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Nitin Kumar Singh

Applying for: Masters in Management Programme at London Business School
Row House 4, Powai Park, Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai 400076 : +91 983 373 9102 :
Dual Degree(B.Tech + M.Tech)
Class XII
Class X


IIT Bombay – Aerospace Engineering

7.28 out of 10

Kendriya Vidyalaya AGCR Colony, Delhi


Kendriya Vidyalaya AGCR Colony, Delhi


Completed Management and Leadership Essentials certification courses offered by Harvard Business School Publishing
Successfully undergone Lean Six Sigma Training and was awarded Yellow Belt Certification upon training completion
Candidate for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level -1 Examination to be held in June 2012
Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.
Oracle EBS

Technology Analyst

June 2011 - Present

Scope: The project involves working on Oracle Configurator to provide technology based solutions
Role: Working as a shadow resource by gaining an incisive insight into the functional requirements and
assisting in translating the requirements into development deliverables

Fluidyn Software Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Fluid Dynamics


Jet Airways (India) Ltd.
Maintenance 
Scheduling 

Development 

June 2009 – July 2009

Winter Internship

Dec 2008 – Jan 2009

Performed stochastic modelling of operational delays using linear programming and the simplex algorithm
Devised the algorithm to offset the cascading effect of delays on maintenance scheduling
Implementation of algorithm on VBA reduced cascading effect of aircraft delays by 5%

WWM, Times Group-BBC Worldwide JV

Summer Internship

Worked on project to accurately predict thickness of zinc sheet to be used as construction material
Analysed effect of variables like surface roughness and temperature on thickness of zinc sheets
Evaluated impact of each variable and predicted the thickness of sheet with 97% accuracy

Summer Internship

May 2008 – June 2008

Role: Performed competitive benchmarking on factors like publication cost, ad sales revenue and content
Impact: Identified advertisement sales as major value driver and suggested prioritising clients on basis of
advertisement frequency
Developed a task scheduler cum call log system for employees, recording time spent on each client call
Formulated a performance evaluation index calculating revenue per unit time spent on a client
Data from call log system and MIS reports used in performance evaluation
MS Excel - Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) used as platform to create user interface and reports



Coordinator 
(Aug 09–Apr 10) 

Led a handpicked team of 6 core group members and 200 volunteers in Student Alumni Relations Cell
Conceptualized and launched Alumni Student Mentorship Program that benefitted over 500 students
Invited alumni working in industries to showcase the application of some of the theoretical courses taught
Leveraged alumni relationships and arranged for student internships in 19 companies
Mentoring the current team in execution of incubated ideas of previous years and their current initiatives



(Aug 09–Apr 10)

Served as the Institute Secretary for Alumni Affairs at IIT Bombay
Served as member of the Board of Directors, IIT Bombay Alumni Association
Organized reunions of Class of 1985, 1965 & 1966 attended by over 300 alumni
Developed protocols to streamline hostel fund raising program, expanded program from 2 to 9 hostels


DUAL DEGREE DISSERTATION, “Analysis of Reacting Flows over Re-entry Capsules”
(March 2010 – May 2011)
Modified existing code to compute solutions for partial differential Navier Stokes equations accurate to third degree
Improved accuracy of code by considering variation in stagnation point heat transfer rate by chemically reacting flows
Increased accuracy of heat transfer rate prediction by 15%, which led to better Thermal Protection material

COURSE RESEARCH PROJECT, “Optimization Model for Flight Scheduling Problem”
Developed a model to simulate the stochastic nature of delays due to factors like weather etc. in aircraft operations
Achieved a reduction of 10% in delay by incorporating the model while scheduling, suggested the model to leading airlines
Film Making

Filmed 3 short movies, latest one on caste system in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Made short movie to address adjustment issues of first year students in IIT Bombay. Movie now shown as a
part of the orientation at IIT Bombay

Fortran . for making musical instrument from scrap SOFTWARE PACKAGES AND PROGRAMMING SKILLS Softwares  MS Excel. Participated in and completed all cross country marathons organized by sports council IITB Represented Deloitte in Run Powai (Mumbai) Marathon (10 Km. Tecplot Languages  Visual Basic for Applications. C/C++.) Successfully completed the Mumbai Marathon – Half run (21 Km.Alumni Relations   Working actively as a member of IIT Bombay Web Team responsible for maintaining the Alumni website Entitled with the responsibility to restructure the Job Board of IIT Bombay Marathon Running    Avid runner. PL/SQL. Open Office. Junkyard Tones. Maxima. Matlab. Python.) on 15th January 2012 Awards    Was awarded “Scroll of Honour” for contributing significantly to the alumni movement of IIT Bombay Was awarded the Hostel Technical Colour for outstanding contribution in technical events Won 1st prize in inter-hostel technical event.