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A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster

A History of the Lancaster Congregation
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints

By James Perry


A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster

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A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster


























This first draft is designed to iron out any errors, and to continue the
data collection process. A period of almost 180 years is a long time,
with many, many people, events, and locations to be aware of.
There are of course formatting changes to be made, as well as more
foundational decisions on the structure. As this is designed to be an
in-depth and fairly comprehensive history, more needs to be done
with regards to the last fifty years (1960+), a time of considerable


key moments. including its geographical elements. and notable experiences. yet it also serves as a memorial to the efforts and dedication of the men and women who have lived and practiced the tenets of their faith. and dynastic succession. influential individuals and families. regional. statistics. 4 . Lancaster and the surrounding district are home to approximately 138. to literary.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster James Perry December 2015 Introduction Nestled on the southern peripheries of the Lake District. Over it’s history it has played an influential role in national.375 people (2011 Census). and religious developments taking place within Lancaster. with issues ranging from slavery. This work has a dual purpose. ranging from personal accounts and experiences to official reports and publications. and local events. Being comprised of a variety of sources. on the one had it operates as a means of providing context and depth to the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Lancaster area. the intention of this work is to provide a detailed framework of the congregation.

org. 2015 jperry89@gmail. www. On 30 July. This decline could have been a consequence of concerted efforts for the emigration of 5 . a more appropriate means of learning about Latter-day Saint beliefs is found by speaking to one of their missionaries. as such. where twenty-nine people were confirmed.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster This work is in no means a doctrinal or evangelical piece of literature. or by visiting the website. until a sharp decline in the 1850s. James Perry. The first branch in the United Kingdom was organised on Sunday 6 August 1837. and Orson Hyde and others who arrived in Liverpool on 20 July 1837. the missionaries were invited to preach at the chapel of Reverend James Fielding. The very nature of such a work requires the editing and sifting of information to include and exclude. with thousands more recorded as having emigrated. Nonetheless. Joseph Fielding. with the arrival of Heber C. Two days later the band of missionaries headed north by coach to Preston. and begs the apologies of those events and experiences that are not included. a week after their first public appearance.626 were recorded as being in England. By 1840 there had been thousands of baptisms. such a comprehensive task would be nigh on impossible to Latter-day Saints in Great Britain The arrival and introduction of Latter-day Saints and their beliefs to Britain was in the summer of 1837. with thousands of onlookers. it should be recognised that what is included is but only a fragment of what has happened over the last 175 years. membership continued to grow significantly throughout the 1840s (see figure 1). although only 3.000. On 23 July. nine of Reverend Fielding’s congregation were baptised in the River Ribble. Kimball. who was the brother of Joseph Fielding. in the home of Ann Dawson. approximately 8. not least because much remains hidden or unrecorded. whilst terms are defined.

a census of places of worship by the UK Government. No. notably Lancashire. and a total attendance of 45. (2013). 6 . these smaller congregations were often overlooked or ignored. ‘The Church in Britain and the 1851 Religious Census’. It should be mentioned. however. along with a dearth along the inner southern regions. North Wales. there were a large number of registration districts and counties where members were not represented. and then parts of West Yorkshire. The difference in the seating capacity and the number of attendees was a result of the multiple LDS meetings held on a Sunday. identified 224 congregations. and the introduction of Plural Marriage and the Word of Wisdom. South Wales.941. with a total seating capacity for 26. Notably areas in the North and East of England. 108. as a result. The 1851 Census of Religious Worship. Mormon Historical Studies. increased anti-Mormon efforts. By mapping the 1851 census it is revealed that the Church had a strong presence in certain regions. a common occurrence amongst religious denominations during the period.505 on 31st March 1851.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster British converts. Vol. that a significant number of LDS meeting places would have been meeting in homes or rented rooms.1 1 Cynthia Doxey. as Cynthia Doxey does.

The Church has continued to witness a significant increase in members in England and the rest of the United Kingdom. accessed 13 December 2015. and a stronger emphasis on public relations. with the church in Britain remaining stagnant in its numbers and strength. membership in the United Kingdom came to 186.2 2 Mormon The membership growth during this period was due in part to the efforts to discourage emigration. in 335 different congregations.mormonnewsroom. It was with the arrival of the 1960s and with renewed efforts by Church leaders that saw a significant increase in the number of members in England.193.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster The latter half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century saw very little growth and expansion. and as of 1 January 2015. Facts and Statistics: United Kingdom. 7 . available at: http://www. although missionaries continued to serve faithfully. most members tended to emigrate to the US. the dedication of the London England Temple.

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Figure 2: Latter-day Saint Membership Density – 1851 Census of Religious Worship 8 .

org/photos/stories/871803.3 Elder Robert McBride was born circa 16 November 1803 at Rothesay on the Isle of Bute.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster The Lancaster Branch – A History 1840s Lancaster was one of the locations identified by the Church leaders as suitable for future expansion and the first missionary was assigned on 6 July 1840. that Elder Robert McBride was assigned to labour in Lancaster by Elder Heber C. Manchester. shortly after the first baptisms had taken place. Vol. 9 . Scotland.4 Figure 1: Robert McBride – First recorded missionary in Lancaster 3 Millennial Star. 1840). on the 6 July 1840. 1. 71. 3 (July. accessed 15 December 2015. It was at a General Conference of the Church held at the Carpenter’s Hall. No. 4 Robert McBride. available at: https://familysearch. Kimball. which was seconded by Elder Willard Richards. p. almost three years after the arrival of missionaries to Great Britain. and baptised 1 August 1837 at the River Ribble.

My kind affection glows in my breast to you and our prophet. and was a widow when she was baptised. Elder McBride did not appear to labour long in Lancaster. 6 10 . if not to send word if he has seen my parents at Rothesay. Oct 5th – 1840’6 5 See ‘Historical Members’ for more information. I have nothing more particular to mention [thy off Bro Headlock to them. I am in in work here at present so that I cannot rightly leave to go to [lon?] found this week will finish our work here at present for what I know and when I get employment I will preach the gospel until I be more at liberty. I wish him to come and see me at Churchtown and stop a few days with us if he can have an appointment. and Elder Brigham Young in the October of 1840. Yours in the E. ‘Dear Brethren. or in heaven above.5 It is possible she may have been one of the first LDS converts to be baptised in Lancaster’s history. The Lord help you. In the letter he said.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Robert McBride baptised Sarah Lishman on 8 September 1840. Bro Smith or Bro Whitehead will represent the church at Lancaster. Pratt. After being assigned in the July he wrote to Elder Parley P. Sarah had four children. I had a letter from Lancaster and the brethren wishes to see me there again. and also the rest of the Saints that are faithful they shall have my [favour?] here upon earth. lc Robert McBride. but I have to say that I could not get the favour of of that people I seem? I seem? To them as a root out of a dry ground.

in December 1840. 11 . When you begin to see what is coming in the world you will rejoice. nonetheless he served faithfully in the Churchtown branch. You say it has got through with its troubles. December 17. Elder McBride had connections to the various early church leaders. he received the following letter from Apostle Heber C. for all things will work for good for them that love the Lord and keep his commandments. be of good cheer for the time will come when your loss will be made up. let your hearts be comforted. 1840 Dear Brother Robert in Christ and to all the Saint in Churchtown and Southport: Greetings. and may God bless you wit peace. I have lost two.1 We know how to sympathize with you. Sister McBride has lost two. love. London. I would say one word to Alice for her comfort. Be of good cheer. for all things will go good with you in the end.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster His work and family commitments appear to have limited Elder McBride’s ability to serve in Lancaster. where he and his family lived for a number of years prior to their emigration. and I say unto you all if you will be faithful and keep the commandments of God you shall go to that land before long and I shall see you there [in America] and eat and drink with you and when this time comes to pass then you will know that I told you these things. for you will have your little one in the next world. joy long life and the good things in this life and in that which is to come. near Southport. my dear brothers and sisters. Kimball. Now.

There are others hanging by the gills that will come in soon. but I wish to give you some counsel. The only way is to have patience with the generation. I know you want to do right and this is the reason I want to give you counsel. then I am glad. You see the I have much love for you and that all things may be right before God. The work is going on steady here in the great city. that is. You say you have the gift of tongues. but you know your 12 . On the third day of October the Church held a conference that continued for three days. Pray for the gift of wisdom. Was glad to hear from you. I baptized four last evening. not to speak before the world but it is for the edifying of the Church. this is what the Lord has placed us on this earth for. it is the Priesthood that governs the Church and not the tongues. and open your meeting with prayer then all things will be in order and the devil will not have power over you. All the meetings are to be led by the Elders as they are led by the Holy Ghost. I have baptized five since I came here. Such a time has not been known since Christ’s day. Amen. I say Brother. pain will be swept away for Christ’s sake. that one year will bring much of it to pass. There were so many baptized there were ten elders in the river baptizing at once. for he says as we measure to them it shall be measured to us again. you go. When you speak let is be when the Church is together.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster I received your letter this morning. You know that the Prophet Joseph told us of the Nephites and that Moroni came with the plates that contain the Book of Mormon. If we were merciful with them the Lord will be merciful with us. to do all the good we can to each other. The work is spreading in all parts of this land. Read this epistle to the Church and not to the world. The Lord is pouring out his spirit on all the churches. I have had some experience in these things. It was written part by you and part by An. It is not wisdom to go without your circumstances will admit (permit). when there is an elder and a priest present. as part of it. Elder Woodruff baptized four before I came. so let us do good the rest of our days. The work will be great and powerful in these places.2 I feel glad to hear of the prosperity of the work in that part. Great and terrible trouble is coming to the inhabitants of America. Speaking of your situation and of the work in Lancaster – If you are in a situation to go to America. roll it on till thou hast gathered out thy people and prepared them for thine own use that thy servant may see them crowned in the Celestial world in the presence of the Father and son where we can see each other face to face. The glory of God shone upon them The Church is growing through England. Scotland and Ireland. If all things are done right at first and do not have to undo what we have done. where death mourning. for this is the law. not only here but in the land of America. sorrow. There were five thousand people.[Margaret Ann?] McBride.

When you go there let them support you. And it is your privilege to go when you can. after which John Taylor went to Lancaster before later returning to Liverpool. Brother John and his wife.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster own situation. Holme. 13 .C. Elder Young only stayed a little more than a week. a missionary serving in the British mission recorded an experience where Elder John Taylor visited him in his lodgings. Give my love to your wife.9 Later Elder Huntingdon records how on one occasion whilst heading to visit the Kendal. Kimball7 The first mention of the Lancaster branch as an organised unit comes from a meeting held on 15 May 1842. Elder Oliver Boardman Huntingdon. pp. 10 Ibid. 64-65.10 7 8 9 Diary of Oliver Boardman Huntingdon – Book 5 (1846-1847). the train he was on did not stop at Lancaster and went straight to Kendal.8 In 1846. Elder Woodruff is here and sends his love to you all. 31-32. Go ahead and the way will be open for you. learn them. and Lancaster branches. followed by a short discussion. you know the labor is worthy of the hire. When you receive this please write. a place which he described as ‘a very rough looking town’. I remain you brother in Christ. I didn’t expect to stay here when I came but the spirit said it was wisdom for me to stop and the brethren thought it best. I need your prayers and you shall have mine. Please read this to the church. I must close. (to Robert McBride) H. pp. Brother Laide and his wife and all the Saints for I have much care for you all. May God bless you forever. if they will not. He has gone to Hirilpond Shire. Give my love to Mother Dickerson.

and early Wednesday morning I started and walked 13 miles to Lancaster where I got dinner with a Brother Robert Young who was living in tally and after eating he went with me to get an order from a County justice. where I Oliver Boardman Huntingdon. but now they had to take the parting hard. 23 priests. while his wife ruled him. so I contented myself with walking twice around it and seeing all there was on the outside to be seen. 14 . 12 (April. which when presented to the keeper of the Castle would take me all through it. 13 miles to Holme.’12 In the General Conference of the Church held in the Music Hall. and described some of the experiences in his diary. Vol. on the 6th April 1844. Euxton. pp. found the Saints in a bad condition. Wm Wignal from Preston. ‘…to my surprise. I think it covered 3 or 4 acres of land and all of solid stone. and at one side close by side of the wall was a pond of water surrounded with trees -------------That night Bro. p. when there was a dozen others he might have got into as well. into the same carriage I was in. and others contended as they would with one another. Leyland.’13 11 Diary of Oliver Boardman Huntingdon – Book 7 (1847). Baptized since last general conference 21. 4 deacons. 12 Ibid. It was truly an interesting & romantic scene to me. or made nearly solid by cement. 1844). so we walked on. He was going near to Holme and when we got to Lancaster I persuaded him to go with me to Holme and spend the Sabbath. and Longton. 16 elders. low and dull spirited.’11 ‘Tuesday July 15th I returned to Holme and preached in the evening and comforted the Saints much. comprises 594 members. had no meetings for want of being rebaptized. Hunter’s Hill. Heskin. but none of the justices were at home and I had but little time to spend. We searched for Brethren in Lancaster but found none. in stepped Bro. Kendal. Holme. Lancaster. later in life.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Later Elder Huntingdon did succeed in making it to Lancaster. 1 high priest. 17 teachers. 13. No. p. and they were very fond of me there saying that no Elder had ever been there and done as much good as I had and none they loved so well. and included the units of Preston. Unknown. Liverpool. Brigsteer. it was reported that ‘the Preston Conference was represented by Elder John Banks. The Presiding Elder Thomas Beck was of little energy and force. Jacobs & I had a good meeting at John Newshams. 64-65. 13 Millennial Star. 4. Southport. 195.

but the family. Southport. The next reference to Lancaster isn’t until 1880. He later served a second mission for the Church in England in 1893. Holme. A newspaper article does record an AntiMormon lecture in Holme in 1852. Bunting served a mission as an older man. Vol. and were treated quite coldly. including 505 members. on 6th April 1845. including 10 branches. in March of 1880. 15 teachers. 124.J. and left his family in the U. whilst he did. James Bunting was an English convert to the Church. with members of the Church being in attendance. who were Catholics. p. 21. pp. No.S.’14 The branch then sadly disappears from the records of the Church during the late 1840s. 166. Preston. 5. p. Elder Bunting returned again to Lancaster and visited with President Nuttall’s relatives. Bunting. Kendal. Euxton.S. when Elder James Lovett Bunting visited President L. Heskin. L. Brigsteer. they returned to the Dawsons (President L. Hunter’s Hill. 24 priests. 16 elders. viz. and Longton. 4 deacons. 15 Diary of James Lovett Bunting. Elder Bunting visited President Nuttall’s family again. Vol. His family were staunch Wesleyan Methodists and opposed him following his decision to join the church.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster In the General Conference meeting held at the Hall of Science. it was reported that the ‘Preston Conference was represented by Elder Leonard Hardy. 16 Ibid.J. They lived on Church Street in Lancaster and were President Nuttall’s cousins. and had been born on 5 October 1832 in Attleborough. to find them in much better health.J. he later emigrated to the U. and arrived in Utah on 21 June 1858. had kept the daughters in the back. 1850s-1880s There was no recorded LDS presence in the 1851 Census of Religious Worship.15 In March.16 Later. He visited a seed store on Market Street that was run by Mr and Mrs Nelson. who were President Nuttall’s uncle and aunt. Elder James L. 3 (1879). He found the Aunt to be in very bad health and was a cripple. 77-78. Leyland. After touring the Asylum. baptized since last general conference. Lancaster. She had secured them some accommodation at the White Heart. Norfolk. Manchester. Nuttall’s family). They also visited 14 Millennial Star. 15 . afraid of letting them make acquaintance with the missionaries. 11 (April 1845).. Nuttall’s family in Lancaster on Thursday 29th January 1880. Unknown Nuttall was a prominent member of the Church and served as personal secretary to President’s of the Church.

‘On the morning of Sept. Many up there are willing to listen to us. Thornley wrote as follows. President W. Elder Druce and I (after President Smith had left me) found some stray sheep who had been looking for an Elder from Utah for several years. and left a positive impression on President Nuttall’s family. Elder John W. 5th. J. and her daughter. They talked with a John Kew about the signs of the time and the Latter-day work. with whom they also had dinner. Several of the reverend divines came to oppose us. Elder Bunting visited a number of other individuals around Lancaster. Nuttall. and have opened that part of the mission again. where we found a good old faithful sister and some of her sons. where I met Brother L. Unknown In the 27th August 1883 edition of the Millennial Star. 18 Millennial Star. pp. They were invited to come again and he left them some tracts. We directly took our stand in the market 17 Ibid. Smith and I went to the north end of our District. and through our holding open air meetings they happened to hear of us. pp.’18 The next reference to Lancaster came in the form of a letter in the Millennial Star dated 2 October 1884. The next day we took a stroll into the country. who treated us very kindly and gave a standing invitation for the Elders to call upon them. come and make the arrangements with me. and had found none until we came. around by Lancaster and Barrow-in-Furness. Jun. including a Mr and Mrs Standen.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster John and Chs. I left the town of Preston and walked to Lancaster. and the Sunday before we came away they challenged me to a public discussion. 45. and they notified the public there and then that they would furnish the hall. Pye’s. to visit other places and find some Saints and relatives of mine whom we had heard of. 35 (27 August 1883). and seem to be favourably impressed towards us. who had preceded me on business. and even threatened us. He had a letter from President Nuttall which he read to all of the family members he visited. Elder Bunting also visited President Nuttall’s relatives who were in the Asylum. Lancaster. Chapel Street. at the Kings Head. 21 miles. and then let them know when and where it was to come off. 557-558. We held meetings at Askham. 131-133. as the whole country seemed to be awakened after we had been there a few days. and some relatives of mine. No. 16 .17 1880s-1899 President Leonard John Nuttall..F. Vol. I accepted. They visited Mrs Maggie Pye. it was reported by Elder Henry Leyland that ‘Since you went on the Continent.

on Lancaster Market. and raised our warning voices to the people for the space of half an hour. when we were compelled to desist by a minstrel troupe taking their stand close by and robbing us of our listeners. when everything that offends Him shall be cut off. to come forth and embrace such an unpopular doctrine as it always was and always will be. the Elders are buoyant and energetic.000 to 60. No. and at the close. and will sow the Gospel seed and leave the increase unto God. Bowness. There being several towns. who described some of the conditions of the local area. of the Primitive Methodists. nevertheless. I feel there is good to be done in this part. As may be known to some. in order to let the readers of the Star see how the good work of the Lord is progressing in this part of his vineyard. The following day we started for the northern towns. Vol.21 On Thursday 5th November 1896. as they were not so sure of being saved. viz.: Carnforth. for many years past. 25 (22 June 1885).A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster place.000 people in them. Dalton-in-Furness.’19 Later. Vol. 47. until our Lord and Savior shall be revealed from heaven. one local preacher. as they were in the beginning. 17 . when they got through talking. No. we had more indifference shown us. the teaching of the Gospel. I know not whether they will have the courage that is required. … Last evening. it was reported at a council meeting by Elder Parker that the Lancaster District was a new 19 Millennial Star. 20 Millennial Star. Elders Gerrard and Romney were assigned to the Lancaster District. we had a good meeting. and intermediate places. 46. where another of his colleagues joined him. taking vengeance on them that know not God and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 668. holding meetings when opportunity was afforded. inasmuch that many of the people here had never seen an Elder or heard him speak. 397-398. Thornley of the Liverpool Conference.’20 It was on Thursday 4th April 1895. each with a population of from 25. I thought it prudent – from advice given by our worthy President of the Mission – to break up new fields of labor and sound the Gospel message in the ears of those who had never yet heard it. that they might hear more of our teachings. when they gave us their address for us to call the following evening. when He will reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. Barrow-in-Furness. with His mighty angels. We were reasoning with them until eleven o’clock. ‘I have been thinking that a few lines from here would not be out of place. has been little pursued in this neighbourhood. walked with us down the street to the river bridge. 42 (20 October 1884). I find there are a great many who desire to investigate. 21 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5249:61. p. in a letter in the Millennial Star dated 3 June 1885 from the now President John W. pp.

