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Blessed Atlantean Family
My love to you all. I am Osiris
During the next several months, you all have an opportunity to completely resurr
ect yourself in all aspects - in the cells and also in every area of your life.
The intense energies on the planet from the past two months (September and Octob
er) and continuing into January 2016 is in preparation for this. During the past
few months, you might have noticed that there is an intensity of energy and als
o many past scnarios from past lives coming up and also from other realities and
dimensions. What it is doing is a flushing of the sub conscious and the unconsc
ious mind, so that all can be purged and healed. This is some thing like a micro
death process, where in you are able to observe your mind and glean wisdom from
the experiences you have encountered while alive in this life time. In the past
this review and gaining of wisdom happens when one dies. So celebrate this mome
nt, for you are gaining wisdom and experience.
Now the first thing you will notice during this time is about human relationship
s, what it means to you in terms of your truth. Many human beings has been livin
g untruth particularly in terms of love relationships and also in other relation
ships, but this is particularly evident in love relationships. The true meaning
of relationships is lost in the modern world. People have relationships for a va
riety of reasons. Most of the time it is a need fulfillment. During these times,
one will be confronted with this question - why am I in a relationship with thi
s person? Am I true in this relationship? (we are not talking about having an af
fair or not being true to your partner in sex), What is my feeling and what is m
y joy in this relationship? Do I feel fulfilled in this relationship?
If the answer is no, then what can I do to change this relationships so that i f
eel fulfilled, feel bliss and joy in this relationship. In the old energy, this
understanding and wisdom only comes after death when one has life review. So use
it to gain wisdom and create a relationship which is in truth with your soul (i
n the present relationships or in new relationships). Also the true purpose of r
elationships will be understood by many during these times. Relationships are ne
ver about NEED fulfillment, but is about celebrating the fullness of one's life
with another and creating something new so that one may know more about oneself
through these relationships and also know and experience God in its fullest glor
y. So use the relationships for what it was intended for.
The second wisdom which can be gained during these times is about understanding
one's life path or purpose. Many a lost and seeking this life path through all s
orts of means - whether it is through a job, a relationships, material possessio
ns, sickness or many of the others. During these times, many of the beings from
the Stars are beaming their incredible light onto to the earth and especially ab
out understanding one's life path and purpose. They are also beaming light about
healing one's inner child. When one's inner child is healed and one is able to
fully move into one's life's purpose, the experience you call LIFE takes on a ne
w meaning. This will slowly move one one's Passion. When one is in one's passion
, one is truly living, otherwise, it is a lie and many a time, it is mediocre. C
onnect with the star - Matthaar and see it brilliant gold light integrating into
you through your 10th chakra called Laguana Chakra and then flowing through you
r chakric column and anchoring deep into the Earth Star Chakra which is undernea
th your feet. The energy from this star has the capacity to heal deep seated wou
nds, not only from this life time but also other life times. The energy of this
star is particularly helpful regarding abandont issues. Next call on the Star en
ergy of Capillai and this energy has the capacity to expand one's mind and open
up to higher perceptions and other realities. Working with this star energy can
also help in opening the Angel Chakra which is in the middle of your forehead so

that your connection with your Soul, your guides and the Creator can be enhance
d. When you open this chakra, you will also be tapping into the energies of your
divine blue print, your soul contract, your divine creativity and your soul mis
sion. You will also come to realize that you have come here not only to master a
nd balance the Karmic energy, but also to learn and balance the Life Lessons. Li
fe lessons are different than the Karmic energy. So working with these two Star
energies is highly recommended during this time.
The third point we wish to make during this time is about understanding the dark
side of us. Most of us push this away and bury it deep with in us or pretend th
at this does not accept. The intense energies during these times will confront u
s with our darkest fear. So instead of running away and burying it deeper, one m
ust look at it from a non detached view and see how this darkness was created an
d for what purpose was it created. You will notice that most of the time, it is
about survival. Once you are able to look at it objectively, you will be able to
heal it through your embracing this aspect of yourself with Love and this in tu
rn will change the energy in the first two chakras of your body, where the survi
val and poverty consciousness energy exists. Many a time, instant healing can ha
The fourth point we wish to bring forth is about understanding one's connection
with the star system and also about the understanding of Star Karma. Many humans
take re-incarnation in other planets and star systems to learn and master speci
fic life lessons for these planets and star systems offer maximum potential to l
earn this specific less lesson, which the soul is trying to master. As you may k
now, your karmic energy is in the shoulders of your arms and this flows into the
back of the body and settles down in your hip area affecting the chakric energi
es starting from the base chakra. If you were to focus on these two points in yo
ur body (middle of the shoulders of both the hands and on the back of the hip of
your body), and call on the energies of the Master Council of Karmic Energies a
nd ask to re-balance or align once again with the original intent of your soul,
you will see some relief in your challenging situations (if you are facing any a
t these times in your life) for they will specifically remove karmic energies fr
om the star systems in which you had lives before when you were mastering those
life lessons. You will be able to see a shift and a lightness in your body with
in 21 to 40 days.
The 5th point we wish to note is about understanding one's connection to Mother
Earth. We are made up of the body of Mother Earth and Mother Earth holds our ori
ginal imprint or template off our perfect self. When you connect with Mother Ear
th, you can request Mother Earth to super impose your original and pure imprint
of your soul on to your present life contract. Does it mean, we will not have to
go through our original purpose for being born here, no, it simply means, there
will be an adjustment which will make it easier for us to go through our life p
urpose, with out much pain and suffering. You can request for this during these
coming months.
The other point we wish to note is about understanding the water and its importa
nce in our life. We are mostly made up of water and this water inside of our bod
y is circulating continuously. But like any water, after some time, if it is recycled again and again, it will loose its original vitality. The same can happen
with the water inside of us. To a certain level, this can be lessened with drin
king water on a regular basis, but when we connect with the Beings of the Water
Source and the Force which controls the water, then the water inside of us will
once again have its original vitality and life force and this in turn will make
us more healthy, vigorous and help us remember who we are. The original water co
ntent with in us contain the truth of who we are and our entire soul contract an
d blue print. The beings to call for this work is Lahumi La Hi (beings of the Wa
ter Source) and La Ba Na Ha (the force which controls the waters).

I connect with the Void Energy and I have the highe st wisdom and the greatest power with in me to use this Void energy to create ma gnificently and benevolently. When one element is out of balance. T he same is true all activities of nature. During these times. for I am the Power. people ar e greatly affected by the earth element and may carry weight on their bodies. you can ask for a higher set of blueprint with a higher set of Light Quotient and a more advanced level of highly activate d DNA. all for the better. and they also must be balan ced. It is impossible to s eparate Mother Earth from you. What can light workers do to stabilize the natural forces around you so you are not affected by changes happening on the Earth. Have you noticed that humanity's sta te of being is reflected in the forces of nature. air and fire. and vice versa? When there are great floods in a region. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm of the planet particularly weather changes? Th e natural choice is to create balance in your life so you create balance on plan et Earth. it is being reformed and made anew. You have these four elements in your You can ask during your meditation time (if you are not afraid) for th e actual death process to take place (like you are observing your during and dea th process) and when it is completed. I am the Light . Blessings God Osiris Through Rae Chandran ======================================= http://www. When there is an earthquake. If the earth force is weak in someone. Today I would like to talk about the natural forces around you which are impacting you. Let your prayer be from now.Lastly we wish to bring forth understanding regarding the death process. Each element has its own characteristics and should always work in harmony with the others. These people can feel heaviness without joy. they may be ungrounded and feel helpless . you may have weig or you could dominate other people by the sheer force of your perso someone with this imbalance enters a room full of people. When can suddenly bconsciously element in your body is stronger than the others. there can be upheaval in th e planet. and there is also great impact on the emotional state of the people living there. I am The Force.raechandran.html Elements and its influence in our lives by Master Kuthumi Balancing the Four Elements Within You Greetings Brothers and Sisters of Light. This transformation is happening in all areas of life. wate r. this is Master Kuthumi. and what happens to Mother Earth affects you. If the earth ht problems. The wor ld is being transformed. and all continents are affected by them. Your body is made from the same material of M other Earth. We are now living at a very interesting time on planet Earth. the room go silent. This will have a tremendous change in one's life and will shift and chang e many aspects of one's life. or become blocked inside. nality. Otherwise there will be disharmony in your life. Major changes are happening throughout the world. many a soul will wish to leave the physical body so that they can r eturn with a much lighter body and with a much higher activated DNA with in thei r system. for they su broadcast the earth element of domination. There are four natural forces which must be in balance and harmony . You and the planet are intimately interlinked. there may be great damage to people and property.

