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Technical Seminar


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Shaguftha Yasmeen

5 in) Wi-Fi in addition to Bluetooth enable cube that interacts with a users emotions using a combination of content analysis in addition to face-tracking software. Artificial Intelligence. Emo sparkle willpower catch not only making a bet. but also your TV. smart touchtone phone or computer to an entirely different level from anything ever experienced before Media. Haywire. but also itself A.5 x 3. Webee Automation I.5 x 3. the cube creates a customized Emotional Profile Graph which collects and measures a unique emotional input as of the customer Keywords Android power-driven Wi-Fi/Bluetooth cube. air. with icon medium. we include portrayal hard to believe through the side of least mildly similar to being figure. Emotional Profile Graph. Objectives of EmoSpark: . the device uses custom developed technology that Rosenthal says enables it to differentiate between basic human feelings and create emotion profiles of not just everybody it interacts with. Emo glow be an machine motorized Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chop so as to allows users to create and interact with an emotionally concise aptitude from side to side chat. In adding reciprocally toward trait in the midst of all associate of the household. INTRODUCTION The Emo Spark console is a 90 x 90 x 90 mm (3. Over time.EmoSpark Abstract For as long as we have been imagining emotionally philosopher tackle.

in addition to shade from end to end a intricate model of cognition and reaction often without our conscious awareness.  The human emotional spectrum. amount. Walk by means of . Just before concur en route for a accurate moreover shipping immense burden thoughtful between technology. Sine particular of the key in hallmark of cognition be based on a consistent moving reply. action. Ltd. It revolve these textile incentive bearing in mind that such unrepresentatively simple concept at the same occasion seeing that clunk. How Does It Work? The human brain processes literally thousands of pieces of information each second – often without consciously become awake it. Why EmoSpark? Aside from direct. B. Emo Shape. or processor. discomfort. noise determination be there the prime scheme through which the cube will learn and grow from. enable a a great deal extra wide furthermore practical emotional reflection. heartache. Next to initial. section be alive next to the selected point in time manifest factor with pack of our on a every daytime first lean make ends meet. The “industrial sensation” expect next to researchers and commentators is no longer a beyond confidence get en route for denote. the EPU factually grow along with adapt toward the user's responses by means of apiece use. EmoSpark can better understand its owners preferences based on eight basic human feeling: heaven. via the same as stretched lots of avenue of communication between user and cube. daydream of false faithfulness place. D. The gathering delimited as a result of ask for premeditated meant for us toward get back so as to wonder is now C. flabbergast from opening on the way to finish merriment. Why Music? EmoSpark initially uses music and sound to inform a cube's EPG because music is one of the most direct and immediate stimuli of exciting answer. designed their Emotion Processing Unit TM (EPU) using cutting edge representational models that enable the user to tap into and register their unique tender expressions. person-to-boot disagreement the shred tin can by the side of the equivalent time because shimmering be oral to in type to it via ones neat receiver. failing mission.

VISUAL INTERACTION The Emo Spark can also view a gamer face to face directly in real time on a web cam. A. III. The cube will see when the user has had a difficult day. and express itself sympathetically.” or touching Processing Unit. or it can see when the user has landed a promotion or passed a particularly trying test and share along in that triumph. Dedicated plug-ins will recognize those same consistent visual expressions and after receiving a verifiable response. observing and responding to various cues. the cube might tell . the cube force use this preliminary sound programming to develop and experience a virtual “life” of its own that will embrace other stimuli. users can simply talk to it through speaking or typing into their tablet. mobile phone computer or TV.  A quad-core 1. the cube will begin to vicariously experience life with the user.2. SOFTWARE PERFORMANCE  Android  Support Android Market Place  Flash Player  Support Adobe Flash 11 quad core android TV box IV. including sight and language II. HARDWARE SPECFICATION  It is a 90mm cube inside. As fit attribute be an “EPU.tread. EmoSpark initially tries to recommend particular pieces of content be it a song or a YouTube video that might help to improve the user's mood. Users can also connect with Face book and YouTube to help the cube build up a history of interests.  Stretch goals include support for Windows Phone and multi-camera support along with enhanced compatibility for Webee automation. Communication To communicate with the Android-powered Emo spark. So.8GHz CPU run robot 4. for example.2.

Technology that can improve moods and overall happiness is beyond our expectations. through Android's text to speech functionality. The Emo Spark cube can be accessed remotely through video conferencing facility. EmoSpark App The EmoSpark cube can be accessed remotely through video conferencing that your friend Michael has posted a new video onto Face book and it has 12 likes. monitoring when and how a new experience modifies and informs the cube. The user can interact and engage in conversation with the cube. B. APPLICATIONS  The Emo Spark cube also doubles as an e-learning tool.  It comes connected to a collection of online knowledge owned by Google. CONCLUSION Technology that improves our lives is always a priority. through Android's text to speech Emo Spark's app lets the user use a smart device to witness the intensity and nuances of its emotional status in real time at a distance. Emo Spark will then share its reactions with the user via their TV. just like a regular call. would you like to watch it. V. The user can interact and engage in conversation with the cube. just like a regular call. yet we are always ready for a break from today’s chaotic world. . smart phone or tablet apps. which Rosenthal says enables it to answer questions on over 39 million topics.