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Career options for a Mechanical
Engineering Graduate
This article is written with the intent to provide career choices available for the
mechanical engineers from University of Pune. The data here is based on the
research done with the current career pursued by various alumni from
Mechanical Engineering field from University of Pune. This article is intended
to answer following questions:
1. Which organizations hire mechanical students?
2. Which are the cities where most of the mechanical engineers are stationed?
3. What are the different career paths / job roles available as a mechanical
4. What the top skills that mechanical engineers possess?
5. How do I build those skills in my area?
6. How do I make a resume as a mechanical engineer? Click here to create
7. Which recruiters should I connect to receive jobs in the area of mechanical
8. Which training institutes provide the training in my area?
Based on the data we researched, below statistics shows the various
majors pursued by Alumni of University of Pune. Visit the University of Pune
website for complete information on the various majors available.

FIGURE 2 shows the locations where such professionals are currently employed. 72% of Mechanical Engineers from Build my resume .FIGURE 1: Various educational programmes pursued by Alumni of University of Pune   In this article. FIGURE 2: Top countries where Mechanical Engineers from University of Pune are employed   As shown in the FIGURE above. we will focus on the alumni with Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Pune.

Germany. Thermax. 3DPLM Software Solutions Limited. Tech Mahindra. let us look at the top organizations where Mechanical Engineers from University of Pune are employed.. . The top cities include Pune. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). IBM. Atlas Copco and Schlumberger.University of Pune were found to working in India. Below chart shows the relative distribution. Mumbai. FIGURE 3: Top 25 organizations where Mechanical Engineers from University of Pune are employed   As seen above. these numbers were relatively lower compared to India and United States. Infosys. Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Siemens PLM Software. Bangalore and New Delhi. The cities in US include Detroit. Eaton. Engineering function by far accounted more than 34% of the overall job functions followed by Operations. PTC. Australia and Canada. Tata Technologies. San Francisco Bay Area and New York. Accenture. Pune accounted for almost half of the mechanical engineers employed in India. Tata Motors. Wipro. Ford Motor Company. Next. FCA-North America. Next. Cognizant. United Arab Emirates. the top companies for mechanical engineers include Cummins Inc. Faurecia. Mahindra & Mahindra. Nasik. However. we looked at the various job roles or functions of the mechanical engineering professionals from University of Pune. Some of the other countries where alumni were found working were United Kingdom. Johnson Controls. John Deere. Siemens.

  Finally. we looked the various skills acquired by mechanical engineers in their various job functions across various industries.   FIGURE 4: Top job functions of a professional with mechanical engineering degree from University of Pune. with various levels of experience. Information Technology (IT). The chart below shows the top skills demonstrated by the mechanical engineering professionals. .Sales. Program and Project Management and Quality Assurance (QA).

it provides interview practice tests for many of the companies listed above. The other area is knowledge in CAE. There several online courses or training institutes providing basic skills in this area. We are working on making available some courses related to developing the top skills as a professional in the area of mechanical engineering. CAMWorks. We hope the above information is helpful to all mechanical engineering graduates preparing to enter the professional world. SolidCAM. Delcam and many others. knowledge of major CAM software would be helpful. There are many CAM software in the market like MasterCAM. In terms of manufacturing engineering. Professional CAE software like Ansys is helpful. The PaanGO app sends notification on your mobile of availability of jobs in those target companies. overall product engineering and manufacturing. Also. Feel free to write to us with any questions / feedback you have. We wish you great success in your professional career. knowledge of major CAD like AutoCAD. PTC Creo / ProE and SolidWorks would prove beneficial.FIGURE 5: Top professional skills of Mechanical Engineers from University of Pune As shown in the figure above. the key skills of a Mechanical Engineer include in the area of CAD. Keep watching this space and subscribe below to get more information. We will get back to you at the earliest. PaanGO utilizes the above information to help mechanical engineering graduates to prepare the right resumes for the target companies with the related skill sets. For mechanical engineering graduates. CAE. . Download the PaanGO app for Android now. CATIA.

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