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Time : 1Ω Hr.

Max. Marks : 100


In Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology each question carry 2(two) marks and in
Social Science, Mental Ability & English each question carry 1 (one) mark.


Blank papers, clip boards, log tables, slide rule, calculators, mobile or any other
electronic gadgets in any form is not allowed.


Write your Name and Roll No. in the space provided in the bottom of this booklet.


Before answering the paper, fill up the required details in the blank space provided in
the answer sheet.


Do not forget to mention your roll number neatly and clearly in the blank space provided
in the answer sheet.


There is 1/4 negative marking for each wrong answer.So attempt each question


No rough sheets will be provided by the invigilators. All the rough work is to be done in
the blank space provided in the question paper.


In case of any dispute, the answer filled in the OMR sheet available with the institute
shall be final.

No. of Questions

Ma rks

Only one corre ct


W rong

Bla nk

Q. No. 1 to 40 : 2 Ma rks ea ch
Q. No. 41 to 60 : 1 Marks ea ch 

0.50 Ma rks 
0.25 Ma rks


Wrong Filling

Right Filling
Tick mark

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Cross mark

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If x + y = 5 and xy = 6 then the value of (x + y )
is (A) 17
(B) 35
(C) 40
(D) 45




 is equal to6 

5  5 
(A) 12 + 2(1)   +   
6  6 

If C and A are for circumference and area of a
circle respectively, then(A) A = 4C
(B) C = 4A
(D) none of these
(C) C = 4A


5  5 
(B) 12   +   
6  6 

The base of an isosceles triangle is 12 cm and
it's perimeter is 32 cm then the area of triangle
is(A) 30 cm2
(B) 48 cm2
(C) 40 cm2
(D) 20 cm2


1  1 
(C) 12 + 2(1)   +   
6  6 


1  1 
(D) 12   +   
6  6 

If 2X X = 16, then the value of x2 is9.
(A) 4
(C) 16

Any cyclic parallelogram is a :
(A) rectangle
(B) rhombus
(C) trapezium
(D) square

(B) 9
(D) 25

The mean of the value of 1, 2, 3 ..... n with
respective frequency x, 2x, 3x ..... nx is :


A park is 10 metres long and 8 metres broad.

The length of the longest pole that can be placed

n 1





2n 1

in the park is-


(A) 6 m

(B) 12.8 m

(C) 13.4 m

(D) 1.8 m


In the given figure, the value of x is :


If M is the mean of 50 observation x1 , x2 , x3 ,...
, x50

x 50
is :


, then the mean of 1 , 2 , 3 , .... ,
50 50 50






(A) 125
(B) 120
(C) 145
(D) 135
If the value of  



    a height h above the surface of the earth is the (B) M + (D) M 1 50 same as at a depth d below it. then (Assume that h and d < < R earth radius) : (A) h = d (C) d = h 2 (B) h = d/2 (D) d = h2 Space For Rough Work SAMPLE TEST PAPER-1_CLASS-X_PAGE # 1 .

14. Inside an electric bulb there is : moves through 1 m at an angle of 45. in a circle. is moving upward The shape of our Galaxy is : (C) Work done by the string when it whirls a (A) Elliptical (B) Circular stone tied to it. The nature and frequency of electric current used in our home is : (A) Direct current and 50 Hz J (B) Alternating current and 100 Hz In which of the following the work done is zero. The work done by the force is : (C) Inert gas (D) Hydrogen gas (C)  2 J (B) 10 (D)  2 J 10 2 18.12. (C) Direct current and 100 Hz (A) Stretching of a spring (D) Alternating current and 50 Hz (B) Work done by force of gravity when object 19. A force of 20 N acts on a body and the body (A) Vacuum (B) Air direction of force . (C) Serpentine (D) hyperbolic (D) Lifting a weight upwards applying upward force.

17. A manufacturer marks the thermometer wrongly. 20. If a man cannot see distant objects clearly he suffers from which defect of vision ? (A) short sightedness Power of a moving body is stored in the form of : (A) work and distance (B) force and distance (B) long sightedness (C) force and velocity (D) force and time (C) defect due to old-age (D) none of the above 15. (A) 10 2 J 13. At 0 .


element ? 85 .  21.




5 (C) 37.! (A) 40 (B) 32. Which of the following is the most non-metallic (A) Br (B) Cl (C) P (D) S Which of the following is the strongest acid ? A fisherman is looking at a fish at 45"# .5 22.5 (D) 42. 16.

At what angle he should throw (C) H (D) HF the spear so that it hits the fish ? 23. (A) HBr (B) HCl horizontal plane. (A) 45 (B) >45 (C) <45 (D) none of the above The negative charge on As2S3 sol is due to adsorption of (A) H (B) OH (C) O (D) S2 2 Space For Rough Work SAMPLE TEST PAPER-1_CLASS-X_PAGE # 2 .

