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tecnoglass brought up to date

Tecnoglass is a leading producing company of technological glass.

Inside a recent interview with Colombian magazine El Tiempo, Chief Operating Officer Christian
Daes and Chief Executive Officer Jose Manuel Daes presented an excellent brighter approach
than anticipated.
In spite of exceptional development and profits, stock trades with a important reduction to rivals.
Stock may have turned down considering the bigger offering recently, but still thesis is solid as
Tecnoglass Inc. (NASDAQ:TGLS) is a leading manufacturer of tempered, laminated, insulated,
silk screened and rounded glass for use in large commercial and residential architectural
structures. There's a earlier report with the fact that they would trade on a much lower multiple
other than competitors, even with their very own outstanding profit margins and certainly growth
rate, coming dividend opening, and rapidly expanding backlog. Even though the stock has
decreased the past few days in addition to wider offering sell-off, a mostly ignored information
inside of a Colombian newspaper gives us additional certainty than we have ever had in TGLS.
A sizable percentage of TGLS' commerce derives from very large residential and commercial
construction projects. These kind of constructions are usually appointed a number of years
ahead, which gives Tecnoglass a huge backlog, with solid as well as estimated cash flow. Their
profits are so predictable that the entire business issued full year 2016 revenue guidance at the
beginning of 2015. At that time, they anticipated 2016 earnings increase of 20%, implying
guidance of $288 million. They have reiterated that figure during this year, but augmented their
EBITDA direction starting a sort of eigthy to eigthy-five million us$ to a scope of $85 to ninety
million us$, a mirror image of their augmented profit margins.
On January seventeen, 2016, Colombian publication El Tiempo released an interview with TGLS
COO Christian Daes and President Jose Manuel Daes that discussed quite a few points of the
particular corporate entity's performance, along with their own expectations intended for this year.
In that interview, Daes claimed that this year earnings may be more than 1,100 billion Colombian
Pesos, which changed at the present change rate, translates in order to more than three hundred
million $, 15% higher than the guidance, or a 33% growth rate yearly over every year.
While those periods of market unpredictability, traders seem to be increasing involved in putting
their cash in safe and secure investments. In TGLS, everyone find a company with better than
26% sales expansion, 29% EBITDA profits, a sizable as well as increasing backlog, and an
imminent bonus that will provide close to 5-percent, and trades at just 4x this year's EBITDA,
making this an excellent purchasing opportunity that is probably not going to last for very long.
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