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/* * Prevents modern browsers from displaying 'audio' without controls * Remove excess height in

iOS5 devices */ audio:not([controls]) {display: none; height: 0}
/* * Addresses styling for 'hidden' attribute not present in IE7/8/9, FF3, S4 * Known issue: no IE6
support */ [hidden] {display: none}
==== Base
= */ /* * 1. Corrects text resizing oddly in IE6/7 when body font-size is set using em units * * 2. Prevents iOS text size adjust after orientation change,
without disabling user zoom *
ng_user_zoom/ */ html {font-size: 100%; /* 1 */ -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%; /* 2 */ -ms-textsize-adjust: 100%; /* 2 */ }
/* * Addresses font-family inconsistency between 'textarea' and other form elements. */ html,
button, input, select, textarea {font-family: sans-serif}
/* * Addresses margins handled incorrectly in IE6/7 */ body {margin: 0}
==== Links
= */ /* * Addresses outline displayed oddly in Chrome */ a:focus {outline: thin dotted}
/* * Improves readability when focused and also mouse hovered in all browsers * */ a:hover, a:active {outline: 0}
==== Typography
= */ /* * Addresses font sizes and margins set differently in IE6/7 * Addresses font sizes within
'section' and 'article' in FF4+, Chrome, S5 */ h1 {font-size: 2em; margin: 0.67em 0}
h2 {font-size: 1.5em; margin: 0.83em 0}
h3 {font-size: 1.17em; margin: 1em 0}
h4 {font-size: 1em; margin: 1.33em 0}
h5 {font-size: 0.83em; margin: 1.67em 0}
h6 {font-size: 0.75em; margin: 2.33em 0}
/* * Addresses styling not present in IE7/8/9, S5, Chrome */ abbr[title] {border-bottom: 1px dotted}
/* * Addresses style set to 'bolder' in FF3+, S4/5, Chrome */ b, strong {font-weight: bold}
blockquote {margin: 1em 40px}
/* * Addresses styling not present in S5, Chrome */ dfn {font-style: italic}
/* * Addresses styling not present in IE6/7/8/9 */ mark {background: #ff0; color: #000}
/* * Addresses margins set differently in IE6/7 */ p, pre {margin: 1em 0}
/* * Corrects font family set oddly in IE6, S4/5, Chrome * */ pre, code, kbd, samp {font-family:
monospace, serif; _font-family: "courier new", monospace; font-size: 1em}
/* * Improves readability of pre-formatted text in all browsers */ pre {white-space: pre; whitespace: pre-wrap; word-wrap: break-word}
/* * 1. Addresses CSS quotes not supported in IE6/7 * 2. Addresses quote property not supported
in S4 */ /* 1 */ q {quotes: none}
/* 2 */ q:before, q:after {content: ''; content: none}
small {font-size: 75%}

/* 2 */ *overflow: visible. /* 2 */ vertical-align: baseline. /* 3 */ } /* * Re-set default cursor for disabled elements */ button[disabled]. Removes inner spacing in IE7 without affecting normal text inputs * Known issue: inner spacing remains in IE6 */ button. ul {margin: 1em 0} dd {margin: 0 0 0 40px} /* * Addresses paddings set differently in IE6/7 */ menu. /* 1 */ padding: 0. ul {padding: 0 0 0 40px} /* * Corrects list images handled incorrectly in IE7 */ nav ul. white-space: normal. /* 3 */ *width: 13px. /* 3 */ *vertical-align: middle. sup {font-size: 75%. Removes border when inside 'a' element in IE6/7/8/9. Addresses appearance set to searchfield in S5. nav ol {list-style: none. vertical-align: baseline} sup {top: -0. margin. Chrome * 2. select. Corrects font size not being inherited in all browsers * 2. O11 */ figure {margin: 0} /* ========================================================================= ==== Forms ========================================================================= = */ /* * Corrects margin displayed oddly in IE6/7 */ form {margin: 0} /* * Define consistent border. Chrome * 3.25em} /* ========================================================================= ==== Lists ========================================================================= = */ /* * Addresses margins set differently in IE6/7 */ dl. /* 1 */ -ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic. S5. input[type="submit"] {cursor: pointer. /* 1 */ padding: 0. /* 1 */ -webkitappearance: button. input[type="radio"] {box-sizing: border-box. /* 2 */ *height: Chrome (include -moz to future-proof) */ input[type="search"] {-webkitappearance: textfield. /* 1 */ margin: 0. input[type="reset"]. and padding */ fieldset {border: 1px solid silver. input {line-height: normal. Addresses box-sizing set to border-box in S5. Corrects text not wrapping in FF3 * 3. Corrects color not being inherited in IE6/7/8/9 * 2. menu. S5.github. margin: 0 2px.5em} sub {bottom: -0. padding: 0. FF3+. /* 2 */ *margin-left: -7px. ol. Removes excess padding in IE8/9 * 3. /* 2 */ } /* * Corrects overflow displayed oddly in IE9 */ svg:not(:root) {overflow: hidden} /* ========================================================================= ==== Figures ========================================================================= = */ /* * Addresses margin not present in IE6/7/8/9. list-styleimage: none} /* ========================================================================= ==== Embedded content ========================================================================= = */ /* * 1. Improves usability and consistency of cursor style between image-type 'input' and others * 2. input. Corrects alignment displayed oddly in IE6/7 */ legend {border: 0. /* 1 */ } /* * 1. Removes excess padding in IE7 Known issue: excess padding remains in IE6 */ input[type="checkbox"]. FF3 * 2. /* 3 */ } /* * */ img {border: 0.625em 0./* * Prevents sub and sup affecting line-height in all browsers * gist. Addresses margins set differently in IE6/7. line-height: 0. ol. Improves appearance and consistency in all browsers */ button. /* 3 */ } /* * */ sub.75em} /* * 1.35em 0. Improves image quality when scaled in IE7 * code. Addresses box sizing set to content-box in IE8/9 * 2. Corrects inability to style clickable 'input' types in iOS * 3. textarea {font-size: 100%. input[type="button"]. input[disabled] {cursor: default} /* * 1. position: relative. /* 3 */ } /* * Addresses FF3/4 setting line-height on 'input' using !important in the UA stylesheet */ button. /* 1 */ /* 2 */ box-sizing: content-box} .

