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The seminar cum orientation program by Nepal Commerce Campus for the students of
Masters of Business Management was organized on 9th Falgun, 2071. The program was
designed to help the students understand the MBM program in detail as well as to socialize
them with each other. The venue for the program was fixed in Mirabel Resort and Hotel
Pvt.Ltd., Dhulikhel. The departure time for the program was set to 8:00 AM sharp and the
participating students were suggested to reach the college premise at 7:30 AM.
All the participating students arrived the college premise on time. Two vehicles were
arranged for the transportation of students to venue. One vehicle departed on time; however,
another vehicle was delayed due to some technical errors. This triggered the series of
mismanagement of the program.
The program which was scheduled to start 9:00 A.M. but only begun at 10:00 AM with
the Master of Ceremony as Deputy Director Mr. Nischal Risal. The program was followed by
seat taking of Board Member of NCC, Respectable guests, MBM program officials,
representative from union, MBM students and staffs.
Welcome speech was given by the director of MBM program Prof. Dr. Bihari Binod
Pokharel. He focused on the development of self for the adjustment to the program. The
socialization program was cancelled as our classes had already begun before the orientation
program and everyone knew each other very well.
The next session was the introduction of MBM program and NCC culture, by Deputy
Director Nischal Risal. Following the session, expert opinion on MBM program and the
semester system was delivered by Prof. Dr. Madhav Raj Koirala. In his speech, Dr. Koirala
suggested students to set goals for life and develop self to meet those goals. His focus was on
conducting SWOT analysis of self and working on them to be most competitive human
Asst. Dean Dr. Dhurba Raj Pokharel tried to make us familiar with the examination
system through a short speech regarding it. He stated that MBM was designed to make


examination patters and objective of the course. The second session started with management refreshment session where student were supposed to play a game by doing some case analysis but were not able to complete the work as it has postpone for some hour. discipline and knowledge gaining attitude during the MBM program. The final speech that would conclude the program was delivered by Prof. Mrs. Jitendra Upadhyaya began our third and final session of the program. last speech of our opening session was given by MBM Program Governing Council member. He beautifully linked cricket with the MBM program and inspired everyone to hit a six in game of life. the program was more like seminar where students were made familiar to the courses. Also the guests and presenters tried to inspire students for better and fulfilling life. Sushil Bhakta Mathema where he made student to take oath regarding study. Dr. A short speech was given by first batch topper Nirmal G Acharya on view of MBM program.M. contents. Vishnu Khanal. He also suggested us to not get dominated by other’s personality but develop it for you. Overall. Due to time constraints. vison and objective of MBM program. second session was also completed.students socially responsible change agents. Jyoti Pandey gave an inspirational message to the student. Similarly. The speech of Prof. 2 . One of our senior Prof. the program of socializing and site seeing was cancelled. There was a photographic session and lunch break for around two hour. We departed from the program venue at around 5:30 P. induction speech was given by student of first semester Mr. Finally. There was a HiTea for half an hour. Finally. Prof. Madhusudhan Karmacharya. Dr. Prem Raj Pant gave a speech where he highlighted the reasons. He sums up the major ideas of the whole program of the day. Campus Chief Assoc. Dr. Prof.

Students were not given time to ask their questions.2 Objectives 1.  To motivate and rejuvenate the students. Two days seminar might have been more fruitful.1 Specific To socialize the new MBM students to each other and the professionals of Tribhuwan University. 1. 1.1. Time constraints of guests. 3 .2. Less entertaining and classical model of orientation.2 General  To familiarize the students to the MBM program. Some guests even were not able to attend the program.  To mentally prepare students to adapt to MBM program. One way interaction.2.3 Limitation 1 2 3 4 One day seminar.  To familiarize the students to the related members of MBM and TU.

It was developed at Stanford. weakness. SWOT MATRIX SWOT Analysis Framework Environmental Scan / \ Internal Analysis / \ External Analysis / Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Figure1: \ Threats SWOT Matrix SWOT Matrix separates and compares internal and external influences. It was fortune 500 companies who funded SWOT Analysis.1 Strengths 4 . improve capability. It took 9 year time for development of this SWOT Analysis. SWOT Analysis allows businesses to define realistic goals. 2.CHAPTER II SWOT ANALYSIS 2. opportunities and threats.1 Theoretical Framework SWOT stands for strength. SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool that separates influences on a business’s or project’s future success into internal & external factors.1. overcome weaknesses with strengths & identify threats than can be turned into opportunities. It involved 5000 interviews for the analysis.

2. For example:     Shift in consumer tastes away from the firm’s product.1 Strength: The strengths of the programs were:  Student oriented lecture  Global scenario vision  Diversified experience of professors  Excellent location  Socialization  Healthy food 2.4 Threats Changes in the external environmental also may present threats to the firm.1. Emergence of substitute products New regulations Increased trade barriers 2.2 Weaknesses The absences of certain strengths are a weakness. For example:  Lack of patent protection  A weak brand name  Poor reputation among customers  High cost Structure 2.1. For example:  An unfulfilled customer need  Arrival of new technologies  Loosening of regulations  Removal of international trade barriers 2.A firm Strengths are it resources and capabilities that can be used for developing a competitive advantages.1.2.3 Opportunities The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and growth.2 SWOT analysis of a program 2.2 Weaknesses: The weaknesses of the program were:  Delayed beginning and limited time of program 5 . Examples of such strengths include:     Patents Strong brand names Good reputation among customers Good access to distribution networks 2.

Delayed termination of the program 2.4 Threats: Since there were not any external or environmental disturbances that hampered the program. Limited time of the key people One way flow of the information Somehow disagreement view of experts confused the student Spelling mistake in the banner.  Expansion of knowledge  MBM’s challenge and its uniqueness comparison to others program  Saw real entrepreneurs vision 2.  Strengthening the relation with the friends and teachers.3 Opportunities: The opportunities of the programs were:  Response to goal of MBM and nation.2.          Minimal concentration of students towards the lectures Not much variation in Socialization than before Small hall with some technical error Less entertaining Cell phone talking disturbed the listener. We could not identify the threats to the programs.2. 6 .

The socialization with the renowned personalities and professional has left a deep positive impact to the students. organizers were able t run the program smoothly and make the program as much fruitful as possible. In this SWOT analysis report of the program we have tried to analyze the different dimensions of the program and presented it in the best possible way. 3. the program has brought an understanding relating to the requirement and adaptation towards the course. we present the following recommendation. It has also increased a sense of enthusiasm and responsibility towards the MBM program. The content of the report and its findings will not only help the college but the students as well in the coming future. the identification of possible threats that needs to be addressed.CHAPTER III CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 3. The report presents the strength and weakness which needs to be worked out for the betterment of college and the other program that follows and opportunities that is brought up by the program. Further.  Consider the two way communication process to make this kind of program effective 7 . Further.2 Recommendation Based on our SWOT analysis. 2071was directed towards providing students with the information about the course study of MBM and its importance. Finally. Though the program begun later then the stapulated time.1 Conclusion The seminar come orientation program held 9th Falgun. we also advise the management of MBM faculty to consider these points in conducting similar program in the future.

other technical errors) Make the program more extended so that students also get chance involve in socialization program like dancing and management games so that they can interact with each other. 8 . Emphasis must be given to timely conduction so that everything goes well as  per Schedule Minute mistake should pose negative message to outsiders if possible consider  them too (Eg. spelling mistake in the banner.

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