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The City of Royal Oak is requesting architectural proposals to provide contract plans,
specifications, and cost estimates for renovating and improving the Royal Oak City Hall,
211 Williams Street, Royal Oak, Michigan 48067. In addition, the Architect will prepare
a Phasing Plan and the request for proposals (R.F.P.) for Construction Management
Services for the work.

Scope of Work
The City of Royal Oak is interested in renovating and improving the:
The City Hall renovation/improvement project is an effort to make the building more
user-friendly to the public as well as more functional for the various city departments and
employees housed within the building.
General floor plans do exist for the facility; however the Architect will be required to
verify dimensions and floor space as part of the work.
It is the intent that the proposed renovations/improvements will use as much of the
existing walls, mechanical, electrical and plumbing as possible. It is not anticipated that
this project will require any exterior work on the building façade. The proposed
renovations will need to be done in stages in order for normal services and work to
The Architect will need to work closely with the City’s Information Systems Department.
Office furniture and/or equipment planning/layout is not part of this project.

The Proposed Building Master Plan
At the completion of this project the Master Plan is to locate the following
departments/functions on the indicate floor:

The total space is approximately 29. No additional square footage is being added to the existing building as part of this project.300 sq.First Floor: Finance Treasurer Assessing City Clerk Second Floor: Planning/Zoning CDBG/Housing Rehabilitation Building Inspection Code Enforcement Engineering Third Floor: City Manager City Attorney Human Resources Attached as Exhibit A are floor plans (provided by CDPA Architects from their 2008 Space Needs Study) depicting the current location and floor space for each department within City Hall. Removing walls or creating openings between the Treasurer’s Department and Finance Department (future location) is also desirable. The Clerk’s Office will remain intact while the Assessor’s Office and Treasurer’s Department will remain on the First Floor portions of their space could be impacted by the renovations. In order to generate additional useable office square footage it is possible to consider removing walls currently defining the hallway as depicted on Exhibit B. ft. Basement Floor – No revisions planned First Floor – The Human Resources Department will be moved to the Third Floor and Finance Department will be moved to the First Floor. but is not limited to the following items (also see Exhibit B). The proposed scope of the renovations/improvements includes. . Attached as Exhibit B are these same floor plans depicting the proposed future location and space allocations for each department/function as indicated above.

Portions of the mechanical and electrical systems as well as ingress/egress points may need to be relocated A portion of the Engineering Department’s current space is being planned for a Conference/Meeting Room. the intent is to maintain as much of the existing facility as possible. see Exhibit B. It is anticipated that all of the interior walls within this area will be removed. Planning/Housing/Building Inspection and Code Enforcement will occupy the south & west portions of the Second Floor. Third Floor – As indicated previously. plumbing and electrical systems as well as ingress/egress points may need to be relocated/addressed. A new wall/counter is anticipated and new interior finishes will need to be addressed in this area. Human Resources Department and City Attorney will be relocated to the Third Floor space. The Engineering Department will be moved to the north end of Second Floor (former City Manager/City Attorney offices). offices. the Finance Department will be moved to the First Floor. The plan must be detailed to allow construction to proceed while normal work activities are maintained. The Planning/Housing Departments are moving to the Second Floor. Low maintenance materials and designs are desired. and counters will be necessary and interior finishes will need to be addressed. Low maintenance materials and designs are desired. Low maintenance materials and designs are desired. It is anticipated that the majority of the City Attorney’s space can be maintained while the City Manager’s area will have all of the existing interior walls and carpeting removed. New walls to define work areas. Portions of the mechanical. the front entrance to City Hall is in disrepair and needs to be renovated. offices. Additionally. Minimal renovations and . Second Floor – The City Manager’s and City Attorney’s Offices are being relocated to the Third Floor. It is anticipated that this space will only need new interior finishes (paint & carpet). see Exhibit B. see Exhibit B. and counters will be necessary and interior finishes will need to be addressed. The existing counter(s) will also need to be reconfigured. New walls to define work areas. The City Manager. see Exhibit B. Both the Engineering and Building Departments will remain on the Second Floor.Again. Portions of the mechanical and electrical systems as well as ingress/egress points may need to be relocated The plan must be detailed to allow construction to proceed while normal work activities are maintained.

