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Rhodes House Oxford College Comparison 'ƵŝĚĞ : These notes ĂƌĞǁƌŝƚƚĞŶďLJĐƵƌƌĞŶƚ^ĐŚŽůĂƌƐƚŽĂĐĐŽŵƉĂŶLJƚŚĞĂƚƚĂĐŚĞĚŝŶĨŽƌŵĂůŽůůĞŐĞ'ƵŝĚĞ

General Notes:
- All Scholar comments constitute the experience and perspectives of individual Scholars; they do NOT represent the view of Rhodes House or the Rhodes Trust.
- The document has been checked by a number of Scholars from different colleges for accuracy; however, given that it was compiled over the long vacation, not all
the colleges have been covered in this way.
- Many of the Scholar comments refer to their accommodation as being expensive – the fact that a substantial number of Scholars made such comments reflects
the general price of accommodation in Oxford far more than individual colleges’ prices. Apart from one or two colleges which are substantially more expensive
than others for accommodation, most colleges do offer reasonably-priced accommodation (if a Scholar has opted for the highest quality, en-suite
accommodation, this will also be reflected in the price they pay, so that may be a factor in some of the comments).
- Similarly, many of the Scholar comments refer to their accommodation as being very far away – again, this is probably more an issue of perspective, as
accommodation, colleges, and departments are relatively near each other compared to other cities, and most Scholars own bicycles. For reference, it takes
approximately 5 minutes to cycle 1 mile (or less than 20 minutes’ walk), so even those that are 1.5-2 miles away should take no more than 10 minutes to reach by

From a personal perspective as a Scholar-in-residence:
- Most Scholars tend to enjoy the college they end up at, and to a large extent, college experience is what they make of it. Some Scholars will have their primary
social circle based at their college, some at Rhodes House, and some in their department or elsewhere (or have multiple social circles).
- In terms of living costs, I have found the Rhodes stipend to be more than adequate. However, this only covers basic living costs, and not too many meals or drinks
out; obviously, travel and/or going out for meals or drinks frequently requires supplementary finances. In general, I was spending about half my stipend on
accommodation and utilities, and had half to spend on food/basic essentials/clothing etc.
- One thing which struck me, and which may explain the prevalence of Scholar comments concerning accommodation costs, is that accommodation in the UK in
general is quite expensive – I pay roughly the same in British pounds here that I did in New Zealand dollars back home (which, given the current exchange rate, is
roughly twice as much!). However, I have found that food and basic essentials are comparatively cheaper, which helps defray some of the accommodation costs. It
definitely helped that I could walk or cycle everywhere.
- Another thing worth considering is the fact that a lot of Scholars choose to live out of college after their first year (especially if they have been living on their own
or with housemates/partners prior to coming up). I seem to remember being concerned about having two years’ accommodation at college when I was choosing,
which was irrelevant in hindsight.

and performance grants. 1517 friendly.chch. library. old/traditional college. sports ground.hmc. but for how far it is from the center of town. progressive Mixed Friendly. lots going on in the MCR if you want to be involved.8 or marked friendliness …The food for JCR/MCR members is average.5 Not as many grants as [the wealthiest college].ccc. of 16 meals and included in the rent costs) £543.asp?id=2&sID=124 Handbook%202014-15." “An college site. On-site.5 college gym are the location. however. accommodation 0. Utilities: £565 / Christ Church Y main college site. very good incorporates 1740 the Bridge of Sighs. and love being a student here. In but I can't really complain. friendly college. home of Christ Church Cathedral Mixed Old/traditional college. lunch (£4. I'd highly recommend it. smallest college.00 Hertford Accomodation Y Meal costs: continental breakfast (£0. small.3 miles from main and boathouse. library." city centre Chapel. for a centre reasonable cost.not much additional financial support.£460 Meal costs: averaged between £2.gtc. would have been a very poor decision. and I love the new library. erFiles/File/PDF/College%20 es/ http://www. £525 (M). first college for women in Oxford (now co-ed) Mixed Mixed Mixed October 2015 Useful Facilities Location of Graduate Accommodation* Partnered Website with Rough Monthly Cost of Accommodataccomodation Rough Costs of Some Availale Meals ion Available Accommodation info and prices (Y/N) Chapel.high quality food / Weaknesses .uk/stu dents/graduate-specificinformation/travel-awards Hertford College Lady Margaret Hall Page 1 of 5 ." " Food is very expensive . music room. caring community here at the College. free access to 0..hmc. 0. threecourse dinner (£ dinner (£4. £22. n loved living in college accommodation. guaranteed accommodation for duration of course Mixed Specialising in human welfare 2008 and social.exeter." "I have loved living in Exeter library. strong musical college.Oxford College Comparison Guide : compiled by Scholars in residence. It has delicious (though expensive) food and beautiful gardens. sports ground and dinner (£2. cozy. lunch (£ cooked breakfast (£ nice physical MCR (HCR).2. 0. Cross Annexe: £560 ground and boathouse.exeter. to provide enhanced financial support to students.4 miles or 0. they should look elsewhere. and a bicycle is virtually a necessity. Grade D: £ http://www. music room 0. financial support for research. it has proven a very expensive college. lunch (£2. 0. friendly.good location." "Strengths ." centre Chapel. but there is a strong GCR < tudents/collegedents/graduate-specifichandbook/part-d-domesticinformation/travel-awards matters Keble College LMH Accomodation N £391 .80). strong musical and drama sites/exeter/files/documents ospectivestudents/graduate/fi /KIS-Arrangements." "Keble's social strengths are strong. good quality food.82). you really would hope to save a little money.keble. fosters interaction with senior members.keble.9 miles from scene. sports ground 1. 0. LMH is a very social college. Utilities: £600 Accomodation 0." “Small.gtc. sports ground "I feel very comfortable at Corpus ." “ LMH's food is… excellent in comparison with some of the other colleges' food.3 miles from city . half brunch (£1.75).pdf nances/scholarships Exeter College Exeter Accomodation Y Single Rooms: £460 (S). drama Grade B: £601. economic and environment-related subjects. beautiful main site Mixed 1509 Old/traditional and successful boat club . 