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January I, 1929


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What He Is
Relationship to His Anointed
Power and Glory







Rejoicing all the Lord's Side
"The Joy of Jehovah"

From a La,vyer ..


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Shepherd's Bag'








"1 will stantl upon my watoh ana 10m set my foot
upon the Tower, and will watch to sep, 10hat He 1cill

Upon the earth distress of nations. with perplexity; the sea and the waves [the restless, discontemed] roaring; men's hearts failing them
for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.••• When these
things begin to come to pass, then know that the Kingdom of God is a1 hand. Look up, and lift up ;your heads; fOl: ;fOur ;redemption
draweth nigh.-Luke 21: 25-31; Matthew ;.14: 33. ;Mark 13: 29.

HIS journal is pUblished by the WATCH TOWEB BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY ,for the purpose
of aiding the people to understand the divine plan. It provides systematic Bible stUdy in
which all its readers may regularly engage. It gives Rnnoun~ement of the vlslts made to
nible classes by traveling speakers, announces conventions, and gives reports thereof. It an·
nounces radio programs and publishes suitable Bible instruction for broadcasting.
It adheres strictly to the Bible as God's revealed Word of Truth. It stands firmly upon the
great ransom sacrifice as the fundamental doctrine by which all doctrines are measured. It is
free from parties, sects and creeds of men. It does not assume a dogmatic attitude, but confi·
dently invites a careful examination of its utterances in the light of the infallible Word of God.
It does not indulge in controversies, and its columns are not open to personalities.


THAT JEHOVAH is the only true God, the Maker of
heaven and earth, and is from everlasting to everlasting;
that the Logos was the beginning of his creation; that the
Logos became a man; that he is now the Lord Jesus Christ
In glory, clothed with all power in heaven and earth.
THAT GOD created the earth for man, created perfect
man for the earth and placed him upon it; that man wilfully disobeyed God's law and was sentenced to death; that
by reason of Adam's wrongful act all men are born sinners
and without the right to life.
THAT JESUS was made a human being in order that he
might become the Redeemer of man; that he gave his life
a sacrifice for man and thereby produced the ransom price;
that Jesus the divine arose from the dead, ascended into
heaven, and presented the value of his human sacrifice as
the redemptive price for man.



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Second Class Mail Matter at Brooklyn, N. Y. Postof/lce.
Act 0/ March 3, 1879.

January 1 to 20, inclusive, is set aside for a spechl
campaign of the booklet, The Peoples Friend. It is thought
best to put out the booklet in this way and that, immediately following", everybody will specially stress the sale of
bound volumes and combinations. The same territory can·
Yassed for the booklets will be fertile for the books.
We are printing" a calendar for the coming year which
we feel sure will please all the friends. It is in four separate
parts, one for each season of the year. On each part appears
the Year Text for 1929, and a beautiful pastoral scene in
four colors appropriate to that particular season. In lots
of fifty or more, to one address, 25c each; single copies,
SOc each.

THAT for many centuries God, through Christ, has been
selecting from amongst men the members of his church,
which constitutes the body of Christ; that the mission of
the church is to follow in the footsteps of her Lord Christ
Jesus, grow in his likeness, give testimony to the name and
plan of Jehovah God, and ultimately be glorified with
Christ Jesus in his heavenly kingdom; that Christ, Head
and body, constitutes the "seed of Abraham" through which
all the families of the earth shall be blessed.
THAT THE WORLD HAS ENDED; that the Lord JesU!1
has returned and is now present; that Jehovah has placed
Christ Jesus upon his throne and now commands all nations
and peoples to hear and obey him.
THAT THE HOPE of the peoples of earth is restoration
to human perfection during the reign of Christ; that the
reign of Christ will afford opportunity to every man to
have a fair trial for life and those who obey will live on
earth for ever in a state of happiness.
FOREIGN OFFICES: British: 34 Craven Terrace, London, W. 2,
England; CanadiaM: 40 Irwin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario; Australasian: 405 Collins St., Melbourne, Australia; South African:
6 Lelia St., Cape Town, South Africa. Please address the SOCIETY
in every case.

Readers of The lV atch Tower will be pleased to know
that on Sunday morning, November 18, a regular chain
broadcast was begun over a network of twelve stations. The
WATCHTOWER program originates with WEER and is
transmitted by wire to the other stations. The program is
put on from 10 to 11 (Eastern Standard time) each Sunday
morning. It is hoped that within the near future a number
of other stations will be added to the chain.
In the Lord's providence this will furnish a better means
of giving the witness to the Truth than we have heretofore
enjoyed. It will enable the brethren in a goodly portion of
the eastern part of the United States to have this program
every Sunday morning. Each local class should call the at·
tention of the people to these programs and ask them to
tune in. The stations are:

New York
New York
Portland, Me. .
Providence, R. I
PougIrkeepsie, N. Y
Syracuse, N. Y
Paterson, N. J
Scranton, Pa
Pittsburgh, Pa
Cleveland, Ohio
Washington, D. C
Washington. D. C
Norfolk. Va
Charlotte, N. C

,Kc 1300



This method of broadcasting the Truth is quite expensive,
but we have full confidence that the Lord will provide the
ways and means.
It would be well for the classes to distribute the Society'S
new "Radio Slip" while canvassing. 'Ve can print these
for any class at $1.50 per thousand. This slip, similar to
our question slip, lists the chain stations and at tllP sallie
time invites all to listen In and read the books. These are
not charged to class accounts.





J ANUABY 1, 1929

Ro. 1

"[ will sing unto the Lord as long as [ live; I will sing praise to my God while I have my being."-Psalm
104: 33.


EHOVAH is the only true and Almighty God.
There is none other. Every creature has his
god, but only a few men know the true God.
Jehovah is worthy of praise sung by every thing that
has breath. The time will come when every thing
will jOJ'fully praise his name. None other will enjoy everlasting existence.
2 The chief opponent of Jehovah is Satan.
AIthough the honored son of the Most High, Lucifer
sought praise of others rather than the approval of
his Maker. Ambition to be like the Most High was
the inducing cause for his rebellion, resulting in his
debasement which is indicated by his names, Dragon,
Serpent, Satan and Devil. Unhindered in his ambitious and wrongful course, he became the invisible ruler of the evil world. His example, influence
and power have led countless numbers into the way
of pride, which way leads them on to destruction.
3 The chief objective of Satan has been to receive
praise and worship from men. To accomplish his
end he has promulgated and carried into action many
seductive and fraudulent schemes. Prominent among
those schemes has been the one inducing men hypocritically to call themselves by the name of the true
God. The course of action of such has brought the
name of the true God into bad repute. By the practice of fraud, deceit and hypocrisy Satan has caused
multitudes to turn away from Jehovah. True, the
Almighty God could have prevented Satan's fraudulent schemes from being carried out, but his perfect
wisdom caused the Almighty God to refrain from interfering until the proper time.
4 The Most High has permitted man to follow his
own devices, and most men have followed those
things which are not convenient for them. Their
course of action has been in the way of degradation
and not in the way of righteousness. Experience is
the best teacher. To be sure, the Most High knew
that from the beginning. He has permitted man to
have a long experience. By experience men will in
due time learn the much needed lesson; and only
those who learn and heed will receive everlasting

life. As to those who do not learn, their enll will be
~ Many men worship inanimate objects. Others
worship men, money or power; while many others
directly worship the Devil. The only true worship
is the worship of Jehovah God and his beloved Son,
Christ Jesus. All other worship is devilish. Bein~
unable to induce all men to worship himself Satan
has caused great numbers to worship anything that
would turn them away from the true God. This he
has accomplished chiefly by blinding men to and concerning the truth. (2 Cor. 4: 3, 4) The principal class
used to accomplish that wicked end has bren and is
the clergy. Posing before the people as representatives of the true God, the clergymen have easily led
millions into the way of worshiping the Devil.
6 Satan's purpose in inducing the worship of false
gods by those who have called themselves by the
name of the true God has been and is to bring reproach upon Jehovah God's name. That practice he
began in the early days of man. (Gen. 4: 26) He
has kept up that practice, and in this day hypocrisy
has reached a climax. No other class of men on earth
have brought so much reproach upon the name of J ehovah God as the clergymen of the various religious systems.
7 God sent his prophets into the world to bear
witness of his goodness and to warn the people concerning the calamities that would result to them
by reason of their practising evil. Because those
faithful men bore witness to the name of the true
God they suffered all manner of persecution at the
hands of Satan's agents. They were scourged, imprisoned, stoned, sawn asunder, and slain with the
sword. Amidst all such persecution they remained
true and faithful to Jehovah. The world was not
worthy of those men and they were no part of Satan's
evil world. They were martyrs to the cause of righteousness.
8 Then Jehovah sent his beloved Son into the world
to bear witness concerning the truth and to turn the
minds of the people to the true God. (John 18: 37)




A few of the common people heard him gladly for a
time, but even then many of such turned away from
Jesus, the great Ambassador of the true God, because of the influence exercised by the clergy of that
time. He was subjected to all manner of persecution,
being charged with almost every crime known to the
calendar; yet he was pure, holy, harmless and without
sin. The reproaches that had fallen upon Jehovah
now fell upon his beloved Son. (Ps. 69: 9) Satan,
the false god, induced his sons, the clergy, to spill
the blood of the righteous One. (John 8: 42-45)
They obeyed the order of their father the Devil, and
Jesus died the most ignominious death.
9 Jesus emphasized the fact that Jehovah would in
his due time establish a righteous government among
mrn and that he would destroy the rule of Satan and
all false gods. Many years must elapse before that
due time would arrive. When Jesus ascended into
heaven God said to him: I ' Sit thou at my right hand,
until I make thine enemies thy footstool." (Ps. 110: 1)
He must wait until God's due time would come.
In the interim, however, Jehovah has caused the good
news of redemption by the blood of Jesus Christ and
of the establishment of his government of righteousness to be preached to the world. Manifestly God's
purpose has been to afford an opportunity to those
willingly obedient to his Word to prove themselves
as his faithful representatives in the world. These
faithful ones have been no part of the world, even as
Jesus was not of the world, but they have been in the
world and have borne testimony to the name of the
true God. '1'0 the faithful ones God has offered the
opportunity to be made conformable to the death
of Jesus Christ and also to partake of his glorious
resurrection.-Col. 1: 24; Phil. 3: 8-11.
10 The honor and glory of these faithful ones is
not essential to God's plan, but it is a great favor
conferred upon them and an acknowledgment of
their faithfulness. (Rev. 2: 10) The real purpose
in taking them out from the world and making of
them a separate and peculiar and holy people is, as
stated by the apostle, that" ye should show forth the
praises of him who hath called you out of darkness
into his marvellous light". (1 Pet. 2: 9) They could
not show forth his praises unless they would in truth
and from the heart perform that which is spoken by
the psalmist in the text first above mentioned.
11 During the period of the selection of the church
of God, Satan has organized a false and fraudulent
system of religion and caused the various branches
thereof to take the name of Jesus and Jehovah God.
In these institutions he has installed false teachers
who have substituted Satan's lie for God's Word of
truth. The false teachers have caused the people to
draw near unto God with their mouths in a formalistic worship, while their heart's devotion is and has
been far from him. (Isa. 29: 13) In these systems
there have been many, both of the teachers and of the


followers, who have been deceived by the enemy; but
now in this present day the teachers have openly repudiated Jehovah God and his Word and are entirely blind to the truth. The IJord even speaks of them
as blind and as dumb dogs. (Isa. 56: 10, 11) Filled
with pride, lovers of self, those among them who
have made a covenant with God have broken it. They
are traitors to God and to his kingdom of heaven,
even as their father Satan is a traitor. They have a
form of godliness but deny the power thereof. As
the sorcerers and philosophers of Egypt resisted
Moses, even so their counterpart, the clergy of the
present day, resist the truth. Concerning them the
Lord's Word says: "But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men."
-2 '1'im. 3: 1-9.
12 When the words of the apostle last above quoted
are fulfilled it means a time of great crisis. That
time has now approached. Jehovah has been longsuffering, and now his time to act is due. The great
issue that is now before the peoples of earth is, Who
is God, who shall rule the world Y That issue will be
decided in favor of Jehovah God because he is the
great King of ctcrnity.-Jer. 10: 10, margin.
13 The Scriptures show that some will take the side
of Jehovah amidst great opposition while Satan the
false god will gather his own unto himself for the final decision. Already the company of God's anointed
in convention assembled has thrown down the gauntlet to the Devil and to his adherents by declaring
against the Devil and for Jehovah. It is a declaration
of war from which God's anointed will not retreat.
Foreknowing that this time of crisis would come,
Jehovah caused to be written for the anointed these
words: "I will sing praise to my God while I have
my being."
14 This is the text for the year 1929, and it is an
appropriate one. Each one of the anointed and faithful will take delight in it. These will meditate upon
the text and give diligence in seeking to conform
themselves thereto. They will be glad, as it is written: "My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be
glad in the Lord. "-Ps. 104: 34.

15 As the anointed have sweet meditations concerning their God they will call to mind some of the
reasons why they should sing his praises. It might
be well here to set down a few such reasons. The
reasons are too numerous to name them all. It is
God's will that we should not forget them all.
"Bless the Lord, 0 my soul, and forget not all his
benefits." (Ps. 103: 2) Jehovah is the great Benefactor of man, and that is especially true as to the
anointed. Long centuries ago Jehovah purposed to
have a company taken from amongst men and to


1. 1929



form it into the body of Christ. H~ then made the
rule that such company should be holy and without
blame before him in love. (Eph. 1: 4) That divine
rule does not say that the new creature, while on
earth, must be perfect in mind or organism, or perfect in words and acts, or even in thoughts. The
rule requires perfection in love, which means the unselfish and unalloyed devotion unto God. Being thus
perfect, such are blameless before God.
16 The imperfections of the anointed are made up
by the Lord Jesus Christ. Their imperfections are
covered. To the end that this favored company
might be selected, God provided redemption for them
through the blood of Jesus Christ. Extending his
grace toward such, he drew them unto himself by and
through Christ Jesus, gave them some knowledge of
his plan and purposes, justified them, and then
brought them forth as new creatures in Christ. He
anointed them and commissioned them to carry out
certain parts of his work which he has prescribed in
his Word for them to do. For the benefit of such he
sets down in his Word that which will be for their
aid and comfort and strengthening of their hope.Rom. 15:4.
17 To them he has said: "I will instruct thee, and
teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will
guide thee with mine eye." (Ps. 32: 8) The anointed ones appreciate the great favor bestowed upon
them and respond in the words of the psalmist:
"Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory." (Ps. 73: 24) There is no
other way for the Christian to be guided than by
the Word of God. His Word is food that is convenient for the anointed, which means that his Word
builds up the anointed into Christ. (Prov. 30: 8; Eph.
5: 1, 7) The building up into Christ means growing
in the likeness of the Lord Jesus, that is to say, in a
full and complete devotion to Jehovah God.

18God's children praise him for what he is. It is
from his Word that they learn of and concerning
God. They know that he is the Supreme One. He
is the Creator of heaven and earth and the Giver of
life to all. (Isa. 42: 5) There is no other god like
unto him. (Ps. 45: 5, 7) As a creature covers himself with garments, so the great Creator covers himself with light. "Who coverest thyself with light as
with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like
a curtam. "-Ps. 104: 2.
19 He is the Almighty God and his power knows no
limitation. (Gen. 17: 1) He is the Almighty God of
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and of the holy prophets.
He is the God and Father of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ. He is the Father of mercies and the
God of all comfort. When his indignation is expressed against the god of evil, nothing can successfully
resist him. It is his declared purpose to destroy the

evil one and his organization. "Therefore I will
shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of
her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and in
the day of his fierce anger." (Isa. 13: 13) Even now
he has shaken the heavens and has ousted Satan the
false god therefrom. His forces are gathering for
the great and final shaking of the earth. When he
thus exercises his irresistible power nothing shall
stand before him. There is no god like unto him.
20 He is the Almighty God of hosts, which means
that all opposition must fall before his advancing
army. When he goes into action even the head of
the enemy organization and all parts thereof shall
be broken. (Ps. 110: 6) "For, 10, he that formeth
the mountains, and createth the wind, and declareth
unto man what is his thought, that maketh the morning darkness, and treadeth upon the high places of
the earth, The Lord, The God of hosts, is his name. "
(Amos 4: 13) His greatness and his majesty can
not be compared with that of any creature.
21 He is the great Jehovah who knew and formulat.
ed his purposes from the beginning. In perfect wisdom he made his plan, and there can be no successful hindrances to carrying out his purposes. One
of his great purposes is to establish a government
of righteousness on the earth. After affording his
creatures ample opportunity to feel the iron hand of
the cruel oppressor and to mark the oft-repeated
hypocritical plans for reform and relief, then he will
reveal to all his government which shall dash to
pieces all wickedness. In his government there shall
be no vacillating or uncertain policies. There will be
no oppressors, fraudulent politicians, or hypocritical teachers. His government must be righteous,
equitable, and true, and will claim and have the absolute confidence of all honest creatures. His zeal will
accomplish his purposes.-Isa. 9: 7.
22 He is the Most High God. (Ps. 91: 1) To those
who give their unqualified allegiance to him he is
complete and absolute security. He is a sanctuary
for those whom he has taken into a covenant with
him. "Thy way, 0 God, is in the sanctuary: who
is so great a God as our God?" (Ps. 77: 13) In his
due time all governments, powers and principalities
must be subject to him. He will exercise his unlimited power, not for selfishness, but for the good of
those who obey him.

23 It is Jehovah God's anointed ones that will now
sing his praises. Such have every reason for so doing. Because of their relationship the anointed will
praise God. He has adopted the anointed ones into
his family and made them members of Christ. (Rom.
8: 15) He has given to them his spirit and upon condition of continued faithfulness under affliction he
will make them joint-heirs with his beloved One. As
he revealed his purposes to Moses so now he reveals



to his anointed, his purposes of and concerning them.
There exists between him and his anointed that beautiful relationship of a loving father who always unselfishly cares for his own, and that of the son whose
privilege and duty it is to always be loyal and obedient and faithful to his father. That confidence and
love for the Father leads the son to always proclaim
the praises of his great Benefactor and Life-giver.
24 The child of God well knows that in this day he
is in constant danger of the enemy and that without
the protection furnished he could not stand. He
fully realizes that the agents of the enemy Satan are
seeking the destruction of the anointed. With confidenee the anointed look up to their Father and say:
"But thou, 0 Lord, art a shield for me; my glory,
and the lifter up of mine head." (Ps. 3: 3) 'I'hey
realize that Jehovah God is their Protector. They
have complete confidence that God will vindicate his
own name in his own due time and will deliver those
that love him. Being unselfishly devoted to the great
God, they can not keep back the song of praise to
him. Therefore the anointed say: "0 give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever. Let Israel now say, that his mercy
endureth for ever. Let the house of A.aron now say,
that his mercy endureth for ever. "-Ps. 118: 1-3.
25 The Israelites were instructed by the prophet to
pray to God: "Take away all iniquity, and receive us
graciously; so will we render the calves of our lips."
(Has. 14: 2) The child of God now realizes that he
must watch his way and walk circumspectly that he
may do that which is lawful and right in the sight
of his God. He prays that he may not be found lawless but that he may be found loyal and true and
faithful. Then with confidence he can ask that God
will graciously receive him. That relationship truly
existing, he will render unto his God the calves of
his lips. It is with the lips that we give praise.
Strength is in the calves of the legs. Therefore the
calves of the lips represent the strength of the lips.
This means that if the child of God has his Father's
approval he is under the robe of righteousness, has
on the wedding garments, has entered into the joy
of the I,ord, and is therefore giving the strength
of his song of praise unto his God.
26 For some time the Israelites, because of their unfaithfulness and disobedience, were without a vision
or understanding of God's will concerning them.
So it has been with Israel after the spirit. Those who
have not been diligent in obeying God's commandments have not seen the will of God as he has been
pleased to reveal it. For this reason they are not
graciously received by Jehovah. Having no vision or
understanding, they are going into darkness. It is
written: "Where there is no vision, the people perish." (Prov. 29: 18) No child of God now has any
good reason for being in darkness. The disobedient,
however. will not have a vision of the truth. Those


N. Y.

who decline to see the truth as God gives it to his
people must of necessity fall. Jehovah is causing his
lightnings to flash from the temple to those of the
temple class. The faithful are privileged to have a
vision of his purposes. It is no mirage that they now
see. They see the truth as God reveals it, and understand it and rejoice in increasing light and give to
God all the glory therefor.
27 On an occasion the Israelites were in the wilderness without water. They were in distress. God
caused Moses to smite the flint with his rod, and
water gushed forth abundantly; thus God manifested his presence. "Tremble, thou earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of
Jacob; which turned the rock into a standing water,
the flint into a fountain of waters." (Ps. 114: 7, 8)
God is now manifesting his presence in the wilderness of the world where there is great thirst for
truth. God has caused his truth to gush forth for the
benefit of those who are devoted to him. Seeing the
manifestation of his presence and his loving provision, the anointed sing forth his praises.
28 Some who claim to have given themselves to the
Lord God reproach their brethren for speaking in
strong terms against the hypocritical clergy. The
Scriptures make it clear that those men are the children of the Devil, who is God's enemy. The clergy
therefore are the enemies of God because they bring
reproach upon his name. God's enemies must be
made the enemies of his children. The true child of
God regards his Father's enemy as his own enemy.
Being wholly on the Lord's side, the true children
of God hate iniquity and the workers of iniquity and
those that speak against God. "Do not I hate them,
o Lord, that hate thee 1 and am not I grieved with
those that rise up against thee?" (Ps. 139:21) We
could not consistently sing the praises of our God and
at the same time even passively show favor or honor
to the enemy. Any reproach upon the name of our
Father is a dart of poison shot against us.
29 Concerning rebellion and favoring the enemy it
is written: "Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and
stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because
thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also
rejected thee from being king." (1 Sam. 15: 23)
Witchcraft is here mentioned that the church might
profit. Witchcraft means going to the enemy for
counsel; while rebellion means taking a course of
action against the will of God. Stubborness in accepting Jehovah's will is as reprehensible as idolatry because it is selfishly holding out against the will
of God. God is gracious to those who try to serve
him. He is now making the way plain to those who
desire to glorify his name. Such are not expecting
or desiring the approval of any of God's enemies.
They have taken their stand on the Lord's side and
they sing his praises. A.ny attempt therefore to make
peace with the clergy, who are the sons of Satan,

It was a manifestation of divine power. 28: 21. be God's witness and sing forth his praises. and therefore from heaven. 101: 1. 1929 'The WATCH TOW ER means to consort with the enemy and to practise witchcraft and rebellion. Knowing it he will do God's will to the best of his ability regardlQSs of what others might say or even think. 35 The "strange work" mentioned by the prophet must be something that God did not reveal to his prophets. The mercy and judgment of Jehovah are causes for praise. but God slew by far the greater number with the hailstones or chunks or ice which he threw down from heaven. 31 At the battle of Gibeon the Israelites slew some of the enemy by the sword. and take full control of earth's affairs. 38 At l\Iount Perazim David had defeated the Philistines and burned up their images. (Josh. even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the Lord. 33 f M The release and blessing of the people must be preceded by the expressing of God's wrath."Josh. It will be the wise man that will see the way of the r~ord and understand his loving-kindness. including the members of the church." (Ps." (Ps. It was local. and set the people free. It is written: "And there was no day like that before it. and will observe these things. Then he said: "And it shall be our righteousness. POWER AND GLORY The anointed appreciate more than others the great amount of oppression that has been put upon the peoples of earth by the false god Satan and his agencies. 107: 43) ThR wise man will not only see the truth as the lightnings of God flash. and bring to pass his act. 30 The wise man will diligently seek to know God's will concerning his people. They see also his judgment against those who repudiate his name after once being enlightened. True righteousness is having the approval of God which results to those who do the will of God out of a pure heart. They see that he will show mercy to the wicked and to the oppressed. because the prophet refers thereto. If he is found diligent in thus doing he will be found singing unto his God. will I sing. his strange work. "-Isa. "Whoso is wise. 6: 25) Righteousness means more than merely keeping the law. He must prove his devotion to God and obey his commandments out of a pure heart and by so doing receive the approval of the Lord. God heard and literally complied with that request. I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way." (Deut. his strange act. Knowing of his greatness and loving-kindness toward all. Joshua went to the rescue of Gibeon and fought the enemy with success. Joshua wanted the sun and the moon to stand still that he might see how to pursue the enemy and fight them. Manifestly it is God's work. 'Ve are warranted in assuming that the "strange work" of Jehovah is foreshadowed by what came to pass at Mount Perazim and in the valley of Gibeon. 36 Jehovah God gave the victory to Joshua. The Christian is not righteous merely because he has been brought into the family of God through Christ Jesus. that he may do his work. adorned with beauty and glQry. he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon. destroy the oppression. This suggests that it might not be out of' place for the remnant to pray the Lord to continue to enlighten them by his flashes of lightning and open the way for them to continue the fight until God's due time to finish the enemy. They experience the mercy he has shown to his anointed. His "strange work" therefore seems to be some exhibition by him of great and phenomenal power in the destruction of the enemy at the battle of Armageddon. that the Lord hearkened unto the voice of a man: for the Lord fought for Israel. As he pursued them "the Lord cast down great stones from heaven upon them" and slew the enemy. his sons of the temple class now delight to sing forth the praises to their God. if we observe to do all these commandments before the Lord our God. 0 Lord. They see also that shortly God's righteous government will come down out of heaven. need mercy at the hands of the great God. By faith they now see that the time is at hand when God will break the oppressor. 2) All men. 31 Jehovah gave Israel commandments at the hand of Moses. 32 l!'or the guidance of the church it is written: "I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee. to be sure.J'ANUARY 1. The important city ot Gibeon had made peace with Joshua. 0 when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart. 10: 14. The Philistines returned and spread themselves in the valley . Joshua represents the Lord's anointed. 10: 11) The occasion was a phenomenal one. or after it. His child· ren now see his judgment against those who have organized in opposition to his will. Now the day of Jehovah is at hand. Before peace settles down for ever on the earth and righteousness has full sway there is a strange work to be made manifest which is not yet disclosed. Because thereof the kings of five other cities united their forces to make battle against the city of Gibeon. We may therefore conclude that the battle of Armageddon is foreshadowed by the experiences of Joshua at Gibeon. and not a work that man will do. It is to be a fierce and terrible day. That means unfaithfulness to our God. as he hath commanded us. but with joy he will delight to do as he is directed by the truth. It was at that battle that Joshua prayed to God that the sun and the moon might stand still. but that in no wise interferes with its being typical or foreshadowing a manifestation of God's power world wide. Concerning that day it is written: "For the Lord shall rise up as in mount Perazim.

-Ps.' The Israelites replied: 'Ko. 5: 20-25) David did as he was commanded. Father there has been a longing in the mind and heart of his beloved Son to accomplish some specific work. became a man and died an ignominious death. Y. 89 The "strange work" mentioned by the Prophet Isaiah therefore seems to have reference to the exhibition of divine power against the enemy at Armageddon. Give ye ear. Jehovah told David to "fetch a compass behind them" and to come up from the rear. God raised him out of death and exalted him above all others in heaven and clothed him with great honor. David was anxious to attack the en· emy. Yet there was something that Jesus longed to see accomplished. He has always rejoiced in the love of the great God. Then adds the Prophet Isaiah: "Kow. He told David to wait for the attack until he heard a "sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees" and that then he should bestir himself. The example was set by the Israelites. If I do not remember thee. 25: 21) The joy of the Lord is the vindication of his Father's name. and to those whom he found faithfully caring for the interest of the great and righteous government that had been committed into their hands he said: "Enter thou into the joy of thy lord. It was the victory of Jehovah. lest your bands be made strong. . 6. But the remnant must and will sing to the glory of the Lord. 110: I. 40 The remnant will put forth its utmost effort to give the witness to the enemy of the Lord and many may scoff and call them foolish. this is our God. 44 There the battle began and the enemy Satan was expelled from heaven. if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.8 erheWATCH TOWER for another fight.Jord go out before thee. be ye not mockers. The Lord added: "For then shall the I." (Matt. therefore. Such has been the longing desire of Christ Jesus. to smite the host of the Philistines. but God determined otherwise. Never would it be possible for the anointed Christians on earth to bind the Devil and overthrow hid organization. La. 28 : 22. is that for which they have so long waited.' God's due time for action against the enemy came. " -Isa. and who apparently have lost that anointing. In substance they said to the Israelites: 'Forget your past and come and be one of us and let us be at peace. we have waited for him. 42 The anointed of God by faith now see that these blessed things must shortly come to pass. 2. we have waited for him. The Israelites were in Babylon. Jehovah God must and will do that. let my right hand forget her cunning. and he will save us: this is the Lord. and they will do it joyfully while God brings to pass his "strange act' '. The saints now see it and can not keep back the song of praise. and God caused the fact to be recorded that it might serve as a guide to his anointed now. then he said to his beloved Son: 'Go forth out of Zion with the rod of authority and rule in the midst of thine enemies. and hear my speech.' ' Ps. He is their God. 41 With the power of the enemy broken." (2 Sam. Sing your songs for us. He joyfully sings the praises of his Father and he calls upon every member of the temple class to do likewise. This act will seem strange to all the peoples of earth and to everyone except those who are in harmony with the Lord. 0 Jerusalem. Then Jesus came to his own to receive them and take them into the temple condition. N. until I make thine enemies dust under thy feet. 45 Those who have entered into the joy of the Lord are wholly and completely on his side. 137: 5. That he might see his Father's name magnified Jesus left the courts of heaven. we will not sing our songs for you. But since Lucifer cast great reproach and ignominy upon the great and good name of his BBOOXLl'K. '-Ps. 46 Even so now the Babylonish systems attempt to hinder the work of the Lord by various means. The examination of the anointed began. and that was the destruction of the en· emy and his organization and his Father's name placed in the proper position before all his creatures. He will finish it gloriously and to the glory of his Father. 29: 9. Concerning them it is written: " And it shall be said in that day. He has begun that work as his Father's executive officer. Many of the scoffers may include those who claim to be children of God. "-Isa. The people shall see the majesty and glory of God and will rejoice. we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation. and they sing unto him and to none other. 25: 9. 23. let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. and one method is to invite God's people to be at peace with them and to sing their songs for them. The true and faithful children of God will hear and heed and stand firm on Jehovah's side. They will then become aware of the truth that Jehovah is God and that his righteous government. and their hearts respond with gladness and in song unto him. hearken. His Father said to him: 'Sit thou at my right hand and await my due time. for I have heard from the Lord God of hosts a consumption. ~ Christ Jesus has always been the delight of his Father. the shackles will fall away from the arms of billions of earth's oppressed and they will go free and have an opportunity to hear and obey the true God. with Christ upon the throne. and hear my voice. Some who were once favored by being anointed by the Lord.' "If I forget thee. They see the stigma for ever removed from his holy name. even determined upon the whole earth. glory and power. They know it is their God and Father that will accomplish this great work. The Babylonians called upon them to sing a song of Zion. They refuse to sing any song that would be pleasin~ to the enemy or any part of the Babylonish organization.

they "to be a special people unto himself. ~ 18-22." Jehovah. 32. How did he become ruler? What has been his purpose. GOD'S RULE IN THE KINGDOM OF MEN "The Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men. 24. and what means has he employed to accomplish it? 'ro what haye his Influence and power led. and thy comapproval. they will see eye to eye. 48 Let the year 1929. be one of constant song arising from the lips be enjo. 26: 3) Songs of sion of evil and in his purposes with respect to all th~ contentment and joy and praise flow from their lips. If I do not continue faithful to ~ 12-14. and the blessings enjoyed by those who continue to show their They know they are safe from all evil. hear the Lord saying to them: "The Lord shall pre. sistent in singing God's praises: 'Why not be more What witness has been given throughout the Christian era 1 considerate with the clergy of Babylon Y Go easy For what purpose has the opportunity of testimony been afforded? Describe Satan's activities during the sams with them. 34. ing in. that is. find why has this been permitted? ~ 2-4. kings who wore crowns and diadems and the royal purple and who wielded the scepter over the nation and retained in their family the right of succession to the throne. The wise will take what stand with reference to the opinion -Ps. State the great issue now before the peoples of earth. Identify "the god of this world". obedient. comparing the position of the Israelites with that of spiritual Israel to show the only conllition on serve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. because they appreciation of that relationship. (c) for his wisdom manifested in the permisand are at rest and peace. What will be accomplished in Armageddon? How should ttl is vision affect those who now see it? ~ 41. and even for evermore. Describe God's acts of deliverance there. which the child of God may continne to enjoy his Father's The Lord shall preserve thy going out. Such kings came into vogue with the establishment of Babylon not very long after the great flood of Noah's day. Seeing the present situation. of the anointed to their God. and the position of favor therein enjoyed by the anointed. the great How do mercy and jUdgment come into con<:ideration as inviting praise to Jehovah? ~ 31. (Deut. Describe the relationship of Jehovah to his anointed.' on the anointed. the reason for his not having revealed the nature thereof? QUESTIONS FOR BEREAN STUDY \Vhat Is meant by the expression. and his Father's response thereto. in harmony with the year What is true righteousness. chose the children of Israel. To use the word in an accommodated meaning. 44. peace with them and sing your songs for them Y. 41 The faithful remnant class knows no such thing Show that Jehovah's children have reason to praise him as compromise with the enemy. 1929 Cfhe WATCH TOWER 9 speak in this manner to the anointed who are per.Apply Hosea 14: 2. from this time forth. Let no one of the anointed slack his hand. how will the faithful enter upon the new year of privilege and blessing? ~ 48.-r 23. 42. my God. (Isa. With a face of flint (a) for what he is. For what purpose did God use his prophets? How were the witnesses and their testimony rccciYed. On all occasions they bear witness to his holy name. In him they trust are his and ultimately to remove all opposition to his holy will. working salvation in the midst of the earth. Aceount for the diversity and the extent of false worship In the world. Show how the present situation was pictured In (a) the "vents that led to the battle of Gibeon. and he to be their loity Monarch. Why not be at period. of others? ~ 28-30. ~ 9-11. ~ 15-17. \Vhere will the remnant stand with respect to the systems of Babylon? ~ 45-47. You might help them. 4:32. What seems to be the and together they will lift up their voices in song "strange work" Jehovah will do in the 'near future.' responds the faithful anointed class. and why? ~ 8.J".unruy 1. and Why? ~ 7. 121: 7. What lesson for the remnant is found in these picturesl 11 35-40. then let my Mention some of the great "benefits" Jehovah has bestowed tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth." "The Lord is King for ever and ever: the heathen are perished out of his land. and sing his praises only. How are the clergy connected tlH'rewith. "Eyery creature has his god"? Who Is Jehovah? How important is it to know the true God? ~ 1. name. and giveth it to whomsoever he will. Quote our text for 1929. (c) David's experiences at Mount Perazim. above all people that are upon the face of the earth". at peace with each other.On what mission did Jehovah send his Son tnto the world? How was Jehovah's great Witness received. and to what degree are they blameworthy? ~ 5. Jehovah God is the great invisible King over his true people aecording to the Scriptures. and his pra~'er."-Dan. Let it be a year of the What is the vision of mankind's deliverance now seen by strongest witness yet given to his glory and to his God's anointed? 11 33. Describe Jesus' invariable devotion to his Father. " Justify the remnant's rebUking the clergy at this time. The poet-prophet says in the I Psalms (74: 12. 8. and on what condition may it text. 10: 16): "For God is my King of old. as reasons why they should sing his praises. (b) for his power to keep them that they are set on Jehovah's side. Distinguish between true worship find false. We 'No. 6. . and of joyful praise. Explain why 'the Babylonians' should ask that 'a song oj' Zion be sung unto them'. T was once popular to have human kings. ~ 25-27. '1 will sing see what two classes in formation as a result of the issue? What is the part of the remnant in this connection 1 praise to my God. What lesson lies therein as to the privilege and the hope of the anointed now on earth? ~ 43. 7: 6) He organized them into a nation when he made a covenant and gave them his laws through Moses at Mount . (b) Joshua's Continuing in harmony with Jehovah they will be circumstances in the valley of Gibeon.

It is also claimed that the Assyrians were likewise of Shemitic descent. (Isa. and that none of them will do aR a permanent arrangement here on earth. 1 Chron. because Israel descended from Shem. These long years have undeniably proven that the Gentile governments of the Devil's world organization are cruel. Grecia. from the River of Egypt to the great River Euphrates. 10: 10. who started replenishing the earth after the flood. In our day we have not alone the British empire. claim with some measure of proof that the British are really descendants of the so-called ten lost tribes of Israel and are therefore of Shemitic origin." Solomon's reign. the iniquity of the nation became such that the Lord God saw good to overturn the government of his chosen people six hundred years before the birth of the great King that was to come. 29: 23. who have always attempted to lord it over mankind as temporal rulers. The succeeding three world powers. 8: 9-12) Since the three great divisions of the human race have already failed. human family as descending from these three son:J has had opportunity to exercise world power. This he did to show both Jews anJ all mankind that not even a religious type of kingdom with mere human beings in the throne and in the priesthood could succeed in bringing everlasting life. Each of the three great branches of the BROOKLYN. (1 Sam. as far as properly ruling the carth is roncerned) we must. and the government and the nation were called "the kingdom of the Lord over Israel ". It represented an attempt at earthly rulership by the Shemitic branch of mankind. but it is said to be Aryan or Indo-European. after several rallies to recover in the days of such kings as Josiah and Hezekiah. D. 8: 7) The record is that "in those days there was no king in Israel. Israel. bec::use of his anointing through God's prophet or priest. In their very thoughts they rejected God as being king over them. 17: 6) Hence they came to God's prophet Samuel and said: "Set a king over us. "the Prince of Peace. 11) Hence the world dominions of Egypt. In a number of cases the Lord used this kingdom arrangement over Israel as a shadow or prophetic picture of the glorious government that he proposes to establish over mankind under his anointed King. The racial descent of the Persians is doubtful. with a membership of over fifty nations. namely. understand this League to be plaillly . Christ Jesus. neither the popes of Rome. The sacred Scriptures positively set forth that this "confedl'racy" of nations would fail and be broken to pieces. especially in the days of David and Solomon.10 'The WATCH 'TOWER Sinai. They all would stand for attempts at world dominion by the Japhetic division of the human family. and Babylonia was the next. The 2520 years of the "times of the Gentiles" began with the overturning of Jewish national independence and expired in 1914 A. in which case the Persian empire would represent Noah's son Japheth. and Britannia. 21: 24-27. nOl' the Protestant preachers. The Lord permitted the Jewish kingdom to run tv its logical limit. Note: The successive world powers that the Devil has raised up on earth are symbolically pictured in the book of Revelation (12: 3) as the seven crowned heads of the great red dragon which has always opposed the establishment of the kingdom of God. 10: 22. liberty and happiness to the people. 105:23. was called "the anointed of the Lord". Y. who are meddling in politics. but every man did that which was right in his own eyes". (Gell. Ham. was especially made a picture of this. was Egypt. or crowned head of the Devil's dragonish organization. 78:51. but also a new and more comprehensive arrangement known as the League of Nations. and gave them a king and a corresponding form of government.-Gen. The first world power. during the years of his faithfulness to the Ilord. namely. thinking that they could be happier. was not a part of Satan '8 world organization as pictured by the great red dragon." The Lord God yielded to their wilful request. 4: 20.-Lam. and it commanded the attention and respect of the heathen nations outside of its domain.-Ezek. and he was a grandson of Ham. Each has signally failed of establishing and running a satisfactory government over man. However. unsuccessful and unreformable. more contented and successful if they had a visible king over them. seem to have learned these lessons taught by the experience of Israel's kingdom and the kingdoms of the Gentile nations. British-Israelites. Rome. were of Aryan stock. Thereafter the kingdom began to decline and. N. (Judg. In course of time the Israelites became sadly tainted with "the pride of life" and desired to be conformed to "this world". The king. Christ Jesus. (Ps. The descendants of J apheth predominate in this League. but it once exercised great power.27) Assyria was the second world power. but consistent ·with his own relationship with them he placed no human ruler over them or in charge of them. as a kingdom. Assyria and Babylonia represented attempts at world rulership on the part of the Hamitic branch of the human race. Shem and Japheth were the three sons of Noah. The founder of Assyria and Babylonia was Nimrod. he was said to sit on "the throne of the Lord" as his representative. and consequently descended from Japheth. or Anglo-Israelites. It was called "the land of Ham". selfish. and it is already apparent that the League is a failure. It extended its territory out to the limits that God had ordained for it. which is the last and supreme attempt of Satan's earthly organization to rule the earth. 28: 5. and its influence was felt even in Satan's world.

and how David. which should be done in recent years preparatory to the exercise of Messiah's rule. would be king over them. After this the Christ. and Japhetic. (Isa. The highest theme of all of them was God's coming government. Babylon had a golden opportunity. And wheresoever the chilo dren of men dwell. foretold the final conflict between God's organization and the Devil's organization. power. not because he established these governments . and in them is pictured the triumph of God's devoted and faithful people in the kindom of the Lord. and hath made thee ruler of them all. 7.lANUAllY 1. God evidently delayed its rise to world vower as a universal empire until the . they refused to break off their sins by righteousness. 0 king. and though they might even increase in strength and political wisdom. God's beloved One. -Ps. the symbolic Sun of righteousness. would suddenly come to God's temple. He predicted the kingdom preparations which would be made on earth and that God's anointed King. 4: 27) In due time.-Hag. and glory. then. as God's mouthpiece. Although Jehovah God permitted his miniature kingdom over the J eW8 to be overthrown." Truly. The Prophet Isaiah shows that in that day Babylon was called "the glory of kingdoms" and "the lady of kingdoms". Zechariah. Shemitic. art a king of kings: for the God of heaven hath given thee a kingdom. '1'his was manifest in the dream that he sent to Nebuchadnezzar. These revelations of the divine will showed clearly that the Most High God had made allowance for the course of the Gentile nations from the time of the fall of Jerusalem in H06 B. will not result in a success. the Lord used Daniel to say this: "Thou.-Chapter 14. the Messenger or Executor of the covenant for mankind's blessing. 22. 2. hath he given into thine hand. the Christ. the beasts of the field. For the time being God allowed the Babylonish empire unlimited power in its efforts at world government. but because he purposed to make human affairs work out in line with his own good plans for the reign of Christ Jesus. Haggai. D. 2: 6. that is. Nehemiah and Ezra were great and godly statesmen in Israel and their works are recorded in the books bearing their names. down to the time of the establishment of the blessed kingdom of the Messiah. would arise in glory and power and would beam benignly upon the people with blessings and healing for all who turn to the Lord God in reverential fear. 110: 1. Then the wrath of God would smite Satan's hardened earthly organization and it would be destroyed in a consuming trouble likened unto fire. (Dan. preparatory to their coming under the rule of the Messiah. even if he has been cast out of his heavenly position since 1914 A. Tha fortunes of God's ancient people during the reign of Xerxes the Persian are described in the book of Esther. 10: 10). 21. and strength. (Dan. pictured by :Mount Zion. During the seventy years of the desolation of Jerusalem and also after the return of the Jews from Babylon to Palestine the Lord raised up a number of prophets to speak in his name. Though the Gentile kingdoms would persist through the many centuries down to that momentous time.or they represented him. they would in no wise delay or interfere with the successful setting up of the Lord's kingdom. The Prophet Ezekiel (chapter 37) told of the resurrection of the dead and of the return of the Jews to the land of Palestine at the present time. and they would have one shepherd. 32) He has ever exer· cised a control over the trend of man's governments. The prophecy of Malachi closed the canon of the Old Testament writings. but the Lord would begin his invisible rule in the midst of his enemies and would thresh the kingdoms of this world with the flail of destruction. and of how upon God's organization. His plans for blessing mankind through that government of his anointed Son were successfully moving forward. still the promises of the Messianic kingdom that he had made through his prophets were not overthrown nor in any wise weakened but were as sure of fulfilment as ever. Nebuchadnezzar. when their days which God had numbered had expired. and their iniquities by showing mercy to the poor. but the Lord forcefully made them to realize that the Most High God ruleth in the affairs of men. the Christ. emperor of Babylon. they were overthrown by the Medo-Persians. and how the Lord God would gain the victory and Jehovah should be king over all the earth. 13: 19. pictured by the mount of Edam. 1929 CfheWATCH TOWER a defiant gesture on the Devil's part to show that he proposes to hold onto earthly power anyhow. Although Babylon was the beginning of earthly kingdoms (Gen. In this aspect it was higher than the two preceding world powers. C. and the fowls of the heaven. there would be deliverance for mankind and saviors would emerge from that organization and the kingdom over mankind should become the Lord God's. the Hamitic. But binding together the three great failures. one of the last of the prophets. Egypt and Assyria. gave warning of how God would shake the wicked heavenly and earthly parts of Satan's organization to destruction and would bring in instead thereof the desire of all nations. Their reconstructive work after the captivity of the Jews in Babylon foreshadowed a restoration work among God's true 11 people. 47: 5) But her ruling factors were wicked and unmerciful to the masses of the people over whom they ruled. The historic record shows that Babylon's emperors were very boastful. The Prophet Obadiah spoke of the coming destruction of Satan's empire. 4: 25. and the visions he gave to the Prophet Daniel. Speaking to its first emperor. God's true church.

