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Industry types, structural features - the four elements:
Concentration, entry and exit barriers, product differentiation and information;
Perfect competition, information, in structuring financing ?
Concentration, cost benefit analysis, seek capital

The principle sources of barriers to entry are:
Political restrictions, environmental requirements, cost advantages
Capital requirements, economies of scale, cost advantage, product differentiation, access to
channels of distribution, governmental and legal barriers, retaliation;
Capital requirements, governmental and legal barriers, retaliation, privatization and
restructure of state of companies;
The fact that plays an important role in determining the nature and intensity of competition
between established firms are:
Concentration, the diversity of the competitors, product differentiation, excess capacity, exit
barriers and cost conditions.
Cash flow, excess capacity, channel distribution system, cost advantages
Capital requirements, max capacity utilization, perform distribution system
The fact that influence the bargaining power of buyers, relative to that of sellers are?
a) capacity dimensions, concentration, diversification
b) size and concentration of buyers relative to suppliers, buyers information, ability to integrate
Identify the key success fact as of the steel sector:
Cost efficiency through scale efficiency plants, low cost location, rapid adjustment of capacity
to output, efficient use of labor​
There are 2 generic strategies: ????????
Cost leadership in phases of brandy explained through … and differentiation explained by
acquiring scale efficient plan and cost control
Cost leadership explained by acquiring scale efficient plan and cost control and differentiation
in phases
of brand advertising and service quality
Cost control acquiring scale efficient plan cost control
Specialization in phases on …, advertising and service quality, differentiation
The macro environment of the business includes:
The national and international economy, the natural environment, technology, demographic
structure, government and social structure

The purpose of the strategy is:
To help the firm to survive and make money.

. 12.. profund understanding of competitive envirm d)clear goals. know the nature and know the situation of effective implementation c) goals that are simple consistent and long term objectives . they are not easily reversal d) they are crucial. they involve a significant commitment of resources. understanding the competitive envirm.they are difficult min 16. .they involve a significant commitment of resources. know yourself…. benefit of supplies …. objective appraisal of resources and effective implementation b) know the others and know yourself.. There are 3 common characteristics in strategic decisions in the military and business fare: a) they are important.30 13. involve a significant commitment of resources.9.. a) b) c) d) Firms create value by: Production transforming inputs into outputs Arbitrage transf products across time and space Production and service in the same time Both a and b 10. involvment of the escalation ?? c) they are important. they are easily reversal b) the merits of the outthinking….. 2000 years ago Samso wrote: 18:07 a) strategy is a deliberate search for a plan of action that will develop a business’s competitive advantage and compound it. know the others. There are common facts for a strategy success: a) clear goals. .. a) b) c) The profits earned by a company depends on: The value of the product or service to customers The intensity of the competition The relative bargaining power of diff level in the production chain 11.

Different types of vertical relations between companies could be: a) b) c) d) Long term contracts Franchise?? Supplier by partnership All of the above In which stage of industry life cycle there is no dominant product tehnology and rival tehnologies compete for attention? a) b) c) d) Introduction Growth Maturity signatury ?? 16 fact that determing a firms unit cost are: a) b) c) d) Economies of scale. input cost / All of the above . triumf without war. Product design. In the introductory stage of industry life cycle the key success factor is: a) cost efficiency b) product inflation ??? c) for destructive d) all of the above 15 .b) strategy is the art of war for planning of movements of troops into favourable positions c) the strategy is a pattern plan that integrates an organization major goals d) know others. know the…. and know the the situation 14. of learning Process tehnology.know yourself.