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999804102 - 03/2013


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Composite formwork beams
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Instructions for assembly and use (Method statement)

User information Composite formwork beams

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999804102 - 03/2013

stacking and storing 16 Component overview 999804102 .User information Composite formwork beams Contents 4 4 6 8 Introduction Elementary safety warnings Doka services Eurocodes at Doka 9 9 10 12 15 Product description Instructions for assembly and use Technical condition Transporting.03/2013 |3 .

Reference Refers to other documents and materials. ▪ ▪ statement or incorporated with a site-specific method statement. however. CAUTION / WARNING / DANGER Failure to observe this may lead to material damage. Tip Points out useful practical tips. in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. plans etc. In the relevant technical documentation and formwork utilisation plans. Persons who are incapable of reading and understanding this booklet. Hazard assessment ▪ The customer is responsible for drawing up. It contains information on the standard design for setting up this system. The customer is to ensure that the information materials provided by Doka (e.) are available to all users. and that they have been made aware of them and have easy access to them at the usage location. especially warnings. In all cases. This document serves as the basis for the site-specific hazard assessment. and to injury to health which may range up to the severe or even life-threatening. Further safety instructions. then revised static calculations must be produced for checking. It must be possible to get to and from these workplaces via safe access routes! If you are considering any deviation from the details and instructions given in this booklet. will be found in the individual sections of this document! Symbols used The following symbols are used in this booklet: ☞ Important note Failure to observe this may lead to malfunction or damage. or who can do so only with difficulty. Planning ▪ Provide safe workplaces for those using the form- ▪ 4| work (e. users are obliged to ensure compliance with national OH&S (occupational health and safety) rules throughout the entire project and to take appropriate additional or alternative workplace safety precautions where necessary. modified or repositioned etc). must be instructed and trained by the customer. Instruction This symbol indicates that actions need to be taken by the user.g. 999804102 . Doka shows the workplace safety precautions that are necessary in order to use the Doka products safely in the usage situations shown. or any application which goes beyond those described in the booklet. All persons working with the product described herein must be familiar with the contents of this manual and with all the safety instructions it contains.g. docu- menting. Many of the illustrations in this booklet show the situation during formwork assembly and are therefore not always complete from the safety point of view. and on correct. and for the instructions given to users on how to prepare and utilise the system. as well as supplementary assembly instructions. implementing and continually updating a hazard assessment at every job-site.03/2013 . for when it is being erected/dismantled. Sight-check Indicates that you need to do a sight-check to make sure that necessary actions have been carried out. User Information booklets.Introduction User information Composite formwork beams Elementary safety warnings Introduction User target groups Remarks on this document ▪ This manual is aimed at all persons who will be work- ▪ This manual can also be used as a generic method ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ing with the Doka product or system that it describes. It does not substitute for these. Instructions for Assembly and Use. Operating Instruction manuals. compliant utilisation of the system. Any safety accessories not shown in these illustrations must still be used by the customer.

