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Memo Writing Notes

Memos are used within organizations to communicate everything from routine details
to complete proposals and reports. Memos are often only a few short paragraphs, but
they can be much longer, depending on their purpose. Here are some typical uses of
• to inform others about new or changed policy, procedures, organizational details
• to announce meetings, events, changes
• to present decisions, directives, proposals, briefings
• to transmit documents (internal)
Memo Format

Company and/or department name (without address)

To (who gets it)

From (who sent it)

Subject (what it’s about)

Date (when it was sent)

Body (conveys message)


Main points


Memo Style

Concise: Make your sentences, paragraph, and overall memo as brief and as
focused as possible.

Clear: Get your purpose straight before you start, then plan what you want to
say and in what order. Use your memo layout to help your reader (headings,
bulleted lists, white space, as appropriate).

 Identify any task the memo is related to." . revise. think of it as being preceded by the words "This memo is about." Introductory paragraph: Quickly orients the reader to what the memo is about.  Supply any relevant background information.  Keep sentences tight and informative  Use bullets to list information Close: End courteously (think of a phone call or face-to-face meeting). as you would in person or on the phone.  “Please send me your comments and suggestions by January 16.  Clean: Reread. Body: Conveys the information and supporting details relevant to the memo's purpose  Keep paragraphs short and focused. and then answer them. copyedit. Direct: Speak directly to your reader. or other information appropriate to your purpose. For example. Memo Structure Subject Line: Summarizes the main idea. and proofread. Think of what questions your reader wants answered. one main idea per paragraph.”  "Let's meet next week to go over the next stage in the plan. Do not pad your ideas with unnecessary details. stating any expected outcome. action.  Give your purpose for writing.

which is a 22% increase from Q4 of last year.000 new memberships over the past quarter. In fact. including Facebook and Twitter. We’ve sold over 10. Best. I’ve attached my quarterly review report to this email. This is 16% higher than our renewal rate in Q4. Campos.Sample Memo to Boss To: Joe Campos. Unfortunately. Kate Chaplain Senior Sales Associate Body Rock Fitness . We’ve also had an 82% renewal rate in memberships that were set to expire in Q1. which suggests that our new program—having sales associates contact members directly about renewing their memberships—is working even better than we had expected. VP of Sales From: Kate Chaplain. 2013 Subject: Quarterly Review Mr. While the number of FMs has increased by 2% over last quarter’s numbers. I believe we can get that number even higher. Senior Sales Associate Date: April 5. which allows more people to connect with us virtually. over half of our new memberships were purchased from links that were posted on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Please let me know if you have any questions. but I also wanted to quickly discuss the trends I’ve noticed in our sales data over the past few months. I’ve listed some suggestions in my report. Our data analysis shows that this upswing corresponds with the creation of company pages on various social media sites. we haven’t seen the same rapid growth in the purchase of family memberships. but I would also like to add it to the agenda for our quarterly review meeting later this week.