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Pollution is a problem that cannot be totally avoided in any city around the
world, Other cities might be facing a different type of pollution which they are
trying to solve, so Payatas, Quezon city is not alone in trying to solve the problem
of pollution, which is solid waste pollution in its case. The Descriptive Interview
Approach method of research conducted here aims to show the effects of
pollution and poor solid waste management. It also tries to highlight some possible
ways of solving the problem of solid waste pollution. Some effects include traffic
congestion and flooding which cause serious problems for the individuals living in
We produce wastes each day, we do this when we carry out our different task of
the day like eating, doing some paper works and some other activities, and when
the non-biodegradable wastes and other waste products that dont decompose
easily fill up the environment it results to solid waste pollution. Solid waste pollution
is always caused when individuals fail to dispose their waste properly and over the
years this wastes pile up to cause so many problems for the society. In cities like
Payatas , solid wastes have accumulated so much that they form landfills which
are sometimes unstable and unsafe to live on because of the unpredictable
occurrence of landslides that can be deadly.
According to studies, the main causes of solid waste pollution is usually the
individual who fails to properly dispose his or her waste products properly and a
constant attitude like this will cause the pollution; also mentioned is the poor
policies of the government concerning the proper management of solid waste, these
poor policies often result to the solid waste pollution seen in some cities. The
government sometimes do little or nothing at all so as to properly manage the
disposal of waste in their cities, and this is another cause of solid waste pollution
highlighted here. The different studies and researches conducted all point to
these two factors as the main causes of solid waste pollution but studies also show
that the main cause of pollution as a whole is usually the individual. All kinds of
pollution from solid waste pollution to air pollution all depend on how good the
individual dispose their unwanted products.
In conclusion , different ways to tackle solid waste pollution include recycling
and reducing the amount of non-biodegradable wastes produced; recycling involves
reusing some of our waste products that can be reused these wastes reused are
usually the ones that cannot decay easily like papers and plastics. In addition to
already listed remedies studies also show that the individual can also help to solve
the problem of solid waste pollution if he chooses to dispose his wastes properly
and a good government policy concerning the management of solid waste will also
go a long way in trying to solve or stop solid waste pollution. But it still all comes
down to the individual, if he really wants the pollution to stop he will make proper
adjustments to dispose his wastes properly.