’ There are members enough now to start a nice little branch with the prospects. which come from the various presidents. There were some very earnest investigators there. In imagination I hear you give the same admonition as did our Savior in His day. will lead you to believe that the field is white already for harvest. ‘Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers into the vineyard. During the preceding week the President of the conference Elder J W Grace and a number of the traveling elders went there and distributed tracts and hand bills through the town and advertised the meeting through the newspapers and by having large bills posted in prominent places Brother J. William Riley. Parker. While there I had the privilege of preaching on two evenings and from there now comes the cry. and yet with the present very limited number 22 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5250: 36. H. Riley the only member of the church in Lancaster also gave his hearty assistance in arousing interest in the meeting the most commodious public hall in the place was secured for the occasion and at the time appointed there was quite a large and very respectable appearing audience assembled the presidency of the mission attended and took part in the services all who were present listened attentively to the remarks made and many expressed their appreciation of what was said during their brief sojourn in Lancaster several of the elders were kindly entertained by strangers who were friendly disposed and who took special pains to make their visit agreeable and pleasant. 17(29 April 1897). and Margarette Riley. 59.’24 In the 23rd March 1899 edition of the Millennial Star.23 On Sunday 25th April 1897 edition of the Millennial Star. situated in the Liverpool Conference District. it was reported by President Merrill of the Liverpool Conference that ‘No doubt. and there establish a branch of the Church. died in Lancaster. No. 23 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5250:51. 265. of more being baptized in the near future. and that a great work might be performed there. it was reported that ’On Sunday April 25 1897.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster district. William was the son of J.H. a special meeting of the Latter-day Saints was held in Lancaster.’ Not long ago.’25 In the 1st June 1899 edition of the Millennial Star. 24 Millennial Star. it was reported that ‘On 28th February 1899. ‘Come over and help us. 25 18 . Vol. it was reported that Heber T. It is my great desire to place two Elders in that city. p. judging from letters I receive from those who are investigating. and Benjamin McCleery were assigned to the Lancaster District.22 On Sunday 7th February 1897. aged 1½. I was up at Lancaster and baptized seven into the church. the many letters of similar character to this.

he acted as assistant superintendent of Sunday school and president of the Y. namely. for I do long to see more souls brought out of darkness into light. 439. I hardly know from which field to get them. Utah county. A biographical extract describes him and his life as follows. Utah. Bishop Taylor has filled many positions of honor and responsibility in the interest of his fellow-citizens. before being released at the end of his mission in 1900. He also acted as constable in the Juab precinct two years. I hope the brethren will be strengthened from on high. This marriage has been blessed with eight children. written to a friend in Lancaster: “From what I see in the Standard. 1868. 20. Y. at Springville. Juab county. for I have got joy and peace within me. In 1895-1896 he filled a mission to Great Britain. it was recorded that ‘We extract the following from the letter of a young German lady. Bishop of the Levan Ward (Juab Stake). 28 Church History Archive 19 . 1864. Utah. In 1885 (Nov. Vol. 28 James Elmer Taylor served as the Branch President of Lancaster. Utah. I just wish I could have a month with you in these times of opposition. He was baptized in 1872. 12th) he was ordained a High Priest and Bishop by George Teasdale and set apart to preside over the Levan Ward. ordained an Elder about 1885 and a Seventy in 1895 by B. 26 27 Millennial Star. and later. lately baptized in Accrington and now living in Dublin. 28 (13 July 1899). 61. In 1898-1900 he filled another mission to Great Britain. After removing to Levan he became an active worker in that Ward.”’27 The Lancaster branch was again organised on 13 September 1899. I can only pray for you at present. He served as Ward clerk at Juab ten years. No. I. presumably from its formation. M. H. with power and influence over those who will listen to them. but as for myself I do rejoice with you because I have found the ground on which my soul’s anchor may remain.’26 In the 3rd July 1899 edition of the Millennial Star. I could let them know that I am not ashamed of being ‘a Mormon’ or even ‘a fool’ for Christ’s sake. in Levan. by Eric Petersen. 12th) he married Almira Ollerton (daughter of Seth Ollerton and May Ann Newman). laboring in the Liverpool conference. the son of Elmer Taylor and Wealthy Ann Spafford. at Provo. M. was born Feb. ‘TAYLOR. who was born April 7. Iron county. p. and in 1902 (Jan.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster of Elders in this conference. He was raised in Levan and educated in Juab and Levan and the B. in Parowan. A. Roberts. U. James Elmer. Thus he served one term as a county commissioner and ten years on the school board of Juab county. during which he presided over the Lancaster branch of the Liverpool conference.

Nelson.. Bodily’ were assigned to labour in Lancaster as missionaries.000 amusement hall is being erected in Levan. No.36 29 Andrew Jenson.. 33 Millennial Star. 781. p. 31 Millennial Star. it was reported that James F. 63. Heber C. No.. gave a report of the conference and mentioned that ‘We baptized six into the Church at Lancaster. Sheffield and James S. Jenkins and H. Bishop Taylor has already presided over the Levan Ward for nearly eighteen years. 32 Millennial Star.30 In the 21st May 1901 edition of the Millennial Star. 537-538. and Wigan. Vol. 35 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:9. White were sustained as Elders assigned to labour in the Lancaster district. Facer. No. Rawtenstall. and Oscar T. 34 Millennial Star.’29 In the 11th January 1900 edition of the Millennial Star..A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Ann M. p. 36 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:32. 668. Vol. has taken a leading part in building a meeting house. Taylor and J. Robson were missionaries residing in Carnforth. pp. 48 (28 November 1901). I. Vol. it was reported that the Lancaster Observer ‘gives a pleasant account of the picnic given last week under the direction of the Mutual Improvement association of the Lancaster branch. Vinnie J. Rigby were assigned as travelling elders in the Lancaster district. James Orlando. Liverpool. Salt Lake City. 63. Vol. p. Mary J. No. 26.31 In the 10th October 1901 edition of the Millennial Star.. 30 Millennial Star. 62. Burnley. the Liverpool Conference was reported as having the following branches. it was reported that ‘J. 21 (21 May 1901). Liverpool Conference President. it was reported that L. a Relief Society building. L. and at the present time a $15. and during that time. 64.E. 3 (1920. 33 (14 August 1902). p. Parker. Farming and mercantile business are the Bishop's main avocations. Vol. a modern school building. 2 (11 January 1900). No. 348. William J. 521. 20 . 63. LDS Biographical Encyclopedia Vol. Lancaster. Chorley. Great Harwood. Frank S. Utah).35 On Wednesday 13th January 1903. Wealthy Eva and Olive.’32 In the 28th November 1901 edition of the Millennial Star.33 In the 14th August 1902 edition of the Millennial Star. all of the Elders in the Liverpool conference had their photograph taken. 41 (10 October 1901). Barrow-in-Furness. Joel E. p.H.’34 On Monday 25th May 1903.

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster On March 19th 1903.S. p. There are many investigators and prospects are bright. and felt encouraged by prospect before him. it was reported that ‘Elder Elias W. 42 On Wednesday 13th January 1904. Canada. and I held a 37 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:5. 587.’39 On Saturday 11th July 1903. who were from Lancaster. Rawtenstall. 42 Mormon Migration. Chorley. and James S. Included within this group was John H. it was reported that the Liverpool Conference was divided into nine branches ‘as follows. Midgley. U. James F.’44 In the 19th October 1905 edition of the Millennial Star.byu. 39 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:11. it was reported that ‘Elder Brinton was appointed to Lancaster with Elder Crane. 41 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:17. Columbus. Burnley. Lancaster.A. on board the ship was a company of LDS emigrants and returning missionaries. and d:146/keywords:Lancaster. departed from Lancaster. Liverpool. No.’40 On Saturday 29th August 1903. it was reported that ‘Elder Elias W. Riley.’43 In the 15th September 1904 edition of the Millennial Star. available at : http://mormonmigration. Great Harwood. Vol. Sheffield. and his family. as it would work a hardship on the saints of that branch to labor during winter months without purse or scrip.lib. Tamer and Hannah Gunson from Morecambe set sail for America with a company of saints and Elders on S. accessed : 19 December 2015. the paddle steamboat. 38 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:9. Elder Robson was transferred from Lancaster Branch to Rawtenstall Branch. 43 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:32. Massachusetts. 21 . 40 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #3141:32. Crane was appointed to labor in the Lancaster District without purse or scrip. 44 Millennial Star. September 4th. Brinton reports eight baptisms. Robson were reported to be stationed in Carnforth. The ship arrived in Boston. it was reported that ‘Monday night Elders Bradshaw.38 On Saturday 27th June 1903. S. in the Lancaster branch of the Liverpool conference. it was reported that ‘President Joseph H.’41 On the 29th October 1903.37 On Monday 25th May 1903. 66. 37 (15 September 1904). Nelson. Crane had entered upon his labors travelling without purse or scrip. Barrow.

22 . 67. We have every reason to feel encouraged in our work in that part of the Lord's vineyard. and they are also making many friends. ‘Baptismal services were held in Preston when 4 souls were added to the 45 Millennial Star. 42 (19 October 1905). five converts were added to the Church.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster successful street meeting on the Market Square. on the 13th inst. 732. 23 (7 June 1906). Vol. The Elders report bright prospects in Lancaster as a number are earnestly investigating the Gospel. it was reported that ‘At Lancaster. No. and expect to have baptismal services in Blackburn and Lancaster in the near future. it was reported that ‘"We are also delighted to report that the work is prospering in Lancaster.’46 In the 7th June 1906 edition of the Millennial Star. No. 191.’51 On Wednesday 26th June 1907. p.’48 On Saturday 8th December 1906.’50 In the 21st March 1907 edition of the Millennial Star.’47 On Saturday 3rd November 1906. Lancaster.’49 On Saturday 2nd March 1907. Vol. 49 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:246. p. May 19th. On Saturday. it was reported that ‘Baptisms at Lancaster. No. No. They were baptized in the Corporation baths by Elder Le Roy Reese. it was reported that ‘LeRoy Reese of Lancaster branch. and had about two hundred attentive listeners. 47 Millennial Star. 1905. S. Willes officiating. Vol. They were confirmed the following day. p. it was reported that ‘LeRoy Reese spoke favourably of the work in Lancaster. three persons were baptized into the Church. [March]. 12 (21 March 1907). 67. — At the Corporation Baths. 363. Vol. ‘Lancaster – Elders Reese and Rynearson said they had many investigators. five persons were baptized in the Corporation Baths. Preston. a Priesthood meeting of the conference was held at Preston. A district meeting was held there on Sunday the 20th. 48 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:241. 51 Millennial Star. it was reported that. 668. p. in fair condition. 69. Elder W. it was reported that. November 13th.’45 In the 16th November 1905 edition of the Millennial Star. 50 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:258. We feel quite encouraged in our labors. 46 (16 November 1905). 68. and was well attended by Saints and investigators. 46 Millennial Star. Elder George Le Roy Rees officiating.

Vol. p. 26 (27 June 1907). Gage Street. January 1st. 55 Millennial Star. it was reported that ‘On Wednesday.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster church. it was reported that ‘A very successful and largely attended social was held in the Central Rooms. Penrose and Elders Edward M. it was reported that. The party was given as a farewell to Elders Le Roy Rees and E. 70. special meetings were held at the Collegian Rooms. President Penrose 52 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:268. Lancaster. together with the saints. the 12th inst. Rynearson and L. The hall had been specially engaged for the occasion. Two large group photographs of the members of the branch were presented to the Elders as a token of the love and best wishes of all present. 69. Three were from Lancaster and one from Preston. 53 Millennial Star. Rynearson. where he found the best people he had ever met with on the earth. Hymn leaflets were provided and were used by the assembly with good effect. Wadsworth. In the afternoon about sixty persons. Elder Reese performed the ordinance. with their friends. The program rendered by a number of Saints and friends was enjoyed by all. 413. expressed themselves as being highly pleased with the evening's entertainment.’52 In the 27th June 1907 edition of the Millennial Star. held a most successful social. and Elder L. it was reported that ‘On Sunday. who also made the presentations. Timely advice was given to the children by Elder Elbert H. No. on Wednesday evening. large posters had been prepared and hand bills circulated announcing the meetings. February 2nd. George Street. Vol. After the opening exercises the sacrament was administered to the saints. [June]. Barlow. E. gave an account of his conversion to them and his going to Utah after traveling over most parts of the globe. were present. and they. Garrick addressed the congregation on the first principles of the gospel.’53 On Saturday 19th October 1907. when prizes were awarded to the members of the intermediate department of the Sunday School. Lancaster. No.’54 In the 9th January 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. two-thirds -of them non-members of the Church. p. 28.’55 In the 6 February 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. 1908.m. M. the Saints of the Lancaster branch. 23 . There were a number of people present who are not members of the Church. Garrick were in attendance. for punctual and regular attendance. who were leaving for other fields of labor. ‘Baptismal service was held at Preston when three persons from Lancaster and two from Preston were baptised by Elder F. An interesting program was rendered. Light refreshments were also served during the evening. at 2:30 and 6:30 p. 2 (9 January 1908). after which refreshments were served by the sisters. President Charles W. 54 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5251:278.

and the outpouring and manifestation of the Holy Spirit in these latter days. c. Unknown. and the entire services were highly satisfactory and caused much talk in the town on Monday of a favorable character. the Book of Mormon. and proclaimed the restoration of that authority and Church through the Prophet Joseph Smith. a very large preponderance of them not being Latter-day Saints. Rynearson explained in a forcible manner the faith of the saints. No. 95-96. In the 12th March 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. bearing strong testimony to the divinity of his mission. A profound impression was made upon the congregation. Penrose (front and centre) and British Missionaries. showing that both were essential to salvation. and the saints there are greatly elated over the event.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster followed. 70. President Penrose then delivered a discourse on the order and organization of the Church established by Jesus Christ and His Apostles. In the evening about ninety persons were present. Penrose in Christendom and heathendom. referring to the Bible. 1910. many of whom were thinking people of an intellectual and religious class. and most of them greatly enjoyed the meeting. officers and doctrines. 24 . The meetings at Lancaster are likely to bring forth much good fruit. depicted the falling away from that Church and Divine authority and the absence of it Charles W.’56 President Charles W. Elder Edward M. pp. Vol. He dwelt upon the necessity of the birth of water and of the Spirit. and the Doctrine and Covenants in support of his remarks. showing that there was a real Church built up by Christ. it was reported that ‘We take pleasure in reporting a baptismal service held at the 56 Millennial Star. Some fine solos were rendered by two young ladies. and the nature of its constitution. 6 (6 February 1908). expounding the principal doctrines of the Church and holding the congregation in close and earnest attention from beginning to end.

the visitors were given access to the church in which President Taylor was christened. February 26th. Five converts were then baptized by Elder Roger W. Garland Pace and Caleb E. and a very pleasant time was enjoyed by all. born 1st November. At the afternoon service President Penrose delivered an excellent discourse on "Salvation for the living and the dead. "The divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon" was the subject of an interesting lecture given by Elder Morton in the evening. p. the birthplace of President John Taylor. it was reported that ‘A baptismal service was held at the Cable Street Baths. Vol. Elder F. Confirmations took place immediately after the baptisms.’57 In the 2nd April 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. He was followed by President Penrose. 14 (2 April 1908). 58 Millennial Star. No. together with the saints.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Lancaster Public Baths. No. Creer. The day was delightfully fine. recitations and stories rendered. and that Joseph Smith is a true and faithful prophet. 220. pp. Wadsworth spoke upon the principles of the gospel and exhorted the saints to prove true to the covenants they had made. 24 (11 June 1908). after which they were confirmed members of the Church of Christ. Seven persons received the ordinance of baptism. who enlarged upon this subject. of Milnthorpe. adding his testimony to that of Elder Morton— that the Lord had revealed to him that the Book of Mormon is a divine record. and they. where a most enjoyable day was spent. which was performed by President Thomas S. p. Gregson. E. About sixty saints and friends were present to witness the ceremony. refreshments were again served and an enjoyable impromptu program of songs. accompanied by the visiting brethren and sisters went on an outing picnic to Milnthorpe. Kenneth R. Vol. After a diligent search the following entry was found: "John Taylor. on the 25th ult. 25 . 1808. Elders William A. Summerhays were in attendance. 11 (12 March 1908). 59 Millennial Star. 70. second son of James and Agnes Taylor." Returning to Milnthorpe. and Sister Romania B." in which all present manifested a deep interest. baptized December 4th. Monday morning a goodly company of saints and friends. 175. There were quite a number of visitors present. Vol. Through the kindness of the sexton's wife. 70. 1808. and were also permitted to examine the church records in order to learn when the event took place. 381-382. expressed much satisfaction with the meetings. Lancaster. President Charles W. In the afternoon the party hired a waggonette and drove to Heversham. No.’58 In the 11th June 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. Woolley.’59 57 Millennial Star. 1908. Morton. it was reported that ‘On Sunday afternoon and evening last two special meetings were held in Lancaster (Liverpool conference). Penrose. 70.

" and Elder Morton explained in a clear and impressive manner the first principles and ordinances of the gospel. The hall was crowded to its utmost capacity. Elders Kenneth R. Elder Woolley delivered an excellent discourse on "The Apostasy from the Primitive Christian Faith."’62 60 Millennial Star. about three hundred strangers being present besides the saints and friends. pp. another member was added to the Church in Lancaster. p.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster In the 13th August 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. and myself. We expect to baptize thirty-two converts this month. Wooley and Garland Pace. of the Liverpool office. Morton. The hall was crowded to its utmost capacity. 35 (27 August 1908). 26 .’60 In the 27th August 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. and William A. President Crockett was present and addressed the assembly on the necessity of the sacred ordinance. Vol. who have charge of the work there. told of the restoration of the gospel and bore testimony to the divinity of Joseph Smith's mission. 70. it was reported that ‘A largely-attended meeting was held in Lancaster on Sunday evening last.' which was delivered by Elder Birchall. 70. Vol. Friday. Vol.. 558 62 Millennial Star. on Sunday the 4th inst. and a very profitable time was spent. 670-671. K. Woolley. The ceremony was performed m Morecambe Bay by Elder Garland Pace. No. commencing at 0:80. The saints are united and the Relief Societies are doing good work. it was reported that ‘On August 3rd. clerk of the conference. R. and the entire congregation manifested the deepest interest in the excellent. a large number of strangers and investigators being present. it was reported that ‘The following account of a district meeting held in Lancaster. There were present Elders Charles T. Birchall of Accrington. 42 (15 October 1908). Another baptism was held in the Lancaster Public Baths. Elder Benjamin R. The district meeting was the first meeting in the new hall. There was an excellent spirit in the gathering. who was for some time pastor of a Methodist Episcopal Church in Utah. 33 (13 August 1908). 526. August 7th. President Crockett adds: "The elders' reports at the Priesthood meeting on the 3rd inst. and we were successful in leasing the Victoria Hall. Woolley. were in attendance. is furnished by President Edwin A. Four converts were then baptized by Elder Kenneth R. No. 61 Millennial Star.’61 In the 15th October 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. p. which is one of the best in Lancaster. scholarly address on 'Mormonism. 70. were very encouraging. Garland Pace. Lesueur. Crockett : "The Lancaster branch has been growing so rapidly that it became necessary to secure a larger meeting room. who afterwards spoke briefly on salvation for the dead. No.

No.m. ‘On Sunday. at Preston. They are as follows: Sister Rebecca Reid – president. Sister Penrose then gave timely instructions along the line of their duty and explained to all the sisters the necessity of sustaining the officers by their faith and prayers. 63 Millennial Star. An excellent spirit was enjoyed. (29 October 1908) p. c. 1908. after which it was voted to organise a society of the Lancaster Branch. p. 44.. four members were added to the Lancaster branch of the Liverpool conference. also of being united in their labors. Elder Kenneth R. Woolley reported the Lancaster branch to be in a very satisfactory condition. Woolley spoke on gospel principles and ordinances. it was reported that ‘On Wednesday evening. Francis Moore – secretary.’63 At the same meeting it was reported that ‘The conference assembled again at 2 p. Prior to their baptism. 44 (29 October 1908). a brief service was held at the public baths. Selina Martin – treasurer. after the afternoon service of the Liverpool conference. 702. and the people there very favorable to the saints. 1910 (Possible venue for the Victoria Hall). it was reported that ‘On Friday evening last. Isabella Bell – 1st counsellor. 70.’64 In the same edition of the Millennial Star. Lancaster. Dalton Square. 702. President and Sister Penrose. Woolley and Garland Pace being present. October 25th.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Lancaster Town Hall. Elders Kenneth R. 64 Millennial Star. there was a Liverpool Conference held at Preston.’65 In the 19th November 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. Vol. Rose May Horn – 2nd counsellor. 70. 702. Lancaster (Liverpool conference). a meeting of the Lancaster sisters was held in the Embee Hall. 65 Millennial Star. a baptism was performed at the public baths. No. The converts were baptized by Elder Garland Pace. the 13th inst. p. 27 . 44 (29 October 1908). The officers were then chosen and presented by Elder Woolley and sustained by all present. 70. Vol. Vol. October 7th. No. Sister Penrose explained the benefit and manner of organising a Relief Society. at which Elder Kenneth R. On Sunday 25th October 1908.