eot?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype").ttf") format("truetype"). -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased} body. body.css @ 1455919650 */ @font-face {font-family: 'Sofia Pro'. font-weight: bold. url("/fonts/sofia_pro/medium/SofiaProMedium-webfont.css @ 1455919650 */ . url("/fonts/livory/italic/2AC7C6_1_0. left: 0./* * Removes inner padding and search cancel button in S5.eot?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"). padding: 0} /* * 1. url("/fonts/livory/regular/2AC7C6_0_0.sitepen. url("/fonts/sofia_pro/light/SofiaProLight-webfont. src: url("/fonts/livory/regular/2AC7C6_0_0. 0. position: fixed.eot").eot?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"). font-style: italic. url("/fonts/sofia_pro/extralight/SofiaProExtraLight-webfont. . background: rgba(0.eot?#iefix") format("embeddedopentype"). /* 2 */ } /* ========================================================================= ==== Tables ========================================================================= = */ /* * Remove most spacing between table cells */ table {border-collapse: collapse.lightbox_overlay {z-index: 2999. top: 0.has_header_shadow:before {content: "".eot"). borderspacing: 0} /* public/stylesheets/global/fonts. bottom: 0. color: #444444. src: url("/fonts/sofia_pro/extralight/SofiaProExtraLight-webfont. font-weight: 200. src: url("/fonts/sofia_pro/light/SofiaProLight-webfont. src: url("/fonts/sofia_pro/light/SofiaProLightwebfont. background: rgba(0.woff") format("woff"). 0.svg#sofia_pro_lightregular") format("svg")} @font-face {font-family: 'Sofia Pro'. src: url("/fonts/livory/italic/2AC7C6_1_0. src: url("/fonts/sofia_pro/medium/SofiaProMedium-webfont.eot").eot"). Improves readability and alignment in all browsers */ textarea {overflow: auto. url("/fonts/sofia_pro/extralight/SofiaProExtraLight-webfont. url("/fonts/livory/regular/2AC7C6_0_0.49804). font-size: */ button::-moz-focus-inner. url("/fonts/sofia_pro/extralight/SofiaProExtraLight-webfont.svg#sofia_pro_extralightregular") format("svg")} @font-face {font-family: 'Livory'. src: url("/fonts/livory/regular/2AC7C6_0_0.unselectable {-webkit-user-select: none. url("/fonts/sofia_pro/medium/SofiaProMedium-webfont. font-style: normal. /* Non petunia color? */ } body {font-family: Sofia Pro.ttf") format("truetype")} /* public/stylesheets/global/petunia. url("/fonts/sofia_pro/light/SofiaProLightwebfont. font-weight: normal. font-style: normal. src: url("/fonts/sofia_pro/medium/SofiaProMedium-webfont. /* 1 */ vertical-align: top.eot"). font-weight: normal. Removes default vertical scrollbar in IE6/7/8/9 * 2.-ms-userselect: none. Chrome on OS X */ input[type="search"]::-webkit-search-decoration. src: url("/fonts/sofia_pro/extralight/SofiaProExtraLight-webfont.woff") format("woff"). font-style: normal. 0. url("/fonts/livory/italic/2AC7C6_1_0. top: 0.woff") format("woff"). url("/fonts/sofia_pro/medium/SofiaProMedium-webfont. position: fixed. input[type="search"]::-webkit-search-cancelbutton {-webkit-appearance: none} /* * Removes inner padding and border in FF3+ * www. font-weight: normal. src: url("/fonts/livory/italic/2AC7C6_1_0.fixed_min_width {min-width: 996px} body.ttf") format("truetype").svg#sofia_pro_mediumregular") format("svg")} @font-face {font-family: 'Sofia Pro'.woff") format("woff"). 0.ttf") format("truetype"). 0.-moz-user-select: none.dragging. font-style: normal.woff") format("woff").ttf") format("truetype")} @font-face {font-family: 'Livory'. 0). cursor: default} body. url("/fonts/sofia_pro/light/SofiaProLight-webfont. input::-moz-focus-inner {border: 0. sans-serif. right: 0.user-select: none.eot?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype").

userselect: none. form input[type=password]::-webkit-input-placeholder. . outline: none.book_title.divider. color: #444444} h2 {font-size: 32px. .book_title {font-size: 38px.current) {border-color: transparent} form input[type=text].-moz-user-select: none. h3. height: 45px.form input[type=tel].tab_nav.book_title {font-size: 26px.08em} .book_title.15). line-height: 48px.full_width . form input[type=tel].clearfix {zoom: 1} .25s ease-in-out.form input[type=text]::-webkit-input-placeholder. ol li {line-height: 1. font-size: 16px} form input[type=text] {color: #6ac6e2} .book_title.form input[type=password]. . -webkit-transition: all 0.current {border-color: #e1e1e1} . border-color: #1a7bba} . margin: 1px 3px 0px 3px} .2s ease-in-out} a:hover. cursor: default. text-transform: uppercase.form input[type=tel]::-webkit-input-placeholder.tab_nav .disabled .tab {cursor: default.book_title {font-family: Livory. z-index: 2.tab_nav. font-weight: 200} h2 .tab_nav . line-height: 32px.form input[type=text]. height: 65px} a.2s ease-in-out.".tab_nav {white-space: nowrap. visibility: hidden} .tab_nav.divider . vertical-align: top. 0.5. transition: all 0. color: #444444} h3 {font-size: 28px. border: 1px solid #e1e1e1. .tab_nav .form textarea {box-sizing: borderbox.5. color: #555. margin-left: 20px} . color: #e1e1e1} .hidden {display: none !important} . clear: both. . . line-height: 22px} p {line-height: 1. form input.show_header_shadow:before {background: rgba(0.center_tabs {text-align: center} . display: inline-block. . . cursor: pointer. cursor: pointer.tab_nav.clearfix:after {content: ".tab_nav . outline: 0.userselect: none. h2.right: 0. -webkit-transition: color 0.global_wrapper {overflow: hidden.pseudoLink {color: #1a7bba. form input. form input[type=tel] a {color: #6ac6e2} . font-weight: 200.-ms-user-select: none. .tab. line-height: 1.disabled .disabled . height: 0. background: #f3f3f3} . margin: 30px 0} . line-height: 1.divider.center_tabs . . border-radius: 4px.divider_bottom {border-top: 1px solid #cfd2d3.4s ease.tab_nav. display: block. .pseudoLink:hover {color: #6ac6e2} h1.brown .tab_nav .brown {border-top-color: #e1e1e1} .global_wrapper {background: white} . h3.25s ease-in-out} body. letter-spacing: 0.pseudo_link:hover. h4 {font-weight: normal} h1. sans-serif.form input[type=email]. serif} h1 {font-size: 42px. padding: 7px 14px. . .current a {color: #1a7bba} . h2. form input[type=email].tab {margin-right: 20px. form input[type=password].tab {-webkit-user-select: none. margin-right: 40px.15.tab_nav .divider_bottom {border-top-color: #dadada} .disabled {-webkit-user-select: none. ol {margin: 0 0 24px 0} ul li. text-decoration: 0. color: #666} h1. font-family: Sofia Pro.text::-webkit-input-placeholder. transition: color a {color: inherit} . color: #555} h3 . form textarea::-webkit-input-placeholder. h4.tab_nav. color: #444444} h4 . font-weight: normal. height: 62px. form input[type=email]::-webkit-inputplaceholder.has_header_shadow.-moz-user-select: none.book_title {font-size: 18px. border-top: 1px solid #e2e4e5} .current {color: #1a7bba.text.divider {margin: 0px 1px. form textarea.8} .-ms-user-select: ease. color: #444444. border-color: transparent} . margin: 0 0 24px 0} p strong {color: #555} ul. vertical-align: top.book_title {font-size: 40px. border-bottom: 3px solid 0. color: #666666. font-size: 14px. transition: all 0. left: 0.text. padding: 0 0 2px 0. -webkit-transition: all 0.form input.