g. as well as very great material damage. to ensure that it is in suitable condition.User information Composite formwork beams Rules applying during all phases of the assignment: Introduction Pouring ▪ Do not exceed the permitted fresh-concrete pres- sures. never use the crane to break concrete cohesion. corrosion or rot. and to protect employees. Use suitable tools such as timber wedges. the sideguard component and/or any of its accessories. Remove any loose parts or fix them in place so that they cannot be dislodged or fall free! All components must be stored safely. These persons' mental and physical capacity must not in any way be impaired by alcohol. Miscellaneous We reserve the right to make alterations in the interests of technical progress. or weakened due to wear. stacking and storing ▪ Observe all regulations applying to the handling of ▪ ▪ formwork and scaffolding. the Doka slinging means must be used . Steps must be taken to rule out the use of any components that are damaged. and set up a safe distance away from the formwork. always in accordance with the respective Doka User Information booklets or other technical documentation authored by Doka. All connections must be checked regularly to ensure that they still fit properly and are functioning correctly. deformed. The work must take account of the weather conditions (e. Maintenance ▪ Only original Doka components may be used as spare parts. the component affected may only continue in use after it has been inspected and passed by an expert. Excessively high pouring rates lead to formwork overload. platforms or formwork that is still in place! Transporting. The assembly work must be carried out by suitably qualified employees of the client's. reset and generally used for its intended purpose under the direction and supervision of suitably skilled persons with the authority to issue instructions. When striking the formwork. risking damage to both health and property. or into. and to tighten them if necessary. please contact Doka for advice first. safety warnings and loading data must all be strictly observed and complied with. Assembly ▪ The equipment/system must be inspected by the ▪ ▪ ▪ customer before use.this is a mandatory requirement. following all the special Doka instructions given in the relevant sections of this manual! Regulations. Fire-sources are not permitted anywhere near the formwork. In extreme weather. do not endanger the stability of any part of the structure. Failure to do so can cause accidents and severe (even life-threatening) damage to health. If you intend to combine different systems. Erecting the formwork ▪ Doka products and systems must be set up in such a way that all loads acting upon them are safely transferred! 999804102 . special pry-bars or system features such as Framax stripping corners. and the immediate vicinity of the equipment. industrial safety ▪ Always observe all industrial safety regulations and ▪ other safety rules applying to the application and utilisation of our products in the country and/or region in which you are operating. Combining our formwork systems with those of other manufacturers could be dangerous. steps must be taken in good time to safeguard the equipment. In addition.03/2013 |5 . The stability of all components and units must be ensured during all phases of the construction work! The functional/technical instructions. risk of slippage). Doka products are technical working appliances which are intended for industrial/commercial use only. cause greater deflection and risk causing breakage. Repairs may only be carried out by the manufacturer or authorised facilities. or of any scaffolding. ▪ The customer must ensure that this product is ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ erected and dismantled. If a person or object falls against. any such modifications constitute a safety risk. Striking the formwork ▪ Do not strike the formwork until the concrete has ▪ ▪ reached sufficient strength and the person in charge has given the order for the formwork to be struck! When striking the formwork. It is very important to check all screw-type connections and wedge-clamped joins whenever the construction operations require (particularly after exceptional events such as storms). medicines or drugs. It is not permitted to modify Doka products. Heating appliances are only allowed if properly and expertly used.

for greater efficiency resulting from realistically calculated formwork concepts Find precisely the right formwork solutions. there is one thing that all construction projects have in common – and that is a basic structure with five stages. by ▪ basing them on realistically calculated guideline prices ▪ making the right formwork choices ▪ having an optimum time-calculation basis Plan cost-effectively right from the outset. execution.03/2013 . We at Doka know our clients' varying requirements. With our consulting. we help you achieve effective implementation of your formwork assignment using our formwork products – in every one of these stages. and time-risks Draw up potentially winning bids. regular forming operations. Nevertheless. with the aid of ▪ help with the bid invitation ▪ in-depth analysis of the initial situation ▪ objective evaluation of the planning. all with a single aim: to help you succeed on the site. thanks to ▪ detailed offers ▪ determination of the commissioning quantities ▪ co-ordination of lead-times and handover deadlines 6| 999804102 . planning and other services.Introduction User information Composite formwork beams Doka services Support in every stage of the project Doka offers a broad spectrum of services. Every project is unique. 1 Project Development Stage 2 Bidding Stage 3 Project Management Planning Stage Taking well-founded decisions thanks to professional advice and consulting Optimising the preliminary work with Doka as an experienced partner Controlled.

thanks to ▪ thorough utilisation planning ▪ internationally experienced project technicians ▪ appropriate transport logistics ▪ on-site support Doka Services are a byword for transparency and efficiency here. leads to greater safety on the job. ▪ Reduced close-out costs Our professional advice on the selection. |7 .03/2013 Because our services and costs are completely transparent. we can make sure that the right formwork systems are chosen and then used as planned. This lets you achieve optimum utilisation of the formwork equipment. offering ▪ jointly handled return of rented formwork ▪ professional dismantling ▪ efficient cleaning and reconditioning using special equipment 999804102 . ▪ Transparency Optimum resource utilisation with assistance from the Doka Formwork Experts Seeing things through to a positive conclusion with professional support Workflow optimisation. and as planned. there is no need for improvisation during the project – and no unpleasant surprises at the end of it. quality and correct use of the equipment helps you avoid damage. and minimise wear-andtear. ▪ Maximised workplace safety The advice and support we can give you in how to use the equipment correctly. and effective forming operations because your workflows will be correct.User information Composite formwork beams 4 Concrete Construction Stage Introduction 5 Project Close-out Stage The advantages for you thanks to professional advice and consulting ▪ Cost savings and time gains When we advise and support you right from the word "go".