1870 beautiful lunch main (meat)(£2. beautiful gardens and setting.ox.ox. Not as well-funded as John' http://www. Decent but community in theatre. I have found Balliol.9 miles from city centre Chapel. all graduate accommodation onsite. k/sites/default/files/content/ discoverfull brunch (£3.ox.96 Y Corpus Christi l costs: breakfast (£1. friendly. weights room college als/ uate-Admissions/ Corpus Christi College http://www.ox." "Often seems to be a focus on undergrads." " LMH is a bit out of town.ox.30).62)." Offers grants for all graduates. access to Grade C: £562. large 1546 college.9 miles "Lady Margaret Hall is an excellent college.College offers only lunch! Dinners are only formal and therefore unaffordable on daily basis. Two-course lunch (£3." "The college staff provide a friendly atmosphere for students both in and out of college. and its MCR does not have a terribly well-developed intellectual side. I have no complaints. Compared to the smaller colleges. the housing (it really is great value for the free college Brasenose College http://www.ox." "I think Jesus college miles from main with grand piano.80 Fixed charge: £34. the student population tends to become cliquey.4 miles from city centre Library. sports Graduate accommodation is good but pretty overpriced. one of the largest colleges. to be a centre chalet in the French Alps. "Jesus College is very friendly and generous with grants to students." "Very generous and supportive. good quality travel grants. Good rowing club. small.jesus.ccc.ox. and the academic support is centre average.html Green Templeton College http://www. music research. occasional buffet http://www. miles from main Acland seems strong. Meal costs: breakfast (£1.86). progressive with a commitment to equality. sports field and Additionally. progressive.38 dining season ticket) and a great social atmosphere." "I have sports ground and I have enjoyed becoming part of the community from main college university gym and engaging with the members of the college … The overall disposition of the college is one of site. library. Accommodation is central but relatively expensive. it is a bit less intimate.95).uk/colle ge-life/financialsupport/awards-for-allstudents. environmental sustainability. beautiful chapel and garden.04) http://www. boathouse. St. 0. The college food is excellent however and quite good value. I love the Exeter MCR especially as I've been around more over the course of the year. a new graduate center is being constructed scheduled to be completed in 2015.4 miles from main college site.bnc.ox.close graduate community .5 miles or 0. but the cost college gym Grade F: £451.22).1/0. community if you wish to take part in it. has very helpful staff members (porters. cheerful and friendly staff and students." "It's a very vibrant HCR community. library.jesus." "Terrible social site.80 (dinner) udent-life/Dining.93) College (standard)." "Good cheap meals.. but its JCR is quite cliquish." Chapel. music rooms 0. social.ox.. commitment to inclusiveness. and the gardens are gorgeous..ox. there is a strong graduate body (academically.15) ege-life/facilities/meals. Grad housing isn't great.7 miles from city accommodation is too expensive for the housing it offers graduate students.6 miles "It is overwhelmingly filled with classicists and historians. so I like that I live with those folks. 1571 medium-sized. With the building of its new graduate dmissions/meals http://www. good quality food. college gym integrated.24 per term (students living in is a shame.30 per meal (max. darkroom.keble. Brasenose / Hollybush Row: £589 Y centre but I think Brasenose is a great choice. but otherwise a good place to be. dinner (£3.chch. http://www.” “LMH has a very friendly and welcoming graduate community" " The Oxford Student reported that LMH is the most expensive college .uk/s http://www. Very active MCR and lots of extra curricular activities.aspx http://www. because it enriches this sense of community.balliol.96) 3 .ox. The food continues to be superior to that at most other colleges. the housing is poor. etc).. dinner (£ encourages people being excited about their work but doesn't pressure them. dinner main (veg)(£1. research allowances of up to ~£800 per year. friendly staff.ox. art Meal costs: breakfast (£1.2 Lots of sports.ox. files/Hall%20Price%20List%2 hertford/graduates/graduatelunch main (veg)(£1.7 "Fairly strong community life. and there is a very laid back vibe that from main college university gym £567.html £590. music Most accommodation auditorium." "Downside: Accommodation and food expensive." "My involvement in college life has been the miles from city studio/theatre.ox. Social and pastoral aspects of the college are mostly very good." "There are a plethora of extra-curricular opportunities Exc. tennis be able to provide all new graduates accommodation on site for two years (at least).25) http://www.4 Person Flat: £465 per person / College Site: £600 / Couples: £828 Jesus Accomodation Y Meal costs: two-course lunch/dinner (£3. lunch (£2.15) of the accommodation is very high and takes up a large portion of my stipend. large graduate community.ox. Chapel (Christ Church Most "It is a very beautiful and magnificent college that provides you with generous grants for accommodation Cathedral). courts.76 "Balliol is progressive and pleasant. Summer 2015 College Balliol College Brasenose College Christ Church Corpus Christi College Exeter College Green Templeton College Harris Manchester College Hertford College Jesus College Keble College Lady Margaret Hall Strengths/Character Found. I could not have picked a and boathouse.91) Website with meal info College http://www.. college gym. I feel very lucky to have ended up there." "I think my college is affordable (housing-wise).14 per term highlight of my Oxford experience so £1030 (flat) least compared with most wealthier colleges. " Chapel. socially) that forms part of an boathouse. and the MCR in particular." "Good accommodation. 1314" and boathouse.40 College Funding Website http://www. free access to On-site.95). living in college 1st year was a significant financial strain.34 (students living elsewhere) Meal costs: OneAccommodatio N most welcoming.. Would recommend the Graduate Centre for accommodation for first year graduate scholars.u http://www.accommodation relatively expensive ." "I wish it had the wealth of some of the older colleges to provide grant money or subsidize rent." Chapel. strong sporting college. free access to approx. squash court and" "The accommodation is reasonably priced for what we receive Inc. library. £882 detriment of postgrads. newest college but based around stunning 18th C.86 Balliol College accommodation). [Some other] colleges [have] more magnificent grounds. sports ground On-site/adjacent http://www. dinner main scholarships 02013-14. squash/tennis courts and http://www. library. The accommodation 0. strong classics tradition Old/traditional college.6 miles better college.pdf Harris Manchester College £608 (£5472 per academic year and includes meals and services) Harris Manchester Accomodation N Meal costs: £2. the atmosphere at miles from city my college is by far the friendliest I have encountered at to £3.86 Two-course dinner (4. lively and interesting community and I regard it as my home in Oxford. to the dinner (£2. £680 (L) / 1Bedroom Flat: £885 / Small 2-Bedroom Flat: GTC £455 / 2-Bedroom Accomodation Flat: £525-£1095 / 2Bedroom House: £1200£1225 / 3-Bedroom House: £1350-£1375 Y Meal costs: buffet lunch (£4). friendly. library.supportive academic tutors . guaranteed two years' accommodation. at (superior)." "Offers tremendous support to its students and makes one have an experience of a home away from home especially for overseas and international students.hertford." “Social life… seems to center around drinking… The best parts about Keble college site." "Food is ollege/undergraduatemissions/graduates/scholarshi admissions/financialps information Christ Church http://www. socially inclusive ethos Mixed Old/traditional college.ox.Mixed/Gradu ed ate Only One of the oldest traditional 1263-8 college. Most "Hertford's MCR is wonderfully social and friendly. £644 (M band) miles from city access to university gym graduate housing in a good location.50 (breakfast) wnloads/official_information http://www. For those looking for sports within the college or frequent social/extra-curricular events. Facilities are generally adequate . Grade E: £494. 