. . .text. .text::-moz-placeholder.form input.form input[type=tel]. form textarea:focus.home_container. form textarea:-ms-input-placeholder. margin: 45px auto} .form input[type=email]::-webkit-inputplaceholder. margin: 35px 0 0 0} .page_header h2 {background: red} . form input[type=email]:-ms-input-placeholder.field_err.form input[type=password]::placeholder.default. . form input.notification_bar.page_header h2::before {content: "use h1 in header please"} .form input[type=text].form input[type=text]. . . . form input[type=email]::-moz-placeholder. form input.home_container.form input[type=password]:focus.form textarea::-webkit-input-placeholder {color: #999999} form input[type=text]::-moz-placeholder. .home_container {background: white.bottom_menu {zoom: 1.ie8 . padding: 15px 48px.home_container .default.validate_error {border: 1px solid #f2736e} form textarea. .page_header {border-bottom: 1px solid #e1e1e1.form textarea {height: auto} . form input[type=email]. . .form input[type=password]::-webkit-input-placeholder.home_container . form input[type=tel]::-moz-placeholder. form input[type=password]::-moz-placeholder. form input.form input.form input[type=tel]:focus.text:-ms-input-placeholder.form input[type=email]. . width: 996px.form input[type=email].home_container . .default.1).field_err. border-bottom: 1px solid white} .text:-ms-inputplaceholder. .form input[type=password].text::-webkit-input-placeholder.form input[type=password]. form input[type=password]::placeholder. .validate_error. form input[type=tel]:-ms-input-placeholder. overflow: hidden. box-shadow: 0px 0px 4px rgba(0.form input.. .form input[type=password]::-mozplaceholder. border-top: 1px solid #e1e1e1. line-height: 44px} .field_err.text. text-overflow: ellipsis. form input[type=tel]:focus. .home_container .field_err.field_err.field_err.form input.home_container . .default. 0. form textarea::placeholder. .form input. . form textarea. form input[type=tel]::placeholder. . . form input. .positive {background-color: #82cc9c} .form input[type=password]:-msinput-placeholder.form textarea:focus {border-color: #c8c8c8} form input[type=text]. padding: 0 48px} .form input[type=tel]. .default {color: #999} form input. form input[type=email]::placeholder.form input[type=text]::-mozplaceholder. .success {background-color: #82cc9c} .notification_bar.form input[type=email]::-moz-placeholder. vertical-align: middle.text::placeholder. . .text. .default.default. clear: both} . . .text::-moz-placeholder. form input[type=password]:-ms-input-placeholder.field_err.home_container .field_err. .form input[type=text]::placeholder. form input[type=password]:focus.validate_error.notification_bar. form input[type=tel].text:focus.default.form textarea.home_container {border: 1px solid #cccccc} .form input[type=text]:-msinput-placeholder. form input[type=email]:focus.form input. form input.form input[type=tel]::-moz-placeholder. form textarea::-moz-placeholder.home_container .negative {background-color: #f2736e} .default.loader {display: none. .default. . margin-top: 1px} . form input[type=password]. .field_err.default.page_header h1 {white-space: nowrap. border-top: 1px solid white. form input. form input[type=password]. . background-color: #85878a} . .padded_content {padding: 0 48px 10px 48px} .default.form input.form input[type=tel]::placeholder.form textarea::placeholder {color: #999999} form input[type=text]:focus.notification_bar {color: white.form textarea. 0.form input. margin-top: 30px.form input[type=email]::placeholder. . form textarea.ie7 . .form input[type=tel]:-ms-input-placeholder. .text. . . display: table.bottom_menu:after {content: "". background: url('https://s2- .form textarea:-ms-input-placeholder {color: #999999} form input[type=text]::placeholder.field_err {border-color: #f2736e} form input[type=text].home_container .home_container.form input[type=email]:focus.validate_error {border: 1px solid #f2736e} form textarea. .form textarea.open_container {text-align: left.form input[type=text]:focus.notification_bar {padding: 15px 48px.ie6 . 0.field_err.form input[type=email]:-ms-input-placeholder.field_err. .text:focus.text::placeholder. form input[type=email]. . form input[type=tel].form textarea::-moz-placeholder {color: #999999} form input[type=text]:-ms-input-placeholder.

