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First Print Advertisement

Advertisement Analysis



client’s/agency’s intention for the advertisement might



advertisement for the "Burger King Super Seven
Incher" is an advertisement made by a locally-based Singapore agency franchisee to

Its attempts were to attract consumers to its new product. juicy and flame-grilled”. the ." The print advertisement continues with the body copy of "Fill your desire for something long. The image features a wide eyed and open mouthed young blond lady that prepare to swallow the new “BK Super Seven Incher Burger” burger which spread thickly with unnaturally white mayonnaise had double the meaning of the heading.advertise its new product “Burger King Super Seven Incher” sandwich in Singapore. The heading meaning perceived by consumer turn up to be message contains references to oral sex when combine with the image of the advertisement. It was intentionally to provide message to consumer of how shocking of the size of their new “BK Super Seven Incher Burger” burger which was an extra-long size burger product. This image of the advertisement displays a lady ready to swallow a new “BK Super Seven Incher Burger” burger along with the suggestive headline of "It'll blow your mind away. concentrating on its target audience group and evoking interests of the target audience toward the advertisement. The headline "It'll blow your mind away" origin meaning is to get consumer to be amazed at something amazing. 2) Has the approach of the heading has taken in order to meet it intention? However. Therefore. the heading of “It'll blow your mind away” fails to meet its intention. The photoshopped editing the woman model to looks just like a blow up doll and purposely photoshopped enhanced creamy white mayonnaise had created possibly the least subtle suggestion to oral sex. explaining the brand new feature of their burger product which is super long that targeting male consumer that has greater appetite.

origin purpose meaning of the advertisement had turned to be extremely controversial due to its sexual references to oral sex being perceived by most of the consumer. white letters. particularly the word of “blow” which may refer to the common dialect term for the oral sex act placed down along with phrases of “It just tastes better” on the top right corner above it. bold. This created the perception of the . 3) How do you think that the headings could have confused its target audiences? Undoubtedly. this advertisement is more focused on male consumer rather than female consumer because the product itself is greater size that aims for greater appetite male consumers. However. This combination of the copywriting and images of the advertisement perceived by the audience as the meaning of same amount of pleasure will gained from eating the burger as they would receive from the oral sexual act. Besides. it uses a female model to attract the male consumers. For example. the headline of “It’ll blow your mind away”. the consequences of the visual perceived by the consumer confused when combined with the headline. This caused more audience perceived this as not being refers to the new “BK Super Seven Incher Burger” burger but to male genitalia. the advertisement displays a young blonde lady with her wide eye and red lips open prepared to taste the new “BK Super Seven Incher Burger” burger. printed in large. the sub headline of the “Burger King Super Seven Incher” generates further controversy meaning along with the body copy in the bottom right corner placed below the price of the combo set appears to be like driving the consumers to “fill your desires” for something “long” and “juicy”. For instance. promising them will “yearn for more” after them try it. Moreover.

the head of a female model opening her mouth wide as to swallow the burger can change to be a male model with afro hairstyle in humor way. critical discussion on how well you believe the advertisement will works to achieve the intention and why? This advertisement had transformed into gender stereotype and sexism advertisement due to the combination word and visual used. the price and brief description of the new product.burger product represents penis because of the sexual suggestion word of headline which is the word blow that created double meaning. but at the same time it also provide meaning of something shocking like the new greater size of Burger King burger product showed here. the advertiser can remain placed the image of the new burger. The origin headline of “It’ll blow your mind away” should replace with “It’ll explode your mind”. The bodycopy of brief description of the product can be replaced as follow: . there is a caption which reads as follows: “it just tastes better” and the logo of Burger King can remain. 4) Provide a balanced. The “Burger King Super Seven Incher” advertisement purpose was to announce the new extra size Burger King Burger that targeting male consumer that have greater appetite. It's insulting to women and unappetizing. the advertiser can able described the new burger product and provided the information that highlighting the feature that may attract customers and influence their buying behavior. With this. Hence. This is due to the word blow may refer to the sex act of a blowjob. Above the burger. Thus. the advertisement might work well if there is a change in the words and the visuals used. At the bottom of the advertisement.

I. All these controversy had caused the advertisement much more well-known.® Thick & Hearty Steak Sauce. juicy and flame-grilled with the NEW BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER. If it is better known.“Explode your taste bug for something long. Weakness . The advertisement successfully attracts the attention of a large amount of target audience and shows them the new product. If they continuously think and recall the product for a long period.” 5) Provide a discussion of both potential strengths and weaknesses on the overall concept of the chosen advertisement. they predictably would buy the product as a minimum one time before they are satisfied.  This "Burger King Super Seven Incher" advertisement has created many feedback and comment no matter good review or bad review all over the world due to its controversial issue. crispy onions and the A. topped with American cheese. Strength  This "Burger King Super Seven Incher" advertisement is effective in ability to attract the attention of the audience. but this will make them rethinking and remember more about the product of the advertisement. Even though some might perceive the advertisement offensive. it will be have higher sales compare to those that was not very controversial. Crave for more after you taste the exploding size burger that comes with a single beef patty.

Thus it lost the potential female consumer when they perceived the degradation of women issue from this advertisement.  The advertisement also fails to describe the product in more detail and important issue. The advertisement perceived by the consumer mind putting the advertisement to gender stereotypes issue. They failed to include important information such as calories. fat. Although there are a bodycopy of text included at the bottom of the advertisement describing the feature of the product but the font size used are too small which make it unnoticeable by the audience. As nowadays health issue more concerning by the people. protein. but they generally won’t able to move further on. Burger King fails to mention their product nutrition facts. . salt intake level per serving rate which should be included. carbohydrates. Even though this controversial advertisement might able to draw a large group of audience attention. In fact. the advertisement focus on getting attention of the audiences with the most space uses for the visual and headline than displays the vital details about the products. The advertisement can be said as portrays the woman in an inferior position in consumer mind. This is due to the advertisement had raises larger social issues which is the involvement of controversial sexual issue that unethical and opposing to the societal social norms and standards.