28. Omnis cellula e cellula is generalisation given by : (A) Lamarck (B) Dutrochet (C) Leeuwenhoek (D) Virchow Burning of paper is a  (A) Physical process (B) Chemical process (C) Biological process 33. 10 21 molecules are (D) uses vacuum. removed. The ratio of diameter of atom and diameter of 31. Cotton is a polymer of (B) Golgi body (A) fructose (B) glucose (C) sucrose (D) lactose (C) Lysosome (D) Endoplasmic reticulum 34. Which of the following can be beaten into thin (B) Active nucleus (C) absence of vacuoles (D) all of the above sheets? (A) Carbon (B) Zinc (C) Sulphur (D) Oxygen 36. Kingdom monera includes. Which of the following has the highest calorific (C) nucleolus in their nucleus value? (D) A. Middle lamella contains (A) cellulose (B) pectate (C) lignin (D) cutin Space For Rough Work SAMPLE TEST PAPER-1_CLASS-X_PAGE # 3 . How many moles of CO2 are left ? 26. Prokaryotic cell is the one. tadpole's tail and helps in degenerating action ? chanical process (A) Mitochondria 27. (D) Me- Which cell organelle is abundantly found in white blood cells. (A) 0. Electron microscope is more advantageous than light microscope because it nucleus is of the order of (A) 10 (B) 10 (A) requires no light (C) 10 (D) 10 (B) has higher magnification 5 3 (C) gives depth focus 25.00166 (B) 0.00288 (D) None of these 32.24.B and C all are correct (A) Petrol (B) Coke (C) Natural gas (D) Kerosene 37.00454 (C) 0. which does not have (A) proper nucleus (B) mitochondria and golgi bodies 30. The meristematic cells have (A) thin walls 29. kidney. Which process is used for the separation of (A) Algae (B) Bacteria different components of petroleum ? (C) Fungi (D) All of the above. From 200 mg of CO2. secretory cells of liver. (A) Fractional distillation (B) Filtration (C) Distillation (D) Sublimation 35.

001 per month 48. Main air pollutant amongst the following is (A) CO (B) CO2 (C) N2 (D) Sulphur The expansion of cultivations is seen as a sign of : (A) Disaster (B) Progress (C) Economic benefit (D) Loss Where are the Banjaras tribe found ? (A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Punjab and Rajasthan (C) Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra (D) None of these 43. ? . 1. What amount for poverty line was fixed for a person living in the rural area? (A) Rs. Where is Bastar located? (A) Southernmost part of Chhattisgarh (B) Central Jharkhand (C) Andhra Pradesh Direction : (51 to 52) Find the missing term(s) ó 51. 454 per month (D) Rs. 2 (A) 120 (B) 240 (C) 40 (D) 10 The pastoralists had to pay tax on: (A) Every animal they grazed on the pastures (B) Number of animals they had 52. The Indian state which has the minimum population density is : (A) Nagaland (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) Goa (D) Arunanchal Pradesh 50. 324 per month (B) Rs. 240. Name a popular English drink of the British. (D) Jammu and Kashmir 44. 10. Fair price shops do not keep stocks of (A) Foodgrains (B) Sugar (C) Kerosene Oil (D) Petrol (A) bacteria that attacks on plants (B) virus that attacks on insects (C) virus that attacks on bacteria (D) bacteria that attacks on insects 39.38. 120. (A) Coffee (B) Tea (C) Wine (D) Milk 47. Which one of the following countries is known as the 'Bread-Basket of the world'? (A) Japan (B) USA (C) India (D) Russia 46. 3 8 10 2 ? 1 6 56 90 2 20 0 (C) The houses they were living in (A) 0 (B) 3 (D) None of these (C) 5 (D) 7 Space For Rough Work SAMPLE TEST PAPER-1_CLASS-X_PAGE # 4 . The other name for 'market price' is : (A) Minimum Price (B) Maximum Price (C) Issue Price (D) Proposed Price 49. 325 per month (C) Rs. 42. What is fertilization ? (A) Fusion of ovules (B) fusion of vegetative parts (C) fusion of male and female gamete (D) fusion of two male gamete 40. 41. Bacteriophages are 45. 40.

53. If $# .

  %# .

.   Direction(56 to 60)-Tick the correct alternative.

# .


 # .



  &# .


' (# .

You must apologise ___________him and *# . #  )   56.



against (B) from . following statements is true? (A) from . on (A) 9 . _______the wrong you have done to him.

5 + 2 %+* (C) to . against (B) (9 + 5) . for (D) to .

22.B (B) E. (2 < 4) > 2 (C) 9 + 5 %(+. Which of the following series observes the rule (C) over (D) as Synonym of Docile is- 58. (D) 9 < 5 %+( (A) than (B) to 54.C (C) E.D and E are standing in a row.B.C. B C B D B A A D B A B A C C C Ques. 32. Five boys A. (A) healthy (B) gloomy (C) haggard (D) cheerful His English was roughly_______with my 60. I prefer watching the film _________reading. B D C B D D B C C A B B A A B Ques. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Ans. 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 Ans. B C D A A B C D A C B B A B C Ques. B A C D D B C D B A C B B D B RESO-FAST_ SAMPLE TEST PAPER_CLASS-X_PAGE # 5 . Which of the following pairs represents the boys standing at both the ends ? (A) C. 57. (A) in accordance to (B) at par (C) GINR (D) TVYB (C) in time (D) in tune    Ques. A is between C and D and B is between D and E. given above ? (A) EGLV (B) GINQ French. (A) vague (C) stupid (B) submissive (D) stubborn Antonym of Morose is- 59. 55. so communication was rather difficult.A (D) A. 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Ans. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Ans.C Number of letters skipped in between adjacent letters in the series is in the order of 12.

. of these numbers is 468 then H. 2b b2  a2 2a 2 b a 2 (B) (D) 2b 8. 2. Two number are in ratio of 6 : 13.F. If L. In a quadrilateral ABCD.C.M. if AB || CD.C. will be : (A) 6 (B) 7 (C) 8 (D) 9 (C) 4. 5.1.

D = 2 .

The present age of man is : (A) 32 years (B) 34 years (C) 36 years (D) 40 years a +2b 2 (B) a + 2b (C) 2a  9. If . then the side AB is of length : a2  b2 2a (A) 2 a  b2 The age of a man is 4 times that of his son. Five years ago the man was nine times old as his son was at that time. (D) a + b In a circle two chords AB and CD intersect at an external point E.AD = b and CD = a. B.

