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CAD Standard for P&ID Development
1. Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this standard is to ensure that AutoCAD bases P&ID’s in an agreed single standard
manner. This standard guides users to the minimum configuration and standard requirements.
(Note: - For the intelligent and Smart P&ID’s, this standard shall not be applicable. However for
Intelligent and Smart P&ID’s a Separate CAD Standard provided either by the Software Developer or
by the company shall be used.)

2. Introduction
This engineering standard gives details about the minimum requirements for configuration and format
of P&ID drawings produced in AutoCAD. This Standard assumes a certain degree of AutoCAD user
Familiarity and Expertise with personal Computer Systems.

3. Disclaimer
It is recognized that some clients have their own CAD Standards for P&ID Development with which
Any company is expected to comply. There are also occasions when specific project standards are
established to aid collaboration with the wider design team. It should be noted that Client Standards
and agreed project standards will always override this document, though care should be taken to
ensure that Quality Management requirements are still met.
(Note: - It is the Lead Designers responsibility to ensure that all the designers shall be made aware of
the specific client CAD Standards.)

4. Project Directories
The Inputs Received as DWG for PID’s from Client or from other Offices are kept at
J:\Projects\xxxxx Project name\3 Proc\Input\P&ID\AUTOCAD
And Input received as MARKUP PDF are kept at
J:\Projects\xxxxx Project name\3 Proc\Input\P&ID\MARKUP_PDF
4.2 Working Drawings
The CAD Files which a designer works on must be saved at location
J:\Projects\Exxxx Project name\3 Proc\Working
(Note: - this working folder must contain the latest PID and no Drawing should be deleted without
informing the Lead Designer/Engineer)

4.3 Output Drawings/Issued Drawings

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and out of the following the correct sheet size template should be used as per project requirement.dwt A0 size drawing frame A1.dwt A2 size drawing frame A3. The Bottom Left end corner of the Border frame should be at 0. Templates are found in I:\CAD_STD\TEMPLATES . and 0 coordinates for all of the sheet sizes All drawings should be started by using new template. [Type text] .[Type text] The Drawings which are complete in all respect including checking and needs to be sent to Client or Other Offices should be Reviewed Properly and sent to respective office for back Checking and commenting purpose. Templates unless other client specific templates need to be used.dwt A3 size drawing frame A4. Standard Templates 5. The Standard Templates used by WSP are mentioned below. and Designer must inform Lead Designer/Engineer about completion of drawing and ready to issue status.1 For Creation of new PID When creating a new drawing you will automatically be prompted for a template.dwt A4 size drawing frame These templates include standard drawing frame together with standard text and dimension styles. Copying a previous Drawing is not good working practice and should be avoided. (Note: . XXXX\DATE OF ISSUE folder The date of Issue Folder should be created for every new issue of same PID. A0. 0.dwt A1 size drawing frame A2. once the PID is finalized from the respective office then the PDF of the CAD Drawing/PID to be issued should be Signed by respective persons in Respective offices and the PDF and Latest CAD file should be saved at J:\Projects\Exxxx Project name\3 Proc\Output\PID NO.Designer Must Ensure that the Drawing Available for working in Working Directory is latest one and no other region/office is working on same PID) 5.