March 17th. p. No. Lancaster (Liverpool conference).A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster when two converts were initiated into the fold of Christ. of his prayers to the Lord to guide him into truth. was duly celebrated by the various societies in this mission March 17th. it was reported that ‘Twenty Years Among the 'Mormons. who sincerely regret his departure. A number of reports of the proceedings have been received. 70. 1909. Two candidates were then baptized by Elder Garland Pace. 69 Millennial Star. 1842. 6 (11 February 1909). 68 Millennial Star. recitations and short speeches. Morton before a large and appreciative audience in the Victoria Hall. Vol. 750. 71. 93.’68 In the 11th March 1909 edition of the Millennial Star. 28 .’69 In the 25th March 1909 edition of the Millennial Star. 70. 67 Millennial Star. a baptismal service was held at the Public Baths. p. 49 (3 December 1908). He explained the first principles of the faith of the saints. which were of the most pleasing character. it was reported that ‘On Tuesday evening. They were confirmed immediately after. The ordinance was administered by Elder Kenneth R. Great interest was manifested by the sisters. A program of vocal and instrumental music.'" — An interesting lecture on the above subject was delivered by Elder William A. and how his prayers had been answered in his conversion to "Mormonism. of his severing his connection with them. Vol. and recounted some of his experiences with the "Mormons" in Utah. p. Woolley and Sister Margaret McMurtry. it was reported that ‘On Thursday evening last the saints and friends of the Lancaster branch tendered a farewell social to Elder Kenneth R. No. Elder Morton told how he became dissatisfied with the teachings of several of the sectarian churches. 10 (11 March 1909). 782. and all present. Vol. Parry and Brother H." in which he has found perfect satisfaction and rest for his soul. Woolley. President Edwin A. February 2nd. Elder Woolley was presented with a handsome traveling rug by the Lancaster saints. 66 Millennial Star. Vol. Crockett and several elders from other branches were also present. it was reported that ‘The anniversary of the organization of the Relief Society by the Prophet Joseph Smith. 71. 158.’67 In the 11th February 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. An excellent spirit pervaded the meeting. p.’66 In the 3rd December 1908 edition of the Millennial Star. social entertainments were provided and the annual donation from each member received. both saints and strangers. Appropriate remarks were made by Elder George A. 47 (19 November 1908). was presented and enjoyed by all present. Excellent refreshments were served. 1909. Lancaster. No. on Sunday evening last. No. aided in many cases by the elders. Jowett. expressed themselves as being deeply impressed with what they had heard.

Norwich. Presented by Samuel Gregson. 71. England. 71 Millennial Star. Vol. Liverpool. Lancaster (Liverpool conference). Leicester. Appropriate remarks were made by President E. 470. Williams and Elder Vincent Bennion. Dublin. Lancaster. 30 (29 July 1909). The baths were enlarged in 1894. Cable Street. Lancaster.british-history. viz.’70 In the 29th July 1909 edition of the Millennial Star.72 In the 16th September 1909 edition of the Millennial Star.: Carlisle. 7 August 1863. (1914). Lancaster. at that time a member for the borough. 1863. Vol. accessed: 19 December 2015. 12 (25 March 1909). 71. Lancaster (Liverpool conference). Preston. Bradford. 29 . p. 72 British History Online. Sunderland. No. it was reported that ‘On Wednesday evening. Pace.’71 Opening ceremony of the Public Baths and Wash Houses. he died in 1865. Sheffield and South London. a baptismal service was held in the Public Baths. 70 Millennial Star. 100. Belfast. after which four persons were led into the water by Elder Garland H. July 21st. available at: http://www.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster The reports that have come to hand were from the following societies in the order named. MP for Lancaster. Unknown. it was reported that ‘At the Public Baths. p. "The present baths in Cable Street were presented to the town in 1863 by Samuel Gregson." To the inhabitants of his native town. No.

the funds going to the above-mentioned cause.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Wednesday. three persons were baptized. and expressed a desire that the elders would visit them often. 1909. Townson. at which seven persons were baptised. 270. 72. taking up about twenty-five minutes. Elder Vincent Bennion officiating. Dobson. No. a Harvest Festival was held in the Victoria Hall. All who were present declared it to be the best Sunday morning they have had since the school was opened some six months ago. No. The fruit was all carried to the home of Brother Jowett where it was sold. p. A social was held at the home of Brother J.’74 In the 3rd March 1910 edition of the Millennial Star. The hall was well filled. Lancaster (Liverpool conference). No. Tuesday night. It was through the instrumentality of Elder Holmes Jowett who gave a paper on ' Inspiration. 72. The subject was entitled. a number of strangers being present. Elder George H.’73 In the 21st October 1909 edition of the Millenial Star. and we hope that good may result from them. no. Vol. 669. Arrangements are already being made for other lectures. it was reported that ‘On Sunday. where four large potato pies were sold.’75 In the 28th April 1910 edition of the Millennial Star.' the previous Sunday that we were asked to give our services. 71. 9 (3 March 1910)." The hall was tastefully decorated with fruits." rendered by Elders G. H. Lambert officiating. 1910. part of which had been contributed by strangers. the proceeds going to the Relief Society. February 22nd. Elder Rushby O. April 17th. R. 74 Millennial Star. 1910. and Elder George H. Lambert gave a lecture before the members of the Primrose Friends Adult School. who was visiting from the Southport branch. C. 30 . On Sunday morning. 42 (21 October 1909). 37 (16 September 1909). Lambert. p. Midgley. "Do what is right. Vol. and palms. Lambert. "We Plough the Fields.' and was handled in a very plain manner. Brother H. Brothers H. gave spirited discourses which were appropriate for the occasion.’76 73 Millennial Star. p. Vol. Jowett and B. it was reported that ‘Elders Lambert and Lindsay report a baptismal service in Lancaster (Liverpool conference). Elder George H. 17 (28 April 1910). 144. p. Vol. and many questions were asked and answered. Jowett also sang. it was reported that ‘One of the saints of Lancaster (Liverpool conference) writes: "The elders in the Lancaster branch are making a great many friends. September 15th. Discussion was allowed. 689. October 10th. 71. 75 Millennial Star. 'Christianity Anciently and Now. Midgley. vegetables. We believe that much good can be done in this way. The remarks were interspersed by a quartette. 76 Millennial Star. which is run on undenominational lines.

Clawson and family. p. the sisters of the Relief Society. Sister Taylor of Carlisle. 25 (23 June 1910). 24 (16 June 1910). Norman Lee and Sister Lydia S. the saints and friends of the Lancaster and Morecambe branches (Liverpool conference) met at their new meeting hall.’77 In the 23rd June 1910 edition of the Millennial Star. Elder Bennion was the recipient of some nice presents. where is located the old church in which President John Taylor was christened. His labors were much appreciated by his many friends. three waggonettes were loaded to their capacity — there were fully fifty in the company — and a drive of about eighteen miles made to Milnthorpe. Good cheer was a feature of the evening. Vol. Arrived at Milnthorpe. and 77 Millennial Star. are entitled to much praise for the truly fine time had during the two days. who has been released to return to his home. it was reported that ‘On Saturday evening. refreshments being served in excellent style by the sisters of the Relief Society. the usual place— and in the evening a social was held where a good." all visited the church. All enjoyed themselves and pronounced the affair a success. and Elders Larsen and Crawford and Lambert.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster In the 16th June 1910 edition of the Millennial Star. A misty rain began to fall about four o'clock and the company set out for home. After "tea. elders and saints contributing numbers.’ 78 In the 7th July 1910 edition of the Millennial Star. On the 4th of July the elders met in the regular monthly Priesthood meeting at Lancaster—instead of Preston. as the singing of songs and cracking of jokes joyfully testified. 72. a field in the neighborhood. It was a most delightful drive. all took "tea. some looked on and others went a mile farther up the road and visited the beautiful Leven's gardens. had a splendid two days' jollification on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The scenery was entrancing. and soon thereafter the elders and visitors had taken leave of their generous hosts and were on their various ways to their homes. At seven o'clock the whole company was back safe and happy in Lancaster. The saints of Lancaster. where a social was held in honor of Elder Vincent Bennion. it was reported that ‘The elders of the Liverpool conference and the saints of Lancaster. it was reported that ‘The elders of the Lancaster branch (Liverpool conference). Elder S. of Liverpool. wish it known that they hold services every Sunday evening at 6:30 in the Alhambra Buildings. impromptu program was rendered. then some played baseball in. beautiful beyond our powers to even commence a description. 1910. 85 Church Street. Lancaster Street entrance." which was served by those ministering angels. No. 396. No. 72. Elder Bennion labored in this district for ten months. Next morning. May 28th. Lancaster. p. Vol. 78 Millennial Star. Everyone was in good spirits. making a short detour to visit the ancestral home of the illustrious Washingtons — made particularly illustrious by the achievements of General George Washington. Morecambe. with Elder Lambert as Master of Ceremonies. 31 . 382.

’ In the 1 September 1910 edition of the Millennial Star. August 27th. 430-431. gave a social and potatopie supper on Saturday. 1910. Morecambe. This information is for the benefit of saints who may find themselves in Morecambe… over Sunday. 27 (7 July 1910). A most enjoyable time 79 Millennial Star.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elders H. Clawson and Horace Bond of Sheffield conference were among the visitors. Lancashire Street entrance. 32 . 72. B. Vol. no.’79 In the 21st July 1910 edition of the Millennial Star. it was reported that ‘The unmarried sisters of the Relief Society of the Lancaster branch (Liverpool conference). it was reported that ‘The address of the Morecambe meeting place: Alhambra Palace. pp.

and Clarence L. 80 Millennial Star. 35 (1 September 1910). Winifred Simmonds.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster was had by the saints and their friends. p. and the sum of sixteen shillings was realized. Note the modern equivalent would be around £73 in today’s money. In Lancaster there were 4 ‘Mormon Elders’ recorded.’80 On 2nd April 1911 the decennial census was conducted in the United Kingdom. At the time they were boarders living with Edith Simmonds and her daughter. 33 . O. Vol. Pashby Midgeley. John Cameron. R. The Simmonds were members of the Church. Shaw. 72. No. Card. which was donated to the organ fund. 558.

From Utah. 8 November 1910 (Lancaster Castle/Shire Hall) 34 . U.S.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder Alfred Parsons.A.

R. Card in 1911. Unknown.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder O. 35 .

Under the sun. Of Christian charity. and though 1 am not known to you and have no connection whatever with any denomination. In the 25th May 1911 edition of the Millennial Star." You have every bit as much right to spread your faith and make converts to it as any other body has. R. and the persecution your 36 . there is distinct encouragement in words like the following. Unknown. April 27th. which were sent to President Young of Liverpool conference the day after a crowd of clerical supporters tried to "rush" the meeting room at Lancaster.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elders O. the following letter was reprinted ‘[In the midst of persecution. I had previously read some scandalous writings (of a Reverend) respecting your religious body. Card. April 1911. Lancaster. — I have read with shame and sorrow the report in today's Daily Dispatch of the disturbance made at your meeting-house last evening. 1911. and could not help recalling Hood's lament: "Alas! for the rarity. I feel I must express my deep regret that any so-called religious people in this town should act as these men have done. Gentlemen.] Lancaster. and Clarence Shaw.

37 . Elder E. No. it was reported that ‘A baptismal service was held on July 12th. 82 Millennial Star." I am. 326-327.’82 Elder Edmond. Lancaster. as I have already suffered enough in this benighted place for my opinions. and they have none of the spirit of the carpenter's Son. Vol. but I felt that I must tell you that there was at any rate one in Lancaster who altogether abhors and detests the at. Mary’s Church. They know not what charity means. St. Unknown River Lune. 73. p. England. Elder A. Mary’s Church. Vol. 81 Millennial Star. Unknown. I say from my heart. and as a stranger to you. Elder Edmond. 29 (20 July 1911). respectfully. England. for it is his works they do. 73. Lancaster.tacks being made upon you by so-called Christians. One who thinks with Paul that "the greatest of these is Charity.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster people are now having to endure in this country shows me that the name "Christian England" is a misnomer (in some quarters).S. Should you desire to see me. and I desire peace. pp. Swift received soon after receive a postcard ‘Dear Bro. or send aught to your people I will be at 295 on Friday afternoon. Lancaster. at Lancaster (Liverpool conference) when five persons were baptised in the River Lune. Lancastrie (?) on the 8th July.’ In the 20th July 1911 edition of the Millennial Star. Having been honourably released to return home. So far as I can judge you are far nearer the truth than your persecutors and traducers. Elder Alfred Parsons officiating. but one who loves justice and fair play. 25th November 1911. at any rate those who are raging against you are showing in all they do that they have not the Truth nor the Life nor the Light in them— they are surely of their father the devil. 461. St. 1908. St."’81 Dated 30th June 1911. 21 (25 May 1911). and if He were here to-day He would not spare them any more than He spared the Pharisees of old. 1911. I remain as ever your bro. If your cause be the truth it cannot fail. "God be with you and enable you to confound your enemies. No. All these loud-shouting people who are raging against "Mormonism " to-day are near relatives of the Jews who crucified Jesus of Nazareth. I sail from Liverpool per S. Unknown. Davis. 25th November 1911. Georges Quay. I have not given you my name or address.

Mary’s Church.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elders C. St. C. Card. 38 . R. 26 November 1911. and O. Edmonds. Lancaster.

Unknown. Utah. 1912. it was reported that ‘A farewell social was given at the Latter-day Saints' Mission Hall. M. on Saturday. The remainder of the evening was spent in games and social chat. p. During the evening Elder Campbell was presented with a beautifully bound volume of Shakespeare's works. Burnley (Liverpool conference). at which 83 Millennial Star. on Wednesday evening. M.’83 Elder D. Campbell. it was reported that ‘A baptismal service was held at the Corporation Baths. 1912. January 24th. Vol. and all present joined in wishing him God-speed on his homeward journey. 95. No. Lancaster (Liverpool conference). in honor of Elder D. from Providence. 6 (8 February 1912). the main feature being a comic sketch. 74. An enjoyable program was rendered. Campbell. In the 14th March 1912 edition of the Millennial Star.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster In the 8th February 1912 edition of the Millennial Star. 39 . March 2nd. who is returning to his home in Zion. The sisters of the Relief Society furnished refreshments for the occasion.

p.’85 84 Millennial Star. Jackson and Alma J. Elders Newtown R. 173. Vol. The elders feel to encourage them in their good work. 85 Millennial Star. Vol. where Elders Wilford Reeder and Newton Jackson treated them to a very dainty luncheon.’84 In the 16th May 1912 edition of the Millennial Star.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster eight souls were initiated into the fold of Christ. The sisters are to be complimented on their energetic spirit and the interest that is manifest in their organization. May 6th. 74. 20 (16 May 1912). were happily surprised Monday evening. they were invited into a large dining room. p. and five from Burnley. it was reported that ‘The sisters of the Relief Society at Lancaster (Liverpool conference). 319. 40 . 74. 1912. three from the Lancaster branch. Larkin officiated. No. No. After their regular meeting. 11 (14 March 1912).

41 . Utah. Unknown. From Brigham City.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder Wilford Reeder.

42 . Utah. Unknown. From Provo. Jackson.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder Newton R.

12 April 1913.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder Newton R. 43 . Jackson. Arthur Clinton. Preston.

and in perfect accord with the Bible. and all things praiseworthy. and are recognized by them as the ideas which the world must shortly be induced to ponder. The teachings of the Latter-day Saints are broad." or whether we speak presumptuously.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster In the 26th December 1912 edition of the Millennial Star. James. taunted." We find the inspired seers of old passing unheeded 44 . morality. the following article was submitted by a missionary serving in Lancaster ‘very short time spent in the mission field is sufficient to prove to a Latter-day Saint missionary that people generally are not at all anxious to hear his message. "for an example of suffering affliction." counsels St. Their lives are worthy of emulation. Yet how rarely does a searcher come with unbiased mind and prayerful heart to seek to know of the doctrine. deep. there are the ideas which are in everybody's mind — the clamant topics of popular discussion. "whether it be of God. On the other hand. and of the great blessings which it has brought to them. Still. being endowed with prophetic potency. the really fertile and germinating ideas. sceptical indifference. they are surely worth consideration from everyone. and of patience. artists and writers. This condition is quite surprising to him at first. Our missionaries bear testimony to all the world of the divinity of the work. fact that the ideas prevailing at any particular period are of two distinct classes. As such. "Take. truth. If his claims be true. which overleap the boundaries of the present and. Unaccountable as this may seem. On the one hand. uplifting. it is those who have come in the name of the Lord. It has become well-nigh proverbial that many of the greatest men have not been appreciated or understood until after they have passed way. As Archibald Henderson says in his biography of George Meredith. "It is a neglected. wide dissemination and general acceptance. the prophets. even martyred. they arouse only a listless curiosity. for their unyielding love of truth. if not antipathy and persecution. who were ceaseless toilers in obscure poverty." History presents many cases of scientists. for the statements which he makes seem to demand the most earnest investigation from all who hear them. they have the highest regard for honesty. If there be any class of men which more than another has suffered the calumny of the majority of mankind in every age. They have often been misunderstood. my brethren. we find many examples of similar conditions both in past and present times. are only known to a few. rather than a forgotten. then the principles and ordinances of the gospel of Christ have in these days been restored in all of their primitive purity for the immediate benefit and ultimate salvation of mankind. herald and announce the future. each with his sincere message for the world and unwilling to abandon it to gain part in the wealth and popularity showered upon less scrupulous or earnest men.

though the gospel which they proclaimed held out to all the most glorious hopes and blessings conceivable. He passed through life in the main unrecognized. for having extended the worship of the gods.where spoken against. "Why did not the people listen to Moses. but are you not stopping your ears against those who are proclaiming the truth in 45 . or dishonor. the frequent use made of the weapon of slander by the enemies of the Church proves nothing so much as that they lack the sword of truth and are consequently forced to resort to deceit and fiction. that "sect every. instead of the infallible leadership of a prophet of God. but all evidence points to the conclusion that many of the best people that ever lived have been misjudged and often bitterly opposed by the majority of their contemporaries." for Jew and pagan alike did all in their power to crush the Church of Christ. who clamored for the rule of an earthly king. their wonderful gifts and promises proved to be " pearls before swine. to the apostles? How stupid they were in those days not to see that Galileo.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster or reviled and ridiculed. to Christ. until we come to the time of the Savior Himself. Many who look back upon past events express surprise that such rough treatment should have been accorded the greatest benefactors of man. This fact is worth consideration by those who wonder about the unpopularity of the Church to-day. Often we hear statements to the effect that the wide circulation and common belief of the vile stories in print concerning the "Mormon" religion and people are proof that such tales are re. "for having everywhere abolished the superstition of Christ. The prophet Samuel was rejected by his people." About 300 A.liable. being understood only by a few. In general. a pillar was triumphantly raised to the honor. and at their hands he was eventually slain. Especially has this been the case with those whom the Lord has called to bear direct and special messages — whether timely warnings or principles of truth and salvation. the Roman Emperor Diocletian. No greater fallacy can be maintained — in fact. for it plainly shows that general acceptance and favor are far from being tests of truth." Instances might be multiplied. to live and die for their redemption. So on down through the ages. though they brought gracious warnings to the erring.D. although they were abundantly and manifestly blessed when obedient. "Crucify him!" was the cry of those claiming to be the chosen people of God. Columbus and Newton were right!" Ah. The children of Israel frequently displayed a spirit of rebellion against the commands of the Lord through Moses and others. Noah spent one hundred and twenty years in unavailing efforts to bring the people to a realization of the calamities awaiting the unrepentant. Then His disciples were also called upon to meet the opposition of the world. of that zealous persecutor. Coming into the world with infinite love and mercy for all mankind.

we must open our minds to an unbiased consideration of the facts. being turned from the truth unto fables. We are as tourists visiting the desolate battle-field long after the fray is over and calculating. 827-830. pp. then. Under the name of "Mormonism" the principles and ordinances of the true gospel of Christ are being preached in all the world "as a witness unto all nations. being destined to spread over the whole earth. be they pleasant or disagreeable. undisturbed. the importance of the messages borne to the world by the great ones of ages that are gone. just what the vanquished should have done to gain the victory. No noise. Wells. No. But. till the whole was leavened. with long-accumulated knowledge of the situation at our command. the kingdom of God has been established in these last days never to be thrown down.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster these days. Eventually. we see the awful results of prejudice. no smoke. we are able to make our decision calmly. our message will be generally comprehended and received. We look upon the past in perspective. and misinformed concerning our teaching and practice. It will finally overcome the powers of darkness. Prejudice must be laid aside. Vol. For it is "like unto leaven.stood or accepted is a regrettable condition. and the conviction of its truth will yet enter into the minds and hearts of all mankind. Blinded by prejudice. 52 (26 December 1912). But appreciation of the really great truths of the present is not so easily had-." That they are not commonly under." Lancaster. 74. 46 . the greater number will be a long time in coming to a knowledge of the truth. judicially. nor bloody turmoil confuse our thoughts. to a certain extent. It can only come as we grow up to them by means of careful investigation and earnest prayer. which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal. but one that is to be expected. Hermon J. though at present but comparatively few recognize its importance.’86 86 Millennial Star. according to promise. Otherwise the real truth will never be arrived at. and understand and appreciate.

