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Theoretical framework


Howard Gardner (1985), Multiple Intelligences: Visual intelligences


Alan Paivio (1986), Dual Coding Theory: - helps learner to process information through
educational material such as pictures.

Related theory

Picture can be used to stimulate and engage pupils’ motivation in writing.


The use of concreteness, imagery, and dual coding makes students’ writing more
readable and memorable (Homstad and Thorson, 2000)

2. Focus of Investigation/ Issue of Concern

a.) Problem statement


Pupils were unable to construct simple sentences correctly.
Eg. ‘The monkey climbed the tree’


Subject+ Verb+Object > Pupils unable to follow the rules.
 Using “Picture Sequencing” strategy. (Picture as aids in writing)

b.) Definition of Terms

Simple sentence > is a group of words that forms a complete thought.
> it contain only one independent clause. Called ‘simple’ because they
only contain one subject and one verb.

- Picture sequencing > a set of picture that used to assist pupils’ to construct simple sentences

which the pupils write the sentences based on the set of pictures that been given.

and the observation checklist. Action.3. Research Question - Does the “Picture Sequencing” strategy improve the pupil’s writing skills in making simple sentences? - How the use of pictures can motivate pupils in constructing simple sentences? 4. implementation of the intervention and check pupils’ behaviour using observation checklist. - Low English proficiency level - 30 pupils as participants. Target Group/Participants - SK Seri Aman.class family background 5. - Middle. Batu Pahat - Bahasa Malaysia as mother tongue. - Act – Administer the pre-intervention test. Research Objectives - To improve pupils’ achievement in constructing simple sentences after learning writing through “Picture Sequencing” strategy. . - Observe – Administer post-intervention test - Reflect – Analyse data. - To find out pupils’ motivation in learning writing by using picture in constructing simple sentences.Kemmis and McTaggart Action Research Model 1988 - Plan – Design test. observation checklist and planning the lesson.

Suggestion for further research - Using pictures as an aid in other aspect language skills. 8. .  Observation checklist - Week 4  Post-intervention test 6.  Observation checklist - Week 3  Conduct the intervention. - Does the use of picture can motivate pupils in constructing simple sentences?  From the analysis of the observation checklist. Data Analysis and Interpretation (Insert Table from AR) 7. Findings - Does the use of “Picture Sequencing” strategy improve the pupil’s writing skills in constructing simple sentences?  The pupils managed to score higher mark in post-intervention test and showing improvement compared to pre-intervention test.Steps - Week 1  Pre-intervention test - Week 2  Conduct the intervention. most of the participants were very interested and motivated in the lesson.

- Integration through ICT skill. Vocabulary  To introduce new words.  Using LCD - .