A = 35 .


E = 40 .


BCD = x .


ABC = y  .

ADE = z .

If the same number x is divided by 5. x y y z z x xyz A 35 y B C = (B)  (D) 1 10. 7. The loss of energy is : (A) 75% (B) 50% (C) 25% (D) 12. If a number x is divided by 95. (A) 24 (B) 36 (C) 26 (D) 34 If x + y + z = 0 then (A)  (C) 0 6.5% (Space For Rough Work) SAMPLE TEST PAPER-2_CLASS-X_PAGE # 6 .  is parallel to m and AX and AY Y are transversals. (B) 80 (D) 30 z 40 D (A) z  (C) x + z =140 In the figure. Find the given number. false statement is : Sum of the digits of a two digit number is 9. Then the value of the angle (x + y  (A) 110 (C) 40 x E (B) x  (D) y + z = 180 4ab x 2a x 2b then the value of + a b x  2a x  2b (B)  (D) 2 A body falling with a speed 2 ms strikes the floor and rebounds with a speed of 1 ms. then remainder is 30. If x = is(A) 1 (C) 4 11.The number obtained by interchanging the digits exceeds the given number by 27. then what is remainder ? (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 0  a 1b 1 a 1b 1     a 1 b 1 a 1  b 1  equals to   (A) 3.

An example of a subsstance which changes into gas without passing through liquid state is (A) dry ice. (D) 0 to 120 decibel. An example of mixture is : (A) iron(II)sulphide (B) sulphuric acid (C) air (D) hydrogen gas 22. (B) equal to our normal weight. (B) exerts opposite force on the earth. (C) 20 to 20. (B) the wavelength of sound in the medium towards the observer is decreased. 20.000 Hz. (B) Bohr and bury. 21. are called (A) isotopes. A body starts from rest. (D) silver nitrate. When it is immersed in water completely its weight is 52 N.000 Hz. (D) the velocity of the sound in the medium is increased The sound used to break small stones formed in the kidneys into fine grains is : (A) audible sound. A chlorine molecule is : (A) di atomic. (Space For Rough Work) SAMPLE TEST PAPER-2_CLASS-X_PAGE # 7 . (D) poly atomic. A particle moves with a uniform velocity : (A) the particle must be at rest (B) the particle moves along a curved path (C) the particle moves along a circle (D) the particle moves along a straight line The weight of a block in air is 60 N. The range of human hearing is : (A) 10 to 20. (C) variable sound. (D) James Chadwick 24. (C) half our normal weight. 23. (D) iso-electronic. The distribution of electrons into different orbits of atoms was suggested by (A) Rutherford. which have different atomic numbers but same mass num ber. 26. (C) tri atomic. (D) ultrasound. (A) 1125 m (B) 1132 m (C) 1152 m (D) 1200 m 19. (D) greater than the weight of water we displace. (B) isobars. 17. Newton     ! (A) velocity (B) force (C) momentum. The earth exerts gravitational force on an apple falling towards it. The apple : (A) does not exert any force on the earth. 15.J. (D) exerts equal force on the earth. our weight is : (A) zero. (B) mono atomic.000 Hz. (D) angular momentum. (C) the frequency of the source is increased. 13. Buoyant force on the block is (in Newtons) : (A) 52 (B) 60 (C) 8 (D) 112 A source of sound moves towards an observer.12. If we float with our back on water. (B) sodium chloride. 18. (B) infrasound. (B) 20 to 30. 16. is acted upon by a uniform acceleration of 10 m/s2 for 15 s. Protons and neutrons are collectively known as (A) proton (B) neutron (C) nucleus (D) nucleon 25. Find the distance travelled by the body in 15 s. The atoms of different elements. 14. (C) exerts equal and opposite force on the earth. (C) isotones. (C) J. (C) copper sulphate. then : (A) the amplitude of vibration of the particle is increased. Thomson.

Magnet attracts iron from (B) Fe + S. 39. Ectothermy is the characteristic of (A) cold blooded animals. (C) liverfluke. The type of bond formed by the covalency of the compound is : (A) ionic bond. (C) aquatic animals. (B) join bone to bone. The jelly like substance between the nucleus and cell membrane is called : (A) karyoplasm (B) cytoplasm (C) protoplasm (D) cell wall 41. (B) air. (D) terrestrial animals. Elephantiasis is caused by 2 29. 38. (D) help in excretion. oil. (B) nitrogen. oil. (C) phosphorus. (C) conduct heat and maintain body tempera ture. milk. (D) rusts. (B) only during adult stage of life cycle. (D) hydrogen bond. 30. carbon and oxygen. air. 34. Success of green revolution resulted into the increased production of (A) food grains (B) milk (C) honey (D) eggs 32. (C) ligament. (D) peptization.27. 31. The process by which small colloidal particles lose their charge and combine together to form big sized particles which ultimately settle down. (C) throughout all the stages of life cycle. 28. phosphorus and potassium. (D) at least during one stage of life cycle. The increasing order of intermolecular force of attraction in the following is (A) air. (C) iron. 40. iron. (D) oil. (D) hydrogen. iron. (A) FeSO4. iron. (B) coagulation. Organisms consisting of one cell are called (A) unicellular. calcium and oxygen. milk. is known as (A) aerosol. (B) yeast. (D) semi cellular. (D) wuchereria Which among the following is the highest populated city of India ? (A) Delhi (B) Mumbai (C) Kolkata (D) Chennai Which among the following was a mythological name used in threatening sent to landowners in England : (A) Captain Cook (B) Captain Swing (C) Captain Hawkin (D) Captain Miami (Space For Rough Work) SAMPLE TEST PAPER-2_CLASS-X_PAGE # 8 . Symbiotic relationship is seen in (A) lichens. oil. (B) tendon. (B) covalent bond. 36. 42. air. (D) bone. (D) all of these (C) Fe(OH) . (B) tapeworm. oxygen and carbon. Chordates show the presence of notochord (A) only during embryonic stage of life cycle. (C) emulsion. The function of the tendon is to (A) join bone to the muscle. (C) mushroom. (A) ascaris. milk. Fertilisers ensure increased vegetative growth and healthy plants by supplying (A) nitrogen. (C) dative bond. (B) warm blooded animals. milk. (C) many cellular. (B) multicellular. 33. 35. The tissues containing matrix of firm material  "   (A) cartilage. 37.