1912-1913 47 . c.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster British Mission Missionaries.

Well. Unknown. 48 . From Salt Lake City. Utah.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder Hermon J.

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster 49 .

p. p. 15. it was reported that ‘A farewell social was held on Wednesday. 1913. who has been honorably released from his missionary labors to return to his home in Salt Lake City. p. a baptismal service was held at Lancaster (Liverpool conference). Jr. 704. officiated. in Lancaster. 90 Millennial Star. June 2nd. Vol. 591. Vol. 88 Millennial Star. at 85 Church Street. Unknown. J. England. 44 (23 October 1913).’91 87 Millennial Star. In the 2nd January 1913 edition of the Millennial Star. p. All present seemed to have a pleasant time. 75. in honor of Elder John F. 1 (2 January 1913).. who has been transferred from the Liverpool to the Leeds conference. A suitable program. who is emigrating to Canada. a successful social was held at 85 Church Street.’87 In the 26th June 1913 edition of the Millennial Star. 50 . Lancaster (Liverpool conference). 91 Millennial Star. 75. p. Jr. 37 (11 September 1913). when four souls were added to the Church. on Wednesday. 1913. Wheelwright. 1913. 26 (26 June 1913). 1912. in honor of Elder Leonard B. Lancaster. Gunn. Gunn. on October 7th. 415. Refreshments were served by the Relief Society. 89 Millennial Star. after which games were indulged in. Vol. A program of recitations and musical numbers was enjoyed and a beautiful linen tea cloth was presented to each of the elders in appreciation of their labors in the branch. Vol.. in honor of Elders Wilford Reeder and William H. An appreciated token of esteem was presented to him by the members of the branch. including games. 655. 75. From Midvale. was the feature of the evening. 75. 75. Utah. it was reported that ‘A farewell social was held at 85 Church Street. 1913. December 18th.’88 In the 11th September 1913 edition of the Millennial Star. Elder John F. it was reported that ‘A farewell social was held at the Latter-day Saints' mission hall. No. including games. Lancaster. it was reported that ‘On Monday. Lancaster (Liverpool conference). A suitable program. Vol. and an appropriate token of esteem was presented to the departing brother. No. No. in honor of Brother John Bell. prior to their departure for home. September 3rd.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder R. Nielsen. December 1912. It was fully enjoyed by all in attendance.’90 In the 23rd October 1913 edition of the Millennial Star. Owen. it was reported that ‘On Wednesday. September 2fth. was the feature of the evening. No.’89 In 2nd October 1913 edition of the Millennial Star. 41 (2 October 1913). No.

Utah. From Provo. Nielson. Unknown.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder Leonard B. 51 .

p. and nearly fell over themselves to get to me first. ‘I might say that yesterday I came to Lancaster to Elder Wells’ social. The program consisted of songs. in honor of Sister Elizabeth Bell and her daughter Florence. while I was tracting I called on ister Hartly. Vol. I felt as tho my efforts had been appreciated by some in England. They were all surprised to see me and when I got at the hall. another instance I must not forget was that while we were having prayers before going to bed. 95. to join Brother Bell.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster In the 13th November 1913 edition of the Millennial Star.’93 In his diary. Wells. No. and Labrum prayed for everybody and every thing for the longest time out. I also sang her my song. An enjoyable program was rendered. and I had to set her right. recitations. a farewell social was held by the Lancaster branch (Liverpool conference). I sang the mission call and Shall I be forgotten. Elder Niels Anderson writes on 29 January 1914 about the farewell social on the 28 January. 93 Millennial Star. This morning I went over to the lodge and we all sat talking on various points of the gospel and after dinner we went to Morecombe to tract. it was reported that ‘On Wednesday evening. January 28th.’92 In the 5th February 1914 edition of the Millennial Star. Vol. pp. and a short sketch. Lancaster (Liverpool conference). Canada. the whole scene brought to my mind a cartune [cartoon] I once saw. October 27th. it was reported that ‘A farewell social was held in the Latter-day Saints' Mission Hall. and enjoyed the evening in singing songs and telling our experiences. Mr Reid said it seemed like home to see me. they all told me of my improvement since I was there last. saints and friends. A token of love and esteem was presented to him by the elders. 76. who has been honorably released to return to his home. with the deacon praying with the cat on his back and the kids fighting which was to me typical of some real facts and was very 92 Millennial Star. It made me feel good. who are emigrating to Berlin. 47 (13 November 1913). 75. 751-752. An appreciated token of esteem was presented to the departing sisters by the Relief Society of the branch. it sure made me feel fine to get off to the old invironment again and see the old saints again. Ontario. 1914. I slept at Sister Reids that night. we then went to Bro & Sister Lancasters for tea. 1913. they all made a rush for me. the cat climbed up on Presidents back and stood there with head and tail erect. The Josephites had been at her. in honor of Elder Hermon J. we all walked home. 6 (5 February 1914). 52 . after which refreshments were served. we had a nice program and a scetch. No. just as tho I was at home. and complimented me on the way I got around the ooposition I hve been in contact with. who is already there.

L. and spoke for a while. they then took him away for a while. Too make my visit typical we sang some of the old songs I used to teach them. With Elder Camron and it was sure funny. After meeting we went out and held a street meeting on the old market square. by this time I had an awful big crowd around. Monday 1 June 1914 ‘Today the first thing I did was to write a letter home. till I had to keep on the move like a Hyena to keep concentrated at noon I felt a little better. but this time when he went to lean against me and got hold of my legs. Anderson (1913-1914). and the whole scene though made. 94 Diary of Niels J. and their attention. I then went to Sunday School here in Lancaster and it seemed nice to see all my old friends again and I must say I felt a spirit of appreciation among all the saints for my visit. may result in a lot of good in some honest souls heart. and the signs of the Time. till he was back a doing the same thing. I had the sympathy of the crowd. that was formed around me. especially when Elder Labrum kept praying so long. 20.’ Sunday 31 May 1914 ‘Today all morning I went walking around with a stomach ache. so it proved good in that way that I got a crowd. S. and the restoration of the gospel. and the tail of my overcoat. till he fell on the street in front of me. and then turn around to the people and try to mock me in affront and justice.’94 Saturday 30 May 1914 ‘…Then came to Lancaster and joined Elder Camron in tracting an anti-Mormon play called The Mormon and his Wife. till some one came and got him away. 53 . he then began to run against me. we then took tea with Sister Reid. We took our lunch to the hall with us. it was hard for him to hold his crowd as he was back away from them so far. this took up all the afternoon. After we sang Oh My Father. it all went off very quiet no trouble at all. Elder Camron stood on the town hall steps. and he had to talk so loud so when I started I got right down on the street and when I had a nice crowd around me. and they were sure good. I then used the event as an illustration and gave them a good sermon on L. and at night meeting I spoke 50 minutes on Christ’s Winmoving (?) Fan. there was a little dog barking at his heels and it made the crowd laugh. but I had hardly started well again. I had all I could stomach. and hung with it and with a death grip. p. they all spoke of it as a real treat. We then went and attended the Lancaster Sports in the Giant Axe Field. The features were the foot races and especially the 2 mile one which was run very good. an old drunk came staggering into the middle of the circle. but no one moved. and put a few questions to them on the godhead. and they all seemed to enjoy it very much.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster humourous to me. Character. I appealed to the crowd several times tot ake him away.

’ Wednesday 3 June 1914 ‘Today the first thing we did was to visit Annie Spidel [Speidel] and Bateman and got Elder Camron acquainted with them. we then formed in a sort of a class and Elder Effertson then introduced a subject for us to debate.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster the bicycle races were also very good. I then took the train for home…’ Tuesday 7 July 1914 ‘Today we got up early and went to Lancaster for Priesthood meeting and it was sure a . after which I went and slept at Bells. and the justice of God. and on the way back 54 . called the suffering world. one was that God was not omicient in the literal sense of the word. L. and treated me fine. so we visited Dobsons.. and the police races and fireman races. S. and Sister Needam also came in. and I also called on a friend on Cable St. We had supper with them.? We all gave our own reports and then we had a few minutes’ admission. and all the local transcations that even took place down there. when ever he got a chance. I and the four girls from Lancaster rode in one little cozy wagonette. I won out in both stands I took. After tea we went up to visit Mr Bowkin and family and spent a fine evening. 42 that I had made up here tracting. and the other was that suffering so pain was beneficial to the world. Mr Cocking. but got back at 9 o’clock and just before I left. and I suppose it has done its share of good. D.’ Wednesday 8 July 1914 Today we all got up early and went to Beetham in wagonettes which was a pleasant ride. It was sure interesting. we then went to Morecombe and had dinner with Sister Lancaster. Mrs Bowker had been to Settle and Ingleton. We then came to Sister Reids and had tea. and spent the evening listening to Elder Camron talk about the stampedes in Dixie. and that since we met he had defended the L. they were sure tickled to see me. also Robbinsons. We all took part in the debate. But they were not home. and they told me to be sure to bring my wife to see them when we got our chance. Mr Bowker acknowledged before Elder Camron that I had taught him a lot of things and what a warm feeling he had towards me. After dinner we went up to visit Spidels and Bateman. we left them feeling fine. all in all its been a day of visiting. she invited us in and told us how much she thought of the Elders of the L. S. we then spent a little while on the promenade and then I came to Lancaster as soon as I could.’ Tuesday 2 June 1914 ‘Today I stayed in and studied in the morning and also listened to Winnie Simmonds place the old pieces I used to enjoy. We had a social at night. no. We then went to Bells and got an account of how they were departed. and the athletic demonstrations were very good. Elder Nielson.

’ Wednesday 30 December 1914 ‘Today the first thing I did was ride my bicycle up to see Winnie Simmonds. I have sure left a lasting impression with them. At night they held a social for me at the Hall. they were very pleased to see me. we spent the evening in singing and taling on various subjects. Mrs Bowker is like a real old mother. I omitted saying that all the saints took picknick. it sure seemed like old times to be with them again. A few investigators were with us. They were all home and very pleased to see me. we spent a fine evening. he look’s just like Emily’s father did. we played ball while at Beetham. soon after dinner. especially on my missionary experiences. Wednesday 6 January 1915 ‘Today we visited Brother Bell’s. Winnie Simmonds was a member from Lancaster. I arrived there at give o’clock. this took up the whole day. we got back at 10 o’clock at night. the Hall was especially decorated for the occasion so it looked very nice & I felt highly renowned which I was called upon to give a little speech I remember how my emotions were aroused saying goodbye was very hard for me to the Lancaster Saints. they received me very nice. as it was my first branch & one always holds dear his first acquaintances. and the juniors won. and splendids daughter. I was umpire. all the Saints were out.’ Thursday 7 January 1915 55 .’ Note. I gave them my photo and they promised to send me there’s. and we are it in a bowert we walked around to the fairy steps and all in all we sure enjoyed the day. Annie. who was staying at her aunts on Accrington Road. Mr Bateman. Mr Bowker practically acknowledged that Mormonism was true. I took the train to Lancaster. Dobson’s. Elder Anderson had stayed at her home whilst serving there. Tuesday 5 January 1915 ‘Today the first thing I did was to go down to the big rope factory to get some rope for my trunk. I was presented with a nice cushion from the branch & Bowkins gave me some nice Dresser gloves for my wife & they both wrote a token of remembrance in my autograph. and showed me a good time. I also had a few last glances around town. I found the Elders all well at Reids.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Elder Effertson took Nielsons place and we then had the same crowd to same buggy and we had a real foolish jolly time all the way home. Jackson’s. Mr Bowker said I had been the only one he has come across for many a year that he could converse with soul to soul he said it was a precious gift of God. Bowkin’s also came down and took part with us in the social in singing and playing games. Siser Neadom (?) was also there … night we went up to Mr Bowkers to spend the evening.

it was reported that ‘A baptismal service was held at the Mill Race. 80.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster ‘Today I got up very early and took the train from Lancaster to Burnley again. 16 (18 April 1918). Elder Fred J. Vol. Vol. February 20th. Cote (Coat) Green Farm. 97 Millennial Star. when one soul was brought into the fold of Christ. No. p. she sure thinks a lot of me. Morecambe. of the Liverpool Conference. with Brother John Bell and Elder Rulon R. p. it was reported that ‘A branch of the Church was organized at Lancaster. 56 . Elder J. near Carnforth (Lancaster branch of the Liverpool conference). Ensign Riggs officiated. No. 1915. it was reported that ‘Brother John Bell gave a brief report of the Lancaster branch. 77. 15 (15 April 1915). under the direction of President Harold H. I’ll never forget how hard it was for Sister Reid to say goodbye. 250. Sunday.’97 In the 30th March 1922 edition of the Millennial Star. 240. at a conference held at 6 Rosebery Avenue. Bennett. on April 5th. Webley was sustained as Presiding Elder. Free as 95 96 Millennial Star.’96 In the 18t h April 1918 edition of the Millennial Star. she says the only real pleasure their son Will has had since he came to Canada has been in my wife’s acquaintance…’95 In the 15th April 1915 edition of the Millennial Star.

it was reported that ‘A candidate was baptized in the River Lune. and Sister Ella Brown... the 2nd inst. by President Q David Hansen. President Hansen and Elder Budge sang a duet. p. it was reported that ‘The Lancaster branch of the Liverpool conference entertained at an enjoyable social on Wednesday evening. it was reported that ‘A successful district conference was held at Lancaster (Liverpool conference) Sunday the 20th nil. No. in honor of President Q David Hansen. Vol.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster counselors. the guest of honor was presented with a splendid set of dessert knives. Brother John Bell and Elders Howard Cook and Daniel A. 701. the 22nd ult. from Liverpool. at the home of Brother John Bell. Brand] President Leonard 1). Vol. After all had participated in games and refreshments. 85. Thompson. at the home of Brother John Bell.’ 98 In the 17th May 1923 edition of the Millennial Star. 101 Millennial Star. 86. 103 Millennial Star. 117. Jensen. the annual conference of the Lancaster branch of the Liverpool conference was held at 6 Roseberry Avenue. Randall. The presence of a number of new investigators was most encouraging. Jenseu conducted the services. p. No. The speakers were President Freckleton. Elders Wallace R. He was confirmed the following Saturday by Elder Lyle A. as at the Sunday service. Vol. 85.. Saturday night. which were most inspiring. Vol.. it was reported that ‘Sunday. Vol. President Ernest K. 102 Millennial Star. Preckleton and Elders James D. and President Hansen. the 27th nit. No. Moyle and Alfred E. No.’101 In the 7th August 1924 edition of the Millennial Star. assisted at the conference. 84. Sister Brown. it was reported that ‘The Lancaster branch conference (Liverpool conference) was held the 19th inst. 207. 85. the efforts of the members to carry out the mission slogan was manifest. Budge and Leonard D. Here.’100 In the 12th July 1923 edition of the Millennial Star. No. May. 44 (30 October 1924). The speakers were President Ernest K.’99 In the 14th June 1923 edition of the Millennial Star. No. The speakers were Elder Budge. 13 (30 March 1922). 99 Millennial Star. 57 . Elder James I. A piano solo was rendered by Sister Florence Bell. 100 Millennial Star. Riggs. 818. p. 20 (17 May 1923). Freckleton presided. p.’102 In the 30th October 1924 edition of the Millennial Star. David Hansen.. 24 (14 June 1923). 28 (12 July 1923). A delightful social in honor of Sister Ella Brown was enjoyed on the evening preceding the conference. Morecambe. Among those present were President Q. A spirit of earnest enquiry was noted among the many visitors who attended the meetings. 510. p. near Lancaster. 32 (7 August 1924).’103 98 Millennial Star. p. 383. 86. Vol.

18 (6 May 1926). Hansen. The " Restoration of the Priesthood " was the theme used in the morning session. Liverpool District. Liverpool District. on October 2nd. Kennedy and Elder William Fred Forsey. 15 (11 April 1929). in music and speech. it was reported that. Openshaw and Elder James M. Williams were the speakers. 9. Vernon Derrick and James K. then serving as the President of the European Mission. President of the Liverpool Branch as a companion speaker at night. the value and power of faith. with Elder Jesse Smith. 91. No. the only reference to Lancaster comes in the way of Branch Conference announcements. Vol. I was the only inmate left at the house. All present eagerly portrayed. Seth W. 671. went by auto to Lancaster to attend the meetings incident to a branch conference. p. Vol. 24 (11 June 1925). 884. Talmage.’104 In the 6th May 1926 edition of the Millennial Star. Gospel discourses were given by District President David M. and Son John. as also Sister Harriet Lowther our good housekeeper. 108 Millennial Star. it was reported that ‘Of the Lancaster Branch. p. p. 87.’109 104 Millennial Star. on April 11th. p.’105 On Sunday 11th April 1926. it was reported that ‘Branch Conferences — Of the Lancaster Branch. p. Apostle James E. No. 42 (20 October 1927).’108 In the 8th May 1930 edition of the Millennial Star. President Virgil M. Vol. Vol. held their conference on April 18th. was held on March 17th. No. it was reported that ‘Branch Conferences: Of the Lancaster Branch. Pixton. Armstrong. 58 .’107 In the 11th April 1929 edition of the Millennial Star. Talmage Vol. Savage and Elder Howard J. A large number of members and friends were in attendance. Vol. 106 Journal of James E. 105 Millennial Star. No. 287. Wendell Jacob was present. 88. In the 27th October 1927 edition of the Millennial Star. Knudson took part in the proceedings. Elder H. p. Good accounts of the conference appeared in the Lancaster Observer and the Lancaster Guardian. it was reported that ‘Branch Conference was held at Lancaster (Liverpool Conference) on the 17th of May.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster In the 11th June 1925 edition of the Millennial Star. relates an experience where the British Mission staff at Durham House all travelled by car to Lancaster for a branch conference. Groo and Elders Wilford L. ‘All of the Durham House staff. Z. The speakers were President Union W.’106 Over the next couple of years. 92. 109 Millennial Star. Liverpool Conference. 107 Millennial Star. 230. 300. No. President Joseph S. Liverpool District. 3 (1926). 19 (8 May 1930). 89. I attended Sunday School in the forenoon and Sacrament Meet. ‘The Lancaster Saints (not yet organised into a branch).ing at night and spoke at each of these services.