45: 1-6) His name means "sun". is to reign over the whole earth as "King of kings and Lord of lords". (2 Cor. and the Lord God will give unto him the nations for his inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession. so also he numbered the days of Gentile supremacy in the earth. which house shall be "an house of prayer for all people". the great orb of earthly light. neither dogma nor granted that organization for the accomplishment of church order or labor is singled out.19: 12) He. Nothing carry a measure of reproach or even contempt. And if the object be good. Cyrus. or in any case is there any good reason right to live and to interfere in men's affairs." (Ezra 1: 2) These circumstances foreshadow in very definite outline that the greater than Cyrus. As God numbered the days of the Babylonian empire (Dan. namely. It clearly refers to the Christ. existence. the Christ. Except to those who oppose themselves to as a whole as they appear to the present generation. Is it a term rightly used as er assurance than the churches' assumption of their reproach. and many crowns shall be upon his head. and he hath charged me to build him an house at Jerusalem. 4: 4) With Satan as the power behind the thrones of Gentile dominion there could not be other than a steady deterioration in the quality of the successive Gentile world powers down to today. greater confidence. Energy in com. N. God therefore uses it to picture the kingdom of Christ. (Ps. and known why the churches ought not to be organized? nothing has been accepted by the community with The experience of men is that in union is strength. he ever reigns supreme as King over all. is frequently used as intended to to live must come as a measure of surprise.been accepted without any question. no matter of what nation. may seek reconciliation with God through Christ and receive eternal blessings. It is merely a their objects must be a gain and be good for all conterm convenient to use as a name for the churches cerned. tion of the energies of those men in union may be conThe churches can have no right to live except as sidered as being eminently proper. is also used as a picture of some one greater than he. however. It is used by supporters of the churches efforts. not an earthly temple. Thus it can also be appreciated that God has all along made the wrath of man to praise him (Ps. Rev. the first Persian emperor and who took the leading part in Babylon's overthrow. He shall ask of Jehovah God. as Head of God's royal household of sons. which dashes the Babylonish Gentile powers to pieces and which becomes like a great majestic mountain and fills the whole earth. 5: 26). ORGANIZED RELIGION T HIS term is now in common use among those bination and rightly placed must ever be effective and who discuss the value. Y. It was very fitting. Whatevcr by his permission may betide. and has used it to furnish pictures of the unspeakable arrangements and blessings which he has in store for the eternal good of all mankind. of eo gain on loose and disjointed endeavor. doms but when it rose to become a world power Satan became" the god of this world". By its conquest of Babylon. 76: 10). will build. the churches are right in the fact of their which they represent. liIaoOKLYN. that in the first year of Cyrus' reign he should announce: "The Lord God of heaven hath given me all the kingdoms of the earth. any question of the right of the churches The term. It is." as Christ Jesus called them. but the true "house of the Lord". (Isa. whom the Prophet Malachi calls "the sun of righteousness •. Christianity. it must be No particular church is intended. and their claim has self. The churches have taken it for If the cause is right the union of any number of men granted that they have a better right to live than the for the common good may be taken to be good in it· individual born into the world. real or supposed. In the light of the foregoing it may be plainly seen that the course of the centuries of imperfect and unsuccessful human governments can be understood only as we understand the purposes and the methods of God. of course. therefore. the living and the dead members thereof. 2: 8. not descriptive. This was pictured in Nebuchadnezzar's dream by the great image which had a golden head but which had feet and toes of iron mixed with clay. Medo-Persia became the next world power and universal empire. the great symbolical Stone. It seems significant that not only was Babylon the first of Satan's earthly king. 56: 7. and if their objects be good.they can show they are composed of the true and .• with healing in his wings ". in Western civilization has been presumed with greatWe ask the question. Through it all the willing and obedient of mankind.12 <fheWATCH TOWER star of Assyria had set. "the times of the Gentiles. the proper organiza. and by those who have no use for them or for that If. For this reason God in his prophecies made the overthrow of ancient Babylon to be a picture of the overthrow of Satan's world empire in the battle of Armageddon now near at hand. Team work the many phases of the professed Christian is always more effective than the sum of individual religion. then.-Isa.

"The church in thy house." (Philem.-See 2 Co. tems have an earthly government while the true ever and they never presumed. the knowledge of the place of the church was gained His authority in the churches was that which came by the disciples. But he also wrote to remain a member of the church. did Timothy and Titus exercise authority save as in No one knew more about the church than its great a measure they continued the work of Paul as a helper teacher Paul.over the churches. 12: 5) It was he who appointed church or in any part of it as has been claimed by the apostles and the prophets and the other helpers those who say they are in the "apostolic succession" of the church. the other. as was to this he made his appeal. in questioning the matter of church organization companies founded by him under one control. of his church. 2 Cor. or in many of the lesser or. which is rinthians 12: 12. The Corinthians rated when it is said. the fulness of him that filleth all in all".Paul's authority rested upon the acceptance of Eph. The early church knew nothing of ercised so much authority in the church as he. but he served amongst the Jews scatnever visualizes the church as an organization such tered about who had believed concerning Jesus Christ.the Gentiles. build my church" (Matt. them. as when Paul speaks of "the church. of privile'ge and authority. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER 13 faithful followers of Jesus Christ. his body. The word "church" really means selected company." (1 Cor. The difference between the churches organized by men Nor did the apostles ever sit in council to set laws and that founded by Jesus is that the many false sys. from the evident marks of his endowment as an aposThe word" church" has several uses. tion. they were under Lord is.them. save that which his special endowments by the Only on two occasions is he recorded as having used Lord through the holy spirit gave to him. 1: 24) There is nothing in his writprepare for building his church. Paul ministered chiefly amongst the Gentiles. the elect.his second epistle to the Corinthian church is one ous cities and towns. Jesus himself said very little about the church. that the set some things in order when he came amongst them. and in demonstration of the It is also used of the whole church as seen in comple. 1: 22. It is another name for the spiritual right. It was in the days of ity to determine any or all matters relative to doctrine the apostles. those who were believers in Jesus Christ. as the name apostle implies. the declaration thority was limited by the measure of agreement to made that he was the Son of the living God] I will that which he might say or do.JANUARY 1. but as helper of their joy. or the Greek Peter would have been acceptable to any church of or Anglican churches. was the controller. of neces. Nor after the death of Paul finds its government in heaven.unity of organization which would bring all the little sity. "Upon this rock [namely. not as having dominion over their faith. 12. All such.other church as having the right of entry and authortion how to proceed to build it. nor did he give his disciples instruc.of the brethren. it seems clear that Paul thority visible in operation. 16: 18) . and specially by the Apostle Paul. (1 Cor. 2) apostle of Jesus Christ.-See Ephesians 4: 11. quickened by the holy spirit. 23. These things show that neither one nor the other "There are differences of administrations." (Acts 2: 47) It is also for himself as against false teachers. And it by the apostles to the whole number of brethren. who directed all the affairs it would be wrong to say there was no organization. But his auconfession. and Paul was compelled to argue such as should be saved. They had no authority to do so. It may be said that the New Testament also traveled. The apostles were mesThe central government is in heaven where the sengers. when he said in reference to Peter's those who were harmful to the church. "The Lord added to the church daily him less than others. Israel of which the Apostle Paul and the Apostle It was to them that he was sent. Paul says. church was to decide whether or not an offender was a word which tells of authority.-See Matthew saying he would go to them. He neither proceeded ings to show that Paul would go to Corinth or to any to build it then. There is no central government or au. The whole of applied to the little companies which met in the vari. when he He wrote to the Corinthian church saying he would directed how offences were to be dealt with. as it is said to Philemon by Paul sustained argument in claim of his position as an in his letter. the guidance of the Lord. Therefore. nor that he himself claimed to have any authority amongst there arises their standing. But bishoprics in the sense in which that word is used to there is no evidence to show that he ever sought a authorize the great offices of the churches. The unseen Lord Jesus was never quite acceptable to the Jerusalem church. It follows that Jesus did very little outwardly to 11: 34. He had authe word. were able to discern his or body. . as is seen in the "church" of Rome. but his Master did not send him amongst ganizations. when he made a direct reference to thority to teach and he had authority to deal with its establishment. The Apostle Peter Peter speak. that or conduct. Thus while there was no visible organization. It was applied tle of Jesus Christ through the holy spirit. one.proofs of his work amongst them as such. 18: 17. It may be said that no man ever ex. through the holy spirit. On the other hand. but the sought or exercised such authority in the wholl3 same Lord.

and Papacy. a great system of organized religion. because Satan was ever seeking to corrupt the church that he might destroy it. ill taught. Y. but partly by reason of the schemes of men who saw possibilities of getting places of power. If these institutions called churches are not the church of Christ. The work of witnessing these truths has resulted in cementing these faithful disciples into a company. The churches which protested against its claims tried to copy it in authority over those who supported them. also because error was creeping into the church through false teachings. where is the church of Jesus Christ to be found 1 Is it existent 1 Did error crowd it out for ever as a visible thing. and are even willing to count Rome as their mother church. and they allowed this. Nor does leaving such an organization give anyone any disadvantage in his sight. all one body we. the consecrated disciples have been provided with a common meeting-ground. and who will listen to the message of the king- . nor Rome. Through the centuries that organization strengthened its position and succeeded so well that despite the buffetings. even as error crowded out the truth of the gospel of Jesus? The answer is. that Jehovah has now set his King upon his holy hill of Zion. and above all. who had no Biblical authority for his name and office. By the time that the pagan phase of Rome's empire was ready to die through weakness. none with greater effrontery. The Anglican. was ready. " Probably there has been no untruth more boldly declared than this. in faith. and the lesser organizations which dissent from these Protestant churches differ in the same way. raised its head high over all the world. for the New Testament knows nothing of such apostolic succession. But it has no creed as set by men. differ from Rome and from each other. From the church of the New Testament. nor are the various companies. as the case may be. as at the first. even as at the first the church could be entered or left. consecrateu to God. such as the Odd Fellows or Masons. Presbyterian. This is organized religion. of organized religion. But from the time that Jesus began to give attention to the things connected with the establishment of his kingdom. Naturally it was also claimed that the church over which the bishop ruled was the true church. which often have been very bitter opponents of others. and one in hope. The name is sacred to the company which is the body of Christ. there has been no church visible. and one in charity. To those who know this work of the Lord there is little question as to its meaning. a great system of priestly government. Entrance into membership of any of the church organizations of Christendom gives no advantage to anyone in the sight of God. the master of the counterfeit system. for in no sense is it true. claiming the right to rule it on behalf of God and of Christ. That which in later days is known as the clergy class came into evidence. nor the Anglican. But. A ministerial class arose. It is nothing other than that the church or body of the Lord is again visible in the earth. The faithful sheep heard the voice of the shepherd. small or large. and they produced a clergy class who have had the same domineering manner and spirit as their mother church. N. and all the others when faced with opposition to their general interests are found willing to be tolerant of each other. They say. as the individual churches of the Congregationalists. held under central government. It can be entered. To all who will free themselves from the bondage of "church Christianity". the church was now composed of those who placeu themselves under the rule and authority of the bishop of Rome. have the effrontery to claim before the world that they are the BROOKLYN. The unity of the bond of a common faith and hope disappeared as soon as the apostles died. his greatest scheme. And the people. visible church of J esliS Christ. one in faith. nor the cooperate associations. as the 1\lethodist church. and so the great church system began. claimed to be in the true apostolic succession of authority. nor any other church which through a central office or other arrangement governs the congregations.14 IfheWATCH TOWER Mter those early days the true relationship of the churches one to another diminished in clearness. are the true descendants of the first disciples. The forms of organization in the various dissenting "churches" differ much. This became a great hierarchy. that is. Satan. the company of true believers. Partly without ill intent. growing infidelity and increased light on its false claims. their assumption of the name of church is an unholy presumption. it remains in this day of crumbling human institutions probably the strongest of them all. From then till the days of the return of Jesus to service in the church at the end of the age. and they responded to his call to come to him. In the process of the centuries the Bishop of Rome. "Weare not divided. All these very different organizations. These are found gathered round the fact that the time is come for the establishment of the kingdom. The witness of the establishment of the kingdom has gathered a people who. neither singularly. did not perceive that they were far misled. as with Rome. The church organizations do not represent him any more than the fellowship or charitable institutions. it is wholly a false claim. Thus the whole position was shifted. Another presumption. Rome will not allow the claim of the others. Lutheran. there came about the encroachment of some who made themselves leaders in the churches. It had no right to the use of the word church. The church of God is found to have one faith and hope.

which I followed. "'Veil. Brethren! I must get out of the Devil's business and I don't know how. Another thing was that years ago. unto death.JANU&BY 1.HZEREIT. I should be glad could I have gotten It verbatim. and in being a part of the class seen by Ezekiel in his vision. In a recent study of the story of Gideon I find that Judges 7: 16-23 is in fullest harmony with this thought. and at once I keenly felt my ignorance of his devices. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER dom now being proclaimed. Dragon. I thought he had at that time. Your brother happy in the Lord. l\I." In using this introduction on Sundays we have yet to meet with the first objection to Sunday canvassing. the church of God. About twenty-five years ago when in great need I went to God's 'Word for help. A little experience has proven that "the joy of the Lord" is our strength. 17: 40. We are rejoicing in the light of Jehovah's lightnings aml in the blessings which are poured out over his people by great rainfall. Upon order. he did say that the key to the understanding of this as well as other things was in an intimate acquaintance with Jehovah." I realized Satan had the advantage of me. working as one unit under the guidance which God has provided for it. and have met with no objection to our selling the books out of hand to them. assembled at convention in Berlin. and finally wrote to Brother Russell. The thing that impresses me now is that "through the columns of The Watch T01Cer" (evidently in "due" time) the Lord has brought us to a more intimate acquaintance with Jehovah and then a flood of light is thrown on all these matters. judges. DENYSSEN.or namps. C. "Whom shall I send 1" all the frienlis freely and joyfUlly gave answer. and we are having good success with the public officials. the words seem to be blazoned in gold. The points of your address. etc. P." We are determined as a whole to remain faithfully on the side of the Lord and of his work and to fight together. Africa.. "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. as I looked forward to tlll' time when the Lord's people would "declare the day of vengeance" and "execute the judgments written"." the Lord had the whole thing set to music and now we are to sing this message. he remarked about the financial condition of the country. wish not to let that occasion pass without having sent you their heartiest love. . or. This book alone should be sufficient reason for anyone who loves the Lord to enter the field as a full-time colporteur. and as to the inquiry of the Lord.-l Sam. May the Lorli further richly bless you in your privilegel1 service for his people and in his work. and how happy am I to find myself not so "ignorant of his devices". POWEIL. tax collectors. I remember It as follows: "We are engaged in a work of preaching the gospel. INTERESTING LETTERS REJOICING ON THE LORD'S SIDE DEAR BROTHER It l:THEltFOlU! : The friends of middle Germany. you knolV tlie 100\"ei"t places dry up last. he said. there is to be seen a work of Jehovah God in the gathering of a people who are of one heart and mind to serve him through J esus: a unity of faith and hope and love such as existed in the earliest days when the churches founded by the apostles were united in the common faith and hope. "through the columns of The Watch TOI/:cr. have been a wonderful encouragement to us on repeating them. GROVER C. 15 Such also will see that Jehovah has gathered his people with the purpose to give his last witness to the world as Jesus gave it to the Jews before that nation perished. llEA. He comforted my heart and gave me good advice. for. is again in visible operation in the earth. I am especially rejoicing in the light of recent Watch TOlcer articles along this line as well as other lines. but we are bringing it to your door in a nicely-bound book form. He admonished me to press on. and the Devil compre- DE.-S. delivered by you at the Detroit Convention. A long step was made in overcoming this "ignorance" when it was made clear that. and put in a shepherd's [COlporteur's] bag". Your brother by the grace of God. FROM A LAWYER "THE JOY OF JEHOVAH" DEAR RELOVED BROTHER RUTHERFORD: Much love in the Lord and greetings in the 'Master's name. GEO. I thought it would be a hard thing to do. but to my surprise he did not give me much light on Satan's devices. being a little part of his wonderful organization. After canvassing Judge Berger. the four titles . rather. and so manifested by rising from their seats. So far as I have read in it. I can not take ~'our time to tell you all I would like to. which I did. and to my remark that some i"ccmpd to have plenty of money. trusting in his grace. The body of Christ. as made clear through The Watch Tower of late.. but one thing especially I must mention and that is the light we have now on the doings of Satan. The cause for gratitude which the Lord's people have in this wonderful book is beyond expression. etc. Also he expressed the confidence that in due time the Lord would make these matters clear to us "through the columns of The Watch Tou:er". "Lord. that old Serpent. l\Iay the joy of the Lord continue to be your strength and your song." With much Christian love from us both. and noting carefully Paul's admonitions. henlieli the four attributes of Satan and that he is found to operate under one or anotlwr or all of these heads. Shortly I received one of those grand good letters. We are using this introduction in canvassing public officials. We do not ask you to go somewhere and contribute. However. etc. instead of deliyering the message by the harsher tones of the trumpet we are to use the mellow tones of the cornet. send me. and so we shall be. I wanted to assure you of my continued love and praycrs and of continued loyalty and faithfulness and oE my ever-increasing appreciation of The Watch Tower anli the service of the Society.-Oolporteul'. We are not asking a large amount for the books. where he says. 'SMOOTH STONES FROM A SHEPHERD'S BAG' DEAR BI:Ol'IlER HI TIlEHFOHIl: Since the Detroit Con\"ention I have been making a special use of your suggested canvass as far as I could remember it. we can <Iraw near to the "Philistines". I was forcibly struck by his statement in 2 Corinthians 2: 11. All the friends assl'mbled at the Berlin convention joined in that wish. Satan. With these fiye "smooth stones [fresh] out of the brook.\R BRlcTHREN: I haye received the copy of the new book Reconciliation. but when the time came.-Tex·as. but merely a nominal sum to cover cost of printing and handling. B. in his service. I sought more earnestly for help in The Watch Tower and the volumes. according to Leeser. and they draw near to us.

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~_l ~:! HiR Apostles ClinlflX JESPS A:\'D ..e things begin to come to pass. 211 .I2aiaj) VOL.. the sea and the waVel! [the restless...._ __. .r.q LETTER.lttel}y1Jj)j)®U'D9 ([ill1f»iID~ ~f~~@ of nations.~Jm@L~~ Wil~1ly~ ~o@£?'.. men's hearts fa!lIng them for fear.rn~~t?' ~1if~rnUmJSl ~1lIlIJ~'\llliJ.." A'm FITTlIJ1UL 'YJ'J". .D 3[ "Glad I 'Yalt~d" Eye to Eye . :aIatthew 24: 33. .h perplexity. discontented] roaring.. upon my watch and will sct my toot Tower. (llld <". ~2 .. Look up.-Luke 21: 25·31. then know that the Kingdom of God 1a at lland. ScnIPTC1:[:~ . .. ----THE ..."ss TllO raithful and True 1!J _. 1929 CONTENTS Tnp.. Mark 13: 20. L No...S FROJf AFrEr.. and for looklDg aft~r those thmgs Which are coming on the earth: for the powers of hea...."~J:TS AS Mr"srONEll ~.en shall be shaken.. for your r~demption draweth nigh. and ll!t up your heads.Il '!Catch to SCA <chat I1 c <rill Upon the earth distre.· Encouraging the Children 31 :n 31 llADIO SERVICE 32 nOUSE TO HOUSE 18 ttl win stani/.2 January 15.f~.••• "hen tlw. wit.

This is not selling for profit. and emplaya local law~"er and make a defense. and then take thC'se and study and be greatly blessetl. but confidently invites a careful examination of its utterances in the light of the infallible "\yard of God. or by Hank Draft.. It stands firmly upon the great ransom sacrifice as the futH!amental doctrine by which all doctrines are measured. Be not dis· cOUl'aged.. Going from house to house is preaching the gospel. England • • • • • • 40 Irwm Avenue.. Toronto.00. A. 1879. :(Foreign translations of this journal appear il~ severa! languages.. It does not assume a dogmatic attitUlle.THIS JOURNAL ITS SACRED MISSION PUBLISHED SEMI·MONTHLY BY HIS journal is publisheu for the purpose of aiding the 1'20111e to understand the divine plan.) TER~[S TO THE Lonn's POOR: All Bible Students . It announces radio programs . LB.l(. the Maker of heaven and earth. It gives announcement of the visits matle to Bi1. 7s. promptell by a tlesire to tl0 good to the ]leOl11('.fatter at B>'Ooklyn.T 't'HE WOHLD HAS EXDED.ive tl"3tinlOn~' to tlw name aIHI ]l':1l1 of . offices only. E. and no town or city or other body corporate has uny po\\'er to enact a law to prC'vent it. The canvass of the brethren on' each occasion should he something in the following form: "Good morning! Sunrlay is giycu oyer to Dible study hy many pcople. You can take these together \\'it h your o\\'n Bible and study at home and be greatly benefited. . r"ITED $1. South Afnca Plc3sc al!dte::.cribers: Acknowledgment of a renewal or a new subscription will be sent only wheu requested. Postofflee. VAN AMDU:'.r 1-10 • • AustralaSian • South Afr'Clm. and frequently some of thClll are arrested all the charge of seiling property on Sunday. A preacher has the legal ri.vllieh con~iitutE's 1he borly of Christ.:'('n selC'cting from amongst men the members of his church. ACS'IUALASIA AKD SOUTH AFRICA.n territory may be made to the Brookl. "-e are clearly within our rights !J~.wlll be sent with tho journal one month before the subscriptIOn expires. that the reign of Christ will afford opportunity to every man to have a fair trial for life. will be supplIed free if ther send a postal card each ~lay stating their case and requesting snch provision. \\!. 2.. N. created perfect man for the earth and placed him upon it.rlom. Ontano • • • • • 495 CoIIms St. that Christ.S. that by reason of Adam's wrongfUl act all men are born sinners and without the right to life. grow in his likeness. clothed with all power in heaven and in earth.lnd pUblishes suitable Bible instruction for broadcasting. U.rone ant! now cOl1lmal1ll. HEMERY FOr:. COWARD W. by reason of old age or oilJElr iufinnity or adversity.·ho. 3. and gives reports thereof. THAT GOD created the earth for man. announces conventions. 20-10 . constitl1tes the "sel'd of Abraham" throuf. antl llltimatcly be g-lorifietl \\"ith Christ Jesus in 11is heawnly kin. S. It does not indUlge in controversies.1l'llOnlh eml. BARBER E. that the Logos became a man. and our method of preaching the gospcl to t!w people ts to bring it to j'OUr door. are unalJle to pay for this journal.J)seRIPTIO~ PRICE $1. CUEA'I' YEARLY S"(. may be expected to appear on address label wlthm O'le m. has l. It Ill'oviLles ~'ystem!ltic Bible study in which all its reauers may regularly engage. Canadian.:-. and is from everlasting to everlasting. If anyone is arrestp(] for so doing. VAN AMBURGH Secretary EDITORIAL COMMITTEE ].30. STATES. The Bible StutlCllts have the lep:al rip:1lt to call from house to house and tell the people the gospel and take from tl1em a sum of money to heip print morC'. RUTHERFORD PreSident W.~ht to stand in his pulpit and harangue the 1wopll' nnd take up a collection on Sunday. 117 ADAMS STREET BROOKLYN. Amer1can remittances should be made by Express or Postal . Again attention is callcl! to tile fad that 1his work is not selling. Act 0/ March. It is not selling at all. that the Logos was the beginning of his creation. Berean Bible Studies by means of 'fhe Warch '[ower "'t'he Altar in Egypt" (Purt 2) Issue of December 1. ascended Into heavE'n.u. Y.ation) . Cape Town. ::." Then you can exhibit the books or booklets and tell t!\('1\\ the price that is taken for each or for the combination. that the Lord . BUl'. 'rIIAT THE ITorril or~ THE PEOPLES of earth is restoration to human perfection dllring the reign of Christ. \\'e do not take up a collection. RUTHERFOR':J R. 6 Lebe St. OFFICERS ]. that he gave his life a sacrifice for man and thereby prol1uced the ransom priee. H. hut we take a small sum of money for the book or hooklet to help defray the expense..EI(. but by internationo! Postal lIIon€y Orders only..s.. sects and creeds of men. Everyone \\'ho is consecrated to the Lord is priYilegetl to preach the gospel in tl18 way provided. Chan!. but is preaching the gO~Jlel. all nations lllld peoples to hear and obey him.Jesus has returned and i~ now IJresC'nt. Y.going from house to house on Sunday morning or any other day. ]. and its columns are not open to per~onalities. Australia · • • • . South Afncan and Australasian remittances should be made to brancl. Head amI body.Jle classes by traveling speakers. 19. but anxious. A renewal blank (earryin~ notice of expir. London..\Ioney Urders. THAT JESUS was made a human being in oruer that he might become the Hedeeml'r of man. THAT FOn l\IAXY CEKTURIES God. E. 'fIL\.].york of the ~o­ dety is charitable in tllat it is uns(']!lshly done. Enlaed as Bceond ClaRs Mail }. F. that .i'AlK.l OFFICES · •• 34 Craven Terrace. F. 'Ve are not only willm<:. CANADA AKD J\{ISCELLANEOUS FOREIGN.. It is free from parties. and those who obey will liye on earth for eyer in a state of happiness.s the Society in every case HOUSE TO HOUSE From time to time let tel's are reeeiyptl from the friends stating tliat objection is made to their going from house to house on ~ulHhQ's with books. The Constitulioll of the Gnited States guarantees the right of anyone to sel"\'~ God in the manner he may choose and this without interference. office.GH B1lt:sh ••• Canad..e of addres. HeIllittance" from scattered foreic.I1 whieh a II Ow families of the earth sllall be blessed.'28 'Veek of February 17 Week of February 24 • • • ~ ~ 1-24 25-47 . ?vfe1bournc. that be is now the Lord JC'sus Christ in glory. . Sotice to Sub. through Christ. that the missio:1 of the church is to follow in the footsteps of her Lortl Christ . tbat man wilfully disobeyed God's law and was sentenced to death. I haye IH're sermons on the Bible in printeu fonn. 1928 'Veek of February 3 Week of February 10 "Ruler Out of BethleltC'm" Issue of DlXember 15. that all such be on our list continnally and in touch with the Berean studies. he should have the case sct down for trial a sllffieient len~th of time ahead to notify this office. WATCH TOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY T TO US THE SCRIPTURES CLEARLY TEACH THAT JEHOVAH is the only true God..)hlh. that Jesus the divine was raised from the deatl.A.. The . and presentetl the value of his human sacrifice as the redemptive price for man.lit to stand on the str('pt and talk unu gather a croml and 1ake up a collection. The Salvation Army has tlie lE'gal ri. It adheres strictly to the Bib!e as God's revpaled 'Word of Truth. but go on.Jehovah has phcr~d <':lrist Jesus upon his tl. You can hear the messag'e o\'C'r the l'atlio.'!len requestcd. N..

R. Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. 20. For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen.-John 8: 44. 3 The issue should never have been raised. 2 The great issue to be determined is this: Is J ehovah the true and living God or is some one else supreme? It is Satan the Devil who lays the reproachful charge against Jehovah. if one man knowingly and falsely swore that his neighbor had stolen an ox. 23: 1. "Lying lips are abomination to the Lord. and all that therin is: and let the Lord God be witness against you. That is to say. the once holy cherub. appeared to Eve and charged Jrhovah God with the crime of lying. 1: 2. but at his own proper time he takes the initiative and forces the issue to a final conclusion. His works give conclusive testimony that he is the Most High. (Ps. or at the mouth of three witnesses. that all may know that he is God. Those 'who stand on the right side will live for ever. then the liar should be punished with the same punishment that would have been inflicted upon the other if he were guilty. 12: 22) God hates a liar and a murderer and he puts the two in the same class. 6: 16-19) That his chosen people might know his will and that he detests fraud and falsehood. 19: 15) Because Lucifer was the first false witness he was therefore the father of lies and a murderer. When his testimony is given from his holy temple his voice in thunder tones shall roar. Lucifer could produce no corroborating testimony to sustain his charge. That charge was false.&1eWATCH TO'vVER AND HE~ALD OF CHR~STS PRESENCE VOL. 69: 9) Jehovah is therefore made the defendant. He also charged God with being unable to enforce his announced decree for the violation of his law. yet Eve relied upon his testimony. ness. In doing so she acted contrary to God's rule later announced: "At the mouth of two witnesses. 1929 1\0. Thereby Lucifer denied the supremacy of Jehovah and his truthful. 6 It is well here to take note of another divine rule concerning the bearing of false testimony. Every creature in heaven. The everlasting interests of all intelligent creation are vitally im-olved in the conclusion of the question at issue. which testimony if true would result in the other's punishment. then 19 . the Lord from his holy temple. "Because that which is known of God is manifest in them. 'Vhen once settled by the supreme authority. The Scriptures show that the time must come when God will have his faithful ones to give special witness and that he concludes the testimony by his own great witness. for God manifested it unto them." (Deut. Jehovah gave this commandment: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. "-Ex. even his everlasting power and divinity. Those adjudged to be wrong must go down in everlasting defeat. L JANUARY 15. J EHOVAH declares his purpose to be a witness against all workers of iniquity. For the benefit of his creatures God docs not ignore the issue. then the mouths of all adversaries are for ever stopped. while the arrogant and wicked Satan appears as plaintiff uttering the unjust and false charge. 1: 19. and in dne time every creature in earth. His testimony will for ever prove who is right and true. all ye people."-Mic. That question must be determined by the proper authority having jurisdiction and power. V. (Prov. and for that reason all shall receive notice in due time.) For this reason there has at all times been some one on earth to bear witness to Jehovah. the earth shall quake and the government thereof shall melt before him. must take sides. 2 TRUE AND FAITHFUL WITNESS "Hear. It is God's expressed purpose that his intelligent creation shall have no excuse to deny him. Lucifer was therefore the first false witness. Eve was induced to reach an unjust conclusion concerning Jehovah as the 1\1ost High. Where a witness is necessary there is a question at issue or in dispute. There never was a just cause or excuse to call in question the deity and supremacy of Jehovah. 6 Jehovah also laid down the rule that if a person bore false witness against another. being perceived through the things that are made. hearken. that they may be without excuse. 20: 16." (Prov." (Rom. 0 earth. Lucifer. 4 It was in Eden that the first charge was laid against Jehovah. as Jesus stated. shall the matter be established.

'aith ml'tUlS a knowled:l.. 'Vithout doubt these eyc-witlll's~es of the flood told their children why . and only a short time elapsed until wickedness predo." . gossipers and backbiters "'ho indulo'e thpir wilfulness to the injury of others should bewar~. But without faith it is impossible to BROOKLYK. please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is. y. Y. that he pleased Uml. we should avoid hearing him and refuse to converse . D The great deluge that swept the wicked creation into death was a demonstration of God's unlimited power and complete supremacy over the adyersary.\' pleased him h~.!. 'l'hose who claim to be children of God should take heed to these plain statements of the divine rule of action. by so doing brands himself as a child of the Devil. Knowing that Jehovah is the grcat Life-giver and that the Devil is the great enemy of God." (Heb.'ithout faith in God. God testifying of his gifts: and b~' it he. :'I.vith him because such is displeasing to God. God rl'warlled tlw faithfulness of those men hy idving his mvn testimony and causing it to be recordcd in his Word that the. 10 The human raee received a fresh start by Noah and his three sons. (Deut. and the people whom he hath chosen for his own ill- . that God does nothing in the corner. expn'ssed or unexpressed. Isaac and Jacob. 7 God does not change. .aml with their faithfllllless: "B~' fait h Ahel offered unto God a more excellent sacl'ificc than Cain. 4: 9.ninated in the e:uth and the major portion of the people hall forgottl'n . All who did not love God fell umler the influence of Satan. by which he obtained witJW~S that he was righteous. He who indulges in slander of his brother. During a period of great idolatry they stood forth as shining lights to God '8 name. being dC:lcl. and man being told that following the Devil was the cause of the destrurtion by the flood. The righteous Noah and his sons would tell their children that the Devil had brought wickedness upon man and that the righteous eternal God swept away creation for that reason. 12: 19. bcrause God had translated him: for befl're his translation he had this testimony.Jehovah. the people readily yielded to superstition. Abraham.vho survived the flood. 17: 6. Hi" Lw is his rule of action. Enorh and Noah had heen faithfll! to God. 'Yillingly becoming ig'norant.. and they were thus afforded an opportunity to know the truth. In his own due time he sent" a great eland of "'itnesses" to bear testimony to his name. By faith Enoch "'[1S translated that he should not sec death. and was not found. 12 Among the men formin~ that company desi~­ nated as the "cloud of witnesses" for God were Noah. and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. 19: 16-20) God's law also provided that a lying tongue may :wag for a season but that in time that deliberate falsifier shall perish. 12: 1.ith that knowledge. For a long time Noah had heen "a preacher of righteousness" unto them. By the time of the roming of the flood only Abel. the children of Noah and their sons had no excuse for failing to recognize Jehovah as God and Lord. The evident purpose of God's having Noah give testimony was that the peoples of earth could nowr say that they had no notice of God 's intention to destroy them. being contrary to his law.-1 Cor.\dam and Eve yiC'!ded to the test imony of the ar('h liar.vho testified to the truth were to be the first ones to put their hands upon the convicted and put them to death.\'ith the flood God destroyed the world.-hen expressed to man it stands for ever. nor does his law change.. (Heb." (Eph. All the other children of Adam and Eye had succumbed to tho inflllenee of the Devil. En'n so God's true witnesses will put forth the truth coneerning God's purpose to blot out all wilful and deliberate liars. It is those who are faithful and tl'1W that please God. 11: 4-6) Without faith it is impossible to please. To God's people it is written: "'Vhercfore putting awny lying. Talebearers. 11 From the Scriptures it appears plain that God has seen to it that he has always had a witness in the earth. 'l'his fixes the rule many times corroborated hy the Scriptures. The offspring of Adam and E\'e quickly found their plnrcs in the camp of the DeyiL All snrh wel'e .20 'I'he WATCH TOWER the false witness should be punished with the same punishment that was prescribed for stealing an ox. yet speaketh. spaak every man truth with his neighb'lUr: for we are members one of another.e of the truth and loying obedil'nce to God in hm'ml). Even so HOW the faithful ones of the chut'ch are a spectacle to the world and to angels and to men. Those three faithful ones were not ashamed to be witnesses to the name of Jehovah amidst great opposition. 7. R ..-ho claims to be a child of God. (Prov. Jehovah is now ~xposing Satan and 11 is false witnesses by causing the truth to be declared in the earth. Those faithful witnesses God holds forth as examples foJ' the new creation. to wit: "Blcssell is the nation 'whose God is Jehovah. ]. Shortly after the flood Satan again began to broadcast his slanders against Jehovah. The peoples of earth were" willingly ignorant" that God was their Creator and Bl'llcfactor. His dealings with that nation are an illustration of his annoUlll'cd truth. Dnder his law the witnesses .· 4: 25) If we find one . regardless of what his claims may be. 2) The lives of those men given as a testimony to the goodness of God furnished a witness even to the angels of heaven. but causes a witness to be given of his purpose and intention concerning man. 'Vith their descendants nod formed a nation to be his witnesses in the earth. and who busies himself in bearing tales of slander about another. 20: 28) The divine laws thus announced make it clear that Satan and all of his false prophet system shall in God's due time be destroyed beeause all are cL·liberate liars.-Deut.

13 'Vhat Jrhovah did for Israel was not for his own good. happy is he. which blessings were to encourage them to be faithful and true before him as his witnesses. They were hypocrites.ed the heathen nations as instruments to punish them. (Deut." (Prov. Their selfishness led tJ'em in the wrong course. The Lord rebuked them for their own good. Therefore "let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall". (Hom.s they were faithful to him. We are witnesses. They were commanded to tell their children of his goodness. 3: 2) God cleared the way for them and set the Israelites in a land flowing with milk and honey and showered them with material and spiritual blessings.-Hos. No strange god could claim credit for favors bestowed upon them. 8: 7-14) No other god had given aid and comfort to them. They sought their own comfort and glory rather than to perform thrir obligations to magnify the name of Jehovah and receive his approval. Having lo~t this vision they were headed for a fall. 6: 17.l. the false prophets continued to spread the Devil's lies. They yielded to selfishness. It may be just as certain with the consecrated Christian as it was with the Israelites that if he loses his vision of God's purposes he shall faU and perish. therefore they are made witnesses against themselves. 16 Satan brought forth as his representatives amongst the Israelites men who gave false testimony for the purpose of blinding the people and turning them away from the true God." (Josh. Time and again God gave indisputable evidence to the Israelites that he is the only true God.gainst Jehovah and to reproach his name because they trinmphed over his people. It is expressly writh'll that similar conditions would prevail amongst those known as spiritual Israelites. to serve him. This caused the heathen to boast a. that I am God.. 2: 1) The Israelites had full warning against such action of the enemy and they were commanded to kill the false prophrts who represented the Devil. 'Vhat came to pass with them is recorded in the Word of God for the aid and benefit of spiritual Israel who are on earth at the present time. (l Cor.l. They loved the approval and the applause of men. yet they lent themselves to the service of Satan. their Redeemer and Jehovah as their God." 'rhen the Lord through Joshua made them bear testimony against themselves: "And Joshua said unto the people. And they said. 14 The Israelites failed to appreciate what God was doing for them and what was his purpose in favoring them. that generation after generation might have his blessings. amI the purpose for which they had been called and selected faded away. 33: 12) The Gentile peoples round about Israel had full opportunity to observe that God bl'stowed his blessings upon his chosen people as long . They have the truth brought to their attention by which they ean ascertain his will. (Deut. 15 The vision and understanding of the Israelites became blurred.Jesus Christ a.RY 15. 119: Ill) Unto that people were committed the oracles of Uod. because they professed to speak in the name of . and have saved. 20) "Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart." (Ps. and I have shewed. "·Where there is no vision. with stronger reasoning it is now important to spiritual Israel to be faithful and true witnesses to his name.JANV. 29: 23) This fixes the rule that those who will be faithful to God now must be his faithful and true witnesses. Exactly the same thing comes to pass con('ernin~ many who have professed the name of . 9: 8. God therefore said to them: "I have declared. He afforded them the opportunity to prove their faithfulness. they have justly merited and 1'eeei ved the condemnation of order-loving people of the . when there was no strange god among you: therefore ye are my witnesses. By frequently delivering them in time of danger and suffering he exhibited to his people his divinity and almighty power. 29: 18) They did not even put forth their best endeavors to keep the law. Disregarding their covenant. 13: 1-5) The Israelites having failed to obey God's commandments. 18 The Israelites by their wrongful course brought reproach upon the name of Jehovah.12) If it was important to fleshly Israel to be faithful and true witnesses to God.. Those false prophets were Jews and had no excuse for ignorance concerning God's law. The course of action of the Israelites foreshadowed exactly what has come to pass upon those who have undertaken to fol- 21 low in the footsteps of Jesus and have proved unfaithful to their covenant. (2 Pet. The Israelites failing to obey the Lord. 43: 10-J:. but he that keepeth the law. saith the Lord. 10: 11.Jehovah yet served as "a snare of the Devil" to catch their bret hren and prevent them from being faithful unto God. 17 Jehovah gave a clear witness to the Israelites through his faithful prophets. '1'he Israelites were without excuse for their ignorance. 24: 22) There are many who have made a consecral ion to the Lord and thereby have agreed to do his will. There is no excuse for them to be in ignorance of his will. (Deut. (Jer. Ye are witJlPsses against yoursdves that ye have chosen you the Lord. By that and other means he taught them that they were chosen to aet as his witnesses. the people perish." (Ps."-Isa. 1929 <fheWATCH TOWER heritance. They responded: "We will serve the Lord. he u. that they mig-ht be brought back into harmony with their covenant. but the people heeded not. He offered them an opportunity to render reliable and faithful testimony to him and by their course of action to be witnesses to the nations rOUlld about.:. Jehovah caUed them together and instructed them concerning the evil that would befall them for disobedience and concerning their own responsibility.