Which among the following cloth material was not worn by ordinary women in England before the seventeeth century ? (A) Flax (B) Linen (C) Wool (D) Velvet 49. Which among the following countries have not propagated the game of cricket ? (A) Norway (B) Holland (C) Newzealand (D) Bangladesh Which among the following state is most densely populated state of India : (A) UP (B) Bihar (C) West Bengal (D) Maharashtra The river Narmada has its source at : (A) Satpura (B) Amarkantak (C) Brahmgir (D) Eastern slope of the western ghats Who imposed Apartheid ? (A) The black Europeans (B) The white Europeans (C) African (D) All of the above The drafting of constitution was completed by National Assembly in the year : (A) 1789 (B) 1790 (C) 1791 (D) 1792 48. Find the day of the week on 18 July. 504. 44.43. The same relationship exists between the figures to the right of the sign (: :).P. Find the missing one from the alternatives. 1776 (leap year). there is a relationship between the two figures on the left of the sign (: :). ?. Corbett National park is located in the state of: (A) M. : 55. (A) Monday (B) Tuesday (C)Thursday (D) Wednesday 54. :: :? (A) (B) (C) (D) (Space For Rough Work) SAMPLE TEST PAPER-2_CLASS-X_PAGE # 9 . 210 (A) 316 (C) 336 2 14 16 6 2 1 12 14 5 3 (A) 0 (C) 10 (B) 330 (D) 356 1 11 ? 4 10 (B) 5 (D) 15 53. 52. The longest river of Peninsular India is : (A) Narmada (B) Godavari (C) Amravati (D) Kaveri 50. (B) U. 990. 45. 720.P. of which one is missing. 47. 46. If in a certain code MANISH is written as NZMRHS. then how will RANJITA be written in the same code ? (A) IZMQRGZ (B) IZMPRGZ (C) IZMQRHZ (D) IZMQRIZ Direction : (55) In the following question. (C) Uttranchal (D) Assam Directions (51 & 52) : Find the missing terms  51.

A D A B B C D D B D A A B D D Qu es. He always makes his wife __________ lunch well. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Ans. (A) is (B) was (C) are (D) has ANSWER KEY Qu es. 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Ans. B C D B C C B C A B C B B D C SAMPLE TEST PAPER-2_CLASS-X_PAGE # 10 .Direction(56 to 60): Tick the correct alternative56. It is I who __________ to do the work. Neither of us __________ to blame. (A) am (B) is (C) are (D) were 59. 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Ans. Each man and woman __________ given a prize. (A) is (B) was been (C) were (D) am 60. (A) were (B) was (C) are (D) am 58. (A) prepared (B) to prepare (C) prepare (D) prepares 57. The cattle__________ grazing. 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 Ans. C C D C C C A B D A B B B B B Qu es. A A B B A A D A A D B B A C B Qu es.

If the sum of the digit of the number is 8 and its hundredís digit has the largest possible value.5 kg. value of xyz is : 5. 2 3 In an election between 2 candidates. Bhiku gets 65% of the total valid votes. ab = 21 then a3 + b3 = (A) 370 (B) 365 (C) 360 The mean weight of a class of 34 students is (B) 1575 (D) 1525 (D) 355 If 25x ñ 1 = 52x ñ 1 ñ 100. 2 4 2b 2b (B) ñ 2 (D) 2 (D) 5 1 3 the probability of getting : (1) Exactly one head 2a x + 2a x 1 3 A coin is successively tossed two times. 1 4 . then the tenís digit of the 3. If ax = b . Find the measure of an angle. If weight of the teacher is included. 4 5 (2) At least one head (B) 2 1 . (A) 175 kg (B) 62 kg (C) 64 kg (D) 72 kg If a + b = 10. (A) 40∫ (B) 25∫ (C) 30∫ (D) 15∫ (A) 2 3 If the digits of a three-digit number are reversed. if 25% of the total votes were declared invalid. then the value of x is : (A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) None of these How many minimum forces are needed to keep a body at equilibrium ? (A) One (B) Two (C) Three (D) Infinite (Space For Rough Work) SAMPLE TEST PAPER-3_CLASS-X_PAGE # 11 . if seven times its complement is 10∫ less than three times its 6. mean rises by 500 gm. If the total votes were 6000. then the number so obtained is less than the (C) 4 original number by 297. 3 4 (D) 1 2 . the 10. then the value of x is : supplement : 2. 2/3 = ( 2 ) x 1 . Then weight of the teacher is: 11. Find (C) is(A) 1 (C) 4 1 3 (B) 1 8.1. 46. (A) 1 2 (B) 1 3 (C) 1 6 (D) 1 12 (A) 1625 (C) 1675 9. what is the number of valid votes 4. If 2 ◊ ( 2 )5 ◊ ( 2 ) number is : (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 1 (D) 0 If x = 4ab x then the value of a b x 7. 1 3 (A) . by = 3 c and cz = a then the that the other candidate Mhattre gets.

