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One of the prophecies that are to occur before the Second Coming is that the world would
be subject to false prophets or false teachers. The Bible is either true or it is a lie. Even
CS Lewis stated that Jesus Christ is either a “liar, lunatic, or He is who He says that He

Jesus Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Even Jesus himself proclaimed that He didn’t come to bring peace back to Israel but a
sword. (Mat 10:34-41) This isn’t meant to pit man versus man; moreover, it is to
illustrate that there are those who love God and those that don’t or don’t know Him yet.
They like the darkness. Not because they like evil things but because darkness in a
human mind hides our weaknesses and sinful natures. We don’t want what we do to be
seen in the light. Well, if we believe that God is the creator of the Universe and of all
things then certainly as His children He knows our thoughts, dreams, desires, etc...

What I am trying to say is that today’s world is trying to substitute God’s word with a
watered down version that defies God’s word. See, we say that it is OK to live a life
without the Word (God) as long as we do good and seek righteousness.

What is righteousness? We all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). What this
states is that we all need a redeemer who can come between us and judgment. One who
can, on our behalf, cover our iniquities and faults and save us from judgment and deliver
us through Grace. One that frees us to experience God’s blessings in the truth that
salvation is at hand and that the Kingdom of God is the reward.

John 3:16 is the cornerstone of the entire Bible. Everything in the Old Testament leads
up to it and the entire New Testament is about it. That it is Jesus Christ. If we reject the
truth of the gift and think that through works or some other means we can achieve
salvation, well we can’t. That is the very reason He was sent to die on our behalf to
reconcile man and God. This grace is what has changed my life personally. I know the
truth and the truth is the Word, the Word is God, and those that believe in the Word know
that the Word is God - the Word is the revelation of Jesus Christ (John 1:1-5).

I would like to also point out that this did not happen by accident. God knew man would
fall from His grace and even in the earliest scripture gives us a hint that there was a battle
going on between His truth and sovereignty with another of His creations, Satan –
(Genesis 3:15).

The Deception that Rules the Present

The first thing we as human beings have to realize is that Satan is not against good
morals he is against God. What I am trying to say is that Satan’s time of power is now
because God is allowing it. Things must still come to pass before the return of Jesus
Christ. Satan is deceiving the entire world through the flesh and the mind from the
standpoint of rational thought.
It is easy for me to say that I sense God whether or not the feeling that I have is consistent
with His word or not - whether it impacts our consciousness or not. Without a
relationship with Jesus Christ you cannot hope to have that fully developed
consciousness. See, God’s word states that until a person confesses their sins to God and
surrenders themselves to Jesus Christ they cannot receive the Holy Spirit. We need the
Holy Spirit to discern between the spirit and the wants of the flesh and the mind. I know
this first hand. I lived this for 30+ years replacing God’s word with my rational
explanations and excuses.

God created us in His likeness, meaning that we share in His attributes. We also know
good and evil. It is the conviction of the Holy Spirit that enables us to tell the difference.
This is the gift that every believer in Jesus Christ will receive if they surrender to Him;
believe in Him. It is not about religion, it is about a relationship with Jesus Christ. Do
we become perfect sinless beings, of course not? But we do become a new being through
Him because He is now in us through the Holy Spirit. We are made righteous through

One of the most wonderful truths about God is that it is not about religion or ritual but
about faith and belief. There are a lot of professed Christians who do not know Jesus
Christ at all. True, they’ve got the religion. They go to church, sing in choirs, go on
church trips but they have never accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. They have never
surrendered to God.

But there is yet another truth. Today’s world is in the process of replacing His word with
our religion and our mind interpreted beliefs. We are telling people that God is
everywhere and that God will not judge those who live a life with a compass that drives
them along the letter of God’s law while through indifference and unbelief violate the
essence of God’s law. We say the cross is not the answer, but what we do is. This is a
direct contradiction to the gift of Jesus Christ. This is in direct opposition to the New
Testament scripture and the Old Testament teachings. It is in direct conflict with God.
Moreover, we are steering people away from seeking God to seeking a path that we think
will get us to God, with or without His involvement. We start to justify our lifestyles and
actions and replace God’s word with our exceptions. We lead people away from the cross
and to certain judgment.

This is exactly what Satan wants. He wants us to come up with our own books on
spiritual bliss and our own thoughts on what we need to do to see God. He wants us to
deny Him in action and reinforce the separation from God. He wants our souls to be in
eternal damnation with His. All people who rely on their own rational thought and not
seek His son shall se God. But they won’t see Him with Jesus Christ as their advocate.
They will see judgment. I personally do not want judgment; I want mercy. I deserve
judgment; but through Jesus Christ I receive mercy.

The Pharisees who knew the letter of the law better than anyone denied the very law and
word that taught repentance and forgiveness; they never understood the essence of the
law. Without Jesus Christ, one cannot hope to realize the essence of God’s word; they
just know how to recite His word. The Pharisees themselves denied the very creator of
the law. Why, because Christ was a revolutionary who was seeking men’s and women’s
hearts. He is hope that in a temporary world there is an eternal answer. The Pharisees
murdered Jesus Christ because He was a threat to their power. But they didn’t take His
life; He gave it freely. God allowed these events to unfold because this was part of the
plan from the very beginning. Jesus Christ gave His life so that we might have
redemption and restoration and reconciliation with God. Jesus Christ paid our sin debt.

I beg you. Study God’s word and pray for Jesus Christ to come into your life. Be careful
about what is happening now. We are in a spiritual war. We are in a war between the
spirit and the flesh; between God and Satan. Our souls are the battle ground. I am
praying for you. I am bearing witness to you of this truth. Seek Jesus and you will find

I know first hand. I lived the lie and now I know the truth. Not because I got to a church
and chose a denomination, but because I opened my heart and my mind up to the truth,
the way, and the life. I received Jesus Christ. I am a saved sinner who now chooses to
worship Him at a Baptist Church.

Again, I am praying for you. You can call me at anytime, day or night, regardless of the
hour. I do not want to be on your show but I am willing to discuss this further. God put it
on my heart to write this to you. He asked me to reach out to you. God wants everyone
to come into His Kingdom, even the most wretched. God wants us to believe in His son
and ask Him to come into our hearts as our savior. He loves you and me so much that He
gave us this gift not because He had to but because He wanted to. Jesus to Nicodemus:
“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, and anyone that
believes in Him shall never die but have eternal life.” (John 3:16). The Greeks refer to
this form of love as Agape love or a love that transcends all (1 Corinthians 13)…A love
that is willing to sacrifice glory for a moment so we can realize it with Him for an
eternity. This is the gift. This is what we must share with the world – the Gospel truth
about Jesus Christ.

Mark Mahoney