93. 367. No. Brother Bell's kind and loving influence as president of the Lancaster Branch will be missed by all who knew him. 112 Qt.’111 On Sunday 27th March 1932. where there is no organized branch of the Church. son of the deceased. 92. Lancaster was not recorded as being an organised branch within the Liverpool Conference. after which he was buried in the Scotford Cemetery. 1940. The interment took place at the Lancaster Cemetery on 110 Millennial Star.113 In the 16th June 1932 edition of the Millennial Star. 59 . Vol. it was reported that ‘Brother John Bell of the Lancaster Branch. Vol. 96. Sister Hartley was one of the original members of the Lancaster Branch organised in 1914 and had been a member for 30 years. p. with a session held at the Lancaster branch. Hawkins. Liverpool District. 40 (2 October 1930). p. it was reported that the Lancaster Saints held their branch conference ‘in the home of Brother John Bell. President Rock M. but on Sunday 24th April 1932 it was described as being unorganised. Hist. 94. 94. 204. Missionaries present were: President Gordon B. Funeral services were held in his home on May 21st. . No. Report & Millennial Star. p.112 In the 19th May 1932 edition of the Millennial Star. it was reported that ‘HARTLEY — Sister Jane MacFarlane Hartley of the Liverpool District passed away December 12th. Kirkhain conducted the services and dedicated the grave. p. held an enjoyable conference on March 1st. 24 (16 June 1932). p. 115 Millennial Star. passed away on May 19th. 37 (13 September 1934). it was reported that ‘The members of the Church and their friends residing in Lancaster. No. A beautiful spirit attended the meetings. No. Vol. No. 111 Millennial Star. 703.’114 In the 13th September 1934 edition of the Millennial Star.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster In the 2nd October 1930 edition of the Millennial Star. which was recorded as being ‘unorganized’. 384. An interested of group of friends and members of the Church thoroughly enjoyed the meetings. 114 Millennial Star. at the age of seventy-seven. it was reported that ‘Saints of Lancaster meet each month in the capacity of a cottage sacrament meeting at the home of Sisters Isabella and Florence Bell. 319. Taylor and Elder John F. Vol. Vol. at the age of 68 years.’110 In the 26th March 1931 edition of the Millennial Star.’115 In the 2nd January 1941 edition of the Millennial Star. The grave was dedicated by Brother Clifford Hartley. 94. Liverpool District. 13 (26 March 1931). 591. on August 31st. The meetings are presided over by an elder from the Liverpool district office at Preston. 20 (19 May 1932). 113 Millennial Star. p. it was reported that the spring conferences of the Liverpool district were successful. No. Vol.

9 (September.118 It was reported in the May 1961 edition of the Millennial Star that. 1 ( 2 January 1941). No. George Henry Corless. Joseph Sigmond Wojciechowicz. Christine Leicester. p. No. 103. 117 Millennial Star. Lancaster was identified as an area that was to be opened when ‘their numbers are sufficiently increased’. No. Vol.121 It was reported in the August 1961 edition of the Millennial Star that. and John Irving Clilf. No. 123. 109. 401.117 The Lancaster branch was reorganised around 1961.124 It was reported in the November 1961 edition of the Millennial Star that. Vol. 123.123 It was reported in the October 1961 edition of the Millennial Star that. 132. Vol. Elizabeth Margaret Helen Gardner. and Stephen Frederick Jackson had been baptised in Lancaster. Roland Charles Leicester. 1961). and Sydney Moss had been baptised in Lancaster. No. 8 (August 1961). Robert William Gardner. 123. 7 (July. p. Frederick Joseph Jackson. 122 Millennial Star. 6 (June. 121 Millennial Star. p. 232. 456 124 60 . John Robert Corless. Margaret Watts.’116 In the August 1947 edition of the Millennial Star. p. and Jonathan James Gardner had been baptised in Lancaster. and Sandra Mary Saunders were baptised. George Henry Corless was ordained a Priest.119 It was reported in the June 1961 edition of the Millennial Star that. Vol. p. Michelle Watts.122 It was reported in the September 1961 edition of the Millennial Star that. 4 (April. 1961). Rosalind Elizabeth Gardner. 259. George Reginald Watts. p. 1961). 1961). 354. 8 (August 1947). Vol.120 It was reported in the July 1961 edition of the Millennial Star that. June Elizabeth Wilby. 119 Millennial Star. p. 307. 214. 5 (May. 123.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster December 16th. 1961). Anne Christine Wilby. No. 120 Millennial Star. 118 Millennial Star. 14. Sylvia Moss had been baptised. and Frederica Cliff had been baptised in Lancaster. No. The burial service being conducted by President Herbert Webster. Michael David Wojciechowicz. 123. . No. of the Wigan Branch. It was reported in the April 1961 edition of the Millennial Star that. Michael Stewart Latham. 123 Millennial Star. Vol. p. Vol. Patricia Lillian Leicester. 116 Millennial Star. Vol.

1962). and it seems more so when 1 think of the lean years when as president of the Preston Branch and later the Wigan Branch. Salt Lake City. Vincent Alan Wilby was baptised in Lancaster. 23. and we pray always for our 125 Millennial Star. As I read the Star I feel so much the desire to return and share with you the wonderful spirit of the work. it seems as if we were in some way laying a little bit of the groundwork for this wonderful NEW ERA. Vol. I like to think so. ‘LETTER OF INTEREST 1540 South 2nd East. I thrill to see the names of people from Lancaster who have joined the Church. and it is very difficult to describe our feelings as we read about the remarkable progress that is being made in our old country.v. as that was the town where I and my wife first attended cottage meetings. I have found that the power of the Gospel is indeed remarkable when combined with missionary work. I struggled to keep the work alive with but a very few members.1 (January. there was a letter from Clifford Hartley. No. My family has naturally grown up. Dear Brother. who had attended meetings in Lancaster. p. and we only have six left to take care of prior to them reaching the age of marriage. We constantly pray that our own relatives may be among those who will hear and accept the Gospel.125 It was reported in the January 1962 edition of the Millennial Star that. The Millennial Star. my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel has never wavered one iota since becoming active in 1927. No. 11 (November.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Stephen Peter Wojciechowicz. 61 .126 In the January 1962 edition of the Millennial Star. London. Utah. 126 Millennial Star. and Doreen Eason had been baptised in Lancaster. 1961). his mother had been a member there for many years. 548. The Editor. Vol. 132. anyway. p. Yet as I look back over the many street meetings that I had the privilege of sharing with the missionaries. 123. It is almost 12 years since I and my wife and eleven children left Liverpool on the m. Britannic to make our home in the United States. and though we have had some difficult times here in Zion. During those twelve years we have kept close contact with work as it progressed in Great Britain.

127 Millennial Star. the Morecambe branch was awarded a VT trophy as a prize for achieving the highest levels of visiting teaching. which was held in the Morecambe-Lancaster branch under the direction of President Frederick Jackson. p. the name of the unit was changed to the Morecambe-Lancaster branch. ‘…there was a Senior Aaronic School held in the Lake District. (June 1967). belonging to the Lake District (including Carlisle.128 In the June 1967 edition of the Millennial Star it was reported that there was a Visiting Teaching convention organised by the Lake District Relief Society. p. President Jackson’s counsellor was Brother Willie B. Vol. Kendal. No.’ The Lancaster branch was discontinued and combined with the Morecambe branch on 29 August 1965. . ‘Julie de Marco’. Barrow-in-Furness. within which the Morecambe-Lancaster congregation was recorded as being presided over by President Frederick Jackson. Ransom Hatch. 7 (July. and Wo[r]kington). there was a report on the North British Mission. 50. It was held in Heysham and was attended by a TV star. Vol. Seven members completed the twelveweek course. 1 (January. 128 Millennial Star. No. Morecambe-Lancaster.’127 In the January 1967 edition of the Millennial Star. which had been organised on 22 October 1964. 131. In the August 1966 edition of the Millennial Star it was reported that. died December 1976). 19. p. CLIFFORD HARTLEY. 1967). Very sincerely. 62 . No. On 5 September 1965. 129 Millennial Star. (August 1966). 1969).129 In the July 1969 edition of the Millennial Star. 129.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster missionaries who labour among our own people. Baines. as the instructor. The Morecambe branch. Vol. . No. May God bless you all. Vol. 130 Millennial Star. p.130 President Frederick Jackson (possibly born 4th July 1904. there was a report regarding a Four Seasons Fair organised by the Lake District. with the Lake District President. is the unit from which Lancaster has its unit origins.

Stainton. 1963. He and his wife Joan were sealed in the Temple April 27. 131 Ibid 63 President John Taylor. On 19 September 1974. c. 1878. everyone was released and the branch was renamed the Morecambe-Lancaster-Kendal branch. Consequently. recalls how the Presidency were tasked by the Mission President and Regional Representatives to resolve some issues that had emerged within the District.’131 On 15 July 1973 the name of the Morecambe-Lancaster branch was changed to the Lancaster-Morecambe-Kendal branch. and Kendal branches were shut down. music. . President Taylor was the third president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. at Bridge End Farm. 1951. Bridge End Farm where President Taylor was born in 1808. there was an unveiling ceremony for a historical marker commemorating the birthplace of President John Taylor. the Lancaster. who at the time was serving on the _______ District Presidency. and the unveiling. and remains the only English President of the Church. They have two boys and one girl. which involved a selection of remarks. Westmorland (today in Cumbria). Brother Robin Collins. Elder James Faust presided at the meeting. Jackson is a native of Oldham.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster ‘Pres. Lancashire and joined the Church May 20. of Brother Collins was then called to serve as the Branch President.

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster

Around 19 November 1975, the name of the branch was changed to
just the Lancaster branch.
On 2 December 1984, the Lancaster chapel was dedicated, the first
purpose built place of worship for the Saints in the Lancaster area.
In the August 1987 edition of the New Era, Sister Angela Jones (then
aged 19) was honourably mentioned for her submitted selfportrait.132

132 ‘The 1987 New Era Contest Winners: Portraits of Ourselves’, available at:, accessed: 11 May 2015.


A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster

The Lancaster Gazette (7 February 1852), p. 3.
Mormon Farce – Burton-In-Lonsdale
On Monday evening, the 2nd inst., Mr McMaster, the Mormon priest,
gave a lecture in the Mormon Room, “on plurality of Wives.” In
consequence of a report that an opposition was intended, the room
was well filled. In the course of his lecture he quoted the Book of
Mormon, and the Doctrine of Covenants, to prove that the Mormon
church does not allow polygamy. He defied any one present to prove
from the book of Mormon or any of their publications, that polygamy
is sanctioned in their church. At the close of the priest’s address, Mr.
Gibson stood up and said that an individual was present who could
prove from the Book of Mormon and Doctrine of Covenant, that what
he (Mr. McMaster) had advanced was false, to which there was no
reply. Mr. Gibson remarked that the public opinion was, that
polygamy is allowed in their church. He (Mr. McMaster) had been
attempting to prove that they did not allow a plurality of wives. His
friend was waiting to come forward to prove from their own works
that polygamy was sanctioned in their church. How was the meeting
to decide? The priest commenced giving out a hymn and closed the
meeting. Mr. Sibbalds then stood upon a form requested permission
to read a few extracts from the Book of Mormon. He said he held in
his hand a challenge of Mr. Theobald, Oak Brook, Derbyshire, to any
Infidel Mormon in the world, and the propositions he would read, if
the audience would hear them. The cray was “read”. The following
was accordingly read. 1. That Mormonism is a system of error and
infidelity. 2. That the leaders of Mormonism are wicked and vile
imposters, and that they know it too. 3. That the Book of Mormon is
not divine, but a filthy wicked romance. 4. That the doctrine of
Water Baptism for the dead as taught by the Mormons, is a false and
soul damning dogma. 5. That Mormonism when reduced to practice,
produces evil, and evil only of the most debasing kind. 6. That Water
Baptism is not essential to salvation, and that mankind will never be
damned for not being dipped in water. 7. That the laying on of hands
as taught by Mormons, does not communicate the Holy Ghost, nor is
it essential to salvation. 8. That the literal gathering of Mormons in
California, is nowhere taught in the Bible; but is anti-Christian and


A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster
the drift of political rebels. 9. That a man has no need of any book
but the Bible as a divine revelation to teach him the way to heaven.
10. That Protestantism is in accordance with the Bible. 11. That
genuine Protestantism is real Christianity, and when reduced to
practice, produces good, and good only of the best quality. 12. That
Mormonism does not teach repentance towards God, and faith in the
Lord Jesus Christ, as essential to salvation, but its advocate pretend
that it does in order to beguile the ignorant and unguarded. 13. That
repentance of past sins and faith in the son of God, is essential to
salvation, independently of human merit. Mr. Sibbalds to Mr.
McMaster. Q. Will you accept this challenge or not? A. No. Q. What
are your reasons? A. Because it is contrary to the word of God to
hold public discussions/ Q. How does it happen that you have been
acting contrary to the word of God, as last week you was engaged in
a public discussion at Grassington on the subject of Mormonism? A. I
was attacked in the room and merely stood up in my own defence.
Q. Did you not enter into an engagement to meet this appointment
at Grassington, and had you not made previous arrangement for
that discussion? No reply was made. Q. How does it happen that you
can act contrary to the word of God at Grassington, and so
tenaciously adhere to it at Burton-in-Lonsdale? A. (Evasively) you
may get your man and provide your room and he may lecturer to
you. Q. But will you
meet him and discuss the propositions I have just read? A. No. Then
what do you think of yourself after challenging any individual to
discussion for the last eight or nine months, and now you refuse to
meet me or Mr. Theobald, what will the audience think of you?
Several voices “you are a coward.” As Mr Sibbalde was coming out
of the door, he said to Mr. McMaster, if you could have allowed me
to proceed, I should have proved your statements to be false, from
the Book of Mormon. Mr M. replied he could have proved your
statements to be false, from the Book of Mormon. Then how does
Mr. M. reconcile the following passages from divine authority, No. 1,
page 16, “Joseph Smith’s doctrine is reasonable, scriptural, perfect,
and infallible, in all its precepts commands, ordinances, promises,
blessings, and gifts”. On the following morning Mr. McMaster went to
the house of Mr. Sibbalds and told him he would meet Mr. Theobald,
on the conditions which he read last night. To which he replied no,
but he would draw up a string of propositions and send them to Mr.
Theobald. He replied he could not meet Mr. Theobold till the latter
end of March or beginning of April, as he had engaged for two or
three discussions betwixt now and that time.’
The Lancaster Gazette (3 July 1852), p. 6.
INGLETON – Mormonism
On Tuesday evening last, one of the Mormon impostors again made
his appearance at Ingleton, and as usual proceeded to deliver a
noisy address, condemning the purest doctrines of Christianity, but
his audience chiefly consisted of children.


Isaac Wadesdon and William Cummings – the former as chairman. and the vauntetd witnesses of the truth of the book of Mormon. leading them to Christ and. Holme. deeming it his duty to God and to man to expose the real character of Mormonism. exposing the characters of Mormondom. as his parents were in very humble circumstances. He worked as a wood turner for some years in the Milnthorpe neighbourhood. in the club room at the King’s Arms. mechanic. through getting into financial difficulties hurriedly left his native country and emigrated to Canada when about twenty-two years of age. though. of Holme Mill. p. during which the lecturer laboured most zealously and effectually. but he was possessed of considerable intelligence and shrewdness. which lasted [three?] hours. The attendance was very numerous. but did not attempt to contradict or interrupt him. 4. (a zealous and warm-hearted Churchman). in Westmorland. upon a subject of such vital importance to their eternal welfare. He besought his friends and hearers to hold fast the blessed Bible as the only anchor of the soul. At Toronto he was an ardent student of Biblical lore. THE LATE MORMON LEADER A WESTMORLAND MAN ‘Taylor. Thompson for his exertions in the noble work of informing[?] the ignorant. Several of the Latter-day Saints attended and were accommodated with seats close to the speaker. through his merits. rendering valuable service in organisation and other ways. He seems to have had few educational advantages. but. substantiating his assertions by public documents and reports of indisputable authority. William Dent Thompson. Anti-Mormon Lecture. unlike his predecessors Smith and Young. Mr. delivered an address upon the subject on Saturday evening last. and soon became attached to the Mormon community. Joseph Smith. which was unanimously carried by a simultaneous applause…’ The Lancaster Gazette (6 August 1887). by imposing upon them their counterfeit religion. and many unable to obtain admittance crowded the doors and windows. was not an American. For years he was Speaker of the Territorial House of Representatives. the room being filled almost to [suggestion?]. Messrs. and its founder Joseph Smith. the president of the Mormons.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster The Lancaster Gazette (2 September 1854). Mr Thompson was ably supported by his friends. and was 67 . The utmost order was preserved and the greatest attention paid to the address. opening the proceedings of the evening and the latter proposing a vote of thanks to the lecturer. it was quite expected they had attended with the purpose of defending their faith. At Holme The Latter-day Saints having succeeded in stealing away two or three of the weaker members of the Church and Wesleyan body. Much credit is due to Mr. to the heavenly Canaan. and convincing the erring. 5. p. having been born at Milnthorpe. whose death was announced last week.

because we have already seen the results of this correspondence.’ Lancashire Evening Post (5 September 1908). our meeting room has been crowded to its utmost capacity. p. from August 4th than we have for some years past. New York has only seven more years of grace. the last days. where we shall be able to meet the large crowds who come out to our meetings. it is only what could be expected under the circumstances. poor thing.” Such is the case of H. the higher it rises. p. On Brigham Young’s death. This in itself should be proof enough for Mr. So far as my replies being unsatisfactory is concerned. I don’t blame him.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster also a probate judge.. MORMON PROPAGANDA IN LANCASHIRE ‘To the editor of the “Lancashire Daily Post” Sir. Taylor became by seniority the Chief of the Council of Twelve. H. Lancaster. and patting himself on the back. . We have had to look round for a larger hall in which to hold our meetings.’ Lancashire Evening Post (3 September 1908). and I should consider it a very ungentlemanly act if I did not offer my heartiest thanks to the editor of this most valuable paper for the kind assistance he has given the Church in these. 4. and I am given to understand that the Elders who are labouring so energetically in this part of the vineyard have been successful in obtaining one of the best halls in Lancaster. that the more he kicks at the doctrines as taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During the past two Sundays vis. August 23rd and 30th.It is impossible for me to express in words how sorry I feel that our noble and gallant friend has decided so early on to issue his parting letter. Our friend with the unpronounceable name seems to be shaking hands with himself. &c. He professed to have received frequent revelations. MORMON PROPAGANDA IN LANCASHIRE ‘To the editor of the “Lancashire Daily Post” Sir. Jowett. Yours. When the Mormons were harassed by the police last year. We have been brought more before the public during the month or. kept in hiding. . “Accuse somebody of what you are guilty of in order to justify yourself. who was a polygamist. at Lancaster. But he is a Mormon. he has done a great and marvellous deed. Fancy him talking about abuse! He must think all your readers are void of sense. and its ranks are reinforced by scores of intelligent people. of Lancaster. you see. . I rather think he is casting a net upon the intelligence of Lancastarians when he alleges the wonderful increase of the Latter-Day Saints. say. According to one of his prophecies.The old game well played. he doesn’t know any better. feeling confident. in last evening’s “Post”.. 68 . and so discontinue his tirade of abuse. Jowett. or Mormons. Taylor. I have no need to appeal to your readers to judge who has got the best of the argument. J. and head of the Church. I suppose.

led by the Rev. but not with blasphemers and hooligans. Table 1 reveals the Branch Presidents and Bishops of Lancaster throughout its history. curate of St. p. Frederick G. I thank him for the impetus it will give Christians to pray and seek more earnestly that the perverts to the apostates of Mormonism may ere long be led out of darkness into light.-Yours. if what he says is true. 4th. St. 69 . or Branch President (for a branch). Preston Sep. after a great struggle. 1908 [This correspondence is now Leadership One of the defining elements of a Latter-day Saint congregation is its leader. Latter-day Saint terminology refers to a unit’s overall leader as a Bishop (for a ward). (Loud hooting. several police attending to preserve order.] Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser (27 April 1911). They were met by mr Richard W. and be converted unto God. Challen Elcho Terrace. president of the Liverpool Mormon Mission. Llewellin afterwards addressed the crowd. Young. ‘MORMONS AT BAY’ CURATE LEADS ATTACK AT LANCASTER ‘At Lancaster last night a crowd of Anti-Mormons. L.-Ed. 10. Thomas’s.’ http://www.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster However.) Mr. Llewellin declared his determination to clear the Mormons out of Lancaster. Mr. Young said he was prepared to debate with searchers after truth. Mr. attempted to rush the Mormon’s meeting. Thomas’s Road. Llewellin. D. & John W. and others.lancasterguardian. succeeded in repulsing the rush. but not before a glass in the vestibule had been broken.