Do not place red in your bedroom or in any place you normally relax or slee p. A forest fire is an imbalance of the fire element. or dehydration. they can develop p hysical ailments over time. These people cannot sleep. A person who is lacking fire may feel excessiv ely cold. fevers. or avoid ance of people and withdrawal from society. If we have too much earth element. when you are la cking them. The color light blue is also good for this. creativity. If their condition is not balanced. a picture of a deser t or a sand dune can support you. A picture of a desert animal like a camel in t he living room can also be beneficial. it can contribute to co ldness towards life living without joy. It can dam age the liver and the intestines. If you have too much water element. You can also place a large stone near your front door.and overwhelmed by the conditions of their life. wearing stones or crystals on your bo dy can help.a hurricane or a volcanic erupt ion . When it is lacking. or disoriented. You can balance the water element by having a picture of a light shower or a light waterfall in your living room. they may become spacey. steel. They may also subconsciously project their emotions onto others. When someone has an over abundance of the air element. or inspiration. and age rapidly because they lack oxygen in their bl ood stream. The c olor red is also good. For excessive wind element.indicates an imbalance of the four elements. Carry a picture of a light summer shower with a blue background in your purse o r wallet. A great wind is an imbalance of air. Exces sive fire can also trigger irritation. it can cause emotional roller coasters. The colo r soft beige will with a tiny dot of red inside will support in ridding excessiv e earth element. For balancing the air element. A natural disturbance in one part of the Earth . and where feel the greatest pull is the element yo u must work with at present. Wearing gree n can also help. When the water element is weak. These people may find that they are constantly out of breath. Floods are an imbalance of th e water element. Place the color red (in any form) on your desk or your ta ble. Here are some tools you can use to add one of the four elements. What can you do to balance the four elements in yoursel f? Write the four elements on a piece of paper and pass a finger or a pendulum o ver of what you have written. When the water element is too strong. They may also consume and release fluids excessively. but it can al so transform. When it is too weak. When fire is in balance. and be unable to control their emotions. anger. blocked. it can cause the emotions to appear to be absent. Wearin . and platinum are all good for this. o verly talkative. Having a picture of a bird flying in the sky will als o support this process. You will subconsciously draw the water element into your body if you a re lacking it. wearing precious metals on your body can support you. Too much fire element can be balanced by having a picture of a gentle stream flowing through a thick green jungle. It is also good to h ave a picture of a gentle fire like a candle (but not a big blaze). Their mind is not rested and refuses to quit burning. The mental body is associated with the element of fire. wearing crystals is not recommended. The fire element can be balanced by placing a bright yellow flowe r near the front entrance of your home or your living room. They may lack warmth their in personal interacti ons. or too thi n. all your creative processes will be empow ered with passion and determination. a person can experience emotional up and downs. You can do this periodically to check which element s need to be worked with and balanced. They may become depressed or listless. loss of clarity and inspiration. Too li ttle air can cause lack of creativity. Excess fire element can cause a person s mind to run out of control. even when their body is tired. Too much air can also cause dehydration. their bodies can dehydrate and cause their creativity to dry up. When the water element is unbal anced. even in warm weather. gently massage the back of your nec k for a few minutes daily. Fire can harm or kill. If you lack the earth element. Aluminum.

There is also one other reason for my death at the hands of an American Soul.html Cecil the Lion who was recently killed in Zimbabwe and made headline news around the world. most of the foreign policies of all the cou ntries is based purely on Self Interest.raechandran. this is Cecil. so it is good to balance these elements regularly.g white clothing can also support this process. it would have the greatest impact on the world community for America is a leader and eve ry body looks towards this great land for making a change. but a shift in consciousness in the country where I r esided. My passing away has brought the attention of the world to the animal kingdom and t he country where I resided with my pack. This will have a g reat effect on two fronts. Wh en any major changes must happen in the world. there is always a message for the ones who came to know about that death.Palmer for both us agreed that through my passing a large shift in consci ousness will take place. if it starts in America.Palmer's role in this. much of th at went into the ground for healing to take place. When my death happened. The stronghold of the dark forces will break and also better care for my animals brothers and sisters. compassion and sympathy was beamed into the animals and the land and since we habitat that land. We are not just talking about protecting the animal kin gdoms in a benevolent way. Much love. it was decided that I wou ld give up my life and this would be announced in a major way through out the wo rld. When there is no interest or any thing to be gained from that country. So my contract was w ith Mr. the animal ki ngdoms also has contracts .Palmer. If the soul who kille d was from any other country. This has helped the dark forces greatly and they have ruled with impunity for a long time. The people and the land is suffering. Master Kuthumi Through Rae Chandran ======================================== http://www. Experiment and play with these techniques. This will start shifting the p ower base from a select few to a more diversified field and the country will onc e again see the roots of democracy taking shape. As you might be aware. The country Zimbabwe has been ruled with an iron fist and is greatly influenced by the Dark Forces which completely controls the people in the governing body. there was much attention placed on Zimbabwe and much light energy went into that country. There is wi de spread corruption and mis-management of the scant Well my dear ones. they have failed to tak e any action. Well it is good. We are pleased to announce that the desired goal of my passing was achieved as m ore than 30 million people sent healing energy into the land. So with the consultation with my Higher Self and my guides and with the consulta tion with the guides and support systems of Mr. A lthough the world knows about the situation in Zimbabwe.but with selected human beings. it would not have got as much coverage as it did a nd hence Mr. the the powerful countries which can bring about a change in a dark and oppressed country does not care for there is nothing to be gained for them. Keep in mind that these forces will c hange as you go through life. Just like humans has contracts (life contracts) with other humans. When one dies and if any one comes to know about the death (whether human o r otherwise). There has been much news about me recently. .

When he was killed by an assassi n's bullet. I also would like to give you an example of how death makes an impact on the peo ple who comes to know about the death. it made the greatest impact on the warring factions . For having children. By holding Love and Peace in your own Heart.even if it is a small goal like regular two goats together climbing a rock in your bedroom. Let us work together and create what you truly desire. So let us all celebrate my make this three goats and place it in your bedroom. Cecil the Lion from Zimbabwe through Rae Chandran =========================================== http://www. Let us honor h im. Take advantage of us in this special year.raechandran. In the same way. rules you and drives you. it will be a double gift in manifesting your tr ue desires. July. Any goal you want to manifest. We have the cap acity to re-wire your brain for our deep and strong feet. Let us take the passing away of Mahatma Gandhi. Our deep love and respect for all our bro thers and sisters of Taiwan.why things will not work. open up intutions Let us celebrate Mr. or why things did not work etc. to support in the manifestation of your desired goals. You can write a few goals. October and December are all exceptionally good for creativity and manifestation.but rather celebrate.the power which runs you. Sheep Spirit ======================================= http://www. humans look at animals an d see their purpose for being on the planet in an entirely different way. The month of March. for you will also realize your true p ower this year . Infuse your intentions with the smell of soft lavendar or any other essential oils and place it underneath your pillow. my death also made a huge impact in the psyc he of millions of people and this will change the way. How do you celebrate my death.Palmer for taking this brave step and fully stepping into his life contract.set a goal .. Sept. June.what this year will bring forth? What we suggest is tha t in this year . Some of you may wonder . we are the spirit of the Sheep. Ofcourse your desires must be grounded in common sense and not day d reaming. This year combine d with the energies of 8 (2015).. This can create powerful dreams and also give your new ideas.between the Hi ndus and the Muslims and it stopped considerably the killing between these two s ections of people. Have you seen us climb ing to the top of the mountain or rock with our sturdy feet? We can inspire you to climb the highest peak in your own life. For those of you who wants to get married .html .html Message from the Celestial Sheep for 2015 Hello. We will support all r ight intentions this year for our energies will enter into the subconscious part of your brain and will work to change the belief systems you all hold in your h ead .So do not mourn my death .

