Please contact me if you or parents have questions: Tara Short Assistant Director tara@wildstudies.

com 1-866-658-1119 office 715-252-1238 cell Thank you for choosing to participate in Wild Studies. Once you select a date I will provide you with Login information. From your Group Leader Account you will be able to access promotional materials, travel documents, and manage your account. This document is to give you a quick introduction to Wild Studies recruiting procedures and Group Leader incentives. Please contact me if you or parents have questions. I am available anytime and I will do my best to make your recruiting a success and your trip AMAZING. Be sure to stay in contact with me as your deposit date approaches. If you follow these instructions, you will successfully recruit your group.

Wild Studies Recruiting Timeline: Select your destination and your travel date. Sign on to your Group Leader Account, provide your contact information, and agree to our terms and conditions. Familiarize yourself with the online Teacher Toolkit Library. Start Promoting Collect the Participant Pre-Application. Do not skip this step. This is the first contract between
the parents and you. By returning the student application they are agreeing to go to register and pay on their scheduled payment dates.

On or before your scheduled deposit date: Your Students will log in at our website to register and pay their deposit. Subsequent payments will automatically be withdrawn from a credit
or debit card.

Supplemental information such as packing lists, college and high school credit, and travel information will be supplied to you via your Group Leader Account in the Teacher Toolkit Library.




Recruiting Checklist:
“Act like you know what you are talking about. Be confident in presenting this trip to students, parents and the community, even if you haven't yet been to the destination yourself. Don't make up answers, but convey a strong sense of confidence in the program and you will have a group assembled in no time at all. You have to be fully convinced first that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your students. It definitely is just that.” -Emily, Chicago Public School Teacher

Show the Program Video and/or colorful PowerPoint slides to as many classes/students as possible. Give the students and/or parents something to take home (details about your trip, dates for when they need to commit and the link to the website). The Student Pre-Application and other promotional material are included in this document. VERY IMPORTANT: Get a list of interested students and their parents’ names and contact information. Call the parents/guardians and invite the student on your trip. This is the most effective way to recruit students. Their kids won't necessarily be the ones who convince them that this trip is a good idea. Talk about college credit and the workbooks that the kids will do. It is a very experienced-based educational trip. The kids will not be overwhelmed with work, but with learn more in one week of travel than they do normally do in six classes. Be sure to invite the parent/guardians too. Parents are usually the first to express what a fun time they had and more often than not, participate in multiple adventures. Parent/Guardian tuition is the same as the student. Print the Wild Studies Posters in color and hang them around the school to catch the attention of students and parents. Be sure to write in your contact information. Create a buzz in your school about your travel plans. Interested participants will seek you out. Ask other teachers to spread the word about your trip and if you have a central announcement system (over the loud-speaker, the school website, email or newsletter) be sure to utilize that resource to advertise your trip. Give your information to schools in your area and invite anyone you think would want to participate in your trip. Friends and relatives are welcome! Offer scholarships. By going to parents in your community, local grant agencies, local chapters of service groups you will eventually put together enough money to offer a partial or full scholarship for one kid. Parents have offered to pay for a another student's trip or contribute an extra $50+ toward the scholarship. It never hurts to ask if anyone is interested in making that kind of donation. If you would prefer to spread the wealth, offer fundraising challenges and divide the funds among the kids who help out to decrease the costs of their individual trips. Have the kids write letters to potential donors about what they hope to get from the experience. Mention that they can ask relatives for trip-assistance money instead of gifts at the holidays. (Once you are certain you can pay for a partial or full scholarship, make sure that the students apply to you for that award. By answering a few questions or writing an original essay you will very easily identify scholarship candidates. You can also ask your administrators or counselors for help identifying need-based candidates.)


Participant Pre-Application
The Institute for Ecological Field Studies dba Wild Studies Governors Harbour Group Leader:_____________________ Eleuthera, Bahamas 242-332-3039 Bahamas 866-658-1119 USA Trip Date: ________/________/______

Student’s Name: Address: City: Parent/Guardian: Mobile#: Student’s Email: Parent’s Email: Please initial:


Student Sex: M or F Zip: Hm#: Best time to reach you: Wk#:

We understand that tuition is non-refundable and the cost of $1895 is not final until airline tickets are purchased in April or March. Airline surcharges beyond budgets prices will be added to the total cost and billed to the participant. We understand that a deposit of $100 is due by _______________________ to secure our place on the roster. We acknowledge that any accounts not paid in full by May 15th will be subject to a $150.00 late charge. Parent’s Signature: _______________________________________ Date:___________________________________

Student’s Signature________________________________________ Date: ___________________________________

1. Why do you want to participate in Wild Studies? Be specific. Describe what you want to learn and experience.

2. Write a paragraph to persuade your chaperone to choose you for Wild Studies based on your character. Can you be trusted by your parents, chaperone, and school to listen to and follow directions while traveling internationally and participating in activities which take place in an unpredictable environment? Are you friendly and easy to get along with? Are you the type of person that can live without cell phones, internet, MP3 players, and other media for one week? List anything else you think would help your chaperone learn why you should be chosen for this experience.


