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Mohammad Syafiq B.

Mohd Sabri
99-3 Kampung Jaya,
Jalan Air Putih, 24000 Kemaman,
Terengganu Darul Iman.

1st February 2016

Dear Sir,
I recently came across your company for the job position QHSES Coordinator/ Executives. Introducing
myself as 3 years experienced in Quality of Safety, Health, Environment, and Security management
with highly committed and experience in safety professional, I hereby wish to formally apply for the
2. I am willing to take responsibility for the effective administration, implementation, management and
coordination of quality safety, health, environment, and security related policies and standards,
procedures, systems, and statutory requirements in the company and supervision of the work staff in HSE
3. By my knowledge and information towards ISO 90001 Quality Management, ISO 140001
Environmental Management, and OHSAS 180001 Occupational Safety and Health Management, and any
related of quality management system, I am capable to support company to achieved ISO cert, supervised
wide ISO implementation and corrective action to the company operations.
4. Besides that, I manage to ensure all activities in the company are carried out in accordance with
established safety standards & procedures, rules & regulations, and in compliance with CIMAH (if
necessary), and other statutory regulations through effective risk assessment and control measures, mock
drills, ERT training, EHS training, workplace inspection, audit and inspection, and leading the ERT.
5. Moreover, I will plan, coordinate, control and implement all activities related to HSES matters to
ensure a high level of safety awareness, strict adherence to policies, procedures, statutory requirements,
safe work method, minimization of risks and accidents as a result of a safe and healthy working
environment, free of unsafe acts, infringements and incidents.
6. As to be priority to me, I manage to ensure all industrial incidents including accidents, near-misses,
property damage, injury, occupational illness are promptly investigated, corrective and control measures
are promptly implemented to prevent recurrence.
7. By served in my previously company, I am experience in operational excellence initiatives and
knowledge in behavioural based safety program. As to be sincerely, I would like to describe myself have
strong communication, influencing, and organizational skills besides have a keen aptitude to learn and is a
team player with a strong drive, enthusiasm and energy while working.
8. As for your information, I am left only one from four exam paper with NIOSH and I will might be able
to request an interview with DOSH for register my name as certified Safety Officer (Green Book Holder)
by early period 2016.Besides that, I manage to further on my study by taking courses in Master of
Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management by distance learning.
Since my core competencies exactly will match the skills you are seeking, I suggest a meeting to discuss
the position further. I intend to pursue this application further by calling in at your office after few days.
In the interim, may you have any queries regarding my qualifications or experience; feel free to contact
me at: 014-820 1177 or through email address at .My resume is
enclosed for your review.
Thank you for your consideration.

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IC No.


Date of birth
Marital status


Mohammad Syafiq B. Mohd Sabri

99-3 Kampung Jaya, Jalan Air Putih,
24000 Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman.
7 May 1990
26 years old

Degree (2008 2012)

Field of Study : Business Administration
: BBA (Hons.) In Entrepreneur Development
: University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
School (2003-2007)

: MRSM Kota Putra, Besut, Terengganu. (2003-2006)

MRSM Kuantan, Kuantan, Pahang.


Certificated Courses: Safety and Health Officer Courses at National Institute of Occupational
Safety and Health (NIOSH).
Safety Management System knowledge and skill.
Environmental Management Auditing System knowledge and skill.
Information Security Management System knowledge and skill.
Ensuring complete applications of OSHA94/OSHAS 180001 regulatory guidelines.
Risk assessment and evaluation.
Developing and implementing of effective employee safety programs.
Employee claim processing.
ISO knowledgeable & information and system implementation.
Structure and review of company Safety Policy.
Knowledgeable and skills in computerized software and programming. (e.g.: AutoCAD, UBSS,
Word, Excel, Power Point, web)
Able to create good relation with government agencies. Skills in social relations.
Good in handling contractor. (PTW, penalty systems, KPI evaluating, stern briefing)
Knowledgeable in maintaining company property and assets. (Scheduled safety inspection,
variables of safety checklist contents e.g.: plant, equipments, machineries, LPG, pipelines, UPV,
and others).
Capable to coordinate secure level of company property and assets at high level. ( Handling and
managing static security guard or armed guard, scheduled of patrolling, alarm coordination and
design system)
Knowledgeable in chemical safety measurement & handling. (e.g: HACCP, CSDS,MSDS)
Able to produce quality reports and conduct presentation.

Assist and support organization to achieve company vision and mission by delivery valuable and
quality of services with commitment.

