedro.

The early morning was cool and
the Michaelinians were joyfully parading
toward the venue with their cleaning
materials, sack and spade. They were
grouped into three with leaders and were
assigned cleaning areas by the NSTP
Instructor, Mrs. Marie Angeli Y. Jadloc.
On the other hand, three DENR personnel
headed by Mrs. Marivic Blanco joined the
group in the cleaning and at the same time
checked the attendance of the participants
and did other documentation.

The activity was fulfilling and it helped
the students realize their responsibility in
the maintenance of a clean environment.

The coastal cleaning lasted for two
hours. The dirt were buried after all were
gathered. The students and teachers
walked back to the school after all were
kept in place.



Christine Joy P. Malvar, IV - St.Thomas

Three hundred forty three student
leaders participated in the annual high
school leadership seminar at the Maalman
Christian Community Center (MCCC).

The program started with a Paraliturgy
that was followed by a Welcome Address of
the SEC President, Lucriz Jewela D. Orzales.
The presentation of the delegates by Mr. Nico
Michael D. Huelma, SEC Moderator, came
next. Break-out session 1 started at exactly
8:30 oclock in the morning. HS Alumna, Ms.
Susanna Ruth Gruyal, University scholar in UP
Diliman, Quezon City and Ms. Marianne Allen
Arienza, Industrial Honor Society officer of UP
Manila Agapay at Kalinga, shared their expertise
in the area of leadership through an Inspirational
Message and a Talk on I am Power Paul Unleashing the Power Within, respectively.
Break-out session 2 immediately followed.

The afternoon session was opened
with an ice breaker Timber which hyped
up and invigorated the leaders for the next
plenary session given by Ms. Louvanne Jessa
D. Orzales, high school faculty. The talk was
about St. Paul as a Powerful Model Leader.
On the other hand, National Youth Commission
Representatives, Mr. Kevin Dingding and Mr.
Richmond Seladores tackled Paulinian Leader:
Powerful Agents on Nation Building.

The students interacted with the
speakers through the open forum. Afterwards,
break-out sessions 4, 5 and the commitment
hour took place. Indeed, the seminar ended
successfully. It was anchored on the theme:
Power Paul: The Paulinian Leader with All
and for All Unleashing the Power Within. The
masters of ceremony were Mr. Charlo Raphael
T. Arreo and Ms. Xyrarenz Nicole S. Ladroma.

Michaelinians Celebrate a
Blissful Night of Friendship
Rhea Mae S. Artazo, IV-St.Thomas

The rain poured hard on the evening
of July 25, 2014 but it did not stop the
Michaelinians who were all clad in elegant
dresses and handsome tuxedos to enjoy the
annual High School Soiree held at the school

This years theme of the event was
Friends are Like Precious Gems that Keep
Us Alive and Ablaze.
Like the previous
soirees, the theme centered on friendship,
which supports the objective of the activity-to
make new friends and keep in touch with the
old ones.

At exactly six in the evening, the said
affair began with Charlo T. Arreo and Asenath
Grace B. Balsicas as Program Masters.

Ms. Lucriz Jewela D. Orzales,
Secondary Executive Council President, gave
the welcome message. Each section was
introduced with their respective advisers to
the expectant crowd. Sumptuous meal was
prepared which the students enjoyed to their
hearts content. After dinner, the Secondary
Executive Council sponsored a Dance Expos
which caters the students talent in dancing.

After an almost endless display of exceptional

dance moves, the long awaited disco took

Mr. Nico Michael D. Huelma, Secondary
Executive Council Moderator, announced
the Dance Expos winners and the special
awards. The Soiree Prince was Mr. Jose
Vicente Hontanosas of Grade 7 St. Joseph.
On the other hand, the title of Soiree Princess
was claimed by Ms. Kathleen Thea Baes of
Fourth Year St. Matthew.
Mr. Huelma gave a Gratitude Message and
Ms. Christine Joy P. Malvar, Secondary
Executive Council Secretary

June - October 2014

Newbies Showcase Talents

during Initiation14
Lucriz Jewela D. Orzales, IV-St. Thomas

Yells and applause rumbled in every corner
of the Maalman Christian Community Center as the
freshmen and transferees showcased their God-given
talents during the High School Initiation held last
July 9, 2014.

The said event is held annually to welcome
the grade seven students and the transferees, as well
as the new teachers, into the SMC high school family.
Being the ates and kuyas, the Seniors together with
the fourth year advisers spearheaded the practices
and polished the performances.

The freshmen and transferees manifested glee
and enjoyment as they danced to the beat of Happy,
jived to the tune of Wiggle, and moved to the rhythm
of the infamous novelty song Boom-Panes.

Musically inclined students also displayed
their prowess in music by singing songs from the
movie musical Pitch Perfect like Bright Lights and
Cups. The students proved they are not just good
in singing but are also good in playing musical
instruments like ukulele and beat box.

Selected students showed promising potential
as ramp models and as fashion designers when they
paraded their summer and skaters attire, and casual
wear on stage.

Mrs. Diosdada A. Israel, the High School
Academic Coordinator, introduced the new teachers
of the high school department namely Mrs. Divina
Shiela Delos Arcos, Ms. Louvanne Jessa Orzales,
and Ms. Marichu Minguillan. They rendered a song
entitled Heaven and dedicated it to the high school
faculty and students.

True to its theme Friendship is the Golden
Thread that Ties the Heart of All in the World,
the activity was indeed successful in strengthening
camaraderie among the high school students and in
its goal of welcoming the neophytes into the SMC

Michaelinians Top in Timpalak

ng Balagtasan at Kundiman
Hannah Eula C. Sahilan, Grade 9 St. Paul

Four Michaelinian participants toppled

10 other participating schools in the Cluster
Level Timpalak ng Balagtasan at Kundiman
in celebration of the Buwan ngWika held last
August 26, 2014 at Cantilan National High
School. Both the Balagtasan and Kundiman
contestants got the first place. The contest
was centered on the theme: Pagbabago ng
Kalikasan, Dapat Bang Tugunan?
Here are the participants with their
corresponding events:
Jessalyn Maningo -IV - Saint Thomas
Timpalak ng Balagtasan
Charlo Raphael T. Arreo -Gr 9 - St. Paul
Hannah Eula C. Sahilan -Gr 9 - St. Paul
Xyrarenz Nicole S. Ladroma

-IV-St .Thomas

Arreo won as the Best Lakandiwa, while

Sahilan and Ladroma were proclaimed Best in
Di Sang-ayon and Sang-ayon, respectively.
The victory was made possible through
the efforts of the coaches, Mr. Nico Michael D.
Huelma for the Balagtasan, Mr. Vincent Warren
B. Azarcon and Ms. Louvanne Jessa D. Orzales
for the Kundiman.
The winners of the said competition
represented Cluster 1 to the Division Level last
August 29 at Carrascal Baywalk Gym. Saint
Michael College bagged the second place for
Balagtasan with Arreo as Best Lakandiwa and
Kundiman got the third place.
To the winners, congratulations for a job
well done!


June - October 2014


First Merit Awarding Kicks Off

Lucriz Jewela D. Orzales, IV-St.Thomas

In collaboration with the Filipino

Club, the grade nine students with their
advisers - Mrs. Josephine Orzales, Mr.
John Rey Bonite, and Mr. Erick Jesson
Bucalon - successfully sponsored the
First Merit Awarding held at the Maalman
Christian Community Center (MCCC) on
September 10, 2014 at 2:00-4:30 in the
afternoon. It was anchored on the theme,
Filipino: Wika ng Pagkakaisa.
Ms. Katrina Marie Bomediano and
Mr. John Kristian Jutilo, both Grade-9 St.
Paul students, hosted the activity.
The Filipino Club sponsored
participated by every year level. The
winners for the Sabayang Pagbigkas
were as follows:
1st Place Fourth Year
2nd Place Grade 7
3rd Place Grade 9
4th Place Grade 8

1. Azarcon, Rhenalyn T.
2. Pude, Trisha Cameer P.
3. Ares, John Richard Carl A.
4. Arimang, DC Lou Belle M.
Bouchard, Alexandra M.
Bucalon, Erika U.
Guimary, Roshell D.
5. Vertudes, Mave O.
6. Francia, Pierre Angeli C.


VP Binay
Inspires Paulinian
Rhea Mae S. Artazo, IV St. Thomas

Every Paulinian is a born leader,

inspired by Christs Love through the
leadership of St. Paul uttered Vice
President Jejomar Binay during the
18th National Paulinianl Leadership
Congress at Saint Paul College Pasig,
Pasig City last March 31 April 4, 2014.
The theme was Power Paul: Unleashing
the Power Within.
1. Yparraguirre, Kathleen E.
2. Beldad, Jasmine Rose B.