0.9 or I think living in the graduate housing.28). centrally located.6 with grand piano. strong sporting college Mixed Supportive. Exeter House.4 miles two central Oxford gyms and from city centre health club Scholar Comments "Exeter House (where grads live) is expensive and far away. 1878 good quality food. 0. it should from city centre college punthouse. promotes interaction between students and fellows Graduate Only Only has students aged 21 and 1889 over (‘mature students’).6 exceptional college. compared to other colleges I've miles from city seen). which college current-members/cateringaduateservices-at-balliol admissions/scholarships Balliol College /STUDENT_HANDBOOK_Blu pective-students/graduatee_Book_2014_2015_PG_Fin admissions/fees-funding al." "Very comprehensive library" Meal costs: breakfast (£1. room. Given that it is a small college with many undergrads living on site for three full years.37).ac.1 miles from room with grand piano.86 course lunch (£2.. The location is great (2 minutes walk form the Business School) and I got to choose my boathouse centre housemate (which is brilliant as well)." Chapel.5 miles from main Grade A: £ strong rowing college Mixed Good MCR culture with plenty of events.pdf (meat)(£3. and Fairtrade. 0. while I have grown very fond of rent-students/graduatescholarships-prizes-awards Jesus College Band 1: £1204 / Band 2: £565 / Band 3: £545 Keble / Band 4: £544 / Accommodatio Band 5: £524 / Band 6: n £500 / Band 7: £477 / Band 8: £354 Y Meal costs: two-course dinner (£4." Grade G: £390.40).25 Chapel. free access to university gym On-site or 0. 0.ox.balliol. 0.30). Radcliffe Observatory and beautiful gardens. library.55). While small and not holding the biggest purse in Oxford. friendly/informal. Most "Keble is a friendly college .7 graduate accommodation is comfortable and functional though I think it is a bit expensive college gym miles from main relative to other colleges. I feel like I know everyone. active musical society with orchestras. beautiful dining hall and chapel One of the largest colleges. It can do more.31).06).lmh. and has nice (N band). and have a good and caring support system.

32 New College Accomodation N Meal costs: £382." "Very welcoming student body. good value for money (food. sports grounds. good quality Though the MCR is very active the challenge is that most MCR A*: £668 / A+/A: £626 events are held at the college main site (where the MCR is located) while most of the graduate / A: £605 / A/B: £578 Oriel students are housed off site. squash/tennis" Single: £517 / Flats: £757 Merton Accomodation Y http://www.2 or 1. one in the main site and the other in the graduate complex (quite small and lacking in terms of equipment). or roughly 0.magd. but it is increasingly difficult to receive college accommodation in upper years. college gym October 2015 Half of accommodation on site. second and subsequent year accomodation is also very likely Mixed Mixed Graduate Only Mixed Chapel.being here has been central to my experience at Oxford. The rooms are of good quality. shared tennis courts and boathouse.aspx 15." "Free access to a well stocked and complete gym on college site. Cecil Rhodes’ college.the housing is well-located and very nice. isn't so bad) Old/traditional college. the rooms. lunch (main £2. vibrant graduate community. dinner (£4.05). library. "“Oriel is centrally located and has a supportive culture where the / B: £555 / B/C: £535 Accommodatio large majority of the graduates and undergraduates engage in college sport and societies. and guaranteed for 2+ years.1 or 1.ox. squash courts and boathouse.ox. free access to university gym <0. But great overall.50) Lincoln College Chapel.5-1." “Merton is great… for good quality and centrally located accommodation.1 miles from city centre "Linacre is very welcoming and friendly. lunch and dinner Magdalen College Chapel. This is really convenient for people who work or have classes in the city centre since it means they can often have meals at college. extravagant. 0. generous research financial support and facilities. 0.50 per graduate/scholarships-andhere/ term non-redeemable Meal costs: £9 to £10 awards-2/ per day for breakfast.oriel. Funding for field research is minimal.2 or 0.5 miles from main college site.8. one of the largest colleges.Oxford College Comparison Guide : compiled by Scholars in residence.” "Oriel accommodation in Cowley is great. The college and its members are incredibly supportive and welcoming. guaranteed first-year accommodation.centrally located. The MCR is not incredibly active but our termly Champagne and Chocolates event is usually a night to there is funding for both research and sporting/arts activities. choir and music society.8 miles from main college Wonderful place to consider home." "The graduate housing is sublime . beautiful quad." “Lincoln has great location. dinner (£4. beautiful gardens. but very centrally n £490 located compared to many other graduate annexes." “The New College Chalet in France is incredible. 0. library with 24-hour access. specialises in 1958 social sciences. large 1427 graduate community. and living on site. the MCR is generally competently run and provides an excellent social calendar.45). rospectivestudents/scholarships Linacre College Chapel.mansfield. I think that it being a graduate college really makes a big difference in that it is very international and everyone has such fascinating backgrounds and interests. sports 0. and miles from city centre Chapel. etc. and there is an active student community. interaction with undergraduates.50 for students dying-here/as-aving-here/graduate-livingliving elsewhere or an alternative is £83." "There is no separation of fellows from studetns. buildings and eals olarships-0 New College Nuffield is a great breakfast (£2.4 miles university gym Grade B: £609 / Grade plus.oriel. beautiful buildings. smaller. For this reason the college does not subsidize students who wish to join the gym at the University sports center. own boathouse miles from city centre "Mansfield has the best food among Oxford colleges! The college is small and very friendly. I do think that because there have been decreasing numbers of scholars accepted in the past few years it has seemed less "desirable" than it ought to raduate/graduate-scholarships(£3. promotes interaction with fellows.ox. There are many opportunities to get involved and for societies to be supported. the graduate accommodation is close to the college itself. If you can get a room on the college main site though. accommodation.60 / Grade D: is smaller. great /About/Administration/Docu http://www.ox. 0. shared sports 0. Magdalen Accomodation Y Fixed charge: £223. Oxford-y / Weaknesses: Beautiful." "College is lovely. 