2008 Group Leader Payment Table:
Wild Studies will provide the Group Leader a free trip with 7 full paying students, a discounted cost for a small group, and cash incentives for adding more students to your group roster. Guests of the Group Leader are allowed on a space available basis. Wild Studies reserves the right to deny requests to bring a guest. A full paying group of 7 must be successfully recruited before guests can be considered.

Number of Students 1-3 4 5 6 7 Number of Students 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Group Leader Cost $700 $300 $200 $100 FREE TRIP!

OR -

Wild Studies Pays You N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Wild Studies Pays You 0 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700

Guest Cost $700 $600 $500 $400 $300 $200 $100 FREE TRIP!


The Group Leader's cost is determined by the amount of full paying participants he recruits. For example, a Group Leader who recruits 7 full paying participants for Bahamas Blue earns a free trip. If he recruits 9 full paying participants he can bring a Guest for $500 or earn $200 in cash. If he recruits only 4 paying students he needs only to pay $300 to fly and attend the program with his students.


Participant Payment Schedule:
Participants can secure their place on your Wild Studies group roster by submitting a $100 dollar deposit. Subsequent payments will be automatically deducted from a credit or debit card. Participants who sign up between May and July will have 10 months to pay their tuition, starting on August 15th. For sign ups in August and thereafter, see the chart for details on the installments. Participants must sign up with a credit or debit card on our secure site in order to receive the payment plan listed below. Participants will also have the option of interrupting recurring payments at any time to pay the balance in full. Participants unwilling to use a credit card may paying in full with certified check (no money orders or personal checks can be accepted). Please contact Wild Studies with special circumstances. Please note that tuition for Wild Studies is not final until airline tickets are purchased in March or April. If an airline surcharge is applied to the cost of the participant's ticket by the airline beyond our budget price, we must pass this onto the participant. If the participant is on an installment plan, the payment amount will be adjusted accordingly, or if she has paid in full, a balance will be due. Sign Up Month Deposit # of Installments Installment Begins Installment Amt May 2007 June 2007 July 2007 August 2007 September October November December January February March April May $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 10 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 August 15th August 15th August 15th September 15th October 15th November 15th December 15th January 15th February 15 March 15th April 15th May 15th N/A $179.50 $179.50 $179.50 $199.44 $224.37 $256.42 $299.17 $359 $448.75 $598.33 $897.50 $1795 $1795


Teacher Website Login Instructions:
This information will be given to you by Wild Studies. Teacher Number:______________ Teacher Password: ______________

Step 1: Collect Participant Pre-Applications
This is a very important step. Do NOT SKIP. Be sure students and parents understand that the Pre-Application is a contract between the Parent, Student, and Teacher. A student who turns the Pre-Application in to you should be committed to doing the program. Input students who are committed to paying. If one student pays, you are committed to participating and will have a financial obligation should you not recruit a full group. See the Group Leader Payment Table for more information.

Step 2: Register your students:
To give you control over which student signs up, you will need to add a student to your account by logging in. You DO NOT need to put in all of their information just first, last name and a password. I suggest you give the same password to all of your students. They will be able to change it when they log in for the first time. 1. Go to the Wild Studies website 2. Click on “Teacher/Student Sign In” 3. Click on “Teacher Sign In” 4. Type in Teacher Number and Password You’re Account: a. Check to make sure your name appears as it does on your passport. Name changes on airline tickets due to typos in your account will be at your expense. b. Click "add student” to enter student info. c. Click "update" d. On the left of your student's name is a number. Provide this number to your student.

Step 3: Give Registered Students a Login Number and Password. Use may want to use the
instruction cards provided in your Group Leader Account.

Step 4: Check Back Often.
From your account you can update information, pay fees, check in on student registration, payments, and print documentation.

Deleting Students:
You can delete students from you account as long as the student has not submitted a deposit. To delete the student, click on their name from your account. At the bottom of the page click “delete”. From your account, you can also change student passwords or reset students’ form fields.


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