20. the escape velocity will be: 15.6 m/s. (C) mass of the book and the time taken.01 ms-1 (B) reflection of sound waves. (D) in the direction of circular motion. the speed of the body changes by 13. (C) remain constant with increase in frequency. 19. An element M has an atomic number 9 and atomic mass 19. The gun is of one kg mass.2 ◊ (C) 11. (C) along the tangent to the circular path. A man of mass 50 kg jumps to a height of 1 m. (D) none of these. wavelength will (A) increase with increase in frequency.6 m/s The force that causes acceleration and keeps the body moving along the circular path is acting: (A) towards the centre. 16. which is at a height of 2 m is 5 seconds.8 m/s to 5. (B) weight of the book and the height of the bookshelf.2 km sñ1 (B) 11. A certain force exerted for 1. Total number of protons in Na+ ion is (A) 11 (B) 12 (C) 10 (D) None of these A man is standing asymmetrically between two parallel cliffs. 14.2 / ñ1 2 km s ñ1 2 kms The property of sound. Its ion will be represented by (A) M (B) M2+ ñ (C) M (D) M 2ñ 23. which leads to the for- with which the gun will recoil backward is : mation of echoes is : (A) refraction of sound waves.2 m/s (B) 8. (A) 11. in this case. (B) away from the centre. (B) decrease with increase in frequency. The escape velocity for a body projected vertically upwards from the surface of the earth is 11. the work done by us will depend on : (A) height of the bookshelf and the time taken.12. (A) 3 ms-1 (C) 1 ms-1 (B) 2 ms-1 (D) 0. His potential energy at the highest point is : (g = 10 m/s2) (A) 50 J (B) 60 J (C) 500 J (D) 600 J 18. A man fires a bullet of mass 200 g at a speed of 5 m/s. (D) increase irrespective of frequency. If the body is projected in a direction making an angle of 45∫ with the vertical. The valency of Mg in magnesium sulphate is - hearing a series of echoes at intervals of 1 second. If the speed of sound in air is 340 m/s.2 ◊ 2 km sñ1 (D) 11. then the distance between the two parallel cliffs is : (A) 170 m (B) 340 m (C) 510 m (D) 680 m (A) 1 (B) ñ2 (C) ñ1 (D) 2 (Space For Rough Work) SAMPLE TEST PAPER-3_CLASS-X_PAGE # 12 . (A) 11. The time taken to lift a book from the floor of a room and put it in the shelf.2 m/s (C) 6 m/s (D) 11. He claps his hands and starts 22. (C) transverse nature of sound waves (D) longitudinal nature of sound waves. 21. For a sound wave through a slinky with constant velocity. If the same force is later applied for 3 seconds.2 kmsñ1 .4 seconds on a 17. So. The velocity moving body increases its speed from 2.

The causative organism of sleeping sickness is : (A) C-12 (B) Co-60 (A) Leishmania (B) Trypanosoma (C) I .9 g (D) 7. variable valency ? 25. 30.131 (D) P . Rhythmic contraction begins early in embryonic (A) unstriated muscle position to either gain or lose energy 26. Jersey and Brown Swiss of cow (foreign breeds) have longer : (A) potassium chloride (B) ammonium chloride 29.6 g (C) 6. Its mass number is - (A) Nitrogen only (B) Sulphur and phosphorus (A) 37 (C) 38 (C) Chlorine and nitrogen (D) Nitrogen and sulphur (B) 39 (D) 20 The radio .isotope used in the treatment of cancer is - 37. It has 18 electrons and 20 neutrons. is made up of : (A) Cr (B) Sn (A) collenchyma (B) sclerenchyma (C) Fe (D) All (C) parenchyma (D) xylem The electrons (A) revolve in stationary orbits and are not in a 32.7 g of sodium chloride heating is - 28.24. is : (A) 2.31 (C) Ascaris (D) Staphylococci (Space For Rough Work) SAMPLE TEST PAPER-3_CLASS-X_PAGE # 13 . 33.3 g (B) 4. Which of the following metals represents 31. The tissue in leafstalks below the epidermis Acid rain is caused due to oxides of : An atom has a net charge of ñ1. (A) tail (C) lactation period (C) iodine (D) solid CO2 35. Use of neem leaves or turmeric during grain storage serves the purpose of : The mass of sodium in 11.1 g (A) bio-pesticides (B) providing nutrients (C) imparting the desired colours to the grain (D) preparation of bio fertilizers The substance which does not sublime on 34. (B) voluntary muscle (B) are expected to undergo acceleration and (C) cardiac muscle radiate energy (D) smooth muscle (C) fall into the nucleus (D) do not have any energy to lose 27. Two miscible liquids can be separated by (A) melting points (B) boiling points (C) inner electrons (D) valence electrons (B) oesophagus (D) life period Lichens while growing on the surface of rocks release certain substances that : (A) erode the rock surface to powder (B) enter into the cracks distillation when there is a large difference in their - (C) grow into more organisms (D) form new rocks 36.

