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7 + years of Experience in all facets of J2EE Application design and
development, including business analysis, system design, implementation,
maintenance, and support and testing.

Experienced in using J2EE, EJB2.1, EJB3.0, RMI, JPA, JDBC, JSP, Apache
Struts, Servlets, JMS, XML, XSLT, IBM MQ Series and JavaScript.

In-depth knowledge and experience in using Java, JavaScript, SQL, PL /SQL,
JSP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML languages.

Have hands on experience in design and development of Java, J2EE, Servlets
2.3, JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0, JDBC, Struts 1.x, XML, XSD, XSLT, ANT, , Web

Develop reusable solution to maintain proper coding standard across different
java project. Proficiency with the application servers like WebSphere,
WebLogic, JBOSS and Tomcat.

Strong experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and publishing web
services that include several components like SOAP, WSDL, XSD, UDDI, Axis2
and JAX-WS.

Experienced in using Objects Oriented Design, Design patterns, UML and
Rational Rose. Expert in gathering Requirements and Systems Analysis.

Proficient in using Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)
principles, applying proven design patterns in building high performance

Extensive experience in GUI design using JSP, MVC Architecture, leading
to substantial reduction in time and effort.

Use of IDE for developing environment like RAD, Eclipse, Net Beans, Web
Sphere Studio 7.0/8.0, and Erwin for Data base Scheme Design.

DB2. • Experienced in using Java libraries and packages such as the Java Threads package. • Worked on different Application Servers like Web Logic. Unit. • Provided technical support for debugging web applications. • Experienced in using source code change management and version control tools Subversion.0. Excellent Troubleshooting skills. SQL Server 9. and Linux. • Worked with different SDLC methodologies like Waterfall . interacting with team members in fixing errors and executing User Acceptance Testing (UAT). MS-Access and Toad. Concurrent packages.0 10. JPA. System Integrated Test. • Strong experience in developing Enterprise Data models and successfully implemented these using Hibernate POJO's and configured Hibernate persistence layer.• Sound RDBMS concepts and extensively worked with Oracle 9i/10g/11g. • Accomplished with creating Test Plans. Triggers in Oracle and Stored Procedures in DB2 and MySQL.5/11. reviewing and maintaining Test Scripts. defining Test Cases.0/10. • Experience using Hibernate for mapping Java classes with database and using Hibernate Query Language (HQL). • Capable of Learning new technologies quickly and adapting to a new environment. CVS. . Clear Case and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. MySQL.RUP and Agile (TDD. Web Sphere. SCRUM ). Sun Solaris. • Experienced in writing PL/SQL procedures. Collection. • Worked on Operation Systems like Windows XP / 08/NT. Regression Test and Customer Test. JBoss. Web Sphere and JBoss. XML and WebSphere MQ Series with good experience in Developing and Deploying Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) on Application Servers like Web Logic. JMS. Oracle Application Server and Web Server like Tomcat. UNIX. database and assistance to production systems. • Experienced is developing ANT and Maven scripts for automated application build and testing • Expertise in Cutting Edge Technologies like EJB.

JMS. Ability to work under stress and in meeting the schedules. JavaBeans. IBM DB2. JAX-WS. MS Access 2003. Equipment Swap and BM Routing. TSQL. JSP. Web services. JAX-WS. Java. MS SQL Server 2005 2008. CSS.x 9i 10g 11g. XML. PL SQL. OOAD and UML Frameworks:Jakarta-Struts (MVC). Web Services using SOAP. JavaScript. Technical Skills: Operating Systems: Sun Solaris. forward messages and reusable. Excellent Communication and Technical Document Writing skills. platform independence. Servlets. HQL Web Services: JAX-RPC. C. RMI. Apache ActiveMQ and IBM MQ Series for Java. J2EE Design Patterns.Till Date Role: Sr. Servlets. EJB. Emulator processing. XSD. UDDI and RESTFUL WebServices.1 3. Hibernate. JNDI. JAXB.SOAP. WSDL. Linux (Redhat). . JSP. Disconnect Install. UNIX. DOM.JAX-RS. JDBC. Set Porting Status. receive and store messages. JSP. Database: Oracle 8.0. NYMarch2014 . JBoss. HTML. SAX.TWC Gateway using Java/J2EE technologies for both user interface and server side and deployed in UNIX platform with Oracle backend database. SQL. Web Technologies: J2EE. Resolve Partner Fallout. Win 2003 07 08 XP NT Programming Languages: Java. Struts. Views. Triggers. Spring Professional Experience: Time Warner Cable (Seygen) New York. C++ and UNIX (ksh) Shell Scripts Middle Ware Tools: EJB 2. JavaScript.Java J2EE Developer TWC Gateway TWC Gatway is intermediator component of Time Warner Cable organization to receive order from users of system on different client systems and processing the order request then convert into destination client format and send it to respective destination systems.The purpose of using this component to imporove operational ease. Message Driven Beans.This project contains different modules like New Install. Toad Methodologies: Software Engineering (SDLC). XSL.• Excellent and efficient Team Member with good planning and monitoring skills. Change Install. JDBC. DHTML. Framework (MVC). WSDL.

