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Neena Tripathi

Hicksville, NY 11801 cell: (516) 528 5638

Dedicated software engineer with more than 9 years of total software development experience including 5 years of
experience in design and development of Enterprise-wide integrated web applications using the techniques of
object oriented design, SOA architecture, Agile, Test Driven Development (TDD), Extreme Programming,
design patterns, Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Hibernate, Spring Framework, JDBC, Web Services, HTML,
XML, JavaScript, Hybris, Message Oriented Middleware, Junit, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Mysql etc.

Strong in the design, development, and implementation of information systems related to the Commercial web
Sites, Direct Marketing, Banking, HR and Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Industries.
Thorough experience in conducting system studies, analyzing the systems and functionality of Java & RDBMS
based applications.
Very good Communication & Interpersonal skills.


MS in Computer Science from HBTI, Kanpur, India.

Technical Skills

UNIX, Windows, MS-DOS.
Java 5, J2EE, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, UML, ZUML, SQL,
PL/SQL, Ruby on Rails, Apache Ant, C/C++, Perl, Shell Scripts, JavaScript
JAX-WS, Swing, JavaBeans, RMI, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, SOAP, JUnit,
OO Analysis/Design (OOAD), Design Patterns, UML, RDBMS, Agile,
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Spring Framework, Hibernate, MVC, log4j, Junit, Struts, EJB
Oracle, SQL Sever, Sybase, My SQL, PostgreSQL
Jakarta Tomcat 6.0, IBM WebSphere 6.0, JBoss, Apache, Hudson,
TeamCity, Jenkins
SQA Team Test, WinSCP, Putty, PL/SQL Developer, JIRA, Eclipse, Visual
Studio, Jbuilder, TOAD, SQL Developer, SOAP UI, Subversive plug-in,
TortoiseSVN, CVS, Microsoft Visio, FireBug
CVS, Subversion (SVN), Git

Java Skills
Version Control
Certifications & Training

Sun Certified Java Programmer – Java 1.4.
Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA (Oracle 8i).

Apr. 12- Till date
Oct 11- Jan. 12
Apr. 08 to Jun. 11
Jan. 01 to Nov. 01
Oct. 96 to Dec. 00
Jan. 95 to Oct. 96

HNW as Software Engineer.
ProjectOne as Sr. Developer Consultant
Bertelsmann AG (Arvato Systems & Direct Brands) as Java Developer.
CalvinSoft Corporation, DE as Sr. Consultant.
IGATE Corporation (previously known as Mastech Corp.) as Software Engineer.
SRG Infotech India Ltd., New Delhi, India as Sr. R & D Executive.