stacked_lightbox > .f.stacked_overlay {-webkit-transition: background-color 0.no_cc_free_trial_nag {text-align: center.title. height: 22px} . right: 0. opacity 0. background: #85878a. . background: black.lightbox.lightbox_open #lightboxes {zoom: 1. padding: 3px 6px.49804). . position: fixed. float: right. background-color: #fff.responsive > . left: 0. height: 36px. font-weight: bold} . text-transform: uppercase. height: 40px. left: 0.scribd_white_logo {background-image: url('https://s2f.wrapper.toolbar_notification. text-align: center} . top: 0px.scribd_blue_logo {background-image: url('https://s1-f.renewal_button:hover {color: #f2736e} .wrapper > . width: 32px.6s ease. background-repeat: no-repeat. .lightbox. background: rgba(0.toolbar_notification . font-size: 18px} .content {padding-left: 20px.renewal_form {display: inline} .stacked_overlay.slow_lightbox_overlay #overlay. position: fixed.error_notification . height: auto.chrome_fix {overflow: scroll} #overlay. overflow-y: auto} body.wrapper > .scribdassets. left: 0.lightbox_overlay {z-index: 2999.lightbox. /* Non petunia color? */ } body.toolbar_notification .com/images/spinner_30x30.scribdassets.svg?1455919650'). clear: both} #overlay. padding-right: 20px} } . 0. transition: background-color 0.renewal_button:hover {background: {-webkit-transition: background 0. color: white. cursor: pointer} . margin-left: 10px.2s ease. background: white 0 0 no-repeat. border: 1px solid white.lightbox_open {overflow: hidden} body. opacity 0. text-align: left. position: fixed.title. .gif? 1455919650') no-repeat.responsive. color: #85878a} . box-shadow: 0px 0px 12px #222222. .toolbar_notification a.toolbar_notification.wrapper {overflow: hidden.responsive > . position: relative} .toolbar_notification. .flat_btn {padding: 0 12px. . z-index: 9999.content.2s ease. right: 0.stacked_lightbox. bottom: 0.responsive > .transition: background 0. top: .stacked_overlay.lightbox > . opacity 0.toolbar_notification. border-bottom: 1px solid #e1e1e1. padding: 8px 0 10px.2s ease.svg? 1455919650').stacked_lightbox. . 0. marginbottom: 0} @media (max-width: 400px) {.6s ease} #overlay. margin-bottom: 60px} . zindex: 30000. .2s ease.2s a:hover.stuck_top {position: fixed.toolbar_notification.responsive > . width: 32px} /* public/stylesheets/global/lightbox.renewal_nag. top: 0.stacked_lightbox {position: absolute. color: white. border-radius: 3px.lightbox.loader {background: url('https://s1-f.6s ease.auto_center.toolbar_notification {padding: 0 45px. opacity 0. white-space: normal} . margin-top: 13px.transition: background-color 0. color: #333. min-height: 100%. backgroundsize: cover. color: white.css @ 1455919650 */ . 0. top: 0. -webkit-transition: background-color 0. font-size: 14px.chrome_fix::-webkit-scrollbar.wrapper > . margin: 0 auto} . . background-repeat: no-repeat.close_btn {display: block.lightbox. display: table. .wrapper > .chrome_fix::-webkit-scrollbar {width: 0px} . right: 0. text-align: left.slow_lightbox_overlay . right: 0.toolbar_notification .2s ease.no_cc_free_trial_nag .auto_center {left: 0.chrome_fix.stacked_lightbox.6s ease.lightbox_open #lightboxes:after {content: "".stacked_overlay {opacity: 0. line-height: 30px} . right: 0px. width: 86px. bottom: 0px.error_notification {background: #f2736e} .new. z-index: 2999} . background-size: cover.renewal_nag .responsive {position: static. lineheight: 40px.toolbar_notification.scribdassets. . left: 0px. width: 30px.stacked_lightbox. height: 32px} .scribdassets.gif?1455919650').toolbar_notification a:hover.toolbar_notification. bottom: 0. height: 30px} . .

background-position: -66px -8px} .content > . .error {background: #f2736e} . position: fixed.sprite. .sprite.white_tri_up {width: 9px. height: 17px. left: 0.stacked_lightbox > .com/images/newhome/icon-sprite.content > . .sprite. bottom: 0. float: right.triangle {width: 13px. .content.sprite. height: 5px. cursor: pointer} .sprite.stacked_lightbox > .sprite.sprite.wrapper > . . height: 16px. background-position: 0px -60px} .share:hover {background-position: 0px -27px} .gray_tri_right {width: 5px.readcast. . background-position: -71px -14px} .logo_dark_big {width: 97px.sprite {background: url('https://s2-f. background-position: -98px -14px} .lightbox > .sprite.sprite.multi_line_flash > . height: 5px. .sprite.sprite {display: inline-block.content {border-top: 1px solid #e1e1e1.sprite.wrapper > .bookmark_light {width: 13px. .popup_arrow {width: 21px. background-position: -148px -109px} . background-position: -148px -71px} .title.share {width: 12px.sprite.inline_flash {-webkit-transition: background 0.scribdassets. height: 8px.close:active. background-position: -14px 0px} . top: 0px.lightbox#share_lb. right: 0px. margin-top: 15px.multi_line_flash > . height: 16px.49804).download {position: relative.stacked_lightbox > .blue_tri_down {width: 9px. serif.inline_flash.bookmark_light:hover {background-position: -148px -90px} .close_button.. . line-height: inherit. padding: 10px} . . vertical-align: middle} .wrapper > .inline_flash.close. .lightbox. background-position: -148px -109px} .wrapper > . .white_tri_down {width: 9px.sprite.stacked_lightbox > .inline_flash.2s ease. position: absolute. height: 9px.title {font-size: 36px.white_tri_right {width: 5px.sprite.wrapper > .lightbox > . background-position: -121px -57px} . background-position: -94px -8px} .download:active {top: 1px} .error.success {background: #82cc9c} .sprite. padding: 40px} .content > .sprite.bookmark_dark {width: 13px.content > . height: 13px.sprite. .gray_tri_down {width: 9px. margin-right: 15px.comment:active.sprite.content > .content > . background: #f9f9f9} .wrapper > .share:active.sprite.wrapper > . background-position: -94px -2px} .reply. right: 0. /* Non petunia color? */ } span. line-height: 40px. right: 0.sprite. background-position: 0px -92px} .sprite.bookmark_light:active.2s ease. . z-index: 3000} /* public/stylesheets/global/sprites. background-position: -13px -27px} .bookmark_dark_small {width: 13px.sprite.inline_flash. .lightbox > .comment.inline_flash.sprite.wrapper > . background-position: -145px -34px} . .bookmark_dark. font-family: Livory.stacked_lightbox. height: 9px.disabled {background-position: -145px 0} .gray_tri_right {background: url('https://s1f. background-position: -1px 0} .transition: background 0.wrapper > .close_button {position: absolute. line-height: 40px.css @ 1455919650 */ . .stacked_lightbox {position: fixed.sprite.png? 1455919650') 0 0 no-repeat} .inline_flash {height: auto. background-position: -66px -2px} .sprite.wrapper > . top: > . display: none.blue_tri_right {width: 5px. background-position: 0px -117px} . text-align: center} . . height: 24px.sprite.wrapper > . background-position: -78px -5px} .readcast {width: 18px. .share.stacked_lightbox > . cursor: pointer} .sprite.logo_dark {width: 73px.bookmark_dark:active. height: 5px. height: 5px.loc_pin {width: 10px.readcast:hover {background-position: -145px -51px} . background-position: -6px -12px} . height: 18px.success. . height: 11px.sprite. height: 5px.reply:active.sprite.sprite.gray_tri_down. left: 0.sprite.sprite.wrapper > .lightbox > .sprite. height: 16px.inline_flash. height: 26px.lightbox > .scribdassets. 0. top: 0. height: 40px.sprite.logo {width: 97px. font-size: 14px. height: 9px. 0.stacked_lightbox > .png?1455919650') 0 0 no-repeat} .content {padding: 0} .bookmark_light. padding: 30px 40px.wrapper > .sprite. background: rgba(0.lightbox_overlay {z-index: 2999.lightbox > . height: 11px.sprite.content > .sprite.content > . .stacked_lightbox#share_lb {width: 500px} #add_to_collection_lightbox . color: white.sprite. 0. background: #F09F66.blue_tri_up {width: 9px.sprite.