5 years as unit leader. the then current branch President. became the new bishop of the ward following the upgrade. Hester 2 December 2002 6 June 2004 Bishop Christopher Mount 6 June 2004 7 December 2008 Bishop Timothy J. Jackson 1 January 1967 July 1969 President Branch President Branch Mets J. Lerwill* 1 January 1970 1 January 1971 President Branch Clifford Masterman 1 January 1971 1 January 1974 President Branch Robin Charles Collins 1 January 1974 17 June 1976 President Branch William Baldwin 17 June 1976 1 January 1978 President Underwood Branch Peter M.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster The Lancaster branch became a ward on 13 October 1985. and served for a further 4 years. John Greathead. Quesne 12 December 29 November 1993 1998 Bishop John Andrew Lisgo 29 November 1 December 2002 1998 Bishop David L. the longest continuous stretch until Bishop Timothy Johnson. Kirlew 1 January 1978 27 June 1982 President Branch John Greathead 27 June 1982 13 October 1985 President Bishop John Greathead 13 October 1985 1 January 1989 Bishop Christopher Mount 1 January 1989 12 December 1993 Bishop Matthew L. for a total of 6. Webley* 20 February 1922 Branch John Bell 19 May 1932 President death Branch Inactive Branch ? 1961 President Branch Albert Henry Lewis 1 January 1965 1 January 1966 President Branch Ransom Hatch 1 January 1966 1 January 1967 President Branch Frederick J. Johnson 7 December 2008 70 . Assignment Name Active Date Released Date Branch 1840s President Branch Inactive Branch 13 September 1916? President 1899 Presiding Elder Fred J.

and yet with the present limited number of Elders in this Conference. judging from letters I receive from those who are investigating. Vol. However. Consequently. “Come over and help us. I was up at Lancaster and baptized seven into the Church. By the end of the nineteenth century. it was not until the close of the century.’ There are numbers enough now to start a nice little branch. Whilst missionaries and members lived and preached the gospel. It is my great desire to place two Elders in that city. and there establish a branch of the Church.A Summary Lancaster in the nineteenth century was not exactly a hive of Latterday Saint activity. While there. the numbers never reached a significant level. 134 Liverpool Conference Lib Book #5249:61. Liverpool. served in the capacity of a Branch President at times when the church was not able to be selfsufficient. being almost exclusively comprised of Lancaster. No. 71 Current . It was the urbanisation and population explosion from the 1850s onwards. Lerwill. p. 348.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Bishop Richard Gallagher *Missionaries. including Mets J. but Morecambe did not come into being until 1889 when the area was officially named Morecambe. likely alluding to the significant growth in the area that had arisen there in recent years. or Manchester. the catchment area of the Lancaster branch would have realistically been rather small. It was to this backdrop that visiting Conference President Elder Thorley remarked in 1885 that there was great potential in the area.’133 It is hard to imagine it. Missionaries had been assigned to Lancaster and the surrounding environs on Thursday 4th April 1895. the Liverpool Conference President. and Torrisholme). with Elders Gerrard and Romney being assigned to the Lancaster District. certainly not compared to the likes of branches in Preston. President Merrill. 22 (). visited Lancaster and described his experiences and hopes for the city in 1899 ‘…Not long ago. of more being baptized in the near future. with the prospects.134 133 Millennial Star. I had the privilege of preaching on two evenings and from there now comes the cry. 61. The Nineteenth Century . prior to that it had been a collection of small hamlets (Bolton-le-Sands. I hardly know from which field to get them. on 13th September 1899 that a branch was formally organised in Lancaster. Bare.

The few years that the Church was in operation we know little about. Whilst certain periods saw flurries of baptisms and activations. 72 .A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Ultimately the nineteenth century had not seen Lancaster emerge as a particularly productive or fruitful location. For many of the interim years there appears to have been occasional visits. but few apparent efforts to re-establish the Church there. The Twentieth Century – A Summary The twentieth century was witness to a series of peaks and troughs for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster. and a scattering of members.

Over the years there have been members representing countries from around the world. and as restricted numbers of missionaries were assigned elsewhere. 42-76. The lack of missionaries was acutely felt and as members died. the branch was eventually unable to function effectively. when John Bell. returning there following their studies. in addition. members have come from 135 Brian Q. No. spurred scurrilously by journalists and anti-Mormon agitators. Cannon. By 1916. The branch appears to have survived until 19th May 1932. Mormon History. Olmstead. effectively operating as a group. Webley assigned as the Presiding Elder.after which. 73 . Vol. 29. Due to the war. from Scotland to South Africa.135 Arising chiefly from concerns of the targeting of young girls. the twentieth century saw a modest shift from theological concerns. the Church effectively died out as its members emigrated or moved away. The period 1900-1914 was a particularly busy period. and China to Peru. a branch was once again formed in Lancaster at 6 Roseberry Avenue. the period 1911-1912 was one of serious antagonism and aggression. the widow and daughter of John Bell. The Twenty-First Century – A Summary The first 15 years into the twenty-first century have been busy and productive. one of the Church’s most faithful members in the area.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster others saw the emigration and dispersal of its members to other locations. and Jacob W. Morecambe. notwithstanding the many emigrations. Although there were desires to and efforts to rekindle the work in the 40s and 50s. the Church appears to have become disorganised. with considerable numbers of people joining the church. USA to Kuwait. it was not until 1961 that the Church was once again re-established. died . with monthly meetings being held in the home of Isabella and Florence Bell. although they did still exist. 3 (2003). Within Europe. 1911-12’. ‘”Scandalous Film”: The Campaign to Suppress Anti-Mormon Motion Pictures. On the 20th February 1922. with Elder Fred J. to those of a social and cultural nature. the branch appears to have entered a period of dormancy. many of whom were from Asian countries.

Regardless of the nationality. manage. Training and leadership within the Church is passed down from the Prophet and Apostles through the Stakes and Districts down into the wards to the members.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster all corners of Great Britain. It took a while in the early days of the Church to establish. culture. or ethnicity. Part of the 74 . and utilise conferences (as they were initially known as). Lancaster has served as a place where all have been warmly welcomed. Conference/District/Stake An important element in the history of a unit is the Conference/District/Stake or the mission to which it belongs.

when it was merged with the Preston District and the Preston Stake was formed. the rate of emigration. of which there are fifteen at present. The Preston District had entered operation again in 1963. having been merged in 1868. The custom of using this word Conference with plainly different meanings is objectionable on the grounds of inconsistency and of the inevitable uncertainty or confusion arising therefrom. 136 Millennial Star. Lineage of Conferences/Districts/Stakes that Lancaster Ward has adhered to.136 The cause of the merger was due to such high levels of emigration and the decreased replacement rate of new converts. It was from Saturday 20th June 1868 that Preston and Liverpool Conferences were to be combined. and the shortage of experienced members. These leaders would represent the Conferences at Mission meetings. In the 1920s. No. as Districts. This ruling by the presiding authorities is heartily welcomed. 393. there was a move away from using the term ‘Conference’. From the 1860s there was a move towards Liverpool. ().A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster reason for this was due to the rapid growth of the Church. instead favouring ‘Districts’. p. all of which was to be presided over by Elder Marius Ensign. and (2) a geographical area of specified boundaries constituting a territorial unit in a Mission. breaking from the Liverpool Conference. as were the branches of the Church in Ireland. 75 . and was in operation until 1977. It was reported that ‘There has been something akin to incongruity in the double usage of the term Conference as designating (1) a church assemblage of people. Preston Conference (1837) Liverpool Conference (1868) Lake District (1925) Preston District (1973) Preston Stake (1977). ultimately the Conference and the missionaries were the victims of their own success. Vol. 30. and Preston Conferences began being overseen by a Church leader in a district. . The Lake District appears to have been formed sometime in 1925. Manchester. and henceforth we are to speak of the main divisions of the British Mission. By recent action of the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve the term District shall be substituted for the word Conference when reference is made to a territorial division of a Mission. akin to the contemporary Co-ordinating Council’s that cover the Stakes within a Mission.

T. – J. p. and it is desired that uniformity shall prevail in this distinctive use of the term District. and these will be down as Branch Conferences and District Conferences respectively.E. 216.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Already this usage of the term has been followed unofficially. We shall continue to hold our Conferences. In foreign language Missions – those in which English is not the mother tongue – the equivalent of District is to be used exclusively as the main territorial division. _ (7 April 1927). Vol. No. but it now becomes an established designation. and the term corresponding to Conference is to be restricted to the appointed gatherings or assemblies as so designated heretofore. The timeline below sets out some of the major events that have happened in the unit’s history. 89. 76 . Our presiding officers will be known as Branch President and District Presidents. 137 Millennial Star.’137 Timeline To appreciate and understand the long history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster. it becomes necessary to analyse it from a chronological perspective. The change is already in effect.

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster

July 1840
15 May 1842
Late 1840s
13 Sep 1899

Elder Robert McBride was assigned to labour in Lancaster
Lancaster branch referred to in a General Conference
Branch disappears from Church records
Branch reorganised


Elder Newton R. Jackson assigned to labour in Lancaster


Lancaster branch disorganised

20 Feb 1922

Lancaster branch organised again

19 May 1932

President John Bell dies, branch recorded as unorganised

Aug 1947

Lancaster identified as a location to re-open soon

Early 1951

Missionaries assigned to Lancaster

Early 1961
Sometime in
29 Aug

Missionaries assigned again to Lancaster
Lancaster branch re-organised

5 Sep 1965

Lancaster branch combined with the Morecambe branch
Renamed the Morecambe-Lancaster branch

15 July 1973

Branch renamed the Lancaster-Morecambe-Kendal branch

19 Sep 1974

Historical Marker Unveiling of President John Taylor Birthplace in
Lancaster-Morecambe-Kendal branch renamed the Lancaster branch

19 Nov 1975
2 Dec 1984

Lancaster Latter-day Saint Chapel on Ovangle Road dedicated

13 Oct 1985

Lancaster Branch became a Ward


Lancaster ward history completed

The Experiences of Elder Newton Rummell Jackson
‘Newton Rummell Jackson was born on 3 June 1889 in Fillmore,
Millard County, Utah, to John Jackson and Seraph Celestia Noyes. He
was the fourth of five boys in the family, but the first two had died
before Newton’s birth. His grandfathers were both early converts to
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and helped settle
Fillmore. From 1904 to 1909 Newton studied at Brigham Young
University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, and obtained his high school
diploma. Of his experience there he wrote that “the high ideals of

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster
the institution makes it a character builder for every student who
comes under its influence.”
In 1911 Newton was called on a mission to Great Britain. Upon
arriving in Liverpool he was assigned to the Liverpool Conference
and labored for most of his mission in Lancaster. Evidently
possessing a passion for learning, Newton recorded in his diary not
just missionary experiences, but also observations of the language,
culture, and history of the English people. He also purchased and
read numerous books while in England. Newton experienced
considerable opposition to his message, recording on one occasion:
“As we started home the crowd of about 30 of them followed us
yelling ‘Mormons, Mormons’ and everything else they could think
of.” To supplement his own experiences, he collected many antiMormon newspaper articles that were published in England during
his mission. Newton felt strongly about the principle of obedience,
stating that “if we understand God’s laws and the blessings
obtained by obeying them, we also know what our dues are for
disobeying.” Newton also was sensitive to the Spirit, recording after
one meeting that “as usual the spirit of the Lord was there in
abundance and we had a spiritual feast.”
On 1 January 1912 Newton was appointed clerk of the Liverpool
Conference. Soon thereafter he wrote a letter to his home bishop,
testifying that “there is one and only one true Church of Christ,” and
that “we the chosen servants of God are to prepare this world for
the second coming of our Lord.” In the capacity of clerk he spent
much time preparing reports and writing rebuttals to the antiMormon propaganda in the British press. In July 1912 he took a
sight-seeing trip to the continent and visited Holland, Germany, and
France. On 6 December 1913 Newton boarded the
ship Victorian and “bode farewell to Old England.”
After returning home Newton pursued a liberal education and
graduated from Brigham Young University in 1917 with an Artium
Baccalaureatus (A.B.), a degree that signifies knowledge of Greek,
Latin, and classical civilization. While attending BYU he met Jessie
Isabella Hammond from Provo, Utah. Her grandfather, Francis A.
Hammond was a prominent pioneer, missionary and church leader,
as well as a founder of Provo. They were married on 5 June 1918 in
Salt Lake City and in their marriage they were blessed with three
children, Maxine (b. 7 November 1919), Robert (b. 28 September
1924), and Marilyn (b. 18 September 1918). Marilyn, unfortunately,
died just a week after birth.


A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster

Newton R. Jackson, BYU Graduation Yearbook, 1917

Yearbook quote; ‘With all good cheer he spake and laughed.’
After graduation, Newton enlisted in the United States Army and
was stationed at Camp Fremont, California, where he obtained the
rank of sergeant in the Army Medical Corps. Upon his release from
the army he enrolled at the University of Utah and studied
medicine. After a year of study there he transferred to Stanford
University in 1919, where he received his M.D. with honors in 1921.
The Latter-day Saint Hospital in Utah then hired him as intern for a
year and he remained there an additional year as a resident
surgeon. His training complete, Newton opened his own practice in
Salt Lake City as a surgeon and physician.
After completing fifty years of practice, Newton was recognized by
the Salt Lake County medical society for his service to the
community. Upon retirement he actively participated in the Red
Cross blood bank program. Newton Rummell Jackson died of natural
causes in Salt Lake City on 25 July 1976.’138
Monday 3rd January 1912
Leaving Liverpool in the morning I returned to Lancaster. Went
tracting at 2 o'clock and put out 76 tracts. While out I had a long
conversation with two women and in the course of the same I was
ask a very peculiar question, which was as follows:-- "Does God
138 Jeffrey S. Hardy, Newton Rummell Jackson, available at:, accessed: 27 September 2015.


Elvan. Spent the day at the lodge in a general clean up. I used my cane to good advantage and kept him from grabing me. On our way home we bought some apples and grapes. Received two letters from home one from mother and one from. Returned home at dark and after tea I gave my lecture in mutual improvement ass'n. We sat and talked with the saints for about an hour after meeting. We walked to Morecambe in the afternoon and held a cottage meeting at Sister Lancaster's Had two investigators out. After supper we returned home. where we studied the Book of Mormon. Straightening up our room.’ Wednesday 10th January 1912 ‘Slept late and had breakfast about 10:30. Tuesday 9th January 1912 ‘Remained at the lodge all forenoon and finished reading the book--"Voice of warning" by Parley P. Returning home I read the book--"Sonnets of the Portuguese. Saturday 6th January 1912 To-day is our home day Saturday is our easy day we never tract. I left her with a much different idea of the workings of God.’ Thursday 11th January 1912 ‘Passed the forenoon by reading and gading up town. of Alma) At two o'clock I went out tracting alone down on Daisy street. Campbell and I. Leaving there at 9 o’clock we returned home in a drenching rain and arrived wet as drowned rats. Elder Edmunds and I went out looking for a book sale. for if we did there was a trap out for us and we would be in danger. Thursday 4th January 1912 Raining hard most of the day so we remained at the lodge studying.’ 80 .A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster have a home in Salt Lake and will he settle there permanently when he comes to earth?". so sat down and answered them. getting our clothes ready for the coming week having a bath etc. Had tea and held a cottage meeting at Sister Hartley’s. Prepared my mutual lesson (The 2 ch. We all three spoke on the principles of the gospel. We had been informed not to go over there this particular evening. Elder Edmunds." Spent the evening and had tea at Bro. While out I was attacked by a blood-hound and almost eaten alive. Much surprised at the ignorance of the lady I endeavored to explain the truth to her. About 4o’clock we started on a nine mile walk to Morecambe. Spent the evening studying for Sunday. About 2 o'clock the sun came out so Elder Edmunds and I took our kodaks and went out on the Lune river taking pictures. Pratt. Attended mutual in the evening. Sycamore's. and when we arrived home we sat all of us around the grate and devoured them. We took a chance but didn’t get caught.

Went visiting out to Bells in the evening.’ Tuesday 16th January 1912 ‘Went in Sister Simmond's room and played the piano a while then she and I rehearsed our parts for the play.’ ‘After services Sister Reid came up to me and taking me by the hand said she had enjoyed my discourse and that it was the best lecture on repentance she had ever heard. Went down to Relief Society meeting at 7:30 where we took up-.’ Monday 15th January 1912 ‘After dinner Elder Edmunds and I went out for a little stroll up around the Town Hall and the Queen Victoria monument."One Hundred Years of Mormonism".A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Friday 12th January 1912 ‘Rain.30pm ‘The girls teased me nearly to death about my beard.) went up in our room and had a rehearsal of our comedy--"Sour Grapes". all day long. Returning home I found the Deseret News so sat up for a while and read all the news. Edmunds and myself went out to Blenkhorn's about two miles to spend the evening. Rain. Rain.30pm. Read Ella Wheeler Wilcoxs' book called "Poems of Passion" in the forenoon and after dinner I pressed my clothes and done did what mending I had to do. Sacrament Meeting at 6. compelled to stay in the house most all day.’ Sunday 14th January 1912 Sunday School at 2. At the close of the services we (the Lancaster dramatic co. We sat by the fire and toasted our shins most of the day Elder Edmunds and I went down to the coal yards and bought some coal for two poor girls.’ 81 . Had a hard time finding the place for we got on the wrong street. Elders Campbell. As I awoke I was greeted by a howling wind and a blizzard of snow.’ Wednesday 17th January 1912 ‘The most dreary kind of weather. This made me feel as though I had accomplished something. who we thought perhaps would be freezing to death. Clyde and I took a walk up town and posted our letters.

As we started home the crowd about 30 of them followed us yelling "Mormons. but there was quite a noise outside for a long time. Brothers.’ Friday 19th January 1912 ‘At 9 o' clock Edmunds and I went up to the Hippodrome. Elder Edmunds then spoke on the "God-head.said I. Clyde recd. One old woman tore up my tract and throwed it in my face and said take your old tract you rotten thing. but we lost our way and didn't get there until 9 o 'clock. Bell. so he packed up to leave.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Thursday 18th January 1912 ‘After dinner Elder Edmunds and I walked over to Morecambe to hold a cottage meeting." While he was speaking a mob from the out side tried to break in through the doors. Richards who appointed him as conference clerk. After the show we got out at the door and passed tracts.’ Tuesday 23rd January 1912 ‘The bright morning afforded us a good opportunity for picture taking. Returned to Lancaster on the 9:10 train and went to the Hippodrome where they were playing "The Victim of the Mormons". It was very disgusting. where they were showing the "Victim of the Mormons. so Edmunds and I spent the forenoon getting ourselves in all kinds of poses. Program Song—Congregation Prayer-. Had dinner at 6 o 'clock then started for Brotherton's. They followed us clear home but didn't molest us in any way. Sycamore and Blenkhorn went out and they dispersed. a letter from Pres. We had to walk against a very disagreeable blizzard all the way. Went to Sister Lancaster's and after tea we held our little meeting.’ Sunday 21st January 1912 ‘There were several investigators out so we called on Sister Gastreen to bear her testimony. Ha-ha. I then spoke about 40 minutes on the general principles of the gospel.Tillston Solo Elder Campbell 82 ." Mormons" and everything else they could think of.’ Wednesday 24th January 1912 ‘Had Elder Campbell's farewell in the evening. We went up town and bought some supplies then returned and printed our pictures. We went back again to the second show and gave out about the same number." and gave out about 400 tracts to the people as they came out.

star.’ Thursday 25th January 1912 ‘We walked up and down the "prom" for a while then went down to Sister Lancaster's.Miss Martin Bridget . where we had supper and spent the evening. Play Sour Grapes-. All over the park were the finest of rock walks. In the afternoon Elder Tillotson and I got some films and walked out to the city park about 3 miles distant. Cast:-Jonathan Waddle --Myself Ephriam Bateman . Sisters Reid and Gastreen came over then we all had a fine supper. In Sunday School I took up "Christs authority demonstrated" and in the evening Elder Tillitson spoke. In the central part was a beautiful building erected by Lord Ashton in honor of one of his wives. among which were various kinds of ferns. Hoyle's in Skerton.Mrs. Before arriving the sweat was running off in streams. Before retiring I went in Sister Simmond's and sang them a solo or two. Co. palms and lilies. so I balanced up the tithing. fast offerings. Rec Madge Lancaster. Mary Lancaster Duet Sissie and Edith. Parkinson Sisters Reid and Simmonds served lunch.’ Saturday 3rd February 1912 83 . then we played games until 11 o 'clock then dinner.Elder Edmunds Dorethea Snooks . Simmonds Matilda . This was the first time I had taken part in blessing the sick. The whole enclosure was a garden of flowers and green trees.’ Thursday 2nd February 1912 ‘About 7:30 we went over to Bro. There were eleven or twelve investigators out in the evening.’ Sunday 28th January 1912 ‘For the first time in my life I took charge of the services both in Sunday School and afternoon meeting. Being detained longer than expected we missed our train and had to walk home. The park is surrounded by a high rock wall and we entered it through some huge iron gates.’ Friday 26th January 1912 ‘When Edmunds left I became the treasurer for Lancaster branch. Not far from here was a hot house containing all kinds of pretty plants and flowers. rent and expense accounts and sent the money in to the office.Mrs. Leaving Sister Lancaster's we went up to Mrs. Newton's and blessed her daughter who was sick.Lancaster Dram. At the close of meeting we sat and jollied with the saints for a long time.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Rec.