VP Binay inspired all 1, 235
3. Libatog Jr., Alfredo D.
Paulinian leaders during his keynote
4. Ortega, Jeanette G.
speech. He expressed his pleasure to
5. De los Arcos, Anjanette G.
see young future leaders developed
by Paulinian Catholic schools to run
our country years from now. The
1. Balsicas, Asenath Grace B.
said congress was participated by
2. Sahilan, Hannah Eula C.
3. Arreo, Charlo Raphael T.
all Paulinian Schools owned and
4. Plaza, Stephen Joshua Y.
administered by the Sisters of Saint
5. Intano, Jorimar G.
Paul of Chartres in the Philippines which
6. Arizobal, Anne Margaret C.
included Saint Michael College. Twenty7. Leongas, Debbie Anne G.
three leaders from SMC participated
The Juniors also sponsored a
profoundly and were accompanied by
Malong Gown Contest which made the
Duero, Vanessa D.
Mr. Nico Michael D. Huelma and Mrs.
affair more lively. The winners of the
Sionzon, Cyrille Ann D.

Alona F. Miranda.
Malong Gown Contest were as follows:
10. Trillanes, Hariette Y.
Power of My Province which was
11. Jutilo, John Kristian B.
a talent showcase that highlighted the
1st Place Xyrarenz Nicole S. Ladroma 12. Bomediano, Katrina Marie K. 90.111
opening day of the congress where the

IV-St. Thomas
leaders showcased the best features
2nd Place Vanessa D. Duero
1. Malvar, Christine Joy P.
of their province. The SMC delegates

Grade 9-St. Paul
2. Orzales, Lucriz Jewela D.
performed the SIRONG wherein they
3rd Place Michel Jean A. Reyes
Yparraguirre, Katia Ysabel E. 92.333
won the First Runner up award and the
3. Azarcon, Rhea Mae T.

Grade 8-St. Peter
Best in Costume.
4. Rivera, Giro Jeaus L.
5. Ladroma, Xyrarenz Nicole S. 91.000

The young leaders assiduously
The awarding of certificates to 6. Artazo, Rhea Mae S.
to all the speakers especially
the outstanding students for the first
Davd of GMA News and
quarter was the most awaited part. The
Current Affairs where she invited all the
meritorious students were:
young leaders to take part in her Tulong
sa Kabataang Pinoy advocacy. She
stressed clearly to all delegates of how
lucky they were to have a family unlike
Asenath Grace B. Balsicas, Grade 9-St. Paul
the street children who have nothing at
Themed Kalamidad Paghandaan: Vegetable Patty Making
Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan, the 1st place Grade 8 - St. Luke
On the third day, the Ateneo de
High School Department of Saint Michael 2nd place Grade 8 - St. John
Manila University Leaders Association
College celebrated the culmination of 3rd place IV - St. Thomas
facilitated series of break - out
the Nutrition Month held at the school
sessions at the St. Paul Activity Center
quadrangle in the afternoon of July 2, Table Skirting
for Excellence (SPACE). Then, the
1st place IV - St. Matthew
Race Ablaze at Nuvali, Laguna and
2nd place IV - St. Thomas
The Homemakers Club spearheaded
Enchanted Kingdom Escapade followed
3rd place IV - Grade 8 - St. Luke
the activity which highlighted different
the following day.
contests namely: Vegetable Patty Making, Lechon Manok Cooking

The NPLC 2014 concluded on
Lechon Manok Cooking, Fruit Carving, 1st place IV - St. Matthew
April 4, 2014. A closing program was
Table Skirting, Preparing Maja Blanca, 2nd place IV - St. Thomas
conducted at the Mere Marie Ann de Tilly
3rd place Grade 9 - St. Paul
Coconut Grating.
Hall. Ms. Julia Barreto was the celebrity
After two hours of preparation and
guest who happened to be a Paulinian
cooking, Mr. Algien Parker, Mr. Cyrus Maja Blanca
student, too. Sister Teresita Agana, SPC
Tabudlong, Mr. Vincent Warren B. Azarcon, 1st place Grade 8 - St. John
formally delivered the closing message
2nd place Grade 9 - St. Paul
Mrs. Evelyn Tabudlong and Ms. Gete Bea
and closed the congress with grateful
3rd place IV - St. Matthew
Ladanan tasted and judged the dishes.
heart at exactly 12:00 noon. Go back
The winners were announced by Fruit Carving
to your respective schools with a Power
the Homemakers Club in the morning of 1st place IV - St. Thomas
Paul heart and lead others to be like
August 2 after the flag ceremony.
2nd place IV - St. Matthew
you, Sister Racadio, SPC challenged
3rd place Grade 9 - St. Dominic
Here is the list of winners:
the leaders

Michaelinians Culminate Nutrition Month



June - October 2014

SMC Outshines in CSPC 14

Christine Joy P. Malvar, IV St. Thomas

Pens in action!

Michaelinians from the high school
department bled green and fought for
gold during the 2014 Cluster Based
Schools Press Conference (CSPC) last
September 11 -12, 2014.

Cantilan National High School
hosted the said event with the theme:
Empowering Resilient Communities
through Campus Journalism. Eight
schools from Cluster 2 participated in the
Conference. The event kicked off with
an opening program and was followed
by series of lectures and workshops.
After two days of hard work, the students
harvested the fruits of their labor.

Here are the winners of the various
contests in the English and Filipino
2nd place - Charlo Raphael Arreo
5th place - Ian Khen Alegado

6th place - Rhea Mae Azarcon

7th place - Jasmine Rose Beldad

5th place - Jude Merich Monoy

7th place - Joshua Philip Opea

1st place - Rhea Mae Artazo
2nd place - Asenath Grace Balsicas
3rd place - Christine Joy Malvar

2nd place - Kathleen Yparraguirre

1st place - Jennifer Lago
4th place - Vicente Cirilo Iriberri

1st place - Kierwey Von Yuhayco
3rd place - Kenneth Ravine Sual
5th place - April Grace Loayon

2nd place - Xyrarenz Nicole Ladroma

1st place - Arah Phylisse Bebero
1st place - RR Joy Arpilleda
2nd place - Christian Joy Malvar
3rd place - Jeannette Ortega
5th place - Philip Duero
6th place - Hailla Guiral
2nd place - Gieward Canillo
7th place - Roshell Guimary

2nd place - Katrina Bomediano
7th place - Giro Jeause Rivera

2nd place - Mave Vertudes
3rd place - Leonel Bryan Cosmiano
4th place - Rick Navarro
5th place - Trisha Cameer Pude

4th place - Cyrille Ann Sionzon

2nd place - Hester James Dumanon
4th place - Hadrein Damalerio

4th place - Jeannette Ortega
7th place - Giro Jeaus Rivera
2nd place - Sinag
1st place - The Michaelinian
2nd Best Anchor - Xyrarenz Nicole
1st Best Reporter - Blanche Orais
2nd Best Reporter - Lucriz Jewela
2nd Best Director - Jan Clyde Arreza
1st Best Spinner - Jennifer Lago
2nd Best Broadcasting Team - SMC

The event deemed to enhance
and develop the journalistic skills of
the students and to determine the
writers who will represent Cluster 2 in
the Division Schools Press Conference
on September 23 25, 2014 at Madrid
National High School.

Congratulations writers!

GS PTA Donates for Construction of Additional Facility

Mrs. Marlibeth I. Miranda, Faculty

Last July 5, 2014 was the first

grade school General ParentsTeachers
assembly. The parents from
Kindergarten to the Sixth Grade
met to talk about necessary
matters that would benefit the
school and the whole studentry.

All the agenda presented
were successfully taken and
enthusiastically participated in
the planning of activities and the
procedures in carrying them out.

An important part of the
meeting was the discussion of the
project that was presented in the
other matters by the President,
Mrs. Janise Q. Iriberri. She asked
the body for some suggestions

on what project to carry out

that will respond to the need of
the school. The parents named
the following: drinking fountain,
instructional materials in the
classrooms and construction of
new comfort rooms in the grade
school department. The parents
agreed that the construction of
new comfort rooms at the back of
the high school building should
be given priority since the pupils
need additional comfort rooms
in the department. During the
discussion, Sister Vivina M.
Init, SPC said that the school
is planning to put up additional
comfort rooms in preparation
for the PAASCU formal visit and

November and above all for the

comfort of everyone in school.
Since the PTA could not shoulder
all the expenses of the said project,
it was decided by the parents
that the PTA will donate fiftythousand pesos (P50, 000.00) to
the school for the construction
of new comfort rooms for the
pupils comfort and welfare. The
parents and teachers believed
that the amount they gave to the
school would be a great help to
the realization of the planned
project. The Directress, Sister
Vivina M. Init, SPC appreciated
the gesture and the generosity
of the parents. She thanked and
congratulated everyone on the
proposed project and activities
and the success of the assembly.