: Qpermissible = 70 kN) do not correspond to the design values (e.03/2013 . Ed Rd A Utilisation factor 8| 999804102 . for product specifications. for Doka beam H20 Values as given in EN 1995-1-1 and EN 13377 The "permissible values" communicated in Doka documents (e. for steel or timber Values from EN 12812 kmod Modification factor (only for timber – to take account of the moisture and the duration of load action) e.. resistance. The EC are the world's most highly developed Standards in the construction field. characteristic) e.. all the design values needed in an EC design calculation can be ascertained from the permissible values. design) Design capacity of cross-section (VRd. the EC are to be used as standard from the end of 2008.. tenders and mathematical verification. live load. timber = 1...g.3 M. MRd) Rk Rk Steel: Rd = Timber: Rd = kmod · M M Rk Characteristic value of the resistance e.5 [kN] Fyield EC/DIN concept Rk 115. steel = 1.. F . They will thus supersede the DIN norms as the "Doka standard" for product design. design) Internal forces from action Fd (VEd..5 [kN] Rd gM = 1.. NRd.. d ..g. M. The EC contrast the actions (loads) with the resistance (capacity).. NEd.Introduction User information Composite formwork beams Eurocodes at Doka In Europe.g. wind Values from EN 12812 Comparison of the safety concepts (example) Permissible stress design 115. a uniform series of Standards known as Eurocodes (EC) was developed for the construction field by the end of 2007.material) e..5 M. moment resistance to yield stress M Partial factor for a material property (in terms of material.9 In this way. d . Ed Ed Fd Fk F Design value of effect of actions (E .1 90<105 [kN] n ~ 1. live load.: VRd = 105 kN)! ➤ Avoid any confusion between the two! ➤ Our documents will continue to state the permissible values. Allowance has been made for the following partial factors: F = 1.. force) e. valid throughout Europe.5 Fpermissible Factual Fpermissible 98013-102 60<70 [kN] A Ed 90 [kN] The widely used "Permissible stress design" (comparing the actual stresses with the permissible stresses) has been superseded by a new safety concept in the EC. concrete pressure..g. service load (k . wind Partial factor for actions (in terms of load.g.g. force) Characteristic value of an action "actual load". These are intended to provide a uniform basis. The safety level remains the same! Rd Rd Design value of the resistance (R . In the Doka Group.1 kmod = 0. concrete pressure.. The previous safety factor in the permissible stresses is now divided into several partial factors.g. effect.65 Factual A 98013-100 60 [kN] gF = 1.. for dead weight. dead weight. MEd) Design value of an action Fd = F · Fk (F .

come fitted with the 'Top' beamend reinforcement.1-773 Overall height tolerance ±1. Other features include: ▪ Timber-plastic composite formwork beam ▪ Long service life ensured by the 'Top' beam-end reinforcement and the plastic sheet on the broadside of the flange. A C G D F E A B C D E F G Web Flange Distance-marks on beam-flanges. assuming 12% timber moisture content.00m in length are square-cut and treated with I tec 20 beam-end sealant.90m.0 4.80m to 5.0 20. If the ends of beams are square-cut at Doka branches or at jobsites.0 I tec 20 Approval Number Z-9. they must be treated with I tec 20 beam-end sealant in order to ensure the full lifespan of the beam. |9 . Doka beams I tec 20 of over 5. so compatible with existing Doka systems 8. from 1.User information Composite formwork beams Product description Doka beam I tec 20 Doka beams I tec 20 are solid-web beams made of wood and derived timber products. ▪ Increases load-bearing capacity by approx.0 mm.90m and up to 12. for Dokaflex system System holes End-reinforcement Notch for chalk line I tec sheet The innovative end-reinforcement on the Doka beam I tec 20 greatly reduces damage to the beam-ends. ☞▪ ▪ ▪ 999804102 . 80 % compared to the Doka beam H20 ▪ Reduces equipment quantities in both floor and wall formwork ▪ Beam-flange markings in a 50 cm grid for the Dokaflex and Dokaflex 30 tec systems ▪ Same overall height and width as Doka beams H20. They are intended for use in wall and floor-slab formwork only.03/2013 B All standard and custom lengths.

