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Assignment No.


An elbow type draft tube has circular section of 1.5 m2 at the top and a rectangular cross section of
12.5 m2 at the exit section. The turbine is set at a height of 2.0 m above the tailrace level. If the velocity at
inlet to the draft tube is 12.0 m/s. Estimate, (i) negative pressure head at the inlet to the draft tube, (ii)
power thrown away into tailrace and (iii) Efficiency of the draft tube. Assume frictional losses in the draft
tube to be 15% of the inlet velocity head. [Ans: 2.168 m (abs), 18.68 kW, 83%]
A straight conical draft tube attached to a Francis turbine has an inlet of diameter 3 m and its outlet
area is 20 m2. The velocity of water at inlet 5 m/s. The inlet is set 5 m above to tail race level. Assuming the
loss of head in the draft tube equals to half of velocity head at its outlet. Determine: (i) pressure head at the
top of the draft tube, (ii) the total head at the top of tail race level as datum, (iii) power of water at outlet of
runner, (iv) power of water at end of the draft tube and (iv) the power lost in the draft tube. [Ans: - 6.03 m,
0.23 m, 82.75 kW, 55.15 kW, 27.59 kW]
A Pelton wheel is working under a gross head of 400 m. The water is supplied through penstock of
a diameter 1 m and length 4 km from reservoir to the Pelton wheel. The co-efficient of friction for penstock
is given as 0.008. The jet of water of diameter 150 mm strikes the bucket of the wheel and gets deflected
through an angle of 1650. The relative velocity at outlet is reduced by 15% due to friction between inside
surface of the bucket and water. If the velocity of buckets is 0.45 times jet velocity at inlet and mechanical
efficiency is 85%. Determine: (i) Power given the runner, (ii) Shaft Power and (iii) Hydraulic efficiency and
overall efficiency. [Ans: 5033.54 kW, 4278.5 kW, 90.14%]
The water available for a Pelton wheel is 4 cumec and total head from the reservoir to the nozzle is
250 m. The turbine has two runners with two jets per runner. All the four jets have same diameters. The
pipe line is 3000 m long. The efficiency of power transmission through the pipe line and nozzle is 91% and
efficiency of each runner is 90%. The velocity of co-efficient of friction ‘4f’ for the pipe is 0.0045. Determine:
(i) The power developed by the runner, (ii) The diameter of the jet and (iii) The diameter of Pipe line. [Ans:
7637.8 kW, 0.14 m, 0.955 m]
In tidal power plant, an axial flow turbine operates a 5 MW generator at 150 rpm under a head of
5.5 m. The generator efficiency is 93% and the overall efficiency of the turbine is 88%. The tip diameter of
the runner is 4.5 m and hub diameter is 2 m. Assuming hydraulic efficiency of 94% and no exit whirl.
Determine runner vane angle at inlet and exit at the mean diameter of the vanes. [Ans: 20.65o, 19.16o]
A Kaplan turbine working under a head of 25 m develops 16000 kW shaft power. The outer
diameter of the runner is 4 m and hub diameter is 2 m. The guide blade angle is 350. The hydraulic and
overall efficiency are 90% and 85%, respectively. If the velocity of whirl is zero at outlet. Determine runner
vane angles at inlet and outlet and speed of turbine. [Ans: 350 27’, 880 36’, 9.236]

(ii) power generated and (iii) type of turbine. If the runner blade angle at inlet is radial. [219. If the efficiency is 90%.62 rpm]. The discharge is 10 m 3/s.8 A Pelton wheel turbine develops 8000 kW under a net head of 130 m at a speed of 200 rpm.7 kW. Determine: (i) Hydraulic efficiency of the turbine.9 rpm. 164.75 rpm] Q. (ii) Discharge through turbine. The axial flow area of water through runner is 25 m2. Francis] . The guide blade angle at inlet is 1450 and runner blade angle at outlet is 250 to the direction of vane. mechanical efficiency 75%. [Ans: 57.9 A turbine is to operate under a head of 30m at 300 rpm.75 m3/s. (iii) Power developed by the runner and (iv) Specific speed of the turbine. 2648.Q. Assuming the co-efficient of velocity for the nozzle is 0.98.218 m] The diameter and number of jets required [246.614 m3/s] The diameter of the wheel [2.4 m] Specific speed [40. hydraulic efficiency 87%. 6867 kW and 251. Determine: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) The discharge required [9.46 and jet diameter to wheel diameter ratio is 1/9.7 A propeller reaction turbine of runner diameter 4.5%. speed ratio is 0. Determine: (i) specific speed of machine.5 m is running at 40 rpm. Q.