There can be no quibbling or equivocation about it. 4: 10) He was faithful and true to his Father. leaving us an example. He declared himself to be sent of Jehovah. 6: 13. then his true followers will take instruction given by him to the faithful disciples as a criterion by which they also are to be guided. Of him it is written. It is trying to please Jehovah. These men had walked with him. he always testified to the wonder. because Christ also suffered for us. "-Matt. Seeing that Israel suffered complete defeat because of unfaithfulness in failing to be God's true witnesses. and thereby reproach is brought upon his name. had eaten with him. He was sent into the world to give testimony concerning his Father and the truth of him. the power and the kingdom of his Father. If not. 1: 20. U The three and one-half years of the ministry of Jesus were devoted completely to the giving of test i- BROOKLYN. He gave Jehovah God all honor and claimed none for himself. 3: 14. Those faithful men who had been with Jesus throughout his earthly ministry were thereafter sent forth by Jesus. "There was a man sent from God. mony concerning the name and plan of Jehovah God for the salvation of man. to wit. 19 Surely God intended his covenant people to profit by the lessons taught in his dealings with the Israelites after the flesh. 23 Jehovah God made Jesus the Head and Chief One of Israel after the spirit. (Acts 10: 38-40. when he stood before the haughty Roman ruler: "Christ J esus . The same came for a witness." (1 Pet. He was sent as a forerunner to announce God's greatest witness among men. He bore faithful testimony to the truth of God's Word and always magnified his Father's name. whose name was John. Jesus had said to his dis. his Life-giver. N. HIS APOSTLES An apostle is one sent forth clothed with a commission from his superior to do that which his commission designates. Let it be understood once for all that The Watch Tower is not seeking the approval of men or of the Devil. For what purpose had he instructed 24 ." (John 18: 37) The truth which he magnified above all others was and is that Jehovah is the only true God. That his devotion to God and his testimony concerning him was pleasing to Jehovah is amply proven by the fact that God raised him up out of death and gave him a name above all names and commanded all creation to worship him. and the effect thereof has been to turn millions of people away from God. 8: 29) Whether amidst his disciples or before the Pharisees or the Gentiles. Y. Any other course would be evidence of unfaithfulness. "-1 Tim. Some who claim to be followers of Christ Jesus have severely criticized and continue to criticize The Watch Tower for stressing the importanre of service. ciples: "I am the light of the world. By calling him "The Faithful and True Witness" God has indicated that all whom he approves among his children must be witnesses to his great name. Jesus emphasized this rule when he said: "He that is not with me. as God's witness. 2 Cor. that I should bear witness unto the truth. THE FAITHFUL AND TRUE 10 The last of the prophets sent by Jehovah to be a witness to his name was John the Baptist. testified concerning Jesus. (John 5: 30. from him. Did Jesus tell them to go and develop a nice. J oous the Son of God. the greatest witness whom God ever sent. is against me: and he that gathereth not with me. His will is either expressed or implied by the course of action he takes in dealing with his covenant people. and had sat at his feet and learned. the Author and Finisher of all creation. that all men through him might believe. (John 5: 23) He refused to receive honor from men or from the Devil. 12: 30. (John 5: 41. He must either be a witness for the true God or ally himself with the evil one either directly or indirectly. sweet character and thereby get ready to go to heaven in due time 1 If so. "For even hereunto were ye called. 2: 21) The Scriptures prove that everyone who will receive the final approval of Jehovah God and be made a part of his kingdom must take exactly the same course that Jesus took. He was not that Light. Matt.. He came to represent his Father. 2: 9-11) He was at all times diligent in representing Jehovah.-Rev. When his testimony on earth was finished he concluded it by dying as the greatest of all of God's martyrs. 11 Jesus was true to his Father.22 'J:he WATCH TOWER nations of earth. All who are of the new creation and prove true to God must follow in hi~ steps. we may know now that the same result must come to all who are in the covenant by sacrifice and fail to be witnesses to the name of Jehovah. but was sent to bear witness of that Light. scattereth abroad. He is therefore "the Amen. before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession. The rule is therefore fixed that he who covenants to be a witness of Jehovah can not with impunity ignore that covenant obligation. the faithful and true witness".. to bear witness of lhe Light. Tho will of God is his law. then all his followers should go and do likewise." (John 1: 6-8) Thus John. Phil. and for this cause came I into the world. The course of action which he pursued is the only right one. and he expects them to learn lessons through the experience of the spiritual Israelites. It can not be faithful to its mission unless it emphasizes the necessity and importance of being a witness to the name of Jehoyah Cod at this opportune time. He said: "To this end was I born." He was about to go away from the earth and he knew that it was his Father's will that the light should not be permitted to die out. that ye should follow his steps.

" (Ps. and these charges go unnoticed by the one charged. Did Peter tell Comelius that the work of the follower of Jesus is to sit quietly and meditate and grow in sweetness and I. who did eat and drink with him after he rose from the dead. And now why tarriest thou?" Go and do that for which you lUH'e been chosen. 1mt unto witnesses chosen before of nod. 28 The Devil induced false witnesses to appear against Jesus. They have been led into organized Christianity by false teachers. and unto the uttermost part of the earth.' '-Ps. but he was a faithful witness to the namc of .cnlously persecuting the followers of . David was not a perfect man. thereby to prepare themselves for admission into heaven for the purpose of helping to rule the world. By and through Christ. 119: 95) \YI1l'n slanderous 01' cruel chargrs are laid against tho::e who are sening God. The true child of God sLould at least indulg'e thr presumption toward his brother in Christ that Lll is innocent of a charge until he is proven guilty upon a proper hearing and beyond a reasonable doubt. the t('sl i· mony will go on just the same. Cod has afi'ol'lh'd and .th their best e]](lc'avors to bear witness to the name of JehoV1lh.Jesus. 25 How did the faithful apostles understand the words of the Master? Immediately after the ascension of Jesus one of them said to the others: "One must be ordained to be a witness with us. 10. 5: 1. (John 15: 20) Other scriptUl'cs W~lrn the followers of Jesus that they may expert false witnesses to rise against them even from amongst those who claim to be their brethren.('t ready to go to heaven? Let the faithful apostle ~:peak for himself: "Him God raised up thc third {by. Even though such false witnesses kill the faithful mouthpieces of the Lord. they laid to my rhar. and his words apply to the ncw creation: "False witnesses arc risen up against me. 35: 11. because ye have bren with me from the beginning. And he command(~d us to preach unto the 1)eople. a devout Gentile.uliar ecclesiastiral garments and make an outward show. in order to fight with our ar-cusers. (1 Pet. offensive. 1: 16) At Pentecost they began openly and boldly to give testimony. not to all the people. Saul of Tarsus was 7. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER them for three and one-half years? That they might learn why they had been chosen and what they must do.Jehovah. 27: 12) "False witnrsses did rise up. and shewed him openly. even to us. To talk in their presence or hearing concern· ing the service of the Lord at the present time i. others of the brethren become mmh disturbed and wonder whether the charg'l's m'e true."Acts 10: 40-42. 26: 59. They think they are doing God's senice to slander and speak evil of those who busy themsrlves in giving the witness to Jehovah God's name. 29 It is to be expccted that false witncsses will arise in this day and condemn those who are puttin A fOl. without a doubt it will be found that there has been an unbroken line of witIH'sses to the name of Jehovah from the cross to this day. These systems practise formal religious ceremonies and wear pec. then surely Jesus would have said something about it. Then God sent Peter to Cornelius. 20 There is no jllsl canse or excuse for anyone consecrated to the LOl'd to remain in ignorance concerning the pm'pose of his c:llling awl of his mission on the earth. and see that Just One. which must mean that he was indifferent to his reputation. and in all Judfea.-1 Pet." (John 15: 27) Had the development of character been the chief thing the disciples should do. and Satan organized his hypocritical and frfludulcnt socirty which he called 'the Christian religion'. that than shouldest know his will. They have lost sight of the important purpose for which God has called his people out of darkness into his marvelous light. :Multitudes of honest people have been overreached by Satan and have been induced to believe and understand that their general mission on earth is to develop character. of what thou hast seen and hem'd. David also foreshadowed Christ and the members of his body. and in Samaria. 2: 9. and to testify that it is he which was ordained ()f God to be the Judge of quick and dead. because the servant is not above his 1\1aster.JANUARY Hi.!'e things that I bH'W not. (Ps. "-Acts 1: 8. As God's prophet he '\Tote. which assumes the name of Christ that ]t mjght dccei\'e the pcople and 23 turn them away from the true God. But shall we. Did the . 2 Pet. Among the last words spoken to t hem before he ascended on high were these: "But ye shall receive power. after that the holy spirit is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me. and shouldest hear the Yelice of his mouth. stop work which the Lord has givcn us to do? Did Jems go into the courts and defend his good name and reputation? It is written concerning him that he made himself of no reputation. (Acts 1: 22) 'rhe faithful ones had been eye-witnesses of the sufferings of Christ and of his majesty that they might have a better understanding of their own commission." That one was to take the place of the unfaithful Judas. 27 \Vhen all the facts are made known. and such as b1'('athe out cruelty. They conclude that the purpose of their calling is to prepare them for heaven to be joint-rulers with Christ. (Matt. God Drganized his church on earth.vill afto!'d such an <Jpport unity to learn his will. For thou shalt be his witness unto tlll men. 60) The disciple may expect the same thing. both in Jerusalem.•Just prior to his death Jesus said to them: "And ye also shall bear witness. Even to this day many professing to be Christians have the thought that how you appear outwardly is of great importance. (Jod put him through a fiery expel'ience and then infoI'!1wd him concerning the reason therefor: "The nod of our fathers hath chosen thre.

for my decision is to gather nations. 34 By and through the activities of his faithful witnesses God is now uncovering the hiding-place of lies and exposing them to view. He will approve those who please him. N. and all slanderers and liars shall be put to shame. Ho has blinded some of the consecrated so they can not see even that the Devil has an organization. 14: 4) If one sees his brother serving the Lord and having the Lord's blessing. because the Lord has so advised. In some places hA is employing the radio. The Devil and all his agencies shall be judged. to assemble kingdoms. 1: 2) The Lord's announced purpose is that now the people." (1\Ec. are faithful and true to him: "Ye are my witnesses. "Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Those who walk in the light and are illuminated by God's lightnings that flash from the temple discern that Satan has a most powerful organization. At the same time he says to those who 82 BROOKLYN. Upon this point it is written: "Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth. 8: 33. Rothcrham. It is the time when false accusers and liars shall cease. He has permitted Satan and his instruments to go on blaspheming his holy name and bringing reproach upon him. The time approaches for the great issue to be for ever settled. therefore. 3 : 8. 83 Jehovah now flings his challenge to the enemy and his agents. the Lord from his holy temple. hearken." It is clear. until the day when I rise up as witness. 22) Now Jehovah is speaking to the people through his faithful witness and saying to them: "Hear. By this means he is giving the witness to the people 01' the countries called Christendom. but he has not even authorized the church to inflict punishment. but not many can use that means. He is using the radio to open the way by call. Yea. They know that they must be faithful and true witnesses to Jehovah God because the great climax of witnessing over a period of sixty centuries has now been reached. 0 earth. "-Rom. and therefore such are offended because the faithful remnant speak against the Devil's organization. well knowing that God will judge each one according to his perfect judgment. 86 Soon the testimony of the faithful remnant will be completed. he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand. What method is he employing 1 Chiefly the books and other literature. He demands that they bring fortl1 their testimony and prove their claims or else admit their defeat. 'With understanding they hear the words of Jehovah addressed to them and all others who will hear: "Wherefore wait for me. The remnant sec that they are powerless to overthrow the forces of evil. to pour out on them mine indignation. that he who is faithful to God will be the target for the darts of the enemv. both the rulers and the ruled. that I am God. Let no true child of God be disturbed by the slanderous reports of and concerning his brethren. Then he sends forth his faithful ones from door to door to preach the gos- . and no one else has the right so to do. The Christian well knows. All the witnessing that the remnant might do for centuries could not destroy Satan's organization nor bind that evil one. for in the fire of my jealousy shall be devoured the whole earth. that in the great crisis God has a few who must take an unequivocal and uncompromising stand on his side and bear witness to his name. Jehovah himself will settle the controversy and settle it right. (Isa. 28: 17) It is the Devil who has provided that great refuge of lies. He lns pJ'ovided that certain offenses against his church shall be considercd by the church. CLIMAX Jehovah God has been long-suffering with his enemies. They see that wicked organization has such a complete hold upon the people that the people can never extricate themselves and that no human power could deliver them. then let him remember that it is not his prerogative to jud6'e his brother. 21. There is no Scriptural evidence that the Lord has appointed any mun as n spiritual policeman for his brethren. and then will follow the great time of trouble such as man has never before known. regardless of \\'hat man may think. God alone will approve those \\'ho are his. These have denied Jehovah God and blackened his good name and reputation. nll the glow of mine anger. urgeth Jehovah. 24: 14. then why should any child of God let the Devil draw him into controversy and thus occupy his time and take him away from a proper service of the Lord 1 Would not that be exactly pleasing to the Devil? Satan would thereby prevent God's servant from performing faithful service. What then shall the remnant do? 85 As faithful witnesses unto Jehovah they are exposing the lies of the evil one and calling attention to God's great and mighty witness that he shall soon give.24 "The WATCH TOWER apostles make an attempt to defend their name and reputation amongst men 1 If neither Jesus nor the apostles did this. 80 Let us remember that the servant of the Lord is not accountable to man. all ye people. The fact that a Christian continues to serve God and to receive God's favor is the best evidence that the charges against him are false and are laid against him by the adversary. and all that therein is: and let the Lord God be witness against you. "-Zeph." (Hom. (lVIatt. 81 The word "justifieth" here used has no application to the justification received by one at the time of consecration. Y. The word is here applied to the new creature and means approval. ing the attention of the people. but that he is accountable to his own Master. shall receive notice 01' his purpose and intention. They know that that is not their work.

Now the great crisis has been reached and God will have a special notice. the greatest witness that ever walked the earth. and as the waters that are poured down a steep place. 38 Satan has erected monuments as a testimony to the deeds of valor performed by his servants.JANUARY 15. Describe the circumstances under which the first charge was laid. Concerning Christ. He becomes the great and the chief Witness. (Ps. as wax before the fire. 152) They are the most wonderful of all. 2. Because they are in the body of Christ and brought into the temple condition they are a part of The Christ. Identify the "cloud of witnesses" referred to in BebrpIYs 1:l: I. behold. 89 As the prophet states. "What witness has already been given. !el. "For. It is the great Jehovah God himself who will come forth as the mightiest 'Vitness of all to convince all creation that he is the great Jehovah God. These faithful and true will stand as pillars or monuments in his temple for ever. The Lord's testimonies he has placed in the hands of his anointed ones. and tread upon the high places of the earth. What was pictured therein? What final disposition wiII be made of the systems of falsehood and of all aII~'ing themselves thl'rewith? ~ 5. 119: 144. Point out the origin of this disposition to bmr false witneRR. "-Isa."-Ps. Already he has given his beloved Son that title and a high place next to himself. Quote scriptures to show how the Lord regards the bearing of false witness. and has caused multitudes of others to do the same thing. the true and faithful Witness. No one of the anointed can now be faithful to God unless he bears witness as God furnishes him opportunity. and the valleys shall be cleft. Define faith. and against whom? What interests are involved? Who must meet the issue? Who will settle the question. 1929 <The WATCH TOWER pel by telling the people the glad news that deliverance is ncar. The faithful witnesses will be approved and received by Jehovah. God alone is the great Judge. To what did thl'se bear witness? Show that . and why no further? ~ 10. His Word makes it plain that none others will be approved and reccived by him. 37 This means that everyone who is of the body is given as a witness to the people. We see that from Abel to John the Baptist God sent forth hi'! prophets to be his witnesses." (l\Iic. By thus being faithful and true to God. G. Every human being who has been a .ritness for Jehovah and has persisted in so doing has been reproached with the reproaches that fell upon God and upon Christ Jesus. . These monuments shall perish for ever. Everyone of the temple class may have some opportunity of putting the printed message in the hands of the people and thereby to bear witness to the truth that Jehovah is the only true God. Then he sent forth his faithful apostles who had been with Jesus and who bore testimony concerning him and concerning God's plan of salvation. Tile Watch Tower would be unfaithful to its mission if it did not repeatedly call attention to this great privilege. a leader and commander to the people. For what purpose diu he thus deal with them? 11 11-13. 55: 4. we see that from Eden till now Satan the Devil has opposed Jehovah and defamed his holy name. Down through the age he has had some faithful followers of Christ Jesus who have stood forth for God ''l holy name. 1: 3. a specific witness given in the earth by those whom he designates his remnant and who are of the temple class. because he hath known my name. And the mountains shall be molten under him. Those who shall be associated with Christ Jesus in his great work and who shall sit with him in his throne must also be faithful and true witnesses to the name and majesty of Jehovah. 2. Describe conditions existing in the earth at the time of the floo(]. therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high. Bow dill the fiooll serve as a lesson to later generations? To what extent Ilas tile lesson been heeded. 4) When his testimony is given. To wlJat extent had faith in God and faithfulness to him bppn manifl'st prior to the deluge? God's giving notice of his purpose to destroy the world confirms wllat rule? ~ 8. 91:14. 40 Briefly summed up. all creation will know that Jehovah is the only true God and that Satan and his agencies are liars. Those who truly and faithfully bear witness to the name of the 1\1ost High he will deliver. and by whom? Why is a special witness now necessary? ~ 3. as given to Israel. and show its importance. 41 What the Christian should now see is that the greatest privilege ever given to any creature is to be in this class of witnesses for Jehovah. Paul gives what admonition respecting truthfulness to one another? "What should be the attitude toward one \vllO busies himself in violating this rule? ~ 7. the Lord cometh forth out of his place. then. the remnant will show that they have set their love upon him: "Because he hath set his love upon me. Before Jehovah shall all the wicked perish. Let all the true witnesses of God now stand shoulder to shoulder contending for the good news of God's kingdom and never for a moment quail before the enemy. The Lord's testimonies will be everlasting and righteous. Jehovah himself comes forth to give the final witness that will for ever clear his name. Then he sent to earth his beloved Son. Then in the eyes of all creation loving righteousness Jehovah will stand as the greatest. This he will do in no uncertain way.TellOvah's dealings with Israel should have serverl as a lesson botll to them and to Gentile nations round about. Who has brought the charge. That is a privilege which can not be overstressed. State the divine rule concerning false witnl'sses and true. QUESTIONS FOR BEREAN STUDY State the issue on which action is now due. and with what result? ~ 1. and blessed is he who has them and has part in declaring them. While so engaged let him not be deterred or hindered by the slanders hurled at him by the enemy nor by the slanders and vicious things spoken of his brethren by the enemy. and will come down. Show whether the issue should have been raised. 4. I have given him for a witness to the people. Jehovah says: "Behold.

-r 24. Arriving a few days before the sabbath. His fellow townSIDrn knew that as a chile! hr had bren unusual.Jesus sa id unto them. by wllOm the on~rthrow of Satan's rule and the deliverance of mankind will be accomplished. .Jesus' mission in the world? "'hat was llis message and testimony? How was that mIssion conclulled. ~ the questions arise.J esus' course throughout his earthly ministl'~·.2G 'The WATCH TOWER Describe the course taken by Israel. 23. and to what extent have the minds even of sincere persons been diverted from an understanding of the true llIeauing and purpose of the high calling? . How will this witness work he concluded. but the word of our melting~pot.cen the \\'ork of . 11 40.-r 27.'. heen foolish if he hnd taken anv morc notice of the writing's held saercd by the . is c!('arly the method by which the witnessing is to be done? Seeing that .-r 18. Thc Word is life and it abides. Apparently it was out of a mixture of curiosity and cOUl'tesy that the lenders of the synagogue gave him libcrty to speak to the ppople. ff 211. After leaving Nazareth he waited some months brt'ore he returned there. Did Jesus set about to fulfil the seJ'iptures? and. saying that the things done in the times of the ' New \\'ere fulfilments of things spokcn in the Old Testament. Today Christianity as seen in or· ganizeu religion is questioned: its doctrincs are in the Christians arc ealleu upon to deeide for themselves as to whcthcr 01' not thc things taught in thc name of Christ are of him or of men. and reco\'('ring of sight to the blind. This fact is specially emphasized in the New Testament. \rhat is the lesson therein to those who would now be faithfui? . on that day he went into the synngo~~ue.listry "thc man Christ Jesus" wns not Cod moving ahout with infallible certainty. "no JESUS AND THE SCRIPTURES T HERE is recorded in the New Testament no in· cident more intm'rsting. 20. Thrv had heard of many wondrrful things which he h~. because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. lzed? By whom. 21: Isa. 'What lesson should God's present witnesses find in Jesus' experiences with false witnesses? Also in those of David'/ ff 28. to preach the aceeptnble ycar of the Lord.Ycr fadeth. (2) on the other hand. \rhat was . for if the model'll not ion of the Script 111'('S is right. they knew of his leaving his home for a ministry which they supposed he lwd Set for himsclf. neither in his mmmer of speech. It was a dramatic moment 'I'hrn. They were )lot preparrd to hear him speak to them as he did. in the disciVlcs' proeedure. \\That. but were given for the sen'ants 01' God till all the things spokrn wen' to be fulfilled. he quoted the well-known \vonl" of the Prophet Isaiah: "The spirit of the Lord is upon me. ':i'hi~ mattc:r is important.Jehovah has provided the means nnd has indicated the methor] of procedure. The ineidl'nt illuminates much of Jesus' manner of sel'viee: it ]Jl'ings many things to notice and to a ]Juint of dcci"ion. (ll) as to the outcome of their disreg-nrding their eovenant. and Jeho\'ah's approval of the faithful. what does faithfulness now mean? ~ 3G-38. (b) in the measure of their appreciation of that relationship.v the all\'ersar~'. and what was his mission? . "'ho was John the Bnptist. If. thc flo.Jc:.d done. Y. ff 23. (e) "ith r('speet to the influence of their course upon otlwrs.-r 14-17. anu as a youth and a man lwu been differrnt from them. to set at liberty them that nre hruised. In.ns giYen to guide the scnants of God is evidcnt. .lh through his servnnts of old. "This dny is this seripture fulfilled ill ~~our cars. That the \\'ol'lls spoken were intcndrd not only for the day they "'cre given. is the Bible's own claim. the methods of oppo~iti()n h. To henr him rlnim that he was the olle spoken of by the Prophet Isaiah was altogether tori much for them." . Statf' definitl'ly what is meant by 'following in Jesus' steps'. EYery Dible reader lmows that the gospels continually state that in \vhat . Whnt partieular relation have the Old Testament Scriptures to him and to his work? That thc Bible (both the Old nJ1d the New Testament) y. whnt they undf'rstood to he t1H'ir miuistry. . than Luke's account of Jesus' first visit to Nnzarcth. lD.-r 20. with scriptures. 61: 1. hut deprndent upon his own judgment. and point out the lesson therPin to spiritual Israel. Jesus eame to fulfil the things which were written. What is an apostle? Jesus' instruction to his faithful dis· ciples was for what purpose? lIe commissioned them to do what? awl whprein was to lie their power to perform? Show. Point out the means which the Lord IlllS provided by which the people may learn of him and his purposes. after he had left it to go to John for uaptism. choosing his passage. for it continually refers to the Old TestaJ1 l'11t. and \\'ith What result? How will Jeho\'ah show lIis approval of his faithful witnpsses? ff 30. roint out the important truth illustrated in God's dealing II it h Saul of Tarsus. as his custom had !Jepn. COlllpare Israel after the flesh with professed spiritual 11'1r:wl (a) as to their relationship to Jehovah. to preaeh deliverance to the captiws. N.k\vs'than is takcn by the \rise Christians of this day.Jcl1Ov. Explain and apply Romans 14: 4 and 8: 33.Jes11s did hc fulfillrd the Scriptures. how. Account for Jehovah's long-suffering with his enemies. The Prophet Isaiah says. and the Scriptures gi\'en by . then.' '-Luke 4: 18.. Jesus would han. nor in 'I~hat hc snid. nor any with purpose more pregnant with instruction. ff 30. then. What alternative do they now face'! For what purpose will Jehovah now use his faitllful witnesses? Sho\\'.'ork. 31. ff 32-33. 22. Among' other things nrC'pssary to know of Jesus is (1) that in his mi. In sUllllnar:r. he 'vas not merely a man moved with good will or secking to serve God to thc best of his ability. SilO\\' the necessity for witnesses in the world. the lJussion of tile various \\ itlws~es. This i]]('idcnt disclosed the intimate relation th(-re was hrt. "'rhc grass withcrcth. his 11On1(' town. and to what great purpose? Give evidence that the Father was pleased with . he hath sent me to heal the ul'okenhearted. H~' whom and for what purpose was the true chureh organ- BROOKLYN. l\'"ow they exp~ctrd that he "'ouJd give them fil'st -hand explanation of himscl f and his .

If. 4: 17) Then he began to work miracles to call attention to himself to show that he had both a special place and a special mission. we may know that when he said." (Matt. but taught at Nazareth as in other places and times. Did Jesus do his miracles consciously endeavoring to fulfil the Scriptures. they tried to kill him. The prophets of Israel told that one should come who should deliver the people from every form of bondage.. He callpd attention to the fact that in his ministry he fulfilled the Scriptures.JANUARY 15. they had been blessed with what he had said. He never claimed to be God. 7: 4). and was guided by his Father's 'Vord. " (Zech. nor spoke with any different message than on other occasions. That mouth which had been filled with good tidings.y ere they proud of their fellow townsman? To the contrary.. "The Son can do nothing of himself. these also doeth the Son likewise.. or did he do such work as came to his hand. Afterward he led his disciples to see that formal worship was no longer acceptable to Jehovah. They guided him. with righteous indignation. In other words. and thus it came to pass that the Scriptures were fulfilled? There seems little room for thinking that Jesus went about his work according to a set plan: his life and work were so natural as to compel the thought that his work was not forced to any rule. Yet in the incident at Nazareth we are compelled to say that he went there with the purpose of fulfilling Isaiah's prophecy to his fellow townsmen. " (Jolm 5 : 19) He can not be understood as meaning that he on earth imitated certain things done by his Father in heaven.'e them light and understanding. "Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The result of his declaration was electric. but he claimed a closeness and a kinship with God which the leaders of Israel could not understand and which they chose to misinterpret. and probably never went back there. he overturned the money-changers' tables in the temple courts. "Then came the word of the Lord of hosts unto me. and that tha special place of favor would be in some measure as a re. (Luke 24: 44) Then also the New Testament writers were false witnesses when they called the attention of the people to the fact that their prophetic scriptures were fulfilled by Jesus. and filled. as they thought.. for he also preached. Ue always led his disciples to sec that through him God was about to give them (1) deliverance from the power of sin which every man was under by nature. If Jesus was not God. but that there was a special reward for serving God through him. Were they grateful? . but gave him enlightenment. and which if received would save the world. his Father. and (2) upon the proof that the things he did were fulfilments of the Scriptures. to know infallibly what he should do and when he should act." (Isa.'ere shown in his works. It is clear that Jesus worked and spoke ~. as the church leaders say. further. they would silence.vas no theatrical act: it was done as a true Son of his Father. It is evident that Jesus carefully chose his passage on this visit to Nazareth. not to any particular incident at any special time. Thus Jesus led his disciples to see that he was not come only as one who had a mission from God and a message to carry which . Then. and he and they were alike mistaken: they believed they spoke for Jehovah. the Old Testament is not the 'Vord of God and was not prophecy. This meant nothing less than a declaration that following in the footsteps of Christ would bring some suffering. clearing his Father's house from defilement. " he made the occasion a special one. And. which in many forms and divers manners foretold the coming of the l\Iessiah. "This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.-1 Pet. saying. Jesus began his work as if he would continue the work John had begun. as they y. 1929 'fheWATCH TOWER God shall stand for ever. Unquestionably Jesus was guided in his work by the complete knowledge he had of the Scriptures. He thus made the incident typical. Jesus left the little town. This incident at Nazareth shows that Jesus and the Old Testament are inseparable. In the same way we may ask. One particularly interesting thing in this incident at Nazareth is that Jesus fulfillpd only a part of Isaiah's word." He claimed to be the one spoken of by Isaiah who' as the messenger of God' should speak the words. says this word of Jehovah is preached by the gospel. Then. "This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. what may we suppose was his guide in all his way through his mission 1 He said of himself. that there was a special reward for all those who follow him. quoting Isaiah. Why did he not speak all that Isaiah wrote and then say the whole passage was fulfilll'd in what he was doing? The answer to the qur.>tiOlI i~ that Jesus did not do so because if he had so s. then Jesus did not fulfil any prophecy. Jesus watched the leadings of his Father's purposes. and Nazareth became representative of the whole of the people to whom Jesus came to minister.ould be the light of truth. they being wit· ness. 1: 25.1'J It . This . he said. By them he was confirmed in his way. Since on that occasion Jesus acted no differently. to call attention to the fact that he had authority so to act. . Then he spoke those gracious words which caused his hearers to wonder and to be struck with amazement. so that they would be no longer men who walked in a measure of uncertainty but who would walk in the light of the knowledge of God.. He said that the law. He had spoken words of comfort. the psalms and the prophets all spoke of him. and (2) light and understanding in the things of God concerning Israel and all the world.s a servant and as a messenger of Jehovah. and Jesus was mistaken in believing they spoke of him. as he thus acknowledged. those lips which had spoken such gracious words. For confirmation of his ministry Jesus depended (1) upon his miracles. and who would gi. and thus he led them away from the thought that the temple and its forms of worship and its priesthood were essentials to approach to God. but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth. as when Zechariah said.vard for what must be suffered through being a disciple of Jesus. but in his general ministry he did not attempt to fulfil them. 40: 8) The Apostle Peter.

for they do not represent him. Thus these people find themselves charged with the BROOKLYN. like the leaders of the synagogue in Nazareth. These people see themselves as the servant of Jehovah.28 CfheWATCH TOWER would not have been true. We would say of these. and as at Nazareth Jesus witnessed to only a partial fulfilment. he speaks through his church. They must speak plainly. are maddened by what they hear. In these days Jehovah has united a people joined to himself by their vows of consecration and their acceptance of his favors in Christ Jesus. and to them. 'fa his disciples at the end of his ministry he told of the time of trouble which should come upon Israel and upon all the earth. In what may be called the religious world there is today a revulsion of thought and feeling in respect to the teaching of the churches in that which is stated to be the very center of the orthodox position. but the writings of good men who have endeavored to state their thoughts as to God's purposes and thereby to do some good to their fellows. those who hear are called the messengers for Jehovah. By means of the knowledge of his 'Yord Jehovah has been making known to all "'ho would hear the fact that the time is come for this return of the manifest presence of Jesus exercised in power. ~\s the words of the prophets must be fulfilled. they have not hesitated to accept the views of the Bible's critics. The servant of Jehovah must know that he may do the will of Jehovah and be fully equipped for every work to which he may be called. By reason of these the prophecies are elear as a message. They miss the reason of their privilege of knowledge. He comes again in the sense that he makes his presence and his power felt as he made it felt when he was with his disciples in Palestine and they were under his care. The simple ex planation is that the coming of the 1\1cssiah has two phases. with every prophecy fulfilled. This time. and among other things their message fulfils the last part of Isaiah's prophecy. namely. In truth it has to be stated that the clergy now take the Bible for what they can get out of it for themselves: they use it only as it suits their own . but actually doing so. But both these authorities are discounted by men: they are no longer sure of either of them. For this condition. and of fulfilling the latter part of the prophecy of Isaiah. nor the personal use of it. and that they may be earnest seekers after further knowledge of the Bible. In their haste to be thought up-to·date. the other. Thus. to conform to its spirit. their position as the representatives of God upon earth. by it they are guided to a work for Jehovah as Jesus was guided by the prophecy of Isaiah. Not only was the incident at Nazareth an important one in the life of Jesus: it is such also to his disciples. not the churches. But while it is the case that the majority of those who uphold the pre. They speak to the ]leople who. no matter what the creed. JESUS AS MISSIONER M EN are no longer prepared to accept without (lllestion the things which churchmen of any denomination have taught. Doing this they find a reception similar in character: the leaders of the churches are as bitter against the church and the messengers as the leaders of the synagogue were against Jesus. N. Y. there are some who have separated themselves from organized religion who yet think that the light of the truth which God is giving to his people is given rather for their own sake than for any work which Jehovah may have. 'l'hey find themselves not trying' to fulfil scripture in their work for him. These treat themselves as if the lJurpose of God in spreading abroad the knowledge of the return of Christ is to give them an understanding of the 'Vord of God. nor how hoary the authority claimed. Mark. We inquire. They have fouled their own nests. the Bible upon which they profess to lay their foundation. as to the place of Jesus in relation hoth to God and to men. but he was a comforter of the people. it follows that there is a fulfilment yet to come. The clergy can claim only t. and Jesus did not proclaim the day of vengeance upon Israel. Isaiah's prophecy tells of the day of vengeance. however. These have been made aware of the fact of the fulfilment of the time for the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. so un- fortunate from the clergy's own point of view. as Jesus did at Nazareth. and knowing their own weakness in the matter of their creeds. Jesus was not a Scripture expositor. work of proclaiming that the day of vengeance is come. and the prophecies were not given in such a form as to show this.. Now he comes as the servant of Jehovah and in power.·orld.ent systems of religion take this attitude of opposition. When is the other part of Isaiah 's prophecy to be fulfilled? There is no great mystery in this matter of a division of time. appointed to do his will. not a proclaimer of the vengeance which was coming upon the . It was expected that every disciple would want to know the will of God.vo authorities for themselves: one. as such. By it they are confirmed in the certainty as to the Scriptures' being the Word of God. but neither knowledge. nor did he set his disciples to study the Scriptures that they might become proficient in knowledge. The knowledge of the estahlishment of the kingdom makes clear that the time to proclaim the day of vengeance is come. the clergy themselves are to blame. was the end desired. No opponent of the Bible has done neal'ly so much to damage belief in the Bible and in the churches' position as these men themselves have done. Jesus came and did the first w~rk of the Messiah. they have taught that the Bible is not to be considered as the revelation of God to men.

the epistles whirh explain his teachings. No longer able to teach that Jesus was God moving about among men. One error leads to another. they find they can get on just as well without belief in things which are contrary to reason. being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God. is proof that his birth and his death were according to God's chronological order. namely. thry must readjust their whole position. and at the passover time. Undoubtedly the suggestion that Jesus venturl:'d his life as a chance in a great cause is derogatory to the Scriptures.Tesus' coming. or did Jesus die in the wa. Jesus knew it was his last. If the doctrine of the trinity can not be held either by the authority of the church or by reason. "-1 Cor. The Scriptures show that God's selection of the two Israels was during two periods which were of equal length. "In due time Christ died fo]' the ungodly. Surely we must understand that when he sa id. When tho passover whiC'h proved to be his last was dra\ving on. dividing exactly midway the long period of time. It is only by taking all that is written in the Bible concerning Jesus that we ran arrive at the truth. they thereby claim to have the right to interpret the Bible.lANu. means that the prophecieR of . they are not sure what guided him in his work and in his way of life. of course. The other authority they claim is the church. among other things. Was this the case. lIe lived the life of one who was consecrated to God." (Ps. and then a corresponding lrllgth of time when God began at Pentecost to gather a spiritual Israel. the doctrine of the trinity) is no longer accepted even by members of the churches. Because of the impossibility of holding the dogma of the trinity against reason. Jeremiah 16: 18. he was refelTing to himself and to his work. There is something of a scramble going on "mong them as to the place which must be given to . though they have not spoken so definitely. the gospels which record what he did and srlid. born "in the fulness of time". and they seem to hasten to do so as soon as they can persuade themselves that their church organization will not be damaged thereby. 9:4). In other words. of eOUl'se. a word which may be applied equally to the fact of his birth and to his consecration to Jehovah. weighing his life in the balance against the chances of using it to the best advantage. Was the life of Jesus his own. and who would give his life and all things pertaining to it. "I must \vork the works of him that sent me while itis day: the night cometh when no mall call work" (John 11:9. The qurstion arises. and as to the time of his death. but now that teaching generally arcepted in all creeds (the great foundation dogma of Christendom.echariah 9: 12. "Him. /'. "Are there not twelve hours in the day?" and. The Bible shows that Jesus' life was marked out as to his birth. and that Jesus came in the midst of the years. But the other churches. There was a long period of 1845 years from the death of Jacob to the time of the rejection of Jacob's children when they crucified God's messenger. as natural and not in any sense supernatural. ThIen find no dread results follow unbelief in that which was hitherto held to be the most sacred of all dogmas. 31: 15) Jesus knew that he had only a short time allotted for his ministry. 'l'hose who take the gospels only and expert to gain th('reb~' a elerlr l1nderstanding roneerning Jesus rind God ean not possihly arriw at the truth. and by wirked hands have crucified and slain. Mark 1: 15. which is actually their own creation. (See Galatians 4: 4.v rind at the time appointed? The Bible is. that Jesus died. are all to be included. This in practice puts the churches in a position superior to the Bible in that their leaders claim to hm'e the right to say what it shall teach the people. "Christ our passover is sacrificed for us. if it is left aside we enter into a world of theory and speculation where of necessity there is no pos. and the apocalypse which tells of his coming into his kingdom. Thus it is the case that they themselves have broken down the" Biblical authority" for their dogmas. have in practice taken the same position for themselves.\RY 15. even devout men are beginning to be carried away to the view which makes Jesus as doing a work entirely human. 1929 'fheWATCH TOWER purposes. We ask. because it says it is the only church and that it has the only apostolic succrssion. The elergy of all the churches have always assumed the right to interpret the Bible for the people." (Romans 5: 6) The Apostle Peter says. what actually guided him ~ A recent teacher among the clergy claims that Jesns threw his life on a great venture and was successful. Did he consider himself as a man with a commission which he himself hud takrn up according to his own belief? If not.ihle certainty. as Paul says. Now the churchmen themselves have begun to take liberty with the ·Word of God. it is evidpnt from other scriptures that he died at an appointed time. one according to the flesh. Berause he . Claiming to be the church of God as established by Jesus Christ. This view of Jesus makes him an idealist. This. See Isaiah 40: 2. 5: 7. It was as God's passover lamb. arranged that he would have two peoples named Israel. the other according to the spirit. The Bible student has no difficulty in this matter: he finds no room for speculation. and in view of any purpose he might have? It is suggested that as he was only thirty-three years of age when he died he might have expected to have another forty years of life before him in which to serve his God. ye have takell. lIe was. One after another the varied teachings of the many churches are disrarded. The plan which Jehovah had ordained. The Apostle Paul says. 1he only authority which can determine this matter. in the ordinary aeceptance of that word 1 'Vas he at 29 liberty to venture it on any scheme. This claim in its most definite fashion has been made by the church of Rome.J ('sus. as to the time of his consecration. who should retain his favor for another like period of 1845 yearR. "My times are in thy hand.) Though it is not so stated. or a missioner." (Arts 2: 23) The faC't that these things were determined beforehand.

procure a ransom price for the deliverance of the world from the condemnation of guilt. or to revive an almost dead church into a rene. Now that Christendom can not hold this teaching which is said to be the basic truth of Christendom." (John 3 : 17) The Apostle John says. unless it be at the last passover. that he might destroy the works of the devil. 4: 4. 3: 29. but as having escaped the corruption that is in the world according to the course of nature by reason of the fact that he was begotten in the womb of Mary by the operation of the holy spirit of God. Therefore it was not for him to determine the length of his ministry. the apostle whom he sent into the world (Heb. "For this purpose the Son of God was manifested. Jesus came to wind u~ the Jewish age. nor when his life should 'fheWATCH TOWER knew that his visit to Jerusalem then would end his life. and that many have been turned from an irreligious life to one of religious observance. who. Thus while Jesus by his ministry stirred the masses of Galilee. "God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world. for they profess that the Unitarian who believes with the Pharisee that Jesus was born into the world by the regular course of procreation. but that the world through him might be saved. The teaching of the New Testament. we must deny that there is any authority in the Scriptures for such missionary work. yet preferred their leaders to him~ the burdens which they were made to carry they preferred to the freedom of the truth he would have taught them. But the then coming of Jesus was only the first part of God's great purpose in saving the world. throng II whom the promise made to Abraham. And this they did: everyone who heard was thereby made responsi. and so deliver the world from the corruption of sin and death. following in Jesus' footsteps. Jesus. Among the mistakes of Christendom must be nnTabered that of seeking by revivals of religious fervor to bring the world to Christ.Jesus. born of a woman. knowing that it would reach the hearts of all those who were worthy to receive it. The purpose or the Christian era has been to gather the seed of Abraham and to give a witness to all men of the need to conform to the will of Jehovah God. did not deliberately. \Vo must say that it is a mistake to say it is according to the . whcn he was baptized of John at Jordan. He did not weigh his life's value questioning whether it would be of more service to the cause he had at heart if it went out with a flash. (Gal. and upon the masses themselves. Even then he did not do this to seek conflict. and by this same means provide a savior from the power of sin. The apostles preach Jesus as being born of a woman. go to Jerusalem on that last time in order to give his life into the hands of those evil men who he knew would be glad to seize it. They were never before Jesus for his consideration. that error into which Christendom has been led which. Jesus' life was not his own. but his coming also began a new era during which the high calling of God would be open to all who would give themselves in consecration to God. There are two errors into which men have fallen concerning Jesus: one which is represented by the Pharisees of his own day who saw in him only the son of the carpenter of Nazareth whom they knew. may not strictly be termed a Christian. not because he would force the situation to his own human hurt. though they had received so much from . when the time had come when he must speak to them with the utmost plainness of speech. or whether he should continue in the same course of ministry as that which he had begun. that his life might be ended as a martyr. tho other. perfect human life.-Gal. Jesns knew that by means of the truth he Pl'Oclaimed God would gather out of the people a people who should be the seed of Abraham. then. but because he knew his Father's will was being wrought out in his life. From the time of his consecration. The message was such as would bring a test upon the leaders of the people. This led to the dogma of incarnation. as a revulsion from the idea that Jesus was a man. and the world of mankind were not placed in danger of destruction because they did not obey somethin tr of which they knew nothing. 'l'hese questions which religious leaders are now thrusting upon their people are altogether beside the mark. freed from the error of the creeds. that in him a II families of the earth should be blessed. it is said of him that" he stedfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem". who have endeavored to reyive decaying religion. he must preach as if his words b:ought his hearers into judgment. both as to form of worship and all that it meant in representing Jehovah. There is nothing in the records of his life to indicate that he sought any opportunities of conflict with the rulers of the people. it is certain that he made no attempt to rouse them to a revival of religious fervor. and they are entirely misleading in their purpose. N. The chief point in all this is that God was directing the matter of Jesus' life. Without questioning that a considerable measure of success has been gained. Besides this. He gave his message of the kingdom. As God can not ('hange. made him God in every sense equal 'with his Father. Y. they are hard put to it to find the true place for Jesus. (Luke 9: 51) He went.ral of life. as they have expressed it. Jesus said of himself and his work." (1 John 3 : 8) As Jesus was the messenger of God. During the past 150 years there have arisen in the ranks of Protestantism men such as the \Yesleys and 'Whitefield. is that Jesus was true man. it would follow that even Jesus in his human life was God himself. and was sent into the world for a purpose that God might. ble. Jesus knew that the religion of his day would be destroyed. Luko 1: 35) It was a cunning perversion of the Scriptures which the Devil produced when he created the suggestion that Jesus was God himself. but he accepted it when it carne. by reason of a BROOKLYN. and therefore no man was his father. would be f1l1filled. which is that God was manifest in the flesh of Jesus. or a church organization has set some fervent-minded man apart for such servict'. 3: 1).

