Filming Journal 24th Feb: The beginning of the filming.

On the 24th February, we started filming our first set of takes for the beginnin g of the film in H block, second floor, H115. Our first set of filming takes was a mixture of Derek(Gareth), being stabbed to death by our antagonist Alex(Faraz ); and the takes with Carla(Prisca) and Toby(Taiwo), both running away from the murder scene, the antagonist and Carla screaming. There were many problems that we had to correct, like when the mic being as sensitive as it were, picking up o ur cast talking and making sound in the background. Because of this, we had to s tart over and over until we had it right. Another problem we encountered was the way I was acting being stabbed, it didn't seem realistic; it wasn't realistic. So we had to start over and over until I got it right. Another problem was the s cream, where we didn't know a night class was on, and Taiwo giving an attitude t o the teacher who came out of the class to tell us 'enough'. This was because th e scream kept going wrong and the running kept going wrong. The moment we were g oing to film out of the class, the scream was off again and Christine came out. This was the end of our filming in the class, so we decided to film about the st airs, and the exit of H block. Once this was done, we agreed to not film again u ntil we had been spoken to by Barbara Noakes, going back to the incident in the corridor. 9th Mar: Our second evening of filming. On the 9th March, we began filming the outside scenes. Our first set of takes wa s Prisca and Taiwo running out of the sliding doors of the college exit, and Far az not far behind, wearing his costume. This was going wrong too, but not as muc h as inside the classroom, and so, we could start the car scene early. The car s cene introduced another of our cast, Akelah(Car Driver), and we needed her car t o crash into Faraz, in order for our film to end. This went wrong a fair few tim es, especially when my idea was introduced. The idea was to film the back and fr ont of the parked car, so that we could get it looking like it is moving from be hind and from the front in the editing suite, but I was told by Pianki that we d idn't need it. Also, I tried to get Akelah to drive and slam her brakes literall y right in front of Faraz to get the drama looking like he was hit, but it never worked because no one wanted anyone to get hurt. Before the outside scenes, we re-filmed me being killed and filmed Iffrah being killed, she was a new cast mem ber for our film, as Pianki wanted more than one person to die in the classroom. This was not on the script so, I'll have to rewrite the script from scratch. 11th Mar: Our third evening of filming. On the 11th March, we re-filmed Faraz at the car scene. Even though there was no car, we still had the footage of it, and so we got the PoV shot of Faraz walkin g along, looking for Prisca and Taiwo; Prisca and Taiwo hiding behind a car; and Faraz acting like he was just hit by the car, which I thought was really good. Another one of my ideas was a tracking shot which would give more of the suspens e. I had how it would look in my head, but it came out wrong. One, Prisca never looked back as though she was being chased by someone or something, and two, whe n Pianki saw how it looked, he said we didn't need it at all. This is what made me angry, and how I would feel in a director's shoes if your ideas never worked. I just wanted the filming to be over, so I could settle down in my room to calm down. There was one other problem, another group was filming when we was filmin g, and I did what a director would do, to tell them to move as we were filming. Instead I get in the way of their frame, and become angry even more than I was, and just wished for the filming to end. After they were done, Pianki helped us o ut again and we got Faraz acting like he was hit by the car. We done this three times and then suddenly, the filming was over. 16th Mar: The final evening of filming. On the 16th March, we were told that we needed someone else to die, and so, we g ot my friend Abraz(Raz) to be part of our filming. I also started to give out th

e actor release forms, which needed to be done before the filming, so I'm a usel ess director. Anyway, with this set of takes, we needed Raz to be pushed into th e lift, and killed while the door closed, ending with Faraz walking back out. An other of Pianki's ideas, made real by us, and the good acting of Raz and a frien d. Faraz is the one who made the film look real, because of his great editing te chniques. To start with, the filming went wrong, because I was behind the camera instead of Marian, who is supposed to be the camera person. We had to film the same scene again after Pianki saw what the result was, and before we knew it, th e filming was over.

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