Design. • Involved in integrating Spring with Hibernate and delegated the persistence operations using Hibernate Template. CSS. JQuery. Worked on developing client side Web Services components using jaxws and jaxb technologies. • • • Designed & implemented Transaction Management and logging using Spring AOP. Involved in Production support.JQuery UI and HTML. • Used EJB as Middle layer to connect JSF and Hibernate. Responsible for performance testing of the application. • • • Worked extensively on Soap UI for mocking the back-end web service calls. Designed WSDL and XSD's. • Developed web components using MVC pattern using Spring MVC. JSP. Prepared & updates various project documents. and CSS. HTML. Developed the user interface with JQuery. which is based on MVC Architecture using Spring Framework.Release and Prod support documents.Architecure. Followed the Agile Scrum software development methodology. • Designed the dynamic menu generation framework for the applications. . JavaScript. and • Developed fron-end for web applications using Spring MVC. Implemented Junit test cases for all the modules developed to ensure complete code coverage. • Represented user data to business users using HTML. HTML.Responsibilities: • • • • • Actively participated in Object Oriented Analysis & Design sessions of the Project.

1. which incorporated the core business functionality. Hibernate 3. • Daily standup with offshore team for status update. Servlets.0. HTML and Java Script.MAVEN. Git. TOAD. JavaScript.• Developed SQL queires . SOAP Web Services . • Used SQL Developer. Dominos . DB2. HTML. I was involved in building an application for Dominos Pizzas E-Commerce group where clients can put in requests for placing orders in their website.JavaScript. ANT. PL/SQL.7.Feb Role: Java / J2EE Developer Description : front-office customer interaction to back-office reverse logistics. • Developed Front-end UI using JSP. • Work with build team as well project team for production issue. JDBC. • • Developed User. J2EE.0. Oracle 10g. XML. . JSP. Spring Framework 3.0. Putty. JSP. JUnit. Responsibilities: • Developed the application using spring Framework that uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture with JSP as the view. Servlets. XML SPY.RESTful web services Web Sphere 8. Wrote Unit test cases using JUnit Environment: JAVA 1. • Involved in development of middle layer business methods. Apache Axis2. Maven. UML. UNIX. • Used Apache JMeter extensively for testing the application and performing load tests on the application. MQ Series.Interface using Servlets. MI 2014 December 2012. and Ultra-Edit as tools in building the Application. Tomcat.Bamboo. PL/SQL stored procedures. Agile scrum. • Daily standup meeting with client for discussion of work and design approach.Struts 2. JPA. Ann Arbor.

Spring. • Used SVN for Version Control checking the code. PL/SQL programs in Hibernate with Oracle 10g and mySQL • Tested the online screens/Batch Jobs by using the JUnit. UML. • Involved in Unit Testing. Environment: Java. XML. SQL. Servlets. Web services. rally for agile scrum. OH . • Accessed database using Spring ORM and Hibernate SQL Queries. Junit. • Spring framework is used to implement Inversion of Control (IOC) and Aspect Oriented programming (AOP). Eclipse. May 2011 to Nov 2012 Role: Senior Java Developer Miamisburg. • Doing the performance testing and load testing. Agile. Citigroup. JSP. Java Script. J2EE. • Analysis of exiting application and Tibco process and implement the SOA service. • Run the automation script on all the environments. PL/SQL. Integration Testing. Tomcat. Hp ALM for test. • Used Java Mailing Service for mailing detailed notifications depending upon the success and failure once the backend • Process is complete and also for mailing administrator of any system related problems. PL/SQL scripts • Developed SQL. • Running the automation testing script. Hibernate. Oracle11g.• Implemented the Web Services with WSDL and SOAP from the scratch by using Apache Axis. • Worked with testing teams and resolved defects.