m Practical example These values allow for a γF = 1..5 25 L 5 M 1. a kmod of 0. permitted shear force p .User information Composite formwork beams Instructions for assembly and use Doka beams I tec 20 are formwork beams made of wood and derived timber products.5 Support centres L [m] M .. it is important to handle the components with due care..03/2013 5..3.9 and a γM = 1. In order to maximise durability.0 2. 9768-200-01 Deflection diagram 30 3 98036-100 4 p [kN/m] 2.5 2 4.0 3. The values must be adjusted accordingly if conditions of use differ.6 kg/lin. Technical data: ▪ Permitted bending moment: 9 kNm ▪ Permitted shear force: 20 kN ▪ Rigidity: 640 kNm2 ▪ Weight: 5. permitted bending moment Q . They are intended for use in load-bearing towers and formwork and are loaded in the direction of the height of the beam.5 Deflection [mm] 20 6 7 8 15 Q 9 1 10 12. actual load (service load) 10 | 999804102 . Based on a residual moisture content of 20 % or less.0 .5.5 3.5 kN/m 20 L/250 5 25 30 0 1..5 2.5 10 L/500 15 0.5 3.5 4..0 1. this applies particularly when stripping out floor-slab formwork.0 4.

User information Composite formwork beams Possible incorrect usages WARNING ➤ Always position Doka formwork beams "upright".03/2013 | 11 . as are other. similar uses! 9791-200-01 Do not use as scaffold flooring. 9791-201-01 Do not use as traffic-route flooring. 9791-205-01 9791-206-01 Correct "upright" positioning Incorrect positioning "turned on (load direction is parallel to web side" (load direction at right plane). angles to web plane). Wall formwork 9791-220-01 9791-219-01 Floor formwork WARNING ➤ The uses illustrated below are prohibited. 999804102 .

Angled splintering across the edge ▪ permissible up to a = 30 mm across the diagonal and up length b = 500 mm. Flange Angled cracks (across the grain) b a ▪ Not permissible. 98041-201-01 98041-200-01 98041-201-01 Straight cracks (parallel to the flange) ▪ parallel to flange. Use is prohibited if damage is beyond these limits. ▪ If the flange can be parted at the crack the beam is not in usable condition. a 98041-200-01 98041-201-01 b 98041-200-01 98041-201-01 98041-201-01 12 | 999804102 .03/2013 . permissible up to width a = 2 mm.User information Composite formwork beams Technical condition The following quality criteria define the extent of damage permissible in terms of load-bearing strength. Splintering at side ▪ permissible up to depth a = 10 mm and length b = 500 mm on one side.

Drilled holes ▪ Not permissible.. 396 mm Drilled-hole diameter max.. ▪ Splintering a up to length = 60 mm is permissible. 112 mm Drilled-hole diameter max. 12 mm 999804102 .....03/2013 | 13 ..Attachment of profiled timber formers d 98041-209-01 d ... 15 mm c . 10 mm . 113 mm Drilled-hole diameter max.Waling attachment with beam screw 9791-209-02 b a b 98041-203-01 a . but beams damaged evincing damage of this kind do not necessarily meet the quality criteria for Doka rental formwork a a 98041-207-01 98041-208-01 98041-207-01 Saw cuts 98041-208-01 ▪ Superficial saw cuts up to depth a = 2 mm are permissible. with the exception of system holes: 9791-207-09 a . ▪ Damage to the plastic cap has no effect on loadbearing strength.. 10 mm .User information Composite formwork beams Openings in joints Flange end ▪ permissible up to a = 1 mm.Attachment of table head with beam screw a c 9791-209-01 98041-203-02 a . 15 mm b .

