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The national flag of the State of Qatar is maroon with a broad white nine-point serrated band
divide into the maroon side. The meaning of Qatar's flag is as follows:
The white colour denotes the internationally known for symbol of peace.
The maroon symbolizes the blood that was shed during the few wars Qatar has undergone,
particularly in the second half of the 19th century.
The nine-point serrated line obviously show that Qatar is the 9th member of the (Reconciled
Emirates) on the Arabian Gulf in the wake of closing the Qatari-British treaty in 1916. This is
registered by the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1931 regarding Qatar’s national flag’s
layout and coloring.
The State of Qatar is a peninsula located between the western coast of the Arabian Gulf.
Qatar occupies an space of 11,521 square kilometers.
Qatar has a population of around 2.169 million (as per 2013 Population census). About 83% of
the population lives in Doha and its dominant suburb Al-Rayyan.
Capital City
Qatar’s capital city is Doha.
Exchange rate
1 QAR = 18.19 INR (as on 20 November 2015)
Arabic is the formal language of the country, but English is also largely used.

and 1 US Dollar = QAR 3. In extension to oil. Alothough the increased production level. Qatar has been a producer and exporter of natural gas since 1980. Altogether.000 barrels a day in May 2000.7 billion in 1995. Qatar achieved its independence from Britain. and the Islamic constitution (Sharia) is a dominant source of legislation in the country. The Qatar General Petroleum Corporation estimates that Qatar's total oil reserves have reached 12. Oil production has grown consistently since 1994. Oil accounts for 40 percent of GDP and 63 percent of the state's revenue. 18 would be marked yearly instead.Religion Islam is the official religion of the State of Qatar. Ras Lafan and remaining. when the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant was started. Dukhan. Currency Qatari Riyal (1 Riyal = 100 Dirhams).2 billion barrels. warm winters and limited rainfall. Qatar’s output is relatively low by regional standards. December 18 every year to salute Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammad Al-Thani. It used to be celebrated as a national holiday. there are 3 LNG plants in the . Climate Qatar has a desert climate with humid summers. 3 in 1971. Average production reached 854. due to the exploration of new oil fields by western companies since 1990. Al-Wakrah. increase from 3.65 (as a fixed rate). the founder of the State of Qatar. Al-Khor. Various Industries/Sectors of Qatar OIL and Gas Qatar's economy is largely dependent on oil. Al-Shamal.000 barrels a day in 1994. Major Cities Doha. National Day On Sept. Msaieed. before the government decreed in 2007 that Dec. up from 410.

especially. BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES First Stage: Before Independence. and a fourth is being constructed. is being established in 2001 to produce ethylene and polyethylene for use as feedstock (raw materials handled for chemical and biological processes) by Qatar Chemical Complex. that of being under the British dominion before 1971 and the commencement of oil export in 1949. The first plant was opened in 1980. and 1. phase two of the Ras Laffan North Field project. According to the EIU. 588 tons a day of crystallization. producing up to 1. The Second Stage From 1972 . the plant produces some 22. The Third Stage: 1993 -2000 In 1993 the Emiri Decree of Law (15) of the year 1993 was issued to establish Qatar Central Bank (QCB) to replace the QMA and the law granted QCB authorities over of issuing currency and acting as a state bank and the bank of the banks operating in the country. 851 tons a day of butane. condensate. which . Qatar began to witness crucial changes both internally and externally. Pre-1971: The financial and banking system was greatly influenced by the political and economic circumstances that overcome in the country in the second half of the20th century. and it also produces great quantities of propane. LNG products are mostly exported to generate foreign exchange but are also utilised as feedstock for the emerging petrochemical industry. A second LNG factory was opened in 1982. A fourth project. Qatar accompanies the International Monetary Fund on September 8th 1972 and World Bank for Construction in the same year. butane.1992: After Qatar attained freedom from Britain in September 1971. The third LNG project was completed at Ras Laffan in 1992 as the first stage of the North Field Project. and other gases. The project also aims to export 22 million cubic meters of gas a day to close Persian Gulf states. By the end of 1995 QCB's assists was increased to reach 500 million riyals.000 barrels a day of It can be noticed that in this period the number of banks remained the same despite the fact that the banks expanded vertically by opening many branches. This is in addition to its main duty of conducting monetary policy.284 tons a day of propane.350 tons a day of ethane-rich gas.6 million cubic meters a day of gas and almost 50.