including consumer banking and credit. Responsibilities: • • • Followed Agile methodology and used Test Driven Development Developed online Application form for Risk Tolerance Questionnaire for CMS and developed a framework to produce PDF for the online Application Forms Developed Monitoring. has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides consumers. governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services. Struts Taglibs and developed action classes to handle the user request • Developed validation frame work using struts dynaction classes and validation frame work to handle client side validations • Developed Stateless session beans to parse (parser frame work) and process the user request into domain object (DAO design pattern) to delegate the business request to the business delegate object • Developed DAO layer using JDBC. the leading global bank. • Designed and developed web based UI using JSP.Description: Citi. Cactus and JUnit • Integrated JUnit testing tool with Apache's Ant build tool in order to automate unit and regression testing to ensure the system stability • Used several design patterns like business delegate. and wealth management. DAO design pattern to handle the interaction with Data base (Oracle) • Developed testing frame work for User Interface and server side components using testing frame works like HTTPUnit. DAO and front controller in the development process • Developed UNIX automated deployment scripts for QA and Dev environments . logging and exception handling frame works. corporations. corporate and investment banking. transaction services. securities brokerage.

HTML and JavaScript. EJB. VA Role: Java Developer Description: Payment Data Analysis is designed to implement two levels of data validation. CSS. spring. CVS. The second level of validation was implemented using SAS Dataflux data management tool. Used Axis Web Services using SOAP to transfer the amount from an application that is remote and global to different financial institutions Involved in designing the user interfaces using HTML. spring.. The project also dealt with resolving issues with the existing application. HTML and Struts Framework. JUnit. JSP. create users screens with assigning various roles) using Struts MVC framework. Admin home page. XSLT. JSP. Home page. Toad. Weblogic .Environment: Java EE. Freddie Jul 2009 to Mar2011 Mac. • Developed user specific Highlights(dashboard menu) section. Hibernate ORM Module. JSP. • • • Developed Scalable applications using Stateless session EJBs. Spring Framework. McLean. Responsibilities: • Designed and developed user interface using Struts tags. user module (Modify/search users. • Implemented functionality using Servlet. The tool was used to generate tickets and assign the tickets to testers based on priority. Oracle. XML. • Involved in multi-tiered J2EE design utilizing MVC architecture (Struts Framework) and Hibernate. JSP and XSLT. Java Scripts and Web logic. Hibernate. SAX. and JSPs . • Involved in implementing and maintaining large content driven and E-commerce based application. The first level validation was implemented by integrating the frontend with Spring and Hibernate. XML. JavaScript.

and Sequence Diagrams. The same has been customized to the needs of ICICI. Oracle. UNIX Shell Scripts. Jul 2007 to Mar2009 Hydrabad India Role: Java Developer Description: Newgen has an Enterprise-wide Document Management System. XML ICICI.x. Struts Framework. . Class Diagrams. XSLT. • The required changes to the record and save the updated information back to the database. Responsibilities: • Involved in analysis. Eclipse 3. OmniDocs. The signatures are extracted from application forms and the same are uploaded to Finacle. After scanning. • Developed stored procedures and triggers using PL/SQL in order to calculate and update the tables to implement business logic. JUnit. The System is used in Retail Banking for Account Opening. JSP. • Involved in writing shell script to export oracle table's data into flat files and performed unit testing using JUNIT and used Log4j for logging and automatic batch jobs. The Central Processing Unit based in Bombay does the processing of Account Opening forms and the users based in branches use the system for query purposes. Java Script. JAXP. the core banking solution implemented at ICICI. Environment: Core Java. UML. Servlets. Hibernate Framework. The account opening application forms are being received at various branches where they are scanned and every application form carries an application number which is extracted using OCR technology provided by Caere while scanning.• Designed and implemented the AJAX framework for exposing the java methods for asynchronous communication with client using DWR (Direct Web Remoting). the forms are uploaded to OmniDocs. HTML. My Eclipse. design and development and developed specs that include Use Cases. XSL. named.

The project was developed using Scrum and Agile methodologies. JSP. Oracle.1. JavaScript. Spring/Struts Framework in implementing business logic to interact with the Hibernate for object relational mapping and other business processes of the system. PL/SQL scripts • Developed SQL. DHTML. • Involved in designing the user interfaces using HTML. and JSPs. Environment: Java. CSS. • Worked on I frame. • Process is complete and also for mailing administrator of any system related problems. VSS. JNDI. JSTL to support custom User Interfaces. XML. .• Successfully Implemented Delta Prescreen Web service. Web Sphere. • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer the amount to transfer application that is remote and global to different financial institutions. MVC. HTML. Struts1. J2EE. JDBC. JMS. PL/SQL programs in Hibernate with Oracle 10g and mySQL • Tested the online screens/Batch Jobs by using the JUnit. • Developed custom tags. EJB. XSD. Eclipse. • Accessed database using Spring ORM and Hibernate SQL Queries. Servlets.