I have just finislled a particularly hapDY wpek in tlJe Lord's service. l\lany of the friends joinell us and saw for themselves the spirit of zpal and lovp for Jehoyah and his great name. . N.'. I am in hearty agreement with Thc TmGcl"s new viewpoint.30·7. La'it February I submitted to the Society certain drawings anll written artielps giving the meat of my findings in tile pyramid. and although regarded at first by some with a cprtain hesitancy. It is similar to 1hat which was done by Jpsus in his day. SEECK. This message. makes no attempt to revive flagging religion as represented by institutional Christianity or organized religion. Miss 1500 ~I()n pm 8. that it is done in the name of Christ. Y 1500 Sun pm n-G \\'lTcrrl. LETTERS FROM AFIELD "GLAD I WAITED" nv. covering many years..ling'. rpgularl~' T. As a conclUding personal word. l'a. l\I..\1: Xorfolk. under the guidance of the Prince of the kingdom. The Darents are reached by ]'('ason of coming in contact with the knowledge which their childr'en gain and in some cases have corne out definitely on the Lord's side.9 100 199. Tex. 1310 ::iUIl pm 7.:lO·10. of the formation of the J. but it is in no sense to be done as a revival of rel igion. S. amI conyinees ml' that The Tower has the corrp('t vip\\ Doint :IS to the Dcvil's being the inspiring cause back of the motive amI purpose of the Dyramid's construct io:!. Again. and \yith warm 10l'e in him. however good the intent.45 wun Dallas. Tlds Dhase of the work started in London as a rpsult of the report in The Watch TO~Ger two years ago. The evidence given therein i~ l'Oll{'lusiH'. are pnthnsiastic. The London churcil is setting aside one Sunday afternoon pach year for this purpose.J llattieshnrg.1:.U\\'EI: chain prO. The elder chl1llren take part in sen-ice driws. Since this work is not according to knowledge. Praying the Lord's continued blessing upo!' J'on in aU your ways. In this grpat city it is impossible to bring all the children together regularly in a central meeting-place. it has in it all the possibilities of blinding the minds of those engaged in it. or. I surely do thank m~' heawnly Fatlwr for llis guidance. as ever. Minn 1250 Sun aIh 9. I have just received the copies of The Messenger.!1closed are some photographs of tlle first united gathering of the Junior Bible Students Company in London. Your brother.\XUIlY 15.'le 32) STATION CIl'Y AND l'TIOGU. Today there is a great \York to be done for Jehovah God by his servants. Noyember 1.. and for the sDirit of loye manifestpll. have done hitherto.odety and letting the matter rest thl're for a dw'ision. Both they anu the childl'(~n were greatly encouragpd at the oDPortunity of meeting together in the open air on August 9. and certain features about it h:1\'e eaused sPl'ious questions and doubts in my mind as to i(~ divine origin. B. The staff of fifty teacllers. The call goes out to all men who love God and righteousness to flee from this Babylon of darkness and false teaching.q. HERSEE. Ohio 1340 ~lJn pnI 2 :j(>-:1 W'1'. and of all those affreted by it. The Lonl blpst us with fine \VPatller and all returned home haDDY and well. (Gonti1t1ICd from l)(J. 730 Sun am 10-11*: I'lJI 7·7. when the vision will speak and not lie. I am glad that hy faith I hayp waited for it.. It seems tlmt tile Lonl would have us pay more attention to the chiltlren's needs than we./C M:CIERS WATTS TI. C. 'Yhat a eomfort! I am constrained to write you. ami with elaily praYPrs for the dh'ine guidance of all the Loru's workprs at the Society's IlCadQ uarters.30 \y\YHL Xcw York (Woodside). and to accept him who again presents himself to all men of good heart and mind.0-8. all active service workers.lam from Kew York. :'\ow I ('an Sl'(' the Lord's leauings very plainly. A good proportion of these corne from the homes of the people. 19~9 'The WATCH TOWER will of God. and my lll'art is full of joy for the clearness of the same.. "Laodicean Period".9 10 23!J.'orld to a knowledge of the truth as to the kingdom which Jehovah is setting up in the earth. reereation anll meals worked admirably. . Its purpuse is to bring the . is eyillently pI'OSDering and blest with the Lord's approval. and for the Ill'\\' light 7116 TOlGer is thl'o\villg on the Dyrnmid and on wany othl'r suhjl'ets. I llll Ilullle a vcry careful stUdy of the great pyrawid. iIlciuent to tIle refining of the sUn'I'. determined more than ever to extend the worl. You may recall that I stated in a letter sent to the Socipty tilat I bad lwen gu!dl'd by prayer in my stUdy. I am Very conlially yours..9 1000 252 500 526 200 223 7 500 334. All the arrungempnts for the mcetings. I can vhilily recall the numerous timl's that I was decidpllly i Ill]1rl''ised with the thougllt of sUhmitting the finllings to the . 2: 1-3.\I ]\lll1ncapolis. it is a witness that the kingdom of heaven is at hand: indeed the time is ~1 come to declare that the kingdom is set UPi that God has set his King upon his holy hill of Zion. and to call all men into allegiance to him. "-e are looking forward to a furtlH~r gathering at the London Tabernacle in the winter. Surely \n' are just coming into thl' fulfilment of Halmkkul. Though it Ims S('I'W('U to tarry.4 500 199 100 [l . The blessings of his care are great. EYE TO EYE DEAR BROTllER RUTHERFoRn: Haye just read H'atch 7'o'lVcr article.J." 1190 Snn pm 2. :IS Coel has told his cllihlren to do. W.30 WUR. n. SMITH. \Illder proper supervision. N. only now %\11 the "'odd is affreted. not concerning dates or futurp events. TlleJ' love the Truth and their keen aD]Jl'eeiation of the kingdom message is good to spe.iJO "'SFD '1'oledo. Ya.4:1 WS~lK Dayton..'ith much Cllristian love. eyery expression..-Rllgland.. Fri Inn 7-7. so we hold twenty local district classes with total attendance of nearly 300. lllinoi.\!: BIWTIIER TIrTlll:BFoIW: 1 11<ll'e ju~t fini~l1ell a {'ar('ful 1'l'alUng of the last T01GCr artie/e on tIle Dyran.-3. and that I had bepn iml'I'pssed with the til ought of not making my firHlings public. hrinp:ing the scenes and message of the great Detroit Convention viYidly to mind and lwart. !\fuch loye by Ills grace. for to fail to take the warning means to pass on into the severity of the time of trouble now hastening to its worst phase. 'l'he IBSA Week has been a rt'al blessing to me. but in an eliJirely ne\\' field of Dyramid invpstigntion. ENCOURAGING THE CIJILDREN DEAR BROTHElI HUTHEnrORIl: 1'. The true convention spirit was manifest. You" ill no doubt be interested to see the enclosed leaflet and program for the day. SRCII W. .JO~!) WUH. and to reach others with our message of great joy. WR\ W 228. the sorrows of disobedience will be hard to bear. his Trnth. I (hank our heaYE'nly Father for being able to see eye to eye with it. I thank the Lord for this labor of love on the part of the brethren enabling those in distant lands to haye a share in the feast of good tllings.'a.l:\I PERrons t\. as a chun' of Uizl'll. OhlO _ 570 Wpd pm 7.

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. .. 1929 CONTENTS rr.4 •• HARVESTING . tor your redemptIOn draweth nigh. with perplexity. the sea and the waves [the restless... --..47 ..• _. • • .40 Corroborative Proof "That Dead Stone" "Xeeded but Two Dose.4. discontented] roaring.. then know that the Kingdom of God is at band. L Ko." Refining The Truth -- _ ._ .~~tellJ1JiJ1l~ml9~li))@l~ ©1F~ij® Nu~TIy1r'?' ~~~1l'1l\lll1l1Jg WWil~~~.... and w"ll watch to scP.3 SE1fI-MOXTIIrY February 1. and lift up your beads...-Luke 21: 25-31.. and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers Of heayen shall be shaken.47 . - WIIAI' IS A CHRISTIAN I GOIl'S -- -. u'hat lIe 1ell! Upon the earth distress of nations.) __.~ <lI._ 31 34 34 "I ~cill stana upon my twtch and will set my toot "on ti. 3. men's hearts fa!1ing them fo: fear.. 33..~ ~~O£PP -Isalal) VOL. lIIark 13: 2\). ...jl!'...._ 43 THE I'YlLUIID OF GIZEII (Letrer..••••••••..~ SERYlCE 48 COXVI'lXTIONS MnIORIAL DATE 1929 SPECIAL SER\"ICE WEEKS BEREAN DIIlLE STeDIES _ _ ..AISE JcrrOVAH! -. WU.. "hcn lh~se thmgs begin to come to 'l'ou.. :Matthew 24.47 SLIIYlCE ArpoINnmNIS 4. Look UP.

and is from everlasting t () everlasting.. to the glory of the Lorll's king. has been selecting. It provicles systematic Bible study in which all its readers may regUlarly engage. Chan!:e of address.lom. that the Lo. Al'!-"lltALASIA AXf) ~OU'l'H FORETGN. RUTHERFORD R.m. 15-28 11 29-41 . U. • . Notice to S"b. • • .will be sent with the journal one month before the subscription expIres. TIL\.T GOD crC'atpd the earth for man. It adheres strictly to the Bible as God's revealed Word of Truth. The BritiSh Empire is now the grC'nt world power. 1-22 .A. aSl'clHled into heaven.l ultimately be gloritied witlt Christ . P08tOfjl~ <let 01 March. Likewise in the Unitecl States. " 1879. We are not only willingo. STATES. to 'Yit. Berean Bible Studies by means of '[he Watch '[ower "I Will Praise My God" Issue ot January 1.R E:\DED.lta 6 Lelle St. It is free from vartips. or. 7s. Toronto.. wouIe] hr'gin t1 Her (]: 00 p. Ontano 495 Collms St. and its columns are not open to personalities. the anointed remnant can prepare and arrange tlwir affairs so as to cle"ote the time to speeial field service. Hegional sf>rviC'e directors and loca I service directors e. September 2. E. that Christ. It stamls firmly upon the great ransom sacrifice as the fundamental tloctrine by which all doctrines are measured. that all such be on our list continually and in touch with the Berean studies.. E. SUJ1(lay. .) U'ERMS TO TIlE LORD'S POOR: All Dib]e Students who.rlJe aPJleanlllce of the new moon l1('arest to tlie spring ('quinox according to the t1uthoritips. by r~aS0n of old a. which constitutes the body of Christ.'eal ion. Wllere a di'finlte time is sC't lInd notice giwn ahead. BARBER E.T THE nOPE OF THE PEOPLES of earth is restoration to hUlll:lIl perfection during the reign of Christ. For tIle ~'ear ]n~ tlVO separate weeks have hPen selected.-erywhere will pleaf'e take notice and prepare the organl· zation for united action during these two sprvice weeks. 1929 Week of ~Iarch 17 Week of March 24 Week of March 81 .lay amI count the last.. that by rpason of Allam's wrongful act all men are born sinners and without the right to life.Inadian. "'ithin its domains thrre are a numbC'r of the Lonl's anointe. F. but anxious..00. Entered a~ Second. are unable to pay for this journal. may be expected to appear on address label within one month. CnEAT YEARLY SUBSCRIPTlO~ PRICE $1. constitutes the "seed of Abraham" through whkh all the families of the earth shall be bll'ssed.l. 1\Iarch n.T JESUS was made a human being in order that he might become the Hedeemer of lllan. announces com'entions. an. or by Dank Draft. :1.:h. spcts and ('repds of men. It does not assume a dO.A..ling May 2G. when requested. that he gave his life a sacrifice for man and thereby produced the ransom price. This Is the best evielenc'e tlmt we f'hould continue this prnctice. the secretaries of til(' classes are requested to report to The Watch 'I'mecr the number partaking in their respec~ive places. throug-h Christ. F. that Jesus the di. H('ad und body. UNITED $1. '.. South Afnea SOCIety in every case MEl\lORIAL FOR 1929 The lwginning.matic altitude. ]f)2fl. will be supplied free if they send a postal card each May stating their case and requesting such provision. Immediately following' the cclC'bration of the Memorial. THAT FOR MANY CENTUH1ES God. VAN AMBURGH Secretary EDITORIAL COMMITTEE W. A rcnf'wal b1:lnk (carryin<: notlf'e of expiration) .lse address the .]. h. that he is now the Lord Jpsus Christ in glory.c. 1\lar('h 24.. tlmt the Logos became a man.AFRICA. that man Wilfully tlisobpyed Goel's law an.• eribers: Acknowledgment of a renewal or a new subscription will be sent only when requested. England • . VAN AMBURGH ].Tesus in his heavenly kingclom. Austro. give testimony to thl' name and plan of Jl'hovah Goel. and gives reports thereof. THAT THE "'ORLD IL\. FOurlepJ1 da~-s tllpreai'u'r. Labor nay in the United States.. W. that the mission of the church is to follow in the footstC'ps of 1JPr Lord Christ Jesus.111.. American remittances should be made by Express or Postal :lloncy Oruprs. 1929 Week of March 3 Week of March 10 "True and Faithful Witness" Issue ot January 15. Y. Y.from amongst men the memhers of bis church. ancl~ o. That will be the time at wld('h the anointed of the Lord in various parts of the parth will dc'sire to assemhle together at their resppcti\-e plaees of meeting amI celelJrate the memorial of our Lor(l's death..:en-ice wel'k will begin August 25 und will inclu(le two Sundays and one holiday. London. Therpft)}'e the jlro[ll'r elate for Ille cclclJl'ation of tIl . ]. [(Foreign translations of this jOt/mal appear in several law.T('hoyah 1\Us placed Christ Jesus upon his throne and now commands all nation:=! and peoples to hear and ohey him. N.:e or other 1ll1Irmity or adYersity..) p. an.. TIL\. Hritif. N. ellUl. • Ple. 2.S. of March 2-1.. It announces radio programs and publishes suitable Bible instruction for broadcasting.-lelbourne. H. The first will be the week Iwginning l\Iay ]9 Hnd eo.of the month of ?\isan i~ determined in this manner.~ ::1. 1:\oticp Is now givpn that tJ>P anointpd in Pypr.ignating cert:Jin w('pks durinl4 the year for special ser"lee to the Lord in aelvertising his kingdom has ha'l the Lord's blessing. the anointed will IUl\-e the same opportunity. T TO US THE SCRIPTURES CLEARLY TEACH THAT JEHOYAH is the only true God. • • • . Cape Town.gos "'as the brgillning of Ilis e. that the reign of Christ wiii affonl opportunity to e. HEMERY FOREIGN OFFICES Bntlsh ••• Canadian • • AustralaSian • South AbKan.. TH_\. It gives announcement of the visits maue to Bible classes by traveling speakers. . The second driye or fiel(] :.GO. grow in his likeness.S. Tlle rllle is to omit the first . the Mnkrr of hra vpn and earth. ]fall Matter at Brooklgn. but confidentl~' invites a carpful examination of its ultpnUl('es in the light of the infallible "-ore] of God. '''ill LB. but by Internatw1lul Postal lIIoney Orders onl •.V part of the earth may ha"e ample time to prepare. • 34 Craven Terrace. Memorial would bi' after G: 0. Remittances from s("attprNl ff/I ej~ll tf'rritory may be lunde to the BrooklJ'n office. CAKADA AXD lIImcELLANEOUS nnIl'AIN. 40 IrWIn A venue. RUTHERFORD President OFFICERS W. that . SPECIAL SERVICE WEEKS De. 1-14 . COWARD ]. to Wit.m. ~outh African and Australa'mn remittances shOUld be made to b. clothed with all IJeJ\\'er in heaven :llld in earth. It he tlwlr pri"ilege to giye tl]e witness in these countries.lftces only. that the Lord J('sus has returned :lllcl is now present.uoj/<'l. c]'mted perfE'ct man for the earth and pIncl"1 him upon it. This will hH'Jurle two Sundays. It dol'S not inelulge in controversies.-lne was raised from the dead.TI-IIS JOURNAL ITS SACRED MISSION PUBUSHED SEMI-MONTHLY BY HIS journal is pulJlished for the purpose of aiding the veo[Jle to understand the divine plan.l was SPlltl'nced to death. and presented the value of his human sacrifice as the redemptive price for man.-ery man TO hm-e a fair trial for life. • . 23-48 .l those wIlo obey will live on earth for eyer in a state of happiness. The npw moon appearing nC'arest to tlie f'jlril1g equinox in the )"ear ]!)28 is at . ('. WATCH TOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY 117 ADAMS STREET BROOKLYN. the fourtrentlI da~" of Nisan.

arc of Zion. he was restoring to his people the fUllclamental truths which had been taken away b. ancl praise IS comoly.Jehovah. and his favour is as a cloud of the latter rain. 'rhis is in harmony with the admonition of Jesus. begin the glad songs. 0 Zion." (Ps. It was about 1922 when the Lord revealed to his own of the temple cl<Jss that he had' gathered together the outcasts' and had some special \Vork for them to do. 14: 35) "In the light of the king's countenance is life. and who arc in the temple condition and under the robe of righteousness. " Then the due time came when the Lord gathered together his people into the temple eonditiqn and made such a part of Zion.8 PRAISE JEHOVAHI ttpraise the Lord. and knowing that this blessed condition proceeds from Jehovah. During thp period of time when the Messenger was preparing' the way bciore the Lord God. 24: 9. • Praise to God is comely." (Prov. Tlll'se songs of praise arc food for the mind of the HCW crcature. fit and beneficial. "-Luke 21: 28. 50: 5) The one hundred and forty-seventh Psalm. The songs are sung to the praise of the Benefactor of the singers. Those who are anointed by the spirit of the Lord. L FEBRUARY 1. 19: 12) Those who appreciate the favor of God can not keep back the song of praise to his name.Jrhm"ah. 0 Jerusalemj praise thy God. therefore. and is therefore appropriate for the eOllsicleration of the ehUl'l'\ pUl'ticnl:lrly at this tiuw. That means that praise to Jehovah is fitting. who is the oiyer of every good and perfect gift. were intended for the benefit of the spiritual Israelites who form God's visible organization on earth. so far as Christendom is conl'rrned. (Ps. "Good" means that \vhich is of lasting henefit. & "The Lord doth build up Jerusalem. He foreshadowed God's favored people whom we call Israelites after the spirit. That means that the singer has much eause not only to be happy but to be joyful. all of those who stood for the Lord c: cd were" outcasts". and especially was that true with reference to the faithful." refreshing and life-giving. David said: "I will praise thee with my whole heart. In that IJeriod of time he \" as hnilcling up those who had made a covenant with him. and the faithful in Israel sang them. 16: 15) "His favour is as dew upon the grass. The church has passed through a long and dark valley. It has been beset with many temptations."l\Iatt. They arc also of Jerusalem. and lift np your hpadiS: for ycmr rrdemption draweth nigh." All the saints of God on the earth are symbolically represrnteJ by the word Jerusalem. "It is good to sing praises to our God.-s brgin to come to paiSS. The favor of Jehovah is to J be desired above all things. The songs of praise are expressions of joy. 1929 No. Those who are in the joy of the Lord arc greatly in his favor. songs of joy are uttered to his name's honor. is in full accord with the prophecy of . because "in his favour is life"." (Prov. Zion has reference to the rpmJ1ant. "Par it is pleasant" means that it is delightfully sweet to thus sing. giving some of the reasons therefor. For a long period of time. Good things proceed only from . It is emerging into the greater light. from the viewpoint of Christendom.v the Sl'l'\'ants of Satan. and particnlarly during the World War. The church seeing that deliveranee draws ncar. Brlldits result to those \yho sing them understandingly. thrn look up. 35 . The faithful." Those who sing to other gods can not say that.&heWATCH TOPRESENCE N'ER AND HERALD OF CHR~STS VOL. written long ago.Tesus relating to the same time: "Ye shall be hated of all nations for my Harne's sake. For them to sing the praise of . These songs are expressions of gratitude by them. 2 'rhe one lmndrell and fol'ty-sennth Psalm is a song of praise to . while Jerusalem more particularly refers to all. suitable and beautiful. for it is pleasant." The singers say. 147: 12. (Ps. which aclmonition applies at the present time: "And \vhen thrse thin:. 138: 1) David had obtained the favor of God. his organization. EHOVAH caused songs to be written by his servants. speing the light along the patlnvay growing" brighter.Jehovah is pleasant. he gatherpth together the outcasts of Israel. Their being outcasts. These songs. 3(}: 5) "The king's favour is toward a wise servant. begins to have its fulfilment from and after the date of the coming of the Lord to his temple. including the great company class. (Prov."-Ps. 8 "Praise ye the LOl'd: for it is good to sing praises unto anI' God.

Even the faithful ones felt that the Lord had forsaken them: "TIut Zion said. edge that they had entered into the joy of the Lord. They plainly saw that God is not trying to get them into he:lven. 8 When God revealed to his people that he was building up his organization and bringing his people into a condition of security. The stars shine by night and reflect the glory of the greater light. Prince Lucifer and Prince Logos were evidently referred to when the prophet speaks of the stars that sang to- BROOKLYN. A knowledge of what Jehovah was doing for them and in the development of his plan. The great expanse and the multitude of stars make the reverential man feel his insignificance. and it is certain that he has giypn to enrh of them a name. 1 Thess. This gives them much cause for rejoicing. and that he will exercise his power to vindicate his name and will at the same time vindicate those who are faithful to him and who continue faithful under adverse conditions. T "lIe healeth the brol:en in heart." When the fiery trials came in 1918 many of the Lord's people were very much distressed. '1'heir condition was and is the result of selfishness.86 rtheWATCH TOWER Then it was that they began to rejoice. On the contrary. He begins to appreciate the fact that the great Creator made all these stars and not only knows the number of them but calls them each by name. and such are the ones who have entered into the joy of the Lord. Y. At the same time those who failed to see the onward march of the truth became morose and SOUI'. and the whole house of spiritual Israel is in process of building up." After being brought into the tem pIe condition the servant class began to see and appreciate some of the goodness of the great Jehovah God and his purpo. and they sing his praises. Therefore the outcasts are gathered together. and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name.Jord will be faithful. 49: 14-16. and the name of the city [organization] of my God. from the cross to the kingdom. Thoso of the Phillldelphia clmrch \vho were fOUlHI true and faithful. N. God's anointed are his sons of light. and a knowl. h:ive this promise made to them: "1 will write upon rYou I the name of my God. he casteth the wicked down to the ground. which the mouth of the Lord shall name. thy walls arc continually before me. he is shaking' out everything that can be shaken. . 50: 2) To he sma Jehovah knO\\~s tlw number of those in the temple condition." The time for doing the work here mentioned is during "the day of the Lord". and therefore many of the consecrated were at the point of experiencing a broken heart. The I~ord's people were drawn together. and will give him a full opportunity. and \vho \H're brought into the temple condition. (Ps. The period of sacrifice. the sore and brokenhearted ones were healed and thcir wounus were bound up. The Lord hath forsaken me. Men see a few stars of the heavens and marvel at them. " (Isa. Shortly thereafter he showed the temple class that it was his will to have his message carried to the" great multitude ". he calleth them all by their names. and began to see eye to eye concerning the purposes of Jehovah. and bindeth up their wounds. to be at peace \vith his Creator. The faithful ones now sec and appreciate that God \vill dash to piecE'S the enemy organization and will put in full sway in the earth his good and righteous organization. and of great power: his underst:mding is infinite. when he is judging his people and the nations. yet will I not for~(t thee. 3: 12) The prophet sllrely refers to the same faithful rlass when he snys: "And the Gentiles shall sec thy righteousness. God hath shined". they may forget. that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? . has been one long dark night. if faithful to the end. but even with the most powerful of instruments they can not locate them all. 10 This text is subject to another understanding. and it is then that "out of Zion [God's organization]. which is the very opposite of love. will know in due time. caused them to sing forth the praises of Jeho\'ah.\'S concerning his creation." The words of this text constitute further evidence of thc unlimited wisdom and power of the great Creator. gether at the laying of the foundation of the earth.-John 12: 36. even so now there is darkness upon the earth and gross darkness upon the people. '1'hose who lo\'e the I. As the greatest darkness is just before dawn. Can a woman forget her sucking child. Thy see that he is carrying out his vlan not merely for their sakes but bec:mse his great name is invol V('d and he has given his word and will bi'ing to pass all that he has promised. This "grcat multitude" class must be informed that their cries have been heard and that the Lord will deliver them in due time.. 11 When God gathers his saints together into the ten. The word "star" sometimes figuratively means "prince' " having reference to the sons of God.yea. the members of which are also a part of Jerusalem. They see that his power is without limitation. 13" The Lord lifteth up the meek. Behold. 9 "He telleth the number of the stars. the perfrction of beauty. I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands. 12" Great is our Lord.."Isa. and my IJord hath forgotten me. 5: 5. and their grief came to an end. (Job 38: 7) God has other sons who shall shine to his glory. pIe condition he causes greater light to shine upon th" temple." (llev. 6~: 2) So it may now be \\'ell snid that Jcbovah God has numbered the "stars" of his household and given to each of them a name which that one. To this end he provided redemption for mankind and will bring man il1to a condition. whirh is New Jerusalem. It appeared that the enemy would crush out all effort to give a witness to the name of the Lord. became united.

The men of the world trust in human power as the horseman trusts in animal powel'. and the meek will he teach his way. 12: 4) They learn his .will fl'Om his 'Yard and delight to do his \vill. 11: 4. He has no !llPasure in them that trust in their own strength and take pride in it. the birds of the air. In the day of his judgment he will accompEsh the complete degradation of the wicked. They may wcll represent the imperfect ones that have a upsire to be fed on that which is true. Thpse inYite eaeh other to sing' praise to their God. His pleasure is in them that love him and fnlly trust and obey him. " (1 Sam. and they cry out for food. 1\'ow seein g J ellOYah 's purpose and also his works." The vielure here given is one of human strength and pride. much less to bring food. 2: 4) The wicked ones. and he 1n'e8ClT('S them. Seeing in his Word that God has made this provision. The meek and ohedient." (1's. (Isa. The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wickcd. The raven was used to feed Elijah. and to those who arc faithful to God it yields sweet and harmonious music. 5." God literally docs these very things. who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains. 15 "Sing unto the I~ord with 'thanksgiving. (1's. 18 Young ravens are unable to feed themselves. "The bO\\'s of the mighty men arc broken. It is then that he comes to his temple for judgment. and him that loveth violence.people on earth who desire to know sometlling of God but who would have no means of knowing unless the colporteurs and class workers call at thpir honH's and bring them the message of truth. and this message of truth. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER This could not take place until he builded up Zion. shall go on for ever to the praise of Jehovah. carricd to the people. sing praise upon the harp unto our God. but. Both parts of the Psalm begin with ilwitations to praise Jchovah. Rain refreshes the earth and causes it to rejoice. as it is written: "The Lord is in his holy temple. 'I'he food which the f. Rain is a symbol of the downpour of truth. which the IJord has now bestowed upon those who are faithfully serving him. "The meek will he guide in judgment. Young. The man on horseback feels his importance. It is never pleasing for the child of God to magnify the name of a man or other creature and to take great pride in the strength of man. who have prepared Bible helps to enable the hungry souls to fepd upon the \\T ord of God. The lightnings of the Lord reveal to them a clearer vision than they had before. 37 1J "He giveth to the beast his food. These are heady and highminded. Symbolically the clouds represent the presence of the Lord. l\Iany surh men may be named. (Isa. 14 The lifting up of the meek does not seem to refer to the lifting up of the people into heaven. the children of mcn. fully lifted up. in this. his eyelids try. 31: 23) The hall'~h­ ty and the wil'kcd he ]n'jng's low. and he takes pride in the fact that he can do so and that he can exercise power in this manuel'. 'I'he harp is a symhol of the 'YOI'd of Uod.FEBRUARY 1. 25: 9) The meek are those \yho are teachable and who are therefore obedient. and he pushes them away from him. Th(' ravens may well rel)1'('sent those men who brought some food to the church during the period of darkness. and to the young ravens which cry. lIe uses his legs to guide the horse. enables them to see that there is hope for everlasting life for them. as is ilIush'ated by the man on horseback. which made heaven and . have their food supplied at his gracious hands. 26: 1-3) This verse of the Psalm is a clear warning to all who have been enlightened by the truth. and every creeping thing. The wild beasts of the forest. and they that s1 lllahled are girded with st rengt h. 31: 1-3) God is not pleased with human strength or pride. "-Ps. cast down." God has made generous provision for all his creatures. shall not again prosper. They trust not in the Lord. Roth('rham.ord furnishes to his church through those men has been of real help in the study of the Dihle. Strong and others. that they can not trust in the strength of man. Those \\'ho hand out the truth from door to door to the hungry and crying ones may well be said to be ins~ruments of the Lord to supply these young ravens that are crying out for food. and this fact shows forth that somctimes God uses imperfect things to his glory. 19 "He dcligL1rth not in the strength of the horse. the Lord's throne is in heaven: his eyes behold. and together they lift up the voice to magllify his name. his soul hateth. he taLclh not pleasure in the lpg'S of a man. rather. the remwmt del ight to obey his commandments and to tel! ot 1}ers ahout h is doings. (Isa. It is very stimulating to faith to see how many of the scriptures become clear after the Lord has brought his people iuto the temple condition. They hunger and thirst for some mental food that will show them the way and give them a hope for life everlasting. and observing the fulfilment of his promise concerning such. During the time of judgment the Lord lifts up tlH'se because of their faithfulness and 10ye for him. even though the man in whom they trust proves to be unusually wise and faithful and swift and strong. to be the work of vindicating his church while on earth. that God and Christ Jesus are now giving special consideration to the anointed on earth. The child of God truly says: "My help cometh from the Lord. the remnant have reason for praise and they sing praises to Jehovah's name. and such is symbolized particularly by the growing of green grass upon the mountains. as well as shaping the affairs about the earth for the final overthrow of the evil world. 16 "Who covercth the heaven with douds." This verse appears to be the beginning of the second division of the Psalm or song. who prepareth rain for the earth. It is an unclean and therefore imperfect bird. There arc a number of order-loving. This scripture has therefore both a literal and a symbolic meaning and fulfilment.

that message has gone forth swiftly. but it is cold and cheerless. he hath blessed thy children within thee. They arc watching carefully for the kingdom interests committed to them. God has set his King upon his throne. "fat of wheat. who can be against us 1" (Rom. 52: 8) In the last above-quoted verse of the Psalm the marginal rendering is. The faithful will rejoice in doing with their might what the Lord h:1s given them to do in carrying the message of consolation to the people. The faithful will do it. and now the work of declaring this and kindred truths must be done. 33:10-12. because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth. and when his due time comes God will cut it short and finish it." These words plainly refer to the work the church now has to do upon the earth. 2: G.) This work must now be done in a hurry. The true Zion class feed upon God '8 Word and rejoice and sing forth his praises. and therefore of the temple class. They are at peace with one another. but with full faith and confidence in the Lord God he goes stedfastly on with his duties in the service of the Lord. He casteth forth his ice like morsels: who can stand before his cold?" Snow is pleasant and beautiful to the eye. Likewise the true child of God is not disturbed by the strength of man when exercised against him. and in this day of the Lord God all Jerusalem shall sec much cause for 1'0JOlcmg. while Zion includes only those who are in the covenant by sacrifice and who have been brought into the secret place of the Most High." (Ps. God keeps his hand over them while they are in full view of the enemy. 8: 31) He docs not stop to look about for help.. and therefore they can not rejoice in the precious truths that the Lord is now revealing to the remnant class. 51: 16) So long as one is of Zion." 25 "lIe giveth snow like wool: he scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes. 22 "He maketh peace in thy borders. He fully appreciates the truth which is written: "If God be for us. having a keen desire to serve the Lord. as here used symbolically. and they are therefore beyond the fangs of the evil one. that of itself proves that the ones causing the disturbance are not of Zion." This verse applies specifically to those faithful ones . N. (Isa. and together they unitedly carry forth the message of Jehovah and lift up their hearts to him in harmonious song. "Ye are my witnesses that I am God". To some of these the truth seems to be old and cold and without cheer. "For he will finish the work. The hoarfrost is bright. and will joyfully proceed with their work. but when they understand it the truth makes them ivarm of heart. 121: 2) This is corroborated by verse eleven of the Psalm. (Isa. 23 When members of an ecclesia find themselves in disputes and quarrels. but God graciously shows them the meaning thereof. Time and opportunities for service are too precious now to indulge in quarreling. He fully appreciates that the truth is from Jehovah and that Jehovah causes his light to shine upon it in his own good time and pleasure. and the reTIlllunt is to do the work commanded. 21 "Praise the Lord. 'hard frost that has become so by reason of age. To Zion the Lord says: "For he hat h strengthened the bars of thy gates. The others feed upon the husks and do not understand the truth. As the psalmist puts it: "His word runneth very swiftly. Not only do the remnant feed upon the Word of God.. If these trouble-makers are found among the remnant. They see eye to eye on the great truths rei"ealed to them from the ord of God." '1'his seemingly begins another division of the song. and filleth thee with the finest of the wheat." That means the sweet and nourishing portion of the wheat.88 trneWATCH TOWER earth. and cut it short in righteousness. (See Matt." This is cause for rejoicing. He will not hold to some supposed truth merely because some man taught it. embraces all the consecrated. Zion's children are within that organization and are protected by what is represented by the gates and bars which stand between them and the enemy. The faithful remnant class is now carrying the truth to the people. should go stedfastly on with their work and refuse to enter into a controversy with others. what shall be done? The faithful remnant. 2~ "He sendeth forth his commandment upon earth: his word runneth very swiftly. 'Wool is warm and comforting and brings ease and peace of mind. praise thy God. For he hath strengthened the bars of thy gates. Isa.ho are in the cove· nant by sacrifice and under the robe of righte0usness. It is very cold and cheerless. In harmony with this it i" written. because they have heard of "Bible religion" for years and have found no joy in what they heard. The commandment of God that now holds the place of prominence is: Preach the good news to all nations as a witness. 'l'hey will dwell in peace awl stand shoulder to shoulder with their faces always to the enemy. he is on the safe side of the gates and bars that shield him from the darts of the evil one. Y. 6: 9-12. Jerusalem. and it becomes exceedingly nourishing and strengthening to them. To some the truth looks cold and without interest. In this statement of the psalmist all who are of the spiritual Israelites are called upon to praise Jehovah. At the same time those of Zion are showing forth the praises of Jehovah. a Jerusalem. Zion. 24:14. Ps. he hath blessed thy children within thee. But when the truth is told to them and they begin to see that it is so different from the" Bible . in those that hope in his mercy." Since God has brought into use the radio for sending forth the message of his kingdom. Zion now sees her vantage point. a "T BROOKLYN. 20 "The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear him." The true child of God will not look for help or strength from any creature.

\'e for rejoieing. Upon examination those found faithful are brought into the temple and are giwn the g. the more determined he is to continue in that same course of action to the end. (1 Pet. and chprrs their hearts as they go forth to do that work.. 4: lG) God causes the mi1J(l of the ImngTy one to be oprnrd to the truth. and nearing the end of the period of the Gentile Times he opens his gates of truth and permits the waters thereof to flow out to those who desire to hear and know. To the clergy the truth being told amongi:lt their flocks is like morsels or chunks of icc. Bllt when those "'ho are prisoners. The purpose <lml desi 1'e of a Chl'isti:lIl are to have the final approval of . so now the cold and cheerless appearance flies away. Then the Messenger of the covellimt slldJenly comes to his temple and begins to take an aceount .vith nll who arc of the household of f.ith." pmpuse mny he fully accomplished. They have been brought forth from Babylon and the love of Christ has constrained them or held them together in the study of the 'Yord of God. nod's people are represented by J .. His expn-sspd admonition. It enables the anointed to . and to tell the oppressed people that they shall be relieved by and through Jehovah's gracious arrangement.. The cumulative evidence which he brings . the lUost High. (Cant. and go on in that course of action with songs of praise upon their lips. This is another cause for praise. This is exactly what the Lord is doing at the present time.ord. 27 "Ill' sheweth his word unto Jacob.Jc1:O\·ah. Some have bpen faithful. and as for his judgments.arments of salvation and covered with the robe of righteousness. 1929 Cfhe WATCH TOWER religion" that they have heard. to sec him face to fnee. They go Qut with full determination to fulfil the commission granted to them.::nents unto Israpl. and is so cold and cheerless that they can not stand before it. hns never before been blOwn. Praise ye the Lord. made up of his people whom he has selected for his purposes. like ashes before the wind.ord and his will to those v. For many centuries God has been bringing the truth to some. from time to time. and many. rcpres\:lJled by llis eommandments to do 11is ('\:]'tain great work in the \:arth. "the Messenger of the covenant. flashes of lig-htnin:?. 1'he anointed gradually e0111e to a realization of the fact that Ood h:!s anointrd tllPIll for this purpose. to be faithful and true to JdlOvah and to bring glory to bis name. the situation changes. 'l'11e soft win(ls repn-sent that whirh is ph-asing and brlpful nnd bring's jo~>." In coneluding the song the prophet declares that never has God dealt so with any nation. the greater cause they h. they have not known them. while some of those whom they hold prisoners become cheered and warm." is engaged in preparing the way before the Lord by drawing out from Babylon hungry souls who desire something better. God continues to give them more light and a better understanding of his Word. and surely no other nation has ever bpcn im'ited to participate therein.FEBRUARY 1. and that the fulfilnH'ut of tho divine commission is a condition pl'l'cedrnt to entering into the presence of Jehovah and Ill·ing made in the lihness of Jesus Christ. to declare God's expressed vengeance upon the enemy organization. which he is now putting into operation through his beloved Son. and the truth begins to make them glad as they receive it.we that the great Eternal One. and melteth them. is dealing generally with them. and to enjo~· e1l<lll'ss hlpssings of life and companionship with Christ Jesus the g1'rat King. All of such are described under the symbol Jerusalem. and the waters flow. that I:." 30 The more fully a person is convinced that his course of action is right. and then his opposition to the trnth melts away and gn'at floods of refreshing truths rush into the mind and make glad the heart of him who seeks to know and appreciate God's goodness to him. Kever before has lJp J('alt so . Thus he emphasizrs the privilege that the nation here described enjoys. less faithful. and those of the temple class sec and understand more fully his plan and purposes and tllPy gi \'e way to song's of praise. his statutes and his juu. The anointed ono sees that his divinely-given commission requirps him to be faithful and true as a witness to J eho\'ah.' illuminating their minds and disclosing what he wishes them to do. 28 "He hath not dealt so with any nation.ith any peoIlle or nation. he c::mseth his wind to blow. He is feeding" his people upon that food whieh is "collvellient" for them and which is greatly bellefiting them as new creatures. Particularly at the end of that period of time God gathers his holy nation. During a certain period of time Christ. The clergy are frozen by it and fall. and who are Reeking for ri!:{hteommess and rclirf. as occurs in the first verse.lcoh and Israel. As the hoarfrost is scattered. have heard the truth and give it eOl1sideration and manifest a desire for morc. This verse tells that God shows his v. Jehm'ah flashes his Jig-htlling upon the temple. God sends forth to them a better nndl'rstandinl~ of the truth. These have made a consprration to do the will of God. For this reason he gives the trmple c]nss.." The truth has ]wen and is strenuously opposed by the clergy and the principal OIH-S of their floek. and their opposition is melted away. '1'he more fully they l'nJerstand God's plan. and together they say to one anether: "Pr<liseye the I. 2: 9) During the closing days of the period of the Gentiles he has drawn many 89 together by having the word of truth preached to them.. that they may be further encouraged. Doing so. 26 "He sendeth out his word.'ho have plcd:sed themselves to serve him. 29 It is these faithflll ones that constitute the people or Jlntion called for his purposes." A'iain tl1(' worl~s of the song refer to the people of God.

How important Is a convIction that one's course of action is right? What Is the only purpose and desil'e of a tl'llC Christian? \Yhat must he realiz(~ in onler to apprt'ciate his privilege and fulfil his commission? '\[ 30. WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN? ITH all the \Yestern world professing to be Christian.Yn good way and time he sends it forth to his people. and explain how they were 'gathered together'. In other words. To such the Christian religion probably means little beyond acceptance of the f[~ct that there is such a form of religion. it would seem as if it should be quite unnecessary to ask the question. thl~ peaet'. and indeecl almost foolishness to do so. That is the real reason why Jehovah is now giving his church a better understanding of his Word. ~ ID. 14. the man in the street considers that the terms" Christian" and" civilized" are synonymous.. "-Isa. as distinct from the paganism of the Old \YorId. and the wflters flow". '\[ 17. Yet he who asks will not get uniform replies. He will almost eertainly say that only he may take the name of Christian who is a disciple of Jesus. How did the Lord build up Jerusalem? Identify the 'outcasts of Israel'. 32 Everyone who is truly praising God now must be doing so because of his love for the 1\1ost High. How did the Lord bind up the wounds of the broken-hearted and heai them? Show that two classes became manifest In the meantime.' fot' all hIs creatures. an(} the 'fut of wheat' enjo. If the question be asked of one who is professedly a follower of the teachings of Jesus. 31 He has provided Th e lV atch Tower to publish his truth.t certainly answer that he is a Christian who openly W avows acceptance of the Christian religion. Again let it be stated that the truth is not man's truth.32. (1 John 5: 3) The love of the remnant is' made perfect by fun obedience. the blessing. \Vhat may be the particular distinction between the Christian and the other religiCins. and with nearly two thousand years of pl'ofessecl Christian experience. hel'e callell upon to praise God? Df'sf'l'ibe the security. (b) God's hearIng the 'cry of the young ravf'ns'. (b) 'prPlJaring rain for the earth'. 'Yhat Is now clearly the test of one's love for the Lonl and for hIs 'Yonl. If an average member or adherent of one of the church systems be asked the question. Ps. Explflin what \v"s pkturell hy Davia's having special 1<1VOl' with God an d b:l' his songs of praise. "J 3. and that he died and was raised from the dead. he will almm. whom he has commanded to be his faithful and true witnesses. 6. \\'hy is Jerusalem. BROOKLYN. In what spnse does J ehomh's word 'run wry swiftlj"? and how is thIs to be aecomplished? '\[ 2. What are some of the evidences of the greatness. who seeks to conform his life to . What are the eircumstances that now call forth songs of thanksgiving? \Vho use the 'harp'. the religion of the Mohammedans. Show the approprIateness of v('rse 1G in thIs connection. and the ignorant demonworship of the dark races of the earth. the iclolatrous . 118: 14. but belongs to Jehovah. "'hat are the word. Point out God's temlf'r earl.yed uy Zion. 4. the statutes and the judgments here referred to? How are they s!lown only to God's pcople? Explain the stfltcment. and of one's appreeiation of a1l tklt God's purposes inehl\le for the cllUreh and for all manl. 31.CfheWATCH TOWER to them convinces the anointed beyond a doubt that their course of action is right. and thereby God communicates his truth to his people. as indicatIng the work that is to be done. 'lI 5. As these faithful proceed in the course of action marked out for them each one can truly say: "The Lord JEHOVAll is my strength and my song. :!(). and that in his o. DescrIbe the classes pI~tured in verses 10 and 11. 'Vhen and how is the distinction to be particUlarly manIfest? '\[ 13. power and understanding of Jehovah which cali for rejoieing and praise? 'lI 9-12. '\[ 21-23. the average man might not be able to say. and this obedience is made known by their boldness in this day of judgment in speaking out the words of truth to the glory and praise of Jehovah's name. he will be more definite in his answer." '\[ 27-2D. 8. Contrast the lot of the meek with that of the wicked. (~) 'making the grass to grow upon the mountains'. ana \\ IH'n? '\[ I. Y. 'lI 7. N. '\[ IG. to accoun t for the Lord's manner of dealing with each class. Explnin the picture of (a) Elijah's being fnl by ravens. is also engaged in giving the witness to his name as God has commanded. beyond that the Christian religion eenters round the coming of Jesus Christ. and therefore they become more determined than ever to press on in the way the Lord has led them.iIllI? lIow \vill the faithful meet that test? . ns showIng the happy lot of the faithful remnant. SilOW the symbolic meaning of (a) 'covering the heaven with clouds'.1. meaning thereby to mark a eli'Stinction as between those who are inhabitants or ritizens of those countries 'which are called civilizecl and all those who are not.. and how do they 'sIng' upon it? 'lI 15. It therefore follows that everyone who is truly singing praises to Jehovah. 26.Yorship of the East. 12: 2. 18. State the prominent conllnancl now before the church.'e to serve wlw t ll\lrposc. "He hath not dealt so with any nfltion. Never has there been on earth a people with whom the Lord has dealt as he is now dealing with the remnant. Apply the fourth verse of thIs Psalm in its literai and In its symbolic sense. as well as ~ion. '\[ 25. Love for God is proven only by keeping his commandments and doing so joyfully. His wonl 'melteth' whom? How? Apply "He causeth hIs WIIlll to blow. The answer of the man in the street would be to the efleet that the world of mankincl is made up of Chris: ians and non-Christians. Distinguish between Jerusalem and ZIon. QUESTIONS FOR BEREAN STUDY Of "'hat (10 tile Psalms C'onsist? To whom \VPfe tlH'v lHIdressed? For whom were they written? They \\'('. 2. Point out the means whi~h God hfls provIded for feelling Hnd lealling hIs people in tllis 'the clay of his prespnce'. he also is become my salvation.

went in state to theil' temples to \\-orship. that the teaehing. so far as it concerns the name of the church.. and they reject the suggestion that they are expected to do so if they make profession of being a Christian. on st ate oceasions. It might be presumed that if the people of certain countries arc not Christialls. and Christ is the Door to Jehovah's sheepfold.s as being" in Christ ". . The answer to t he question. then there is no usc makin. thus turning them from ignorant idolaters into good Christians. ". then it follows that tht'l'l' I:l\lst be some readjustment necessary. amI would hring mnch disappointment to multitudes. Are the nations Christian? The answer is in the negative. true that no man can reach t he ideal shown in Jesus. or prove them to be so) is that whereas Home. Of him it is said that he "did no sin.'auld gi\'e. What advantage is gained by raising' the qurstion. ncit her \\ as guile found in his mouth. in no Inly different from pagan Rome. No nation follows the teaching of Jesus.of . is that none has the right to designate itself the church of Christ. In thrse days. Are the great church systems of the West. To what extent is that true? How did the nations of Europe become Christian? At the first it was easy. hich the many . They are 1he days of which t he Prophet Isaiah spoke when he said. the world would have been without ils Savior. and rightl'OlISIll'SS to the plummet.a\'o\\cd. It has been generally assumed that the nations of Europe have been Christian for a thousand years. go to their appointed cathedral. The Emperor Constantine ])rofessed the Christian doctrine and made it the recognized religion of the empire. The diffrrl'llCe (and that which is supposed to make them Christian. If on examination it shoulJ be founJ that true Christians arc a rarity among mrJ). the Christian nations.. in arknmdedgment of its gods. or those of the East which profess Christianity. tlccording to his teachings. or of the East. 28: 17) It is not only men who institute inquiry into the claims of 01 hers : Jehovah God is doillg it also. while uncertainty and ignoranee is dis::dvantageous a]](1 positively harmful.':t!urs of all kinds arc bring readjusted. Much every wa~·. nor to allow others so to name it. It is of such as thE'se that the New Testament speal. Charlemagne. and. 2: 22) If he had sinned. the maker of the "Holy Roman Empire". Certainly the nations of Christendom are not Christi. lo! the people were turned from pagan to Christian. Christian churehes? The answer. IIe was born into 1he world apart from 1he taint which comes to every child of Adam's stoek. In their state policies the nations of Chris!L'IHlom are. and the day of truth is begull. '1'0 have to come to thrse conclusions would mean a great surprise to many. but has no relationship whatever to any question of ascertaining or doing the . "Be ye therefore perfect. who arc known as new creatUl'rs in Christ . has any nation conducted its affairs. as kno"wledge increased. all or any part of them. and who. 5: 48) Now to endeavor to make out of this that Jesus meant to tell his poor weak disciples that they were expected 41 to be as perfect as the great and incorruptible Jehovah is perfect is surely foolishness." (Matt. ']'he nations over which the popes of Rome ruled "'ere in no sense followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Their worship is the bare ackno\vledgment for something recein:d or for some victory gained.~ the attempl. Therefore any claim put forward by any. except in general acceptance of a certain religion called Christian. then probably the clmrches themsclves are not really Christian. We ask.Judgment also will I lay to the lim'. His custom was to drive the ignorant idolworshiping peoples whom he conquered into a conwnient riYer and have them baptized by his soldiers. Knowledge of the truth must he to advantage. Jehovah alone can give entrance to his church. yet it does not go far enough. and the nations have voluntarily professed to be Christian. to be so named is fraudulen~ .\'ill of the Divine Deing. But the day of sllall1s is nearly past. having seen the privilege of following in the footsteps of Jrsus. But Jesus ne\'er set forth that his disci pIes \H're expected to be what he had been while a man among men. Kor. and to the teachings of Jesus as set forth both by Jesus and by the apostles whom he sent into the world. used a rough and ready way to increase the number of Christians. or of Greece.Icsm. under any circumstances what. The real Christian is he who has accepted Jesus as his Savior provided by God for the remission of sins. rather than that it is a fact that they arc numbered as a thousand millions of earth's population.FEBRUARY 1. 'l'odav it is more or less frankh. has consecrated himself to God as Jrsus did. :1I}(1 allowed by t'he l'1eq. none has ever made any profession of so doing. and in calling attl'ntion 10 these things? 'Ye may say. \V!lc. If it ("un not. In the direction he gave to his disciples in that which is called "The Sermon on the Mount" Jesus said. none has ever tried to do so." (Isa.?'y ("'110 dare not'sct a high slandanl for their f1o("h).fesns Christ ean not be kept. and therefore to speak of some nat ions as forming Christendom is a misnomer. of course. ever. so far as Christianity is concerned. 1929 'fhe WATCH TOWER the life of Christ. where the professed priests of Jesus Christ serve." (1 Pet. This answer is more nearly eorrect. Men have no expectation of being' able to live up to such a standard.t is a Christian? can not be that v. It is. and a new standard must be set. as distinct from t lIe worship of the gods of Rome. \vhen it seems proper to them to make some admowledgment to the Divine Deing'. eyen as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.m. Du't we ask the question. nor reaeh up 10 his personal standard.