In this respect. I also see the potential for a new political party being formed all around t he world called Earth Party . tissue s and skin. On the spiritual front.Predictions for 2015 By Babaji Hello.for many of these land masses may appear in the borderline between nations.focusing only on themselves or focusing only on healing the outside world. My deepest love to all of you for all of you are soul exte nsions of the Creator. rage.especially from the Galatic and the Solar planes. Al .about their involvement with them for quite s ome time. New land masses may come up and these new lands will have abundant min erals underneath it. rage. the light workers tilt towards ei ther one of the other . It will be like an inner calling to do this kind of work. this movement will be cal led Earth Party through out the world.. the deceased person. At this particular time when the world is on the cusp of a major shift.wh ich at best times are on and off (not through out the waking state). Some of you may be guided to visit certain places on t he planet to do this kind of work. and others will simply do this from their hom es. This must g o hand in hand. which they car ry inside and then supporting them to go on their journey on the other side. These both compliment each other. I see the potential for many more new teachings to be b rought forward . I would like to bring your attention at this point to doing specific work for h ealing the earth. when they are re-incarnated again will come with a more clean slate of energy. Precious Ones. In the coming year (2015) I see the great potential among light workers to play a more prominent role in the healing of earth. one must awaken from t he deep slumber and take part in the re-creation of the new world. Angels of Resurrection work with the frequencies in the body . There may be tug of war between between nations about this . Also new teac hings coming from the land you call South America. In truth one cannot heal the outside when one is not working on themselves and the vice versa is also true. When this is done. Children who are like sponge easily pick this up and they may have the tendency to grow up having these qualities . as I am. There are many layers of healing for the earth which is requir ed at this time. anger. Irrespective of the country. blood. but also pa rticipating fully in the cleansing and healing of the land you live. anger etc. One has to do specifically with healing the lost souls which ar e still on the earth plane and this is a great burden on Mother Earth's body. What we have observed is that. non forgi veness etc. there are two things I suggest you do. bones.. Co mbined with this. The mystery and secret of the Easter Islands may be revealed. the deceased who carries hatred or deep seated rage or any of the other debilitating emotions they had when they passed away is also being tra nsferred to Mother Earth's body and especially if they are buried in the ground. Aft er you do this. What does it mean to re-create a new world? It is just not in having a new consciousness .and especially the energies and frequencies in the cells. This also affects the new born children who are born in that region for they ha ve the great potential to carry many of the same emotions which the deceased per son for what the deceased person is leaving is an energy imprint on the ground. Also the existence of our brothers and sisters from other realities will be more fully accepted and also the great potential fo r many governments to openly say . both politically and spiritually. I encourage you to participat e in this so that earth healing can truly begin. One is to c all forth and connect with the lost souls and gently guide them to go to the pla ce they belong to. you may also call or ask for the assistance of the Angel of Resu rrection to heal the deceased person's etheric body and the energy body along wi th the auric body.especially of hatred. Then calling forth the Angel of transition to assist these so uls to heal/erase the memory of all the hatred.whose prime purpose will be to restore Mother Eart h in many of its aspects.

so new pyramids will be discovered and the true purpose of these gigantic struct ures will be discussed more in depth. human and m effec benev highe I ask you to join fully with your magnificent I AM Presence. AA Metatron and The Creator Blessings and Greetings to all. There are many more pyramidal structures a ll around the earth including in the mountains of Tibet. There will also be revelations about how the medical profession and some times the big pharmaceutical companie s have played a role in creating sickness and diseases to keep human beings chai ned to them. new ways of space travel.. grace and harmony among all including yourself. Initially many of these new interpretations will be rejected. On the medical front. the true origin of any decease will be discussed and how one can heal the cause before it becomes an effect as a disease. There may also be new innovations coming fro m China and Iran and these products will be greatly used in many of the western countries after resisting it at first. Many big names in the newspaper business will be named and shamed. rather than individual countries. .html Soul Shapes and its Functions By Goddess of Mathematics and Science. This can have a dramatic t on all aspects of life on the planet including weather changes. With Love and Support for your wonderful work. Many of the big pharmaceutical companies motives and intent will be revealed. more and olent innovations being released into the world. your supporting te ams . for you are in the age of Empowerment. These products will not be a military or war machine. Angels and Archangels and the Magnificent Creator of All in this c oming year and co-create a world where there is More ore people will awaken in all parts of the world. There will be new scholars coming from all parts of the world who will have a d ifferent view on some of the more intolerant religions and they will interpret m any of these old teachings and bring it to par with the new realities. In this they will find great strength and they will build a mighty continent. The greatest energy potential what I see in 2015 is the awakening of more s and they taking their power.raechandran. r forms of communication etc. for there will be a c lamor for this. but some thing which will capture the minds and imagination of the young people around the world.Guides. but slowly it will be accep ted all around the world. Cures for Ebola and other diseases will be found and eradicated. Some of the big names in the mobile phones and the IT sector will see a great swing in their fortunes and many companies will be persecuted for fraud ( tax and also for other wrong doing) in 2015. Many also will question the integrity of big newspapers and news medi a for they will see that many of them has not been reporting the truth. New gold and diamond mines will be found in Africa and there wil l be calls for Africa to unite and deal with other nations as a collective count ry. There may also be more talk and relationship buil ding between USA and Iran. The financial sector is overdue for a big overhaul and there is the high potent ial for the market to crash and wipe away millions of people's savings and also fortune. The great potential for finally rel easing the information on Free Energy will be forthcoming. I am Babaji ================================================ http://www.

easy going. For you will b e able to match with the same or similar shapes available here on earth. For eg. Can easily fit in to a group or can easily find one's place in any environment. This elon gated diagonal form can be in any format ..let us say..both spiritually and materially . then conn ecting with any elongated diagonal form can be very supportive of you. Although all souls are equal. one may choose to ado pt the shape of that particular star system or galaxy depending up on what the s oul is trying to achieve in that particular life time. if your soul has chosen a shape . a fruit or vegetable you consume frequently etc. Oval Shape Ability to adjust and adapt rather quickly in any environment. a p ainting you see daily. Building Shape (tall building) Structures in one's life. a circle has almost the same frequency as a human being. The sou l takes a particular shape for its re-incarnation to achieve what it sets out to do. for different incarnational purposes in diffe rent realities. Also support ground ing. What are the attributes of these 8 different shapes: 1. 3. Does not live in the head and is balanced . The other qualitie s good communication skills. a solid citizen of the earth and always willing to lend a h and to a fellow citizen. Any obj ects or materials you associate on a daily basis which has a similar shape can h elp you maintain your high frequency and especially if you are conscious of it. 2. then the frequency can be elongated diagonal form. Each of these shapes has a certain quality and essence to it. then work wi th this particular shape. then you can incorpor ate that energy or frequency within you by simply working with that particular s hape. so that you can have a richer experience.whether in the academic field or in a work place.Today we would like to discuss about the topics of shapes. a desk you use daily. Also will seek the highest truth always. And. can be very beneficial. the soul may choose different shapes.. sincere and honest. Have you ever wondere d about why there are shapes in the world? What are the functions of the shapes? Why are all shapes different? Why is the human body shaped like it is and not l ike the ones in other realities? Understanding shapes can enhance one's life exp erience much for there are certain shapes which has a frequential similarity wit h the human being's frequencies. Great friendships. Let us say y our soul has chosen a particular shape and has come with a certain frequency and talents associated with it. flexible and the gene ral sense that at the end everything will be alright. where a square does not have the same vibrational frequency. depending on the clos e affinity one has with different star systems and galaxy. Knowing what the soul has chosen as its shape in this incarnation. Today we would like to offer a glimpse of the various shapes which a soul may ch oose. If it is your desire to cu ltivate this aspect as part of your personality and emotional body. . Elongated diagonal shape The ability to go with the flow in one's life. But now you want to enhance it further or add somet hing more to it. Why is this so? There are billions of people on the planet. The ability to know what one needs to do to enhance on e's life . For eg. all with unique frequencies.

Goddess of Mathematics and Science. music and enjoy being in nature. This is Roopeshwari . Has grand picture of t hemselves and their family. V Shape Balance is the key for these shapes of soul .especially in conflict. for Karma is not a b inding tool any more. They want equality for all and may fight for it. The other qual ities are artistic. you have the option to choose or change any reality you have come in with. simply by choosing another shape with the qualities you desire. Willing to try new things always and eager and enthu siastic in all walks of life. caring and e asily forgiving. Ha rdworking and can go alone in a job and does not depend upon others much. 6. easy and fun loving. Will seek new things to enhance their lives and never satisfied with the mundane things. world peace. you will move into a new r eality.raechandran. Also w ill take care of family in a fair way. In this era of Empowerment. higher goals. C an be tough task 7. There is no need to suffer any more. Although your soul may have chosen a particular shape for the persona lity to master a particular life lesson or balance the karmic energy. Gentleness. AA Metatron and The Creator Greetings. but always fair.4. Other qualities are Inspired Creativity and inspired action. The Univers e is made of geometry and numbers. Great volunteers during any typ e of crisis and giving is more important for them than receiving. There are mathematical codes and equations fo r all types of expressions of Creation and if one were able to tap into these co des. Spiral shape The ability to see higher truth. nurturing and a great heart. S Shape Carries the energy of exploration and adventure.will seek balance in everything. AA Metatron with Sri Roopeshwari ========================================= http://www. But they are very passionate in what they do and set out to do. Will not take advantage of others. Overlapping Horizontal Oval Shape These souls are fair in everything. Can become s ome times self centered and may exhibit the qualities of not caring for others. 5. peaceful. W Shape They carry the energy of not giving up till they reach their goals. The human body is . 8. kind. Now dear ones. but gentle inside.html Creation Codes Of The Universe By Goddess of Mathematics and Science. then one can begin to access the secrets of the Universe. Have deep connection with the Divine with in and are able to see the larger picture in all things . Can achieve any thing if they set their mind to it. They are strong. see which are the qualities you wish to incorporate and then draw out the shape associated with it and place it in a place you can see frequently or carry it with you in your wallet. sacrifice for the go od of all. Free yourself from this and move into chosen reality of yo ur liking.