Who of the following ruled in Zimbabwe since (D) Arunachal Pradesh-Mizoram Which of the following organisations is responsible for maintaining peace and security among international countries? (A) IMF (B) World Bank (C) UNSC (D) UNESCO 50.345 per month for the rural areas. (A) West Bengal ñ Arunachal Pradesh (B) Madhya Pradesh ñ Sikkim (C) violence against indigenous people. (B) President (B) Rs. (C) Rs. (A) autotrophic (B) sporophytic (A) Kenneth Kaunda (B) Nelson Mandela (C) saprophytic (D) geophytic (C) P. 42. (B) identifying poor families below poverty line. (A) independence of the judiciary. A medicinal plant that is found only in India and is used to treat blood pressure is (A) Tulsi plant (B) Sarpagandha (C) Babool (D) Neem (Space For Rough Work) SAMPLE TEST PAPER-3_CLASS-X_PAGE # 14 .A. (A) educated population. Johnson (D) Robert Mugabe The domain bacteria and archaea include 46. 40. is (A) strengthening rationing system. (B) dependent population. (B) eukaryotes. (D) All of these. 49. Population between the age group of 15 years (A) prokaryotes. For the year 2000. 47. 41. (D) fixing Minimum Support Price. Amnesty International deals with The following group of states has the highest (A) human rights. Decisions on every issue related to the 48. in different regions. (C) facilitating network for setting up grain banks (C) directive principles of state policy. to 59 years is known as (C) nucleus. (A) viruses (B) bacteria (D) independent population. (C) Chief Election Commissioner. The organisms that lack membranes are: (C) working population. (B) parliamentary form of government.the poverty line for a person elections are taken by the was fixed at- (A) Prime Minister. Kingdom plantae show two phases of life. and lowest density of population in India in 2001 (B) basic amenities of the people. (A) Rs. 43. (D) Chief commissioner.329 per month for the rural areas.S.328 per month for the rural areas. its independence from white-rule? gametophytic and 39.38. 44. (C) Kerala ñ Meghalaya (D) atrocities committed against dalits. (D) uni-cameralism. (C) protozoans (D) fungi The function of Academy of Development The provision of Indian constitution which was Sciences (ADS) in Maharashtra is - borrowed from U.358 per month for the rural areas. 45. (D) Rs.

Que s. (D) Lisa told her friend that leave me alone as I was not in a mood to talk then.Directions : (51) Find the missing term : 16 51. Ans. What (A) will he have eaten? (B) can he have eaten? (C) shall he have eaten? (D) ought to he have eaten? 59. 31 52. then BASIS = ? (A) 49 (B) 50 (C) 54 (D) 55 ◊◊ "Leave me alone. 54. (D) becoming empty. Ans. Ans. 56. (C) Lisa told her friend to leave her alone as she was not in a mood to talk right then. (C) has become empty. By the time you go to have a bath.    Que s. Ritesh's stomach is aching.Indirect speech is (A) Lisa said to her friend that leave me alone I am not in a mood to talk. The antonym of 'Protract' is(A) Prolong (B) Lengthen (C) Shorten (D) Elongate (B) 13 (D) 17 If D = 4 and COVER = 63. said Lisa to her friend. Establish the same relationship between figures 3 and 4 by choosing a figure from amongst the five alternatives. What will be their respective ranks from the bottom in the class ? (A) 20th and 24th (B) 24th and 20th (C) 25th and 21st (D) 26th and 22nd Direction : (54) Figures 1í and 2 are related in a particular manner. the tank (A) becomes empty. ï ï (A) :: ïï ï ï ï : ◊◊◊◊ ï ï 57. The synonym of 'Dirge' is(A) Happiness song (B) Funeral song (C) Vibrant song (D) National song 60. 55. Anil and Sunil are ranked seventh and eleventh respectively from the top in a class of 31 students. 49 (B) ◊◊ ◊◊ (C) : ? (D) Direction : (55) A square transparent sheet with a pattern is given in figure. Find out from amongst the alternatives as to how the pattern would appear when the transparent sheet is folded at the dotted line. I am not in a mood to talk right now". Que s. 16 25 24 8 20 81 12 36 4 (A) 11 (C) 15 Direction (56 to 60):Tick the correct alternative- 64 ? 11 53. which would replace the question mark in figure (4). 58. 1 B 16 C 31 A 46 C 2 C 17 C 32 C 47 C 3 D 18 B 33 A 48 D 4 D 19 B 34 C 49 A 5 C 20 C 35 A 50 B 6 D 21 A 36 D 51 B 7 A 22 C 37 B 52 B 8 B 23 D 38 B 53 C 9 A 24 D 39 A 54 D 10 C 25 A 40 A 55 C 11 B 26 B 41 A 56 C 12 C 27 A 42 C 57 B 13 A 28 B 43 A 58 B 14 A 29 A 44 C 59 B 15 B 30 B 45 D 60 C SAMPLE TEST PAPER-3_CLASS-X_PAGE # 15 . (B) will have become empty. (B) Lisa asked her friend to leave her alone she was not in a mood to talk right now. Que s. Ans.