and the name of a contact person. the following:  Name. 211 William Street. corporation. its address. August 28th @ 4:30 p.  A summary statement which would demonstrate that the prospective bidder has a clear understanding of the City’s objectives and how it expects to address them. in Room 309. August 16th at 9:00 a. City staff shall perform a walk through with all bidders at the same time and answer general questions about the (R. Work Phasing The City wants to move this project along as fast as possible.m. Proposer will identify business entity as individual or.m. Michigan 48067 on Friday. It is desirable to create an opening in the wall to connect the spaces currently labeled (Finance & Housing). if doing business under assumed name.improvements are anticipated in this area. 2013. partnership (naming partners).P. but not necessarily be limited to. foreign or domestic (naming principal officers). carpet).) Selection Timetable July 30th August 16th @ 9:00 a. progress and interim reporting procedures and presentations.  A work plan.m. The anticipated architectural contract award date is September 16. indicate assumed name. and indicated official capacity of person executing proposal. Some roof repair related to existing water leaks into the Finance and Housing office space may be necessary along with interior finishes (plaster. telephone number. August 30th @ Noon September 16th Early spring 2014 announce / advertise RFP mandatory pre-proposal meeting last date for questions proposal deadline selection of architectural firm / contract award commencement of construction Proposal Contents Each proposal should contain.F. . address and brief history of firm. however in order to continue to provide services and depending upon the total cost it will be necessary to spread construction over a period of time. The plans will identify the planned phasing.  A cover letter with name of the firm. paint. Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting All bidders are required to meet at the Royal Oak City Hall. Definition of proposed approach including project schedule (time lines).

years with your firm. Fee Structure The architect shall provide all information concerning the fee structure for the professional services to be provided under an architect/City of Royal Oak agreement for the City Hall renovation/improvements. The Architect’s bid shall address the following items as being in their bid (except if indicated that City shall perform). and relevant work experience. The successful bidder will be required to furnish liability insurance. . The information should include educational background. licenses. cost estimating and results.  Provide a list of references of officials from other cities who worked with you/firm on similar projects. Asbestos has been identified in the construction areas.  Provide resume and background information on the personnel who will be directly involved with this project. including addresses and telephone numbers Inquiries may be made by the City of Royal Oak to verify accuracy of the information provided and to determine the firm’s performance on the related work. All work must conform to all applicable laws. shop drawings & schedule Material testing (Royal Oak shall provide) Inspect construction periodically & attend meetings if necessary Initiate required changes & prepare field orders Review contractor’s invoices Prepare & reconcile punch list Provide full architectural and engineering services to carry out the project to completion.  Related experiences during the last two (2) years  Provide examples of project budgeting. including the latest ADA requirements and any environmental safety considerations.  List the rolls and responsibilities of the individuals who will be directly involved with the project. Examples of other projects of similar scope. and codes in the design and construction phase. including subcontractors.          Preliminary architecture/engineering & outline specs Construction drawings/specs & bid proposal Tech evaluation of construction bids Approve materials. ordinances.

Architectural Services. etc. The City may narrow the list of proposals to three (3) finalists and may.T. Proposals shall be sealed and clearly labeled “Request For Proposals. request oral presentations from any of all the finalists. August 30th at 12:00 p. Respondents shall submit one (1) paper copy of their RFP response. at its discretion.g.  Estimated hours  Rate per hour  Total cost for each category and for all personnel needs Cost of supplies and materials (itemize) Other direct costs (itemize) General and administrative overhead (indicate percentage and total) Transportation costs Total not-to-exceed price proposal (This will change if the work expands and shall be addressed in the proposal). project manager. The architect/bidder shall provide a thorough itemization of fees that cover all proposed services.       Employee category.  Bidder shall include a copy of their proposed contract for inspection by the City The City of Royal Oak reserves the right to terminate the contract should the architect fail to provide the services to the satisfaction of the City of Royal Oak. architect. Services not to be provided by the architect/bidder shall be specified in the proposal. Evaluation Criteria The following criteria will be used to evaluate all proposals:        Fee structure Relevant experience Project schedule Proposed methodology References Qualifications of the firm and personnel assigned to the project Capacity of the firm to provide the full scope of services requested herein Each proposal will be reviewed by the City. A recommendation and contract will be forwarded to the City Commission for its review and approval. Submittal of Proposal Deadline: Friday. Royal Oak City Hall Renovations”.m. . e. (Noon) E. draftsmen.S.

MI 48068 E-mail: joem@ci. The City of Royal Oak reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received and the right to waive defects in proposals as a result of this RFP. further the City will not be liable for any costs incurred in the proposal preparation. The successful architect shall not provide services until a fully executed Contract has been received by the City. shall be directed to: Joseph M. Murphy. . presentation or contract negotiation. The City of Royal Oak does not intend to pay for any information solicited or obtained. The Architect must indemnify and hold the City harmless throughout the Contract. Planner (contact information above).royal-oak. The Architect must also provide liability insurance during the term of the Contract.mi.Proposals. Planner City of Royal Oak Planning Department 211 Williams Royal Phone: (248) 246-3285 Fax: (248) 246-3005 The City of Royal Oak reserves the right to request any additional information which might be deemed necessary after the RFP information has been received. and any questions related to the RFP. All questions or clarifications about the RFP should be submitted to the attention of Joseph Murphy.

Exhibit A Existing Floor Plans .






Exhibit B Proposed Floor Plans .


May incorporate hallway space into office space. FINANCE DEPARTMENT front entrance: renovations to appearance & accessibility .

solid line new wall/counter Planning/Housing/ Building/Code Enforcement .CONFERENCE/ MEETING ROOM Engineering dashed walls to be removed .ALL interior walls to be removed. .

City Manager. Dashed line new opening to connect space. . City Attorney & Human Resources.

NO Work .Storage .