He enters into the privilc~e and responsibility of following in the footsteps of Jesus. who believes he was born of the virgin Mary that he might 'partake of flesh and blood' (become a man. His new outlook and his consecration cause him to take a course which is contrary to thut which men take in all ordinary matters relating to themselves or to the affairs of the world. N. they dare not teuch. the various offices in which they serve. reproach. death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. in Babylon and in Assyria. Y. Jehovah. is nothing morc nor less than the transference of the trinity of gods worshiped in Egypt. consecrated to God as he consecrated. persecution. made a Prince and a Savior. as a true disciple must do. Before he can reaJly enter into the life of faith as a follOlver of Jesus he must consecrate himself to God as Jesus did. Do the Christian churches represent Jesus as he represented the Father1 To those who know the Scriptures the answer is. and that therefore all others must sooner or later perish everlastingly. the truths which Jesus left for his disciples. abhorrent to the Bible. He is then given the holy spirit's aid to understand the things of God. The Protestant churches have discarded many of these symbols. Today to be a Christian means serving Jehovah according to the truth of the kingdom of heaven now being established on earth. and was exalted to Jehovah's right hand. darkening dogmas of Rome. even though it be acknowlcdged to be much below the true standard. meaning thereby the present arrangement of the world. namely. herited by the children of Adam. that since his resurrection he has ministered to the saints. whom he appointed the Savior of men and his own special representative in heaven and earth. and to have quarreled so bitterly with each other about the teachings of Jesus. the trinity. Any one who has made inquiry into church history knows that the great mysteries of the church of Rome are really transferences from the mysteries of paganism. which is the revelation of the one God. 1\1ost certainly they do not represent Jesus. ministry.n is a true follower of Jesus. and the God and Father of Jesus Christ. renewed in his mind. if the relationship of Christian teaching with that of the heathen world is considered. But the Christian not only believes these things: he sees that it is given to him not only to believe all Jesus. to be a ransom for all men. Thus a Christia. and will raise the dead in order that they may shure ill the blessings which Jehovah has for all the obedient. none but those who have tho aid of the holy spirit of God can possibly keep. that he died as a man. being their Advocate before the Father. the holy spirit of God witnesses that he who will be a friend of this world. Once again: To follow Jesus. or be expected to keep so high a standard of life as Jesus there lifts up. It also means support of the church systems which give their support to the kingdoms. but to suffer with him. und is quickened in his spirit. but have retained the chief defiling. It is to these that Jesus directed his word in the sermon on the mount. that of teaching what Jesus taught. The vestments of the priests. and have thereby vitiated the teaching of Jesus. tlwt he is Lord both of the dead and or the living. that lie may desire them. there comes a conflict betwecn the forces of evil and thc servants of Jesus Christ. and was raised from the dead a glorious spirit being. it is found that the churches have substituted pagan worship and teaching for the teaching of Jesus. But when the teaching of Jesus is brought into question these professed believers are found to differ so much from each other. a perfect man who could and did offer himself to God without spot. To the extent that these facts of divine history are accepted and are the basis of fellOlvship in belief. is a Christian1 Answer: He is one who believes Jesus of Nazareth was God's messenger to men. 4: 4. that he comes again to take up his kingdom. These profess that such belief is the 0111y way of acceptance with the Creator: that none but those who so believe can ultimately find eternal life. either according to the teaching of Jesus or according to the spirit of Jesus. but was begotten by God through operation of the holy spirit instead of by man in order that he might escape the corruption in- BROOKLYN. then. The true Christian follows the Lord at all times . and to wind up its affairs. Certainly the churches are not Christian. so that it is through much persecution the disciple final· ly enters the kingdom of God. his true followers. and the furniture of their altars are copied from those ancient mysteries where demons were worshiped. reducing to nothing the enemies of righteousness in order that there may be a free way for the multitudes of earth to walk the way of life then open to all. This brings misunderstanding. Through James. still further. namely. the 1\lost High over all the earth. is the enemy of God. But. The ordinary conception of the" Christian" meuns that the kingdoms of earth should be supported because they represent Christianity in operation. ·What. and that God designated him as the Redeemer of the world.42 CfheWATCH TOWER But this question may be looked at from another point of view. The basic doctrine of churchianity. that it becomes impossible to think that they can be Christian. that he was thus God's Lamb for sacrifice. and who accepts the teachings of Jesus and seeks to carry them out in his life. Their teachings are based upon the fact of the birth. They do not teach.-Jas. In their creeds they profess to believe that he will come again to judge the world. l\Iohammed::m or heathen. the company of those who believe may be said to be Christian as distinct from pagan. a human being).

(See Isa. writing to the Co. It is now commonly which seed was sown. Again true courage is necessary. Hence the parable shows that Jesus sowed tion. Then the question arises. buth in point of time and as to those whom it affects. and when was the reaping? The coming of Jesus disclosed another harvest time. the holy men of old (2 Pet. and at this time he is found giving witness to the new order now being established.) purposes. that his service is to be.. we inquire. This is. the growing of the crops. says to them. for whom he was sowed has been gathered. 1: 21). There is no scripture which says that God is 15) The object was. chiefly because Jesus in one ther work of grace and no hope for any thereafter to of his parables spoke of the world as being a field in come into harmony with God. In there would be a separation making the clear distincthe parable of the wheat anti the tares Jesus spoke of tion between those who served God and those who. it produce. and of Paul's use would hear and become obedient to the word of of the word to the Corinthians. were 'Ye inquire as to \Vlwt the Scriptures have to say to grow together until the time of the harvest. what harvest did his first presence. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER and in all things. the enemy of God and of Christ. But the slightest consideration of his fore. to gather out of the world those who should be assoBut the thought of God as a great husbandman ciates with Jesus in the great work which was to be . hence his word. but the disciple who 43 will serve his Master has the same spirit as he." (1 Cor.sown by Jesus has been gathered in there is no furtian. and with T . thereworld. (~xamination of the parable of the w'heat and the tares Jesus came to declare his Father's will to those who and that of Jesus as the true vine. when of the result of UotI's halTesiing in the earth. and thereby to the whole and which he must and surely will fulfil for his church. the sowing.ith the whole w'orId us h is field is not foreign to the done when the kingdom of God was established in the tenor of Soriptme. He his servants.. the good seed of the kingdom. He said of Jesus. revealing his Father's will to men. were self-seekers and agents time. bidding" those who would be saved to strive to ceived. has no reference whatever to the relationship of words shows that this sowing began only with him. which some reaside. will show that the grace. rinthians. but Apparently that people had no thought that God was only those who have professed to be God's in relation to God's dealings with the Jews.serve him and their own selfish and therefore evil iah 21: 12. "My Father is the those great and glorious prophecies which God spoke husbandman. "He that cometh after me is mightier than I. 11 : local. sillee he hids us do so. That there was this false and the true. This parable. is familiar to the Chris. that is. been gathered 1 ••• he shall baptize you with the holy spirit. "Ye are God's husbandry. 3: 9) An name's sake. a great husbandman over all the earth. let him hear. and said that the harvest is the end of the of the Devil. and that these men. The parable is local day. that Satan. Orthodoxy has wrongly taught that when the harpreparing for and gathering a harvest for him. the vious sowing for any gathering out of the earth for ripening time is the end of the age which began with (:od? And if seed had been sown. after the church has herald. or age. again and again repeated. Once again: To follow J esns means to suffer with him.vest which has resulted from the ripening of the seed self out of the earth. and the tares does not affect mankind as a whole. "Are there few that be saved?" he turned it truth. it may be said).The sowing began with the coming of Jesus. When Jesus was asked the ques. Had there been any pre. and have professed to be wheat ean not affect men or conditions on earth before his but are manifested to be tares. Also." (John 15: 1) Paul. thought of God's being husbandman is in each case "He that hath ears to hear. when it is seen that the parable of the wheat namely. GOD'S HARVESTING HE conception of God as a great husbandman.phase in his dealings with that people is shown by ing is there to be after the harvest for which Jesus John the Baptist. true and false. It shams. but the best service he can render his fellow men.FEBRUARY 1. in part (chiefly. too. hypocrites. having his spirit. those who give themselves to the purpose of Cod. the world of men: it has to do only with those who and it follows therefore that the hanest gained can are the true servants of God and with those who have only be the result of the sowing of the truth which made profession of being his servants but have been Jesus brought. Jesus said." (1\1att. What sowing and reap. of course. ellter in at the strait gate. not only to the glory of God. Also because when speaking of the Scriptures: it leaves no room for the fulfilment of parable of the vine. and said that the harvest is the known that this teaching is altogether contrary to the end of the age. and will serve God at any cost. dealing with them through their long period of fa Val' and that its purpose is to show separation between tho as bringing them to a harvest. of the harvest professing to serve him. But we may inquire into sowed his evil seed.

been entirely ignored? Are all of the millions who since J esus' day have lived and died in ignorance and in misconception of God. One of the special illustrations is in the matter of Israel's feasts. "The harvest truly is plenteous. It is. at the second presence. at Jesus' first advent. when the Israelites met together for worship. but the labourers are few. and to their children who in course of time scattered thE'mse!ves abroi1d in the earth. and how in so doing they did dishonor to God. who are not included in any covenant of favor as was the case with his people Israel. The Apostle Paul tells how mankind preferred to take their own way and that God left them to it. after David's time. Pentecost. the second death. this word of grace concE'rning Jesus went mostly to the nations of Europe. It is evident that however great these two harvests of God be when considered as a result of his sowing. and in order (1) that they might do his in the e:1rth at his own special season. but was then sent abroad to all nations." and he bade his disciples. 12) And also Jesus himself said of his day. like the one above referred to. In the earliest days that place was Shiloh. they were destroyed in the fire which could not be quenched. and in the prophecies spoken by their prophets. yet his dealings with that people are illustrative of his larger and greater dealings with the children of men. 1: 21. they must be considered as small if they represent only those whom God should finally get out of the wreckage of humanity when the vast multitudes of earth's population are taken into aceount. God '. when the temple of God was erected. of course. we ask. For example. 'who made a profession of being true servants of Jehovah. Paul. As such. Although with the coming of Jesus there was a change in God's attitude toward men. The Bible shows that unquestionably God will have a great harvest gathering of humanity. "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest. but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire." (Matt. the comforter of all those who inquire of God concerning the things which seem difficult to understand. 9: 37. outside the purposes of God? Does he get no harvest from these? It is in this very thing that the Word of God is revealed as the great hope of the world. that whosoever would hear might hear and come nigh to God. nor tOlH'hrd tile multitudinous sons of Japheth spread abroad in the North and Far East and represented chiefly by the dark maSS'''3 of India. Still others. and even then only at the time appointed. yet it is apparent that God allowed his truth to be overcome with error. Out of the first harvest God gathered his grains of wheat through the truth which was then preached by Jesus. gathered out of all the peoples of the earth. As God is gracious and declares his good purposes to all men. Y. That whieh professed to honor him was actually made to defame his name. so that during the dark ages truth seemed almost lost. relates to spiritual Israel. nor aifected the multitudes of the sons of Shem in the Kear East. BROOKLYN. were at the seasons we know as Passover. inasmuch as the truth which he revealed by Jesus was not limited to the house of Israel according to the flesh. In the things done to the house of Israel. but in later days. Is there no other harvest? Have all the peoples of earth who have lived from Adam to Jesus' day. While in a very special way the children of Israel were illustrations for spiritual Israel. the place of gathering was Jerusalem. The truth on all these thing'S was given in an indirect manner so that it could not be understood until God's own timo came for the full revelation. N. and also with the the responsibility that "God now commandeth all men every \vhere to repent" (Acts 17: 30). These were seen in the apostles and others \vho believed on Jesus at that time. speaking of tho . apparent to every Bible student that God has left the world very much to its own way.-Rom.ill . It neither went to the dark massps of the sons of Ham in Africa.. true Israelites. besides the harvests gained as a result from the special sowing of truth. when they were settled in the land. the handful of corn offered at Passover specially represents Jesus. He tells how they degraded themselves. Also. and the Feast of Tabernacles. These three feasts or holy convocations. the leaders of the people. Malay and China. Jehovah laid up his treasure store for the enlightening of his people in the days when it would be necessary that the full measure of truth should be given. That harvest. he would indicate to them. and the other. was limited both in time and to its people: it had no relation whatever to any but the people of Israel. 3: 11. remembering that God was their deliverer and their blesser. and in relationship to the children of Israel. but they are written in such a manner as to speak only to his people. and (2) that by means of it they might have the strength to continue against the rushing tides of evil which would then threaten to sweep the earth.. All God's purposes in relation to his human family are written in his Word. people according to the flesh. "-l\Iatt.. and he will throughly purge his floor and gather his wheat into the garner. These two harvests had to do with the two peoples of God: the one. first in fleshly Israel and then in spiritual Israel. the time when he \yould have his special witness given concerning himself. were found to be chaff. but that a full end was being made of all that was represented by Judaism. 38. This docs not mean that they were destroyed in the fire prepared for the Devil and his angels. Three times a year that people were instructed to appear before Jehovah in the place which. thanksgiving and fellowship. concerned fleshly Israel.44 Cfhe WATCH TOWER fire: whose fan is in his hand. that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

-1 Cor. gat ion concerning. says. In my intl_'rmittent study of the Great I'~-ramld.ITamid is Ihe KIng's ChamtWI'.. in tile Great Pyramid. This. (1 Cor. Jike IIIany other mat tt'rs. The erection of the Tower of Babel was undoulJtedly inspired by Satan. COIT('SIJOJ1diJlg to the first fruits offered to Cod on t]l1:t day. also that. 5: 7). "He was raised on the third day according to the scriptures. wrre reprcsentc'd by the two 10l1\-e8 baked with leaven ottered by the priest on the fiftieth dny after Passover. 5: 7. in el-('r~' Olle of the Spllee" al)('I-e. lwillg the 1m ~-"st ruill of aneirnt to\\-ers. Certain it is that the Great Pyramid has been struck by JehoDE.p Hl](wk of this earlhqullke Blust IHlVP heen very "evpre. but who is also God's great Priest.feat 1'. the more I am convinced that The TOlcer presents the truth on the subject.t'anl the ryraIJlitl wIlen he found it is uns('l'iptur~l. We know that Jesus was God's passover Lamb (] Cor. It is the privilege of the elect church to reign with the Prince of Peace.. the multitudes praising him for his goodness.0 Ue€n found Oil the mllssiye stones in the ('onstrudion Chnmbers. it bringeth forth much fruit. If the Great Pyramid were of Divine origin.'ems relllarkable that the insignia of 1I binI and otlw!' bipl'oglrphics have 111." In the j"t'lU' H)~-t tIle ruills of the high tower of the Zi. and who on the sixteenth day was raisrcl hom the dead to he a I'rilll'e ancI a Savior. whiph to me is proof condush-e of the Satanic purpose back of the desi~TJl and conslnl('tion of the Great P~Tami<1 of Gi7:t'!l. This at le'lst makes one suspicious of a profane relationship existing hetween thpse structures.~.FEBRUARY 1. since Its purpose would be . D. If Purt 1 was not convineing to sOllle. Now it becomes clear that the feast of tabernacles at the end of the Jewish harvest year represents the great ingathering of the fruits of the earth. '1' he cyidrnee sllhmittrd is corroborative proof that the structme of stone was built at the dictation of Satan. awaiting further light. Now that the further light has come.-Ps. there are also afterfruits to be gathered. The confusion of tongues. If this strudure \I':lS designed by the Divine Architect. Areheolo~ists IUt' lIuthol'ity for 1he statement tllat thpsp hierogl~'plli('s art' till' illsi~nia of tile craftsnll'n who wpre bHlH]('(1 to~et!Jer to perform cprtnin parts of tile work. where the insignia of the bird and other hieroglyphics occur.}plJOnlh's Jiglltnings \"pre evi(Jpnt in Part ~. we would naturally expect it to be greater than any structure inspired by man or by the Devil. \\ ail illt>.-gurat. "Except a corn of wheat fall into th~ ground and die. the massive roof beams flre eith!'!' c!'>wked at'l O. speaking of himself. and who recei \'()d it whcn the flit ieth day had fully come. the more I consider. It can not be doubted that the little clmrch gathered in the upper room. the scattering of the builders. wpn' ullearthp.. As all honest persons should be. The passover lamb WaB slain on the fourteenth day. in other words.lS said. 23) But if there are firstfruits to God." (John 12: 24) Jesus was God's 'grain of wheat' that fell into the ground the fourteenth day and died. so tbat.-holt' of the iJllIllPlll'el~' heavy gl'anite ceiling is up!Jrld soh'ly b~' stiel(jn~ awl thrusting! . 15: 20. when everything that hath breath shall praise Jchovah. 1929 'fheWATCH TOWER resurrection of Jesus.s of this stnJ('tul'e had a rectangular ill:prillt \l'ithin whi<'h was tht' erude imllr('ssion of Il binI alld some lliproglyphies. thf' . (Gen. in Hahylollia. principll 1I~. The \\Titer of the letter has fm_' sewral 'Tars done a ::-OTeat amount of im-esti. The Dible visualizes a world happy in the love of God. as I'roL Flindpl'S Pptrie 11. It is also interesting to observe that the part of the Great Pyra:nid damaged by an earthquake. the sixteenth day was the third day thereafter. '1'hat little company representing the whole churc·h had the leaven of evil in them.-acred" ellHmber in the (. the multitudes of earth which God will have after his church is completed. The most ":.1id of Gizeh. for all o( till' helJllIs which fOl'm tile illllllf'diate roof of the I-\ing's ('!Jamhpl'. he said. It s. THE PYRAMID OF GIZEH iTB following letter will be of interest to n'atell 'Power rea. through the 1ratch 'I'mcer articlps above mentiont'd.l· did God permit a severe t':ll'thquake to hreak the roof !l:'lll11S of tllis ehalllbpr'! ()1If~ llIUeh-rell<l wriler remarks: "Ti. the multitudes who have lived and died without knowledge of God. surp1y the tlas]lE's of . thus. '1'he lctter fo11o\\"s: T BROTHI:H H l-TIfEItFOl:IJ: I lla"e reet'ntly finishp(l rp[Hling Part 2 of "The Altar in F. but they were accepted of God in Christ...on til(' south sid"... or II l'e tom more or le8s out of the Wl1 lJ. that God may get his great harvest out of the world of mankind. the church also is firstfruits. were luid on the sllelf. for the promised blessing of the holy spirit.~YlJt". \l'h. The hl'icl. above the King's ChaJlllwr. and 45 were to be purged from the old leaven that they might be pure in his sight. Surely this is a strong hint of God's disapproval of that structure.iH vah's Ii~htnings Ill'o<:epoing f!'Om his tf'mple. It is for this purpose that the dead. and the stoppage of its construction were certainly caused by the LORD. Christ himself was the firstfruit. gn'at lind strong tllOu~h tlwy he. was the Construction Chambers. 150: 6.the Py1'ar.I'OSS tlle I'outh \l'a 11. but the offering of the firstfruits was to be made on the sixteenth day of the first month. presumably about 1:100 A. is SUppos('d to 1I:l\-e been the Towt'r of D:Jlwl. SOllle fucts llll\-e come to Illy a!tpntion wllich at times have cast serious doubts OIl my mind but. Ill' has been a strong supporter of the conclusion concerning the Pyramid published in Yolume 3 of Studies in the Scriptures. nre broken a(.Jers. and where there appear the most massive units of masonry in the Pyramid's construction. are raised from the dead and are placed under the care of the Savior who is Judge and King. covering several ypurs. to bring the world to the knowledge of the Lord.]. and with him to act as the sun of righteousness which will ripen the fruit of the earth.:\Iorpo\'('r." There is no scripture which definitely thus foretold that resurrection. Both Jesus and his church are firstfruits unto God. he was quick to clio. 11: 1-9) Tradition says that the Tower of Babel was struck by lightning. counting the fourteenth day. it abideth alone: but if it die.

as follows: "Tradition states that Baaibek is the most ancient building in the world. ". Cain. . upheld the theories just allu(lefl to.. and that he aftenl'Urd usell that information for his own seltlsh purposes to mislead others.. weighs approximately eighty tons. fnrther. I am using no exaggeration when I say it is like the invisible joint in a polished mahogany table top. This is a goo(l ca~'c in point. recorlled In God's 'Yard. and. About 1914 a Bible Student well known to me was taiking to Pastor Russell about the "new light" on the Great Pyramid. the Tropical Year. and the len gth of the Saros (or cycle of eclipses). or marking' of any kind sllOwing an intemlpd design as a kpy or starting point. the largest stone found in the structure." Eyidence tending strongly to support this thought is found in the passageways of the Gn':! t Pyramid. will not stand close Investigation. In other words. N. I have made a careful investigation of the so-called scientific features of the Great Pyramid. B..veak point to it. Y. To quote from the Transcript: " . . The lengt!! of 178 inehes eonveniently adopted for the Granite Plug (three granite boulders). There 18 evidence that the Devil inspired another structure which. The only "ending points" designed near the Step are its base. The only purpose they can serve to the unenlightened is ttY disprove the theory of evolution. I am submitting a separate treatise dealing with this matter.. joint.) Is it not remarkable that Satan has not used his dupes to bring forth this evidence? Undoubtedly Satan received his scientific information from Divine sources. because they lack evidence and because they would disprove the evolutionary theol'. never thought of mentioning it at all. by Petrie to have been many inches longer than 178. BROOKLYN. The mention of these matters should be a warning to God's children not to use any of Satan's works to glorify God. Practically every measurement in the passageways of tIle Great Pj'l'ami<l "proving" the chronology of the Divine Plan. and the Precessional Cycle." TI~e most prob. G. Gordon. one has to employ "license" to adopt the proper elevation that will convenipntly pl'olluce the required 331 pyramid. aIHI its height and base having a "Pi relationship". built it In the year 133 of the creation In a fit of raving madness anll with the help of the giants who were punished for their Iniquities by the flood. as published by Pyramid savants and students. of the Step. . llave furnished us with an InterrstinO' standard bv which to measure our o\vn performance. The joints between the big stones. Tho most generally acceptell mPHSUrf'ment. Moreover. and the Jewish or prophetic Ypar. 'l'llis thought furnishes a possible reason why Satan has not pncouragcd the discovery of the scientific secrets of the ~tructurl'S inspired by Ilis ambitionS. the l\Ietonic cycle. C. in Syria. or at its top at the front all(l south emI. the son of Adam. Prof. when the two morning stars. the Sideral Year. Diyinp non-inlrrference with his work Iws resulted in Satan's buillling structures whicll have become yeritable boomerangs on Ilis lwnds. surely no sharply defined measurement was Intended there. It is scarcely necessary for me to mId that no mortar of any kind was uscll in the masonry at Baalbek.ith the thought expressed In The Totccr that in the great ceremony at the time Jehovah God laid tile foundations of the f'arlh. in the Great Pyramid. the precessional cycle shown by the two diagonals of its base.. which reported Dr. I alll especially impressed ".here certain mcasurements and designs indicate the length of the Cal{. IWII lIe been the :lesig-ner. the Logos amI Lucifcr. It is the TOOlpie of Jupiter Baal. It is taken to an invisible and undefined ending iii solid masonry. i~ the length of tIle Grand Gallery 1100r-line produced thrall!"" solid masonry to the end. which was a common subject of discussion at that time. to my mind. at Baalbek. chncked them up on top of walls and balanced them on the tops of columns and. The original length of this Plug was dptennined. concerning this Temple. Thi~ action appears to be tile work of Satan. the Synodic Period (lunar month). In that year there appeared an article in the Boston Transcript. . that "it Is reasonable to eonC'!ucle that Luetfer there learned about the measurements of the earth and its relationship to the stars and plancts. .tl(lar Year. 'l'hese features bear tile stamp of being man-made for the purpose of seeking recognition. and more precisely than they are shown in the Great Pyramid. But think of how small this beam is in comparison with some stones In this heathen Temple. This Bible Student repeated to me tbat Pastor . But In the light of the truth now appearing in The TOlcer. has a ." Dr. and a noted savant on Pyramldology. "contained problems in comparison with which the building of the pyramids was child's play. Pyramid of Gizeh. 80 that for any practical purpose they are useless. (As this evidence is too much detail for present purposes. but he has not used his knowledge with a motive that meets Divine approval. if not all the rest of them. but I think it will be agreed that the magicians who juggled with these stoncs..\'ould intersect the sloping lioor of the First AscendIng passageway).. Gorllon brings to light a most remarkable quotation from the historical work by the grand patriarch of the l\Iaronites. tossed them about. outranks the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. The fact that scientltlc aSSociations will not accept thcse ill-founded theories of men.ble reason why the secrets of this Temple are lost In obscurity is that Satan changed his mind about perpetuating any reliable information or evidence trlHling to substantiate the occurrence of the flood of Koah's llay. were present. the 1110re rpliable ground there Is for intelligent ll1pn to dispute the theory of evolution. Inches at the end of the sloping floor In the First Ascending passageway. the more exploiting and publicity there is of Satan's ancient structures. revealing his lack of foresight. This has long been an enigma to me. doubtleSS God rewalpd to these two his purposes concerning the earth. Roy:!l Astronomer of Scotland some sixty years ago. is warning enough to Sa tan to keep his origirw I designs from coming to light. as indicated by smnll detachments of the granite boulder still adhering by cement to the walls of the passageway farther up the same. Generally the weak point Is a iack of d. produeed through solid masonry. and set tilem in course so perfectiy that the eye of an observer standing a few feet away can not detect the joints. . Tradition has It that the builders of the Grpat Pyrami<l also constructed the Second. and he did not anticipate that he would get himself Into an embarrassing situation. l\Ioreover. which was rediscovered about 1921. Kone of tllese points will "produce" 1914. One Pyramid would have served Gall's purpose. And. Science has now determined all the various periods and cycles of time that are of any use to mankind. on Mt Lebanon. The very failure of Satan's works is itself a silent witness against him. Piazzi Smyth. that the Great Pyramid refuted it. are even more remarkable than the stones themselves. the place of b0ginning this measurement. In on!pr to forpe this nll'asurement to cOlUe out right.\' anyway.. Some of the "Pi features" appear well founded. But the length of the year shown about the perimeter of the Great Pyramid's base. showing it had been broken and damaged. the Christians of the Lebanon. as saying that this Temple.-hcre there is no evidence of any desig-n all the part of the builders." One of the massive roof beams of the King's Chamber.46 'fheWATCH TOWER more exalted and it would command the reverence and attention worthy of such a structure. which is the very thingthat Satan does not want. and the creation of lllan to be Its keep"l" And. of the University of Pennsylvania. men in the dawn of civillzation jugglell blocks of marble weighing fifteen hundred tons. Before passing. and claimed. another paragraph from Dr. takpn to 1l1'0Ve tile end of tl1e Gentile times In 1m4. in many respects. He was dismis~­ ed from the Royal Society of which he was a mem!J"r.. is also not defined by any line. Syria (the Greek Heliopolis). He also was opposed to the theory of eVOlution. the present south end of this Plug is ragged and undefined. since the passageway to the Queen 'f! Chamber is not on the same le\'el at all points (according to Flinders Petrie's accurate survey)." This item of Information hints very strongly of evidence that the Devll Inspired the building of this Temple. it is yer. Gordon will be of interest: "What mechanical devices were used I do not know. Anyway..\ clear that Satan inspirell the construction of these t\\ 0 great pyramills.eslgn In construction showing any purIJo~e in the claimed m"asurempnt. is anothpr manifest error. which completely explode them. These theorics originated before accurate measurements of the P~Tamid's base were malll. and mallY others as well (whero the horizontal floor-line of the Q\lPen's Chamber passageway.

: the Koyember 15 lYatch TOlcer. lUinoi. it spems highly inconsistent that he wonld build a pyramillal structurp without any eviclpnce in his \Yonl of divinely-intended DlPnsuremcnts as his purveyor.. REFINING THE TRUTH DEAR BROTHER: For two years past my family and I have been feeding upon The Watch Tower. and. Surply Jehovah would not reveal al'curate dimensions openly in his Word. and accurate in tllPir indil'ations. But the evillence is wllOlly Incking. 5: 7). only he deyised different ways of showing these featurcs. C.~ oj cour. 2: 2.\l\ BROTHER RUTH. and for 'The Watch 'i'o//. nut therp was one thing that always prpVPnted me froll1 bf'iJlg. Isaiah 19: 19. (ANs 1: 7. This. THOS. tcnlling to SllOW that Satnn klll a Ill'l'dsl' knowJellg-e of tlie periods and c~'clcs of time in connection with tile Ilivine I'hlll. E. and I engage in the Sunday canvassing and find it a great joy. CECIL Rrl'Tlill. 'L'hf' only satlsfartory reason I can assign for God's permitting Pastor Russ('11 to a{lapt the Grp1\ t Pyramid to the Divinp Plnn . 24: 3<l) A l1iagrnm of the ('ourses of the Great Pyrumid. for since starting this letter I have rerpad the article from tlw Boston Transcript. then surely It Is proper for Bible Students to set an example by provin~ that we are willing to discard errors when we disrover them. Dan. The Great Pyramid Is indicated to be "four-square" in design by its original casing-stone foundations' rpsting on four socket-floors of diffel'l'nt depths. through the literature and through the radio. 20.. That about the year 2700 B. . Your brother and family by God's grace. thl're is snfl'ieient in it as Ill'Oof that tht' pyrall1i<1 lms or ]JI:I~'S no part in God's diYine plan. For your consideration this Is respectfully submitted. and I do not feel In the least empt~·. How ~'ou haYe brought to light the falsity of the pyramid as "Gall's stone witness"! It is of a truth that prophecy can not be understood before its fulfilmcnt.-as. tIlere are 12 8el'ie. anrl I trust that it will evpr be so.:ht lellrn to proye all things and holll fast that which Is good. leads Il1P to wonder n hout verse 26 of the same chapter. God will reveal it to us. If that were possible. indicated thE're . the Tabernacle. 'L'o thosp who will still insist thnt t1H'rc are features of the Divine Plan shown in the Grl'at P~Tmllid. I found It somt'what difflrult to l('t loose of thrse plainly imlicatf'd ff'nturl's of ronstruction. ARCH W. 'The Watch Tower for November 15 and for Derember 1. l\lay God bless you to make hts plan plain to those who are thirsting and hung'ering after rightpousness. eaeh of which starts with a course at 30 Inches thicklw::. I am wl'II and happy.~cs in Its masonry. .~ for statues of hproic size. 4: 7. Dr.vecl It all. 1)rar Brothpr !tuthl'rford. These features may have been Intended to S~'mbolizt' the 12 tribes of Natural Israel. together with the juggling of tht' h'ngth of the Inch and cubit. It seems superfluous for anothpr structure to be provilled in which we are left to guess at its Dleanin~ and spl'culate as to its being of divine origin. ami whereas the Srl'iJllures abominate astrology (Isa. In rOllncdion with the grl'at signs and wonders In the Great Pyramid to dpcpiye thf' ypry elect. first artlcl('. that Satan had any knowledge of the dates at which evpnts futllre would occur. !\Iay the Lord continue to bless. 2: 3) From lH05 and onward for twenty ~'ears nUH'h has been said concprning tlip Great Pyramid of Gizeh. Your brother In Christ." ~o \I'p find tliat Satan used the same f"ntures in the Grent Pyl'llmid as he emploYPrl in this hpathen t('mple. S:'UTH.. lind then outside of It shroud his purposes in uncprtainty and speculation. Many of them I never accepted myself. sllo"s that thpre are 1. Certain It Is that the refining of the Truth and the flashes of Jehovah's lightnings from his temple are 47 doing a further sifting work among God's people to prepare them for their further work. and now I am convinced that it is a waste of time for Bibie Students to investigate this strncture with the IlOpe of finding any DivinelJ'-lntended Infonnation for God's people. BANKS. which have been to me the most marvelous of all recent issuI's. 20 Is now ill fulfilment. although its fulfilmf'nt was not before 1918. srcOIHlIy. ami Ezekiei's 'L'empie. to see that the Lord Is purifying and refining the Truth. which I trUly be!il'ye \\ as erected under the sUlwrvision of the Devil.-ealing tIl rough you that flead stone. HENRY STEELE. which is God's will.e OIl the Dpvll in using his own works to refute his theory of evolutlon. Yours In his sen-Ice. Likewise. 1!J. Mo. but with a hunger for more Towers. Oosta Rica. I nped say that the Lord is truly using J'ou to give his pcople llleat that is now due. "THAT DEAD STONE" DE. YOUI' brotller and servant by hIs grace.. either in the Inside or on the outside of the Great P~Tamid.. it brought joy to my soul. as a test on GOII'S chil(lren at the time he appointpd for the truth to be refined. JlTarvelol1s! Glorious!! I have broug-ht It up whole. I have always been slow to challenge anything that has been sent out from the Sodl'ty's headquarterR. 'L'hough tile a!'jjrlp is to be continllp(l. I nepde<l but two doses of the Lord's emetic. ••• The hael. 18. as The Watch Tower bas supplied every need and filled all vacanries. Tile Tower explanation of l\Tatthew 24: 24. 'i'here must be special reasons why this tpst was reserved for the present time in particular. viz. the "first descending passage" pain ted (Iiredly toward "Draronis".2 rery tllick C01ll'SCS forming the base of the Great Pyrnmill. as I rl'alize tlie "viRion Is for an appointed time". .Tupiter TIaal.wription sa~'s: "On right and l('ft It was flankE'd by two massive towers anrl arJornerl In frout by a row of 12 COIUIIlIlS. '" On four sidps of the hexagon (court) "'pre 4 !/I'cat chambers with oppn flH'alles. and of your faithfuhwss in the rleelamtIon of prC8cnt truth throuith this blest mpdimll.vas no flxed standard of calculation. 20 was spoken of about thirty ~'ears ago as "God's stone witness". '\"illl of the portico still shows 12 nichr. that tlwy mi.. (Hall. as thp J'('lllnant class who are in the world (Egypt) and as God's witnesses are witnessing to the pE'ople hy goin~ from Iwusp to house and telling them of the Idngdom blpssing. and Informed. With all the designs and accurate measurements given in Solomon's Temple. strpn~then and use you. If we have not gotten over our Babylontsh ways.IEBRUARY 1. And since tIle most elahorate structure Got! has used to rpveal his plans (Ezekiel's Temple) has never hern constructed. and I notice that In the ancjl'ut temple of .s or over. "NEEDED BUT TWO DOSES" DEAR BROTHER HCTHERFORD: J am constrained to write you a few words to express my apprel'iatlon of the Lord's bh'ssing-s that have daily bepn my portion.-l\TaL 3: 1-3. Bnt a flash of Jehovah's lightning frped me complptely. . ThprE' is snflh·jpnt in pamgraphs 11. viz. If we honestly wish that those in Babylon woulrl leave off their errors and accept the Truth. Gordon's rjp. first to play a practiral jol.over-cnthuRiastie ('onceming it. But the last two Issues have brought great joy to me. surely tile yery elpct have been duly warned. I am thanldul to Jehovah for re. Is not the Gn'at P~'ramid "in the desert"? And has It not "the secret chambers"? Will thl' fraudu]l'nt revealing of Christ be still further associate(1 with the Great Pyramid? If so. made hy Flim10rs Petrie in IRSl. and they thus have the evidence as to who the very elect are. I would make spel'ial mf'ntlon of November 15 and Deeembpr 1 numbers. I rould not spe wIlY we w('re justifiahle In usin~ it to elueidate the Divine Plan. to ('oIlyin('e tile r1!reJ'uI reader. I answpr tllat I found a great nUlJlller of such feaTUres in a new fipld of Grpat Pyramid stUdy. \Ye had heen red the pyramid in specially preparpd dishes until we sIYallo. In tIlP solid rock at the l'J-ramid's corners.ERFORD: In my rpa{lin. Tllis is conlirm!'11 hy S('ripture. the 12 tritws of Spiritual Israel. and the four classes of the justifil'd. 47: ]3. J can truly see from this article that Isaiah 1!J: 1!J. Matt. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER Russell had discouraged him from having any faith in all those Pyramid lines and measurements.