background-position: -185px -30px} . background-position: -121px -36px} .sprite.close:hover {background-position: -39px 0px} . background-position: -106px -132px} .paddle_right {width: 31px. width: 18px.comment:hover {background-position: 0px -14px} . height: 13px.sprite.block_user {width: 11px. height: 47px.twitter_badge {width: 20px. . . background-position: -15px -208px} . height: 30px. height: 13px.sprite. background-position: -39px -1px} .sprite. background-position: 0 -49px} . background-position: -169px -68px} .sprite. height: 20px. height: 20px} .trigger_sprite:hover .preview {width: 17px. background-position: -122px -147px} . background-position: -188px -74px} .plus_circle {background-position: -102px -51px.blue_arrow {width: 15px.close.close. . height: 11px. height: 15px.sprite.twitter_badge {background-position: -82px -188px} .sprite. height: . height: 16px. background-position: -106px -119px} .sprite.edit_icon_solid {width: 20px. height: 6px.sprite. height: 13px. . background-position: -184px -137px} .small_checkmark {width: 12px. height: 17px} .white {background-position: -52px -13px} .sprite.to_reading_feed:hover. background-position: -79px -15px} . background-position: -38px -151px} . height: 43px.sprite.sprite.sprite.report_user {width: 7px.sprite. background-position: -26px 0px} . background-position: -121px -18px} .white_warning {width: 21px.sprite.sprite. background-position: -105px 0} . background-position: -148px -168px} . background-position: -166px -40px} .sprite.sprite. height: 9px.sprite. height: 17px.white_check {width: 12px.trash {width: 11px.paddle_left_small {width: 22px.white_search {width: 14px. background-position: -105px -14px} .white_googleplus {width: 20px. background-position: -126px -90px} .sharing_check {background-position: -129px -200px} . height: 20px.check_circle {background-position: -102px -69px.external_link {width: 14px.white_twitter {background-position: -104px -188px.upload {width: 13px.facebook_badge. height: 14px. height: 20px} .sprite. height: 14px. height: 11px. height: 10px. background-position: -105px -14px} .close {width: 12px.sprite. background-position: -171px -52px} .ad_choices {width: 12px. background-position: -126px -90px} .to_reading_feed {width: 15px. height: 12px.sprite.sprite. background-position: -38px -14px} .sharing_check {width: 15px.sprite. height: 13px.sprite.sprite.white_facebook {background-position: -104px -167px.. background-position: -82px -147px} .red_warning {width: 21px. height: 11px.sprite. background-position: -181px 0} .sprite.sprite.sprite.sprite. height: 47px.blue_x {width: 13px. background-position: -168px -4px} .reply {width: 14px.white_linkedin {width: 20px. background-position: -13px -14px} .sprite.reply {background-position: -25px -14px} . width: 17px. height: 12px. width: 18px. background-position: -197px -161px} . height: 8px.sprite.sprite.edit_pencil {width: 14px.paddle_right_small {width: 22px.white:hover {background-position: -52px -13px} . background-position: -6px -151px} . background-position: -148px -188px} .sprite.comment {width: 13px.tiny_check {width: 12px.sprite.sprite. height: 14px.black_search {width: 16px.sprite. background-position: -122px -167px} . height: 17px} .link_arrow {width: 15px.sprite. height: 20px.has_icon:hover .sprite.sprite.white_scribd {background-position: -122px -147px. height: 8px.sprite. height: 20px} . height: 13px. background-position: -184px -152px} .sprite.dark_search {width: 14px. width: 17px. height: 16px.close.sprite. background-position: -39px -208px} .white_edit {width: 14px.sprite.sprite.to_reading_feed {background-position: -105px -14px} .scribd_badge.question {width: 16px.traffic_cone {width: 29px.facebook_badge {background-position: -82px -167px} .email {width: 20px. height: 10px.sprite.sprite. height: 43px.i_info {width: 9px.brown {background-position: -52px 0px} .sprite. background-position: -12px -49px} .sprite. height: 8px. background-position: -188px -91px} . height: 13px. background-position: -209px -91px} . height: 13px.sprite. height: 17px.header_arrow_down {width: 11px.paddle_left {width: 31px. height: 15px. background-position: -185px -49px} . width: 17px. background-position: -104px -28px} .book {width: 16px.sprite. height: 13px. height: 12px.sprite.reply:hover.sprite.sprite.sprite.

trigger_sprite:active .home_following {background-position: -244px -257px} .sprite.tiny_x {width: 9px. background-position: -179px -216px} . height: 9px. width: 15px. height: 18px.home_add_collection {width: 18px.home_open_book.sprite.sprite. height: 14px} .trigger_sprite:active .sprite.sprite.sprite.sprite.sprite. height: 18px} .home_readcast {width: 18px.sprite.white_big_open_book {width: 46px.sprite. margin: 4px 7px.sprite.sprite. .home_open_book:hover.sprite. background-position: -210px -170px} . .home_following:hover. background-position: -262px -222px} . .sprite. width: 15px.sprite.home_add_collection:hover {background-position: -192px -236px} .sprite.home_delete:active {background-position: -276px -258px} . height: 33px.home_readcast {background-position: -160px -236px} .active {background-position: -262px -262px} .sprite.tiny_pencil {width: 10px.ac_documents. .sprite. background-position: -192px -216px} . background-position: -310px -217px} .popup_left {width: 16px.sprite.home_open_book {backgroundposition: -141px -237px} . width: 15px.sprite..home_followers:active.home_bookmark.home_followers {width: 15px.sprite.trigger_sprite:active .home_uploads {width: 15px. .sprite. background-position: -141px -217px} .home_readcast.sprite. margin: 7px 7px.sprite.sprite.sprite.sprite. height: 14px} .home_open_book_static {width: 18px.home_following {width: 18px.sprite.home_following {background-position: -244px -237px} . .home_readcast.home_uploads {background-position: -212px -237px} .home_bookmark {width: 12px.readcasted {background-position: -160px -256px} .ac_authors {background-position: -165px -168px.sprite. .home_reply:active.trigger_sprite:hover .home_uploads {background-position: -212px -258px} .sprite.sprite.sprite.trigger_sprite:hover .home_following:active. background-position: -242px -171px} .sprite. height: 10px.trigger_sprite:hover .sprite.home_delete {width: 15px.download_arrow:hover {background-position: -310px -236px} .sprite.trigger_sprite:active .home_uploads:active.home_followers {background-position: -228px -259px} . . height: 18px.sprite.home_reply {width: 13px.sprite.home_reply. height: 15px. height: 13px.sprite. background-position: -226px -170px} . height: 38px. background-position: -228px -219px} .sprite.sprite. .home_reply. background-position: -155px -274px} .home_open_book:active.home_readcast:hover. height: 19px. . height: 19px.download_arrow:active {background-position: -310px -256px} .sprite.trigger_sprite:active .home_delete:hover {background-position: -276px -238px} .home_readcast_static. background-position: -212px -218px} . backgroundposition: -160px -216px} .download_arrow {width: 14px.sprite. .popup_right {width: 14px.sprite.trigger_sprite:active . height: 16px. height: 10px. .saved {background-position: -179px -256px} .home_add_collection:active {background-position: -192px -256px} . background-position: -276px -219px} .home_bookmark:active {background-position: -179px -256px} .sprite.sprite.sprite.sprite. background-position: -244px -218px} . .trigger_sprite:hover .home_reply {background-position: -262px -241px} .tiny_star {width: 11px.sprite.sprite. height: 16px. .sprite. .ac_publishers {background-position: -165px -186px. height: 17px.sprite.home_uploads:hover. background-position: -139px -273px} .home_followers:hover.home_followers {background-position: -228px -238px} .home_open_book {backgroundposition: -141px -258px} .sprite.home_bookmark:hover {background-position: -179px -236px} . .trigger_sprite:hover . height: 33px.sprite.ac_books {background-position: -165px -145px.sprite.sprite.trigger_sprite:hover . .home_reply:hover. height: 17px.home_readcast:active. background-position: 0px -320px} .sprite.sprite.