0. The college staff are all very approachable and helpful." N Fixed charge: £165 per term (students living in http://www. most decorated rowing college.5 or 0.37) but lunches are paid for via a termly charge of £251 (annually £753 [dinner plan is optional at £104]) http://www. there is just one common room. diverse (very international). Its greatest strengths are the quality of its accommodation (although it is not cheap. good quality food.30).60 / active graduate community. lunch (£3.8 miles from city centre £345 .uk/ nding-and-awards-forliving elsewhere) Meal costs: cooked breakfast Meals graduates (£1.ox. free access to university gym 0. dinner (£4. friendly.55 [meat http://www. the staff are lovely. particularly economics. Looking forward to £529 / D: £520 E: returning. continental http://www." "The College always strives to be in / D: £495 the median range in terms of accommodation costs" “Oriel is excellent for central (music) band room. dinner (£6. active though.9.£31. £72 per term students http://www. etc.77) es-and-finance. library. strong musical and drama college.4 miles from main college grounds and squash/tennis site. strong musical college with nationally-acclaimed chapel choir. I would highly recommend Magdalen.3 miles from main college site.ox. 1. friendly College accommodation." Linacre Accomodation Y eal costs: lunch/dinner (£ guaranteed two years’ accommodation. the college is very beautiful.mansfield. its size and diversity. 0. 0. The MCR is quite active.html scholarships.3 or 0.nuffield. and its sports and cultural programs. absolutely no complaints about The Regent Street housing is the best!" "The college is located in the city centre close to Rhodes House and the Science Area. shared sports grounds. active music society and choir.6 miles from city centre "I think New College is a fantastic place to be. access to chalet in the French Alps.6 miles from main college site. squash/tennis/ real tennis courts and boathouse." "It's main weakness lies in the average housing provided to most graduates. good quality food. beautiful library and chapel Old/traditional college.30 Mansfield Accomodation N https://www. squash/tennis courts and boathouse.ox.” “The accommodation at Lincoln is expensive. kitchens.90). The food is good and affordable.ox. and a nice ments/Nuffield%20Student% tudy%20here/Pages/Why%20 20Handbook%202014Nuffield. sports ground. The college has two gyms. but it is decadent.£565 Scholar in Residnece "Strengths: Beautiful.ox. strong student journalism tradition Mixed One of the oldest traditional colleges.” "Wonderful. library. active chapel and leading Oxford chapel choir 1264 Mixed Old/traditional college. and would recommend Merton College very highly to prospective students (except perhaps those who valued a college with a strong sporting track record!).7 miles from city centre "I am extremely happy with all aspects of my college life." "Magdalen couples accommodation is more expensive than St John's but it's still £493 / F: £472 / G: (slightly) below market rates.77).6-1. large 1458" £467.82).07) /college-life/food-and-drink 2015 Merton College Chapel.90 . gardens and deer park. own boathouse. All graduate housing is down Iffley or Cowley Roads. beautiful chapel. extravagant. egalitarian ethos with a commitment to environmental sustainability and Fairtrade. You can have much better living Single Flat: £650 / A: conditions outside of college for the same price. lunch .15 [veg] / £ 0. library. Accommodatio from city centre C: £551. beautiful buildings. and sports facilities are terrific).lincoln. etc. and is the absolute highlight of my time in Oxford. college gym On-site. Oxford-y . £500 Scholar in Residence Y Meal costs: breakfast (£3. and progressive 1886 college.” N Meal costs: cooked breakfst (£2.6. auditorium/cinema space. guaranteed two years’ accommodation Mixed Small.09).uk/prospective/postgrad/fe k/current/prizes(£3.ox.html?type=0 Mansfield College Chapel. with an active and vibrant CR. Depending on where you get housing experiences vary. given the excellent quality of the food." "My experience has been hugely positive overall and I honestly think New College should be a top choice for more incoming Rhodies!" £544. lunch (£ College accommodation)." / C: £518 / C/D: £505 n "There is a feel of exceptional friendliness at the College. beautiful grounds and buildings. practice pianos/ https://www.ox. friendly academic community. politics.50 per term (pre-paid deposit) miles from main college site. which feels a little strange sometimes.70) ontent/food http://www. but not sure of the comparison) and and boathouse. library. Meal costs: continental breakfast (£1. college gym 0.u Meal costs: continental breakfast (£1.4 courts.7 or 0.ox. Bear Lane accommodation is near the centre of town which is a Lincoln site. heavily subsidized. library. sports grounds. and how much I've been exposed to new things via college. two college http://www. library. those are more than satisfactory.00).37). the MCR is quite active.ox. The college bar is not great but the cafe is an excellent place to study and has a good vibe.25 per term with a reedemable element for students living in http://www. free access to from main college Grade A: £642. the college offers almost no graduate accomodation on site.ox.pdf Nuffield College Chapel. the lunch charge is compulsory (which. beautiful library.4 or 0. Modern." "The MCR at Magdalen is a very active and £629 B: £588 / C: enjoyable community.£540.6 miles "Good graduate accommodation (although it may be pricey. beautiful buildings and tent/financial-supportpostgraduates Oriel College Page 2 of 5 . numerous academic seminars held onsite. The college does a lot to foster interaction between students and fellows.linacre. and is generally very nice.magd. lunch http://www. from city centre niddle common room with large windows overlooking the picturesque Oriel Square "Oriel is a traditional college. 1326 friendly. I now am so appreciative of my college friends.30). Summer 2015 Linacre College Lincoln College Magdalen College Mansfield College Merton College New College Nuffield College Oriel College Good quality food. strong sporting college 1379 Small. ensuite and not too far from city centre." "Strengths: the size of the MCR means £441 / H: £420 that there are many people to socialise with. College staff are very friendly.” “I am extremely pleased with New College. the site is beautiful. welcoming 1962 Graduate Only Old/traditional college." "The college principal is friendly and accessible. 1 mile ground. good quality food. 0. sports ground 0. The living arrangements and meals in college are good value for money.merton.ox. It has less money.10). squash courts and boathouse." "It's a very all-inclusive and egalitarian college. half ranging from 0. small college with large graduate community. dinner (£3.5 or 0." “The prices have risen.) and good financial support. location. both for food and accommodation.

