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0 installation steps
to download good cncKad2008_v9.0 and cncKad2008_9.0_crack these two files.
Although cncKad2008_v9.0 the ISO CD image file suffix. But use decompression
1. Unzip cncKad2008_v9.0 compressed files to a separate folder. Then find
cncKad.90 folder inside Disk1 inside MACHINES.INF file (the file size is only 1KB, icon
is an icon of a text document), double-click to open the MACHINES.INF would
MACHINES = AMADA AMADA changed in ALL (this installation All models have the
machine), and then find GUILANG = English to English change Chinese (rear
mounted so it is the Chinese version of the) then save and exit
2. Double-click the setup.exe icon, follow the prompts to install and remove when
you choose to install the language english hook, hook chinese then next, regardless
of the next option, and then point to the next choice when selecting MM units. After
selecting the next point when selecting the type of machine you want to select all
machine types, direct point nexet do not change the installation path after
selecting. When you are prompted to install the final launch cnckad2008 now
following points to finish at this time do not finish first launch cnckad2008 now
before removing the hook. After removing still do not point finish
3. Then cncKad2008_9.0_crack decompression. Find emul folder inside cncKad9
registry entries, double-click the registration file into the registry. Import point after
their install batch file (this is the dongle virtual machine, if you installed before on
the point, then you have to go to the Device Manager inside the Universal Serial Bus
Controller and Aladdin Aladdin HASP HL Key HASP Key and Aladdin USB Key three
virtual hardware uninstall. after uninstalling do not scan for hardware changes, or
else a scan on another fitted). These steps are done and then patch all the files
inside the folder are copied to the C: \ Metalix \ cncKad2008.90 inside to overwrite
the original file.
4. Go to C: \ Metalix \ cncKad2008.90 inside to find MOptions.exe double click to
open in front of the item after the sixth hook removed, some will pop up a dialog
box will 1C33 and 43DA, fill in, and then point to exit point OK drop out.
5. point no previous points finish installing the main program and then you can
enter cncKad 9.0 that if you're just starting to look at this and do not pay attention
to not successfully installed, go to Control Panel, then Add and Remove Programs in
which to delete and re-install the cnckad After extracting cncKad2008_v9.0 run the
program after installation you will find the machine type or amada This time you go
to set up inside the machine set up, then lower left corner of the machine, which
has a machine settings option, where you can set the machine you want. There is a
BIN folder, there is a teaching video, very useful