June - October 2014

SMC Joins Little Chef of Cantilan

Bank 2014
Weylan Joseph H. Millan, Grade VI

A cooking contest sponsored by Cantilan
Bank, Inc. was held at the town plaza on July 24,
2014 that started at 9:00 oclock in the morning.
The contest was open to the elementary pupils
and high school students in celebration of
Nutrition Month. The school sent participants to
the event, namely:
Elementary department - Jon Joshua Millan

Ariane Jane D. Bonrostro, Grade V

High School department - Ian Khen Alegado

Thirteen schools participated in the
activity. The participants were all excited to cook
the tangali. All were made to cook the same
dish. They all tried their best to prepare a superb
dish. The SMC participants were able to bring
home a consolation prize and the satisfaction of
being a part of the activity.

Debbie A. Reyes, Grade VI

The month of July, every year, is Nutrition
Month. This annual celebration is looked
forward by the grade school pupils because
they are able to show their talents and creativity
in cooking, table setting, cleaning and other
related activities. This years nutrition month
theme is, Kalamidad Paghandaan: Gutom
at Malnutrisyon Agapan. The local nutrition
cluster and stakeholders organized activities to
address the theme.

On the other hand, the school supported
the celebration with different activities that were
sponsored by the Homemakers Club.

On July 1, was the launching of the
month celebration. The pupils presented role
play on how to become healthy. They, too,
presented dances.

On July 16, poster making contest
took place and was participated by the nonacademic clubs. The participants were guided,
in their presentation by the theme and objective
of the celebration.

On July 23, fresh fruit salad contest
and ginataang kalabasa cooking contest were


participated by grades 1-3 and grades 4-6

pupils, respectively. The art of cooking, the
importance of cleanliness and hygiene were
emphasized in the activities.

Here is the result of the different
competitions made to give meaning to the
1st place Sports Club
2nd place Art Club
3rd place Homemakers Club
1st place Grade 6
2nd place Grade 4
3rd place Grade 5
1st place Grade 4
2nd place Grade 6
3rd place Grade 5
1st place Grade 2
2nd place Grade 1
3rd place Grade 3 - St. Raphael
4th place Grade 3 - St. Gabriel

Power Paul: The Paulinian Leader with
All and for All, Unleashing the Power Within,
was the theme of the Leadership Seminar of the
grade school pupils last June 28, 2014 at 8:00
oclock in the morning until 4:00 oclock in the
afternoon held at the Audio Visual Room.

The program was opened by a religious
video presentation prepared by the Christian
Formation Team and was followed by the singing
of the National Anthem. Afterwhich, Debbie A.
Reyes, GEC President, vibrantly welcomed
the participants. Then, Mrs. Alona F. Miranda,
GEC Moderator, presented the officers from the
different grades and clubs.

The GEC officers made the crowd alive
with their dance presentation. Then, Ms. Cynthia
P. Padual, delivered The Power of Music. The
venue was filled with music when she played
Noel Cabangons song entitled Kanlungan and
Ang Bawat Bata of the Sugarfree. Ms. Padual,
said, young leaders like you can truly make a
big difference. From the lyrics of the song, the
young leaders were inspired to play their role as

Afterwards, the pupils had their quick
break. After the break, the venue was filled
again with acoustic songs prepared by the GEC
officers and some selected pupils.

Then, Mr. Nico Michael D. Huelma, SEC
Moderator, gave Power Paul: Unleashing the
Power Within. The young leaders were really
alive with the different video presentations
prepared by the speaker that would help them
the videos really touched the hearts of the
participants and tears fell down from their eyes
realizing that life is so short and they should
make the best of what they have and what they
can give now and always.

In the afternoon, before the session
started, an energizer was set to make the young
leaders alive. Afterwards, the participants were
grouped into four for the PUZZLE activity. The
group C was able to finish first followed by
groups A, B and D, respectively.

The insights, lessons and reflections
were gathered during the sharing by group.

Marycon Joy A. Urbiztondo, GEC Vice
President, gave the closing message. Then, a
Prayer from the CF Team formally closed the
activity. The program was facilitated by Ariane
Jane D. Bonrostro and Debbie A. Reyes. A
message that was instilled in the leaders hearts
stated, a good leader is a good follower.



June - October 2014


Nia Kyla Christine C. Cosmiano, Grade-IV

The theme Empowering Resilient
Communities through Campus Journalism was
the focus during the two-day District Journalism
Seminar- Workshop in preparation for the
upcoming Division School Press Conference
(DSPC) last September 8-9, 2014 at Magosilom
Barangay Hall. Its aim was to enhance the
writing skills of the grade schoolers.

One hundred ninety-two enthusiastic
aspiring young writers from Cantilan District
1 and 2 attended the said seminar- workshop
and at the same time contest with the unending
and support of their school heads, school
paper moderators and their parents, of course.
The top 3 winners will qualify for the DSPC. A
short opening program prepared by Cantilan 2
followed after the registration.

After which, different talks were delivered
on the first day in the morning. Mrs. Rio Jane
T. Francia vibrantly gave the techniques,
strategies and important things needed in
photo journalism and editorial cartooning. Right
after the talk, the young photographers enjoyed
taking pictures that show hard work. Then Miss
Jean L. Buniel enthusiastically talked on sports
writing. She gave life to the sports minded
young journalist when she asked them about
their favorite players in the different field of
sports. She was also tasked to talk on copy
reading and headline writing.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Colleen Dibb
M. Cuaton shared her expertise in Editorial

writing where she opened up the minds of the

pupils to express their opinions. Then, Mrs.
Bridget T. Escatron, inspired the participants
to write anything and everything especially the
unforgettable moments of their lives.

On the second day in the morning,
the session was opened by a religious video
presentation. Then, Mr. Archiebald A. Rozano
energetically gave updates of writing a news
story that would catch the interest of the
readers. He always reminded the pupils to be
vigilant all the time. The talk on collaborative
desktop publishing was given by Mrs. Deanna
Mae L. Serrano who shared her computer
skills. It really helped them to become computer
literate in the field of journalism.

In the afternoon, the awarding
of certificates of participation and the
announcement of the winners took place.

Here is the result of the different
Photojournalism Filipino

Paul Anthony T. Luarez
Photojournalism English

Glenn Robert P. Arreza
Editorial Cartooning Filipino

Claredel O. Orzales

Rafael Niksa A. Puerto
Editorial Cartooning English

Andre Dominic T. Luarez

Aldeah Laine G. Miranda

4th place
2nd place
3rd place
5th place
1st place
2nd place

Sports Writing English

Troy Domini M. Ayado
5th place
Copy Reading and Headline Writing Filipino
Alessandra Moreen O. Arreza 4th place

Copy Reading and Headline Writing English

Weylan Joseph H. Millan
3rd place
Editorial Writing Filipino

Ray Anne A. Bucarile
1st place
Editorial Writing English

Glyze Aila A. Duero
1st place

Linus M. Seril
2nd place
Feature Writing Filipino

Ariane Jane D. Bonrostro
3rd place
Feature Writing English

Izabelle S. Trillanes
1st place

Debbie A. Reyes
2nd place
Science and Technology Writing English

Marycon Joy A. Urbiztondo 4th place

Kristine Angela B. Coraler 5th place
News Writing English

Debbie A. Reyes
2nd place
Collaborative Desktop Publishing English
First place:

Rafael Niksa A. Puerto

Glenn Robert P. Arreza

Debbie A. Reyes

Marycon Joy A. Urbiztondo

Toni Leeah M. Rosit

Claredel O. Orzales

Troy Domini M. Ayado

Francis Carmelle T. Duero, High School Faculty

were prayed. It turned out to be a

spectacle to behold since it included
processional banners displaying some
of the many titles of the Blessed Virgin
Mary and the colorful torches held up
by the students who heroically woke
up so early in the morning to greet
the Blessed Mother on her natal day.
A Eucharistic celebration presided
by Rev. Father Danilo Garay, DCT,
followed. The parish priest emphasized
in his homily that, although, we
honor Mother Mary on her birthday,
still Christ remains to be the focus
and center of the celebration. After
the Mass, painit was served to the

Following the flag ceremony at
7:15 a.m, the Statue of Our Lady was
enthroned at the quadrangle as hymns
in her honor were sung. Flowers and
candles were offered as expression of
her childrens love and devotion.

In the afternoon, various games
and activities were held sponsored by
the Marian Youth Catholic Action. The
result of the competitions were:

Religious News

CF and MYCA Sponsor

BEC Orientation
John O. Gallego, BSBA-III

SMC Family Celebrates Mama Marys Birthday

A dawn procession attended
by students and Marian devotees
graced this years celebration of the
Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary on
September 8, 2014.