but rather by hand. Work with these numbers to recreate your new self. the energy must reach the bones. blood and the bones. For the maximum benefit. Draw it on a piece of paper and place it in an area where you can view it often. Supporting Barren women who wants to become mothers.Goddess of Maths and Science. one has to process all the numbers given and th e sum of that total contains the vibrations of all the numbers given. One can work with these codes to bring harmony and balance in o ne's life as this brings about healing at the quantum level. The energy from the drawing will send healing and balancing energies into diffe rent areas of the body including the skin. and one has the capacity to change through one's own action and gaining wisdom from that. I am not talking about numerology. I have influenced and inspired many of the great minds of the time past and some of the well known people I have worked are Nicholas Telsa and Iss ac Newton. I am Roopeshawari . an understanding about ho w the energy works and how it can be shifted or transformed to bring about a pos itive karmic closure or healing. Following are the meaning behind each geometry: . For Money/Abundance. The numbers and geo metry presented here are for bringing balance to different expressions of life. I work closely with the Karmic Council and thes e numbers are designed to bring one into an awareness. 47 + 63 X 13 divided by 2 + 1 = 716. the numbers given below must be used exactly as it is given. Now I would like to present a list of numbers which can be used beneficially.made up of sacred geometry and mathematical codes that correspond to the codes of the Universe. please place your intention or desire of anything you want to energize or draw forth into you in the middle of the symbol. It is this area where th e minerals of the body are which holds much energy and information. it is bes t done not using a calculating device.. but I have been in this part of the Universe for a long time. But to come to the sum of that. It is also suggested that when using these numbers to derive the sum at the end. First we present a set of numbers and then a total sum of that. flesh. For Energizing Intention. HOW TO WORK WITH THESE GEOMETRY AND NUMBERS. My or igin is far from this Universe. I also worked with Phythagoras and other great thinkers and helped to bring about understandings which could change the way one perceives reality. Meditate on this number focusing on the wom . Now for the numbers: 1.even one with out any understanding of any spiritual p rinciples.Sri Roopeshawari and AA Metatron Greetings and Blessings. but these a re not set in stone. please draw it out and place it on the top of the front doo r (inside the front door or the outside of the front door). but numbers which corresp onds directly with one's emotions and well being and also the ability to break t hrough one's past karmic energy. Today I would like to discuss about simple numbers and how it can be applied to improve one's life. It can be used by any one . Meditating o n the geometry with the numbers will also support further healing. ======================================================= Mathematics and You By Goddess of Mathematics . For true healing to take place.. We all come in with karmic lessons.

16 + 3 +5 3 X 1 +2 = 10.63 + 99 + 1.27 X 2 + 11 + 10 .0 . To support and nurture one's personal dreams: 16 + 2 X 3 . divide d by 13.127 + 1 X 1 + 3 + 7 + 6 . Diet and Nutrition: 1 + 16 X 2-5+3 X 1+9-8 X 2+1+4-7 = 64 .176 + 14 + 16 . To develop the Brain Capacity: 1 + 16 + 256 .17 X 2 . Strengthen one's heart and mind connection: 11 X 13 X 26 divided by 14 -56 -62 + 76 + 89 + 111 + 115 .301 + 16 .15 X 3 + 49 . divided by 16 and divided by 13= 8.3 . 2. To realize/understand the pattern's in one's life: 1 + 63 . Awaken the Explorer with in all of us: 1 + 17 X 3 .4 X 2 + 1 .330 + 1 + 17 divided by 3 X 2 + 1 + 7 .3 .58 + 1 + 2 divided by 2 X 3 + 16 .25 + 39 + 66 + 67 + 69 = (while meditating focus on the Solar Plexus) .103 + 1 = 7.54 = 5.16 . To increase healing abilities: 9 + 7 + 6 + 17 + 23 + 28 + 33 + 37 .90 + 111 + 6 + 5 + 1 = 11.119 + 1 + 3 X 27 X 2 .114 .7 + 2 X 1 + 116 .22 .No particular area to focus while medita ting on the number.11 .b area.112 2 + 2 X 1 . To release Karmic Patterns: 36 + 9 + 4 X 13 .5 = 6.13 .5 + 1 + 6 .3 X 57 + 65 .7 X 2 divided by 6 + 1 + 1 + 1 X 3 + 55 .176 + 101 X 2 .64 X 1 .3 + 21 . To Quell the inner rage: 1 + 17 X 3 .1 + 1 09 X 2 . 252 X 2 .13 + 1 X 1 + 3 + 17 + 63 + 49 .144 + 1 divided by 2.7 X 2 .55 .9 .116 .15 + 46 . To have a clear focus: 1 + 13 X 27-45+1+2 X 2 + 3 = 675 .151 + 2 + 14 + 666 divided by 13 X 2 .89 .9 + 13 .56 + 12 X 7 + 91 .2 divi ded by 13 + 1.7 + 16 . 4 .63 X 2 + 1 . To project confidence and develop Self Love: 0 + 3 + 34 . 4.13 + 98 .5 + 6 + 13 + 27 .14 + 15 + 19 + 47 + 67 + 99 divided by 13 X 2 + 1 .256 X 3 .Meditate on this number while focusing on the third eye 3.102 + 1 = 9.214 X 2 + 1 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 3 = 12.29 + 101 .12 + 1 + 9 + 18 .7 .6 + 1 X 3 .17 + 2 + 1 .

44 .15 . then one will be in the flow. Compassion/patience with all: 2 X 7 + 9 X 1 X 13 divided by 4 + 76 + 1 + 84 + 111 + 126 .121 .13.html The Sacred Geometry of the Human Body In the womb. Sharing 19 X 23 . Receiving and Giving Balance: 1 + 4 + 6 + 12 X 13 X 17 + 24 + 64 + 65 + 89 + 113 .51 + 1 + 1 + 1 13 X 2 = 23. Benevolence: 1 + 17 + 24 + 32 .85 .3 + 1 + 0 (focus on the back of the neck) 17.3 + 2 + 1 = 18.2 + 87 + 66 + 41 .47 + 2 X 1 + 1 + 0 + 16 + 19 + 23 divided by 6 X 13 + 6 + 1 . The Universe is made up of numbers and every thing in the Universe has a frequential number and if one can match those frequencies.1 + 1 X 4 divided by 7 + 251 + 333 + 464 divided by 14 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 .16 . ======================================== http://www.17 + 25 + 41 + 66 + 77 + 78 + 81 .91 + 0 + 1 + 4 + 3 . Pineal gland opening: 199 + 212 + 464 + 561 . To open the third eye/clearing in the third eye 27 + 3 + 1 divided by 6 + 1 + 14 + 19 -21 X 2 divided by 3 + 7 + 9 + 1 = 16.27 + 1 = 20. Forgiveness 2 + 3 + 6 + 19 + 21 divided by 3 X 16 + 114 .1 .0 + 64 .raechandran.787 + 881 + 910 divided by 45 + 0 + 6 .15 .6 .16 divided by 3 X 4 + 6 + 9 + 111 + 55 + 33 + 22 + 1 .to awaken the creative energy with in us: 1 + 999 + 2621 + 13 divided by 69 + 13 + 666 . Cheerfulness 3 + 7 + 6 + 14 .36 . Creativity .3 + 0 + 1 divided by 17 X 3 + 1 = 21. To support Autistic children: 44 + 101 + 99 + 22 + 55 + 33 + 13 X 2 + 1 + 0 + 169 19. at the beginning of our lives.3 .0 .1 + 2 X 1 + 0 = 22.2 (focus on the Nose) with these numbers and see whether these can support you.1 + 64 = Dear One's . we were nothing but geometrical form . To take action: 1 .6 .367 + 1 = 15.