Connection splice plate . a = 20 mm 98041-207-01 a 98041-202-01 98041-207-01 Detachment of flange from web ▪ Not permissible. 98041-202-01 9791-207-05 14 | 999804102 . If the incidence of drilled holes is frequent the overall condition of the beam is definitive.Flange claw .Fastening plate .User information Composite formwork beams Web Drilled holes in web Damage to web ▪ permissible only if slight and at one side of the beam.Lifting bracket . 9791-216-01 Permissible drilled holes: ▪ Standard holes . 9791-216-01 Damage to web end ▪ permissible up to max. dia.Table head 30 . 21.Portal head One drilled hole of maximum diameter 20 mm per running metre in addition to the system holes is permissible.03/2013 .Each standard beam has 2 drilled holes.5 mm ▪ Additional system holes for: .

Always comply with the applicable local or national regulations. 3000 kg per stack 98041-205-01 b Max. place thick plywood sheets underneath the loads).do not use chains. 4 packets on top of one another Ground conditions for stacking a ▪ Maximum angle of inclination of ground 3%.50 m Over 6. 2 packets on top of one another 98041-206-01 Max.g. stacking and storing ☞ Protect stacked beams from extreme climatic influences such as exposure to sunshine or moisture by covering them (with breathable tarpaulins). 10 x 8 x 109 cm) Dimension 'a' Dimension 'b' Lengths of beam Up to 6. Edge protectors can be padding made of plastic. It is advisable not to attempt to burn scrap material in open fires or domestic woodburners.50 m 60 40 2 3 108 cm 78 cm ▪ 56 cm ▪ be adequately firm and level. Reprocessing by incineration in suitable incineration plants is recommended. Stacked beams ▪ max. take care that loose beams cannot slip..): Adopt suitable measures for storage (e. ▪ The ground on which the stack is to be placed must 98041-204-03 Max. gravel. strips of formwork sheeting or metal sheet between the parts and the asphalt surface to ensure that the weight is adequately spread. wood or cardboard. Reprocessing scrap material Doka formwork beams contain no wood preservatives and. Best-case conditions are concreted or paved storage areas..03/2013 | 15 . consequently. Only cover them – never envelope them completely. Storage on other surfaces (sand. ➤ Always use edge protectors when strapping beams together. they can be deposited for reprocessing. n° of beams per stack Minimum n° of timber supports (min. place wooden battens. Transport ▪ Always use strap slings to lift stacked beams . 999804102 .User information Composite formwork beams Transporting. This reduces cracking. Storage on asphalt: Depending on the parts stored. Packets of 60 beams ☞ Packets of 40 beams 98041-204-02 98041-204-01 When moving beams not securely strapped together.

2 18.8 25.0 5.2 21.90m Doka beam I tec 20 3.60m Doka beam I tec 20 3.80m Doka beam I tec 20 2.2 27.90m Doka beam I tec 20 5.8 16..5 188014000 Yellow 16 | 999804102 ..m Doka-Träger I tec 20 Varnished yellow Grey Doka beam I tec 20 12..5l 2.1 13.00m 67.5 20.7 14.30m Doka beam I tec 20 3.0 33..Component overview User information Composite formwork beams [kg] Article n° 10.50m Doka beam I tec 20 4.65m Doka beam I tec 20 2.4 30.45m Doka beam I tec 20 2.5l I tec 20-Endenversiegelung 2.90m Doka beam I tec 20 4.35m Doka beam I tec 20 5.6 188001000 188002000 188003000 188004000 188005000 188006000 188007000 188008000 188009000 188013000 188010000 188011000 [kg] Component Article [kg] Doka Beam System In° tec 20 overview Components Doka beam I tec 20 1.90m Doka beam I tec 20 .00m Varnished yellow Grey I tec 20 beam-end sealant 2.03/2013 Article n° .2 188012000 Doka-Träger I tec 20 12.

03/2013 Component overview | 17 .User information Composite formwork beams 999804102 .

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User information Composite formwork beams 999804102 .03/2013 Component overview | 19 .

com | www. the Doka Group employs a worldwide workforce of more than 5600.doka.03/2013 . An enterprise forming part of the Umdasch Group.Near to you. the Doka Group has a highly efficient distribution network which ensures that equipment and technical support are provided swiftly and professionally. manufacturing and distributing formwork technology for use in all fields of the construction 999804102 . worldwide Doka is one of the world leaders in developing. Doka GmbH | Josef Umdasch Platz 1 | 3300 Amstetten | Austria | T +43 7472 605-0 | F +43 7472 66430 | oesterreich@doka. With more than 160 sales and logistics facilities in over 70 countries.