._ _Feb. Tex _ Feb. Coleman.. Callf.. Hogers. Tenn St...__..1 Altoll. 2 Ava. Lethbri. " 5. Tex.m.... Bessemer ColunliJlU.. . 7-H Rocky Mount. ~1-Feb. G. Sa::.... C n. 27 . Okla. . Va. 4._.. Feb. 7." 14-1 (j Pin~ Blufl'. CalIf..Austin. . .International Bible Students Association SERVICE APPOINTMENTS J. Grand ForkR. Feb. C. 11. C. Cranhrook.. ]·1 . .. . Feb. :11-rch. . ] 2 ]::.. W.and three·clay SERVICE at which Brother A. Calif. . Onto . HERSEE 1 Chatham. . 22-24. The daytime should be devoted to canvassing.. SPOll~n<l Neck... 13 Parkersburg. 'l'exas. Okla. Monrovi a.. Okla. Okla. . Rnd an afternoon and an evening meeting held. Okla " A IYa.. 'l'empie. .._" 7 9. . C.._ _ n Groom. . 6 ". 12. Ont. Alta ~~~~i~: U: 3. N." Port Hope. DOUGHERTY BogaluRa. 8-10. Feb. JallH.•. 17 1D 22 24 2ri 26 28 H. __ . 8-10.. W. 3-5 Sun l\Iar('o~. Mar. . Nassau.• " 23. . 2 !\Iar.. .. RAINBOW T._.. WATT Raleigh.. I) •.'lat Hn er.. 2 Fresno.. 2S-1I1ar. H. 1 . Va._ " Fairview... Florida._. • " 24-26 Arl." 21-:. 3-5 N.1. Feb... . R. 1. N. 10-12 Enfield. Okla. " 17-~._Feb. Jan. Tex " 14-16 Plano.. Ont. Purmela. N. )fo• . " Ridgetown. Calif._" 14-16 Spartanburg.._ Peachland.. __ . 2-1 " 25. Calif.. Feb._.. C. Ark Ark _Feb. 21-23 Hanford..._ . Alta.. J. La ~'a. ~S-1I1ar.<.m...]\' .. lIIartinsv'le..••• l. .00 a.._____ _.. I. 15 g :::::::::::=:::.••_.• " Arnett.. Feb.. Ill.__..} AsheYille.. .. Tex.. .. ]7-]D Chickasha.. D.. " \roodwurd. Va. . Vanceboro. C•. 2S-Mar. and the evenings to SEHVICE lectures or testimony meetings. Jan. W. Mar.17 SERVICE CO~VE~TIONS '\Ve list below a serips of two. 11 Hawthorne. Feb. 4 \Vallace. Onto " 14." ~1 " 22. 10 " 12. N.~TIONS. B._._0. Calif. __ LPlJ:lPOIl. . . S.:() Ark. B.." 21-23 Lawton. . .14 13.•.l. _reb... \V. La Folsom. W.... Kan. HERR Okla. Saturday Rnd Sunday. C.•. . 13 Long Beach. 'j'PX. C _ Feb.. Florida... W. Friday to Sunday._ Feu. Feb. Feb. Georgia. Calif. " 5:7..!. Chandler... Feb. . Thomas. Okla Feb Hohart. . 10-12 "le. . ~e~tic~on. __ _ " McLeod. ::\fooreland.. . . 1 3 6 8 9.ylorJ Ark. C.faw. CUTFORTH Burrey. X. Bahamas. 'VinoRoI'.. Va . \V. W. Feb.." :24-20 Glllespie. 2 1I1"Leo<l.." 7-12 Tecumseh. . GastOJlla. E.. :~-5 7-D }~ort V~Tor~~l._Feb. C._ . :: ArYlIl. Rnd 1. 2 Durham. Okla•. . 14-16 ~-innewooil. CO~V]. W. 14-10 East St.. 17-]1l Feb. C.__ . FayetteYille. K. 15. Elkyiew. __.. " 23. N.. La. " ~-1-:. Tex. ~a:-. " 3-5 7-0 10-12 1 4 G 8 . Mar. 3-:3 " 7-!) " 10-12 _. C. 14... 'V. Feh. 19 20. . .._" 23. 15 Gallipolis... 1-3. Tex. Ill. n. B. n..• " Oshawa.. 16 Los Ang's.. . On Sundays.. " S. Kelly. Feb. 29-31.. .. ~]-Feh :! Paoli. Ariz... 19. . B . Feb. 1 Clarksburg. Calgary. Mar. 1 ex. 8 Wheeling.. Feb.. B.. New Orleans. Ill.. C.. Feb. Saturday and Sunday.o ._" 3.. 28-Mar. ]0 12 14 " . 10.. Calif. G. _ . . Louis.. C•. ::!G 28 Yuma. C. Macmillan will sen-e as the representative of the Society.. A ltadena.. . C. L. C." 18 24 21 2G 27 28 ~n 28 E.. 'l'ex... Tex. LOllis. C. Feb. 17-] 9 GrC'envIlle. Friday to Sunday. " Chaplin. C.DRAPER Charlotte. 17·H) Ark " 21-23 Ark.. Tampa. Pexter. H. 1Il0 __. Ha-.. 17 10 2l 2~ 24 l\fazeno<l. ._. Feb.. ORRELL AND D. 3-5 Oklahoma Cit o-.. 17-19 l\IcKinney. 6 N. :: 'ernoll. 16._" 28 THOR~ Taylor.I._. " 1~. 1\10.H. Kentucky. Alt~. 24-26 Heed ley.. Alta. 16. B." Klllgston. Ya Nitro. D.. C __ " Fel'llic. ]0 Leamington.. Tex. 2S-lIIar... BARKER Tallmansville... 25.. Tex _Fcb. Ya. Okla _. . Tex. N. 12. Okla. MURRAY Home.. 3·9 V.. La ShreYepol't. 20..__ Mar. lifo.. Little Rock. Sa. Fallhamlle.. Amarilla. C.. _.15 Aylmer. Miami. ~ ._. L. . M. S.. 'I'ex " 7-9 . Onto . 21-1I1ar. Onto .._. 2 H.. 10. Onto . __ . 17. Feb. C Vancourer. :n-Feb. Tex. ... Ohio ._ Maple Creek. Shncoe.00 p.. . " 21-23 O-re011vH]C'. E.. __.. Okla Feb.. Ya Coco. Onto " 1~. St.. "'. Folie! t.'as Clty. Va.. )[0 •••••••. S. 3-5 'Vilson. Shattuck. Feb.iJallk. ] (j 2] 1U :. C. 16. Brantford. . 11 lIIarietta. _. Ya. .lge. B. Herbert.. Florida. •. Calif. Ya. 17·lIlar. Friday to Sunday. Tex.. STEW ART ['enticton. Tex. Calif. .. Fl'b.~R.. \Y.1\fos:-. Va Charleston. Onto _ _. B. 9 E. Xelson. Onto __ " Pelee Island. C . Friday to Sunday... N. ] 0-12 \Yea1hcrfol'u.._.__ " 7-9 Glendale. 2 FdJ. Houston. Susko H. __ " l\foo:. Feb. __ Jan ~1-Feb.. Feb.. . 3-5 Dallas. Feb. Tex " Waco. \V.. " 2-1-20 Wichita Falls... 16. 14-16 Xashville. 14-16 Porterville.. ~a~k " 18. n. " ~_!-:W JIonal... Tenn. Tex. Friday to Sunday..1\:. Fe!>. C " 14-16 17-19 21-23 24-26 W.. 2 Kerrville.. 17.. Calif. RICE C. Okla. ~. Okla. Alta._._.. E.Jicine Hat. Wickham. Tex. canvassIng can be arranged for the hours between 9. Okla _.. . __ :: Cleburne. Louisville. 22-24.. . C. .. Swift Current. Va. Ohio Huntington.:. W. H) 10-]2 City. Ga Feb. 3 4. Fort Smi th. H·1D Tulare. Alta. Onto _ Feb. 2 .... . King-lake. 10 ] 1. C . Jacksonville.. N. HAZLETT Jan. 12 St. B.. C. Louisiana. N. 17 Clinton. Onto . Hock Creek. 17. Va. 20 .. (~rll1(110d. . Calif. ~n"k _ n 25.. C..!2 2"1 ~ 4. . Atlanta. 14-16 17-1I! 21-23 24·26 M. Onto . C.. I) lIarI'o\\'. SHEFFIELD F. KENYON Ontarl0 Calif. Clarenlont. 7-11 10-12 Bak~rsfi~ld. "'. Trail. _ _ " 21. 17 18.. Onto _. . Calif. Friday to Sunday.__ " 2. Pasadena. 2 J. 10-]2 Chattanooga. 2~-lIIar. Jan. 2 Sebastian. l\fo F(!b.._ .

... Matthew . __ .51 . for ~our redemptIon draweth nigh._. and lift up ~our heads.._ __ 50 .4 SEMI-MONTHLY february 15. men's hearts falling them for fear.•__. 50 "I wilZ stand upon my watch and wilZ Bet my fooe upon the Tower.1 G5 57 58 •__ 61 _ ._63 __.glh ._ Questions for Berean ::. 1929 OONTENTS JrDGI:-lG IIIS PEOPLE ----•••. dIscontented] roarIng.~~Le)}y1lW@1ml9~1!»cal~ ~f~Uy® nUI61]ijtt> ~:._••_.. then know that the Kingdom of God 11 at 1l&Jld..[._ __ 64 .. with perplexity.q~rnumJS ~nw~'(tJlpt&1l1liliawuSll'hll~~1~lsaid!1 VOL. L r· No. tudy • .-Luke 21: 25-31. Look up. ~ark 13:.24: 33..__ _ 1929 lIAs YOUR SUBSCRIPTION EXPIIlED? ..._ •• . ---__ _ __ _ DiYISion Three __ __. the sea and the waves [the restless._ _ •••••_••••.•••••• ..... and for looking after those things Which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken•••• When th~se things begin to come to pass. and will watch to BM what He will Upon the earth distress of nations.• Division Two . PRAYER IN THE OLD TESTAMENT ••__• PRAYER IN THE NEW TESTAMENT RESOLUTION --------- RADIO SERVICE -----MEMORIAL FOR --.

. It adheres strictly to the Bib]e as God's reypa]Pfl lIord of Truth. N.\SIA AXU SOU'III FOREIGN. clothed with all po\\'er in heaven awl in earth. lhat man wil· fully disolJPyed God's law and was spntencerl to dNll h.. On forei..'oyers tllat lds n:ll11P has heen "dropprrl" from the W(/fch 'i'rn[pr list.' 'rIlE PEOPLES of earth is restor· ation to human perfect ion during the reign of Christ.WATCHTOWER chain progra.30-10. Ibat by reason of Adam's wron:dul act all men are born sinners Rnd without the right to life.s 1500 Mon pm 8. It gives announcement of the visits made to Bible classes by traveling speakers. announces com'en' Hons.piration notice is sent witll the journal two months in adv:l!we. that he is now the Lord Jesus Christ in glory. Y 11. which constitutes the Il0lly of Christ. to wit.\TT9 WOOD Grand Rapids.\rralaswn • South Ah lcan • 3-f Craven Terrace. American remittances should be macle by Express or Postal Money Orders. [(Foreign translationS 01 this jounwl appear in several languages.. London.01'(1'5 clt>ath. The new moon appearing nearest to Ihe ~pring equinox in the year 1\):29 IS at 3 ::ri a. TIIAT JESUS was made a human being in order that Ill' might become the Hedeemer vf man. the fourteenth day of I\'isan. has been selecting from (llllOIl:.30 WRBJ Hattiesburg. E. Or by Bank Draft. that the Logos was the be. thl' ~('('r('tarie~ of lhe classps are rpl1ut>~tcd to report to Tile ll'afrlt '1'olrer the nUlllber partaking in their respec· t! "e places.Tesus upon Ilis throne and now commands all nations and peoples to hear and obpy him.os became a man.m" l\larch 1l. lIIich 1270 Sun pm 9·10 WORD Chica.1 500 202. It provides systematic Bible stuuy in which all its readers may regularly engage. that the reign of Christ 'vill affol'll opportunity to every man to haye a fair trial for life.m.ould 1w aft('r (.rex __ 1100 Sun pm 2..•_. We are not only willin.m from New York.9 1000 252 500 526 200 223.rue Wcd '. Melbourne.THIS JOURNAL ITS SACRED MISSION PUBUSHED SEMI·MONTHLY BY HIS journal is publisheu for the purpose of aiding the peolJ1e to understanu the divine plan. N.00. tlmt he gave his lile a sacrifice for man and thereby prorluced thp ransolll pril'e. Fri pm 7-7.. tllat J0110yah has placed Christ . anll ul1im:llel~' he glorified wiih Christ Jesns in hi. would lH'gin nfter G: 00 p. It stands firmly upon the great ranSOlll sa('\'Wee as the fundamental doctrine by .30·8. sects flnd crel'ds of men. Canadian.Tesus the divine was raised from the d('(1l1.)0 Sun am 10-11' l Wed Plll 4.4 500 100. . 1310 Sun pm 7. VAN AMIlURGH ].6 :>000 265. 2. WATCH TOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY T TO US TIlE SCRIPTURES CLEARLY TEACH THAT JEHOVAH is tlw only true God. Va. Entered as Secona ClaRs Mail Matter at Brooklyn. The rule is to olllit the first (1ny and count the last. grow in his lik0ness.. Y 1500 Sun pm 5-6 . notice of expiration) will be sent with the journal one month before the subscription expires.vbich all the families of Ihe earth shall be ulessed. 8.l into heaven.m. 236. a""l':1l]c. 6 Lehe St.I' case. THAT TITE "'OULD I1. England • • • • • • 40lrwm Avenue. Ohio _. that all such be on our list continually and in touch with the Berean studies. $1.30 WWRL New York (Woodside). I!Pl1l1 and borl. Pa. 1879. Cape Town.. created lwrfect man for the earth and placed him upon it.:. throul"h Christ.: 00 p. and tbose who ouey will liye on earth for ever in a state of f.. ALS'lRAL. bnt an"ion8. AFRICA.30-7. Runrlay. A renc"'al blank (carryln. PostojJlC/l.7 500 384. Ohio _ 1340 Sun pm 2. ('AKAnA AKD MISC.) (DataYia). '. 110awnly ]. BARBER E..9 100 . RUTHERFORD W. to time lhe sUl>seriptioIl department rrceivei'l nn p'~l)J'ession of surprisp from a ~uhseril)er who rlis. Minn. F. Change of address. . that the Lord Jesus has returned alHl i-. 117 ADAMS STREET BROOKLYN.30-3 WTAR Norfolk. 7S. or..g llho notice of expiration) IS sent with the journal one monUl before the subscription is (1ne to expire. lh:lt diseontimmnee of an expired subspription i~ ac('olllpli~lle(l mechani('a )ly in c"('\'. W.) ['ERMS TO THE LORD'S POOR: All Bible Students who. HEMERY ). will be supplied free if they send II postal card each :May stating their case and requestIng such provision. Y.~s on 1:11)\'1 or \\Tappel' is so con~truct('rl th:lt tllp plate hearing arlclrpss is automatically ". and is from evprlasting to ('\'prlasting. Act oJ March. For tIle lWl\pfit of snh~('ril)['rs it is Ill're rClwated. _ 780 Sun am 10-11· . lhat the mission of the church is to fol1ow in thp footsteps of hpr Lo]'(] Christ Jesus.30-\) WRIlM Minneapolis.15-3. It announces radio pro' grams and pUblishes suitable Bible instruction for broad· casting.~LLAKEOUS tJNI~'ED ~1. lIn. OFFICERS 1. RUTHERFORD R. by reason of old u.GO. A. Thert>fore the \u'op<"r date for the celf'hration of the J\1pmorial . by way of e.\S EXDED. are unable to pay for this journal. '1'lIat will be O. S. lmmerlialely followin~ the celehration of the Memorial.1'1111 Fri ~at am 10-11. of March 24. constitutes tllE' "s('eel of Abraham" through . and its columns are not open to pprsonalities.9 100 mc'n the memlJers of hi~ c)]lJl'(h. TIL\.e or other infirmity or adversity. that the Lo:. and gives reports thereof.lropped" from Ihe ]j~t at pxpiration. TIIAT GOD created the e:ll'lh for man. JD2!). • • . It does not indulge in (:0:1troversies.y Order" only. pm 7-7. now pr0sent. British.45 WSl\IK Dayton. ].30-5. U. the 1\hkrr of heaven and earth. Fourteen da~'S thereaftpr. when rcqnested. Ill.9 10 239.vhich all doctrines nre mea/lured..30 /lUI Mon '.45 WRR Dallas. E.T TIlE HOPE or. N. It does not assume a dogmatic attitUde.'. Remittances from scattered fOl'cic:n territory may be made to the Brooklyn office.. that . GUEA'r URI'rAI!\'.:...30 WRA W Headin~. VAN AMBURGH Secretary Pres<dent EDITORIAL COMMITTEE W.Yord of GO(l. 1250 Sun am 9. giye lestimony to th" name and ]llan of Jehoyab God. COWARD FOREIC):-J OFFICES Bntlsh • • • CanadIan • • Alt. A renewal hlank (eanyi¥l. It is free from partil's.!. Ontano • • • • • 495 CoIhns St.3 1000 228. '''ill HAS YOUR SUB3CmPTlO~ EXPIRED? From 1i1l1(. but confidpntly in· vites a carefUl examination of its utterances in thl' li~ht of the infallible .e time (1t wltieh the anointed of the Lord in yuriolls paris of tllp ea rtll desire to a~semhle to~ethpr at their resp('ctive plaee~ of meeting and cell'brute the memorial of 01'1' ]. THAT FOR 1\L\XY CEXTUHIES Gorl. • 'Northwest pm 7-8 WOV Kew Yor)" K.l1hsr'riptions tlw e-. Notice to Subscribers: Acknowledgment or a renewal or II new lubscrlption will be sent only wheu requested. H.•_ 570 Wed pm 7.ll'(. may be expected to appear on address label within one month. Mnreh 24. South Afnca Ple::se _:::d2re~s th~ SOClety in every case MEMORIAL FOR 1929 The upginlling of the month of Nisnn is determined in this manner: The appearance of the new moon nearest to the sIlI'ing equinox aecorcling to the aut horitics. that Chri~t. and presentpd tbe value of his human sacritice RS l!le redemptiye price for man.50 WSPD Toledo.')1:ln~ltion. nlacllitH'ry mier[ to print :lrl. YEAltLY SDIlSCltIPTION PnrCE STATES. Toronto.. South African and Austmlasian remittances should be made to b"anch offices onll/. Y.. Australta · . 1480 Sun am 10-7. (Continued j"Ont page 64) STATION CITY AND !'nOGRA~( PEnIODS 1</C METERS W. but by InternatIOnal Postal Mon". F.xillning of 11is creation.

but he commits the work of judgment to his beloved Son. and that soon his righteous government will be in full sway in the earth. It will be observed that there are at least three separate and distinct divisions of this Psalm. II Give ear. and with those who have made a covenant with the Lord but have hated his instruction. (1 Cor. 8: 6) These divinely fixed rules enable us to locate the time of the fulfilment of the prophecy contained in the fiftieth Psalm. Those who do not appreciate this say sometimes that The Watch Tower repeats much that has already been written and published. that Christ is King. Knowing the difficulty of his people in having full faith and confidence and in fighting the good fight of faith." (Verse 1) It is Jehovah the Almighty God who speaks and calls to the earth. and I will speak. 8 Among the great truths which the anointed must now kcep in mind are. The Watch Tower could not be faithful to its mission in this hour of stress unless it frequently mentioned the important things that the church must now do. These divisions have to do with the faithful remnant. my speech shall distil as the dew. even the Lord. and hear. It specifically applies at the time when God begins the fulfilment of this prophecy. corroborating what has alreaJy been published. 5: 10) All things are from the Father aillI are by the Son Christ Jesus. The truth is Jehovah's and is revealed by him for the encouragement. (John 5: 22) "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ. This means that when God reveals a great truth he proves it by many testimonies set forth in his Word. Such is called cumulative evidence.. that he may judge 7lis pcople. and it certainly must be the Lord's will that we should frequently call one another's attention to the evidence that he has given. and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof. as the small rain upon the tender herb. who acts in the name of his Father. with the great company class. and as 51 . enlightenment and comfort of his people."-Ps. The Lord knows the importance of feeding the mind upon that which will hold one in the faith. The tVatch Tower could not take any other course than to emphasize great and important truths by frequently calling attention to the scriptures in support of such. and to the earth. He calls to the whole earth within that period of time embraced in the prophecy.0hNVATCH TOvVER PRESENCE AN D HE[(AILD OF CHR~STS VOL. the words of my mouth. because Jehovah is about to perform a great work. His words apply to so-called "Christendom". 2 The mission of The Watch Tower is to serve as a medium for communicating the truth to the people of God." (2 Cor. and later we will find many other prophecies that bear upon the same thing. ~ In this issue of The Watch Tower consideration is given to the fiftieth Psalm. l()2D !'io. and that he is using them for his present purposes. :70:4. 0 ye heavens. and this is helpful to those who desire to know and to do God's will." (Isa. J EHOVAH is the great Judge. The above prophecy is supported by Isaiah's words: "Hear. I'The earth" here means all the organized powers and includes the people on the earth that claim to call upon the name of Jellovah. and they have rebelled against me. '1'he evidence in support of the truth which God has revealed is cumulative. That Jehovah is God. that God has gathered unto himself those who have made a covenant with him. 1: 2) It is a call upon all the peoples of earth to give ear. and give ear. 5 "The mighty God. L FEnRC~RY 1:. hath spoken. for the Lord hath spoken: I have nourished and brought up children. Cumulative evidence in proof of the outworkings of God's plan increases faith and makes the child of God strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. One prophecy will be used to prove a certain truth. God has caused to be recorded in his Word many lines of testimony bearing upon these various imp 01'tant truths. which is the basis of our faith. as here recorded. 0 earth. that the end of the world is come.4 JUDGING HIS PEOPLE UHe shall call to the heavens from above. It mentions some great truths that have already been published. that God has placed his King upon his throne. My doctrine shall drop as the rain. showing us that we are in the right way. 0 earth. The fulfilment of the prophecy has to do with the judgment of each class. 0 heavens. The prophecy of the Psalm only strengthens the evidence.

Y. The judgment throne is set in heaven with Christ upon the judgment seat. The holy angels of heaven have some part in the judgment work. 2) The time of the fulfilment of the prophecy of the fiftieth Psalm undoubtedly has reference to the same time of juugment mentioned by lUoses: "For I lift up my hand to heaven. 102: 16) Jesus being the Head of Zion." (Matt. The entire setting of the Psalm shows that its fulfilment begins aft~r God's anointed One is placed upon his throne in Zion. it follo." BROOKI. and he shall prepare the way before me. It was after that time that judgment began. (Ps. " There was a long period of time. and then he shall reward every man according to his works. his beloved Son. and will render vengeance to his auversaries. and that the period of time of such fulfilment is the "day of his [God's] preparation". to wit. • "Our God shall come. '1'his prophecy began to have fulfilment in 1918." (Verse 5 ) This verse of the Psalm must be construed in harmony . The" day of his preparation" and the gathering of the saints have been understood to mean the same thing. 16: 27) There is an assembly of all those who are in harmony with the Lord God. Therefore it is said. 3: 9) This light proceeds from Jehovah and is reflected out of Zion. during which time the truth became very obscure. 6: 1-5) It must follow after the Most High has placed his Son upon his throne or holy hill of Zion. That part of the work was foreshadowed by the experiences of Elijah. 3." (Verse 4) This verse fully corroborates what is stated above and proves that the fulfilment of the Psalm is during the time of God's judgment. 12 Through his prophet God said: "Behold. and say. 12: 29) He also makes his messengers "a flaming fire". "The rising of the sun" is the beginning of the day. which is his organization. it fol1O\\'s that the building up of Zion was from and after that date. 41. 11 "Gather my saints together unto me.G2 CfheWATCH TOWER the showers upon the grass. and not in 1874. The work that follows was foreshadowed . that they may have some part in the judgment or be witnesses to the judgment of the Most High. and his judgment consumes everything that is in opposition to him. "Out of Zion • • • God hath shined. It is God's due time for his people to have a better understanding.vs that the shining of Jehovah out of Zion must take place when that organization is functioning to the glory of God. after 1914. If I whet my glittering sword. and it must continue throughout the period of time fixed for judgment. the perfection of beauty. (Zech. I will render vengeance to mine enemies. 32: 40. and to the earth. Kow the matter is more clearly seen since the corning of the Lord to his temple. T "Out of Zion. which we call the "dark ages". which light shines to hig own people by and through the Head of Zion. Rejoice. For many :rears the belief has been amongst ns that this scripture had its fulfilment from about 1874 forward. and to his people. and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him.dtll other parts of the same prophecy. then the fulfilment of the fiftieth Psalm must take place from and after the throne of juugment of Christ is set. and being required to wait until God's time to pl:u'e him upon his throne. During that period of judgment God does not keep silence but manifests his power and causes his praises to be sung. and within that period of time the fundamental truths that had become obscure were restored to his people. lIe consumes his enemies: "Our God is a consuming fire. "When the Lord shall build up Zion. and it shall be very tempestuous round about him." (Verse 3) In this verse the prophecy speaks of the manifestation of God's presence in a time of judgment. This coincides with the time when the temple is opened in heaven and there is lightning. he shall appear in his glory. and mine hand take hold on judgment. 1: 2." (Verse 2) Zion being God's official family or organization. (Rev. 2: 6) Prior to that time God commanded that his Son must wait until his due time for putting dmyn the enemy. (Isa. therefore. and "the goin~ down thereof" marks the end of the period described as the day wherein such prophecy applies. Those who have died faithful must be awakened and stand before the judgment seat of Christ. I will send my messenger.en place in 1914. In due time God sent his Messenger to prepare the way before him. (Ps." (Ps. those that 1Iave made a covenant with me by sacrifice. "-Deut. and will reward them that hate me. 43. It is "the perfection of beauty" because it is God's organization. I live for ever. 6 Seeing that Jehovah God is the great Judge and that his judgment is rendered by his Son. that he may judge his people. (Ps. for he will avenge the blood of his sernlllts. N. 0 ye nations." (Deut.YN. 10 "He shall call to the heavens from above. 11: 19) Jesus Christ is the great Stone laid before those of his household. with his angels. 8 How does God shine out of Zion? The shining of God would necessarily mean the shedding of greater light upon his Word of truth for the benefit of Zion. 104: 4) It is the time when God comes forth to judge. with his people. and that great event haying tal. God hath shined. and will be merciful unto his land. 110: 1) The overwhelming proof shows that the 'waiting period' ended in 1914. 32: 1. "For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father. and upon that Stone is perfect wisdom and complete light. That would necessarily mean that those of Zion have greater light from God." (Heb. The shining of God out of Zion in fulfilm~ent of the above prophecy was. Within that period of time opportunity is afforurd for all the people who profess the name of God to take their stand on his side.-Mic.

-Isa. and only after boing found faithful arc they made a part of the temple and do they therefore form a part of Zion. 13) One of the translators of Psalm 50: 5 renders the text in this manner: "Gather yourselves unto me. The goodness and loving-kindness of our Father is dearly made mani. The OIll'S called or selected must meet the requirements allll must therefore be workers together with Clod. 10 <:0 \\ j. that Zion has begun to function. 3: 1. 'I'll<: childn'n oj' Zion \\'Cl'e tlwn born. Each one who is approved must" work ont [his 1 own salvation with fear and trembling. res111~ ing in the c11sting of Satan out of heaven." (Rotherham) Addressing those who have been brought into the covenant made with Christ Jesus by Jehovah. well assured"." 17 All these scriptures. and to the earth.v br. 4: 17) It follows that those who are to make up Zion must be the first ones judged.. f'al upon examination.i ud~~ment of those who were faithfully vmtching' and safeguarding the kingdom interests at the time of the Lord's coming'.h gathering thcmseln's. To thee shall spring forth the dew of thy youth. (lsa.'. that he may judge his people first. and Christ . of Christ's reign. For it is God whi('h worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure". .\ S by lovc. ye my men of lovingkindness.rhipll is the ber6nnin?-. Rothcl'ham) Those who are in the covenant by sacrifice. 1929 CfheWATCH TOWER by the experiences of Elisha. I will ma~\e thee ruler ov('r many things: enter thou into the joy of thy 101'(1. (1 Pet. That marked the timc~ of tilp 1>'1'th of the nation or righteous government. fest in giving a number of texts to corroborate a . """. and that then and thel'o Jehovah calls to the heavens from above. ". out of the womb of the dawn. Rothel'hrr11l) The" men of loving-kindness" arc the same ones mentioned by the Prophet Isaiah and to whom is given "the lovingkindness to David.Jehovah has provided the robe oj' righteousness. The great facts proven art'. After making that covenant.Tl'sus brings the approH'd 011l'5 under the robe of righteousness. 66: 7) Thpn war follo\Ved bet\\'een Christ and Satan. Another part of the work of 'preparing the way before the Lord' included the gathering of God's covenant people out from Babylon and drawing them together for the study of the truth. 13 The Prophet 1\1alachi shows that the coming of the :ThIessenger to his temple is the beginning of th(~ time of judgment. tem pIc condition such must continue to be faitJd'l:1 ill his work or service to the IJord. In harmony with this. 61: 10." OIatt. when taken together. 55:3. in the Bplendours of holiness. good and faithful sonant: thou hast been faithful over a few things. 2: 12.hich as h('ntofor~ stated was in 1914. and that begins a time of rejoicing. It is also written that judgment must begin at the house of God. . who have solemnised my covenant over sacrifice. The way being prepared therefor. the prophet gin's testimony that . 3: 1) It 11]. ( the called ones into a place of special favor. 15 It is not sllff1pient that one make a covenant to do tIle will of (lod. The words or Jesus show that these are judsod. 14 Those who form the temple class. a sym hoI of approval. constitute cumulative testimony.. Tlw time must come for a reckoning with the stewards commissioned to care for his goods. and . have something' to do . To those gathered ones the Lord eommittcd his kingdom interests represented by "his goods". (Phil.:('111bling' themselves togcthrr. S<'p:'l':)te themselves from the less faithful multitUlh~ nnll from the "evil servant" class.0 marks the time for the beginning of the trial or . prom pted 1'1". when the time comes for judgment. In caring for his goods some were faithful and some less faithful.]10 ha\'(' cl:pd faithful and \Vho receive God'~ approval. those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.s org'anization. This seems to be in exact harmony with the expression of Psalm 110: 3. They gather tllc'J1'se!ws and devote themselves wholly unto God and to h. that Jehovah is in his holy temple for judgment. (IS:l. It is only those who arc founll faitllful and are approved upon examination that In'(' hl'oug'ht into the temple class and made a p::rt of Zion. 'rhese are God's men of loving-kindness because they arc devoted to him and are the objects of his loving-kindness. Othcrwise stated. That mal'~\s the time when thc great 1\1essrnf~cr of the Lord God suddenly came to his temple.rith a". 05: 1)) r\ecessarily this must include the saints ". or hroug'ht forth. It also follows that in order to cant inue ill t IH. PI:11. "Gather my saints togethcr unto mc.\' oj' the Lord' had its beginning' with the Ill'('se11('(' of Christ and eontinued until the Lord came to his temple.-l\Inl. God docs not arbitrari l. Here the prophet speaks of those who are willing volunteers and who joyfully offer themselves unto the Lord for service: "Thy people will freely offer themselves in the day of thine army." (Ps. and thereby they were brought into closer relationship to Christ and to one another. or kingdom interests. to wit. within the meanillg of the words of the prophet. proof is that the period of 'preparing the V'. then the 'Lord suddenly comes to his temple'. (Isa. he directs them to gather themselves together. 16 The Srl'.dlO are there foro of Zion. in which he brings the fait hflll ones into the temple condit ion. he must prove his f:lithfulncss by st'rving God and must be found fait!. 25: 19) That also marked the time for the beginning of the fulfilment of the prophecy. 110: 3.FEBRUARY 111. thc'y corroborate one another and conclusively prove the fact for determination. ""'Yell dOlle. and thereafter judge the nations of earth. 23: 23) Clearly these words show the judieial determin:ltion or eOlll'] usion hy Christ Jesns. Therefore the saints have somethin. Clod placed his Son upon his holy hill of Zion <:t the end of the period of waiting.

14) Who then are the ones addressed and against whom God says he wiII giyc testimony? It must be that class which is otherwisll spoken of in the Scriptures under the symbol of Jerusalem. his God. For every beast of the forest to proclaim his name. He tells them that he will now give testimony against them. they can bring no profit unto in giving witness concerning Jehovah. it must be that believing that such will bring the Lord's approval. and wit: Those of Zion are eager to magnify the name of therefore says: 23 "I will take no bullock out of thy house. They serve th'3 fifteen inclusive constitute division two. and he should not be so selfhave been continually before me. If I were hungry. and the wild beasts secration unto God and have received some knowledge of the divine plan. I would not by doing what they could to make themselves ready tell thee: for the world is mine. and they offer 'their blood of goats?"-Verses 9-13. seems to be clearly fixed as in 1918. then. they should have had fall. Y. 22 It is a well-known fact that many who have conDIVISION TWO secrated to the Lord render some service as though "l9 The point of division of the prophecy of the fiftieth Psalm now clearly appears. With the Lord after a fashion and feel that they are quite imopening of this part Jehovah addresses a class other portant in what they do. They reason that. 18 "And the heavens shall declare his righteousness: for God is judge himself. The Lord is not pleased with them.veen God and man. 12: 12) Zion is now built up. and his kingdom. Instead of thinking that their service was essento overthrow Satan's organization." (Ps. and they must receive life from him or not receive it at all. and he is high above all the people. "\Vhen the Lord shall build up Zion. service in their own way. and his majesty. Will I eat the flesh of bulls. and from him it is given to all the organization of Zion. to and that duty requires him to be obedient to the commandments of God. Therefore God says to them: "Hear. I will not reprove thee for thy sacrifices or thy burnt offerings.'fheWATCH TOWER BROOKLYN. and continue to thereof. and I will speak. and which class finally gets life by going through a great time of trouble and receives the approval of God. out of Zion shines the glory of God. N. but they insisted on doing it another to testify concerning his vengeance and his purpose way. 76: 2. great and important truth. from that time forward the great multitude class The sacrifices which they bring are not sacrifices of must be separate from those who form Zion." (Ps. even thy God. of joyfully serving the Lord becaus. 0 my peo. they are still "unprofitable servants". he needs them in heaven to help employed by the prophet of God herein show that him run the universe. This proves that they are not of the class who receive the robe of righteousness and who are brought into Zion. (Ps. 102: 16) Those of Zion are made 'Yitnesses of Jehovah to testify and declare that he is God. his name. upon God's mind what Jesus had stated. for I have desired it. A voice from heaven says: "Therefore rejoice. . and the members of which are delivered by him in a time of great stress. and therefore it is important for the "great multitude" is the class whom Jehovah ad. All who are of Zion necessarily must show forth his glory. having ple. but they do nothing to carry out God's commandments that whatever they do. 2~ A duty is imposed upon each one by his covenant. that we call attention to these texts and apply them where they belong. Zion is the dwellingplace or meeting-place bet. The whole devotion. but have contented themselves of the field are mine. I know other class is made up of those who have made a conall the fowls of the mountains. and the Lord appears in his glory. 132: 13. namely. sweet character." (Verse 6) In this connection we know that Satan and his angels have been cast out of heaven and therefore all in heaven declare the righteousness of God. They insist on doing his than those who form his official family called Zion. to of what he is. 0 Israel. and it is dresses. he shall appear in his glory. God He tells them that he is even their God. Surely it must be his will. The is mine. "-Ps. This is my rest for ever: here will I dwell. The words having called them. Verses seven to God needed what they have to give. that our faith might be strong and our joy great. 99: 2) "For the Lord hath chosen Zion: he hath desired it for his habitation." (Ps. and that it would be necessary for them about a great impending conflict which is about to to help God run his universe. 24 These are strong words telling the ones addressed sacrifice of praise' by meeting with one another. his works. and the cattle upon a thousand hills.) two classes must be distinguished in this manner. They say nothing tial to God. 20 Jehovah tells those who go to make up the great multitude class that he is their God. that. or drink the meditate. Selah. Therefore. They are doing nothing what to do. nor he Jehovah by taking advantage of every opportunity goats out of thy folds. He brought them forth. 50: 7. Since the coming of the Lord to his temple quite frequent that they seek the approval of men. The perfect light of truth shines upon the Head of Zion. and the fulness for heaven. 29: 9) This concludes the first diYision of the Psalm. ye heavens. against thee: I am God. and Zion is his delight.them to develop a nice. Christ Jesus. "And in hIS temple doth everyone speak of his glory. 8." (Rev. 87: 2) He "'ould not speak against Zion. and ye that dwell in them. 21 "The Lord is great in Zion." (Ps. and I will testify done all. They have meditated. He called them for a purpose and told them purposes.

33 Many clergymen in the denominational systems claim to represent God." (Verse 15) In the time of trouble many will call upon the name of the Lord. and he will deliver them throu~h "great tribulation"." (eev. and of COUl':.:t the Psalm has its fulfilment after the Lorl1 comes to his temple anl1 during the time when the Most High is maldng a murre for himself. They hate instruction awl hate the ones who bring it to their attention. even though they speak words contrary to what he has instructed. 49. They decbre that they do not want any more light becanse 'th('j'e is none to be given '.yorl1s behind thre.C they haye not entered into that joy. addressing the wickell. the Lonl says to them: "And call upon me in the day of trouble.llifyillg the name of Jehovah. '1'hey claim to be mouthllieccs for the Ijord.vhich oppress the people.-JVfatt.FEBRUARY 15. while at the same time they are allied with the commercial and political parts of the earth . They expected some personal selfish profit therefrom. They are the chief instruments being used by the Devil to steal the minds of the unsuspecting people away from God and from righteousness. and pay thy vows unto the Most High. The Lord designates them vs thieyes and adulterers. S:lyS: 32" But unto the wicked. they do not ll1Hlerstand what the joy of the Lord is. 7: 14) The robes receivC'd at the end of the tribulr. 30 Some who made a consecration or covenant with the Lord. There arc those who have been in the truth and who well knolV that the clergy are instruments of Satan. Their selfish expectations were not realized at the time set by them. They have no joy in the Lord. 28 The language of the verse last above quoted is further proof th. and thou shalt glorify me. '1'hat does not mean that God is here speaking to those who have never known him. This is also cumulative proof of the fact of the necessity for faithfnlnp~s in service at this time. These go to make up the" evil servant" c1ass. They looked forward to the time when they might enjoy great honor and dignity.:~. 'Vith this let us now note the opening of the third division of the Psalm. and also those who have been illstructed in the truth after making a consecration to do the will of God. I will deliver thee.onal church systems. they pnsh it aside. DIVISIO:"< THREE 29 There is a third diYision of the Psalm.' They began to smite their brethren because their brethren insisted that the Lord was giving his people more light. aiding Jesus to conduct the judgment of the world. They know also that the elergy busy themselves in turning tha millds of the people away from the truth and away . tabng their stanl1 wholly on his sil1e. in which the Lord.tion show God's approval of them because of their faithfulness under stress. unlc. anl1 castest my . and there is an intimation here that one might yet be recovered by becoming zealous and paying his vows unto the Most High. 27 As a further evidence that this division of the Psalm is addressed to the great multitude. '1'hcy are therefore dpscl'ibed in Revel ation thns: "These arc they which came out of great tribulation. He must from that time forward serve God with thanksgiving and with a joyful heart in order to meet the terms of his covenant. It is another rer.~s they vre faithful in m.' They further claim that all the light that God gav~ to his church was given prior to 1917. 1929 <fhe WATCH TOWER important as to believe that he can bring profit to the Lord. but is stating the matter in this way in order that some might understand why its columns frequently speak of the Lord's coming to his temple. It further sU~1. 24: 48. but our conclusion is that there is no more light to receive. or that thou should('st take my covenant in thy mouth? seeing thou hatest instruction. and have washed their rohes. Jehovah says through his prophet: "Offer unto God thanksgiving. Such clergymen haye made a common cause with the Devil's organization and have willillgly become a part of it. (Luke 17: 10) Everyone who has made a covenant of consecration to do the will of God has sworn a vow to be obedient. and who have used it selfishly and wrongfully and who have despised its instruction. received not the truth in the love of the truth. and it is vddressed to the wicked." (Verses 16 and 17) The ones here alldressed are im· pressrd with thrir own importance. '1'he evil ones said in substance: 'If there is any more light to be received. These afterwards cast away his words or cast them behind them.gests that none can be pleasing to the Lord and therefore be of the remnant class. the Lord will not send it through anyone except us. The term "wicked" inclul1('s many who are in the denomina· ti. of the remnant. 26 Further addressing them. and of the necessity for the continued faithfulness of the remnant. and they said in substance: 'The Lord has delayed his com· ing. and who thereby agreed to do his will. The wicked ones are those who have received a measure of enlightenment upon the 'Vord and plan of God.. Tli e 11'(ltch Tower is not making an apology for thus doill~. 31 They still claim to be in God's covenant. 'Vhat hast thou to do to declare my statutes.son 'Yhy The 1ratch Tower must continue to keep before tl:e minds of the anointed the necessity for senice." (Verse 14) This is what they should have done at all times.s. This they do by misrepresenting Jehovah and denying his 'Vord. God saith. but they entirely disregard his commanl1ments. If anyone attempts to bring to their attention some further light whieh Cod ks caused to be shed upon the temple cla~. and made them white in the blool1 of the lamb.

Some of truth. and wait patiently for him: fret sa:rs: "Thou sittest and speakest against thy brother. relationship with other elements of the Devil's organ. maror mother. because of their illicit against those who are active in the Lord's service. But the time comes for him to speak. but are scattering abroad' and doing that God is as they are.To this end they magnify small matters. evil against those who are striving to serve the Lord. from God. but adulterers. Cease from anger. should cause him to 85 Claiming to be of the truth.. thou slanderest thine own mother's son. Further speaking to the evil class.CfheWATCH TOWER BnOOKLYN. 19. thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an only hate instruction and cast the words of the Lord one as thyself.' By such a course of action the class here was written that the faithful might have comfort and mentioned consent to the clergy's stealing the minds hope. and forsake wrath: fret not slanderous speech against those whom they once call. truth opposed. The fact thy mouth to evil. (1 John 3: 15) They busy not only thieves. (Rom. 37: 1. now not this evil class have even gone to the extent of stealing only fail but refuse to declare God's vengeance the Watch Tower mailing list and have thereby proagainst the hypocritical systems and their agencies cured a list of names and addresses to which they the clergy. Why did he do that? Th 'J throwing a rock at him. '1'he clergy should not be answer is that whatsoever he has caused to be written exposed.the Lord. They give themselves over to so The people composing the class that indulges in evil and to indulging in deceitful schemes. 4: 4) . They are not 'gathering service' by slandering their brethren. God foreknew this..thyself in any ""ise to do evil. the object of such persecution. within the meaning themselves to concoct all manner of evil schemci:l of the Scriptures (Jas. They go from kept silence. Rest [be silent to. ' '-Verse 21. They even think with the Lord. 'Why have to say so much about the clergy 1 S8 Then the Lord graciously permits those who arc How could you expect to do them any good by calling faithful to him to understand why he foretold the attention to the fact that they arc of the Devil's or. They are fully aware that the clergy are hate them without a cause. "-Ps. .cves. addresses the wicked class and says: "·When faithful to the Lord might not be in the least disthou sawest a thief. and that olle is Verses 18. and claiming to walk with the Lord. The Scriptures de. regularly mail their vile accusations.concerning the evil ones because the Scriptures point ty to hear the truth.workers of iniquity and how the faithful "'ould be the ganization? It is like calling a dog to you and then targets for their evil darts. vile and libelous reports of and concerning those who 34 Those once enlightened in a knowledge of the arc diligently striving to serve the Lord. cause of evildoers. Y. has truth from being broadcast by radio.' the name of Jehovah. and in order that those who are striving to be prophet. but I will reprove thee. but they take pleasure in seeing the in order before thine eyes. They see that the clergy are t11. and publish ization while claiming to represent God. Of course the that they severely criticize the followers of Christ Lord foreknew the development of such evil class and who diligently serve God and declare his name. they assume who have devoted themselves to the Lord's service that their former brethren are evil. 15: 4) l\Iention is here made of the hct of the people away from God and from an opportunI. 7. of course.. They not silence. When they come together they indulge "But they shall proceed no further: for their folly in gossip about those whom they once called brethren. neither be thou envious agaillst and therefore are all the offspring of one covenant the workers of iniquity. ami cd their brethren and who are still striving to serve therefore they see the" thief" carrying on his wick. Therefore God. shall be manifest unto all men. 40 This prophecy shows that God has been long86 Some of these have filed petitions to prevent the suffering with those opposers of the truth and. through his it out. and set them behind them. They speak bitter words against them and ed work.of the evil class against them: "Fret not thyself beclare that all who are called" are called in one hope ". and hence they are not to be discouraged by reason of the activitie~ speak evil against their brethren. Thou givest tions that are laiu against their brethren." (2 Tim. turbed or discouraged by vile and slanderous aCC'llsaand hast been partaker with adulterers. They make such wicked and lawless course of action deceive themselves a part of antichrist because they are themselves into believing that they are 'doing God against Christ's kingdom. because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to IT Those forming the evil servant class indulge in pass. 3: 9) Those Having turned their own minds to evil. In caused his prophet to ·write dmvn what would come to substance they say of and concerning the faithful: pass. bad to worse. They go even further than that in this. and thy tongue frameth deceit."-Verse 20. not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way. at the same time they rejoice rather than to be discouraged. N. and I l~ept giving the witness concerning the kingdom.that the Loru foretolu these things. then thou consentedst with him. It was Paul take pleasure in seeing the remnant persecuted who declared: 'Through much tribulation ye shall by those of Satan's organization who are defaming enter the kingdom. and therefore caused his prophet to write these They oppose the faithful remnant that is diligently words: "These things hast thou done. 8.". God gin] in the Lord.