icon-web_player_icons_volume_0:before {content: "\e662"} .icon-tiny_doc:before {content: "\e676"} .icon-read:before {content: "\e67a"} .eot?48").icon-music_broadway:before {content: "\e900"} . [class*=" icon-"] {/* use !important to prevent issues with browser extensions that change fonts */ font-family: "scribd" !important. height: 5px. width: 16px. font-weight: normal.sprite. font-style: normal.search_books {width: 12px.icon-tiny_book:before {content: "\e673"} . /* Better Font Rendering =========== */ -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased.icon-pause_button:before {content: "\e67e"} . url("/fonts/scribd_icon/fonts/scribd.circle_cancel {background-position: -165px -96px. height: 16px} . line-height: 1.annotation_paper {width: 17px.icon-ic_badge_audio:before {content: "\e666"} . height: 14px. width: 16px.sprite. height: 25px. src: url("/fonts/scribd_icon/fonts/scribd. height: 6px} .small_clip {width: 14px.icon-music_hits:before {content: "\e902"} .sprite. src: url("/fonts/scribd_icon/fonts/scribd. height: 16px.sprite.sprite.box_tri_down {width: 16px.icon-popular:before {content: "\e679"} .sprite. background-position: -322px -2px} . fontstyle: normal} [class^="icon-"]. background-position: -16px -376px} .icon-user:before {content: "\e67b"} .search_people {width: 15px.woff?48") format("woff"). font-weight: normal.icon-tiny_audiobook:before {content: "\e671"} .sprite. height: 16px.facebook_large {width: 25px.icon-page_vertical:before {content: "\e66d"} . url("/fonts/scribd_icon/fonts/scribd. background-position: -212px -112px} .search_collections {width: 14px. background-position: -78px -26px} /* public/stylesheets/scribd_icon. width: 15px.sprite. height: 14px.icon-tiny_collection:before {content: "\e675"} .circle_check {background-position: -165px -79px.gray_tri_up {background-position: -227px -185px.library_blue {background-position: -165px -186px. font-variant: normal. speak: none.icon-tiny_user:before {content: "\e674"} .ttf?48") format("truetype")..icon-music_classics:before {content: "\e901"} .icon-scribd_logo_short:before {content: "\e668"} .small {background-position: -29px -59px} . height: 17px. url("/fonts/scribd_icon/fonts/scribd.css @ 1455919650 */ @font-face {font-family: 'scribd'.eot?48#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"). height: 16px} .box_tri_up {width: 16px. height: 14px. text-transform: none.icon-music_jam:before {content: "\e903"} .icon-book:before {content: "\e66a"} . height: 14px.sprite. height: 14px} . background-position: -322px -23px} .icon-fullscreen-default:before {content: "\e66e"} . -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale} .icon-tiny_music:before {content: "\e904"} .icon-web_player_icons_volume_1:before {content: "\e663"} .icon-tiny_author:before {content: "\e672"} . background-position: -260px -112px} .icon-play_button:before {content: "\e67d"} .sprite.sprite. height: 14px.search_documents {width: 11px.icon-pause:before {content: "\e678"} .icon-devices:before {content: "\e66b"} .sprite.sprite. background-position: -243px -112px} .search_collections.light_tri_down {width: 12px.svg?48#icomoon") format("svg"). background-position: -243px -112px} .icon-web_player_add:before {content: "\e667"} .sprite.sprite.icon-page_horizontal:before {content: "\e66c"} . background-position: -183px -194px} .icon-chat:before {content: "\e677"} . width: 11px. background-position: -228px -112px} .

icon-upload-button:before {content: "\e63e"} .icon-email:before {content: "\e645"} .icon-highlight:before {content: "\e64b"} .icon-bookmark_off:before {content: "\e651"} .icon-heart-like:before {content: "\e646"} .icon-embed2:before {content: "\e001"} .icon-close_square-01:before {content: "\e01a"} .icon-pinterest:before {content: "\e642"} .icon-minus:before {content: "\e00d"} ..icon-globalnav_library:before {content: "\e65f"} .icon-twitter:before {content: "\e644"} .icon-mobile:before {content: "\e003"} .icon-download:before {content: "\e906"} .icon-web_player_icons_play:before {content: "\e658"} .icon-sleep:before {content: "\e659"} .icon-toc:before {content: "\e908"} .icon-info-large:before {content: "\e649"} .icon-web_player_icons_volume_2:before {content: "\e664"} .icon-30_back:before {content: "\e655"} .icon-30_fwd:before {content: "\e656"} .icon-ic_fullscreen:before {content: "\e654"} .icon-bookmark_on:before {content: "\e652"} .icon-radiobutton_filled:before {content: "\e633"} .icon-delete:before {content: "\e64a"} .icon-tableofcontents:before {content: "\e61e"} .icon-close2:before {content: "\e010"} .icon-hide:before {content: "\e011"} .icon-scribd_social:before {content: "\e620"} .icon-web_player_icons_pause:before {content: "\e65d"} .icon-web_player_icons_bookmark:before {content: "\e657"} .icon-track_fwd:before {content: "\e65b"} .icon-menuopen:before {content: "\e632"} .icon-menuclosed:before {content: "\e631"} .icon-activity:before {content: "\e020"} .icon-facebook2:before {content: "\e643"} .icon-embed:before {content: "\e641"} .icon-web_player_icons_volume_3:before {content: "\e665"} .icon-browse_browse:before {content: "\e653"} .icon-globalnav_browse:before {content: "\e65e"} .icon-fullscreen_collapse:before {content: "\e905"} .icon-warn:before {content: "\e00b"} .icon-track_back:before {content: "\e65a"} .icon-plus:before {content: "\e00e"} .icon-radiobutton_empty:before {content: "\e647"} .icon-note:before {content: "\e64d"} .icon-add_note:before {content: "\e648"} .icon-highlight_small:before {content: "\e650"} .icon-note_small:before {content: "\e64e"} .icon-volume_3:before {content: "\e65c"} .icon-bookmark_small:before {content: "\e64f"} .icon-print:before {content: "\e907"} .icon-globalnav_upload:before {content: "\e661"} .icon-globalnav_search:before {content: "\e660"} .icon-priv1:before {content: "\e004"} .icon-download-button:before {content: "\e63f"} .icon-menusearch:before {content: "\e000"} .

