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“A bug’s life”

A Project Proposal
For the NSTP Class PL1A

Danica Jaira Pinones
Joshua Banguilan
Jazelle Sioco
Jaynie Ambayec
Leo Lete
Beverlyn Cueva
Jerico Hipolito
Athea Azcueta
Jason Buhain

Community Background Community background: Barangay 655 Location: Intramuros. Manila Basic livelihood: Unemployed Religion: Roman Catholic Establishments: Barangay Halls. stores .

and it is achieved through a brief discussion and lecture of discipline. pest control would utter mostly be attained.PRELIMINARY PROJECT PROPOSAL Project Title: “A bug’s life” Project Description: This proposal’s objective is to start a lecture during the process of fumigation in each part of a given community. This operation is done with the assistance and guidance from local pest control services accessible anytime and anyplace with the use of their ads. Maybe some people would think that this wasn’t crucial but according to DOH (department of health) 42. Target Beneficiaries: localities living near polluted or infested areas. 193 deaths from January to 1st week of June in the Philippines. one white/black board .The community as we imagine it is really under the threat of different diseases carried by mosquitoes like malaria and dengue. but with the cooperation from residents themselves. the team will come back to the area and see if the citizens learned how to do the pest control that the group taught them. It is obvious that fumigation operation alone cannot permanently eliminate the population of any infestation. Barangay facilities and sectors Time Frame: 1st Saturday Morning (8-10am): Lecture (What diseases they can get from pests manifestation) 2nd Saturday Morning (8-am): Fumigation Process 3rd Saturday Morning (8-am): Lecture (How to maintain the cleanliness and how to prevent pest manifestation) 4th Saturday Morning (8-am): after a week.207 dengue cases. This fumigation machines would go in the small passages in the Barangay especially those areas near the canals because they are more prone to mosquitoes. specifically 2030 chairs. Materials and Means: fumigation operators and machine.

Towards the development of the community. this project hopes to… • To provide the locals with knowledge about infections insects and pests and measures on lessening chances of getting infected • Enhance the awareness of people about the wickedness of diseases carried by mosquitoes • Enhance discipline • Help the citizens to avoid this diseases whether with or without existing case of malaria and dengue in the community. a breath of fresh air knowing that by just coming up with this kind of project proposal. We would be thankful if this would ever be implemented and we will going to have the satisfaction.Objectives and goal: • To control pest population in the community • Inform the citizens to be more careful about the waters that they stored and what it can cause and Provide every member of the community a concern for the environment • To help prevent diseases from disease-carrying mosquitoes • Make the people who live there feel safer and comfortable with their environment • To stop the rampant increase of dengue cases in the country as well as the increase of malaria cases. we are implementing this project to… • To save other people from possible deadly disease. we are able to save future victims of mosquitoes. prevention is always better than cure For our self development. . We can imagine the people being thankful of the project because we know that it would really be helpful and they would appreciate it. after all.

“MOMMY BARRETA” A Project Proposal For PUNDAR SIKAP For the NSTP Class PL1A Danica Jaira Pinones Joshua Banguilan Jazelle Sioco Jaynie Ambayec Leo Lete Beverlyn Cueva Jerico Hipolito Athea Azcueta .

Jason Buhain .

Manila Basic livelihood: Unemployed Religion: Roman Catholic Establishments: Barangay Halls.Community Background Community background: Barangay 655 Location: Intramuros. stores .

We want to implement this proposal because we want something that will last and they will remember. thus. Fabric soap is common not only in localities but also nationwide. the group will ask somebody who already has a successful business to give an orientation on how to manage their budget and business then gather those willing moms to learn how to make a soap that can help them in their daily lives and also can be used in business. We are going to do is to conduct proper lecture of soap making. Target Beneficiaries: housewives (30-40 participants)(18 and above) 1st Saturday Morning (8-10am): Lecture (About starting a business) 2nd Saturday Morning (8-am): teaching of soap and liquid soap making 3rd Saturday Morning (8-am): the participants will make the products 4th Saturday Morning (8-am): selling of the products Materials and Means: • Speaker for the orientation • Volunteer chemist. It wouldn’t be just a soap but will also have a dishwashing liquid soap. cheap bar soap etc. We are thinking of having a deal with a vendor in Baclaran where they can sell their products at reasonable price.) . • place for the implementation (school classroom) • Necessary ingredients in crafting a detergent bar (washing soda. crafting and selling it can both be proven useful especially to each mothers in a community.PRELIMINARY PROJECT PROPOSAL Project TITLE: “MOMMY BARRETA” Project Description: The purpose of this project is to teach housewives or the unemployed mothers on making a common household cleaning material known as laundry detergent bar or fabric soap. They can also sell those products in their own Barangay since it would be very cheap and affordable. cup borax. What we are going to do is to find someone who has a background of doing detergent bar who is willing to share his/her knowledge about it.

this project hopes to… • Enhance their capacity for provision of household needs. It would be a great privilege for us to help them and be part of the changes in their life. • Promote concern and awareness to household endeavor • Inspire the unemployed and uninterested needy For our self development. • To inspire those housewives • Give them an opportunity and have chance to prove themselves • Provide the localities an occupation • Introduce the beauty of productive business making Towards the development of the community. there is still something they can do for their families. . Help them to somehow increase their self-esteem because they are capable of doing something new and useful for the whole family. Though they are not college graduates. we are implementing this project to… • The group wanted to help and make people realize that being jobless is not that bad because there would always be an opportunity whether they are or aren’t undergraduate. they could always try a business and earn a living.• Necessary ingredients in making liquid soap Objective and Goal: • To provide an occupation for unemployed mothers especially to the household • Give the beneficiaries hope that even if they are jobless.

Grades: Joshua Banguilan: 98 Jazelle Sioco: 94 Jaynie Ambayec:94 Leo Lete:94 Beverlyn Cueva:95 Jerico Hipolito:94 Athea Azcueta:94 Jason Buhain:89 .

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