These 8 cells r esonate with sound. sacred geometry. The Half Moon is connected with Lady Quan Yin and embodies the qualities of U niversal Love for us to exist. 8 core cells are created. 1. Fruit contains the seed which falls to the ground. Half moon 6.the vesica piscis. or union with oneself. or with the Angelic Kingd om. a nd then grows into another tree. unchanged from birth to death. 4. the Goddess of Creation and the perfect balance between the two opposites. physi cal and spiritual bodies experience different aspects of our life through the in teractions of these sacred geometrical shapes. The ovum in the human body is also a sphere. 2. and animals . All life forms . 8. 7. plants. The Circle or Sphere is connected to Master Jesus and is associated with the fullness of life . At th at exact moment. water. mental. A fruit tree first makes a flower. the spiral is interwoven throughout these 8 sacred geometrical shap es. 2. The Octahedron is connected to Archangel Metatron and is associated with the patterns of life Creation . the reality of all the light of the Universe is transmitted int o that sacred geometrical form. Vesica piscis 3. These forms interact with each other connected to Mother Mary. The human body contains 8 sacred geometric shapes. The Star Tetrahedron is connected to Archangel Gabriel and our relation to Un iversal Light and Universal Wisdom. Circle or sphere Creation is made and manifested. Within this tetrahedron. music. For conception to take place.embracing all of Creation. the ovum must be saturated with hundreds of sperm. 5. from base of the neck to . and our emotional. With further multiplication of cells. The Flower of Life is associated with Master Thoth and Lord Melchizedek. and represents the cycles of life and death. and then goes through process of met amorphosis to create fruit. The Vesica Piscis . Mind and Soul. and remainin g throughout our life.from the top of the mouth to about 12 inches above the head. Tetrahedron 4. formed at birth. The Dodecahedron is connected with Master Hilarion and is associated with our human body and its interactions with Heaven and Earth. WHERE THESE GEOMETRIC PATTERNS ARE SITUATED IN OUR PHYSICAL BODIES 1. shaped like a square 5. The Tetrahedron is located in the front of the body. Then cells begin to divide. Cube. and each is tied to the quality of an Ascended Master. a Sister of Light. This is called the Egg of L ife. Each of these forms carries a certain frequency and essence. These are: 1. Flower of Life In addition. Octahedron 7. It is also called as the Cycle of a Fru it Tree. and a few must come together. another ge ometrical form begins to manifest . Dodecahedron 8. 6.the tetrahedron. The Cube is connected to Master Kuthumi and is associated with the Oneness of Body.began as a sphere. and the elements. The circle or sphere is in the head area . 3.s. and these core cells rem ain within us at the base chakra.trees. and the cycle continues. forming another sacred geometrical symbol .

The Flower of Life is between the first and second charkas. But you will see many Indian gods demy stified in the future. We have embodied different incarnat ions in life various streams depending on which culture they were born. praying to the statue is only for one purpose. =========================================================== http://www." The idea of having the it is what awakens them. And then. awakening them. So. 3. An honoring for them to a waken themselves. people will say "Why are you worshipping all these statues?" Let us cut it down in size. Islam will also go through a great shift and people will say. so they can see this light and awaken themselves. Like Tirupati. etc. When people visit this holy place. 6. energy programming. You can al so draw these geometric patterns on paper. Many other mythical stories I would say. We only ask of them. Through your intent. I am just a shining beacon of light.the heart. our role would h ave been fulfilled. But who is Murugan? Just another asp ect of the divine creator like all of you are. this is Murugan. The only regrettable thing is that people give their power away to the statue an d say "I am better than them". You have to worship yourself. The Half Moon is on the soles.html Lord Murugan at Batu Caves. I was bo rn in Mexico too but in a different form which is acceptable to the people of Me xico. The Vesica Piscis covers the entire solar plexus area. where people pay lots of money. The Dodecahedron is from below the knee to the toes. intention. "This is not right". for that was the form which they could accept. Someday. we deities. and there will not be anymore statues of worship in the worl d. The Cube is located between the heart to just above the solar plexus chakra. So the statue outside is very appropriate. Truly. and they feel that by giving money. can take any form. we are all part of the Great One in differe nt forms for people in different time zones. There is a higher power and this stirring is what gives the statue life. Spiral geometry goes up and down through all these patterns. . It will take more than 200 years for the transformation to take place. you can strengthen any of these parts of your body by calli ng on the respective masters and anchoring their light into yourself. No. 7. 5. There have been many stories writ ten about me that I am the son of Lord Shiva and my brother Ganesha. But not right now. "You do not h ave to worship me. For it is an honoring of the people.raechandran. It is not so! The power of the statue awakens within them inviting them to know themselves. the richest temple in India. Even the statues that they see and worship. some force inside of them. There is a stirring inside your soul. 8. 4. The Octahedron is between the first chakra to the top of the knee. That you are able to see the lig ht of the statue inside yourself when you look at it. Malaysia Greetings dearest brother. including saints in Poland. and we travel and make our presence felt in w hichever form that people can accept for only to awaken to the light within them . and strengthen parts of your body by using color. underneath the feet. there is a stirrin g in their hearts.

For the a ncients knew about this cave. And one day. you have been to this cave many times. So. I am a being of light who understands every soul who walks this path without judgement. By whom do you know? By Master Kuthumi. This is why this cave has become popular. they are on their own evolut ionary path. So call on the great ones. So what can they do? They can give you the power to transform things. and I know. You are right in saying that ma ny dragons hold energies and have protected the planet. The power of this cave possess the ability to awak en people's consciousness. To lead people to have the courage to break out from the fence they have built around themselves. let us say. first of all. You are guided on the inner le vel to do so. So who better qualified? Let us say. As you know. But how many people do it? I would say very little. The dragons will also offer you three gifts. but a place where they can go within much easil y. Who was it that created the statue? Do you know. is it not my de ar brother? "Absolutely!" Even my statue. "I would awaken to this truth. "Lord Muragan. how to feel the animal. For they are your guides M aster Kuthumi and Master Saint Germain. You can call on a dragon to give you the power to transform. What you need to do at this present moment in time is to develop inner courage. You can call on me too. And you have the wisdom within you. And th e best way to do this is to connect with these great beings. they can bring healing and transformation to the planet. Tremendous inner courage and tremendous inner convict ion. you need courage to achieve something. they will ha . any worthwhile project requires inner courage. The mighty dragons are c ompatible with your energy and in working with them. and you said in your life stream before you cam e. Same way! You must develop inner courage and inner conviction in this. the project of working in tandem with the dragons to bring healing to pla net earth. Including the energies of the blue dragon." So you are honored for this work. Same way. I am not he re just as a statue. the purple dragon and the red dragon. it is a very worthwhile project you are doing. and I would bring forth this product into the world. And they will have gifts for you. the courage to be who you truly are. not as a tourist destination. there is a circus. They inspired you. And that is what is important. Yes. do you have any guidance for me on how to move forward with this publication?" I would say. Yes. The purpose of this this cave is a place where you can go within and be connected to Source. That is their main role at the pre sent moment. So they will find somebody who has already worked with them before for they know the temperament of animals. is it not? And people come to honor thi s. Their main mission is to assist in the transformat ion of the planet and humanity. you have awakened to this. And now. it is good for you to start connecting with the drago ns yourself everyday. in the sens e. and they want to find a circus traine r who has worked with animals. it will last for many hundreds of years. And why? Why only you for dragon project? For you have worked with dragons in the past. And then the dragons will inspire you and guide you on how to move forward in the publication of the book. But do you think that it was an accident that you are doing this dragon project dear brother? I'm sure you k now the answer don't you? It is not a concidence. it required the tremendous determination of one man to make this happen? When it is completed. you worked with the mythical dragons. they do not have to do any of the things. and you may call on them to work with them. And then they will guide you. And I see. I will tell you one of the gifts will be a diamond which you may p lace in your heart center. how to work with ani mals. no t on this Earth plane but another plane.And now you my dearest brother. And you my d ear brother are right in saying that there are many energies here.

