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Building a


GE V Manifesto

by /u/WAKEYrko
During World War I, the co-operative sector faced discrimination at
the hands of a government dominated by private business interests.
In response, we were formed in 1917 to create a level playing eld for
co-operatives and to promote the wider principles of co-operation.
Since our electoral agreement in 1927, the Party has stood joint
Labour Co-operative candidates, recognising our shared values and to
maximise our impact.
We continue today. The Cooperative Parties sole aims are to put the
prots of large Multi-Nationals and Corporations into the hands of its
employees and its people, through the process of Mutualisation. With
many similar ideologies to the former Pirate Party, we have worked
with key gures within the APPG to help ensure consumer's rights to
We strive to make sure our voice is heard within the Commons, and
work closely with the wider Labour Party to make changes that will
better our country and our economy.

As Deputy General Secretary, I have worked with both the Cooperative Members from a cross-party background and the General Secretary, to make sure that we do not bow down to economic inequality.
Together, weve led the way in protecting shoppers and the environment, and championed fairtrade. Weve supported credit unions, won
new rights for football supporters, and created a network of 800
co-op schools. Weve also secured strong legal foundations for the
next generation of co-ops to grow and thrive.
We have spread our views to both the John Lewis companies and the
Co-Operative chain of Companies, and there is more we can do.
While prots should not be stripped from hard working executives,
money should be given not just to those at the top of the food chain,
but those in the bottom.
Thanks to our Campaigning, and our work, we continue to lead the
way for Employees Rights, allowing them to have a say in how their
company is run, and further pushed for rights for supporters of Football Teams, who have long been given injustice by the Premier League
teams and the FA.
There is one motto that I will bring forth to you today, which I beg you
not to forget, and to remember in the future.
Together, Anything Is Possible



Co-operatives are businesses that care about

their communities and their workers.
They are truly democratic businesses,
ran with a system of one member, one vote.
They work to serve the common interests of all,
ensuring the people, not capital, control the

This is what we, the Co-Operative Party,

strive for; the means of Capitalism

and Gains being controlled and

curbed by Mutualisation.

- /u/WAKEYrko

A dierent purpose -

Co-operatives exist to serve the interests of its members, not simply

to make a prot for its shareholders. As a result, co-operatives tend
to be far more consumer-friendly and open to community feedback.

A dierent structure -

Co-ops are democratic. They run on a system of one member, one

vote. This means that the man living on a pound a day and the
millionaire have the same power, allowing the community to control
what the business does, not just those who are already rich and

A prot for the community -

In a co-operative, the prot isnt divided up based on how many

shares you own, but rather how much you use service the co-op
provides. This encourages a sustainable cycle of prot distribution,
and one that benets the community the most.

A strong cooperative movement will only

benet the workers and

consumers; and therefore
something we should do our
best to strive for.

- /u/pokeplun

We believe that democracy is at the heart of a free society,
and that co-operative businesses are the best at meeting a
communitys needs.

We work together with the Labour Party in elections, but

we also work with other like-minded organisations in order to

support and encourage the growth of co-operatives.

We believe co-operatives are best for a truly sustainable

future for the United Kingdom.

We believe corporations should work to serve the people,

not the other way around.

We stand for people who wish to build a better

future through mutuals and co-operatives.

A cooperative agenda for Britain is one

that puts people before pockets,

no matter what.
- /u/WAKEYrko

Continual encouragement for schools to move to more
co-operative models
Schools are very important frameworks for building our
future. As a result, it is only fair that everyone - parents,
teachers, supporters, and pupils - get to be involved in running

Develop local and community Credit Unions to tackle

household poverty and debt by creating a community

Currently, businesses that oer payday loans prey on those who

cannot aord anything else. By strengthening community credit
unions, we will be able to nally give those people a voice in
their nances.

Develop new co-operative housing in London to create

more aordable, high-quality housing

London is an international city, and one of the richest in the

world. Despite this, rent in London is often unachieveably high,
and there are still thousands living on our streets. By creating
new, aordable, co-operative housing, we can tackle this

Provide more resources to further develop and

maintain co-operative businesses

The co-operative party is the only party dedicated to ghting for

co-operative and mutuals. We believe they are best, and we
will ght for more support of co-operatives by working with
them in areas of marketing, and through providing more
resources to aid them ourish.

Together, Anything Is Possible


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