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This is how the

drill works
Workers dont need access
to the bottom of the shaft,
which is why its called a
blind shaft system


The system weighs about

1 500 tons and hangs from a solid
lift system connected to rigging
above ground, which descends
into the ground

Waste rock is loaded into a

bucket and pulled out of the shaft
The enlarger widens the 4.8m
pilot shaft so that the nal
diameter can be anything from
10m to 14m. This is wide enough
for any mining activity from
ventilation to the transport of
people, machinery and ore


The drills axis is hollow so that

silt can be pumped through it to
the surface into a ltration
system that separates the water
and crushed rock. Water is then
pumped back down to the chuck

A conventional pilot drill with a

diameter of 4.8m drills a pilot
shaft. It uses a silt-water
technique that ensures the chuck
is underwater and the rock it is
drilling is milled into silt