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A PROJECT REPORT ON CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT AT PEARL YAMAHA PVT, .LTD MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BY MD. ASHRAF ALI KHAN H.T.NO: 13K31E0029 DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (2013-2015) ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE (Affiliated to JNT University, Hyderabad) Damergidda (v), Chevella, R.R. (Dist), A.P. Pearl Yamaha Pvt Ltd PEARL 1-63/3, Nadella’s Nest, Kondapur, Hyd-5000 032 Phone: 040-32560077. TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that Mr. MD. ASHRAF ALI KHAN of ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE at Damergidda (V) Chevella (M), R.R.Dist. Has completed project work for a period of 45 days. Has been enthusiastic and delighted in his assignment and has been actively involved in completion of the project “A PROJECT REPORT OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT OF PEARL YAMAHA PVT LTD” in our organization, for a period of 45 days. During the project work carried out by him, his conduct was found to be good and satisfactory. Managing Director (MD) DECLARATION I, Mr. MD. ASHRAF ALI KHAN bearing H.T.No:. 13K31E0029 a final year student of MBA, do hereby declare that this project report entitled Customer Relationship Management has been submitted by me in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration by the JNTU, Hyderabad. This project report is an independent work and has not bee submitted to any other university for the award of any degree or diploma. Date: Place: Hyderabad. (Signature) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This satisfaction that accompanies the successful completion of any tasks would be incomplete without the mention of the people who made it possible and whose encouragement and guidance has been a source of inspiration throughout the course of the project. I would like to thank our respected Principal Dr. Sardar Ali and to our HOD, MBA Department Mr. Md Gayasuddin for giving me support in successful completion of my MBA programme. I would like to express my since thanks and deep sense of gratitude towards BRAND BUILDER. And I would like to thanks to my project guide Mr. KIRAN NAIK BHANOTH. I express my deep sense or gratitude to Mrs. Megha Mathur my internal guide, whose valuable suggestion have indispensable to bring about successful completion of my project. I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who have helped me in doing this project. MD. ASHRAF ALI KHAN ABSTRACT This project studies about measuring of customer Relationship management services provided Pearl Yamaha through Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Pearl Yamaha Pvt. Ltd. has wide range of customers in various cities. Measuring customer satisfaction includes how customers are satisfied in services provided by Pearl Yamaha. The project involves on how the customers of Pearl Yamaha are satisfied with the services provided by the company and the factors that are influencing the customer satisfaction and taking in to account the valuable suggestions given by the prospective customers and maintaining proper customer database so that the customer satisfaction is ensured. Since the customers of Pearl Yamaha are from different locations so the customers are regularly contacted through e-mail and telephone. So through emails and the customers will give their valuable suggestions and accordingly the company tries to implement them so that the customer satisfaction is ensured. Here the main aim of the company is to attract new customers and to regain old customers so what are the steps the company has taken to attract new customers and how effectively the company has implemented lead management techniques and what was the lead ratio of attracting new customers. The positive responses and negative responses from different aspects and areas were taken in to consideration and what are the factors contributing for the positive responses and what are the factors contributing for negative responses is studied. INDEX CONTENTS PAGE NO CHAPTER 1 Introduction 1  CHAPTER 2 Company profile 11  CHAPTER 3 Literature study 15 1. sector CRM 2. marketing difference CRM CHAPTER 4 Research methodology 29 1. primary 2. secondary CHAPTER 5 Data analysis 38 1. Tables, Graphs & interpretations CHAPTER 6 Finding & conclusion 44 CHAPTER 7 Bibliography 49 CHAPTER 8 Appendix 51