I lectured to them on the 12th Ch. everybody eats pan-cakes". We had a bad district as the people were 84 .A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster ‘Spent the day at the lodge as usual on Saturday. gas. The gas lights froze up. and Sister Bells: They being poor people we tried to cheer them up and cause them to be thankful for what they had. And thus ended the seventh day of Feb.’ Tuesday 20th February 1912 ‘"Pan-cake Tuesday. M. Owing to the fact that it was very cold we held Relief Society up in our room. Elder Reeder and I went out tracting at 2 o' clock and were out until 5:30. Returned to the lodge and went out and paid our rate. Sister Reid called at the lodge and talked with us for an hour or two concerning her desires to go to Utah. Elder Reeder and I sat up and debated on "Pre-existance of Spirits" until 1 o' clock A. Sister Simmonds and Winnie came in and talked with us a while about Utah as they were desirous of going out. electricity and window cleaning bills. Had supper and walked home at 10 o 'clock. She gave us some newspaper clippings from various papers concerning the opposition toward the Mormons. I practiced my music for two hours then Elder Reeder and I went out for a walk up by the park. The gas man came early in the afternoon and I helped him thaw out the gas pipes so we could have some light.’ Thursday 15th February 1912 ‘Walked over to Morecambe in the afternoon and held a cottage meeting at Sister Lancaster's. Went out in the market and done some gaffering. The wind blew and our fireplace smoked so that it drove us out of the room.’ Monday 19th February 1912 ‘Down to mother Reids for breakfast. of the Acts of the Apostles. We studied the 3 rd and 4 th chs. For dinner we had pan-cakes straight. It was concerning the resurrection of the dead.’ Friday 16th February 1912 ‘Spent the evening at Bro. Stayed until noon. After meeting Edith and Dora Robinson stayed and I showed them some of my pictures.’ Monday 5th February 1912 ‘Elder Reeder and I went to Sister Reid's for breakfast and stayed until noon. of Alma in the Book of Mormon. Held mutual up in our room at 7:30 the hall being to cold. Don't go tracting because the people are usually out shopping on Saturday.1912. so we were left without light and had to sit up by the fireplace to read. I took up the time by reading to them from the "Hundred Years of Mormonism" After the meeting we all sewed on a quilt.’ Wednesday 7th February 1912 ‘"Oh what an awful day".

Reeder and I went down and spent the evening with the two Jackson girls. Reeder and I went up town and had a good spring hair cut. Pres. After singing a couple of hymns and dedicating the water. I gave them a lesson from the Book of Mormon.’ Tuesday 27th February 1912 ‘Tracting was out of the question as it rained all day. got the kodak out and took some pictures.’ Saturday 2nd March 1912 ‘Sister Hartley called in the forenoon and we had her stay for dinner. Richards wrote and said I would have to go to Burnley and do some baptizing. Rode on a train from London at the rate of about 75 miles per hour. I caught the 12:45 train for Preston. Pres Richards spoke a few minutes.’ 85 . They live alone their father and mother both being dead. Friday night is pay day so they all get on a drunk to spend what little money they have. and Miss Dora Robinson of Lancaster. went up and spent a couple of hours with the Elders then Pres.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster disagreeable Stopped in Hoyle's and preached tithing to him for a while then returned to lodge. After dinner I trigged up and went to the studio and had my picture taken. After the services we all returned to Lancaster arriving at 10:30. Richards and I met Elder Reeder and a company from Lancaster and we all took a train to Burnley. Sister Lancaster gave us our supper as usual then we had a cottage meeting. Returned to the lodge. Evening came and we went to Skerton to Hoyle's. It being ‘a beautiful day we started on our regular trip to Morecambe a little early that we might loiter along the fields. As the 29th of Feb only comes once in four years it should be good.’ Wednesday 28th February 1912 ‘Mutual in the evening myself presiding. Then I went into the water and baptised in order as follows-. Jane Sycamore of Lancaster. Morecambe being a sea coast town we went out on the promenade and watched the tide come in on our way home.W m John Ren of Morecambe. The wind howled through our old house until it sang us to sleep. At 8 o' clock we held a baptism at the public baths and it was there that I done did my first baptizing. There was a large crowd of saints present.’ Thursday 29th February 1912 Oh what a fine day.’ Friday 23rd February 1912 ‘After having a bread and jam dinner we studied the bible a while. Spent the evening up at Sister Brotherton's. After a jolly conversation we returned home and on our way we seen saw many drunkards. Sisters Lancaster and Hartley being present. He played the piano for us a while then we had tea. Mrs.

Returning to the lodge at 11 o' clock and retired. After this work I talked to them 45 minutes on the Book of Mormon. took up most of the time speaking on the life of Joseph Smith By invitation we spent a couple of hours at Mrs. Later in the evening we held a cottage meeting taking up the "Acts of the Apostles". It was a fine day so the Pres. crowds of people of people followed us around yelling. Sister Reid called on us in the evening and stayed until 10 o 'clock. We returned to the lodge at 1 o 'clock and had dinner.’ Friday 8th March 1912 ‘Very cold and windy. In our meeting at 6:30 we confirmed the three that were baptized in Burnley.’ Monday 11th March 1912 ‘Rather overslept myself and was late for breakfast. Sister Hartley 86 . Sister Parkinson also called and brought us some cakes and candy. The wind blew smoke out of our fireplace until we could hardly stand it."Peters testimony of Christ". Sister Reid came up in the lodge and had dinner with us and stayed until evening meeting. The Utah mail came in the evening and after reading it we went up to Bro. At 2 o 'clock we went through the Lancaster castle and had the points of interest explained to us by a guide. Richards and I spent the forenoon in discussing the various affairs of the branch. The public houses being full of both men and women. Sister Edith Robinson came and spent most of the forenoon with us at the lodge. In the afternoon we went down to the baths. There was a large crowd of investigators out and after meeting one lady came up to me and ask for a book to read as she had become quite interested. and Sister Arthur Sycamore's where we had supper and spent the evening.’ Thursday 14th March 1912 ‘Elder Reeder and I walked to Morecambe in the afternoon.’ Tuesday 5th March 1912 ‘Spent the afternoon arranging my post cards in series and in fixing up an old bicycle. In Sunday School we devoted the time to testimony bearing. On our way home we noticed many drunk people. Potter's. and I went over in Skerton tracting.‘ Sunday 10th March 1912 ‘Pres. It was a fine home and we were treated very cordially. an investigator. In the evening services Pres.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Sunday 3rd March 1912 ‘Our regular fast day so we had but one meal and that at 4 o 'clock. I confirmed Sister Dora Robinson and Reeder the other two. Had supper as usual with Sister Lancaster. Spent most of the time during the day studying. We had a awful time. Held our regular Sunday School at 2:30 taking up -.

taking up Christ’s transfiguration Held meeting at 6:30.M.’ Sunday 17th March 1912 ‘Held Sunday School at 2:30 P. From there we climbed some rock steps that lead us to the canal.‘ Monday 18th March 1912 ‘Received a bunch of Utah mail. On this stream they had boats loaded with coal etc and were pulled up the stream by a horse on the bank along side of it.R.’ Friday 22nd March 1912 ‘Took another cross-country ramble. The thing most miserable of all was our smoking fireplace. We remained there until about sun down then returned over a different road. On our way home we walked around through town and the streets were thronged with people.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster brought us a cake. The people were sure in a bad humor and acted really crazy as they ran around the street howling. Spent the evening and had supper at Bro. I was anxiously awaiting morning. the soot blew out until we were covered. Following the banks of the Lune we came to the Wagon & Machine works where about 6 or 7 thousand men were employed. Friday night is the big night out. About 2 or 3 miles further on we located a town called Bolton. and Sister Arthur Sycamores. I done most of the speaking and broke all former records by talking an hour on "Faith". which we enjoyed very much.’ Tuesday 19th March 1912 ‘The short spells of sunshine that alternated with heavy showers made it a hard thing for us to leave the lodge. Returned to Lancaster over the Midland R. On either side 87 . In about an hour and a half we finished our district and returned to the lodge and laughed at the ignorance of some people. "Too much rhubarb the night before for supper seemed to be the trouble.’ Saturday 16th March 1912 ‘Having suffered quite severely most of the night with the cramp. and spent most of the forenoon reading them.’ Friday 15th March 1912 ‘In the evening we went up to Brotherton’s and gave them some money to help them out as they were very poor. letters. About mid-night we went home in an awful shower. They run a grocery store and I had all kinds of fun running around helping myself to things. We went over to Skerton to tract but decided it was to cold. at 10 o 'clock. so we went out viewing the country. After the meeting the saints sat around the fire place and talked to us for a couple of hours before they left. Elder Reeder and I went over in Skerton tracting in the afternoon and had one awful time. papers etc.

& sheep grazing on them. till your face and clothes are black if you please. Sycamore and Sister Reid to speak a few minutes." Also had our regular meeting at 6:30. The ashes and soot that blew out were suffocating. Sister Lancaster gave us a big feed at 5 o' clock. Parody on Lancaster.’ Thursday 28th March 1912 ‘We had scarcely washed our faces and eaten our "force" (mush) when Sister Needum and her mother called on us at our lodge. people are seen in large crowds out around the rail-road tracts picking up old cinders to burn and many are half starving. There were a large crowd of investigators present so we called on Bro. and down the chimneys swiftly go-. The coal strike is becoming severe. And in the valleys of the mountains cast my lot.’ Friday 29th March 1912 ‘Mr. horses.The rooms are filled with "soot and smoke". In England where the breezes blow. A bunch of Utah mail dropped in on us and entertained us for a while. Sister Parkinson gave us a "fish and chip" supper about 10 o' clock in Sisters Simmonds room. Due to scarcity of coal we went in Sister Simmonds room and let our fire go out. And close by our side was the sparkling waters of the slow flowing Lune. I retired and the music of the clogs tramping up the rock walks put me to sleep. and we gladly explained it to them. They ask us for some information concerning baptism for the dead. and cattle.’ Saturday 30th March 1912 ‘Bro Bell called on us in the evening and stayed two or three hours telling us his troubles and affairs. and as the howling drunks were driven from the public house across the way. The wind blew most of the day and our fireplace smoked us out of the room. But for me I'll look for a more pleasant spot.’ Friday 5th April 1912 88 . Later we held a cottage meeting after which we returned to Lancaster over the Midland.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster were beautiful rolling hills covered with grass. You can stay and cough and choke and freeze. As the church bells sang the hour of eleven. Lancaster of Morecambe called on us in the forenoon.’ Monday 1st April 1912 ‘"April fool day" was a rather quiet one. Without any dinner we walked to Morecambe arriving about 4 o 'clock.’ Sunday 31st March 1912 ‘Held Sunday school at 2:30 and took up the subject--"As a little child. They bore strong testimonies Elder Reeder and I also spoke a few minutes. and to sit and breathe it is no joke. The cold wet weather kept us in the house all day.

We walked until almost sundown but didn't find the town so we returned rather disappointed.M. Following the trail we were at times lead over the large rocks near the water and other times we found ourselves in the woods. The ladies furnished a fine lunch. After a jant of about 12 miles we all returned tired. After a walk through the meadows for about 6 miles we reached this quaint little village located on the banks of the Morecambe Bay. Located on the rock cliffs near the shore and over looking the sea was a rustic looking structure which on inquiring we found to be called St. a very beautiful spot where the river forms a circle.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster ‘Leaving Lancaster Elder Reeder and I with some of the saints followed the banks of the Lune for about five miles to a place called-. The scenery along the banks was immense.’ Tuesday 16th April 1912 ‘We had an exceptionally early caller. Patricks Church.’ Monday 15th April 1912 ‘A big day out in the country. After tracting the town we returned to Lancaster arriving at 8.’ Friday 12th April 1912 ‘Soon after dinner we hit out for Heysham to tract. Patrick preached in England.’ Thursday 18th April 1912 89 . As the tide was out we walked out on the sands and partook of the refreshing sea breeze. P. Under appointment we met with the saints in the hall and had a singing practice to learn some new songs. but the walk was very enjoyable as the country around us was very beautiful and we stayed close to the river where we could see the ships unloading etc. Having the spirit of tracting we set out for Heysham to try our luck there. This edifice was erected in the fifth century and was the first place St. being drifted ashore there as he came from Ireland. Having walked about 12 or 15 miles we were very tired. The policeman came in at 2 o'clock and woke us up to inform us that we hadn't locked our outside door’ Wednesday 17th April 1912 ‘In the afternoon we tracted some of the old maids over in Skerton."Crook A-Lune".

A very interesting place we visited was the Rock Pier where they were tearing to pieces old ships. Clawson spoke. so I cleaned it up and took it up to the cycle shop to have it repaired. Tracting over in Skerton was the feature of the afternoon. Maurice Hoyle (shoe-maker) and I left early in the afternoon on our wheels for Morecambe. and Elder Birdshal.’ Monday 22nd April 1912 ‘Influenced by an early streak I was up between five and six and soon aroused everybody by playing the piano… Bro.’ Saturday 20th April 1912 ‘Showed a little life by getting up at 6 o'clock. Just before breakfast the Jackson girls brought us some coke on a wheel-borough. associate editor of Star. Elder Benson. Elders Larkin. They come in with the tide and go out with it. the people there being very much in opposition to Mormons thinking they have many wives. thence along to the West End.’ Sunday 28th April 1912 ‘Regular semi-annual conference in Preston.’ Wednesday 24th April 1912 ‘The day went on with its regular performances. The morning was to beautiful to sleep longer. Returned in time for Relief Society.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster ‘After lunch we loaded ourselves with tracts and set out for Bare to finish tracting there. We went around through Bare and came on the promenade up to East Morecambe. so I had to go and put it in the coal bin. Second service at 2:30. having enjoyed a pleasant day on the sea shore.’ Friday 19th April 1912 ‘Found a wheel down in the basement that some of the elders had left. and down almost to Heysham. Martin.M. Between meeting I had a fine luncheon with Sisters Reid. Leaving Bare we followed the promenade to West Morecambe and there had supper at Sister Lancaster's Walked home arriving at 10:30 P. 90 . Went up to the bike shop and got my wheel and took a little cycling tour over toward Morecambe. clerk of mission. Riding along the Lune I seen saw the large boats steaming up to the shipyards.M. Elder Ireland. and Dobson our Lancaster saints. Cord and Pres. Sitting on the shore we watched the tide come in and go out. I also came by Lord Ashtons linoleum factory as the men came out for dinner Three or four thousand of them walking on the pavement with their clogs made and awful noise Sis. Later our attention was drawn out on the sands where we sat in the gravel and sunned ourselves for some time. After tracting for a while we walked out on the promenade and had our pictures taken. First session at 10:30 A. Reid and Elsie Parkinson came in and spent the evening.

Richards calling me to labor in Wigan. Dora and Violet all called to see me before I left. In the evening Bro. cakes. The last meeting was at 6 o'clock Elder Richards."’ Tuesday 7th May 1912 ‘Received a letter from Pres. Pres. Sycamore's for supper. she was afraid I would go before she seen saw me. We set two large tables in our dining room and had them decorated with flowers and fruits. spoke.’ Friday 10th May 1912 ‘All aboard for Wigan. After meeting we brought them into the dining room and surprised them. of the Conference and Pres. Elder Reeder and I were quite surprised and hated to leave one another At 1 o'clock we went to the depot to meet Elder Reuben Owen a new comer who had been sent to labor with Elder Reeder.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster formerly a Methodist minister. I had her stay and eat breakfast with me. Reid came in to see me. and Sis. and conversing with the saints and friends we went up to the hotel.’ Wednesday 8th May 1912 ‘After dinner I had Winnie and Elsie play some duets. Took a ride on my wheel out toward Morecambe. In the evening Sisters Martin. They were all sorry I was going. Clawson spoke. Thirteen of the Sisters were present. got Winnie to help us and prepared for a luncheon. Found the baggage man and sent my trunk by advanced luggage. fruits etc. We all three went up to Bro. Hoyle.’ The End of Elder Newton’s time assigned to Lancaster. Elder Reeder and I were washing dishes most of the forenoon and cleaning up after our party. sandwiches. cheese. I acted as "hostess. After an hour or so of hand shaking. The luncheon consisted of hot coco. Sis. Close to 200 saints from various branches were present. Reid. and the two Jackson girls called in to see me.’ Monday 6th May 1912 ‘In the afternoon Elder Reeder and I decided to have a little party for the Relief Society so we go busy. We spent a very pleasant evening. In the afternoon we all went down to her house on the Marsh and caught her baking so we stayed and had a feed. The ladies gave me another feed. 91 .

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Missionaries who have served from Lancaster Mary Kim – Illinois Chicago Mission (1979) Adam Greenhalge – California (1981) Kathy Edwards – California Sacramento Mission (1983) Noel Marshall – Arizona Holbrook (1983) David Kurecko – England London South Mission (1987) Angela Jones – England London South Mission (1988) Paul Freeman – Argentina Cordoba Mission (1990) David Hester – England London South Mission (1992) Darren Green – England London Mission (1992) Mark Johnson – England Bristol Mission (1993) Lee Johnson – England London Mission (1993) Owen Freeman – England London South Mission (1993) Ian Greathead – England London Mission (1996) David Lisgo – France Paris Mission (1997) Simon Greathead – Utah Provo Mission (1997) Simon Hester – South Africa Johannesburg Mission (1998) Damian Johnson – Canada Calgary Mission (1998) Mark Day – Greece Athens Mission (2000) Daniel Lisgo – Switzerland Zurich Mission (2000) Nathan Lisgo – France Marseille Mission (2000) Al Kurezcko – Poland Warsaw Mission (2000) Robert Johnson – Ireland Dublin Mission (2003) Daniel Kirk – Ireland Dublin Mission (2003) David Makins England Bristol Mission (2003) Sam Ward – Washington Kennewick Mission (2010) Suzanna Marshall – England Birmingham Mission (2015) Sam Carr – Adriatic Mission (2015) 92 .

LA4 4EU The Morecambe Alahambra Palace Theatre was built in 1901. missionaries would hold meetings here at 6. Morecambe. and was converted to a Cinema in 1930. It is not known how long meetings were held here for.1910 Alhambra Palace. 93 .A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Meeting Places c. Lancashire Street.30pm on a Sunday evening. but the first mentions of it being used as a meeting place was in 1910. Right on the prom.

britishlistedbuildings. likely due to the lack of members and missionaries – a result of the First World War.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster ___ 1910 – c. who typically had four Elders lodging with them. the property was inhabited by Edith and Winifred Simmonds (mother and daughter). At time of use. until around 1916 when the branch appears to have been ‘un-organised’.VnrMXZOLSS4. The property was used. Lancaster. it can be surmised. 94 .1916 Lancaster LDS Mission Hall. LA1 1LP139 Formerly used by Gillow’s furniture company. accessed: 23 December 2015. A very large property spread over 5 floors. 139 85 Church

95 . Morecambe.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Sunday 20th February 1922 – Unknown 6 Roseberry Avenue. and it seems as if they met here for a while until meetings moved to the home of Brother John Bell. The Lancaster branch was organised here on Sunday 20th February 1922.

2 December 1984 St John’s Ambulance Hall 96 .A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster c.1961 Unknown .

Latter-day Saint services have been held at the Lancaster Latter-day Saint Chapel. There was an Open House from 3 December – 7 December. cultural. with a wide range of socioeconomic.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster 2 December 1984 – Current Lancaster LDS Chapel Since its dedication on 2 December 1984. and religious backgrounds. A particularly strong period for the Church in Lancaster was from the years 1900-1916. the socio-economic activity of members. Historical Members There is no single ‘type’ of person who joins the Church. it does provide some insights into the areas missionaries may have worked. in reality. and have been mapped according to the addresses recorded. Many former Branch Presidents were involved in the dedication programme. and how members might have interacted with each other. The following are a series of members that have been identified from Census records. it really could not be more diverse. the first time the gospel really took hold in the area. Having mapped and explored the distribution of members around the town. 97 . Due to the fact the designated Stake Centre for the Preston Stake is in Chorley. Lancaster is regularly used for Stake meetings due to its geographical centricity to the rest of the Stake.

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster The below map depicts where identified members lived in 1911. 98 .

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster 99 .

