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UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS National Service Training Program Civic Welfare Training Service 2 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN College of _________________ CWTS E ____ Introduction (What community means and the relevance of this community development plan in organizing a community.) Community Background For the purpose of our study on Community Organizing, we had chosen this Rural/Urban Area: Community: _____________________ Location: _________________________ _________________________ Population: ________________________ Basic Livelihood: ___________________________ Religion: ____________________ Establishments: The following are the concrete commercial and residential establishments in this community: __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ COMMUNITY ORGANIZING Here is the list of the proposed projects for ________________ (Community) from _________________ (Proposed start) to ___________________ (Proposed end): COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN (Suggest at least 2 or three projects that can be done in your last Sunday in GK) Project Title: Time Frame: Target date/s of implementation: Duration: Material and Means: Objective and Goal: Steps/Procedures: (In complete details) Participation of every member of the group: Submitted by: Members of the Group CWTS CDP Sample University of Santo Tomas NSTP-Civic WelfareTraining Service Community Development Plan College of Pharmacy CWTS-H1 Introduction Community is a group of people who live in a same area, wherein they have same needs in their everyday lives and also meet same problems that they have to deal with. A group of people living in same area is not considered a community without the unity of the people in that particular place. Community is also considered as the unity of the people having a good intention for one another. Unity of these people will enable them to surpass different problems they are facing and find new and effective ways on how can they have a better and prosperous lives. This unity will lead them to the development of their place that will make their lives a lot easier. Community Background For the purpose of our study on Community Organizing, we had chosen a certain Rural Area. Community: Barangay Maimpis Location: Municipality of San Fernando Region 3, Central Luzon Population: 420 families Basic Livelihood: Majority of the labor force are employed in Cosmos or San Miguel Corporation as a factory worker.  Most of the men in this barangay are pedicab driver while most of the women are only housewives.  A small number of people have their sari-sari store as their source of income.  There are also people who work in the farm, planting different crops, rice and sugarcane. Religion: 90% Catholic, 5% Iglesia ni Cristo, 5% Jehovah’s Witnesses Establishments: The following are the concrete commercial establishments in this community:  1 elementary school (Maimpis Elementary School)  1 small chapel (St. Vincent Chapel)  1 basketball court  Most of the houses are small and concrete but there are some whose house are made of wooden materials. COMMUNITY ORGANIZING Here are the list proposed projects for Baragay Maimpis from September 2005 to September 2006.  Feeding Program  Tree Planting  Monthly Barangay Meeting  Catechism  Cake for Fun this Christmas  Seminar about Family Life  Free Medical and Dental Check-up  Dance and Singing Contest COMMUNITY ORGANIZING PROJECTS Project Title: Monthly Barangay Meeting Time Frame: Every second Sunday of the month (after the mass) Material and Means: St. Vincent Chapel, Barnagay Officials, Community Members, Sound System Objective and Goal: This meeting is designed to give the community members an opportunity to share their views and suggestions for the development of their community. This will also give the officials the time to discuss new programs to the residents and this is the time to solve any problems, which occurred between barangary members. Project Title: Catechism Time Frame: Every Saturday afternoon Material and Means: Maimpis Elementary School, Volunteer Catechists, children in the barangay Objective and Goal: Half of the population in this barangay consists of children and due to poverty they can only afford to go to public schools, which do not offer the subject, Religion. This catechism will help two members of the community specifically the volunteer catechist and children. This will help the volunteer catechist to develop their skills in teaching and this activity will inspire them more to be a good community member because they serve as a model to the children they are teaching. The children will have a greater knowledge about their religion and they will grow having good values, which will mold them to be a better members of the community. Project Title: Dance and Singing Contest Time Frame: April 2006 Material and Means: Basketball court, sound system, Samahan ng Kabataan, participating groups, prizes, judges Objective and Goal: This contest will help juvenile delinquents draw their attention in productive activities. This will also help other youth discover and develop their God-given talents and skills. This will enable them to socialize with others and make new friends. This will also give entertainment to adults especially the senior citizens in the place. Project Title: Cake for fun this Christmas Time Frame: December 2005 Material and Means: raffle tickets, COMLEC (commentator and lectors), cakes, St. Vincent Chapel, Sound System Objective and Goal: This is not only fund raising project it is also FUN raising project. Each and every members of the community can buy tickets even the children because the tickets only cost two pesos. Tickets will be raffled after the 10 pm mass on the 24th of December so that the cakes will be another food that the family can share during Noche Buena. The proceeds will be used to support other projects in the coming months. Project Title: Feeding Program Time Frame: Every third Saturday of the Month Material and Means: Nutritious foods, volunteer mothers who will do the cooking, children, medical student from different colleges Objective and Goal: The barangay officials will allot a small amount of money for the feeding program and vegetables are from the crops of the barangay (product from the tree planting project). Through the help of the medical student the mothers will know what are the nutritious food which they can afford that will help their children to be healthy and have good resistance in different illness. This feeding program will help children especially those who are malnourished to have a good health. Because of this program malnourishment in the community will lessen and the mothers will have knowledge on the different nutritious food that their children need. Project Title: Tree Planting Time Frame: May 2006 Material and Means: seedling, volunteer residents, garden of St. Vincent’s Chapel and Maimpis Elementary School Objective and Goal: The aim of this project is to teach the barangay residents to appreciate nature. This project will help each and everyone to realize the importance of planting a tree. The seedlings that will be planted are fruit bearing like tomato, sweet potato, eggplant etc. so that it can support the feeding program. It will also inspire the residents to plant in their own gardens, this will help the families to save money and the community will be clean, less polluted and nature friendly. Project Title: Seminar about Family Life Time Frame: July 2006 Material and Means: Maimpis Elementary School, Speakers (doctors, psychologist etc.), parents Objective and Goal: This seminar will talk about three things: family planning, family budget and parenting. The first topic will help lessen the population because many residents have may children that make their life happier but harder. The doctors will introduce different ways on birth control and they will also give the strength and weakness of each way. Our country is faced with big problems, one of which is poverty. In this talk, the importance of being thrifty and having a family budget will be emphasized. This will help the families to save money and have something in their pockets in case of emergency. The last topic, parenting will help parents to have a good relationship with their children. They will learn how to deal with their children and cases of juvenile delinquency in the community will lessen. Project Title: Free Medical and Dental Check-Up Time Frame: Once a month Material and Means: Regional Health Office, Municipal Health Center, Barangay Officials, Medical Students from different colleges Objective and Goal: The objective of this project is to give to the residents free medical and dental check-ups because most of the residents in the community cannot afford to go to hospitals because it cost too much. This project will help the residents to have a healthy condition even if they are not regularly going to the hospitals. The doctors of Regional Health Office assisted by the Medical students of the different college will help the Barangay Officials to have a successful project. In this project, medicines are also available with their low prices.