you must never ask this question again. First of all. As you know. But it is their truth. She believes and she knows. So what you did was appropriate. For I am not just a statue her e. Then you will be able to guide the contributors ho w to write. No qu estions to ask anybody because that's the truth. faith and trust in yourself. good. colored strings of seven colors of all chakras on your left hand everyday. you are connected to the Universe. A knowingness from your body. good. When you do your work w ith the highest intention with the purity of your heart. it d oes not affect the Universe dear brother? Same way. So the lightwork that you do an d others who come here with great light. So know that everything is appropriate. For people come here with expectations of an instant connection with me and the Creator. so their hearts are filled with thoughts "How can they make their life better?" And many a time. There is no question. The president of the company is the one who initiates the project of a company . This whole place. you are just taking m aterials from others and say hmmmm. Do you know that when you have a g ood thought of yourself. Naturally. it activates the energies. The belief in Lourdes helps them heal themselves. I' m not sure if it worked. You can remove it when you shower and you w ill feel very powerful in a short period of time. And do it with the purest intention and with unconditional love. you are taking this idea and asking people to put into this project. They require constant clearing and healing. Yes! Yes! Yes! And this will requi re courage. A knowingness inside your body. good. it is not a mind. a lot of energy is deposited in all over the ground and all over the pl ace. I am a living. And when you do. what happens like the Lourdes where people go to get healing. Let u s say you are the president of a company who has a dream of publishing this book . let us say. An d their truth must resonate with your truth for your highest good. So this is why it is important for you to come to a place of knowingness . Right now. they get disappointment and that energy stays in the ground. But you have this understanding deep i nside. You must also remember one thing. Not an understanding. "Fredaricka gave me some symbols to place here to help shift the Earth grids. Do the work that you feel called to do from your heart. what happens? Many of the masses who go ther e and when they are not healed. Yes. Could you shed some light on this?" My dear brother. develop that knowingness. But they must come to a place with a knowingness in their hearts that they will be able to cure themselves. For there is a lot of healing required here. so never underestimate yours elf. So. but do you think when you do something. Like the band you're wearing (entry ticket band) on your left hand. how to do it in a different manner. Tha t's it. You must believe in that. why do they come here? They have to cle anse the energy field. many colored strings.. Lourdes does not heal anybody. Do you think your beloved friend Solunt ra goes and ask "Am I doing the right work?" No. That's it. For people are coming here with many problems. That they can have more pe ace in their life. it works. Because they are on their own evolutionary path. breathing being. To heal what? That life will get better. So you must d evelop this connection with the dragon first. The president knows all aspects of the creation is it not? But now what you ar e doing. And one . Otherwise. And it will support you tremendous ly. Or colored strings on your lef t hand. Batu Caves and others requi re tremendous cleansing. There will be 3 books in the future. That's your truth. So they will be other beings who go there just to see the place and they will heal this land with their light. It can support you and help yo u. which they don't have at the present moment. For this is not the only book. that thought goes into Mother Earth? Mother Earth feels it do you know that? You may want to wear a bracelet around your hand. But most important right now is for you to connect with the dragons first. Bu t you must have control of the project and that control will come when you start connecting with the dragons.

Like the book you are working on now. Very p owerful book in the future. Because. So they forgot the real intention why they are doing this." Yes. it's not going to stop you from proceeding with the project. color picture story of drag on. That this is what's needed for the world. it means if you are pure at h eart. Steps are there for people to stand there to look at the ir lives and say. And that you can call it Karma clearing or any other thing. Let us say. so the intention is o nly to climb. then they will have the ex perience. but that requires tremendous courage and a conviction in the project that w hat you're doing is right. And that. You have it.might just be a book on just drawings and captions on dragons. to get to the top. And even a book will be coming out with just music o f dragons. But how many people actually do that? The y do not. is it not dear one? It is a matter o f perspective. People who are switched on. "Beautiful arch itecture. deter mination. It requires focus. which will help you hea l a lot of trauma in your life. is like a magnet which will draw forth into you. because the word Karma has been misused for control. you go to your holy place. intention and the belief that what you are doing is appropriate. "That sounds exciting. It does not mea n that you do not have it. but an inner knowing that no matter what . A desire t o know God will draw forth God into you. your int ention. So if they climb the steps with the intent ion of healing and connecting as one with the divine. your desire. Karma is a very heavy word. That's all. As you know. and knowingness in your heart. Cause you are a magnet. more and more light will come into your life. Do this tone and do the visua lization of these colors and how you can activate and anchor this energy. fear in to not taking any action. story of dragon. they will say "What a marvelous place. and honoring the creator within you. Can you offer some cl arity on this?" It does have an effect. walking with the intention to be one with the Divine and the grace of the divine in you. is it not? Let us say "Energy Ba lancing" instead. and honoring the divine within you. love. Karma is only energy balancing. Different perspective. Was it anchored somewhere around th is place?" . "Do you have any other questions?" "I've always been curious why people believe that climbing up the 274 steps here to access the inner caves can clear one's negative Karma. or many other things. "Cmdr Ashtar downloaded 59 love crystals in 59 countries a few months back and K uala Lumpur was one of the locations listed. I would not like to use the word Karma. and with the power of grace with each step you take. A desire to know love will draw loving experiences into you. But do you know what happens nowadays? Most people say it is a burden to walk this. Let u s call it "Energy Balancing". and never g iving up. Color picture. oth erwise they will say "Hmmm " People who are not prepared will say. how to activate this particular energy of the dragon. and so they find it very hard to climb this. you must develop that part more. so all this vistas of avenues will open up for you in future. and when you climb each step. nothin g else." And they would be able to go to other dimensions. Can you imagine a book like that? It is sound encoded. any worthwhile project requires commitment is it not? Eve n writing a book. It does not mean Karma will be cleansed. So be the magnet of courage." But they will not feel anything. "I have work to do". So it is not just one product. People get stuck with Karma. With word sounds. Create special music for dragons which will also be very successful. But you must first cultivate this connection with the dragon.

The country has been at a crossroad for the last 5 years and is still at this crossr oad. Mountains act as antennas for Mother Earth and ar e connected to each other all around the world. Let's connect with the en . "Let us from now on walk together hand in hand with everybody". Do you know who he is really? He is a dragon in a different form. So call on the great beings. Close your eyes and feel this light ente ring your third eye. Thank you Lord Murugan. But it will only be for a short time. where the prime minister will be in the form of a lady who will have great compassion in the heart. You may call on her. Call o n the great beings of Himalaya mountains and the Colorado mountains and work wit h them." (recorded midway) they have been depicted in many ways. You may even see his statue here today. flowing down into Mother Earth and coming back again and go ing up thru your chakric column." "It is an initiation for you dear brother. (Tonin g) Loooorrrrrdddd Vaaaaaaaa. "Thank you Lord Murugan for coming in today to grace us with your presence. You would say a dragon gateway. But in an island between Malaysia and Borneo. But it will pass very soon. the king of birds called Garuda. Entering your third eye going deep into your chakric column. Pulsating inside. let us embrace everybody. Do you know why you are here today? "Not really. all the way into the universe. thank you my dear brother and I will call you Lord Russell Chen . For this land is at a crossroad at this time. See this light c ompletely filling up every cell in your body. For they wil l be a change in Malaysia in the future in the way the government is run. let us bring people together and not be so focused on religious fanaticism and let us honor the spirit. But she will take much time to respond as she is busy with their planetary work at this time. But it is coming up f or healing and clearing. much unrest in this country. Mother Earth sends messages to o ther Universes through the mountains. You may call him as Lord Va. There is one dragon you may want to call on. "What about the rainbow dragon at the crystal ridge?" She has another function. You may feel dis oriented for some moments. Th ey will be much unemployment. What better place to have the dragons have their homes. you may connect with her. The masses w ill rebel and say this is not working and we are not going to be bothered by thi s. In 30 years time. Do you know of the famous Indian God? Powerful one. And they will be moments again in the future in this co untry to control more masses. I send you blue light into your third eye now. Combine d with gold light. there will be a change. a feeling of tingling sensation or a "Spaced Out" fee ling. It can go to religious fanaticism or we can say. Golden blue light. It has the potential to go 2 ways." "Thank you for all your wonderful blessings. Vaaaaaaaaaaa." And I would say. Vaaaaaaaaa. For there is a dragon abode. So they will be massive changes here in future. They are also in the mountains of Colorado. And they will get out of it. Like what Lady Kuan Yin said yesterday. Open your third eye. But I would say at the present moment she has been holding light and doing special planetary healing wo rk for long periods of time. Yes. She will make great sacr ifices for people and it will change this land.I would say not here. You can call on the dragon s in the great Himalayan mountains. But you may call on other dragons which I mentioned in the Himalayan and Colorado mountains will easily communicate with you for you have worked with them before. Either to one extreme side of r eligious fanaticism or to open to people and say. this does not serve us any more. a dragon parking place where many dragons gather.

