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Fixed wing attack jet S.O.P.

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The British Aerospace Harrier II was a second-generation vertical or short

takeoff landing jet aircraft used previously by the Royal Air Force and
between 2006 and 2010 by the Royal Navy in areas of operation like
afghanistan and iraq.
The aircraft was the latest development of the Harrier Jump Jet family, and
was derived from the "McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II".
Initial deliveries of the Harrier II were designated in service as a "Harrier GR5"
then upgraded airframes were introduced along with different armoury
capabilities named the "harrier GR7" and "harrier GR9" as seen below.
Harrier gr5

Harrier gr7

Harrier gr9

They have an average max altitude of 43,000 ft and a top speed of 574kts.
The typical armoury loadout for a harrier would be the following :

AIM-9L Sidewinders


Paveway 2

Paveway 3

Enhanced Paveway

General Purpose Bombs

Here at twc we use Harriers mainly in the ground attack and reconnaissance
roles, but they are equipped with the short-range AIM-9 Sidewinder missile for

air combat.
Typicially they would be attached to a platoon with a FAC (forward air
controler) to assist with communication and you would recieve your orders
from him as they would be in touch with the company/platoon leader and
with the section leaders on the ground to relay any relevant information.
Things to expect when taking this role are:

aircraft carrier landing

radio procedures

veichle repair

engageing ground targets

engageing air targets

evasive manouvers.

Comminication -The 6 liner

All these topics below should be covered during the radio transmission
between you and FAC in a smooth and timley fashion and it is advised that
you have a pen and paper ready when doing this, so that you can understand
and recive commands correctly and make corrections where needed.
You will be expected to be fluent in twc's 6 liner, this is very important in
gathering and reciving all the relevant information needed for planning
attacks and understanding the task at hand, the 6 liner is as folllows : (it's
easier if you split in into 2 parts)
*infil mark - friendly positions - exfil mark - hostile location - hostile
type and count - target marking and weapons*
example :
part 1
"Harrier (callsign) this is FAC (callsign) do you copy?"
"roger that FAC send message"
"prepare for 6 liner copy?"

"roger that FAC send 6 liner"

"approach from northwest, friendly position at grid 063 - 049 , exfil from the
southeast, GOOD COPY ?"
part 2
"2 times btr located at grid 055 - 065, target marked with red smoke,
engage with x2 500lb bombs, GOOD COPY?"
"enemy motorized section at grid 055 - 065, 1 times infantry section and 1
times bmp,targets marked with lazer, engage with missiles and x2 bombs
"eta for strike 7 mikes" (say the approx time u will arrive or the bomb /
missiles would launch )
there is 2 different types of saying "hostile location/ hostile type and
count/marking and weapons" because of the situation at hand and maybe
time is of the essence so just remember this and be confident in this
structure, if you have any questios or hesitations about the requests just ask !