CVS.1 for SVN. This new feature gives subscribers facility to be able to subscribe/un-subscribe from various newsletters. 11 – Jan. • Was involved in fulfilling deployment-request & Bug Fixes. This required me to do necessary co-ordination between various groups. technology services and providing high-end e-commerce solutions for medium-sized businesses using Hybris (E-Commerce Software & PCM solution). Ruby on Rails. As a Java Developer. JBoss.6. helping in final deployment and implementation of KDB -Knowledge Database application getting on various end-users mobile devices in a phase-wise manner. Hibernate. Prudential. • Created various user groups as per customer requirement and made various customizations to HMC as per user group authentication for Adidas US. J2EE. I performed following activities • Created Promotion Groups. deployment. • Automated the process of generating and sending various reports on timely basis. J2EE. I help resolve various Production issues on a regular basis. and tomcat. This system is used to automate the in-house workflow for internal user’s requests. Pay On Product-receipt for Benefit Cosmetics. 12 As a Sr. . • Developed reporting module (with 18-20 reports) to be send to Adidas business groups and associates. develop their newsletters and email them on a timely basis to their subscribers. Publisher application helps financial analysts of various financials institutions. This application is build in Java6/J2EE. maintenance of SafeGuard application. QA and help desk group etc. • Re-wrote code for presenting customized order details. I helped in the resolution of change-requests for various internal applications based in Java/J2EE Oracle. I added a major functionality as ‘Preferences Center’ to the existing publisher application. I was busy developing in-house application “Forms Automation” for Enterprise IT department of Cablevision using OutSystems Technology and Oracle 11g. Oracle. promotions codes. NY) • • • Apr. JavaScript. by an authenticated user for SafeGuard (Deluxe) application. • Helped in coordinating testing for payment customization . • Delivered code using Subversive plug-in or TortoiseSVN 1. and groups etc. promotions (One time use promotions. • Wrote the process for customizing the process of preparing personal checks and products. mailing Lists. PostgreSQL.. Bertelsmann AG Apr. and Java. PostgreSQL. I was part of the team. Spring Framework.Cablevision. auto apply promotions of a group of products) for Benefit Cosmetics.Project Details HNW • • • • • • As a Java developer. It’s developed using Spring MVC. for all the new clients of Publisher application. ProjectOne (Client . BOFA-Middle-Market. and Spring MVC. J2EE.Both the applications are developed using Java. helped with smooth deployment after resolving requests. 12 – Till Date Oct. Java. Hibernate. 11 Arvato systems specialize in global IT consulting. Hibernate. field services. • Implemented and integrated Customer service Cockpit for adidas US. • Developed the script to remove duplicate users and products for SafeGuard (Deluxe) application. JSPs. Oracle. 08 – Jun. CIBC as a new clients to existing publisher application using Java. • Re-wrote code for resending order confirmation/shipment/cancellation mails to customer for Adidas US. Group Use promotions.Alipay. I help and work with QA team to run Test cycles smoothly and communicate and co-ordinate with upper management regarding the QA test cycles results. ChinaPay. I am working on new client’s onboarding projects. eHub application helps end user create content for their newsletters . I implemented BOFA-SBB. I am responsible to resolve various issues in HNW in-house products Publisher and eHub. such as development. JBoss technology. Hibernate. JBoss. Developer consultant at Cablevision. Spring MVC.

WebSphere Application Server 6.NET services. business group to gather requirements and prepare contract document. • Made essential changes in application. Provisional. • Added new web Service. WebSphere Application Server 6.0 and/or through application.31. design interfaces for new web service (and a new third party vendor). I performed following activities – • Re-vamped Test Harness application. NY) Jan. Role & Responsibilities: As a Java Developer. on demand cache Refresh. Executed test plans to verify functional behavior to adhere the specifications. Screening will format and send the request as well as interpret the response from the Third Party Vendor. I performed following activities – • Interacted with third party vendor. ESB. Provided support during testing and bug fixing cycle.0. • Was involved in deployment-request & Bug Fixes. Spring Framework. the testing for changes made in Vendor’s application. Junit3. • Was involved in coordinating Connection setup establishment between Screening Vendors and Direct Brand’s server maintenance provider Random House and/or HCL and coordinating. Oracle 10g.0. I helped diagnose/replicate and/or debug various production/ QA issues and recommend a resolution.0. which is an automated test framework.4. apache ant script. Tools & Environment: Java 5. • Added process for. Project Brief: Test Harness software.8. making it possible for screening to be able. EmailDB. 01 . SOA. or when a customer requests a change to their address. Apache Axis2 version 1. List Management. Was involved in improving code quality using tools like PMD Worked closely with build and test groups to provide support during test and deployment process. to process the enrollment application smoothly & send appropriate message.0. This Java service application is part of SOA architecture which uses JMS and ESB technologies to communicate with different services and internal applications as well as web sites which comes under Uniweb application.4. • Created Object-Relation mapping configuration and added necessary code for new database tables using Hibernate. log4J. • Added Junit test cases in screening service. Tested Integrated features using SOAP UI 3. to archive Screening data.• • • • • Followed agile methodology. • Added process to extracts & mail daily Screening data file to business. (client . Correspondence. Java. The Third Party Vendor will evaluate the credit worthiness of a new customer. • Added archiving process. Oracle 10g. CalvinSoft Corp.1. • Added/Modified code to handle invalid/null SourceKey issue in screening. J2EE. Tools & Environment: Java 5. Hibernate 3. 01 – Mar. J2EE. apache ant script. by modifying Junit test cases & data related to Credit Card. for real-time Screening Vendor change using ehcache framework. There are 2 services provided for in this system SubmitValidateAddress and SubmitValidateCredit. maintenance of the for all the java and . Correspondence and Main Frame services. Screening. is a collection of software and test data configured to test different program unit by running it under varying conditions and monitoring its behavior and outputs. • Added Code to extract Performance logs and cleaned the code by removing redundant logging and other duplicate messages for different java services screening. to add a new vendor Ebureau in the application.31. Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development. The service will be initiated before processing the customer’s enrollment request. back to web.Pepsi.2. as well as perform address standardization. JMS.2.1. Junit 3. ehcache framework.8. Role & Responsibilities: As a Java Developer.0. Cactus 1. Unit tested each module after completion. Provided ongoing production support for existing functions. on a regular basis. to be able to execute test cases locally for all services/test Units. Project Brief: This CAVS (Screening) application is the interface between Direct Brands and the Third Party Vendor.