887. the arts. its beauty is ‘in the eye of the beholder’…but give it a chance.53). the post grad accommodation.ox.00 Scholar in Residence Y Meal costs: breakfas (£2. shared squash/tennis On-site. graduate students are well-integrated into college academic and social life. St Cross £473." "Almost everything is more expensive for students compared to £471. small gym October 2015 On-site.7 miles theatres/auditoriums.7 or 1. friendly. etc and there are virtually no funding £413 / Flats and opportunities for research. 0.08 / Grade B: St. Anne's has a lovely graduate atmosphere and social community.ox. development studies. college library. largest college library 1878 Newer college. £730 situated close to a loud nightclub.” “With that said.6 or 1. which makes turnover high. encourages interaction between students and annes. strong musical and drama college. 0. 0. excellent sports facilities Mixed St Anne's College Mixed St Antony's College St Catherine's College St Cross College Newer.2-0. However." Chapel. [or] on-site accommodation which unfortunately results in challenges in building a sense of community. music room. It's graduate only and very central.7 miles from city centre holarships-AndBursaries?q=node/24 St Catherine's College Y Meal costs: lunch(£4. most 1953 international graduate college. and the genius of its architecture grows on you.Oxford College Comparison Guide : compiled by Scholars in residence. Money En-Suite: £648 / Grade isn't everything.4 miles from main college "Generally a good miles located and easily library. and my happiness at Oxford improved considerably after transferring there. friendly. college gym rent-members/foodective-students/fundingdrink/charges-meals support St Cross College Page 3 of 5 .3. very international college. situated quite far north in Summertown (past the Banbury road shops) is not only some distance from town. access to university gym 0.ox. all accommodation on-site (or adjacent to). lunch/dinner (£3. Would totally recommend Pembroke . and the vibrancy of its community is tangible everyday. formal halls. squash/tennis courts and boathouse.: £544 / Washbasin Exc. Tiny beds. However http://www. responsive to complaints. thesis binding etc. dinner(£" “St Catz is a hidden gem… As the largest and one of the most egalitarian undergraduate colleges… with 250+ [graduates] as or roughly 1 mile from main college site.8 miles from city centre "The Pembroke MCR.stx. art room.sthttp://www. friendly atmosphere.6 or 1. egalitarian atmosphere. " Y Fixed Meal Cost: £87 Meal costs: £5 Scholar in Residnece http://www. beautiful buildings and grand dining hall.queens.stx. shared sports ground/tennis courts and boathouse.5 Pembroke overall!" “Pembroke is a very friendly college for postgrads.83). The location of the college is very good and it is old and pretty.4 or 1.4 Scholar in Residnece http://www. If £2174. For instance.avoid the Macmillan Building at all costs. The College does not provide dinner for its students. conference attendance. Summer 2015 Pembroke College Old/traditional college. and area studies. dents/graduatestudents/scholarships-andawards Pembroke College £581 (inc. free main college site. Antony' 0. Minuses: they don't have money! …Overall.53 (1*). However. Though it's a newer.” "The support for graduates here is great. good quality food. Anne's tends to prioritise its undergraduates over graduates. No ensuites. college gym On site or most accommodation 1. shared sports ground and boathouse.7 or 1. and informal atmosphere. What the college lacks in £ /admissions/undergraduatedmissions/postgraduateadmissions/accommodationadmissions/scholarships/ and-meals/ The Queen's College £486.24 you are looking for a 'traditional' Oxford experience.00) http://www. economics. it's great. it has an active student representative committee and a truly wonderful lunch.68 (2).. specialises in social sciences such as international relations. adventurous graduate students with whom to share wonderful discussions. large graduate community. the philosophy tutors are sub-par. MCR garden and bar. library.19) http://www." “St.sant.ox. lots of green space. sports ground.4-0.: £528 Scholar in Residence Single: £630. larger college. etc. £589. the porters are fun… IT and library staff are really helpful. numerous seminars. Weaknesses: Second BAs live £500 (Band B) / MBA: with first year undergrads… housing is expensive and there are lots of rules meant for younger £601 (Band D) students. Antony's aesthetic appeal and a "traditional Oxford experience" it more than makes up for in terms of £520.6-0. kitchen overhead charge) The Queen's College N Meal costs: breakfast (£1. friendly MCR and active social scene Graduate Only Modern and one of largest 1963 colleges. which while contributing to the open and welcoming space it provides does mean that something of the typical 'college' experience is lost by being a student here.ox.stannes." On-site or adjacent to.8 miles from city centre http://www. relaxed. smaller college. library. conferences. sports grounds. active musical college." "The only thing that is unfortunate is that they do not provide accommodation for second year MPhils.stcatz. area studies centres/libraries. strong sporting college Mixed Newer college but with several 1965 traditional buildings.” "There is too strong a social/entertainment/night culture revolving around alcohol and just being a little crazy in general. large graduate community. It is not traditional at all. Additionally. politics. probably not the right college. lecture theatres/auditoriums. sports ground. 0.ox. Catz offers something for everyone.38 . but also very far from college. music rooms. It is more expensive compared to other colleges but it is centrally site. and I couldn't be happier with my social life at the friendly administration. encourages interaction between students and fellows Graduate Only Chapel. and water. strong rowing college Mixed The Queen's College Old/traditional college. The main negative Couples: £897. …Yes. informal. St Antony's is worth it. music from city centre house with grand pianos and harpsichord. active music and drama societies and college choir.7 or 0. Washbasin Inc. 0. lunch (£2." Chapel.00)t.” "Pembroke's housing is .including housing. 0.34 http://www..95). expensive.” “Strengths: Months: £446 (Band A). college gym Y Meal costs: breakfast/lunch (£5).ac. academically. 