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Turnitin is the leading originality checking and plagiarism prevention service used by millions of
students and faculty, and thousands of institutions worldwide. Turnitin encourages best practices for
using and citing other people’s written material. Turnitin compares work that has been submitted to
other assignments and papers stored in its database, articles in academic journals and web pages.
Once this comparison has been made an 'Originality Score' is generated which gives a percentage
score of how original the assignment is compared against the checked sources. However, a high
score is not necessarily a sign that the work has been plagiarised. There can be many legitimate
reasons why a high score has been returned such as the use of a lot of jargon and technical terms,
and common terms and phrases in every day use, such as 'every day use', that are clearly not
plagiarised from anything. Similarly the text may be properly referenced or cited. This is the kind of
distinction that an automated computer system cannot make and why a judgement of plagiarism
can only be made by academic familiar with the literature in their field and who has carefully
examined the paper in question.
Please note that Turnitin is only used for checking text – if, as part of your submission, you have
work that is not in a text format (ie music score, video etc) this does not need uploading to Turnitin.
When you first log onto UniLearn you will see your home page. Click on the Research tab:

You will have been automatically enrolled on this site when you first registered and so should be
familiar with it. If you have any problem with access you will need to contact the PGR Skills Team in
the first instance (, 1671).

August 2015

Select Administration & Regulations: Click on the Turnitin icon: August 2015 .You will then be presented with the following screen.

you are presented with a submission screen (this is shown in two halves below): August 2015 . please ask your School PGR Administrator for advice. If in doubt. work submitted following amendments and/ or further work should be put through the Re-Submission (following referral) section.You will then see two options: Initial submission should only be used for the very first submission of your work. When you click on either of the two options.

you need to click upload: August 2015 .Do not change the Non-enrolled student option and then complete your name and submission title. At the bottom of this screen you will be given the option of where you want to upload your file from: Once you have selected your file.

please press confirm to submit your work. You will then receive confirmation that the submission was successful: August 2015 .Once you have uploaded it you will be presented with this screen: If everything is correct.

If you do not get this confirmation screen to say your submission is complete. August 2015 . please assume your work has not been uploaded properly and speak to your School PGR Administrator as soon as possible.