Let the faithof his plan." footsteps. 8: 33) The Lord knows them that are his. ye that forget God. '1'he approval of no one fir~ly upon th~ side of Jehovah and unselfishly and else is worth while. The ultimate salclear as to whom he will show his great salvation: "Yihoso offereth praise glorifieth me: and to him that vation of the remnant now depends upon constant ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the sal. The right course of action is pointed out by the Lord's Word. The great lesson to the Locate the fulfilment of verse 5 with reference to the 'day . to sce the time of the fulfilment of this Psalm? By what means and for what purpose is God communicating his 44 Therefore we see that the entire prophecy of truth to his peopie? and how does he confirm his truth Psalm 50 deals with the judgment of those who to them? "if 1. '1'ho Lord thon gives warn.manner of accusations were laid against him. 45 Jesus was faithful and true to his Father. in that very work. and there be none to deli \'01'. and why at that Taking this account the Lord found a faithful remtime? Show the accord of the prophecies on this point nant. Therefore the gathering together of his saints. 'if 5. 50: 7) ing of what shall be the end oithe workers of iniquity. own due time and good way. These see and know no are pleasing to him. that all who attention to the workers of iniquity and that he will are gathered unto the Lord according to the prophecy set his faithful ones in the proper light before all. 6. 'What has been the relationship between Jehovah and his beloved Son in tile accomplishment of all the divine purand those of the temple class see his lightnings and. that pnvl1eges the faithful enjoy. They have come there by reason of the fa\'Ol' of Gou and in fulfilment of the prophecy. for the purpose of judgment? 'if 9. or . 4. Those who have been gathered together under the Therefore no true and faithful child of God will robe of righteousness and into the temple condition give his time llnd energy to explaining charges made are of Zion. ~erv? !he Lord and not to employ any time or energy because the Lord will give attention to such in his III glvmg heed to the slanderous assaults of the workers of iniquity. ed m support of these truths? Explain the importance of having tht'se truths and the scriptures supporting them Then he sent his :l\Iessenger of the covenant to take brought again to our attt'ntion from time to time. God furnishes them (l~om. 46 For the benefit of all such. and to tell of the day . account with those who had agreed to do his will.I know that I shall not be ashamed. Ho:v does Jehovah 'call the earth'? \Vhen. lest I who share "'ith him in his glory must follow in his tear you in pieces. and how we may know of the time of fulfilment. Dwelling in that diligently and faithfully representing him. shall dwell there own good name and will also vindicate all who are under the shadow of the Almighty.:ainst him by the evil ones. "if 7. and prove faithful t~ the ones who once knew God and had some lmowledue the Lord under all adverse conditions. 10. therefore shall I not be conmankind. Becauso of their sclfishncss they forgot God founded: therefore have I set my face like a flint. found in this prophecy." in glorifying the name of the 1\lost Hi~h. ' constituting such his witnesses to testify to his name. God will vindicate his the Most High and. nor in defending himsci f before them. be the objects of unwarranted attacks 'l'his is another proof that the persons adurcssed are suffer persecution with him. unselfishly. anu an opportunity to be his witnesses. To this end God What are some of the important truths to be kept in mind causes his 'Word of truth to be heard by many durat ~his time? What cumulative evidence has been providing the period of preparing the way of the Lord. through his prophet. Explain how God 'shines out of Zion'. and when it takciJ place.vords which first applied to their JUaster: "For the of his vengeance and of his kinguom that will relieve Lord God will help me. is this. 2. Let a~. then makes it token that he will preserve them.FCnItUARY 15. All et: "Now consider this." (Isa. 8. the Lord says through his proph.and faithful devotion to Jehovah God. All 42 Addressing himself further to the evil class. and these he brings into the temple condition. began when 'to the earth'. The seeret place they are free from the continued assaults lVatch Tower has not given space to answer slander. they are led in the right way. They are on his side and they uelight to smg praises unto their God. Taking their stand his approval is worth while." (Verse 23) It is those who joyfully the duty and privilege of each member of the remnant sing the praises of Jehoyah God aIHl give glory to his cl~s~ to call aUent ion of his brethren to the great name and do it out of a pure heart. who Apply verse 3. It becomes vation of God. of Psalm 50: 5 are gathered into the secret place of and that in his own due time. the Lord came to his temple. All of the temple class engage ~od but ~chovah. and and his righteous cause. poses? 'Yhat rule is therein illustrated that enabies us following that light. faithfully bearmg testimony to his name is a sure 4. if faithful. claim to be of the house of God. They had full opportunity to know God\ ful body members therefore adopt as their own the wilL and to magnify his name. How does God call 'to the heavens' and why made a covenant with him by sacrifice. 1929 <[he WATCH TOWER 57 41 The promise of the Lord is that he will give due remnant.of the enemy.J Jehovah. In the language of the Lord: 'He "'ho orders his conversation [course of action] aright' QUESTIONS FOR BEREAN STUDY "'ill be permitted to see the great salvation. "Who shall lay any thing to the all therefore dwell in peace and ueliO'ht themselves cll:lrge of God's elect ~ It is God that justifieth. The sole duty of such is to joyfully ous reports leveled against it and those who write it.yorkers of iniquity. 'if 3.

Prnyer h<1d then berome a nrc'c'ssary part of the life of the one who wonldlivp in harmony with God.. but .. that giveth to all men liberally. PI?AYFR IN TI-IE OLD TESTAMENT T ~TB snhjprt of prayer is a very important one to the Christian..york'! '\I 27. th('n. Point out the dangPT of their position. was sufficiently definite evidrnce that God had spoken to him. "If any of you lnrk wisdom. Y. Such a course . \Yho are they that glorify ODd? By what means do they 'ordl'r their conversation aright'? \Vhat is the promise of blessing to these? '\I 43.j-. no trials which .' e readily think of Enoch as!. 41. in heaven . ailll set them in order before thine eyes". and certainly the Scriptures say that . but surely he . For instance.rhile a man may get umlerstanJillg.yhich it hope to make to arlYanta~e.vho have a wdl-onlered life <llld sllbere of service as having nothing to pray for. '\I 36-39.Yould hm'dly have been jl1stifh·d if he had prayed that.. It "'ould be wrong for him to pray .. Apply "I will reprove for some guiJanee in the diffirult way he took as he "waJl. but a prayer off('reJ must almost certainly indicate a measure of unrest or of discontent with the conditions in whiph his Creator had plneed him. in those early days Koah might ha"e ealled upon God for courage to face the enemies of his work. The fact that Koah had been given particulars of the structure of the ark. Dc'scrilJe what takes place when the messenger of the coyemlllt 'collies sUdllenly to his temple'. 14. \Vhat is the spedal o('easion for the "llPaYens" to rejoice and declare his rightpouSIH'SS? '\I ]5-18.ed with God" and therefore walked contrary to all his fellows.y verses 18 and 19 in this connection. and show the importancp of having these repeatedly brought to our attl'ntion. As Adam grew in knowleJgc through his experieneps and thoughts created by all he enjo~-ed.l. for sin had entered into the life of 1:1. BROOKLYN. '\I 33-31>.nmld sepIn reasonable. a desire to have something beyond that which it had be('n the good pleasure of the grrat Cre'ator to provi(le. Relate facts showing the fulfilment of verse 20.nmld bring from him a call to prayer. and it shall be given him. It can harrljy be suppospJ that Cain pr:'yed. It is. 12. In much the same way we coneeive that Adam in the garJen of Eden had no exp()rience whirh . He might break out in praises to his God: probably he did conditions where prayer call have but little rela1:on to the life of a s()rvant of God. let him ask of God.58 lfhe WATCH TOWER of his prepllration'. The term" prayer" hns come to inrl11<lr nets of worship and meditation. But some remarks . Y.t of mind. it ran be SUPIIOSPU that he brought his offerin~~ to CaJ aeknowJeJ~.oIHlition. is it partil'111nrl~. 3: 1) has rpference to what work and to what 1)('riod of tillle? '\I 11. will the "great mnltitude" find deliyermH'e? How . and upbraidcth not. '\113. 29-32. It is app. wisdom is the gift of God. In their rnse it would appear to indicate <1n Uill'e. and prove their position as such.Tas.auld ca]] forth a ery from him for hdp. he might pray for "'isdom to understand. Give ericlence that the class here reproved have had some knOW]l'(lgl' of God and of his plans. Describe the attitude assumed by that class.ith a spirit of indcpemlence which would preclude Cod's gi. '\I 19-22. in yiew of the opposition he met with. altholl"'h the word itself signifies a request presented.e AId got an aswrance from God that his ofl\'riJ]~~ had bc'en aecepteJ. A dcebration of pmise to Jehovah is properly caned a prayer.111. but he gave no ilHlir:ltion th::t he was SCllTY his own offrring JiJ not fmd accqltallCe . and that he knew all its dimensions (something which no imagination could haye brought to him). \Vhat is llH'ant by verses 9 to ]3? \'. Account for their having forgotten God. is verse 14 lllldressed to the salllP class? '\I 23-:W. Cain was nn~~TY even to lwll'l'd becan:.ll'ent that much miseonception and misunderstanding exists <lhout the privilr~:e of prayer. howeycr good and however right in themsdYl's they may appear to be.appro]ll'iate for The IValch TOlCer to Plllp!':lsize the imvortance of engaging in tile sen-ice . "-. Of what. Account for the development of such a class. On what (. ConsiJerat ion of God's . '\I 42.yith Cod.'hy.vays "'ith men show that t11e1'e are some th ings which are not the subjects of prayer.'V1al.'Yet hf'r. He had no difficulties to meet. Appl. It Sl'ems impossible to think of Ahrl offering his sacrifiee without a prilyer to God asking acceptance for it and for Jlimself. then. easy to think of the <1n::.. and when. then. mHl as to the place . Prayers and SUPlllicat ions are nnturn1Jy joiJ]ed to. . and it m<lY well be considered to he too large to be dealt to occupy in the life of the Christian. '1'here are times .dng God as the Creator." hl('~~sing. Explain how verse () is fulJilled. "He shall prepare the way before me" (.viii thpy thpn glorify God'! \\"hy.ith exhaustively in this article. (lill 'preparing the way of the Lord' consist? H1Hl for wI1at PUI'pose 'vas it done? This Psnlrn l'ontains wllat important lesson for thp rpl1lnant? How are the benefits of the lesson available? . James says. Define "the wicked". 28. God '"auld girl' some assuranee that he was right in going on with the work in ImilJing the ark. N. lIIl'ntion the prominent 'kingrlom events' marking the '(lay of llis IH'l'paration'. 44-46. It may properly he ca]]ed a l<lrge one. for instance.-illg hira an. How will the faithful regard the activities of the 'evil sen-ant' class? Why? 'll 40. A('('ount for i1ll' existenee of a "grpat mnltitncle" class as distinguished frolll the tl'lIlple class. 1: 5. Point out the Devil's chief instruments.

was not a place set for prayer. J ehovah's friend. As he had been a faithful king he could not un- . the combined armies of Edam. or. Samuel and prayer are closely associated. in later days. (2) under the unusual circumstances he might have prayed for guidance. Jehoshaphat learned that an army of a million men. with the intent of sweeping Judah out of the land and taking possession of it. There was nothing in the law of Sinai which made provision for prayer by the people. Sometimes direction . the children of Abraham. Instruction to Israel . though none of his prayers for Israel are recorded. a designation which must have conveyed to Israel a definite idea different from any previously held. eyidently direction was given. h('ard their cry. or would instruct him what to do. for the circumstances were such as allowed of no delay.ho would be his faithful servant in the reconstruction of Israel.vas given to God's people by means of casting lots.vas an arrangement made for communication with Jehovah through the pric'st. a blessing hitherto denied to her. In the days of the kings of Israel the outstanding feature of prayers offered to Jehovah are those by Jehoshaphat and Hezekiah. He called upon Jehovah for help under the threatening danger of annihilation.1 to Egypt to get out of its way. Jehoshaphat's prayer was on behalf of the people. but on behalf of the others: indeed it was on behalf of the wicked city of Sodom. it is easily possible for us to think of Abraham praying for help and guidance that he might keep his share of the covenant. but they did not cry to God for deliverance. Taken by surprise. They seem to have lost sight of or hope in their relationship to Jehovah. Jehoshaphat called the people to a fast and the leaders of Israel presented themselves before the Lord in the courts of the Lord's house. At the same time Isaiah told him from Jehovah that he was to put his house in order. there . Hezekiah's was more personal." He replied. This also was direction given in positive or negative form. When his work was completed. Ideally. It is entirely significant that the Bible has no record of prayers in those early days. We may suppose that there were two other courses open to him: (1) lIe might have exercised faith assuring himself that if God had called him to reside in that land as his home God would surely bless him there and keep him. directly positive or negative in form. 24.. and apparently Hannah was chosen to be the mother. "God forbid that I should sin against the Ilord in ceasing to pray for you: but I will teach you the good and the right way: only fear the 110rd.enemies mutually destroyed themselves. But God. Hezekiah also was threatened with an army of destruction. after God had made the covenant with Abraham. God was about to have use for one . This was the special use for the 1Trim and Thummim. The temple. the priests or leader in Israel wanted direction from Jehovah in matters relal ing to Israel's welfare. 1: 6) From this it is evi- 59 dent that God had a special purpose to be wrought out at that time.vas contained in the law and the commandments with which it was accompanied. He saved his people.. and Jehovah did not teach him thus to pray. (2 Chron. the mother of Samuel. If l\Ioses or. His prayer was that the people were Jehovah's people. Israel in Egypt cried aloud by reason of their heavy burdens. but both had to do with the welfare of Israel. prayer in such case ought not to be necessary. Hannah desired to have a son. When Abraham first entered into the land of promise there was a famine in the south country. God heard her prayer. erected by Solomon on the instruction of David. It was the prayer of Hannah. and were now in danger by reason of this army of destruction. for he was to die. As to later days. and he went 0. 20: 8. for their. was only a few days' march from Jerusalem. His crying to God WaS known to all Israel. He recalled the promise to hear any prayers offered in Jehovah '8 house of prayer. not for anything for himself. for the tabernacle of the wilderness. 12: 23. which began what we may call personal petitions. which it replaced. Every woman hoped for marriage and motherhood." -1 Sam. His name means "asked" because it was in answer to prayer that he was born. they cried to Samuel. was to be a house of prayer. that they were living in the land which Jehovah had given to them. for if Abraham could properly enter into a covenant he ought to keep it without asking the help of the other party to the covenant. 9) Jehovah must hear the prayer and must answer at once. this time by the Assyrians under Sennacherib. We ask. because he was faithful. even though he appeared to leave them to the mercy of their taskmasters. It seems as if Abraham did not give God the opportunity of directing him. 1929 IfheWATCH TOWER for further evidence. by means of the lights from the jewels of the high priest's breastplate. Why did God thus hear the woman's cry? The blessing of the womb was part of the inheritance of the women of Israel. and realized their wrong course.FEBRUARY 1~. but first she must have some sharp experiences which would bring her into the way of the Lord and of offering her son to the service of God. (1 Sam. and Israel wanted a king. "Cease not to pray for us. and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you. Ammon and Moab. Yet there is no snggestion that he did this or thought it necessary. Hence God brought her to prayer that her barrenness might be removed. In Hannah's case it is stated that God shut up Hannah's womb. It is noteworthy that the first prayer of the Bible is a supplication by Abraham.

but both are intimately associated with the name and honor of God. who apart from this record is an unknown man. and was for his people and for the honor of his God rather than for himself. Peter (Acts 2: 25-28) quotes from the 16th Psalm and says that David. 'Ye ask. Then always shall thy prayer prevail. The psalmist sees himself as Jehovah's representative. not for that of the one who prays. The blessings God designs to give. and that even in the hard providences which might come upon them he was remembering his covenant. It was in David's time that prayer to Jehovah came more directly and definitely into the sacred 'Vord. The prayers of the psalmist are ever on a high level. The prayer of J abez (recorded in 1 Chronicles 4: 10). opening the window of bis chamber which looked out toward Jerusalem. BROOKLYN.60 'The WATCH TOWER derstand either why he should die or why Jerusalem should be allowed to fall into the hands of the Assyrians. He prays for the honor of the name of Israel's God. But the Ilrayers are not associated with specific incidents in his life. 'Tis prayer supports the soul that's weak. They were obsessed with the vile worship of Baal. but spoke prophetically of Christ. and of God before the people of God's choice. Depend on him. By his prayer he honored the God of Israel. Y. His prayer was heard: Jehovah of his grace gave him another space of fifteen years to be added to his life. In times of trial or dan~er God's people sought for communion. he prayed to the God of Isracl for blessing and protection from evil. ] II every case should Christians pray. But when they transgressed. He pleaded for a revision of the word which Jehovah had passed upon him. Elijah must have prayed very earnestly for his people before he prayed that rain might be withheld from them. have much of prayer and supplJcation. for their destruction. Yet every true Israelite would use his privilege of prayer. Apparently very sensitive of his weakness. and perhaps oppressed with thoughts of his helplessness (his name means "sorrowful"). then began their need to call upon him. This was in no sense a selfish prayer: it was the request of a true son of Israel for the blessings of Israel's covenant. If he prays for himself it is for his protection against evil men. they are never for small personal things. is unique among the prayers of the Old Testament. but for the honor of the name of Jehovah. lIis prayers are ever those of a man of Israel representative of them before God. Jehovah's people under his care as their great protector would have been a free and happy people with all their needs supplied according to his covenant with them. that is. '1'hey show that the Psalms are pl'ophetie. No doubt his prayer vIas impersonal. Though thought be broken. and apparently arc mostly from the mouth of David. and. and for the good of God's people. but only because that person was the kin~.l1y carry a very personal note. it appears that thrre is nothing in the Old Testament to lead a Christian to the conclusion that Jehovah encouraged his people to call upon him in connection . and he prays with that in mind. The two prayers arc very different in character. He saw the ruin through Baal worship. Elijah wanted to see the people of Israel brought to their senses. and said of Christ. did not do so. And we to him in Jesus' name. "How then doth David in spirit call him Lord 1"-Matt. thou canst not fail. and Jesus quoted David in the HOth Psalm. so far away. Daniel in Babylon prayed three times a day. the Psalms. as well as for himself and in his own days. The subscriptions and superscriptions which link some Psalms with ill· cidents in David's life are not part of the inspired \Y ord. and God granted him his request. N. But ask according to his will. The many references in the Old Testament to prayer show that the privilege was taken advantage of. 22: 43. language lame God through his Word to us dotll sp('ak. Ilis writings.vith their daily lives. Prayer is appointed to convey. Prayer is for the service of God. Jehovah was using his servant for his own purposes. and he was ever ready to respond at the time or in the manner his wisdom allowed. were written under the guidance of the holy spirit. If there \vere special circumstances God's cars were open to the cdl of his people. ] f near the fount of grace they'd live. and in other times. Hezekiah's experiences were for the benefit of others. not to have his own personal wants or wishes fulfilled. and they almost uniforr. though apparently speaking for himself. and seeking the good of Israel he prayed that God would withhold his blessings in order that they might realize that Jehovah was their God. 'Yhy are one man's experiences aIHI expressiolls placed on record and given so much prom· inence 1 V{hy should the prayers and emotio11S of Ol1e man become so important a part of the sacred writings 1 The Scriptures give their own a11swer. Reviewing what is recorded. And nothing shall to thee work 11L . Hezekiah's prayer was personal. If need be. and that hi3 people Israel might be saved from their distresses that Jehovah might be honored thereby.

Ci\iark 12: 38) But the true Jews prayed. They said. Only those who have that spirit are at liberty to ask what they will. If they failed to accept him as God's messenger. where all conld go. Though prayer formed no integral part of Isnwl's worship. It was at least partly for this reason that God provided a plaee of prayer. ivhen there would be few consecrated. and where those who went could feel their union in spirit with all of like precious faith. a spiritual nation. "-Luke 11: 1.I' entered into their system of iyorship. it is to be remembered that before Jesus left them he breathed on them and said. 'With his coming the time of Israel's trst came. It was not possible that this people could be dealt with in the same way as God had dealt with his ancient people Israel. for he said they went into the market-places to pray to be seen of men. to him who does not specially study the Bible and its message. "Lord. it was only at the end of his ministry that he really entered them into thc privilege. While at the first there was a measure of unity when the churches realized their oneness as a people consecrated to God. teach us to pray. Later they saw that he was now gathering another Israel. (Acts 2: 42) What was there for which this company should pray 'I . as John also taught his disciples. that is. After Pentecost the whole company of the brethren continued in the apostles doctrine and fellowship. The parties were supposrd to be able to keep their part of the covenant without asking the aid of Jehovah. It pleased God to allow the long time of the" dark ages" to come. for those were gathered one by one from among the Gentiles. The difference may be said to be one betwcen a privilege which may be enjoyed and something which is an essential to life. The privilege of prayer is to be accompanied by the gift of the holy spirit. as shown by the parable O Gl of the great supper. and it shall be done unto you. For a time even the apostles did not understand this change which was taking place in God's plan. This is ShO\\'11 by the fact that in Jesus' day the Pharisees were in the habit of going' into the market-placrs to of1'er their prayers. 6: 16) The first Israel had been chosen as the sons of Jacob. Though Jesus answered their request by giving them that which is known as '''1'he IJord's Prayer". only those can be answered. then Jehovah's favors enjoyed by them for so long a time would go to others. they had little need of prayer. and afterward. and perhaps carried captive. and their children were born into the covenant. ye shall ask what ye ivill. "the throne of grace" in heaven. and thus separated from the world. It seems as if there was no special call to prayer in relation to the covenants into which Jehovah entered with the patriarchs. In the Old Testament days prayer was never enjoined upon God's people.PRAYER IN THE NEW TESTAMENT NE of the many differences between the Old Testament and the New is in respect to prayer and the place it occupies in the lives of God's scrvants. As for Israel. prayer became a necessity. and when it i)'ould be impossible that they should know each other and have any means of commUIl1on. The difference is apparent even to the ordinary reader. saying. If it should be objected that it was previous to Pentecost that the disciples prayed to God to guide them in the matter of the lot for the choice of another apostle to take the place of Judas. though they did not pray to be seen of men. It was when they were oppressed by their enemies. it is evident that in their later days pray<. the ideal state of that people in their land was much the S::lme as that of Adam in Edrn. also John had taught his disciples to pray. It is clear that Jesus did not say much to his disciples about prayer. Probahly they saw he spent time in prayer. And here is the reason for his apparent delay. It may be said that in the Old Testament days prayer was an exception rather than a common experience. "-John 15: 7. with whom he had entered into a covenant. It was a privilege open to all who sought to worship Jehovah. and the one made later with the house of Israel. whom Paul names. It was then that he promised the holy spirit. and the imitation to his special blessings which Jehovah sent them through him. and my words abide in you. it was then that he told thrm of their privilege of going to God in pra~'er for all their needs. Thus there was nothin~! in their covenant which enjoined them to prayer." which was his assurance or earnest of the blessing to come upon them at Pentecost. this was not to continue. "Receive ye the holy spirit. and had neither priest nor altar that 111('y found the need of the privilege of calling upon their God. They spoke to him about it first. But in the days of Jesus. This is seen by that which the disciples requested of Jesus about prayer. for if they had kept their law they iyould have had neither fears nor troul>les. 'rhis means that to many pr2yer hnd lost its meaning: it had become a mere formality. "If ye abide in me. "The Israel of God. 'Yith the coming of Jesus there came a grrat change in the relationship between Jehovah and the people of his choice. and they did not wish to be behind. as well as the Pharisees. but the second Israel is formed of those who consecrate themselves to God through Christ. and in prayers. Indeed Jesus charged the Pharisees with mockery." (C a1. But in the New Testament prayer becomes prominent as being a necessity to the life of the disciple. The connection is significant.

·c t he most important feature of a Christian's life. 4: 2. "In every thing by prayer and supplication." Experience seems to show that there is a very grave danger of spiritual pride where there is this excess of outward "devotion". lest ye enter into temptation. 6: 18) To the Philippians. We ask. "Continue in prayer. save as it is from those who have pntered into a covenant with him through Jesus. It is true that Jesus called his church to be SE'parate from the world. Much meditation and preparation of the mind were said to be necessary before the prayer could be offered. It il" evident that Paul meant the same as J('S\lS. There arc those \yl1o l'!'pnd intc the t heal'. pray to thy Father which is in liccret. thr.\! of these monastic retirement~ \Iho ~-et hold to "oll1ething' which in a measure corresJlonds thereto. l)('lieYillg that thereby they sanctifi(:d thr1:1se[\"('s fr01:1 the world.d. professing to follow Paul's directions. being artificial in character. Ignoring the fact that Jehovah is not under any obligation to respond to prayer. shall reward thee openly" (Matt. which seeth in secret. Hetiring for prayer came to mean much more than presenting a petition to God. 'J'h('se \\'ould l'('a<l Pan] ns literally as their circumstan('('s woulll allow. as 1111der the rule or Satan.m has o\-erreached mll11Y dc\o\lt persons iu this malter. tIH'Y prayc<1 for boldness that they might speak the \yord of the Lonl. Jesus I"aicl. praying. and thy Father. and care in all the affairs of life. Its objl'ct is Sf.l1t by the n<1111e of Jesus. he may desil'e1 '1'he clergy of Christendom have badly mislell the prople in this matter. tl)('. . let your requests be made known unto God. and some in the dark days. What is intended by this injunction to constant prayer. took a very literal interpretation and developed the mon~stery systems of Home and ot her churches. All the world knows that this system of unnatural living has led to unnatural practices and is contrary to human interests.Ve . As to \vllnt thc Christinll shonld pr::y for.!Jail ask any thillg' in my name. enter into thy closet. and that Jl'!lOYah·s name might be honored by them. even as Jesus said. N. 12: 12) To the Colossians. "When thou prayest. not by retirement.1'tel' this mannrr pray yr. and when thou hast shut thy door. If aying a professed desire for holiness. While on need the disciple must retire in order to pray even as Jesus said. "If . that there mUl"t be a constant watchfulness in lil·e to be ever set upon the things which lmilrlup the hO[lr' and purpose of life. 4: 6) To the Romans he wrote.. and that more signs might be \\'1'ou:. But when it is considered that the majority of those who become the disciples of Jesus arc taken from the bumbler. Devotion is manifested in action. making no difference in the p1':l~-('r.t of the ion. it is apparent that Paul's injunction to constant prayer could not possibly he intended to mean that the disciples should he alw:1y:.\' h:l\'e occnpil'(l thcmselvl's with prayer as if it wc. 30. and \Iould spend much time in ret il'eTlH'llt. I will do it.t abollt Pl'<l~-('l·. "Patient in tribulation.o.\. it is to the fact of prayer that attention is dirrctrd.T esus had S:I iel. It was natural that the monastery system should develop a "system" of prayer." (Eph. . he does not need to retire for devotion.·slJip" \'. It was not men. As in the case of the chief cloctrilH's it \ras 111(~ Apostle Paul who was used as the tr:l<'llre 01' the church. so much is TIE'€'drd to be taken in retiring from This l1le('h:'nical means of professed devotion is nn inn'ution of the Deyil. [11 t hrse 1:1tr1' (bys 8:11.-Arts 4: :29.-hich is not to the glory of God.j J'-sat ist':. It produces a form of '·\. 6: 6). ranks of life. I thank thee that I am not as 01 her men are. But this also leads to the I"atisfyillg' of the mind of the fl('sh. from which Jrsus "'ould have his disciples separated. with thanksgiving." (Rom." as if he would have the disciples always on the \vatch and in an attitude of heart which meant readiness ill prayer for wisdom. and watch in the same." (Phil. but he never intended that his followers should be separated from their fellow men. ". continuing instant in prayer. And. the J)oore1'. But there were no special instl'llctiolls as to \rlwt 1hl' disciple is to pray for: r~ther.." (. There is a selfI"at isfaction gained which makes for the Pharisaical I"pirit expressed. and it gains its ohject. the community. as much time must be occupied by the approach to BROOKLYN.Y have taught all church members and even adhNl'nls to treat themselves as if they \yere true follo\rers of Jesus Christ. "God. Aftcr the apostles had hcell ill-trr:l1r(l a:1cl 1111'1':1tened by the leaders of the people. for everything. God.John 14: 14) Does this mean that the disciple may go to God for anything. and is 10 11:(' s:ltisfyiw~' of the mind of the flesh.tfhe \Xl ATCH TOWER Undoubtedly they were guided by the apostles to pray according to the m~." The burden of their prayers \vould 11<' for t!H' illtrn. those who mllst find their means of living from hard work. Y. This has evcr proved a delusion and a snare.. "Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit. but the policies of the \yorld... lIamely.l of his enemies. "'Vatch and pray. To the Ephesians Paul wrote. and watchfulness in prayed Some would read into Paul's words an instruction to have the mind always set in prayer and meditation.llller of the Lord's prayer. 01' to hear it. The disciple serving h il" employer could liOt be faithful to his master were his mind taken from his work and centered npon pcl1tions he mUl"t conl"lantly Ofrel' to (i."Col. so it was Paul who said mm. and to withl"t:mcl the oppositio. in order to create the right attitude of mind in which to approach the Divine Being.

throngh his chief executive our Lord Je~us Christ. Indeed consecration has dropped from notice except as the clergy have claimed that they are the consecrated in that they are set apart for hisservice. 2: 9).Tehovah similarly. Taldng that prayer as his guide.t thought of the Lord's prayC'r is that of the unity of those who pray. "Our Father who art in heaven.-ish to obtain. . Further. 'fhe IJord's prayC'r is his direction to his disciples. Our hearts are thrilled at the eridences of loving zeal in the senice of tile Lord and of Societ~·. Even then it is for the whole community. that a copy of this resolution be sent to our brethren in foreign lands. After 63 acknowledgment of the name of Jehovah. this 31st day of October. that God's will may be done on earth even as it is done in heaven. F. and to their own everlasting good. and remembrance of God's honor.FEBRUAIlY 115. "Gi\'e us our [not give me my J daily bread. He may answer him according to the idol whieh he has in his heart (see Ezekiel 14. bllt the spirit within him guides him as to the use of this gl'C'at favor. Undoubtedly the diseiple has the ]ll'i\'ill'gc of ready access to the throne of grace. and at all timC's. There is no reason for thinking that God pays any more attention to them than he doC's to the mummery of the performances of so-called Christian ritual of worship. who have been giving the witness under adverse conditions. and. both in private prayer and in the congregation of those nwt for worship and prayer. This is the great objective. rather than for the individual. and prayer for God's interests. They treat prayer as if it were money which might be used to purchase what they may happen to v. sees that the Lord directs his prDyer first to a remembrance of worship and adoration. for anything. Undoubtedly there are many who think that because they ask God for what they want. Such "praying" is selfish in the extreme. the great Provider for his children.. and thus a man would pray to his own llUl't. to wit: That we send greetings and Christian love to our brethrf'n throughout the earth. Further. Brother J. Suell a one.' Thus e\'en a brief review shows that while the disciple is given the privilege of prayer. to purchase or refrain. that our pray!'rs rise to the Lord for the continuance of his grace and favor throughout the coming ~'ear. If he should forget himself and pray for things which are sdfishly desired. th('re is the limitat ion that it must be in the spirit.TellO\"llh. and thus prevents him for using it selfishly for himself. there comes the prayer for the setting up of God's kingdom. If they call themselves Christian they treat themselves as having money wherewith they may go to the store for their need. as if he had opened a great store where anything purchasable could be got. especially In forei((n Ian us." It is the church. and is intended only for those who come to God by him. that we appreciate our heavenly Father's g-u](lance of the affairs of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. when put to a vote. God may hear him to his own hmt. It is for this that Jesus came to prepare for the establishment of the kingdom. Hutherfonl. It is. rathC'r than the individual. also that it be embodied in the AUllual Hepurt for the F'ar UOIY concluding. '1'0 him \Ye render our thanks aud praise. the disciple. As an expression of appreciation and lovingkindness toward the brethren in foreign lands the following resolution was offered. so that the name of Jehovah might be glorified. concel'11ed \vith the interests of God. and therefore making requests only according to the spirit. U. They consider themselves at liberty to go or to stay. ]928. Some treat the great God as if he had set himself to be a great universal provider. will remember that no selfish petition can do other than harm him who prays. S. and that men might do his will to the praise of the Creator." It is a prayer for the interests of the brethren as a whole. The annual report as suhmitted by our prC'sidcnt. even though it be only a casual relluest. and at any time. The true follower of Jesus uses his privilege only for those things which are for the interests which devolve upon him as the steward of his conseeration.. and of 111e fact that his message of comfort and deliverance Is reaehiug the peopl". do adopt the following resolution. A. to the end that an even wi<ler witupss may be given. RESOLUTION HOSE at tending the annual meeting of the Society held in Pittsburgh last October wen~ specially impressed with the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon our brethren in foreign countries. Many treat . 4). to whom this simple prayer is ginn. in God's due time. The fir. It is only after this adoration. just as they may wish. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER matter of consecration. as if the IJord would say. Pennsyh-ania. and the interests of the one are the interests of the many. 'You are all one. that there is seen any semblance of personal prayer. even as the priests of Israel were set apart. and of his provision for his people's needs througll The Watch TOlrer and associated publications. who has 'called him out of darkness into his marvelous liQ'ht' (1 Pet. was unanimously adopted: T The shareholders of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract assembled in annual meeting of the corporation at Pittsburgh. "'ho under grf'at opposit ion are exalting the name of Jehovah (lad and lift ing up a standard for the people. they are thereby worshiping him and rendering to him all the allegiance he can properly claim. Further. supported by a number of brethren. is gra ti fying beyond exprC'ssion and is another evillenee of the dil'eeting hand of . the \York aeeomplishpd hy our brpthrpn. desiring to express their love and appreciRtion of the cooperation of the brethren in foreign countries.

. .... -. W 1070 Tue jllll 8.. Mon pm 8·!) CJGC London.1300 230. 1400 ~lln aUl 0-1 (J'" WLJ:G l'eler.8 100 1190 232 500 1210 2-17. 1500 Fri pm 7·8 WLSI l'rovidence.8 100 475.0 TIm pm 8·H I'ueblo.30. Y _ 1300 Sun am 11-1.:l- CKOC Sun CKY • Sun 1\... (eYery other weel.6 1000 Sun am 8. \·a.-. ..__.30-!):1O K~OO Sioux ]'aJls... ""estern Au:-.9 100 1310 2~8...4 5uO Tue pm 8-8.. (:n S1.4 2.. DilIlugs. 7..1250 Sun am 10·11· WOKO POllghkeep.7 250 1370 218. 030 Sun am 10·11" W.8 1i000 239.7 250 2·11.. Canarla anJ the United States.9 1000 208.hinglo1l'..'\~l pill 2!~argo...1 80 pIn O-U :10 Wfo'BI-J Cincinnati.•_ _ ..-~:) ilIon Tue TIm Fri Sat am G. Ohio . l~(jO 2~8 1000 Sun am 10·11 KO:\lO Seattle. Sat l'Ill 1~·1. Kew Ze"-I. Ilm :! :J t 7-S.4 1i00 Sun am 9·10 KTl\'T Muscatine.T[<' STA'l'IOX WC.6 2500 1:lUO 213..\T10N CI1'Y AXD PIWGUA~I l'Elt!OJ)~ I'll' METEUS W.~.X J[o]ly"'ood. •__. Tex 12:)0 2:12 -I 1000 Sun am 10.30. Deacon). __ __.C. 7·iJ: Fri Jllll 8.••_. 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Ohio.. . 10.1500 Sun am 10...0 50UO 43 J 5 100 Wl'U C 910 3~!). N. ])..1200 ~llll am 10-1]. Ohio _ Sun pm 5-G WFDG Altoona. rl'hu pLl R:~U-U. ~. ~·10.-ide.!?)uI.:~U D:'::U MOIl pm 12·1. Wis 1120 Sun . Ala _ .\II:S Harrisburg. llIuutlill") KOCW Chickasha...30 WJIlL IJeratur. . lIfilln .6 5000 Bun am 10-11' K/c CITY AXD l"ROGU.8 100 310 020 483.) WIll:\[ Jackson. Iowa _. • ._ 1000 Sun pm 10. .2 1000 1280 2:1-1.. Colo _ . ~ Sun pm 2·3 W]~:~n pm 5~\ay Shore. 6·8 WERC BIrmingham. lIlich..'\Ion 3llD Sun 4QG 4 Y.) cn·ls S" 117 Arlums St. lIfich ~llil pm 2-2.0 100 900 333. . 2-3.. Calif..30. C 1270 \VO!. N.3 5000 Fri pm 4. Calif _. Brookl~'lJ... Okla 1470 204 5000 ~un am D-D.lG·10. Local radio representatives are rerllll'stcd to scnd (1) prolllpt advice of change ill sdlcrlllles unJ a monthly report to RadIO and Lcl'tllre DepurtlllplJt..6 1i00 ~un pm 9·10 K'[':\I Los Angeles._ . Fla ilion pill 8·K30 \\'rl. Iowa .. .0 100 14:>0 200. 1210 Sun pu. 10~0 277.:~O WKln.30·10 WF._. .. 1440 Sun am 1()-11'.. S.9 100 2-17."'''' pm 5._. l\'. ] 310 22.30·8 WGBl<' Emnsville.\'l"lS 2nD Sun 2KY ... W.. Y. D.9 1000 ~un pm 2. GUO G08.8 100 280 1500 2:J:J 500 J~j 5000 4G3 7GO 313 5liO 10 ] :"::. N. Fri pm 1~·1. __ 1210 Sun am 10·11 * WMA L WaslIington.30-10 W.0 WFBr.9 100 WIS.1 Tim Fri Sat 11...l:>·7 KLJt._.1 150 . 1'a . N..30·8 Wl\'RC Greensboro.. N.. C. Colo 1~70 23G....30 Sydney._ O~O 325.:30 'VJ('(~ Bridgeport.30 Brisbane. l'a METEUS WATTS 1430 200.~e:i~oit.9 100 109. S. Kan 1:100 2306 1000 am 9.780 384. Pa 1380 217. pm ~-3 WNAT Philadelphia. 5-7. Y.14UO 201. "a. Au. ..1. _ 1200 'rhn pIll . Ohio Sun pm 2·:.3 500 Sun am 10·11·. 8 Jo K( alII ShrcI eport (Ccllar Grol'C). .. La..1 750 _.._ 12UO Sun am 10·10.rc Akron._ 930 322..s-S... Queenf'hlnd .9 1000 ~lIn am 10·11'· KPHC Houston.:lO WIlK Clel'elanll.\D \\'aco.__.:..2 liOO 236...9 100 214.70 218.) 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Sat IIlIl s·!) 30 WNDF Endicott._ _ [i(. W... N._. Tenn.8 1i00 _ _ llOO 9-10 G:10 475. pIll (:\It. !lid Sun p1l1 G·8 (eyery other week) 'I'h'l Sat pm !)..15.1-130 ~un am 10·11' WMES Boston.UTODS WDAg Tampa.. Kan 1130 203. ::Oun am 10·11· (Continued on Page 60) 267.7 1000 1:170 218. Onto 880 3-10._. N..__. .. Wash !)~O 325.. .8 1000 2-10.__ 77H Dun€uin.4:> \\'ichita.45 WODA Paterson. lIllch Fri pm 9... Y. .:..30·12 noon Fn I!u.

for your redemptiOn. discontented) roaring.. draweth D1gh. .(TIITy No... Mark 13: 20. and "til 'catch to srA "hat 1/e . Look up.~~Wu~rY"lidg@r?-IzaiaIJ VOL. then know that the Kingdom of God is at band. men's hearts failing them fo~' feCir. 1929 CONTENTS "I . Matthew 24: 33.l~ to the'll! epon the earth distress of nations. mves [the restless. en shall be shaken. .eill stana "pan 11!Y 'catrh and 'rill set 111Y joot 'tpon the '1olcer.-Luke 21: 25-31. When th~se tlllngs beg'!n to come to pass. L SE~ll-l\Io:."".5 March 1. a!?d for looking after those things which a~e coming on the earth: for the pO"'ers of Ilea.u:ce~WD@'UD/@I~@l~ ~1f~~® Nu~~t'? Q0j:i{~mh1lSl WiiiliJ~~!3. . . and liit up your beads.. with perplexity' the sea and the .