It was at exactly 4:00 a.m when
the church bells began to peal and
fireworks were sent out to the air
signaling the start of the procession in
the patio of the Immaculate Conception
Parish Church. Marian images passed
through the main streets of the town as
the joyful mysteries of the Holy Rosary

June - October 2014

Marian Essay Writing Contest

1st place Katia Ysabel Yparraguirre

IV St. Thomas
2nd place Katrina Marie Bomediano

Grade 9 St. Paul
3rd place RR Arpilleda
Grade 7 St. Joseph
Marian Birthday Card Making Contest

1st place Grade 8 St. Peter

2nd place Grade 7 St. Joseph
3rd place Grade 9 St. Dominic
For the other contests:
Marian Processional Banner
1st place Grade 9 St. Paul
2nd place IV St. Thomas
3rd place Grade 8 St. Peter

Most Numbered Grade/Year Level

during the Procession:
1st place
Grade 7
2nd place
4th year
3rd place
Grade 8
4th place
Grade 9

Devotion to Our Lady is a
distinctive mark of every Michaelinian.

Christian Formation and the
Marian Youth Catholic Action sponsored
the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC)
Orientation, 10:30-12:00 oclock in
the morning at the Maalman Christian
Community Center last June 25, 2014.

The program started with an
Invocation by the members of MYCA
followed by the Singing of the National
Anthem. John O. Gallego, MYCA President,
gave the Welcome Message. Then, Mr.
Frantor B. Fernandez, Christian Formation
Coordinator, talked on The Purpose
and Essence of Having Basic Ecclesial
Community meeting. He also gave the
importance of being a responsible Christian
towards the society and community.
Afterwards, Andy Mark Villamor together
with the Skylark band rendered a song.
An open forum came next. The students
were enthusiastic to ask questions on some
points in the talk that were not familiar to
them. Mr. Fernandez answered all the
queries raised.

The program ended with the closing
remark by Floremie Y. Reponte, MYCA
Vice-President and the Closing Prayer by
Kier Sagrado, MYCA member.



Jeh S. Arwita BEEd - III

The entire SMC family gathered together
to welcome the new academic year with a Holy
Spirit Mass last June 11, 2014. The Holy Mass
was held at the Immaculate Conception Parish
Church and was officiated by Rev. Fr. Edwin
Decena, DCT. The mass was at 8:00 oclock in
the morning. The school community prepared
the readings and songs and some faculty, staff
and students were assigned as lectors. The
SMC Choir was well prepared with the hymns of

praise and thanksgiving. Everyone took part in

the prayers and songs. Many offered at mass.
The church was filled with students, faculty and
staff participating joyfully in the celebration.

This yearly spiritual activity of the school
invoking the guidance and light of the Holy Spirit
in the years journey, has continuously kept the
Michaelinians sail onward with motivation to
grow and develop in peace and love for the self,
for others and for God.


Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

Woe to me if I do not preach the
Gospel, was the theme during the Basic
Orientation Seminar for Catechists last June
21, 2014 at the Audio Visual Room.

The day started with the registration
of participants at 7:30 in the morning. It was
attended by 110 students both from the
college and high school departments. After the
registration, the orientation seminar started
with an opening prayer led by Ms. Zyra Amor D.
Pedotera, Grade School Faculty and Christian
Formation Team Member. The reading of the
Holy Gospel by Cynthia P. Padual, President
of the Teacher Education Department
followed. Then, Mrs. Alona F. Miranda, Grade

School Faculty and member of the Christian

Formation Team discussed the Perspective
Setting. Afterwards, a message that was full of
motivation was given by Sister Vivina M. Init,
SPC, school Directress. According to Sister
Vivina, you dont need to be a priest or to be a
sister to become a preacher of Gods word.
Catechesis and the Vocation of the

Catechists was the topic delivered by Mr. Frantor
B. Fernandez, Christian Formation Head. He
stressed the basic aim of catechesis according
to the Catechesi Tradendae 5, to put people not
only in touch, but in communion, in intimacy with
Jesus Christ: only He, can lead us to the Father
in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the

Holy Trinity. Being a catechist is fun, really fun,

especially you are an instrument of preaching
Gods word to the community, this was what
Lucriz Jewela D. Orzales, a high school student
said, when she shared her experiences on
catechesis. Then, a short health break followed.

The activity resumed at 10:20 a.m. A new
topic was discussed by Mr. Francis Carmelle T.
Duero, High School Faculty and In-Charge of
Campus Ministry. His topic was all about the
How of Catechesis. The Sacred Scriptures,
Church Teachings and Human Experience
are the sources for catechesis. On the other
hand, he said, being integrated, systematic,
experiential, inculturated and communitarian
are the basic characteristics of catechesis. All
of these were part of Mr. Dueros talk. After he
discussed the different catechetical methods,
directives, module and session outline planning,
he ended his talk saying, YOU might be the
only GOSPEL your pupils might have chance to
read. Then, another high school student named
Phoebe L. Enhaynes shared her experience as
a catechist.

The next part of the activity was the giving
of certificates to the speakers. Then, a closing
message was given by Mr. Renante Lafuente,
Grade School Faculty and Christian Formation
Team member. The program ended at exactly
12:00 oclock noon. The activity was facilitated
by Ms. Alyssa E. Sagrado, Grade School faculty.


Religious News

CF Team Conducts Seminar

Training for Lectors
Mirabeth A. Daraman, BSBA-III

Last June 14, 2014, the Christian
Formation Team gave a Seminar-Training for
Lectors at the Maalman Christian Community
Center (MCCC), 8:00 oclock in the morning to
12:00 oclock noon. This was participated by

the elementary, high school and college lectors.

The theme of the gathering was Alive in the
Word, Let us be Light.
The program started with an opening

prayer led by the Christian Formation Team. The
welcome message was given by Mr. Francis
Carmelle T. Duero. The first speaker was Mr.
Frantor B. Fernandez and he shared The
Ministry of the Word. The second topic was
shared by Ms. Ma. Rizalita A. Mabalay and it
was all about The Art of Proclaiming the Word.
After the two speakers have shared, a workshop
followed in the church. The lectors were made to
undergo the procedures in bringing the message
of God to the assembly at mass.


Rolieta R. Miranda, BEED-I

The college students had their recollection
with the theme Gods Love in My Life Story. It
was facilitated by the Christian Formation Team
headed by Mr. Frantor B. Fernandez. Its objective
was to deepen the students relationship with
God. The recollection was scheduled for three
Saturdays on July 19 for freshmen, July 26 for
second year students and August 22 for third
year students. The fourth year students will have
their retreat later before graduation.

The activity was divided into Plenary
Session held at the AVR and Break-Out Room
Session. During the Break-Out Room Session
the students were grouped into three and
each group was assigned with a facilitator. Mr.
Frantor B. Fernandez was the facilitator for
Group A at the AVR, Mr. Francis Carmelle T.
Duero for Group B at a high school classroom
and Sister Vivina M. Init, SPC for Group C at
the Chapel.
questionnaires during the first break-out

session regarding How Gods Love is Present

in Their Lives. Some students shared their
story to the group.

At around 11:20 oclock in the morning,
the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament took
place at the chapel which was presided by Rev.
Fr. Danilo M. Garay, DCT, Parish Priest. This
was followed by the lunch break.

In the afternoon, a video presentation
about A Letter from God was shown during
the second plenary session. Then, breakout session followed. The next activity was
letter writing as response to Gods letter by
the participants. Everyone was encouraged to
share, thus, each student read his/her letter to

Before the recollection ended, a
representative from each group shared a
message of gratitude to God to all people who
touched their lives and about their realization of
the whole days activity. Everyone went home
fulfilled and renewed.

Father Garay Blesses the

Young Leaders
Troy Domini M. Ayado, Grade V

Last June 25, 2014 at 8:30 in the
morning, the newly elected class and club
officers of the grade school department were
inducted to their positions during the regular
weekly mass at the Immaculate Conception
Parish Church.

Rev. Father Danilo Garay, DCT was
the inducting officer and at the same time the
officiating priest. During the Homily, he said,
young leaders as you are, you have the power
to make a big difference not only in school but
in the community as well, so begin it within

yourselves. You have to have self-discipline

and you should be a good example to your copupils with God at the center through all your
undertakings because nothing is impossible in

Right after the homily, the induction
of officers took place and the officers were
applauded by their classmates, schoolmates
and teachers. Afterwhich, Father Garay
congratulated the newly inducted young
leaders and blessed them.

To all the newly elected officers, Laurel!

June - October 2014

Living Rosary Kicks

Off Rosary Month
Mr. Francis Carmelle T. Duero, HS Faculty

Prayers and hymns in honor
of the Mother of God filled the
campus as Saint Michael College
launched the annual observance
of the Rosary Month on October 2,

A living Rosary participated
in by pupils and students from
the grade school, high school and
college departments as well as by
the faculty and staff opened the
yearly tradition. It was held right
after the flag ceremony.