190.5∫ + (2a ñ 5b)3 would be ñ (A) 4a (B) 10b The other one walks at 5. 800. then the measure BAC is : 8. 3. The train 5. and is : railway track. 340. where 'n' is a positive integer. (C) PQ > QS > SR (D) PQ < QS < SR The median of following series 520. (A) 5 for 2 rupee (B) 4 for 2 rupee (C) 6 for 2 rupee (D) 8 for 2 rupee 6 2 3 + 3 2 6 3 ñ 4 3 6 (A) 0 (B) 1 (C) ñ 1 (D) 2 measure of of A train overtakes two persons walking along a 7.5 seconds respectively to over take them. 6. The first one walks at 4. Toffees are bought at the rate of 4 for a rupee. Let a protractor be laid upon an angle. then : (B) QS < PQ < PR (D) 36∫ (C) ñ 9.1. BOD is 163∫ . 35. 1210. What is the speed of the train if (A) 7. A. both the persons are walking in the same direction as the train ? (A) 63 km/hr (B) 72 km/hr (C) 99 km/hr (D) 81 km/hr In a PQR. 4. (A) 15 days (B) 14 days (C) 13 days (D) 12 days Space For Rough Work SAMPLE TEST PAPER-4_CLASS-X_PAGE # 16 . 50. 80. 20. is : (A) 4 (B) 8 (C) 9 (D) 11 R = 30∫. (A) QS > PQ > PR (B) 15∫ (C) 30∫ (C) 2a + 5b needs 8.5 km/hr. PS is bisector of P and Q = 70∫. How many days will be taken by C to do it alone.4 and 8. as 10. BOC is 47∫ . A alone can do it in 9 days and B alone in 18 days. is : (A) 1210 (B) 520 (C) 190 (D) None of these One of the factors of the expression (2a + 5b)3 (D) 2a ñ 5b The value of k for which x + k is a factor of x3 + kx2 ñ 2x + k + 4 is : (A) ñ 5 (B) 2 4 3 (D) 6 7 4n The sum of digits of the number 10 2 8 2 1 . B and C together can finish a piece of work in 4 days. If the measure of To gain 60% they must be sold at : 2.4 km/ hr. pictured.

1 m/s (C) 1 m/s (D) None of these Two bodies of masses 1 kg and 4 kg have equal kinetic energies . The correct chemical formula of aluminium A body of mass 20 kg moves with an acceleration of 2ms-2. (C) displacement and force are in same directions and both have the same magnitude.8 g 23. The ratio of their momentum is: (A) 4 :1 (B) 1 : 4 (C) 2 : 1 (D) 1 : 2 If a force F is applied on a body and it moves with a velocity V. A stationary ball weighing 0.02 ◊ 10 (D) 18 23 Space For Rough Work SAMPLE TEST PAPER-4_CLASS-X_PAGE # 17 . (B) more than one force is acting on the object. If 3600 waves pass over a certain point (C) Al3(SO4)4 (D) AlSO4 in 1 minute. The total mechanical energy of a vertically projected body is : (A) the maximum at the highest point. 18. 3s2 3p4 respectively. The weight of this boy on the surface of earth is : (A) 300 N (B) 5 N (C) 50 N (D) 1800 N 13.108 g (D) 10. The rate of change of momentum in SI unit is: 14. The number of molecules in 1 ml of water is (A) 3.01 m/s (B) 0. 6.02 J is : 15.3 ◊ 1022 (B) 1 (C) 6.11. Negative value of work done indicates that : (A) force and displacement are in the same direction. the wavelength is : (A) 2 m (B) 4 m (C) 8 m (D) 16 m 24. 3s1 and 1s2. 20.25 kg acquires a speed of 10 m/s when hit by a hockey stick.E. of 0. (A) 0.8 Pascal 21. 2s2 2p6. the power will be : (A) F ◊ V (C) F/V2 (B) F/V (D) F ◊ V2 sulphate is 17. 19. (D) displacement and force are in opposite directions. The weight of a boy on the surface of moon is 300 N. (A) 40 (B) 10 (C) 4 (D) 1 The velocity of a body of mass 4 kg possessing K.022 x 1020 atoms of silver (at mass = 108 u) weigh (A) 108 x 103 g (B) 108 g (C) 0. 2s2 2p6. The impulse imparted to the ball is : (A) 0. In the electronic configurations of elements A and B are 1s2. (C) the maximum at the middle point. (D) constant throughout the journey.5 N ◊ s 12. then the formula of the compound formed by the combination of these elements will be (A) AB (B) AB3 (C) AB2 (D) A2B 22.25 N ◊ s (B) 2. The speed of sound in a certain medium is (A) Al2(SO4)3 (B) Al2(SO3)4 960 m/s. (B) the maximum at the lowest point.0 N ◊ s (D) 0.5 N ◊ s (C) 2. 1 kg wt /m2 pressure equals : (A) 1000 Pascal (B) 1 Pascal (C) 100 Pascal (D) 9. 16.

d .iii.iii.iv. c .iv. (C) leather clothes. help us identify that cell as a (A) nerve cell (B) muscle cell (C) blood cell (D) epithelial cell 37. (D) solid dispersed in a liquid. (B) CuSO4 + water. Flame cells are associated with (A) respiration (B) excretion (C) nutrition (D) digestion 32. The basic unit of classification is (A) Variety (B) Species (C) Genus (D) Family 34. (c) Gas (iii) Has definite shape (d) Plasma (iv) Definite volume with less molecular forces than that in solids. the solute in grams. b . (C) Sugar + water (D) alum + water The clothes that are comfortable for us in summer is : (A) silk clothes. 29.ii. which is present in - particles. It was determined by - (A) 10 g of solvent (B) 10 g of solution (A) Berzilius (B) Avogadro (C) 100 g of solvent (D) 100 g of solution (C) Dalton (D) Perin Cloud is an example of - 31. (A) a . The mixture will appear translucent in case of : (A) Starch + water. 28. (D) rayon clothes.i. One mole of any substance contains 6. presence of Nisslís granule in a cell.iii Space For Rough Work SAMPLE TEST PAPER-4_CLASS-X_PAGE # 18 .ii.ii. b .i. The mode of nutrition in most of the fungi is characteristically (A) Symbiotic (B) Autotrophic (C) Holozoic (D) Saprotrophic 35. 27.023 ◊1023 Match the following and choose the correct answer : Column I Column II (a) Solid (i) Super energetic particles (b) Liquid (ii) No shape nor fixed volume at a given pressure. Most of the monocots lack (A) sieve tube (B) phloem parenchyma (C) companion cells (D) sclereids.i (C) a . 36. Four chambered heart occurs in (A) amphibia (B) crocodile (C) bird (D) both B and C 33. Which of the following forms a toxic substance in blood by combining with haemoglobin ? (A) CO (B) CO2 (C) CH4 (D) O2 (A) soild dispersed in a gas. d . c .i.iv. b . d .iv (B) a . c . (C) liquid dispersed in a soild. 26.ii (D) a . (B) liquid dispersed in a gas. b .25. The disease which begins abruptly and last only for a short duration is known as (A) Chronic disease (B) Acute disease (C) Congenital disease (D) Both B and C 38. During a microscopic examination. (B) cotton clothes.iii. c . The concentration of solution is the mass of 30. d .