icon-public:before {content: "\e625"} .icon-rightarrow:before {content: "\e61f"} .icon-collections:before {content: "\e62f"} .icon-quote_start:before {content: "\e614"} .icon-feature:before {content: "\e015"} ..icon-font:before {content: "\e01b"} .icon-android:before {content: "\e60b"} .icon-edit:before {content: "\e016"} .icon-feature_outline:before {content: "\e67c"} .icon-leftarrow:before {content: "\e624"} .icon-caret:before {content: "\e60d"} .icon-blog:before {content: "\e60a"} .icon-add:before {content: "\e62d"} .icon-book2:before {content: "\e00a"} .icon-scrolldown:before {content: "\e600"} .icon-down_arrow:before {content: "\e610"} .icon-share2:before {content: "\e005"} .icon-star:before {content: "\e607"} .icon-edit_pencil:before {content: "\e611"} .icon-vertical:before {content: "\e628"} .icon-feature_half:before {content: "\e909"} .icon-close:before {content: "\e623"} .icon-close3:before {content: "\e612"} .icon-checkmark:before {content: "\e622"} .icon-priv3:before {content: "\e008"} .icon-heart:before {content: "\e606"} .icon-nightmode:before {content: "\e62b"} .icon-search:before {content: "\e630"} .icon-gift:before {content: "\e605"} .icon-thumbsup:before {content: "\e619"} .icon-upload:before {content: "\e604"} .icon-badge:before {content: "\e009"} .icon-private:before {content: "\e626"} .icon-tablet:before {content: "\e616"} .icon-writereview:before {content: "\e62c"} .icon-quote_end:before {content: "\e615"} .icon-books:before {content: "\e017"} .icon-laptop:before {content: "\e618"} .icon-pinterest2:before {content: "\e61b"} .icon-daymode:before {content: "\e629"} .icon-bookmark:before {content: "\e62e"} .icon-collections2:before {content: "\e013"} .icon-share:before {content: "\e61d"} .icon-close_small:before {content: "\e01d"} .icon-search22:before {content: "\e601"} .icon-close22:before {content: "\e01e"} .icon-phone:before {content: "\e617"} .icon-open:before {content: "\e613"} .icon-thumbsdown:before {content: "\e602"} .icon-caret_left:before {content: "\e60f"} .icon-facebook:before {content: "\e603"} .icon-horizontal:before {content: "\e627"} .icon-like:before {content: "\e01c"} .icon-sepiamode:before {content: "\e62a"} .icon-priv2:before {content: "\e007"} .icon-apple:before {content: "\e60c"} .

icon-checkedbox:before {content: "\e637"} . 0. font-weight: bold. 0. z-index: 9999999999 ! important. 0.introjs-button.introjs-overlay {position: absolute. text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px rgba(0. ellipse cover. font-size: 13px. background: -webkit-gradient(radial. top: -16px. background-color: rgba(255. 0. text-transform: uppercase} .introjs-scribd-title .introjs-scribd-image {margin: 18px 18px 0 18px.icon-bookmark2:before {content: "\e63a"} . transition: all 0. 0.1s ease-out} .introjs-relativePosition {position: relative} . -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform. rgba(0. color: white} . transition: opacity 0.icon-ic_play_bookpage:before {content: "\e669"} .icon-checkmark2:before {content: "\e636"} .4)).icon-contents:before {content: "\e639"} .introjs-disabled.6s ease-out. color-stop(0%. 0. display: inline-block} .introjs-close:hover {color: #6AC6E2} . rgba(0.icon-back:before {content: "\e63b"} .introjs-nextbutton {display: none} . 0.introjs-skipbutton. 255. 0.gradient(startColorstr='#66000000'. font-size: 14px} .4). 0.icon-zoom-in-default:before {content: "\e66f"} .endColorstr='#e6000000' .4) 0.icon-emptybox:before {content: "\e638"} . font-size: 16px.pre_title {font-size: 13px. padding: 18px 40px 18px 18px} . rgba(0. text-transform: uppercase} . background: #ff3019. 100%. 0px. 0. background: -webkit-radialgradient(center.3s ease-out} . 0. display: none} .Microsoft. rgba(0. color: white. transition: all 0. 0.6s ease-out} .3s ease-out. border-radius: 4px.6s ease-out} . color: white. filter: progid:DXImageTransform. color: white. 0. z-index: 999999. background: radialgradient(center. border: 1px solid #777777. padding: 2px. max-width: 344px. 0. 0.GradientType=1). color: #444.introjs-helperNumberLayer {position: absolute. 0. 0. rgba(0.9))). opacity: 1 !important} .Microsoft. 0.flat_btn {margin-left: 0.introjs-skipbutton {font-size: 14px. opacity: 0.icon-add2:before {content: "\e63c"} .css @ 1455919650 */ /* Scribds custom css */ . background-color: #000.icon-typedisplay:before {content: "\e635"} .2). -webkit-transition: opacity 0. 0. -webkit-transition: all 0.icon-zoom-out-default:before {content: "\e670"} /* public/stylesheets/introjs.icon-undo:before {content: "\e63d"} . 0.icon-about-the-book:before {content: "\e64c"} . z-index: 9999998. 0.flat_btn:hover {background-color: #6ac6e2} .icon-grid:before {content: "\e634"} . /* Old browsers */ background: -webkit-linear-gradient(top. #cf0404 . 0. 255. center center.9) 100%). margin: 16px 18px 18px 18px.introjs-helperLayer {position: absolute. backgroundcolor: rgba(255. min-height: 119px.introjs-close {position: absolute.5).Alpha(Opacity=50)". 0.introjs-tooltiptext {text-align: left. 0.9) 100%). filter: alpha(opacity=50). transition: all 0. right: 18px. text-align: center. 255. background-color: #FFF. border: 1px solid rgba(0.introjs-skipbutton. box-shadow: 0 2px 15px rgba(0.enable {display: block} . position: absolute. top: 24px. center center. margin-left: 20px.flat_btn {background-color: #1B7BBB. cursor: pointer} . rgba(0. left: -16px. -webkit-transition: all 0. color: #999. color-stop(100%. 255.9). 0.introjs-button. 0.introjs-scribd-title div {font-weight: 100.4) 0.introjs-showElement {z-index: 9999999 !important} . 0. min-width: 317px. tahoma. background: #1B7BBB.introjs-fixParent {z-index: auto !important..introjs-blockerLayer. verdana.6s easeout. font-size: 20px.introjs-prevbutton {display: none} .1s ease-out.3). #ff3019 0%. z-index: 99999999. -webkit-transition: all 0.introjs-scribd-title {text-align: left.flat_btn:hover {background-color: #6ac6e2} . ellipse cover. font-family: Arial. 0. 0.introjs-blockerLayer {display: none.