An image of our Lady of
Fatima was enthroned on a
especially-decorated shrine and
then the Mission Rosary was
recited with special prayer intention
included. Representatives from
each department gradually formed
a large rosary. After the recitation
of the Rosary, candles and flowers
were offered at the altar as Marian
hymns were sang.

Other activities that included
room-to-room rosary, Marian trivia
and quiz bee, essay writing and
rosary exhibit sponsored by the
Christian Formation Team and the
MYCA members were conducted to
honor our Lady and to engrave on
each Michaelinian a filial devotion
to her. For the whole month of
October, a statue of the Blessed
Virgin visited each class through
the room-to-room Rosary.

This years celebration of the
Rosary Month coincided with the
800th anniversary of the giving
of the Rosary to Saint Dominic

June - October 2014

Filipino Section


Buwan ng Wika Matagumpay na

Ruby Ann S. F lores, BSED-II at Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

Filipino: Wika ng Pagkakaisa ang tema sa pagdiriwang ng
Buwan ng Wika sa taong ito. Ang mga mag-aaral ng Saint Michael
College ay sabay-sabay na nagtipon sa Maalman Christian
Community Center (MCCC) noong ika-1 ng Agosto sa ganap na
ika-3:00 ng hapon upang ilunsad ang pagdiriwang. Isang maikling
programa ang ginanap na pinangunahan ng Samahang Filipino.

Ang ibat-ibang departamento mula elementarya hanggang
kolehiyo ay nagpakitang gilas sa kani-kanilang mga pagtatanghal.
Nagkaroon din ng biglaang pagpili ng may pinakanatatanging
kasuotan na napanalunan ni Bb. Kathleen Thea Baes, para sa
kategorya ng babae at Ginoong Kevin Pecho para sa kategorya ng
lalaki. Ang dalawang nanalo ay pawang mag-aaral sa sekondarya.
Natapos ang programa sa ganap na ika-5:00 ng hapon.

Noong ika-20 ng Agosto ay nagkaroon ng paligsahan
sa kolehiyo na pinangalanang Pinoy Henyo at patimpalak sa
pagsulat ng tula. Nagkaroon din ng paligsahan sa pagluto ng
kakaning Pinoy noong Agosto 28, 2014. Ang mga paligsahan ay
pinangunahan pa rin ng Samahang Filipino sa ganap na ika-10:30
ng umaga.

Muling nagtipon sa Maalman Christian Community Center
ang mga mag-aaral sa kolehiyo noong ika-26 ng Agosto para
sa Pista sa Nayon at pagtatapos ng pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng
Wika. Gayak na gayak ang lahat sa kani-kanilang kasuotang
Filipino. Ibat-ibang pagkaing Pilipino ang nakahain sa bawat
hapag. Nag-umpisa ang programa sa ganap na ika-3:00 ng
hapon sa pamamagitan ng panalangin na pinangunahan ng
College Choir. Sinundan ito ng pambungad na pagbati ni Bb.
Marchelyn Uriarte, pangulo ng Samahang Filipino. Pagkatapos
ay nagkaroon ng pagtatanghal ng Balagtasan ang mga kumuha
ng kursong Filipino na sina Bb. Cynthia Padual, Joann Petros at
Rezel Abao, kapwa nasa ika-apat na taon sa kolehiyo. Matapos
ang pagtatanghal ay nagkaroon ng biglaang pagpili ng Lakan at
Lakambini ng Wika 14 na ginampanan ng apat na departamento:
ang Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Computer Science at
Teacher Education.

Ang pinakahihintay na Pista sa Nayon ay sumunod
pagkatapos na maianunsyo ang napiling Lakan at Lakambini ng
Wika 14. Nagsalu-salo ang lahat ng mga mag-aaral kasama ang
mga guro sa ibat-ibang pagkaing nakahain. Kakikitaan ng tunay
na tuwa ang bawat isa sa pagtitipon.

Samantala, noong ika-29 naman ay ipinagdiwang din ng
mga mag-aaral sa sekondarya at elementarya ang pagtatapos
ng Buwan ng Wika. Nagkaroon ng paligsahan sa balagtasan
at harana. Ang bawat patimpalak ay ginampanan ng mga magaaral mula unang taon hanggang apat na taon. Ang nagtanghal
ng balagtasan ay nagpakitang gilas sa kanilang masining na
pagbigkas ng sarili nilang gawang piyesa. Hindi naman nagpatalo
ang mga nagsisali sa harana nang ipakita ng bawat kalahok ang
kanilang talento sa pag-awit lalo pat mga awiting makaluma ang
kanilang napiling awitin. Puno ng palakpakan at papuri para sa
lahat ng kalahok dahil sa kani-kanilang husay.

Ang mga sumusunod ay ang mga nagwagi sa bawat
Lakan ng Wika 14
- Castor Orozco BSBA
Lakambini ng Wika 14 - Ivy Pelemiano BSBA
Pinoy Henyo
Unang Gantimpala
- Jeh S. Arwita at Joann P. Petros

Social Science Club
Ikalawang Gantimpala - Cynthia P. Padual at Jan Paul C. Azarcon

Computer Club
Ikatlong Gantimpala
- Myra Jane C. Faelnar at Chris Jayous U.Sual

Math Club

- Archelyn R. Sugian at Juliet D. Lajera

English-Drama Club
Pagsulat ng Tula
Unang Gantimpala
Ikalawang Gantimpala
Ikatlong Gantimpala

- Jaela Gruyal Entrepreneurship Club

- Merlyn Lao-ay MYCA
- Christian Heart Sulapas
College Choir

Pagluto ng Kakanin
Unang Gantimpala
- Arts Club
Ikalawang Gantimpala - Dance Club
Ikatlong Gantimpala
- Youth Medical Team
Unang Gantimpala
- Ika-apat na Antas (4th year)
Ikalawang Gantimpala - Ikapitong Baitang (Grade 7)
Ikatlong Gantimpla
- Ikatlong Antas (3rd year)
Ika-apat na Gantimpala - Ikawalong Baitang (Grade 8)
Unang Gantimpala
- Ika-apat na Antas (4th year)
Ikalawang Gantimpala - Ikatlong Antas (3rd year)
Ikatlong Gantimpla
- Ikawalong Baitang (Grade 8
Ika-apat na Gantimpala - Ikapitong Baitang (Grade 7)

Naging matagumpay ang lahat ng ginanap na programa.
Tunay na hindi talaga natin maitatanggi ang pagiging Pilipino lalo
na sa ganitong mga pagkakataon. Sa mga nagwagi, binabati
namin kayo!


Filipino Section

June - October 2014


Rhea Mae T. Azarcon, IV- St. Thomas

Labing-limang mag-aaral mula sa
sekondarya kasama ang kanilang guro
na si G. Nico Michael D. Huelma, ang
lumahok sa taunang Henry and Alice
Chans Spelling, Quizbowl and Scrabble
Competition. Pinangunahan ito nina G.
Henry at Gng. Alice Chan mula Estados
Unidos. Ginanap ang kompetisyon sa
Carrascal Sports Complex noong Hulyo 21,
2014. Layunin nito na linangin at hasain ang
kaisipan ng bawat indibidwal na estudyante
at higit sa lahat ay upang matulungan ang
J.O. Hotchkiss Library.






ang naging tema sa ginanap na Unang
Kumbokasyon sa elementarya noong ika
5 ng Setyembre, 2014, ikalawa ng hapon sa
Maalman Christian Community Center.
Pormal na binuksan ang programa sa
pamamagitan ng pambungad na Panalangin na
pinangunahan ni Toni Leeah Rosit. Sinundan
ito ng mainit na mensahe ng pagtanggap na
ibinigay ni Ariane Jane Bonrostro.
Nagbigay kulay sa programa ang ibatibang patimpalak kagaya ng Katutubong
Sayaw na sinalihan ng mga mag-aaral mula sa
una hanggang ikatlong baitang, pagkanta ng
Orihinal na Awiting Pinoy (OPM) ang naging
paligsahan sa ikaapat hanggang ika-anim
na baitang. Dumagundong ang hiyawan ng
mga manonood nang magpakitang gilas ang
mga mag-aaral sa unang baitang sa kanilang
pagsayaw ng Itik-Itik. Sadyang ipinakita ng
mga mag-aaral ang kanilang galing sa mga
Narito ang resulta ng mga patimpalak.

3. MONTENEGRO, Jone Warren A.


ORPINA, Nayah Jane S.