0. good quality food. good quality food. It is more egalitarian--no high table and only one common room for students and fellows. the food is very good and improving… The library is also phenomenal… The Principal is very friendly and open to student feedback.37 / Couples: Accomodation £743.62.7 miles from courts and boathouse. I have heard the politics tutors are also very good. public talks. good quality food. loads of knowledgeable. though.24 / Grade C: Accommodatio character of student body.ox. This is a definite plus. Also. squash/tennis courts and boathouse. dinner (£6) Scholar in Residnece http://www. 0.72 (1). auditorium.4-2. tennis courts and boathouse. dinner (£4. strong arts pective-students/fees-andfunding/scholarships-newstudents St Antony's College "Accommodation appears to be reasonably priced.queens.62) "St. smaller 1341 college. beautiful 18th C. college gym Library. densely populated and £607 (Band D). lecture theatre/ miles from main college site.." "Wonderful group of international graduates. 1624 social. auditorium. strong musical college with finest chapel choir in Oxford.. Anne's has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that I have not always encountered when visiting and spending time in other colleges. £526. very international. darkroom. It excels at the highest levels of College sport. Accomodation central location.40 might be that it attracts quite a few one year Master's students. and the Academic Office and my college advisor have been amazing. Accommodation is generally Flat: £865 / 9 Months: expensive but good . gardens. Oxford University Area Studies departments and libraries are connected to the college. and eclectic MCRs in Oxford. music rooms with grand piano and harpsichord.” “It is very open and friendly… they provide good support and from city centre opportunities as well travel grants. Pembroke's MCR is one of the most active. it's still quite beautiful. hall and chapel. incredible social life. Catz allows all graduates to claim up to £180 per year towards books.25 / Grade D: n other colleges .ac. history.2.ox. But if you want to meet interesting international students. The economics tutors are fantastic. friendly. lecture On-site. punt house. held onsite. it's dirty.” "I A+: £601 / Grade A: love the graduate-only element of St." N Meal costs: £2 .5 miles from city centre St Cross offers very little financial support. The food is decent if unpredictable and formals are neither some of the cheapest nor the most expensive of the colleges. living in Summertown… is quite far out. and very relaxed. The college has… been very helpful with academic [and personal] te-scholarships mmodation-and-meals St Anne's College “Strengths of the college: phenomenal network of international studies types. JCR and sporting clubs are excellent.awesome college (Band E) / 11. extensive MCR buildings with own bar. architecture.

" St John's £448 "There is a great MCR and the financial aid through reduced housing prices. "The people running it… are very lovely and competent in general.some.£506 / (high).61 / St Hugh's crowded it is difficult to get a ticket… The lack of spirit is perhaps due to the nature of the Band 5: £587.£326 However. library. 1893 informal atmosphere. large graduate community.ox. vibrant). good quality food.ox.44 St Edmund Hall Accomodation Most accommodation adjacent to or within 0. large college library. from the porters through to the academic http://www. It's also a very active and friendly college. hands down.£ Scholar in Residnece http://www.” "The MCR is centre quite male-dominated and science-heavy. making the high cost for the room almost worth it. music room. college gym Chapel. lunch(£ music rooms and grand piano.5 miles from city centre "I pay 140 pounds per week in my college accommodation.£566 Trinity Accomodation Y On-site or 0.4 or 1. Living accommodation is a bit expensive. There seem to site or within 0.54 . Peter's Accommodatio n N £500. and debating college. buildings." Band 1: £471.20). I think the MCR at the college is a great community to become a part of. dinner(£4 https://www." “St Peter's College is my second college and absolutely fantastic. shared squash courts and own boathouse.sthildas.” “It is… expensive compared to other colleges but it is centrally located and easily accessible. squash court and Principal. the vibe and community is excellent!” £574 St. generous research. college college site. shared sports On-site/adjacent to. I would recommend students to apply to the college as long as they are aware of the high cost of the accommodation. friendly. 0.” “St.2 but phenomenally funded. music room." “Sort of lacking on the social front. it is relatively far from the city centre. But my college is not really a community… The buildings are in general quite badly Band 3: £523." "There are limited funds available for graduate students and one has to seek external funding particularly for conferences and other academic ventures. And. being almost double the price of what I pay for a room in a shared rental house this year. For most of the students this accommodation is overpriced. it has very little money available and housing is on the upper end of costs of college housing. college gym https://www. darkroom. strong music.73 (single accommodation is extremely expensive but it was comfortable. rrent-students/mealsmissions/scholarships hall#m1 St Edmund Hall Y al costs: breakfast(£2. I love Hilda's! Band 6: £272 . inclusive. but accommodation… can be rather expensive. Negative: There is very little support for graduate students and the facilities don't compare to other (often poorer) colleges. Hilda's appears. Summer 2015 St Edmund Hall St Hilda's College St Hugh's College St John's College St Peter's College Somerville College Trinity College One of the oldest traditional c. meal St Hugh's College Y Meal costs: breakfast/lunch (£2.spc.1 miles from city centre "I've had a really enjoyable time at Somerville. John's and if you live off site. But the 1. particularly the medieval church which houses the library. close-knit graduate community. the central location of the college itself and it's graduate accommodation is extremely convenient. £1. informal atmosphere.3 miles from main college site. free access to university gym October 2015 1. friendly. The library is also phenomenal… The Principal is very friendly and open to student feedback. The people have been incredibly friendly and supportive. college gym Chapel. library. The largest strengths are the beautiful location (not the buildings so much as the surroundings. large and beautiful gardens/grounds.60).3 miles from city centre "St. the dining hall food is delicious and very courts and boathouse." "Positive: Formal halls are nice and the food is generally good." "St John's is a wonderful place. all graduate rooms en-suite. though comparable to many other places in Oxford." "At first I was very disappointed to be in /Accommodation-andScholarships-and-FinancialMeals. at first.69). Additionally. John's is the best college for value. beautiful