?.Uttar Pradesh (D) Dr. Which one of the following pairs is correct with respect to the conservation of wild-Life in India ? (A) Bandipur-Madhya Pradesh (B) Corbett . 45. Food security depends on the : (A) Public Distribution system The Chief Justice and other judges of the High Court are appointed by the: (A) President with consultancy of governor (B) Chief Justice of the Supreme court (C) Governor of the concerned state (B) Government vigilance and action at times when this security in threatened (C) Public Awareness (D) Both (A) and (B) (D) Chief Minister of the concerned state 49. 26. Rajendra Prasad. 50. afferent arteriole and efferent arteriole (C) bowman ës capsule .Karnataka (C) Kaziranga . 47. afferent arteriole and efferent arteriole (B) glomerulus. nations ? (A) The UN security council (B) The International Monetary Fund Who was ruling over Russia when the famous February Revolution took place ? (A) Stalin (B) Tsar Nicholas II (C) Hitler (D) Louis XVI Name the autobiography of Hitler : (A) My Life (B) The Great Germany (C) Mien Kamph (D) The Truth Who maintains peace and security among (C) The World Bank (D) UNESCO Directions : (51) Find the missing terms : 51. (B) Mahatma Gandhi.R. PCT and DCT (D) bowmanís capsule and glomerulus 46. 15. In which part of India evergreen forest are found? (A) Northern Plains (B) Western Ghats (C) Himachal Pradesh (D) Deccan Plateau India opted for mixed economy in ñ (A) Framing of the Constitution (B) Second Five Year Plan (C) Industrial policy of 1948 (D) None of these 48. B. (C) Dr. 50 (A) 32 (B) 33 (C) 34 (D) 35 Space For Rough Work SAMPLE TEST PAPER-4_CLASS-X_PAGE # 19 . 40. 10.Assam (D) Kanha Kisli . 42. The architect of Indian Constitution was Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under : (A) Fundamental Rights (B) Legal Rights (C) Constitutional Right (D) Natural Rights (A) B. Binomial nomenclature consist of two words : (A) Genus and Species (B) Order and Family (C) Family and genus (D) Species and variety Malpighian body is made up of : (A) Bowmanís capsule. Ambedkar. 41. 3. 2. Pattabhi Sitaramayya. 44.39. 43.

Police could not find out (A) as the burglars came. Q u e s. (B) 55. (D) therefore you have 85% of attendance. (D) Pointing towards a woman in the photograph. You would have succeeded (A) even if you had thought more positively. (B) unless you have 85% of attendance. (B) as soon as you had thought more positively. Q u e s. (A) 53. I laughed so much (A) since my stomach started aching. Buy some fruits (A) before you go to the market. (D) after the burglars came. (C) when if you have 85% of attendance. Rajesh said ì the only daughter of her grandfather(Paternal) is my wifeî. Q u e s. (C) as my stomach started aching. (C) whence the burglars came. 1 A 16 A 31 B 46 B 2 A 17 D 32 D 47 C 3 D 18 D 33 B 48 D 4 B 19 D 34 D 49 D 5 C 20 D 35 D 50 A 6 B 21 D 36 A 51 D 7 A 22 C 37 B 52 C 8 C 23 A 38 A 53 A 9 A 24 A 39 A 54 D 10 D 25 D 40 D 55 D 11 B 26 B 41 A 56 B 12 D 27 A 42 A 57 D 13 A 28 B 43 C 58 D 14 B 29 B 44 B 59 C 15 D 30 D 45 C 60 D SAMPLE TEST PAPER-4_CLASS-X_PAGE # 20 . 57. How is Rajesh related to that woman (A) Uncle (Fufa) (B) Father (C) Maternal uncle (D) Brother 4 54. 6 6 10 ? (A) 15 (B) 13 (C) 9 (D) 8 8 Which one of the two interchanges in signs would make the given equation correct ? 16 + 4 ˜ 2 ñ 21 ◊ 7 = 21 (A) + and ñ (B) + and ◊ (C) ñ and ˜ (D) ◊ and ˜    Q u e s. (C) after you go to the market. (B) though my stomach started aching. 60. 52. 59. (D) that my stomach started aching. (B) unless you go to the market. A n s. A n s. 56.Direction : Find the figure in which the problem figure Direction (56-60): Tick the correct alternative: is hidden. (C) so that you had thought more positively. (D) just in case you go to the market. (B) since the burglars came. (D) if you had thought more positively. A n s. (C) 3 5 5 8 7 6 58. A n s. You cannot sit in the examination (A) so that you have 85% of attendance.