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The numerous micro holes obtained due to the needles action will favour the deep penetration of the active ingredients in the skin. ORDER OF TREATMENT: Step 1. Step 3. minimises pore size. Body speed :6~7) 3. if applicable. Step 2. while exerting a constant pressure as shown in the picture below – treat from top to bottom • Third Pass (if applicable) treat exerting constant pressure – treat diagonally • Don’t apply hard pressure Step 4. exfoliation treatment) before starting the treatment with DermaPen™. It helps with absorption of active ingredients. It is the responsibility of the user/purchaser to be aware of local recommendations and restrictions. • For an optimal effect. USER ACKNOWLEDGMENT: We have been advised by Equipmed or the local representative that the National Recommendations for Standard Dermal Rolling Treatments which could apply to the DermaPen™ Procedures. Active Ingredients application: • Apply uniformly on the treated region the product containing the active ingredients that will serve the purposes of the treatment. With the other hand holding the DermaPen™ handle. improves alopecia and more. Choose the speed that best suits the treatment area. With the free hand that is not holding the DermaPen™ handle. • Start a circular action making little circles from right to left. improves wrinkles and fine lines. . (Face speed :1~5<Thin. Turn on using speed setting. gently hold the skin or scalp taught. improves stretch mark reduction. The basic model is designed for personal use. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain appropriate insurance cover. Needle depth of DermaPen is set. it is advisable to remove dead cells of the stratum corneum with an exfoliating product or by scrubber (peeler. • Remove all residue of the cleanser followed by a suitable antiseptic toner or wipe. Plug in adaptor and insert sterilised needle into the DermaPen™ tip 2. suitable to the type of skin being treated. acne scars and wound healing. for first pass. lifting and rejuvenation. • Follow with a wound healing treatment cream. skin tightening. Cooling. microderm. Treatment with DermaPen™: 1. Sensitive skin 1~3><Thick skin 4~5>. Cleansing: Thoroughly cleanse the skin with an appropriate cleansing product. See below as a guide: Treatment area guide THIN SKIN THICK SKIN Between Eyebrow REGION 1-2 2-3 Eye area 1-2 Forehead Nose Cheek bone Cheek Lips Scar Mark Stretch Mark 1-2 1-2 2-3 2-3 1-2 4-5 6-7 2-3 2-3 1-2 2-3 3-4 1-2 4-5 6-7 4. • Second Pass. is that only qualified health professionals should operate this procedure to the depth over 1mm. soothing and moisturising: • Apply a soothing and moisturising product and/or facial cooling mask (or fibrella cloths soaked in ice water) on the stimulated or red region.PURPOSE OF USE: “DermaPen™” is intended to stimulate the skin for natural collagen induction.

For more information please contact us. • It can cause pigmentation in patients with sensitive skin mainly if excessive pressure has been exerted while using DermaPen™ on the skin. damage. stop using the product immediately. it’s recommended to use a sunscreen designed for sensitive skin and post cosmetic procedures. The needle must be used one time and be disposed of appropriately . • Do not use the product on children or animals • In case of a rash. • Do not use the product if the date of validity has expired. Take into consideration acne before starting the treatment. allergic reactions or any other undesirable effect. • DermaPen needles are designed for single use only and must be disposed of in its original cap or in a sharps container. • Dermapen PRO and Semi models is sold exclusively for medical and approved salon professional use only (public general sales are prohibited). (To avoid infection) • Examine skin before treatment. PRODUCT THAT SHOULD BE AVOIDED WITH DERMAPEN™: • Avoid additives in sunscreens • Avoid any product that could damage the cells or tissues • Try to avoid chemical additives including high glycolic and aha acids • Avoid allergy causing materials • Avoid perfumes and artificial colorants WARNING TO USERS: • Unseal the product just before treatment and make sure that the device does not touch other objects. PRODUCTS THAT ARE ADVISABLE TO BE USED IN COMBINATION WITH DERMAPEN™ ARE: • Products capable of stimulating the collagen and elastin growth in the full dermal depth. or term of validity of the product before use. • Be sure to check the seal. SIDE EFFECTS OF THE DERMAPEN™: • It can cause an allergic reaction on patients who suffer from a cutaneous allergy to metallic products. • Products stimulating the regeneration of cells • Products containing essential nutrients for the epidermis and dermis • Products favouring the blood circulation • For more information please contact us for our recommendations. Post Operative Treatment: • After the treatment. The product can provoke side effects. • It can cause acne eruption in patients suffering from advanced acne. • Do not exert excessive pressure when using the DermaPen™ • Avoid contact with the lips and eye contour (mainly the eyelids) given that the skin is thinner in these particular areas. • See ‘User Acknowledgement’. POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS: • Cutaneous eruptions • Inflammations • Itching and burning sensations • Cold sore eruption STORAGE: • Store the product in a well ventilated and dry place at room temperature • Keep the product out of the reach of children • This needle is a sterile medical device for single use.Step 5. Since the skin’s channels are open for a period of time after treatments. take precaution against sun exposure.

check the needles condition 1. Warranty is to cover the operating defaults after the purchase during the warranty period (12 months after the purchase) TM . The damages (defaults) prescribed below are NOT to be covered by warranty. Flood. • Users faults by lack of care • Unauthorised electric currency connection defaults • Faults by the users own intention or unauthorised repairs • Damages caused by natural disaster. Earthquake. Insert needle turning in a clockwise direction 2. Do not squeeze too hard. Hold the needle tip and turning counter-clockwise till needle comes out 2. Grip the needles tail and push several times 2. When this product goes out of order under the normal use of a customer. Check needles spring and make sure the needle’s smooth movement.Caution before use: • Before inserting needle to DermaPen™ handle. lightning etc) • Replacement to new parts Name: DermaPen™ Date of Purchase: _____ day _____ month ______ year Original Invoice/Contract #: ______________________________ Purchased from: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Toll free # 1300 668 755 (within Australia only) | www. This product is manufactured under strict quality control and inspection processes. Separate needle Warranty: COSDPB0003IN 01/12 1. To separate needle: 1. (Fire. To insert needle: 1. we will repair it free of charge during the warranty period 4. 2.