bottom: 0.paddle_sprite.paddle .paddle . border-left-color: #1B7BBB} . width: 0. border-bottom-color: #1B7BBB.4).right {right: -10px.ie6 .ie8 .introjs-arrow.. .ie7 . */ background-color: white.3} .paddle_sprite. border-top-color: #1B7BBB. min-width: 280px.paddle {opacity: 0. right: 0. margin: 0 2px} .ie6 .introjs-bullets ul li {list-style: none. color-stop(100%.-ms-user-select: none.paddle {background: #999} . -webkit-transition: all 0. /* Chrome10+.has_paddles . left bottom.ie7 .paddle_sprite {opacity: 0} . background-image: none. opacity: 0. background-color: #f4f4f4. /* IE6-9 */ filter: progid:DXImageTransform.introjs-arrow.has_paddles. border-top-color: transparent. . border-right-color: transparent.Safari5.ie7 .has_paddles .3} .user-select: none.1s ease-out. float: left.paddle_sprite. .introjs-bullets {text-align: center. box-shadow: none. 0. border-bottom-color: transparent.Safari4+ */ /* FF3. max-width: 380px.paddle_sprite.100%). top: 10px. border-right-color: transparent.introjs-arrow {border: 5px solid #1b7bbb.introjs-bullets ul li a:hover {background: #999} .. 0. . -webkit-border-radius: 10px.paddle_sprite.ie6 . ..Shadow(direction=135.has_paddles . 0. position: fixed. cursor: pointer.has_paddles:hover . .left {left: -10px. /* IE10 text shadows */ box-shadow: 0 2px 5px rgba(0.ie8 .Microsoft. .paddle_sprite. . @ (none) */ /* :files.ui_visible .paddle_sprite {opacity: 1} .introjs-tooltip {position: absolute.ie6 . position: absolute} . border-bottom-color: transparent.paddle_sprite. top: 100px.paddle:hover . width: 6px. left: 50%.49804). border: 3px solid white. left: 0. transition: all 0. border-top-color: transparent.introjs-arrow. border-radius: 50%.css @ 1455919598 */ .1+ */ background: -webkit-gradient(linear. filter: progid:DXImageTransform.has_paddles:hover . left: 10px.introjs-disabled:hover. top: 10px. box-shadow: 0 1px 10px rgba(0.bottom {bottom: -10px. z-index: 3.25s ease-in-out.4)} .paddle_sprite.paddle . border-right-color: #1B7BBB. top: 50%} /* :files. transition: opacity 0. 0.1s ease-out} . height: 32px} . . border-left-color: transparent} .paddle_sprite.introjs-bullets ul li a {display: block. . -moz-border-radius: 10px. border-bottom-color: transparent. 0. 'app/views'. content: ''.has_paddles . . text-decoration: none} . height: 30px.ui_visible .6+ */ /* IE10+ */ /* Opera {top: -10px.introjs-tooltip.paddle:hover .paddle .has_paddles.ie8 . #ff3019). 0.paddle:hover .paddle . @ 1455919598 */ /* app/views/shared/carousels/paddles. -webkittransition: opacity 0. colorstop(0%. /* Chrome.has_paddles.paddle {-webkit-user-select: none. #cf0404 100%). border-top-color: transparent. color=ff0000).introjsFloatingElement {position: absolute. strength=2.Microsoft.ie8 .ie7 .has_paddles:hover . . border-color: #d4d4d4. text-decoration: none} .introjs-bullets ul li a.-moz-user-select: none.has_paddles.paddle . #cf0404)).introjs-bullets ul {clear: both.has_paddles .has_paddles:hover .25s ease-in-out} . position: absolute. GradientType=0).paddle_sprite. background: #ccc. border-radius: 10px.paddle_sprite {opacity: 0. left: 10px. top: 0.10+ */ background: linear-gradient(to bottom..paddle_sprite.paddle .introjs-arrow.ie8 . background: rgba(0.paddle .paddle_sprite {opacity: 1} .paddle . border-left-color: transparent} .paddle .has_paddles .ie7 .ui_visible .gradient(startColorstr='#ff3019'. height: 0. endColorstr='#cf0404'.introjs-disabled. /* padding: 10px.paddle .ie6 . #ff3019 0%. display: inline-block.introjs-tooltipbuttons {text-align: center} . . border-right-color: transparent. . border-left-color: transparent} . 'public/stylesheets/shared'. /* Non petunia color? */ } . . height: 20px. left top. . margin: 13px 0} . cursor: default.has_paddles .ui_visible . 0.lightbox_overlay {z-index: 2999.has_paddles:hover .introjs-disabled:focus {color: #9a9a9a.has_paddles:hover . width: 17px.introjs-custom_spacing {top: 15px} .paddle {opacity: 1} . /* W3C */ width: 20px. line-height: 20px. padding: 0. height: 6px. border-radius: 3px. 0.has_paddles:hover . 0.has_paddles:hover .

/* Non petunia color? */ } @-webkit-keyframes popin {0% {opacity: 0.3). transform: scale(1)} } . top: {display: none} .png?1455919650') right center no-repeat} .page_left {left: 0.has_paddles . position: fixed.scribdassets.3)} 100% {opacity: 1.page_left {display: none} . -webkit-transform: scale(0.has_paddles.png?1455919650') left center no-repeat} . left: 0.8).on_first_page .has_paddles . 0.. 0. background: rgba(0. transform: scale(1)} } @keyframes popin {0% {opacity: 0.8).49804).scribdassets. -webkit-transform: scale(1).3)} 100% {opacity: 1.has_paddles.paddle {top: 80px} /* app/views/shared/carousels/document_cell.css @ 1455919598 */ . background: url('https://s2f.page_right {right: 0.on_last_page . -webkit-transform: scale(1).3). bottom: 0.smaller_doc_thumb_width . -webkit-transform: scale(0. background: url('https://s1f. right: 0.transform: scale(1.8)} 75% {-webkit-transform: scale(1.transform: scale(1. 0. transform: scale(0.paddle:hover {opacity: 1} .lightbox_overlay {z-index: 2999.has_paddles:hover .8)} 75% {-webkit-transform: scale( transform: scale(0.