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Talk # 5


Feedback and Coaching
Dr. M. Iqbal <>

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1. Understanding the Feedback
2. Coaching; its Process; and Skills
3. Difference B/w Coaching & Mentoring
4. Counseling and its Skills
Dr. M. Iqbal <






com F P N L . Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. M.Understanding Feedback Transmitting Performance Info From One part of a System to an Earlier Part of The System in Order to Generate Corrective Action Or To Initiate New Action Dr. F P N L .Guidelines 1. Build Feedback Into The Job itself 2. Refer to Specific Behaviors 5. Describe. Select Key Issues & Restrict To Them 7. Provide Feedback On Actual Events 3. Focus On Performance.Understanding Feedback . Don’t Judge 4. Ask Questions Rather Than Make Statements 6. Provide Positive Feedback Dr. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. an Individual Can Improve 8.

M.Understanding Feedback Dr. Iqbal < F P N L .

com F P N L .Types 1. 2. M.Understanding Feedback . Effective Descriptive Evaluative Motivational Dr. 4. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. 3.

Coaching. its Process and Skills .

Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. its Features and Quality • Customer Care.Understanding Coaching Click to edit Master title style A Personal (usually one-to-one) On-the-job Approach To Helping People Develop Their Skills & Levels Of Capability Coaching .com F P N 8 L . M. Job Contents & Various Processes • Product. Needs & Providing Possible Satisfaction Immediate Superior & Related to: • Job Performance.

com F P N L . Making People Aware Of How Well They Are Performing 2. M. Using Whatever Situations May Arise As Opportunities To Promote Learning 4. Encouraging People To Look At Higher-level Problems & How They Would Tackle Them Dr. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.Individuals Not Only Know What Is Expected But Also Understand What They Need To Know & Be Able To Complete Task Satisfactorily 3. Ensuring .Coaching Process 1.

Iqbal < F P N L . M.Coaching Process Dr.

Building Strengths & Experience.Coaching Skills 1. Understand Role To help People Learn 2. Given Guidance on What People Should be Learning 5. Learning is An Active. Feedback on How They Are Doing 6. Present Level of SKA That Need Improvement 4. Listens to Individuals What they Want & Need. and F P N L . Be Constructive . Dr. M. NOT A Passive 7. Know Current Performance & Required Level 3. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.

To Take Place Within A Framework – So Individuals Will Benefit From Development 3. Be Informal. Plans Set Out In Performance Agreement Dr. Iqbal < F P N L .Planned Coaching 1. Plans Should Be Incorporated into the Personal Dev. But Be Planned 2. M.

See Process As F P N L . Empowering That Focuses On Learning Requirements 4. Coaching Should Provide Motivation & Effective Feedback That Required Skills & Commitment 2. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. As Coaches. Realize that Coaching Is Their Key Responsibility Dr. Have A Clear Definition Of Work & Dev. Managers Believe That People Can Succeed 3. M. Objectives 5.Manager as a Coach 1.

Counseling – A Skilled Process .

1. M.Understanding Counseling Advice & Support Given To People To Help Them Deal With Problems and Make Important Decisions. Helping People Help Themselves For Their Selfdevelopment Dr. Help Employees Understand What They Need To Manage Their Performance & Dev. 2. Iqbal < F P N L .

Counseling Process 1. Recognizing Indicators of Problems & Issues 2.Specialist or An Outside Resource Dr. Empowering Employees To Recognize Their Situation & Encouraging Them To Express It 3. F P N L . Resourcing Managing Problem . Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.

com F P N L . Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.Counseling Process Dr. M.

3. Interest and Openness to Individual’s Issue Dr. Be Sensitive To Individual Beliefs. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. Sincerity . Empathy to Feelings & Anxieties of Individual.Open-ended Questions To Focus On Issues Rather Than On Symptoms. Impartiality & To Refrain from Prescribing Solutions.Counseling Skills 1. 2. 5. 6. F P N L . Listen So To Have Full story by probing and Interpreting 4. 7. Problem Identification That Exists. Culture or Religion. Restate Problem from Individual’s Point of View. Open Questioning . M.

What Info Does HR Need about Performance Reviews? 3. Quality of Performance Reviews To Be Assured 4. Usefulness for Reference by Managers F P N L . M. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.Performance Management Documentations Documentation Is a Record that Are Used To Prove Something Or Make Something Official Purpose of Documentations 1. How Can Employees Be Reassured About Their Fair Performance Review – Being Unbiased Dr.

Recommendations On Training Needs 5. F P N L . Transfer Or Disciplinary Dr. M.Information For HR Department HR Department Need to Know: 1. High Flyers For Development & Career Planning. Poor Performers To Review With Line Manager For Actions 3. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. Performance Ratings For Performance-based Pay 4. Performance For Promotion.

Difference B/w Coaching and Mentoring .

by Immediate Superior & Related to: • Job Performance • Job Contents & Various Processes • Product. M. Needs & Providing Possible Satisfaction F P N 22 L . its Features and Quality • Customer Care.Understanding Coaching Click to edit Master title style Coaching . Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.

Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.Focusses on Career & Personal Dev. & Behaviour Modification. M. • Immediate Superior Does NOT Fill Role of Mentor • Done by Other than Immediate Superior • Conducted One-to-One OR In Small Group • Topics .com F P N 23 L . and • Coaching & Mentoring Skills Important for Teamwork Dr. Leadership.Communication.Coaching and Mentoring Click to edit Master title style Mentoring .

com F P N L . M.What is Mentoring? Learning Partnership: Mentor – Mentee – An Experienced and Trusted Person A Less Experienced Low Grade Person (Willing to share) (Willing to learn) To Grow & Develop Personal and Professional Development Dr. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.

Purpose and Goals of Mentoring Purpose – To provide Forum Where Experienced Persons Can Improve the Professional Dev. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. of Learner -“One-to-One” Goal – To Strengthen Future Leaders by Helping Them Reach Their Potential – Personal & Professional growth 3lot Dr. F P N L .

com 2lot F P N L . and • Offers a non-judgemental feedback Dr.What Makes Mentor? • Knowledge and experience • Interests in helping others • To develop. not to fix “People” • Point-out suitable Development Opportunities • Motivates mentee discouraged by setbacks • Offers access to his or her networks. M. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail.

Summary Click to edit Master title style 1. and Skills 3. Counseling and its Skills Dr. Understanding the Feedback F P N 27 L . Coaching. M. its Process. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. Difference B/w Coaching & Mentoring 4.

Dr. M. Iqbal < F P N 28 L .

com> Dr. Iqbal <DrIqbalHR@Gmail. M. M.Any Question? Join Me Twitter: iqbalarfeen Facebook: iqbalarfeen LinkedIn: iqbalarfeen Dr. Iqbal < F P N L .