: Secom (M) Sdn. Bhd.
: Controller (Basic Salary: RM1800)
: April 2013 December 2013
Reason for Leaving : Received offer for the HSE careers.
Job Responsibility:
1. Central monitoring system (CMS)
2. Monitor preventive maintenance instructing list and schedule for testing bank emergency
3. Process termination dismantle and suspension of customer.
4. Supervised and monitor on field staff.
5. Handle break in cases.
6. Ensure safety on field staff.
7. Handling customer relation.
8. Maintain relationship with police department.
9. To verified commissioning, installation and termination of the customer.
10. Coordination among Head of department in solution matter.
11. Motivate and guide subordinates on timely basis and educate them according to company
: Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd.
: HSE Executives (Basic Salary: RM2800)
: January 2014 December 2014
Reason for Leaving : Received good basic salary offer.
Job Responsibility:
1. To advice company on the legal issue such as OSHA act, FMA act, EQA act, and other regulation
which affected by our operation.
2. Formulate, develop, review HSE Policy & Standard procedure and ensure by the company and all
3. Develop and promote HSES awareness at company levels and groups.
4. Develop and coordinates HSES training program for all staff and monitor the effectiveness.
5. Ensure the company operation comply with all legal requirements and regulations.
6. Advise top management on HSES matters.
7. Established and maintain close contact with the governments and local authorities. E.g(Bomba,
DOSH, DOE, CIDB, Police and etc.).
8. Oversee the Emergency Response Team activities and operations.
9. Ensure the highest safety standard and procedures and adhered in daily and emergency situation.
10. Supporting in the company wide ISO implementation and corrective action.
11. Supporting company in PMT approval for the vessel and PMA approval for the crane.
12. Supporting company in CIMAH registration and monitoring.
13. Structured and organize Safety KPI training for the company.
14. As advisor for company in reporting the CHRA and chemical handling/transporting/storage.
15. Supporting in registration of PTI for the LPG station, get the PTO for the LPG station and
pipeline and monitoring the operation.
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Reason for Leaving
Job Responsibility:

: Terengganu Silica Consortium Sdn. Bhd.

: HSES Executives (Basic Salary: RM3800)
: January 2015 November 2015
: Others

1. Coordinate and monitor all the safety, health and environment activities for the overall
management of a multi-shift environment, operations including production, or transportation and
maintenance while ensuring compliance with DOSH, OSHA and NIOSH policies and regulations.
2. Overall implementation of companys safety, health and environment policies and standards.
3. Ensure safety and loss prevention standards are fully implemented and properly followed. Make
sure that management and operations are aware of, and complies with, all legislation in relation to
the mine, plant, jetty operation, equipment and substances, as well as in all workplace activities.
4. Plays an integral part in promote occupational health and safety and develop safer and healthier
ways of working in mine, plant and jetty in site.
5. Monitor and supervise mine, plant and jetty site activities to ensure safe working conditions and
6. Provide advice on matters and measures to be taken in the interest of the safety and health of the
employees in the place of work.
7. Provide regular reports on the implementation and supervision of safety, health and environment
at mine, plant and jetty site to the General Manager.
8. Communicate frequently with management to report on the status of the health and safety
strategy and risk management strategy.
9. Collect, analyses and maintain statistics on any accident, dangerous occurrence, occupational
poisoning disease which have occurred at the mine, plant and jetty site.
10. Carry out any other instruction mad by the General Manager pertaining to safety and health
matter at mine, plant, and jetty.
11. Provide worksite safety/ hazard analysis, accident determination and expert witness service for
plaintiff and defendant cases involve both construction and operation.
12. Conduct survey, investigations and research related to safety and health hazard in efforts to
reduce injuries and occupational health problems.
13. Develop and implement training sessions or management, supervisors and workers on health and
safety practices and legislation.
14. Coordinate emergency procedure, mine rescues, firefighting and first aid crews.
15. Liaise with Security Department to ensure alignment of safety and review security matters with
the management.
16. Coordinate with TSC Management team in defining safety, health and environment policies and
17. Participate in community relations and community outreach in Setiu, Terengganu.
18. Partially involved in use of RAMCO ERP to maintenance work under system.

MohdYunus b. Ali
(Chief Controller SECOM (M) sdn.bhd.)
019-264 7846

Mr. Ahmad B. Awang

(Safety Manager Eastern Steel Sdn. Bhd.)

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Mr. Ivan Leong

(Production Manager Eastern Steel
Sdn. Bhd.)
019-273 5664
Mr. Ahilan Thiyagrajah
(General Manager Terengganu Silica
Comsortium Sdn.Bhd.)