SIONZON, Valerie Joy D.
4. CATARROJA, Margarita Kristina Maria A.
YPARRAGUIRRE, Kristine Clare E.
5. ARIENZA, Joshua A.
6. RUBINIAL, Rosechie U.
SARDOVIA, Maria Phebie B.
7. ALAM-ALAM, Ervie P.
BARON, Britney Ann L.
8. DUERO, Dwight Alvin B.
9. YUBOKMEE, Jay Bernard G.
10. CASTILLO, Russel Dirk Rey P.
11. REYES, Lorie Lyn A.
12. COSMIANO, Princess Julia B.
CRUIZ, Tom Jezhu Augustine Z.
GINGGING, Marianne Kaye T.
ULVIDA, Jyles Fredrick D.
13. JADLOC, Kent Nio Y.
RIAS, Leanne Gwyneth V.


1. SIONZON, Ma. Theresa Mae D.
2. ESPINOLA, Jerome A.
3. ARMENDAREZ, Althea Antonet E.
4. TRILLANES, Andrei Antonio D.
5. ARIENZA, Ryza Angelie D.
6. MALAYAO, Antoniette E.
7. CRUIZ, Kieth Lynne Q.
TAYO, Kristelle Ann C.
8. CORTES, Krishna CJ C.
IRIZARI, Carmel Clara H.
9. ESQUIVEL, Vinz Leonard A.
10. PUERTO, Khim Nicole A.
11. GONZALES, Roeline Carl S.
12. DUERO, Landy Augustine A.
13. BAGCAT, Charlieze Lara E.
14. AMBRAY, Jhon Mc Cloyde C.
GUARDO, Clare Guysie H.
YUBOKMEE, Krisha Jay P.
15. MONTENEGRO, Lcrissy Velle Mary A.
16. GUERTA, Carl Christian P.
17. ARIENZA, Alche Mae C.
GARCIA, Mikylla Keziah A.


SMC Team - Champion Quiz Bowl

Balsicas, Asenath Grace
Bomediano, Katriana Marie
Sahilan, Hannah Eula
Arreo, Charlo Raphael
Plaza, Stephen Joshua
Azarcon, Rhea Mae
Ladroma, Xyrarenz Nicole
Arreza, John Clyde
Enhaynes, Phoebe

Malvar, Christine Joy

Orzales, Lucriz Jewela
Rivera, Giro Jeaus
Giro Jeaus Rivera 1 st Runner-up
Individual Spelling
Rhea Mae Azarcon 3 rd Runner up

At sa pang-apat na pagkakataon,
muling itinanghal ang SMC Team bilang
pangkalahatang kampeon. Tunay ngang
kahanga-hanga ang galing at talino ng
bawat Michaelinian. Saludo kami sa inyo!

Mag-aaral sa Elementarya Binigyang Parangal

Unang gantimpala - Gr. 3 St. Raphael
Ikalawang gantimpala - Gr. 3 St. Gabriel
Ikatlong gantimpala - Gr. 2
Ikaapat na gantimpala - Gr. 1
Unang gantimpala - Charlz Anton Arreo

Grade 6
Ikalawang gantimpala - Troy Domini Ayado

Grade 5
Ikatlong gantimpala - Kathleen Faith Suhian

Grade 4

Ang pinakahihintay ng lahat ay ang
pagbibigay parangal sa mga mag-aaral
na nagsunog ng kilay upang marating ang
tagumpay ang siyang naging sentro ng

nabigyang parangal para sa Unang Markahan
taong panuruan 2014-2015:
1. COSMIANO, Nia Jan Carmelie C. 93.875
2. TOLENTINO, Althea Greta May P. 93.625

1. COSMIANO, Ma. Levilla Agnes C. 94.125
2. CUIZON, Cherish Samuelle S.
3. AZARCON, Felquesia Kaye U.
4. TAN, Fil Leira Mae G.

5. TRILLANES, Anna Zoina D.

6. ORPINA, Giovanni Paolo S.
7. BUNIEL, Claire Louise C.
DUERO, Stephanie Sheen P.
8. COLETO, Karl Christian L.
9. VILLASON, Francis Elvi A.
10. LIGAYA, Aisha Ember G.
11. CALE, Lyhra Ann P.
12. DUERO, Binch Sky B.


1. SERIL, Linus M.
2. MIRANDA, Aldeah Laine G.
3. BONROSTRO, Ann Trishia Mae D.
4. ARREZA, Alessandra Moreen O.
5. DE LOS ARCOS, Cherrie May L.
6. ALAS, Anthony Greg B.
SUAL, Dimple P.
SUHIAN, Kathleen Faith A.
7. LORIA, Clifford
8. ALAS, Claire L.
YUHAYCO, Fritzie Anne A.
9. LIBARIOS, Christine Mareil A.
10. MONTENEGRO, Jenoj Claire Manuellette A .


1. BUCARILE, Ray Anne A.
2. BONROSTRO, Arianne Jane D.
3. TRILLANES, Izabelle S.
4. AYADO, Troy Domini M.
MACALMA, Philip Earl C.
5. IRIBERRI, Nick Matthew Q.
6. DELITO, John Cris B.
7. COSMIANO, Nia Kyla Christine C.
8. MILLAN, Clarisse Mae A.
9. MARATAS, Aljean Vince O
10. BANTUGAN, Carl Vincent R.


1. REYES, Debbie A.
2. YUBOKMEE, Joemar Jr. G.
3. BAYONLA, Kristine A.
4. DUERO, Glyze Aila A.
URBIZTONDO, Marycon Joy A.
5. ARREZA, Glenn Robert P.
6. PUERTO, Rafael Niksa A.
7. MILLAN, Weylan Joseph H.
8. ORZALES, Claredel O.
9. ORTEGA, Jilliane G.

Binabati ko kayo!


June - October 2014




Our new me ntor in the college departme nt is a wide reader and a good dancer and singer,
as well. He loves to travel to differe nt places and tak e pictures of beautiful sce neries. He
is also a sports minde d person. The man I am referring to is Mr. Algie n A. Park er, the
youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. Aboyne B. Park er, Jr. He celebrates his birthday on the 1st
day of Septe mber. He is prese ntly residing at P7, Quirino, Madrid, Surigao del Sur. He
complete d his Ele me ntary and Se condary e ducation at Madrid Ce ntral Ele me ntary School
and Madrid National High School, respe ctively. He graduate d Cum Laude at Mindanao
State University Marawi City in Bachelor of Scie nce in Business Administration major
in Entrepre neurial Mark eting. He is curre ntly a full time college faculty teaching business
subje cts.

Our next me ntor is Miss Louvanne Jessa D. Orzales. She is the eldest daughter of
Engr. Lucio C. Orzales, Jr. and Mrs. Josephine D. Orzales. She was born on March 1,
1993. She finishe d her Ele me ntary and Se condary Education at Saint Michael College,
Cantilan Surigao del Sur. She complete d her tertiary e ducation at Surigao del Sur State
University Cantilan Campus with the degre e of Bachelor of Se condary Education major
in Physical Scie nce. Ms. Louvanne spe nds her le isure time in reading, playing piano and
guitar and composing songs. She is curre ntly residing at Magosilom, Cantilan, Surigao del
Sur. Now, she is a Full Time High School faculty teaching Ele ctive English and Scie nce.
She is also the Class Adviser of Grade-7 St. Joseph and School Paper Moderator of the
High School.

Another new me ntor is Miss Marichu G. Minguillan. She was born on February
1, 1994 to Mr. & Mrs. Marlou Minguillan. She is curre ntly residing at P 5, Tapa,
San Pe dro, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. This young lass loves to read fantasy scie nce, history
fiction and nonfiction books. She also loves to draw pictures of people and play chess. She took
her Ele me ntary and Se condary e ducation at Cantilan Pilot School and Surigao del Sur State
University - Cantilan Campus, respe ctively. She finishe d her tertiary e ducation at Philippine
Normal University Agusan del Sur with the degre e of Bachelor of Se condary Education
major in Social Scie nce. Now she is a full time high school faculty teaching M APE and
Values Education subje cts.



June - October 2014

Mrs. Divina She ila L. Delos Arcos is another new faculty in the high school
departme nt. She was born on May 8, 1974 to Mr. & Mrs. Emilio V. Lucas.
She spe nds her le isure time in reading magazines, cooking, and playing ball games. She
resides at P3, Lininti-an, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. She complete d her Ele me ntary and
Se condary Education at Pudtol Ce ntral School and Santo Rosario High School both
in Apayao Province. She earne d her Junior Se cretarial Course major in Ste nography
at Apayao State College and Bachelor of Se condary Education major in Filipino at
Saint Michael College, Cantilan, Suriago del Sur. She is marrie d to Mr. Allan O.
Delos Arcos and they have one child name d Cherrie May. At prese nt, she is a full time
high school faculty teaching Araling Panlipunan and Filipino subje cts and at the same
time the class adviser of Grade 7 St. Luk e.