40 billion riyals in 1993. as well as a cardiology department that is referred to by outside specialists as "one of the finest in the world". seven of which were overseas owned. has the largest market share and manages the government's insurance business.reached 81 branches in the year 2000. compared with 997 million riyals in 1991 with an average growth rate of 81. 1994. as the Qataris owned 40% of the foreign company's assists. AVIATION Qatar Airways is the national carrier of the State of Qatar. Qatar enjoys the region's minimum maternal mortality rate. The contribution of the finance sector. Today. 1.5% in 1998. The contribution of the financial and banking system in the total GDP: The contribution of the financial and banking system in the total GDP was about 3.3 percent of Qatar's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was insurance premiums.3%. The average contribution of the banking and financial system in the GDP was 3. In this period the assets and liabilities of banks doubled also to reach 48 billion riyals in comparison to 25. Grand lays Bank became a mixed bank. In 1999.1% in 1996.0 percent in 2000and 4. The Qatar National Insurance Co. HEALTHCARE Health sector of Qatar has come a long way since the country's first hospital opened its doors almost 50 years ago. And as per the report from the general secretariat of the GCC ministers of health.8 billion riyals in the same year. there were the eleven insurance companies represented in Qatar. Qatar Airways is one of the quickest growing airlines operating one of the youngest fleets in the world. Currently undergoing rapid expansion.0 percent in 2000 to reach 1. insurance and business services was 37. This is in addition to 14representative offices. INSURANCE In 1999. Government of .4% in 1993 and 38. a countrywide system of hospitals and healthcare centres. Qatar Airways was launched on January 20. Commercial banks worked hard to improve their banking methods and business techniques to echo global development in the art of banking business. the sector boasts the most advanced medical equipment and highly qualified staff.9% in 2000 and the rate was between 32.

and a large proportion of the country’s food need to be imported. As part of this growth employees in Airline and 7500 employees in subsidiaries of Qatar Airlines. youth female (% of females ages 15-24) in Qatar was 99. . There are 14. The official web-site is www. which it aims to achieve through increased education opportunities for its people. The lack of fertile land and water imposes severe limitations on agriculture.Qatar owns 50 % of share and 50% of others are private shareholders. EDUCATION Qatar places major emphasis on education in line with the Qatar National Vision for 2030. while its lowest value was 91. Adult illiteracy in the year 2000 was estimated at 96. Qatar Airways will increase its route network to 50 destinations by the end of 2003.83 as of 2012.3%. AGRICULTURE The government has attempted to modernize the fishing and agriculture sectors by offering interest-free loans. It will soon be adding Shanghai. Qatar Airways has launched a violent growth plan to ensure that it can offer people a greater choice of destination.23 in 1986.83 in 2012. Doha. The head office of Qatar Airways is at Qatar Airways Tower. It has recently added Manchester and Rome to its growing route network.qatarairways. Seoul and Tripoli to its route network. Its highest value over the past 26 years was 99. more flights. Literacy rate. yet food production maintain to generate only a tiny fraction of gross domestic product (GDP). One of the pillars of the Vision is Human Development. Qatar Airways has network of 124 Destinations worldwide. which aims to make the country a self-sufficient. Qatar. sustainable economy with a highly developed human capital. and the current in-flight products and services. Akbar Al Baker explained that Qatar Airways planned to include more freighters to its fleet of 39 all-Airbus aircraft and generate a global network of cargo services.

and health care. . invested largely in the construction sector. Qatar enacted a law allowing overseas companies a 100-percent ownership of projects in some sectors. in most part thanks to the huge investments and efforts by the country to build a non-oil industrial base. the contribution of the nonoil manufacturing sector to the economy has increased steadily since the 1970s. farmer's markets. the majority of towns in the interior of the country have few family-owned shops. Qatar has a relatively undeveloped retail sector. However. The government has.8 percent in 1999. industrial output remains low. MANUFACTURING Qatar's non-oil industrial base is relatively low. as a result. Its highest value over the past 26 years was 99. however. fishing and pearling have heavily declined in importance. RETAIL Lacking many big commercial centers other than Doha and its suburbs. the government has lifted to establish the Ministry of Energy and Industry to encourage industrialization and to build up the Qatar Industrial Development Bank to provide loans with easy terms to would-be investors. These efforts came to a halt in the wake of the 1998 spending cuts. Since 1992.10 in 2007. In 2001. including fast food franchises such as Mc-Donald's. the government has attempted to establish a tourism sector and to turn Qatar into a major destination for international sporting events. as oil prices rose again in 2000. while its lowest value was 88. Although these efforts. youth male (% of males ages 15-24) in Qatar was 98. TOURISM Tourism is a very minor contributor to Qatar's economy. including education. While Doha is home to an array of retail stores. but were revived in the 2001 budget. The government controls a fishing fleet and since the late 1990s has placed greater emphasis on commercial fishing and shrimp harvesting.69 as of 2012.53 in 1986 FISHING Once the mainstays of Qatar’s economy. Since 1996. The sector's contribution to GDP arrived 8.Literacy rate. and temporary roadside stands. tourism. which were prompted by the sharp decrease in world oil prices.