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster A few of the Key LDS Sites in the Area (at a glance) 100 .

dll?gss=angsg&new=1&rank=1&msT=1&gsfn=Dora&gsln=Robinson&mswpn__ftp=Lancaster %2c+Lancashire%2c+England&mswpn=84902&mswpn_PInfo=8%7c0%7c0%7c3257%7c3251%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c5271%7c84902%7c0%7c&MSA V=0&cpxt=1&cp=11&catbucket=rstp&uidh=ig3&pcat=ROOT_CATEGORY&h=265 101 . and it would seem that a few of their family joined the church. Lancashire. England Edith was the sister of Dora.141 140 1911 England and Wales Burnley. Piece: 25530. Lancaster. along with her brother.ancestry. and six sisters. England Occupation: Laundry hand Address: 5 Wolseley Street. England Dora lived with her parents Thomas and Sarah Robinson. England Baptised: Relationship: Single Occupation: Ring Spinner Address: 5 Wolsely Street. Lancashire. available at: http://search. Lancaster. Piece: 25530. Kendal. 141 1911 England and Wales Census.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Dora Robinson Born: Class: %2c+Lancashire%2c+England&mswpn=84902&mswpn_PInfo=8%7c0%7c0%7c3257%7c3251%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c5271%7c84902%7c0%7c&MSA V=0&cpxt=1&cp=11&catbucket=rstp&uidh=ig3&pcat=ROOT_CATEGORY&h=265 84736&db=1911England&indiv=1&ml_rpos=1. available at: http://search. Lancaster. Lancashire. Lancashire. Lancashire. England Baptised: Saturday 2nd March 1912. accessed: 10th August 2015. Class: RG14. and a Edith Robinson Born: 1891.

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster

Jane Sycamore
Born: 16 April 1882, Gracefield, Yorkshire, England
Baptised: Saturday 2nd March 1912, Burnley, Lancashire, England
Occupation: None
Died: 22 July 1967, Brigham City, Utah, United States.142
Address: 24 Gardner Street, Skerton, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Jane lived with her husband Arthur, who was also a member of the
Church. By 1920 the family were living in Box Elder, Utah, along with
their three sons.143
Maurice Gershon Hoyle
Born: 1872, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Bootmaker and Repairer
Died: 15 December 1935, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Address: 17 Lune Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Maurice lived with his wife Mabel, and Brother and Sister in law,
Thomas and Edith, as well as his niece, Hilda.144
John R. Blenkhorn
Born: 1870, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Occupation: Linoleum Printers Labourer
Died: 1932, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Address: 104 Dorrington Road, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
John was the head of the household and lived with his wife Margaret,
and three daughters, Minnie, Marie, and Edith.145 Elder Jackson
recorded that he felt they were not very well off financially.
Margaret Blenkhorn
Born: 1877, Bradford, Yorkshire, England
84736&db=1911England&indiv=1&ml_rpos=1, accessed: 10th August 2015.
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143 1920 U.S Census, Year: 1920; Census Place: Box Elder, Box Elder, Utah;
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A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster
Occupation: None
Address: 104 Dorrington Road, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Minnie Blenkhorn
Born: 1900, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Occupation: School (Student)
Address: 104 Dorrington Road, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Marie Blenkhorn
Born: 1902, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Occupation: School (Student)
Address: 104 Dorrington Road, Lancaster, England
Edith Blenkhorn
Born: 1905, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Occupation: School (Student)
Address: 104 Dorrington Road, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Edith Annie Simmonds
Born: 1868, Silsden, Yorkshire, England
Relationship: Widowed
Occupation: Housekeeper
Died: 11 May 1957, Cheshire, England
Address: 85 Church Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Edith had her daughter living with her, along with 4 Elders, Pashby
C. Midgley, John Cameron, O. R. Card, and Clarence L. Shaw.146
Edith’s husband, Arthur James Simmonds died in July 1906. Edith
later moved away from Lancaster.
Winifred Mary Simmonds
Born: 4 July 1897, Morecambe, Lancashire, England
Occupation: School (Student)
146 1911 England and Wales Census, , available at:
EGORY&h=38548348&db=1911England&indiv=1&ml_rpos=1, accessed: 14th
August 2015.


A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster
Address: 85 Church Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England.
Winifred appears to have got married to William H. Hughes in South
Manchester in September 1926.
Sister Dobson (described by Elder Jackson)
Possibly Agnes Dobson
Born: 1844, Overton, Lancashire, England
Relationship: Widowed
Occupation: Shop Keeper
Address: 7 Ripley Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Selina Martin
Born: 1883, Ulverston, Lancashire, England
Occupation: Domestic Servant
Address: 29 Sun Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Selina was recorded as living with her parents in 1901, she does not
appear in the 1911 census (she may have been away). She comes
from a large family, although the records suggest that she may have
been the only one of her family to join.147
John Reid
Born: 1859, High Bentham, Yorkshire, England.
Rebecca Reid (nee Carr)
Born: 1864, Low Bentham, Yorkshire, England
Relationship: Married to John Reid
Occupation: None
Address: 34 Salisbury Road, Lancaster, England
Rebecca lives with her husband John, son Robert, and a boarder
called Thomas Turner.148 They emigrated to Canada on 30 April
147 1901 England and Wales Census, RG13; Piece: 3989; Folio: 67; Page: 19,
available at:
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Leeds. Morecambe. on Hunslet Road. England. as well as feeding the missionaries. Ada. England. available at: http://search. in his attestation papers for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. Lancaster. England 149 1911 England and Wales Census. Piece: 25510. Latter-day Saint’. Yorkshire. Baptised: Relationship: Married Gertrude Redhead. he recorded his religion as ‘Church of England. Lancaster. J. England Baptised: Relationship: Occupation: Tailor In 17 August 1915. Ada Lancaster (nee Gibbons) Born: 1866. where she recorded her religion as ‘C. ‘Jackson Girls’ May and Doris? Living in a school? Walter Lancaster Born: 1854. 29 April 1915. Canada. Keighley.149 Walter and his family lived in Morecambe and regularly opened their home to the missionaries for use as a location for Cottage Meetings. Occupation: Apprentice Printing Press Maker Died: In 30 July 1915. Address: 2 Parliament Street. Walter lived two doors down from Ada. when he enlisted for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. Lancashire. when he enlisted for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. William. Class: RG14. as he had done when he got married.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster 1921. They were an active core element in the unit. England. Toronto. he recorded his religion as ‘Quaker’.dll? db=1911England&indiv=try&h=26594493. Yorkshire. Mary. Hunslet. The family later moved to Milnthorpe where Walter died. C. Canada. Lancashire. Robert Algernon Reid Born: 18th October 1892. Her husband and son Robert. Walter had five children from his previous wife who died before he met Ada. and Marjorie all moved to British Columbia. 105 . where she and Marjorie died just a few years later. In Leeds.ancestry. whilst her other son. recorded himself as Church of England. England Baptised: Relationship: Married to Ada Lancaster Occupation: Master Tailor/Mariner Died: 3 February 1929. William Reid Born: 30 September 1887. identified as accessed: 10th August 2015. Lancashire.

England. Occupation: None Died: 29 July 1933. December 1904. West Yorkshire. England. Skipton. British Columbia. Lancashire. Canada. 106 . Surrey. Address: 2 Parliament Street. Morecambe.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Baptised: Relationship: Married to Walter Lancaster.

17 November 1928. Vancouver. White Rock. Canada. 6 September 1929. Baptised: Relationship: Married Soren N. British Columbia. England Baptised: Relationship: Married Einor Einard Rova. 107 . Canada. British Columbia. Lancashire. England. Address: 2 Parliament Street. british Columbia. Lancashire. Canada. Vancouver. Lancashire. Morecambe.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Mary Lancaster Born: 1907. Occupation: None Died: 1994. Hoyrup. England Frances Marjorie Lancaster Born: 23 November 1907. Morecambe. Heysham.

England. Canada. Occupation: None Died: December 1960. in Lancaster. Lancashire. Lancashire. England Baptised: Relationship: Married to Frank Needham. Lancashire. Lancashire. England. Lancaster.ancestry. Lancaster. Elsie Parkinson Born: 1898.151 I estimate her mother to be Ann 150 1911 England and Wales db=1911England&indiv=try&h=37567015. Lancaster. England Baptised: Relationship: Married to William Parkinson Occupation: None Died: Address: 32 Salisbury Road. at Clee. England Baptised: Relationship: Single Occupation: Shop Assistant Died: Address: 32 Salisbury Road. Address: 2 Parliament Street. Piece: 25534. Piece: 25529. August England ‘Sister Parkinson’ Hannah Parkinson Born: 1867. British Columbia. Class: RG14. Class: db=1911England&indiv=try&h=30677654. Lancashire.ancestry. They lived next door to the Reid family in the Marsh area of town. Lancashire. Lancaster. Elsie married John Methuen Flatters on 6 November 1929. 151 1911 England and Wales Census. Morecambe. 108 . England Hannah lived with her husband William. England Elizabeth is the individual suspected to be who was described by Elder Jackson as ‘Sister Needum’. accessed: 11th August 2015. Lancaster.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Occupation: None Died: 7 February 1937. England It is quite likely that Sarah was also a member of the Branch. Lancaster. Lancashire.150 Sarah Ann Parkinson Born: 1892. Elizabeth Alice Needham (nee Leak) Born: 12 September 1874. available at: Lancaster. Lancashire. Lancashire. accessed: 10th August 2015. Lancashire. England. England. available at: http://search. Lancashire. and daughters Sarah Ann. Address: 1 Tomlinsons Yard. Lancaster. Lincoln. and Elsie. New Westminster. Lancaster. England Baptised: Occupation: School (Student) Died: Address: 32 Salisbury Road.

dll?gss=angsg&new=1&rank=1&gsfn=Jane&gsln=Hartley&mswpn__ftp=Lancaster %2c+Lancashire %2c+England&MSAV=0&msbdy=1872&cp=0&catbucket=rstp&uidh=ig3&pcat=R OOT_CATEGORY&h=25546217&db=uki1901&indiv=1&ml_rpos=3. Piece: 25547. available at: http://search. England. 30 December 1900. He worked as a tailor maker.dll?gss=angsc&new=1&rank=1&msT=1&gsln=Leak&mswpn__ftp=Lancaster%2c+Lancashire %2c+England&mswpn=84902&mswpn_PInfo=8%7c0%7c0%7c3257%7c3251%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c5271%7c84902%7c0%7c&MSA V=0&cp=0&catbucket=rstp&uidh=ig3&pcat=35&h=26586499&db=1911England &indiv=1&ml_rpos=5. daughter Florence. England Baptised: Relationship: Married to Isabella Bell Occupation: Tailor maker Died: 1932. Class: RG14. Lancaster. Folio: 50. Piece: 3986. Address: 24 Cross Street.ancestry. Lancashire. Class: available at: http://search. England. Lancaster. 153 1901 England and Wales Census. accessed: 10th August 2015. and her sister Mary at the time of the 1901 Bolton-le-Sands. England Jane lived with her husband Thomas.154 152 1911 England and Wales Census. He later served in the Church and emigrated to the USA.153 Clifford. There is no evidence to suggest her family joined the church. Lancashire. Page: son Joseph. who was living at 84 Addle Croft. Mrs Newtons http://search. Lancashire. 154 1911 England and Wales Census.ancestry. Jane MacFarlane Downham Hartley Born: 15th November 1872.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Leak. accessed: 11th August 2015. Occupation: None Died: 12 December 1940. and a boarder called Joseph Saunders. he served as the Branch President for many years. England. Lancashire. but does not appear to have remained her son. Lancashire. and three boarders.ancestry. Lancaster. West Yorkshire. was born on 18 May 1903 in Morecambe. Lancashire. England Address: 14 Brunton Road.dll? db=1911England&indiv=try&h=30691044 John Bell Born: 1855. she died in Lancaster. England John lived with his wife Isabella.152 Elizabeth lived with her husband Frank. available at: http://search. Piece: 25530.dll?gss=angsg&new=1&rank=1&msT=1&gsfn=John&gsln=Bell&mswpn__ftp=Lancaster %2c+Lancashire%2c+England&mswpn=84902&mswpn_PInfo=8%7c0%7c0%7c3257%7c3251%7c0%7c0%7c0%7c5271%7c84902%7c0%7c&MSA V=0&msbdy=1855&cp=0&catbucket=rstp&uidh=ig3&pcat=ROOT_CATEGORY&h 109 . Scotforth. he was a plasterer’s England Baptised: Relationship: Married to Thomas Hartley. Lancashire. Class: RG13. Kirkby Stephen.

110 . Bradford. Lancaster. Lancashire. Penrith. November 12th 1911 Isabella Bell Born: 1855. Bell. England Baptised: Relationship: Married to John Bell Occupation: None Died: Address: 14 Brunton Road. England Baptised: Relationship: Single Occupation: Died: Address: 14 Brunton Road. =26575997&db=1911England&indiv=1&ml_rpos=1. accessed: 14th August 2015. Victoria. Canada. Bradford. Bell Born: 1889. John M.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Sister Bell. England Florence R. Lancashire. Address: 78 Pinfold Lane. England Holmes Jowett Born: 20 December 1875. Cumberland. Yorkshire. Lancaster. Lancaster. and Flrie Bell. British Columbia. Yorkshire. England Baptised: Relationship: Married to Mary Elizabeth Horn Occupation: Miller Died: 24 December 1956. England.

aboard the Corsican. Baptised: Relationship: None. Canada. left from Liverpool. 1.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Emigrated to Canada. England. He served in WW1 – Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. 111 . Lancashire. Notes: His wife and children followed the year after (1914). 12 May 1913. p. Salt Lake City. never married. Tamer Gunson Born: February 1871. Cardston News (3 January 1957). and arrived in Quebec. Utah. Died: 11 March 1924.

Address: Emigrated: Winnie Simmonds. 14 November 1906. Died: 18 November 1961.S. U. Lancaster 1 Cavendish Street. Wilcock.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Address: Emigrated: Hannah Gunson Born: Baptised: Relationship: Married Christopher E. Lancaster c. Idaho Falls.A. Idaho. Joel Richards 112 . 1911.

c. 1911 Address: 17 Lune Street. Lancaster.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Violet Bunning. 113 . England.

A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Sister Edith A Simmonds 85 Church Street. England 114 . Lancaster.

England. Lancaster.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Winifred Simmons and Elsie Parkinson. 115 .

1910 67 Alfred Street. Lancaster.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Lizzie Marsden c. England 116 .

34 Salisbury Street. Lancaster 117 .A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Sister Rebecca Reid.

b.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster William B Underwood. 1907. Hornby? 118 .

Salt Lake City. 119 . they were Episcopalians.A. 19 August 1924. England. The question emerges of how and why they would have gone to Utah. However. Possibly Less Active members? Harold Beck and Doris Beck. New York. U.S. c. Lancaster.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Lancaster and Morecambe Other possible members/LDS connections The Beck Family Originating from Warton but being around Lancaster as well. Died: 2 December 1974 Emigrated: Arrived in New York. 6 June 1925. He served in the Royal Fusiliers during WW1. 1910 Harold Faulkner Beck Born 28 June 1899 or 20 June 1900. many members of the Beck family emigrated to Utah. Note: He was recorded as being a member of the Episcopal church. Warton. Relationship: Married Iris Berry. Utah. particularly some of the small southern Utah communities.

uk/tree/2347201/person/1845610150/facts 120 . Christ Church. Lancaster. Relationship: Married Issac Beck (?) on 12 November 1919. Jane Anne Evans Born: 28 November 1842.ancestry. Notes: Had 12-13 children.S. Doris Audrey Beck. Perry. Relationship: Married Agnes Beck (?) on 12 November 1919.A. Salt Lake City. Utah. Relationship: Married and sealed to Samuel Chester s 157 http://person. Warton.157 Christopher Thomas Allen Born: 26 February 1856.155 Agnes Beck Born: 18 May 1887. They had one daughter. and was supported by the Perpetual Emigration fund to do so.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Isaac Beck Born: 8 April 1893m Warton. Died: 18 August 1974. The family emigrated in 1861. Utah. England. Lancaster. Baptised LDS: 6 October 1856. Salt Lake City. England.156 The Evans Family Peter and Anne Evans were both from Died: 19 April 1913. but lived and worked in Lancaster during the 1840s and 1850s. Lancaster. U. England. Christ Notes: Lived in Salt Lake at least by 1930.A. Box Elder. England. Utah. Salt Lake City. Lancashire. He worked as a journeyman plumber. U. Lancashire.A. Utah. U. In 1851 they lived at 5 George Street. Appears to have married his cousin. Lancaster. England. England. Utah. Died: 18 December 1958. Salt Lake City. England.S.S. s 156 http://person. A number of their children were born here before they emigrated to the USA. Lancashire. 155 http://person. Died: 24 November 1914. Relationship: Married Sarah Frances Mace in 1879. Seem to have met her husband after joining the church. 7 October 1861. Lancaster.

S. they were living with their five children. In 1901 they were living in 5 Windermere Road. Utah. England. Caton. 20 May 1905. Notes: 1891 – General cts 160 http://person. and Dorothy (b.1894). England. living with family and lodgers in Dolphinholme.159 John Proctor and Family Born: 21 August 1862.1889).ancestry. England. Appear to have had 9 children.ancestry. Cockerham.1890). Morton ( Eventually had six children. Lancaster. 158 http://person.A.160 Elizabeth Warren Born: 27 May 1874. Emigrated: Arrived in Boston Massachusetts. Lancaster. Salt Lake City. Utah. Florence (b. Lancaster. 22 May 1888. Louisa (b. Died: 17 December 1928.1905). He was born in Lancaster but then moved away almost Notes: Appear to have lived in a number of places. Relationship: Sarah Ann Downham. notably Preston where it is likely they may have joined the church.1896). Lancashire.ancestry. where he was recorded as being a Steam Sawyer. Lancaster. His mother was from Preston. Smithfield. Relationship: Married William Preston Affleck on 7 December 159 http://person. U. Lancashire.1892). 1879.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Notes: His father was Irish and they seemed to move around a lot.158 Grace Clark Born: 1805. Richard ( cts 121 . U.S. Lancashire. Lancashire. Died.A. England. Francis/Frank (b.

S. Pleasant View. 1896). 161 http://person. 11 April 1899. Lancaster. U. U. Harriet (b. John (b. Utah. Relationship: Married James Jack. Utah. U. 1881). Alta Booth. Lived most of her life and died in Fillmore. Lancashire.161 Margaret Wade Born: 16 January 1863. Baptised: 8 September 1840.A. Died: 14 April 1907. cts 122 .. Died: 31 January cts 164 http://person. U.S. Utah. Grantsville. Utah. Notes: Had one daughter. and Orvil (b. Salt Lake City. Thomas (b.1837). England. Relationship: Married John Starley Jr.163 Elizabeth Warmsley Born: 7 December 1816. cts 162 http://person. Lancaster.S.A.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Relationship: Married Heber Thomas Booth.1868). Died: 24 April 1904. 162 William Makin Born: 15 September 1830. Beaver. Lancashire.S.A. Lancashire. England. Died: 13 April 1896. England.1885).A. Lancashire.164 Jane Lishman Born: 29 December 1798. Utah. Relationship: Married Laura Lovina Shimer. U.A. Lancashire. in 1804. Minersville. Lancaster. Utah.S.S.1883).S. and Irvine. U. Bertha (b. Utah. Notes: Had 6 children.ancestry.A. U.A. Died: 23 September Notes: Had two children. William (b. in Lancaster. Stanley (1891). on 10 April 1880. Utah. Lancashire. American Fork. Beaver.A.1865). England. born 8 December 1908. Relationship: Married James Corbridge on 16 February 1835.S. Notes: One son. died 19 June 1994.1887). (b. U. Utah. 1833.ancestry. in Salt Lake City.A.ancestry.A. Utah. U. s 163 http://person. John (b. Tooele. Minersville.

Dorothy. appears to have died prior to the census.1824). England. Mary (b. Mary. and appears to have been an investigator or less active member.A history of Latter-day Saints in Lancaster Notes: Four children. Sarah (b.1832). Jane (b. Her father was a pork butcher from Germany.1827). was recorded as living on Back side/street of Germany cts 123 . Baptised: Relationship: Occupation: Address: 26 Dumbarton Road. Lancashire. 165 http://person.165 Mary Lishman Maria Lishman Annie Speidel Birth: 1890. In 1841.1822).co. Died: Notes: In 1911 lived with father John Gottlieb Speidel. The family later moved to Ireland. Louisa. her mother. There were also two lodgers staying with them at the time of the census. and four siblings (Frank. and Lena). Lancaster.166 She is referred to in the journal of Niels Anderson. Lancaster. England.ancestry. and Maria (b. Lancashire.

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