Another new teacher is a gorgeous and smart woman in the Grade School
departme nt, Mrs. Anabeth Se niagan Arjona or teacher An as her pupils and coteachers call her. She celebrates her birthday every 15th day of Nove mber. She is
curre ntly residing at P3, Lininti-an, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. She was raise d by
her compassionate pare nts, Mr. Aniano D. Se niagan, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth D.
Se niagan. Teacher An loves to dance and sing. She complete d her Ele me ntary and
Se condary Education at Oroquieta City Ce ntral Ele me ntary School and Misamis
Occide ntal National High School both in the province of Misamis Occide ntal. She
finishe d her degre e in Bachelor of Ele me ntary Education at Misamis University,
Ozamis City. Teacher An is marrie d to Mr. Cyrus Onelix Arreza Arjona and they
are blesse d with two childre n. She is curre ntly the Grade Four Class Adviser and a Filipino and Religion teacher.

Mrs. Loreta L. Re dula teaches in the grade school departme nt. She is not new
in SMC be cause she finishe d her college e ducation here. She was born on July 5,
1979 to Mr. & Mrs. Praxides A. Lao-ay. She resides at P5, Bayogo, Madrid,
Surigao del Sur. Her hobbies are cooking and singing. She took her Ele me ntary Education
at San Roque Ele me ntary School and her Se condary e ducation at Saint Michaels
School in Madrid. She earne d her degre e in Bachelor of Ele me ntary Education at
Saint Michael College. Teacher Loreta is marrie d to Mr. Herman C. Re dula and
they have two childre n, Danielle and Mark Lhore nze. Now she is teaching English
and Sibika at Kultura and is the Grade 3 St. Raphael class adviser.

June - October 2014



Miss Allysa E. Sagrado is another new teacher in SMC. She is the eldest
daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alberto R. Sagrado. She was born on October 29, 1992.
She resides at P 4.5 , Lininti-an, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. This young lady loves to
read books and dance. She complete d her Ele me ntary Education at Ayok e Ele me ntary
School and her Se condary Education at Cantilan National High School. She finishe d
her tertiary e ducation at Saint Michael College, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur with the
degre e of Bachelor of Se condary Education major in English. At prese nt, she is a full
time grade school faculty teaching English, M APE, HELE and Sibika at Kultura
subje cts.

Our next me ntor is Mrs. Janice M. Lafue nte. She was born to Mr. &
Mrs. Fernando Mortega on Nove mber 10, 1989. She is prese ntly residing
at P2, Lininti-an, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. Teacher Janice is fond of cooking
and watching TV. She finishe d her Ele me ntary Education at Quitang Ele me ntary
School and her Se condary Education at Pasacao National High School in the
Province of Camarines Sur. She earne d her degre e in Bachelor of Ele me ntary
Education at Saint Michael College, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur. She is marrie d
to Mr. Re nante C. Lafue nte and is a full time grade school faculty teaching

Miss Jean L. Sumaoy is 22 years old and celebrates her birthday every
12th day of June. She is the daughter of Mr. Nelson T. Sumaoy and Mrs.
Arlyn L. Sumaoy. She resides at P5, Bayogo, Madrid, Surigao del Sur. This
young lady loves to cook and she is also a good dancer. She took her Ele me ntary
and Se condary Education at Bayogo Ele me ntary School and Saint Michaels
School, in Madrid, respe ctively. She complete d her tertiary e ducation at Saint
Michael College earning Bachelor of Ele me ntary Education. Now, she is a full
time grade school faculty teaching Mathe matics and Sibika at Kultura.

Filipino Section


June - October 2014


Kahalagaan ng Kahandaan
Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

Ang pinakamahalagang elemento ng
isang bansa ay ang mga tao o mamamayang
naninirahan dito. Sila ang bumubuo ng
pamayanan. Pamayanan na tumutukoy sa
tunay na kalagayan ng isang lipunan. Ang
isang ligtas na pamayanan ay maunlad
na pamayanan. At ang isang maunlad na
pamayanan ay maunlad na lipunan. Ngunit
paano nga ba nakakamit ang kaunlaran? Sino
nga ba ang dapat na nangunguna sa pagabot nito? Bakit sa kabila ng kahit anong
pagsisikap ay animo walang pagbabago?
Bagkus ay patuloy ang pagkalugmok nito?
Malaking katanungan maging sa kahit na
sinong taong kabilang sa isang lipunan. Ikaw,
ako, silatayong lahat ay may malaking
pananagutan sa pagkakaroon ng kaunlaran
ng ating lipunan.

Ang mga kalamidad na bumisita sa
ating bansa; ang mga tagtuyot na umiral sa
ibat-ibang bahagi ng Mindanao at Bisaya,
na sumira sa may 220,000 ektarya ng lupang
pansakahan; lindol na ikinamatay ng daandaang tao at sumira ng mga ari-arian at

Geoflor R. Henoguin, BSBA-IV

Wika, isang yaman ng bansa

Maraming lipi dito ay nawala
Ipinaglaban pamana ng bayan
Para masilayan ng mamamayan.
Tagalog ang naging batayan
Upang mabuo ang wika ng bayan
Si Amang Quezon unang nagsulong
Upang bumalong nakatagong dunong.
Walong pangunahing wika noon
Ang taglay ng ating nayon
Sila ang naging inspirasyon
Upang Filipino mag-alab ang layon.
Waray at Kapampangan
Hiligaynon, Ilokano
Bikolano at Pangasinan
Tagalog, Cebuano.
Ang walong pangunahing salita
Ay nagkaisa at noon ay nagwika
Magkaroon nawa ng iisang salita
Na mangunguna at magiging dakila.
Salitang nag-uugnay
Sa bawat himaymay
Ng bawat Pilipinong may dakilang uhay
Ating pasalamatan wika ngayong taglay
Dahil sa kanya lahing Pilipino ay nabubuhay.

simbahan sa Bohol at Cebu; matinding bagyo

na kumitil sa buhay ng maraming tao sa bayan
ng Tacloban at iba pang bahagi ng Kabisayaan
noong ika-8 ng Nobyembre 2013. Ilan lamang
ang mga ito sa mga pinagdaanan ng ating
bansa na minsan ay nagdulot ng pagbagsak
ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. Mga kalamidad na
naging hadlang sa pag-unlad ng kabuhayan
at kalagayang panlipunan ng pamayanan.

Sa mga pangyayaring nabanggit,sino
ang dapat sisihin? Bawat isa sa atin ay
may responsibilidad na maging handa sa
anumang sakuna. Maraming paraan upang
maging handa at ligtas sa mga ganitong
uri ng trahedya. At dito na papasok ang
ating pamahalaan at maging ang paaralan.
Tungkulin ng pamahalaan na pangalagaan
ang seguridad ng bawat mamamayam. Dapat
pangalagaan ang katiwasayan at kapayapaan
ng lipunan upang ang mga mamamayan
ay magkaroon ng seguridad at kaligtasan
laban sa anumang kalamidad o trahedya na
maaring makaaapekto sa pamumuhay nila.

Ang paglulunsad ng mga programang

Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

Wikang Filipino ang siyang gamit ko

Gayundin ng aking mga ninuno
Sa pakikihalubilo sa kapwa tao
Kaya may pagkakaisa itong bayan ko.
Wika ang dahilan ng pagtatapos
Ng anumang uri ng pagkakagapos
Ng mga mamamayang nagmahal ng lubos
Sa sintang bayan na puno ng unos.
Wikang Filipino akoy saludo sa iyo
Sa angking katangiang taglay mo
Anong palad ko pagkat sayo ay natuto
Na makipagtalastasan sa kapwa Pilipino.
Itong kalayaang ating natatamasa
Isang dahilan ang paggamit ng sariling wika
Wikang Filipino, wikang panlahat
Ilaw at lakas sa tuwid na landas.
Sa anumang hakbanging aking susuungin
Naway maging gabay ka sa tamang landasin
Upang lahat ng aking nais na kamtin
Ay tagumpay kong marating, sintayog man ng

magbibigay ng sapat na impormasyon ukol sa

mga paghahanda ay malaking tulong na ito
lalo na sa mga kababayan nating mahirap.
Gaano man kaliit na impormasyon ay may
malaking kontribusyon sa kahandaan at
kaligtasan ng pamayanan. Ang pagkakaroon
ng pagsasatao (role play) sa mga paaralan ,
mga tanggapan pribado man o publiko, ukol
sa mga paghahanda kapag may lindol, may
sunog, may bagyo at ang pagtuturo ng mga
tamang pamaraan ng paglikas sa panahon
nang hindi inaasahang kalamidad ay
makakapag-ambag ng sapat na kaalaman sa
mga mamamayan nang sa gayon hindi sila
magkandaligaw- ligaw ng pupuntahan at
malaman nila and dapat na gawin.

