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The Word of God1 on the eve of the Nativity (the Lords birth)2
I am the One Who grew up on earth as God, born an infant of a Virgin mother, a mother
forever Virgin, a miracle far beyond human mind, because to those who have loved Him, My
Father has always prepared, and always and again, signs and miracles, which did not enter the
mans heart and his eye did not see. Amen.
Behold a miracle coming down from heaven! A sweet evening in the little village of My
word. I become word from heaven in this little village in which I have prepared My manger to
come down in it, as it is written into My Gospel of two thousand years ago about My coming. I,
the little baby, the Lord Who was born of My mother, the Virgin, chose the Romanian people
for My coming from the end of the time. I chose it because the land under it was the first one
that came out of the waters at the visible creation, when it was made at My word for its
beginning, the creation, which I gave to the man as an inheritance so that the man may be My son,
as I am the Son of My Father Sabaoth, My Father, Who sent Me two thousand years ago to be
born on the earth as a man, to grow up in My body as a man and to live from My birth to My
resurrection as God on earth, for I was a baby God and then, more and more perfect, God Man, as
I am now, God and Man. Amen.
I set to My work the sons from the manger of the word and I told them to prepare My
miracle, a sweet evening, a heavenly evening on the earth in the middle of My little village of
today, the Bethlehem of My word, which is being born and is being born now for every man, who
is coming to receive Me, then to work Me and then to keep Me in him as God and Man. I would
like to be in each body of the man and look out from him and to be seen outside of him, for
the longing after the man hurts Me and it hurts Me more than it hurt My cross for the man.
I have come as word and I told the sons at My manger of word to bring together those little
ones of My village of My coming after two thousand years from near the Father, to bring them
together and to set them in a heavenly celebration here, on My earth chosen for the new creation
of the world, of the world, which is to be renewed after this word, which I, the Lord, spread out of
My mouth to make again everything that is seen by My word, and to bring into view those that are
not seen as they are established on earth; they are and are not seen, and they will be seen. Amen.
My word has been calling you, waiting for you and bringing you to be born out of it, to be
born again and to be children again, for I was a child, from My birth to My resurrection. The child
of the Father Sabaoth and the child of the mother Virgin; I was an obedient child and I did not do
and I do not do My will, but rather I has been doing the will of My Father, Who sent Me and Who
sends Me. Amen. My Father has sent Me to bring you together and to want you and for you to
want Me, too, for My love stays holding out its hands to embrace you within Me, and for Me to
give you to the Father as the fruit of My love for the man.
The heaven full of saints and angels stays open now. My people is My sign, set by Me
before the people, so that I may be seen in it with My love for the man, and to receive the man
when he comes to take of My voice, and the man to be fulfilled for My coming, which here is it
how it comes, when I come as word on the earth. (See the selection topic: The sign of the Son of
Man, r.n.)

Gods Word in Holy Citadel New Jerusalem monastery, Glodeni Romania, redactor note.
Translated by I.A., r.n.


I have brought you together in a manger. Rejoice! Learn the joy which does not go out and
which keeps you in it. Seek after Me and take in you My longing, My pain and be My love, as I
am. Amen. Love is like Me and its pain is sweet. I give you My love on the cross. Reach out your
hands to it. Learn its mystery for I have the river of life, which flows out of My mouth for you,
because I said that the heaven will turn into a scroll and it will be given to you, after you will love
it loving. Amen.
Look at Me and you will be like Me, if you see Me, and I will be like you, when you will
see Me, for I was born a little baby like you, and I grew up as God and Man and I stand at the right
hand of My Father to draw you all to the Father. When I left on the clouds, near Him, I said that I
would go to prepare a place, that where I was, you to be also, if you would love Me. Amen.
Behold a great miracle, a sweet evening, a heavenly evening! Peace to you, now! For My
longing after the man is growing in Me. I embrace you in the glory of My word. Peace to you!
Amen, amen, amen.
Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).
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