but for just this short period of time we need to see th e feminine energies more prominent. they will be surprised to know that they scavenged for food. And with so many people emanating feminine energies. power and wisdom. some are light etc. M other Earth also embraces these vibrations and it will be a healing for the phys ical reality. Even times when they killed for food and this memory of not having fo od or enough food is still submerged deep into our psyche.breakfast. We can say some foods are better than others. Sometimes we have to take physical action in order for us to make those spiritual shifts and we beli eve that eating in this way would be a physical action that would anchor many sp iritual shifts that would activate the energy of greater love.000 years. greater creativit y and greater beauty. This is Shiva. The medical professional will . some are heavy. One small eg. Today I would like to speak on the topic of food.ergy with Lord Va. The food that you eat has a lo t to do with the way you experience life. you would be able to choose which food supports you and wh ich food depletes you in your energy. If you observe carefully. you would be abl e to make a great deal about a person just by observing the food he/she eats. Eating in this way would change the entire vibration of th e body and this is what we need to do change the entire vibration of the body in order to ascend further. this would activate the feminine energy with in their bodies and they would see a tremendous wealth of their soul's energies coming forward. It is literally true.html Masculine and Feminine Food Greetings. To give you strength. but not completely b ecause they are needed. Almost all the t ime most of us eat more than we need for our body remembers the time when we did not have enough. Food also plays a very major role in one's awakening ar e what you eat.raechandran.Masculin e and the memory of eve ry human being is imbued with the experience of not having food (whether this ha ppened yesterday or thousands of years). And this would offer tremendous wisdom and wealth of skills and abilities that would simply emerge from a person who eats more feminine vibration food. We are coming into a time where the feminine energies are most important because to eat more femin ine energy and to dissolve the masculine energies somewhat. Lord Russell. can be seen about it when people visit restaurants which serve buffet. their thoughts and their medit ation skills. We the ascen ded masters are asking many to embrace the feminine qualities to be activated fr om within. Al l food consumed by humans can be categorized into two main categories . ========================================== http://www. When you are in a masculine body there is mu ch feminine energies in the body for we are both masculine and feminine. What are masculine and feminine foods and how does it affect you ? The goal in life is to create balance in every aspect and this begins with foo d for food affects human behaviour. some have chemicals and some do not. and also to use them in their actions. Let's integrate our energies together Russell Chen. If people could focus on eating food which are more feminine. Let's hav e an eternal connection. So our natural tendency is to eat to whatever we are exposed t o from an young age and we grow into it. This diet is to heal the physical reality. Once again rekindle in ways more stronger. and there is always the debate among people whe ther they should eat meat or not. So to eat in this way is extremely important. At the subconscious level. Let us take the first meal of the day .. If most people were to travel back to a time period of 30. Once you have a basic understanding of the energies of food. It would be like a new aspect of the Creator being activated from within them. You have heard the expression . physical body and the p hysical earth.

Feminine (only natural cereal is feminine) Milk . Coffee/Tea. All the above foods are masculine in energy and when eaten. then that person's energy f ield would mostly be enhanced and that person can be in a creative space. Banana .of any kind including whole wheat/rye or any other .Feminine Pineapple .tell you that a healthy breakfast is the key to the day and every one should ea t a well balanced breakfast. One other thing to note about the energy of The highest vibration is when it is cooked t contains the highest energy of the Mother g vessels for earthen pots contain the most the food is in the way it is cooked. If it is grown in a farm where the cow is free to roam around. So if we take a food which is opposite to that.Masculine Mango . Now let us take that doctrine and look at it closel y.Masculine Berry (raspberry/blue berry) . Milk .Feminine and balanced .Feminine and also the No. let us take a typical American breakfast.Cow Milk if it is factory produced is Masculine. Now let us take a look at some of the foods and see which one is masculine and w hich one is feminine. To give you an idea. Orange juice etc. but also help you to have creative ideas wh en you sleep and you are more in a feeling level experience when you wake up.Masculine Avocado . Eggs.Masculine Papaya . Bread. When one wakes up in the morning and if that person had a restful sleep..1 balanced food which can be eaten any time. Bread . The evening food should also be feminine as it wil l help not only in the health arena. the creative part o f us shuts down and the masculine parts takes over. So when can we eat masculine food? Lunch time is the best time to eat masculine food for it will give you th e input to carry you forward. then t hat person's energy field is in a receptive mood.Feminine Orange .Feminine Egg . in an earthen pot for the earthen po Earth than any other man made cookin natural essence in its making.Feminine Bacon .Masculine Apple . then that milk is feminine Sheep milk .Masculine Grapes . On the other hand if we eat food which can support one's energy field in the morning.Masculine Cereal . then that receptive part of our being/the creative part of our being is slowly being drained of that energy. The en ergy of the first food/drink in the morning sets the energy pattern for the enti re day.

Feminine Cherry Feminine Fig Feminine Dates Masculine .Herb teas (most of them except Green tea) .Feminine (if it is organic) otherwise Masculine if mass produced Pepper Feminine Tomato (baby tomato only) .Masculine Celery Feminine Carrots Feminine Lettuce Feminine Cabbage Masculine Turnip Feminine Radish Feminine Cauliflower .Masculine Cucumber Masculine Chickpeas Masculine Lentils Feminine Onion Masculine Garlic Feminine Asparagus Feminine Lady finger Feminine Sweet Corn .Feminine Eggplant Masculine Leek Feminine Soy Masculine Zucchini Masculine Apricot Masculine Cantaloupe .Feminine Broccoli Feminine Spinach Feminine Sweet potato .

Experiment with the foods you take and you would come up with the most appropriate one for you.Masculine Mushroom .Masculine Salads without dressing .Pear Feminine Strawberry . So you want to keep your body as l ight as possible to be able to use these energies and just by observing the food you take.Masculine Fish .Feminine Rice (all kinds of rice including brown rice) .Masculine Shrimps (small ones and small fish which is less than one inch) . Cold water is masculine and warm water is feminine. you would be able to come up make the necessary adjustment to support you in this process. Meat (all kinds of meat) .Feminine Salad with dressing Masculine Indian curry Masculine Cucumber Masculine Baked Beans Masculine Chicken Pot pie Masculine Hot Dogs Masculine .Masculine Pizza (all pizzas) Masculine Cookies/all cookies Masculine Dry grapes .Masculine Watermelon . Now some more food categories. all the food can be divided into these two categories including water .Feminine Pomegranate -Feminine Kiwi fruit Feminine Olives Masculine Dear ones. You are all in an accelerated time with tremendous input of highly spiritual ene rgy on the planet and you want to be in the best of your energy field to be able to use these highly potent charged energies.Masculine Pasta (all kinds of pasta) .Feminine Nuts (walnuts. almond) Feminine Peanuts Masculine Cashew Nuts .

nuts without any seasoning (organic nut s). baby carrots. For snacks in the early evening (if you are used to it) ins tead of munching on cookies and candies.. are all recommended.raechandran. a new aspect of the Creator's energ y is manifested. Everything depends on energy to exist. For afternoon. miniature ap ples etc. it is good to have mascu line food as it is the energy driver as it gets you going (in the morning you wa nt to be receptive). spinach fresh or steamed.Masculine Coffee/Tea Masculine Soda Masculine Chocolates all kinds Masculine Cakes all kinds Masculine Corn Chips Masculine Doughnuts Masculine French Fries Masculine Bagels and Muffins Masculine Pretzels Masculine Yogurt Masculine unless it is made in the home with organic milk and other ingre dients Ketchup/Mayonnaise Masculine Peanut butter and other jams . This ancient art of changing the vibration by changing its name . the best foods which are feminine i n nature are: fresh foods. Dear ones play with the food energy mentioned above and come up with your own di et plan. pima (especially the yellow color one). green peas.Masculine Now what are the foods. kidney beans. freshly squ eezed orange juices are all recommended. Today we wish to discuss about the vibration behind names.html Changing The Vibration Of Your Name Greetings. If you alter its vibration. baby tomatoes. raisin. This is Archangel Metatron. you ca n change its energy. When we consciously change its energy by changing its vibration. Angel Samiel and Master Kuthumi through Rae Chandran ====================================== http://www. It has an energy field. avocado. Amma. one can eat to create a healthy energy experience starti ng from morning? For breakfast cereal without factory produced milk. Everything in the uni verse is a vibration.Potato chips Masculine Mashed potatoes/Hash brown . For dinner.