chapel.” "The accommodation is far from the city centre and is generally small and overpriced.1 miles from city porters are very kind and helpful and the resources at the library (including free printing) are gym centre great. I would not have opted for college accommodation if I did not have to.50).a great community of friends. music building with practice rooms. so social science students are few and far between. and funds available for research (low). college site.spc. lunch(£4. active musical college.86 / centre boathouse. guaranteed first-year accommodation Mixed 1555 Newer. The college really puts students first.ox. and food in hall is cheap and acceptable. drama and arts college Mixed Old/traditional college. it was far away.39 / Accomodation graduate community. Most "St John's is an excellent college . Blues grants and other opportunities is a great help.ox. It is less politically active than some of the sports ground.” “College accommodation and college life generally is great. provides numerous travel and research grants Mixed Newer and one of the largest 1886 colleges. I really like my individual room. and it had very little very good quality accommodation.” "Somerville has been amazing. 0. which have affected those living miles of main college gyms in single rooms in college. 0. strong music.1-0." “It's a very pretty college since it is by the river.trinity. concert auditorium and grand piano. particularly the St Hugh's Band 2: £500. shared sports grounds.9 miles from city centre "I was fortunate enough to be one of only a handful of students to have a very good room when I lived in the graduate accommodation in my first year. and grounds.73 / 0. strong music.1278 colleges.7 miles from main college site.9-1.£557 the inclusivity / fun traditions! The largest weaknesses are the distance. The location is dinner (£3. exhibition room.00 Somerville Accomodation N On-Site: £626 / OffSite: £365 . squash/tennis courts and boathouse. library. drama. Very functional. £200 The administration was extremely inflexible and strict when it came to accommodation. friendly. library.84 / Chapel. squash/tennis 1." “Trinity is a great college (small. Accomodation academic grants. college gym looked after internally (in contrast to the gardens)… Formal halls are so infrequent and so Band 4: £556. with plenty of extracurricular activities. excellent social events all the time.£0. strong sporting college.ox. strong sporting college. There are a couple of grants available and college supports graduate students with £350 for research-related expenses (mostly travels).37 . and Band 1: £466.2 miles from main other colleges (Balliol.html St John's College Meal costs: £ hall-menus http://www. Some on-site. The staff. I have had the utmost support from many members of staff smaller college yet 1929 incorporating many traditional buildings.ox. good quality to 1 meal every 3 to 4 days and the deposit can ving-here/food-facilities/ dying-here/fees-funding/ be topped-up as need be) Somerville College 0. extensive MCR facilities.sjc.sthughs. The distance between the different college sites in combination with one of the most expensive rent levels amongst the colleges is not conducive of a rich social life within the MCR.seh.£4 ). one of the largest college libraries. most of whom are there for one year http://www. 0.1 or expensive than St.ox. all accommodation onsite (or adjacent to) Mixed Old/traditional college.sjc. Wadham) but has a good social scene. active musical and drama college. and other grant and has a wide variety of social events within the MCR.15).ox. rest "Trinity has excellent food that is very affordable.50 [main-veg]) http://jcr. strong sporting college.a lovely riverbank that overlooks a lovely meadow. Lunch (£1.£461 St Hilda's and they do plan lots of events." “The dining hall staff and porters are simply fantastic. music room with grand piano. auditorium.59 http://www. strong music. bordering on Jericho and City Centre.ox. 1554-5 medium-sized college. relaxed atmosphere.trinity. There are always lots of social activities going on. two be some tensions between college administration and the MCR. 0.90 [main-meat].” “The college Studio: £681. On a more positive upport-and/student-life/food-andwelfare/postgraduate-financialdrink/ support/ Trinity College Page 4 of 5 . guaranteed first-year accommodation Mixed Newer college. The staff are friendly. for accomodation that is very far from the city" Chapel. Band 3: £385. It is centrally located. dinner(£4 Y eal costs: breakfast (£3 .£424 / Accomodation hadn't heard of it. to be far away but you quickly learn to love it. 0. are always friendly and accommodating and so missions-graduate-study St Hilda's College Y Meal costs: breakfast items (£0..£412 / wonderful. Accommodation is very good and central to Oxford. graduate accomodation is at the annex which is very close to main site Mixed Newer college but with 1879 picturesque buildings and gardens. with huge trees and waterfowl)." al costs: breakfast(£2. inclusive. cost of accommodation / Band 2: £423 .uk/stud lege-life/eating-and-drinking y-here/financial-support St Peter's College Meal costs: Prepaid deposit of £80 (equivalent https://www." £559. social events and general the porters are fun… IT and library staff are really helpful. The college supports the booking of rooms for academic events. the very social and active MCR.some. occupancy only. social MCR Mixed Chapel. beautiful buildings. shared sports ground.00).ox.html John's community!" "My opinion is that St. has an en suite bathroom and shower. informal atmosphere." “It is a fantastic college. Hugh's was very far away.ox. beautiful setting on banks of River Cherwell.07 .sthughs. extra for second t) Chapel. library.. and the Academic Office and my college advisor have been amazing.Oxford College Comparison Guide : compiled by Scholars in residence.seh.ox. I have really enjoyed being a part of the St. squash/tennis accommodation onhousing make Oxford life so much easier. drama and arts college. tennis courts and boathouse. lunch/dinner (£4 . It has ended up being absolutely Band 5: £344 . library. netball/tennis court and shared boathouse." Chapel. especially for someone with a partner.6 miles of main college site. Hilda's because I / Band 4: £355 .uk/cu https://www.ox. friendly. and very inexpensive for all the amenities compared with other Oxford colleges.1 miles from main college site.the availability of extra funding for academic needs and cheap sports grounds. drama and arts college. The accommodation is more courts and travel. smaller.9 miles from city ground.” “I found the social scene in John's a little difficult to get involved with miles from city … Housing and the library are excellent.