The application was developed using Windows NT V4. Oracle 8. I was responsible for the development of common Objects used throughout the application. KY) Oct. Sybase SQL Anywhere 5. Role and Responsibility: As a Team Lead and DBA. developing back-end procedures and implementation of the system. I was involved in system specification. and ORACLE 8i.Project Brief: The Pepsi Advance and Reserve Information System (commonly known as PARIS) is a PCI Application that is used for tax equalization purposes for Foreign Service employees.0. Role and Responsibility: As a Consultant. including writing backend triggers/procedures to implement additional company-level/across-company-level security layer for the application.0. This module was to ensure receipt of critical information in managing cash flow.0. generates grade and index for each attributes. design (includes GUI. functional and database design). Sybase System 11.0. Role and Responsibility: As a Programmer/Analyst. I developed reporting & Customer Maintenance Module. The application was developed using Windows NT 4. Based on a predefined mathematical model. Project Brief: "ACES (Actual Compensation Evaluation System)" is an automation of compensation policy of Mastech Corporation (Oakdale. analysis. This system maintains the records of schools and loan programs.5. PFC and Cornerstone. it assigns the rating for the different attributes of the records. PA). I was responsible to do necessary GUI and database level changes. 96 – Dec. The application was developed using PowerBuilder 6. the system evaluates the compensation for that employee. as a Programmer/Analyst.0. For this assignment. store. process. IL). US (client-US Army..0 and PFC.0 and later posted them on to the web server. Project Brief: "Harris Multilink" for Harris Trust and Savings Bank (Chicago. Project Brief: "Loan Origination System (LOS)" for Norwest Student Loan Center. The system is designed to streamline the customer's payment initiation process. too. . In this application. easy-to-use system for making payments as well as retrieving and storing detailed account information. ARISS enterprise supports the recruiting mission of over 14000 US Army Personnel and is designed on 3-tier Architecture. Sybase Adaptive Server on Workstations. PowerBuilder. This system gets HR data from PeopleSoft HR database and for each employee's information. The application was developed using Oracle 7. and transmit information associated with providing personnel for military service.0. PowerBuilder 6.0.5 and PFC. It also automates the processing of individual loan applications. Power-J. Multilink provides an efficient. I wrote the back-end procedures for different web based reports.5 and Windows 95/NT. and Windows 95/NT 4. along with the loan types available to each school. and design and GUI development of the "Security and Letter Wizard" modules as well as making necessary changes in the database to enforce different level of authorization for the use of the application. I was involved in the requirements specification. I developed different screens/user-interfaces to be used in the application and related reports in PowerBuilder 7. With its integrated funds transfer and information reporting functions. PowerBuilder 7. GUI development. The application was developed using PowerBuilder 5. Mastech Corp. Fort Knox. 00 Project Brief: The "Army Recruiting Information Support System (ARISS)" will enable United States Army Recruiting Command and the Army National Guards to collect. PFC and Windows 95/NT 4.3. Jaguar CTS and Jbuilder.