Walang mawawala kung tayo ay
maniniwala. Maging mapagmasid, mausisa,
at malikhain. Higit sa lahat huwag nating
kalimutan ang manalangin at sa KANYA
ay humiling. Walang masama kung tayo
ay palaging handa, ayon nga sa kasabihan ,
Daig ng maagap ang masipag.

Geoflor R. Henoguin,BSBA-IV

Buhay koy alay sayo

Hanggang ang mundo ay gumuho
Sa iyong pagluha
Na dulot ng mga tao.
Polusyon sa lansangan
Mabahong amoy ng dalampasigan
Ilog na kayganda, ginawang basurahan
Walang awang dinungisan at
Ikaw ang siyang buhay ng sanlibutan
Ngunit pag-abusoy hindi na maiwasan
Pagdurusa moy kailan maiibsan
Tanging sa tula kong ito nagagawa kang
Inang kalikasan! Sanay muli kang
Ang isang tulad koy payapa sayoy
Nang sa gayon pagluha moy tumahan
At ang pagdurusay di na muling

June - October 2014



Frelijean M. Ondao, BSED-I

We love, because HE loves us first. We overcome, because HE is our strength. We are rich, because
HE is our greatest treasure. We are made full, because HE is our refiller and our provider. We are
victorious, because even before we compete, HE already won the battle for us.

Life is never perfect, it is neither a bed of roses, and it is never fair. Life has its ups and downs,
twists and turns, curves and edges, as well as bumps and blows. It is simply because, if everything here
on earth is always easy, we might not know HIM. If life is always steady, we might just go with its flow
and never go against it to take our stand.

Last Saturdays Recollection drew us closer to God. It was reminding us that HE is always with
us and whatever struggles we have, HE is all the time ready to help us and even to mend our broken
hearts. HE opens our hearts and encourages us to share our pains to others, to let go of it and be free.

HE makes us realize how beautiful is HIS love through His words in the bible- through His
letter, a letter that truly touches our hearts and even makes us cry. It tells of HIS immeasurable and
unconditional love, worthy to be spoken by our lips, to be felt by our hearts, to be remembered by our
minds and worthy of our precious time.

The Recollection we had was, indeed, a wonderful encounter with our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ. It was an experience that cannot be replicated and measured especially for us, the freshmen.


Cynthia P. Padual, BSED-IV

Friendship is a gift that is fair in all things. It takes its root from a persons heart and involves memories
that stay not just for a while but for a lifetime.

So many people say that man wont amount to anything, wont succeed...unless he is on his own. These
people forget the heroes who are behind mans success in life. Aside from our family and relatives, these people
are our friends. They are like a family; they are people who support you every step of the way and hold you up
when youre falling no matter what happens. A friend is someone that you can absolutely trust with anything
including your life; someone you can confide and be with at all times in good and in bad. A friend is someone who
is ready to be against the world with you, and someone that is willing to do anything for you. A friend is someone
who can understand that youre not perfect and that you make mistakes and is ready to forgive you. Friends will
listen to your problems and give advice when you cant find it in your own heart even when the truth may not be
what you want to hear. Theyll do anything no matter how silly and crude a situation is, just to make you smile.
A friend is someone who is there for you through thick and thin, who will stand by you even when you are wrong
and say you are a good egg, even if you are slightly cracked! A true friend is very hard to find. But some of us are
lucky to have found one.

Merlyn E. Lao-ay, BEED-IV

We cannot recall how this friendship started and we will never know how it would end. But whatever
happens, we will never forget the million times we made each other laugh and even cry because of the joy of being
there for each other.

At first, we felt shy but as time passed by we noticed that we were no longer strangers and we got closer
and even considered each other not just ordinary friends but family. We worked and dreamed together, inspired,
motivated and loved one another. The past three years that we spent at Saint Michael College will never be
forgotten, it will be a history that will be written in our hearts. Those moments of togetherness will always be
remembered forever.

Each of us is a part of each ones journey in life. In good times and in bad times, we were listening,
supporting, loving and caring for one another. Together we laughed, cried and rose again! One thing admirable
in our relationship was that, we did not count what we gave. We even sacrificed our own resources just to provide
the needs of someone in the group who needed help. We considered each other as magical people because we felt
we touched lives in our unique and simple ways. Personally, I felt so blessed to have these people in my life who
I considered gifts sent from up above.



June - October 2014

Mirabeth A. Daraman, BSBA-III

Im interested to befriend you

Because I feel comfortable being with you
You are a blessing from above
Who is simple, kind and true.
Well be friends no matter what happens
Even for how long will it take
This special feeling of our friendship
Will last till the end.
My friend, as we part ways
The memories of our togetherness will stay
You will always be remembered
And forever remain in my memory.
As we continue to tread lifes journey
Be strong and determined to live fully
Walk in faith, hope and love
To reach your goal with trust from above.

It Takes a Long Wait

Jeh S. Arwita, BEED-III

I used to lo ok at him all day

Trying to take a peek of him secretly
Without giving him a single hint
That I observe him the whole day.
He is a friend of mine for years
Who is the exact opposite of me
He never ever take a glimpse of me
So, I fell for him helplessly.
Its funny how this world works
When you try to give all you can be
But your feelings are never noticed
And you end up unhappy and frustrated.
How cruel is this fate to me


Troy Domini M. Ayado, Grade-V

Early morning I roam around the

And see the natures beauty
With sun shining so brightly
That looks vibrant and pretty.
The trees swaying its branches
And birds chirping their songs
The flowers lavishly blooming
While water gurgles softly from a
nearby stream.
The green grass spread so lovely
That brightens my whole day
For the many wonders of nature,
That God created for you and me.

I fell for someone who cant even lo ok at me

Because he loves someone else not me
A lady who cant love him like me.
I guess fate has its own way
For me, for him, for her, for anyone else
It brings two people together
Even if they dont know one another.
But never give up on love and fate
Because everything has its own time
You just have to prepare and wait
When it comes, youll be swept off your feet.

June - October 2014





Dedicated to phapasen, merlyn, atecyn, pedro,

meng, anine, jecel, sirbrylle, sosot, ailyn, maamcutie

Jecel Marie A. Consigna, BSED-IV

Jeh S. Arwita, BEED-III

As the sun rose up,

And the cock started to crow,
My eyes opened up,
To see the world a glow.

Hangtod kuman di ko pa gehap matoohan

Na kami magkita, magkakilaya,
Magkatupa nan dayan,
Magkahigaya sa amo pagkaiban.

I walked across the road,

And saw people passed by,
Oh! How wonderful it was,
To see their beautiful smile.

Lain- lain na klase nan tawo

Na nagkatibo para magserbisyo
Waya ak gajud magtoo
Na amo na ini sa kada isa an amo pagtrato.

As I went along the way,

Suddenly a tear fell down on me,
But no it was not a tear,
But a drop from up high maybe.

Kun unoy trip nan isa trip nan tanan

Kun unoy problema nan isa, problema nan tanan
Sa tanan ato kabuang way gajud bijaan
Amo ini an at natun-an.

I gazed up on the sky,

And saw the darkened clouds,
Then quickly a lightning str.uck,
That made me hardly move.

Bisan laen- laen an am mga gusto

Bisan sa trip di kami kun pare-pareho
Pero para laman kami magkasinabot
Kami nagpaubos, makibagay
sanan nakihalubilo sa tanan.

People started to panic,

They ran out of the streets,
The birds, too, flew to hide,
In their nest up in the trees.
The heavy rain started to fall,
It never stopped until dusk came,
This made my whole day lonely,
While the raindrops kissed the ground slowly.

Troy Domini M. Ayado, Grade-V

I stood in front of a mirror,

Not used to what I see,
Skin blemishes and pimples popping,
I was scared of what I see.
Day by day I felt I change more
I also heard my classmates do the same
Until one day I asked my mother
Who told me, You are growing up boy.

Sa paglabay nan panahon

Labay pa sa manghod maguyang an am relasyon
Sa trabaho kami pirmi iban
Sa kalipay man o sa kalisdanan.
An amo katawa way kahumanan
Niabot sa point na may na am tawagan
Si Phapa Sen an nagsugod nan tanan
Hinungdan na natukod ang Team Timawa sa skuylahan
Kada hingas iban an tanan
Joke- joke bisan yay kapuslanan
Ngasaw dire, didto, bisan haen da laman
Bisan mulaong na an iban
Nangabuang na ta tanan.
Hangtod kuman di ko pa gehap katuohan
Kadali sa panahon nan at pagkaiban
Dabo nay nigraduate sa at katimawahan
Pero hangtod kuman an at relasyon yay kabag-uhan.
Kuyang naman an ato grupo kuman
Yay gihap ak kamahajan
Kay hibayo ako bisan hain pa ta padpara nan kapalaran
Sa at mga kasing-kasing bisan pa magkauno
Timawa kita hangtod sa kahangturan.