numerous research and travel grants.£467. discounted access to university gym college music room. with multiple events each week. Very close to city centre (5 mins walk)." “Wolfson is a nice college . and 10 minutes walk to train station (closest college to both) 6. drama. college gym Chapel.5)." “Wadham [has] a very relaxed.worc. 1714 social graduate community. usually offered on-site accommodation for first year.ox. and a quiet living space for about 500 centre pounds/month.00 Univ Accomodation Y "Wadham's location is unparalleled if you are able to live on-site. dinner (£ Meal costs: breakfast(£ pplying/graduates/studentplying/graduates/graduatelife/facilities-andscholarships accommodation Worcester College Page 5 of 5 . active musical college. access to chalet in the French Alps. the distance from city centre is a downside and requires a 10-15 commute. small travel Couples: £ /scholarships-0 http://www.69 Wadham Accommodatio n Single: £539.” “It provides very good value-formoney.” On-site/adjacent to main college ntent/food Some on-site. unique integration of graduates into full college community. sports ground. squash/tennis courts and boathouse. bar is great. picturesque setting on banks of River Cherwell. not too small.univ. promotes interaction between students and fellows. Best formal hall food in Oxford. grounds. fun and tightly-knit graduate community. large. I 1. which is great. Not too big.wadham.ox.88 / http://www. bar. and hall.2-0. Accommodation central and good value. most 1. and arts college. though far away. John).5 miles from city centre Scholar in Residnece https://www. friendly. theatre. largest graduate 1981 college.5 . Very few grants/stipends/small book allowance. 3. which means you're unlikely to get grants for travel.3 miles from city centre "Strengths: Best food I've seen in hall.5 miles from main college site. equipment etc. The graduate accommodation is all right by the main college site.” “Weakness: A bit far out of town… Strength: A nice distance from town.5 or 1. large grounds with beautiful buildings. strong music.23 / Family: £1088 £1217. 0.68).93 . very international community.50 . weights room.29 £627. squash/tennis courts and boathouse. Friendly and welcoming environment. library. Central college. all accommodation on-site (or adjacent to) Older.£3. However. Unfortunately the college doesn't have accommodation past first year for graduates.u Meal costs: Prepaid deposit of £100 for college-studentk/students/graduatestudents living in College and £50 for those living handbook/wadham-collegeout (the deposit can be topped-up as need be) students/graduate-finance student-handbook/domesticarrangements Wadham College Wolfson Accomodation Y Meal costs: lunch/dinner (£3. and there is almost no support whatsoever for people in medicine. brandnew. and extensive gardens and grounds. library. Food is also fantastic and very cheap. active music. MCR traditions that foster a good social scene Mixed Old/traditional college.£922. kitchen. Saturday brunch (£3) Wolfson College "Strengths: 1. all accommodation on-site (or next to) Graduate Only Mixed Chapel.£5). squash/tennis/basketball courts and shared boathouse.ox. library.84)." "Wonderful graduate environment. Beautiful well-maintained gardens. " Y l costs: breakfast (£2.wolfson. 2 minutes walk from Gloucester Green Bus station and market. beautiful buildings. large graduate community.50).£614 / Worcester guaranteed for 1 year 2. Friendly college staff who get to know students on an individual basis. music house and grand piano. 0. Postgraduate accommodation is only Single: £323. beautiful buildings. MCR is not as beautiful as others. supportive environment.univ. Ashmolean museum) 7. lunch/dinner(£3. drama.” "Social life is definitely a plus. punt harbour." “Very social. and hall. chapel. large.90) http://www. travel grants and book grants. The college also doesn't have a lot of money." £456. chapel. and reading rooms and library. The staff have been incredibly kind and helpful to "Being in Wolfson has some advantages in terms of price and the quality of rooms available. free access to university gym Chapel. Summer 2015 University College Wadham College Wolfson College Worcester College One of the oldest traditional 1249 colleges. boathouse.98 ." "The college also has good amounts of funding.worc. good quality food. egalitarian atmosphere. Close to all other amenities (shops. Salad plate (£1.wadham. Atmospheric (and cheap) cellar bar. but the liberal atmosphere is refreshing. less pompous than other colleges 2. Social atmosphere is good. inclusive and international MCR. and it's one of the most wheelchair accessible colleges. guaranteed first-year accommodation Mixed Modern. cinemas. friendly. beautiful gardens.50 / Couples: £818." "Academically it leans very heavily towards politics and international relations. 0.£5. college gym October 2015 Most accommodation onsite. but off the tourist trail 5.4 miles from city have an en-suite accommodation. At the same time the college is far from town… and housing is expensive if you get put in one of the expensive blocks.” "Merifield. Hidden gem of Oxford: Beautiful library. chapel. and hall.ox. 4. traditional college.ox.2 or 1. there are families around and I feel like I am living in a 'real' life community… Library is great.50 Accomodation allowance. and liberal atmosphere. Weaknesses: Food a bit more pricey than other colleges (Merton. progressive. is definitely a nice place to live. lunch (£3. active music." £508. and the college grounds are unparalleled. as the MCR committee puts a lot of effort in fostering an open. and arts college. and 4 formal halls per week. sports ground.very egalitarian which is rest 1. strong sporting college. theatres. Beautiful Hall and library. The other students can be a bit tent/studentships-andscholarships University College Y https://www." "[There is] a wonderful tradition of graduates coming together for formal hall on Sunday evenings. can be nice to escape from work." “Fantastic social atmosphere. library. uk/students/wadhamhttps://www.21 . strong rowing college. It is more a mature college which is also nice.ox. it makes your time and studies in Oxford more enjoyable and stress free by providing wonderful college-advisers. followed by a gathering in the MCR afterwards. Holywell Music Room. 1610 informal.ox. lake and playing fields on site (the only college with sports grounds on site).6 miles from city centre On-site/adjacent to main college site. drama. Weaknesses: 1. The facilities are good. and arts college.6 miles from main college site.Oxford College Comparison Guide : compiled by Scholars in residence. on-site sports grounds and tennis courts. a shared kitchen. music rooms and grand piano. It also was surprisingly easy to negotiate and get a couples room for Hilary and Trinity (when my partner arrived) after living with flatmates in Michaelmas.69 . including travel scholarships and academic http://www. extensive graduate centre with common room. roof terrace