The beauty of this technique is that this new vibration has to be created o nly energetically and not on the physical level. if a country had an original name from the ancient past and then it was changed to a modern one. the prin ciples of brotherly love. a label which it carries through out its life. One of these tools is the gift of changing the energy vibration of any particular person. its vibrational frequency wa s altered greatly. Simply by changing the vibratio nal frequency of a country. Although India had great spiritual heritage. Bharat was a name which had a great heart energy and it meant encompassing all. This can be done by the ruling party of that country for a period of 28 days where the ruling party president or prime minister visualizes this new letter in front of the name of India. This given name has a certain vibration and en ergy associated with it. the entire country's energy pattern can be changed. So the wise elders of that time came up with the idea of changing a project's energy signature to ensure that the project is completed in time. India's orig inal name was Bharat. The harmonic convergence and the harmon ic concordance events have shifted the vibration of the planet significantly and this resulted in many of the ancient teachings being brought forward. In this new energy. It was during Atlantis that this technique was perfected. When a h uman being is born or a project is undertaken. What humanity is going through at the present time on earth is in large part a p rocessing of the unfinished energy of Atlantis and of healing the effects of man y of the actions undertaken in Atlantis. The highest vibration which India can have on i ts name is by adding the letter S in front of it. a new reality will be created. and complications may also arise. it was never able to uplift the average common man from poverty and inequality. But if we were to change its name. When it was changed to India. For eg. When the n ame was changed to India. or of a country. This method was utilised to c onstruct many ancient. Everything has a name. then a new vibration is created. During the l . it will require a longer period of time for a country to see the changes take effect. This ar t of changing the name to change a vibrational reality has been and is being pra cticed till today in many of the religious and spiritual schools. Their old name no longer applies to them and they will hold a new vibration to create the ir new reality. But these e lders were also aware that this technique can be misused by the ignorant masses and decided to keep this a closely guarded secret. The same principle applies to any given situation where one is c ontemplating to end a part of one's life to begin anew. unity and equality was lost and every one became more self centered. This w ill require one to go deep within to determine what is most appropriate. Let us take India as an example. temples including the Temple of the Law of One. This method worked well for them for a long time. This can bring about an imbalance of ene rgy if the new name is unsuitable. it would take much time and resources to see to fruition. Now the country of USA had great spiritual energy associated with it when it was established. Simply by changing the vibrational pattern by adding the letter G in front o f it. The trick is to know w hat is to be changed in the name so that only positive results can occur. the ancient energy by which the country was encased in is withdrawn and a new one is created. When an unfinished project had an in appropriate vibration. or an experience. it is given a name. Depending on the energy vibration.. This can be changed simply by changing the vibrational pattern by adding a new letter in front of In dia. This will open up a new energy of the Creator for that country. Mexico is now plagued by violence and dru gs. There was a feeling of unity and sharing with all. Naturally. the life path of the person will unfold itself to carry out its chosen role while on the earth. The same goes for a project or any other endeavor. This principle can be applied to every instance.has been known to ancient civilizations as far back as Atlantis. Humanity at this time has collectively agreed that many of the old tools will only be use d for benevolent purposes. This means that there is no nee d to change the name officially. Students who e nter such an institution are given new names upon entering the school. Let us take Mexico as another example. a new energy was created.

com/article1. The color of their light frequency is a soft metallic /yellow. They have a specific vibrational signature and you can call forth for the in tegration of their specific light pertaining to this earth plane for this time p eriod for the earth plane. If they were to put U in front of USA . where a losing team wishes to increase the odds winning or at least not slide further in their rankings. They will no longer deem it necessary to force their will upon other nations or their citizens. My dearest fellow creators .intent and preparation? First of all. A pat ient with cancer who is dying.html Power Codes for the New Earth Angelic Greetings to All. This art of changing the energy vibration can be applied to any situation. I t can also be applied to sporting events. a student who plays truant. The next phase of one's evolution comes from the pranic tube. It is also called movi ng into a new Yuga . after 9/11. You can call call on these beings and they are called as Lord and Lady of Aquari us.both in the chakras . If a numerical number is placed in front of their street address. What is important to keep in mind while inte grating this light is. Each Yuga or time period has a specific code and also a m aster associated with it. Human beings are made up of sound f . There are two beings of light who is over-lighting thi s new yuga and they will be with the earth till the next phase of the new yuga. then the entire v ibration of that building can be changed. an Aids patient who has lost all hope to live. See this light coming into your 10th chakra which is way above your hea d and then flowing through your entire chakras and then going into the body of E arth spirit and grounding it there. When intent combined with pr eparation and action. I invite you all play with this ancient technique and think of the most appropri ate letter and number you can have in your name.a new time line which will last a few thousand years. we can prepare for this shift by asking for and activating the Aqu arain Code with in us. This has enormous applications as the shops and business in one particular address can have their business turned arou nd by simply placing a number in front of their street address. the con sciousness of the planet shifted again on the spring equinox of this year and th is shift is called moving from the Darkness to the Light. a farm which is dying. b ut also into your pranic tube. The activation of the Aquarain code will act as a base for the activation of the the other codes What are these other codes.raechandran. With this new shift. its vibrational pattern has been altered and this has shut down the heart chakra of the country. a problem child. it is time to step up into creating a new reality for you in this new time lin e where you are are in complete harmony with the front and back and also in your pr anic tube.ast 11 years. this is Archangel Metatron. the veil has become more thinner and the communication and the c onnection with the 5th dimension becomes more easy. Do this daily for a few minutes and see the energy settling in and easily flowing . This technique can also be applied to the street address of a person's home. What do we mean by this .not only do you run this light into your chakric column. then one can take truly advantage of this new time period. a delayed proj ect that cannot seem to be completed can all be transformed by this technique. there will be change of energy and it will usher in the energy of understandin g and compassion. Archangel Metatron through Rae Chandran ==================================== http://www. As you all aware.

energy imbalance. a color. You are all aligned with a star. an animal. You can call forth for the codes of these supporti ng energies to be activated and brought forth for they are in support of you. Many of the light workers and others has great difficulty in understa nding about their life purpose or why they are born and by calling forth for the activation of these Blueprint codes. then you cam call forth to activate the star codes with in you for all of you are aligned with a specia l star and this star is one of your supporting energy waiting to be called forth . Practice communi cating with them and ask for a release of this imbalance energy from your Akash and also your quantum energy field. Many of you after your earth incarnation. All of you are very well aware of the guides and other supporting energies working with you and some of you communicate with them freq uently and on a daily basis. one will be able to sense/feel and intuit rather easily their soul purpose. codes for Archangel Michael. there are codes for Masters and Guid es like Master Buddha. a tree. Moses code contains the specific energy of transcendence and liberati on.imbalance with out the pa . There are also codes with in your being called Soul Bluepr int Codes. These codes lies dormant for eons of time till it is a ctivated and worked with. But now in this new time period. There are also angelic codes you can activate. codes for Lord Maitreya. Simply requesting with pure intent and love in your heart will start this process. then you fully embrac e the full essence of these beings.other wise known as karmic energy. There are codes for me . There are also codes for Earth. codes for Archangel Gabriel and all other archan gels and angels. a sound to experience the God aspect of yourself in every day living with all of Creation. This is similar to upgrading your software in your old computer. you will come into a lignment with all of these at a higher level and you will be in communion with a ll of creation. One other area we wish to bring your attention is in the area of energy imbalanc e .requency and also sacred geometry and each of these sound frequency and geometry contains a certain code. Karma is simply that . For eg. you also create star karma for it is the same principle of cause and effect in these realities also. During these tim es of learning. This is one way of doing it fellow Cr eators. a dragon. You ca n ask for the activation of these codes in your meditation/quiet time. so that it can run faster and smoothly with the new programs. a smell. An energy which can support you in identifying what is precious and what is not supporting you in self realization. you have the capacity to erase many of this imbalance energy working directly w ith the Karmic Board. a plant. The next exercise we wish to share with you is with activating the Moses Code wi th in you. travel to different star systems to experience or learn specific lessons. You can also request the Karmic Board to bring to your awareness. When you activate these codes. Most of you have desired at the deepest level of your being to e xperience this aspect of yourself . Once this is done. Most of you has great difficulty in lett ing go of deep attachment to third dimensional behaviors and patterns and workin g with Moses codes can help you identify these patterns and eliminate them compl etely from your life. Many on the earth carry heavy star karma an d this must be balanced and released.Archangel Metatro n. codes fo r all the elements and codes of stars and also codes to connect with the pure es sence of the animal spirits. One other area we wish for you to focus is you r star heritage connection. codes for Master Kuthumi. Karmic board consists of 12 beings of light and this inclu des some Ascended Masters like Master Buddha and Lady Kwan Yin. When you activate these codes. Again by asking and giving intent for this t o happen will start this process. the lesson embedded in the karma . We incarnate again and again to balance energy. you are bringing in more light of your guides and infusing it with our own light and this will immediately enhance your light fre quency. These guides are part of your soul group energy and each guides has a code and when you activate these codes. Planet Earth moved into a higher reality and you must accelerate and upgrade your light quotient to be in par with the new frequencies of Earth.

you have full awareness of who you are and ask Sanat Kumara to activate this code of pre-birth awareness. In this place. just by using these simple tools of codes. For all of you are Gods and Goddess. Dear and suffering. you will come to a place of more understanding of yourself and your Universe.Sanat Kumara for he carries a special energy and code directly tied in to this earth plane. Finally we ask you to call forth the great teacher . For we wish for you to go into this new Yuga with a clean slate. This can help you remember more of yourself and the God with in you. This requesting and erasing karma is a gift you have earned yo urself. Archangel Metatron through Rae Chandran . Sanat Kumara em bodies the energy of the planet Venus and Venus is the place you come before you are incarnated into this earth plane.