Y. tntlon..-':~I1Jl.": of Jlis ('l'f'ation."!clitional :"tations join the network or when spl'f'lal progl'll1Jl features can b" aUllouncorl.30 a tho\1sand.. T TO US THE SCRIPTURES CLEARLY TEACH THA l' . HEMERY BHtlsh SCClcrmy J..ffla... the l"t'lklllpthe price for 111.~'l' non C!'patpu th(' p.h llH~ll' lo<.\8 E:\] IE]).e to Jl'lw\nh iIUIW?diatl'1~' IHcee(lll1'g Ot' folloWIJl!J.t. ADYERTISI:\G \L\TCHTOWER ?\ETWORK l'ROGR. ~rat'('h 17..~II is 111P only tml' God. Y.. rXI'rL. dUl'illg tile hour upginllillg at 10 o'clock. E. ('all not hI' cXjll'('toc1 to ('OllvC'y ]'('lia"l<· intol'llilltion 10 ihe people with rpslH'd to t Iii:" l>ro'\lk'l~i in.tlp]y he g]Ol'iti.1. ('I"n'laml. TIL~T .. lin.1np). 111P :\[nkC'r ot' lu'tlyclt H1Hl P:tl'lh.nIBS KQr \YHE: lS't>w York. 'Ve are not onl~1 willill~.ioll..':l1 Ildllel~.lCCS only.tand the divine plan. K Y.JCS\1S in his 11('.Il1. 11'(' db illu was rai~e. that tl1e rC'j~n of Christ . announces com'en1ions.11lfo1'nia.l llim 111'011 it: that man wil· fully lli"..\:il En'ry 0111' on~a..\cn Terrace. and thcn to reonlt~l.ll·la·~1ill~: lliat 1he Lo:.] to dealll.I'L\lI\. F. A renewal blank (rarryiIl~ norici.. :Sunday ll1nrnlllg'.-. It ndhf'l'ps stric·tly to the Bible a<: Gorl's ]'pwfllpd 'Yord of Truth. dotlll'el "itlt ali ]'UII('r in JIPalPIl anlJ ill carlll.\. ~1.:p(l in tile !lousc-to-Ilouse \\ 01']( in t('n ito!')' nO\Y :"1't'YC(] IIY bl'Oad('ast:" of the WA'iTJITO\rEIt nC'twork progl'lllll may !lave a share ill tl'1lin. l'adlH: Sl:l ndard time.. ~1'_\TLS. now IH'C's('nt.han~c of addres. and probably some of the . ('or ll1. Cape Town. \ ('1.l~l~ll~.s. KY.I' 11l'Olhl('p(] till' ran"olll J'l'iee: t Itat .. • • • 495 Collms St. lS'f'W York..veIl as in the far \\'e. It annOuncf'S ra(lio pro.' a to l)(~ c()\.'- (~p()k.Jehoyah bas IJ]:l('('l1 Christ Jpsu. South Africa • CancJ:an Australa~wn S>outh. In'o:1(1<'a"t .I:('('1Pd.!."11 ]". WKBL" wnw .s. (lIlll its columns a\'(' not opC'n to pprsw"J1itie~..] llltilll.. that nIl fill(>h be on our list continually allll in touch WIth the Berean "tndles.D ~l. from [llllon:.I'ealeel p('rfe('t ll1an for til:' <.\lnel'icull rcmit talH'l's should lw made by EXpl'P:-::S 01' Postal ~roney ()l'clcr~. WTAR Norfolk.:. H.(.. as is \\ I'll lmown.clmow]eog-1ll0nt of a renewal 01' a new fiub"criptlOn 'Yill be sent only Wh(. Y.l~ reque:-itf'd. li!r'llt or Uw ~oticty \\ ill ~pf'.'ith ('hrist . K ...l'lptlon eXIlil'(..hkE'Pjlsip.. (PortlalHl).~X_\D... grow" in ]li8 lik(lll(l.1. ~outh Afn('nn find Au.. Y.:h CIJri-t.)..) HnG in the Central time zone (lWglllllillg Ht 1. that the Lo~os l>:'l'nnw a Illall: that Ill' i~ 1I0W Ihp Lord .laec. 1'a. gin-.: fll I aet all 111PlI lll'P born sinners '1'..t 1111' mission of the eJmrch is to fotlo\\' ill tile footstcps of ])('1' 1. RUTHERFOR9 R. W. as .t. 0111. . AXD AUnHAL\~IA )IIRC'ELT .111: llUH Ill} gilye Ill-.(] . \\'on1lng of 1I1P inyilatioll amI til" "iation list are changed from time to time as .. 6 Lehc St. :tIh} pO.'l'e<! by 111i:-. ity.:o~ was the IJP:2. lP 10 11 (EastC'1'I1 :Stllll(laru time) I are.J'Nl forpi~ll terntolT IllaY be 111ude to the J:l'ooklyn ofhce.Tpsus Christ III glory. KF\\'.umlay.l from 111P clpall.!. It gives announcell1f'nt of the visits mad~ to Dible cla~s('s oy traYl"ling ::<peaker~.tal '~lone'r Orders only.\11 TIible Stuo~nts who. (:-.0)'(1 Cllri. for tllis rc'ason." that this ncw rlldio :".stralu:-.!Ylf'R.:aln sug.l('ific <-'oast. H'!'yicl\ 1t IS lh('r('I'01'e a.flio .. SEMI. label .>.\llam's \1 ron:. COWARD FOREIQN OFFICES 34 Crd.ted to partiCIpate in thi~ hl'oadr:1~t.: ill or. England • . "'ill be . Ohio WAH T Culumbus.~T TIIl'l WOltLn 11. 1psl1n1on~~ il) the n:ll11C anfl plan of .. Ya. C.:.ul'nn. Posto. Pa..e ~odet~'s new "ltauio ~Iijl" \vhilc canvassillg.. in· \ ites H ca]'pful pX'llnination of ils uttf'r:lncf'~ in thl> li~llt o[ the infallible 'Yoi'll of Go'l. O. Thcse are not ehnr.p~tl'd that clas~l's lll'l'all. lisls the statious assor. or by Hank })ra1t. Entered as Second ClaR. Harrisburg. ~. KU.lluHlian. .':1l prllltl'd ill ('olors.:. of beautiful clp~i. nl'itl~h. President OFFICERS W. to ordpr ollly such qualltit~' of the slips as ca n be jl!'omptly dist!'ioutpd.:e in ('ontl'oYC'rsic~.'n-if'c i~ aYllilalJl(' ('very ::-. .rET Charlotte. upon his tlll'OIlC' HIHlnow ('ommands all nations and pcople's 10 ]IC'IU' anu olwy J11m.ongs of prni:-.c". Xotice to Subscribers: .'\IOllll1. at ]1 a...ton . .st 11l<'1l thl' l1lPl1lh('rs o[ lJi~ eJlU rf'!J .T..-':"':.: an nll·to-dnte edition of tile "Slip". C.. .(I(]. His :Hldl'P~-'. as('PI)(!ed lldu heavl'n.\T l~n.::"ulHlay morniul!:.. II hidl COlht it lI'('S tht> ]J(l(]Y of ('hl'i.Un .. TIL~T FtlH :\L\-:\Y CEXT1-nIE:4 Gn<l. that 1'.:ed to C'iass accounts. I.1n Fnl1l('lsl'o). aIHl those W]IO o]wy "ill live on ('arth for cver in a state of llal'pinC'ss. 111.\:\'1:018 FonLIC" A:i.t. Gla::.ort! . C. 2.:.THIS JUUl-<.'" of pxpir:ttion I will be sent with the juurnal Ol1e month Ve'lOl'e lhp :-. • • • 40 lr\\'ln Avenue. !Jut !Jy inte'-IlatlOIlal l'o.tatlOl1S.MO~'THLY BY WATCH TOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY 117 ADAMS STREET 1.U:LY ScnSClurTIOX PRICr. -:\.TJ-:~H·:4 l11ighi lH'('OllH-~ was mal1p a ]mmall lwin. so as to ~ain tho aclY'IIl1age of haYin. O.:rams and puuli~ltc. R. Melbourne.yill lie audihle in the 11ol11ltain tllllP zone (1Je-~inlllll1. \VOL Washin. .' EI unsYille.. the ]'('ign of Christ.d{ In Los Atl!. StatIOns nlong the P. It provides s~'steIlHltic Diule stUlly in which all it~ rf'uders may rpg-ularly ('n. I. ('(Jnstitllt<~-: 111P ". Hopkinsville.I~T 0\ er an c'\..J in the n01\york and lllso carries all illl ita1ion to hear the prof.. 7s • .11 witlJOllt thc right to lift·.-.. VAN AMBURGH EDITORIAL COMMITTEE W. WGEI. It is frpt' from parties..:.1'(' ullnble to pay for this j(lUrn:ll. Sf'ranton. Ill. WOHD Chicago. Bnngor.lllt~l' or 111.]OlIl: that Chl'isr.. TI1. A/7 Icun • ___ ~eds':'-<'l~~e~~~15'_~ocietyIII every case =~===== SPECIAL NETWORK BROADCAST The pre.let oj Jlal'eh J.:"..:--Ippi \ alley. OtlH'l'S ill the Horky . thc peo!.cd [or tlll~ 1I1'0:1(lr:18t arc K)'ITl~ (Los <\ngel". RUTHERFORD BROOKLYN. VAN AMBURGH J. ..~1.NAL PUBLISHED ITS SACRED MISSION IllS journal l~ publi~heU for the purpost> of aiding the people to linLler. '1'IL\'1' THE HOPE 01.vill nffo!'(l opportunity to eycry man to ltaye a fair trial for Jifp. (Foreign tl'allslatiolls of thi6 journal 0lJpcal' in sCl'eral languages. H7!1.p at OI1('l' to glye 110t1('C a day 01 t\vo III adV:IIHl' tJIJ'oll!. dlll'll1g the '\'(. U. 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. For more than thrce years these e1l'rgymen and tl1{' principal ones of their f10rks had hated . holy prophets. And I covenant tor vou. that you may eat and drink at 111y table in 1IIy kinOdoli/. For some time they had been in a conspiracy to kill J{'sus.inodom. a)ld c1it on thrones. 'rhe dav of ~TC'at crisis had arriveJ. and now they were stirred with \'enom and they hurried on to complete the arrangements for his death. fact. Tile people of Israrl were then smarting lllldcr the yo!. and tl](.Yith the s('ribes. (1\1ic.:4 67 . L :MARCH Ko.&1M1ATCH lDvVIER PRESENCE AND HE~~ALD OF CHR~STS VOL.\In of Go<l J Dicl 110t the clo'goy represent (. [1'ell (l. Upon this IJoint there sepms to be little doubt of the fact that many of the clergy class knew that . pl'it'sts and Phal'is('es.:. Pharisees and priests know this fact and ha \'c l'eaSOll to believe that Jesus was the One'! Go(l. T. by the manner ill \yhich the common people recei\C'd .~d received him with enthusiasm and had long and 10ll(11~. 111 If Fa III r)' has covenanted fol' me.':: .Jesus of Nazarcth.)I' hc i~ the mpssenger of the Lord of hostH. 6) From the evidence before them the cln'gy had e\'er~' reason to believe that Jesus was the promised 'Jlessiah. "Thy shonlcl the clergy \H1I1t to ]. Vias/loU. but by the time of the coming of Jesus to earth these men had commercialized the religion of the Jews alllllooked to self and had no int erest in the people. contin Hcll I"ith me in mv trials. The ro.rgy.y should seek the law at his mon1 h: j'. For a time men filled those offices faithfully.Jike all such malicions onrs..ill till' :-.-as the beginning of the day.inclr/ing the twelve tribes of Israel.r:1Cl's I< ing.Te'ius \'1as the Son of God.•\ great multitude of the common pea· pIc h.'uilty of treason. 5 Had not the holy prophets foretold thc eoming ot' l\Iessiah \yho would save the I)('o[Jle'? and did not th. Jesns was about to confer upon others a favor whieh would be accompanied by much tribulation.l of Dayid about whom the prophets had said much. he sct .' as 'well as mnrh dist urbell.O. composing the ell. 2: I) The men filling the office of priests and ch'rgy ill .li(ll![)()]l the priests the obligation to instl'll('j till' pl'opll' in the law. "For the priest's lips shonld kecp k]1()\ilvdge. for it .e of their oppressol'S and they looked upon Jesns ns the One who \yould deliver them and S:lye them. but to the ones to \yllOm it was granted it would finally bring boundless joy. T aE time was the fOlll'teenth day of the first THE RE..'](). They feared the people.]side the entire tribe of Ll. 'They [wdaimed him with gladness nnd . . 5: 2: ~latt. 1929 THE INVALUABLE FAVOR "You are tl16Y 1/'7/0 ha1'(. it \nlS far llifff']'I'nL They were greatly an: :ercd. had repeat('dly informcd the clergy of the coming of the Messiah. a 7.\·i to instl'u<'l and sene the people.Jesus time had wnfully degenerated and had departed from the instructions that the Lord had given th('lJ1 and were unfaithful to the cOWllant.)\TI1ant with Israel God mal1e provision 1'01' the prjl'sts. It was then p:lst six o'clock in the evcning'. and proviclcd that till' pricst~ must be tak{'n from amongst that tribe.. and so they reasoned that some way mnst be found to turn the people against .Terlls:tlem and presented himself a" l~. They used their office to extract money from the peo· pIe.od Oil cal't11 among'st the Je\ys 'i It is true that hy till' I:l\V ('. through hi.llty OIW coming in the nanl(' of tl:(.\SO:" month. They hailed him as t Iw gl'e::t ~'. those clergymen wen' moral cowards. anJ before another day he would be dead. . 2 Only a few days before the eventful hour on the blll'teenth da~' of the first month Jesus had ridden into the city of .Terms and to cause him to appear in the people's eyes as one ." (~l a I. He l. 2: 5. The passover comm:lllde(l by the law had l)('en eaten.!'loration as till' mi:-=. Then why should they ""lIlt to kill him? 6 'I'he prjps:s of Israel \vere selected to sC'rve in the name of Jehovah and to aid the people. No otl1('r man a~i(k from Jesus knew that Jesus was to Jie the smne day..:. and now their malice knew no bounds. They \Vl'l'C informed that he should be born at Bethlehem and as Huler should come forth from Bethlehem.Tesus without a cause."-Luke . They sought the approval of men and did not seek the approval of God. II. W onderful {'\'ents \yel'e to come to pass that would never be fOl'gotten. ]\[ost Hi:2h. The rich and influential were their favored 011(>" because they expected something in return.shouted his praises. 5 1.'2S-.

H: 6.resus told tlwill that also. and that the \\'holu nation lW!'ish not. The more the common people gave praise to .vhich would in due time be carried onto (Ezek. HOI' ronsidc'r that it is expellic'nt for us.1(1 tlU1ll' a goou deed and bronght comfOl't amI joy to the Ill'.. and Jesus had publicly toM tJwm as n11leh.~eiolls hand. became llllfaithful to God. ho\Ve\'el'. And this spake he not of hims('lf: Imt heing high }lripst that year. Jesus \vas fully aware of what was going on amongst the enemy.JdlOvah and bring l)lrs"illgs to the people. being the . Knowing that Jesus . . '1'he apostles haye so stated. and Jesus harl not hesitated to so dl'('bre. 23: 13-32) This gl'c'atly nngen'd the dl'l·g·~·.vould then end. N. Satan sought to have the babe ki11ed before hirt h.. "'l'hen gathered the ehil'f priests n]](1 the Pharisl'es a council. :2: 14. (Iod did not intel'fere.. 28:14:-19) Satan well Dnooro YX.(j3 'The WATCH TO\VER mon people :llld the poor the': hated. and at the instance of .vieked should be destroyed and that t be {'art h would be made a fit place for men to abide.lorlll('d by the Devil to destl'oy J('sus.:l<I.~ . u 'rime and again J ('hovah sent his llrophets to t estif~. (II eb. heing the high priest that smne year. (Isa.vichd purpose." (Luke 22: 15) Within a short time thereaftrr. If wp let him tlms alone. 13 'rho Deyil wantell .~Ijuke 22: 1-6. said unto them. cnme he ft'd the IH:o])le and taught them. They looked for more frolll his g/'. and said. and he knew that in a few hours he would be put to an ignominious death. through his prophets. knew that if the prophecy of God should be carried out he wonld lose control over men and his organization would completely falL He put it into the minds of his s{'rvants. But ye say. to the end that his mvn wick('\1 government should not be interfered with. 14: 13.~Gen. enm this "'hole nation. . 11e instil1ed into the minds of those selfish men the conclnsion that if Jesus should become more popular amongst the people the clergy would lose their own plare of ease and comfort and their opportunity to fleece the p('ople would be gone.14) Because of Lucifer's evil course nod debased him and named him Satan. had pronounced his \lecree of death against Satan. 3: 8. (Isa. With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer. 'l'he Deyil had brought forth tl[('se men as his SOliS and represt'ntatiYes. ("Matt. the Devil.vhich gO\'el'llml'nt shonld rest upon the shoulder of the Prince of 1'{'ac(' and would be admini"tered in behalf of the poor as . "And he said unto them. 14 'Yhen the time for the passover came Jesus assemhlcll \\'ith his disciples to eat the passover with them. 7.III bel ieye on him: and the Honwns shall come and take away hoth 0111' place and nation. and he inspired the clergy to calTY out his .1 ('sus kil1ed. and wanted him killed. (John 8: 42--1-!) Brcause of their selfislllless and unfaithfulness to God. 1: 19.. 1 John 3: 8) Satan would therefore put forth his efforts to prevent the setting up of the righteous government. and also that in due time his death would fol1ow. 3: S.\'ould rstablish amongst ml'l! a righteous government [end that the One 'rbJ should l'nle that gm'erl1lnent "'ould honor .wicked methods. because of his ambition.--l\Iatt."~Jolm 11: 47-51.vicked one who ruled b~. and no doubt Satan had some information to this end. ~: 16) Satan himself made an attempt to induce Jesus to Yiolate his covenant with Goll. Then God made promise to faithful n1<'n th1\t in his o\\'n dlle time he . 4: 1-10. his popularity gn'\V md the del'gy <leeilh·d that it . Wherein have we robbed thee ~ In tithes and offerings. ~\nd one of thl'm. Ye arc cursed with a ('luse: for ye haye robbed me.ving the establishment of God's righteous goycrnment his wil'ked reign .v l'qwat('dly held connsel to:~dher and cnterrd into the COllspil'acy original1~. 'Yhat llo we ~ for this man dod h many miraeles. .to the peol11e his purpose and intention of estahlishing a righteous government for men. 11: 1-4. n 'Yh\:'n .\. 11 Further carrying out his wickrd purposes Satan would now use his sons the clergy. knowing that he would thereby ca us(' Jesus' s('lf-destruction. the clergy of the Jews. and again he songht . the clergy 'Hmld do his bidding. that one man should die for the people. The Devil wanted Jesus killed.Jesus h. :)2: 1) God had repeatrdly stated throngh the pro phds that a11 the . Satan. It was his duty to direct man in harmony with (101.'as the IJl'lowd Son of nod. They hoped for a better time to come. knew that follo. to l'ause Jesns to be killed.\I'ts of the sOl'l'o\\'ful. Ye lmow nothing at a 11. <:nl. '1'he: knew they got nothing from the priests. He had an ambitious dt'sil'c to be like the Most High and to establish a kingdom of his o\\n. Such was the condition that prevailed at the time the feast of the IHlssoVl'r chew lligh. Jesus knew of this purpose and told the clergy as mueh. The clergy \\'l'1'e h:qH)Cl'ih's.Jesns' death wlwn a mere child. \vith his po\\'er and in(1Llence to rule men. Lucifer. and . and the. all men ". 13: :1. 'Yhen Jesu. the gn'ater was the fear put in the minds of the dergy of their losing· eYl'rything. by ra:sing Lazarus from the d(. rr:lel'efore they fell the easy victims to Satnn's S('\111('jivt~ methods. 10 God. Being SOilS of the Devil.\'as time for tlwm to a('t.1S therefore "'illing to enter into the cons]liraey and accepted a bribe from the clergy to betray Jesus into their hands. J ndns had become angered. Y. 9. (lUatt.Tesus. and did it.\'(-11 as the rieh. and . 21: 33-40.:\Iatt.' '~~Ia1. they had bccome the sons of the Devil.1 's will. he prophesied that J('sus should die for that nation. 8 But why should the Devil want Jesus to be killed ~ Lucifer was once giwll the position of on'rseer of man. named Caiaplws. '1'lIe~. To the priests God said: "Will a man rob God? Yet ye hnve robbed me.\'ere practising a fraud upon the people for thei]' oml personal ga in.

lIhuul 1,




the clergy, Jcsus was sl'i7.ed as a transgressor, brought
into the courts of tIl(' clergy and the principal of their
:iiock, was there unlawfully tried upon false and pl'rjured testimony, and by that august tribunal of pious
trauds he was deC'lared guilty of crime punishable by
dl'ath. They sought confiemation of that wicked sentC'lleo by the Roman gon'rnor, and obtaining it, thoy
proceeded with t hl'ir \yieked work, and on that same
d:',1- the Son of (Jod was put to dl'ath upon the cross.
13 The pO\\er of Jl'1lOvah' is without limitation. 'Yhv
then would he ]H'rmit his ]wlowd Son to he pnt t~)
dl'ath by Satan and his n'Jll'C'Sl'lltat ivps? In his 'Yard
it is written by one of hil'> prophets: "Surely the
wrath of man shall prail'>e thel'." (Ps. 76: ]0) The
wrath that man has rmd eXjll'l'sses procel'ds from the
Dl'vil. God permitted the \Hath of man and the Devil
to be exhibited to the extreme ;l~~aillst his bE'lovcd Son,
and he will cause that \\Tath to work out to his own
]Jraise. It was the \vill of J chlmt!l that hiR belovcd
:-iOll should die. That, ho\vevcr, wonld give no cause
or excuse for Satan und the elcrgymen to put him to
(]path. God \yithheld his rcstraillil1" hand und permittpd the wrath of these evil ones t~ be eX]ll'l'sscd. To
be snre God could have prevcnted them. The ultimate
r('.~nlt will show, however, th<1t Jehovah is the Most
lJig'h, and that there is none before him. 'rhe f),,\'il
l'c,csoned that the putting of Jesus to death woull
l)]'e\'l~nt .TE'hovah from carrying out his Jl\ll'POSl':~,
.Teho\'ah will demonstrate that the uct of the erjl OlIC
awl his Qllies \rill in no ,rise ]lreycnt him from enrl'\'in~~ out his IHU'110SCS.
lC That it w'as the will of Cod that ,JL'sn" should
d i (', t here remains llOt the slightest clouht. J e,ms klll'w
th:~t fact, and ther('foJ'(~ 11(' ;;nil]: "The1'l'fu,'e doth InY
Father love me, because I lav doml illY Ii [e that 'r
might tal,e it again. Ko man tuketh it h:om rr:e, bnt I
lay it clown of myself. I IHlve power to luy it down,
~11l] I lwve power to take it again, 'l'his eommall(lment
have I received of my Father." (.Tohn ]0: 17, 18)
This proves that no creature coHld hare taken Jesus'
life without the permission of JehoYah and that Cod
permitted it, knowing that in due timo he would rai~c;
Jesus from the dl'ad. 'I'his also testifies to the supremacy of JrllOvah God.

17 Ijong centuries before that mClllorublo fourteenth
duy of the first month, God's choscn people Israel
were residing in Egypt. They were being greatly oppressed by the ruler of Egypt. The government of
Egypt pictured Satan's organization, while the ruler
of Egypt represented Satan himself. Hearing the
eries of his people because of the oppression, God sent
his servant :Jloses to Egypt to be the deliverE'r of the
I'lraelites. :Moscs was accompaniE'd by Aaron. The
two appeared before the ruler of Egypt and made re-

quest that God's chosen people he permitted to go
therefrom and w-orship him. The request \ras g'ranted,
only to be immediately denied ugain.
IS 'I'his was dOlle repeatedly, und J l'1lOvnh determined that now Pharaoh und his hosts should know
that God is tho Most High and that his \rill must bA
obeyed. He \yould teach uIl creation that he is tlH'
supreme One. At the same timo he would make a
picture foreshadowing the sacrifice of his beloved SOil
and testify to the reul purpose thereof.
ID Jehoruh therefore commanded :lUoses to prepare
the people of Israel for the great passover. "And the
Ijord spake unto Moscs und Aaron in tho land of
Egypt, sa,\-ing, This month shall be unto vou the beginning of months: it shull be the first m~nth of the
year to YOH. Spl'ak ye unto all the congregation 0 [
Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month thev
shall take to t1wm every man a lamb accordinO' to th'e
house of their fathcrs, a lamh for an house; and if
the household be too little for the lamb, let him and
his neighbour next unto his house take it ae('ol'(]in~
to the number of the souls: every man, uccording to
his euting, ~hall mako your count for the lamb. lour
lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year:
ye shull take it ont £tom the shl'ep, or from the gouts:
and ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth (]ay of
the saIne month: and the whole assE'mbly of the "congregation of Israel shull kill it in the evelling. Allll
tlwy shull take of the blood, and strike it on the t \\'0
side posts, and on the upper door post of the hOll""~,
\dlel'ein they shall cut it. And they shull cat the ile·sll
in that night, Toast ,yith fin" und unleavclled bread;
mH] with hitt('l' herhs they shall eat it, }~at not of it
rail', nOl' ~Ocl(]Cll at all with water, but l'oast ,,-ith fin';
his h":,,J \\'ith his lc~~'s, und \vith the ]lul'tenancc thl'n~­
of. <\IH] ."l' shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remaineth of it until the mOl'llilW
ye shall hul'll with fire. And thus shall ye eat it; \\'itl~
your loins girded, your shoes on your fl'et, and your
staff in your hand; and ye shall eat it in haste: "it is
the J~ord 's passover. For I will pass through the land
of Egypt this night, und will smite all the firstborn ill
the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against
:dl the gods of l~gypt I will execute judgment: I am
the Lord. And the blood shall be to you for a token
upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the
blood, I 'Yill puss oyer you, und tho plagne shall not
be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land 01
Egypt. And this day shall be unto you for a memorial;
and ye shull keep it a feust to the Lord throuO'hout
~your genE'rations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever. "-Ex. 12: 1-14.
20 The passover thl'l'e arranged for, and which wus
obsen-ed on the fourteenth of Kisun, mURt become a
perpetual rule to be annually observed by the Israelites. "And ye shull ohserve this thing for an ordinance to thee and to thy sons for c\-er, And it shall






come to pass, when ye be rome to the land whirh the
Lord will give you, according as he hath promised,
that ye shall keep this service. And it shall come to
pass "'hell your children shall sny unto you, What
mean ye by this service? that ye shall say, It is the
sacrifice of the Lord's passover, who passed over the
houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he
smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And
the people bowed the head and worshipped. "-Ex.
12: 24-27.
21 Preparation was made in obedience to this command. At midnight God's angel passed over the land
of Egypt, and every house where the blood of the
lamb "'as found sprinkled the angel pnssed over and
left its first -born unharmed. In evcry house where the
blood did not aIlpear, the first-hom died. By obeying
this commandment of God to kill the lamb and sprinkle the blood O\er the door the Israelites proved that
they trusted in Jehovah and \vould faithfully obey
at that timp. The blood of the lamb therefore formpd
the basis of a eovcnant that Cod made with the Tsraelites to make them his own people and establish with
them his government. The covenant \vas afterward
confirmed at Sinai. The blood of the lamb was therefore the basis for the law co\'enant made in Egypt, in
whieh eovenant lUoses was the mediator between God
and the people. In that picture lUoses represented
Christ Jesus, the brlond Son of God, and foreshadowed a bettrr covenant to be made by a bettl'l' s:lerifier.
22 On that occasion in Egypt eithl'r :'los'.':J must die
or some creature must die instead of Moses. Therefore
It lamb was selected and ,ras blled. Primarily the
lamb repl'(':;~'nted lUoses; but it also, and in a wider
wa~', repl'('st'nted ,h'sHs Christ. In propl1('t ie plll':'St)
it fOJ'ctold that the onl~' meam whereby thr sin of t];2
"'or1d c;,n be hl:en ;,\Yay is by faith in the hlood of
Christ. ,TeSLl". 'j'h('1'd01'(' ,,'hCll Jesl's came, JO:111. hiS
fOl'enlllnC]' m,d one of tLe l,roplwt:;. said: ,. B('!:.lld
the Lamh or Co(1, \rhieh t:'kvtlt <lIyay the sin of tiJ('
,,·odd.'· (.John 1: 2D) 'i'he:'d'ore wlwt God cnused to
be ell act,'d by the .Te\','s fo ,'(' ',lI ,:dOl\'e(l athPl' t h inr~s of
greater import:lJH'(' to eon:e to p:";s. (1 Cor. 10: 11;
Heb. 10: 1) 'l'hc d('uth of tl1(' I:::':J foreshado\l'cd the
death of ,T('sns, TLe pie[ \liT [lointc(l fOl'\vard to tIle
time ,rhcll till' S:n'ior or the \n)]'ld \\'ould come and
die for the lwnl'llt oJ mell. It \\';1~; therefore tlte will
of Clod tliat he should die, Bnt this fnl'J1Hwd 110 excnse for the De\'il OJ' cler~'y to haH' any [l"rt in putting' him to drath.

Comparatively few people have seemed to haH'
any understanding of the reason for the death of
Jesus. God's \Vord makes it plain. Because of the
rebellion that started in Eden the perfrct mnn Adam
was sentenced to death. By reason of thnt divine decree Adam must die, and all his offspring, inlwriting
the disability, must in due time likewise die. If evcry


man should have an opportunity for life everlastin:~',
redemption must be provided from the original judgment entered because of sin. This could be done only
by another perfect man HJluntarily dying instead of, or
as a substitute for Adam. All men being descendnnts
of Adam, all were born imperfect and none therefore'.
could redeem himself, and certainly he could not redeem his brother. (Ps. 49: 7) How then could mnn
ever have an opportunity for life? The loving-kindness of God made the necessnry provision by sending
his beloved Son to earth and permitting him to die
and provide the redemptive price for the human rnce.
"For God so loved the world, tlwt he gave his only
begotten Son, that ,vhosoever helievcth in him should
not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent
not his Son into the ,vorld to cOlldemn the world; but
that the ,vorId through him might be saved. "-John
3: ]6,17.
11 was impossible for the blood of animals to take
U\\'llY sill. God prepnred On;:) \\'ho could take <lIyay
sin. His belovcd Son was sent to earth, his lifr l)('in:~
transferred from spirit to that of human. He \\ a.;
made flesh and d"'clt amongst men. (John 1: 14) IIe
came for the purpose of doing his Father's \l'ill; an:l
it heing' the ,vill of his Father that he must die ill
order to pl'ovide the ransom price, he ,vas willing' I,)
dir.-Heb. 10: 4·10.
20 Hecemse of J ('~us' full and complete obedie1H'e
even unlo de:~th, Cod raised him out of de:ltll an.!
exalted him far above all creation and gave him a
name that slwll be sung ",'illl praise throughout tlj('
agC's of elernity. The dealh of JC'Sl1S upon the cro: s
provided the redemptive price for cum, maLing' 1t
possible for all men to ];(~ ';'l\'{'d ;1:1(} thC'l'cai'tel' 1.J
];nl. Clod raisC'd him out of dC':,th, and ,Tesus the dl·
Y;;;e ascended into heaven and ]J]'('~;"lltec1 the value of
that perfC'ct ::;acriuee ;lS a ,;in.of"(,l'ing for men. He
therefore heeame thc grcnt 1\; ('dwtor brt\H'en God and
mell; and all \\'ho shall evel' 1)(' ::;a \'(~d at all must 1)('
snn~d through the blood of Cln'ist. (1 Tim. 2: 3-6) It
was nccessary that Jesus die in order that men might
live. lIe was i'ich in pOWC'l' ellld glOl'y, lmt he became
POOl' that the pO\'erty·stl'ieken human r;,ce might h3\'0
an 0]JP01'~ l1Utty for riches, "For .F blOW the grace of
our Lord Jesus Christ, that tholl'~':l he \";,1' rieh, yet
for ~'om' ~a];es he became poor, th::t yo through his
powl'ty might be rieh. "-2 COl'. 8: U.


2'; ,Te,ms must be obedient to the bw; therefore he
must eat the passo"er on the fourteenth day of the
first month. If it was impol'tant to keep. the feast of
the passover, "hich was the type, then it must be of
far greatrr importance to keep in memory the fulfilment of that type. J eSllS "'as the ant itypical Lamb,
and his death upon the cross fulfilled the type and put
an end to the provision of the law for the passover.



1, 1().!()

,Jesus knew that he must die on that day, and before
he died he would institute the memorial of his death
that his followers might keep it in mind and understand its importance and that they should observe it
Hllllually. .At the conelusion of the passoyer supper,
,Jesus "took bread, and gaye thanks, and brake it, and
gaye unto them [his diseiplesl, saying, 'fhis is my
body, which is giwn for you: this uo in remembrance
of me. Likewise also the cup after supper, saying,
This cup is the new testament in my blood, ,,'hieh is
shed for you. "-Luke 22: 19, 20.
27 Christ is the paSSOyel' for the churl'll, the members
of his bod~'. It is only those ,,'ho trust in his shed
blood and remain in that faithful attitude to the end
that ean possibly share with him in his glory and
blessings. 'l'he apostle says: "For eYen Christ our
passowI' is saerifieed for liS: therefon" kt us keep
the feast." (1 Cor. 5: 7, S) What Jesus did at the institution of the m('morial of his ueath means more to
his t1'1W follower t him nl('l'('l~' the opening 0 f the \ray
to life for him. All people who shall eYer be blessed
,,'ith life e\'erlnsting must recei\'e that ble,ssing' by
reason of the shed blood of Christ ,Jesus, but the body
Illl';Ilbcrs rec('iYe more than a mere existL'nce.

28.Jesns OIl that oee,1sion inyited his disciples 'to
dl'ink that \;hich repl'Csent('d his bloou. l;ll(ll'l' the
terms of Uod's law to the bl'aelites the drinking' of
]1100(] \\',is punishable Y;ith dl'ath. The ill\'itatioll .I('sus
U';lHl to his followers tlH'll ,,'as Olle of death. Could
,k:;l's bestow a favor UP()]1 his tnw l1iseiplps by inyitill;~ tl1(';n to particill:lte in his de'ath"? lIe' could; ,lill]
in 110 other '\';'~' could a !~';'(':'t( t' fanJl' lw )('sto\\'('(] npon man. ep to thie; tiiiH' few klYC s~'enH'd to allpl'l'eidc
this great truth; hut tI1O:;C \dw have seen anl1 ilPllreci"te(] it hayc m \1(,11 l'C'['son to rejoice.
29 'Vithout. 11 doubt (i od's pm'1H1se \\'as from the beginning to IUl\'e 11 \rod(] cumposed of mankind under
tIl(' immediate supenision of ,m ill\'isible OYer)o1'(] 01'
gOYel'nor ahvays in harmony \vith himself, Thc ambition
of Lncifer had ca11:;('(] the loss of cYer~,thing to man and
entailed upon mankind a long period of snr;cring and
Sin'l'OW. The gon'mmcnts of men, ]Iresided oyer h~'
:Satan the DeyiL hiln' cyer hc'en oppr('ssiw'. God would
('stahlish a righte011s world. But before he \vould grant
tIl(' lordship en'n to his bclowd Son he ,Yould make
his Son perfect through sufferings even the sufferin o '
of an ignominious d(,t~th. To this (:nd Jesus was ma(l~
in the likclll'ss of men. lIe was made. a perfect man.
His death as a perfect man provided the rallsom price
for man. His complpte faithfulness won for him the
rulership of the ,yorld. \YIH'n at Jordan Jesus made
his consecration, God promispd him, among other
things, a kingdom. or great government. In order to
prove his complete obedience and faithfulness unto
his Pather, Jesus was willing to die.


80 It was also the will of God that others should be
taken from amongst men and haye the opportunity
of being' associated with Jesus in his righteous government. If suffering and tribulation was the conditioJl
precedent to Jesus' haYing' the kingdom, then it follows that all ,yho might be associated ,vith him in that
goyernment mnst pass through a similar experience
of suffering. It ,vas the will of Gou that Jesus, as
Jehovah's rrprcsentatiye, should extend the inyitation to men to join ,yith him. in his suffering and in
his glory. Therefore, at the institution of the mt'morial of his death Jesus invited his diseiples to be brokcn
,vith him and to chink of his bloOl], t hat is to say, ttl
surrcnder eH'rything human to the will of God and
to participate in Jesus' satrificial death.
~1 They must be baptized into his death in order to
share in his kingdom. On a former occasion Jesus put
the question to them: "Arc ye ahle to drink of the cup
that I shall drink of, and to be haptized with the haptism that I am haptized with? The~' say unto him,
'Ye are able." (l\Iatt. 20: 22) They agn'e(] that tlwy
,yere ablo so to do. 'fhis being tho \\'ill of God, at the
conclusion of the feast of tlw 1)assowr tho hour h::d
alTiypd for ,Jesus to tell his discipl(,s npon \ylwt terlllS
they mi~.::ht be for oYer ,yith him. Therefore he said
to tllP!ll: "You arc they ,yho haye eontinl1ed \rith lile
in my t ]·ials. And I covenant for yOll, CH'll as my
FatlJl'l' hes covenanted for lIle, a king(]om, that you
l~l~lY cat am] drink at lIn' tahlc in In'' kin o do!l1 aIht
sit 'on thr011l's. j11(]gin~~' tl~e i\\'eh'e tril;('s of 1srae'I."L lIke 22: 28-30, Dia[;lott.
"2 'l'his ,nis [In invitation to come into his con'nant
h~' sacrifiee and to clie a sacrificial death. All othel's
\rho will e\'el' bo associated 'Yith Jesus in his kingdom
must tako a similar course. '1'0 merelv bc'lieye on the
Lord ,Jesus Christ is not sufficient. '1'0 i)e baptized into
his l1eat il, and then to be faithful to the ew], is also essential. Paul 1llHien;tood the mattrr thus, and therefmc 11(' said: "Because to you it \yas gl'lleiously given
on behalf of Christ, not only to belieye into him, hut
also to suffer on his aecount. "-Phil. 1: 29, Diar;lott.
~J In order to be a memlwl' of the body of Christ,
and thcrefore to be associated ,,;ith him in his O'oyernment, the body members must fill up the s\illering
that is left behind and ,yhieh suffering is giycn as a
great fayor (Col. 1: 24); and the one who um]erstands
it thus, rejoices to fill up, or to participate in, such
suffering. In this connection Paul dee1ares that for
this reason he is made a minister accordilJO' to the
dispcmmtion of God, which is given to him to fulfil
his Word. (Col. 1: 25) It means furthermore, then,
that one haying been brought into the cownant hy
sacrifice must be God's faithful minister even unto
death in order to be associated in the goyernment.
34 ~Iany haye been deceived as to what is required
of a Christian. Many have believed that Jesus is the
Sayior and accepted this truth because they thought




such would save them from torment or eternal death.
lUany others have made a covenant with the Lord God
to do his will and thcn straightway set about to develop a beautiful character and thereby preparp,
themselves to go to heaven. Others have made a consecration to God and have understood that in order
to be with the Lord the terms of thl'ir ro\'pnant must
be followed anu faithfully performed. The last is the
class to which Paul belon~ed, anu he sets forth the requirements of all ,vho will be in the government.
S3 '1'he faithful anu obedient Christian well knows
that he could noyer so uevclop himself that he "'onld
be fit for Clod's use. IIe knO\\'s that he can be faithful
to the Lord God and his beloved Son, l}(';~r the reproaches "'ith Christ, and gbuly conform himself to
Cod's W<Jy, in obedience to his commandments. \Vith
him it is not what other men think about him. It is
not whether he shall please men and have them say,
'He is a Christian and a beautiful character,' The
whole concern of the faithful one is to do wl1<Jt is
pleasing to God. It was because of the faithful obedience of Jesus unto death that Gou raised him out of
(leath and exalteu him to the highest place. (Phil.
2: 1-11) It is bec<Juse of the faithfulness of those who
follow in his footsteps that God has guar~nteed that
they shall participate with .Jeslls in his right eons P'(;Vemment and enjoy the blessings of immortality,nev. 2: 10; 3: 2l.
SG The cleven faithful disciples whom Jesus invited
to share in his covenant by sacrifice, anu t hcrcfol'e in
the kingdom, are the same ones for ",hom .Jesus of['ercd
a spccial prayer to his l,'ather that same night. IIi'!
prayer was: "I have given them thy "'ord; and tIll;
wmId hath hated them, because they are not of the
world, even'<:s 1 am not of the worlu. 1 pray not that
thou shouldrst take them out of the "'orld, but that
thou shouldest keep them from the evil. They al'e not
of the world, even as 1 am not of the ,,'orlu. Sanct ify
them through thy truth: thy word is truth."John 17: 14-17.
37 The rule is therefore clearly fixeu that those who
will share with Jesus in his government must be entirely separate fl'()]-;l the world. These have been
brought into the king'llom of light, and their complete
entrance as immortal creatnres into, and their becoming sharers of, the glorions government depend upon
their faithfulness to God unto the end. That means
there can be no compromise ,,'ith any part of the
Devil's organization, which is the world. These must
be entirely set aside for the use of the Lord; and this
is done by the truth, which they must learn and obey.
A mere head knowledge is wholly insufficient. 'l'here
must be a course of aetion in harmony with God's
commandments. They must be in the world, but must
be no part of the world. They must resist the ,,'orlrl
and overcome the world even as Jesus did.-Jolm

16: 33.


N, Y.

38 Those who are brought into the covenant by sacrifice, and then continue faithful and true to the Loru
and stand out boldly against the Devil's organization,
shall in due time share the glories of God's righteous
go\'ernment with Christ Jesus the great King. '1'herefore it is the greatest privilege and favor that could
be besto\ved upon man to be invited to drink the
blood with Christ, meaning thereby to share with him
in his death; because the reward is the greatest that
could be giYen to any creatme.

"TILL HE Co:.I!:"
30 Paul, a faithful follO\ver of Jesus and the inspired witness of .Tehov:,h, '\Tote: "As oHen as ye
eat this bread, and drink this cnp, ye do shew the
Lord's death till he ('ome." (1 (;01'. 11: 26) \Ve understand his won]s to mean in subst:lllee th is: ''1' hel'L:
are those who have made a connant with God to do
his will. Each time these ousene the l\Iemorial they
show that the death of Jesus vIas necessary in order
to have the kin6'dom, and that no one will be associated
with him in that kingdom save those who likewise die;
that the ones eating the bread and drinking the "'ine
thereby say, We undel'stand this to repi'esent the
death of our Lord in whieh we arc permitted to participate as an invaluable favor to us. '1'hus we show
forth his death until he come and receive us to himself. '-John 14: 1-4.
40 No one can truly partake of the l\Iemorial ,vho at
the same time is having any ]l<:rt with the "'orlu or
the Devil's organization. IIe coulu not be in sympathy with Satan's organization and at the same time
worthily partake of the l\Iemorial. If one is in sym·
Vathy "'ith the Devil's organization, or participating'
in it, and while doing so partahs of the lUemorial of
Christ's lleath, he does so in violation of the covenant.
'rhcrcfore Paul says to such: "Ye rannot drink the
cup of the Lorcl, and the cup of devils; ye cannot be
partakers of the IJord's table, and of the table of
devils. "-1 Cor. 10: 2l.
41 Those who prove faithful unto the Lord must be
entirely on his side. \Vhen one examines himself he
may uetermine, according to the rules laid down by
the Scriptures, whether or not he has a covenant
with the Lord and whether or not he is devoting himself wholly to the Lord. If so, then he should gladly
join in the :l\1emorial.
42 On the night of the lUemorial, Jesus said to his
disciples, in substance: 'l\Iy Father has maue a cove·
nant with me to give me a kingdom that shall bless
mankind. IIe has appointed me to rule the ,,-orld.
Before 1 can have the great privilege 1 must prove
my faithfulness unto my covenant and 1 must be
broken and must pour out my life-blood. The breaking of this bread represents that I am broken, and
this wine in the cup represents my blood poured out.
As my Father has marked out the course that I shall

lIIARCIl 1, 1929



take, I gladly take it. For the past three and onehalf years I have had much tribulation. In all these
trials you have been standing faithfully with me.
Xow I offer you the great privilege of sharing' with
me that kingdom upon condition that you be broken
,,-ith me and that you drink of this blood of mine,
which rcpl'csrnts your share in my death. If you do
this, yOll shall share 'Yith me in my kingdom and
glory.' Ne,'cr was another so yaluable a favor confelTed upon man as to be invited to enter into this
coycnant of sacrifice and into the glol'iolls gOYC'rnmcnt.
4l Kow the remnant of the chm'eh is on the earth.
The members thereof sec the grcat privilege of being
baptized into the death of ('In'ist nnd the 1I('('('ssity of
faithfulness to the end. Already t hry rCC0 6 11 ize that
the Lord Jesus lws returned, that he is in Ilis holy
temple, and th:~t he lws gatlwl'ed the faithful ones
into the temple condition. These have entered into
the joy of the Lord. 'fhey h:we begun to drink anew
of the ,yine. They see thnt the kingdom is neal', and
now they know that they haH: continued faithful aIHl
true to the Lord and henceforth they shall soon entel'
complddy into the gates of the gloriolls bngdom,
share in its boundless blessings, sec the Lord in ali
his beauty and glOl'y, apllear ,,,ith him in his likeness,
and see 1he face of the lUost IIigh. This ulJspeakable
fm-or set before them is all by the grace of J cllO"ah

"-llpn alld \yIH']"(' were tile WOl'd:; o[ Ullt' text ~[lokon? "'hat
illlpUl'lallt huur fur Jew:; lIad como'! For his disl'iplelS'!


Re]a(l' (hl' PI'C'llls of (lie fow days plioI', Contrast thC' alli!lHle
of til(; ,'0111111011 !lCoplp to\\ :11'(] Jesus with that of tlie (;Iel'gy.
A('('ou!'t iol' IIIP dill('I'('IlCe in moti\l" all(] fol' the f:lilure
of litlH'r d,l~1S 10 (',11'1',\' oul tlieir int{,I](lel]IHll'pO~l'. ~:2, 8.
SI,ow that til(' rpli~iol!s Ip:Idns of l~l'aol \\'l're ill n posi,
tion parlil'ul:II'I~' 1:II{>I':lill,' (0 tlll'il' recognizillg Je"ulS :IS
the "lp~"I:lIr. 1, 4, II,
Ily \ylIOIII :Iud fell' \I II:II 1'111'1''''''' \I:iS III<' III i, "I II<HI<l of bl':l('(
pl'o\,i(]e(]'! I10w IIad till'." dl'C:"'l<'r:lll'<l In Ilrl' "O!l(III,oll in
\\'hl('h ,ll'''us f{>lIlld til, Ill'! \\ II:It \I:IS ,r('~U,~' lil:IlIlll'l' ut
dealillt; II lilt (lll'lll'! 'Ii Ii, •.


Idenlify the master min(] back of the clergy's ac1iYitles, Explain how he becnme the g!'cat al]yerlSary, Account for his
JJPrsistently opposing tile servants of God, and especially
.Tesus. ~ 8,]0.
\\'lry should Satan expect the clergy to be \yilling anI] effective instruments for his purposes? Show by scriptures
\yhat effect Jesus' fayOl' with the common people had upon
the minds of the Deyil's agents. 'J 11, 12.
\\'lry did Satan spek for a melUulll better acquuinte(] with
.Tesus' affairs? Ilpla(e how the Devil thereuHet' sllceeeded
in haYing Jesus put to death. 'J 13, 14,
A('count 1'01' Jehoyah's permitting this extreme persPI'u(ion
l'yen of his bC'loypd Son, Show that Jf'SUS himself could
ha\'{, foilp{] all Satan's efforts to do IIim hal'll!. 'J ],), ]G.
] ks('ribe Is!':IC'l's expniellces in Egytlt prior to tlie passon"r.
'J 17, ]8.
]tplate the s(ory of (Ill' Plls~o\'er, Of \Yhnt illlport:lIIt flrrnn;:elllPnt WlllS it tile' l>a~is, and \\ hflt did the pkture forefureslllll]o\Y? 'J lD-~~,
\\'IIY \I'ns it ne(,F~s:ll'Y for Jesus to dip? Quotf> scripturp~ to
~!Jow the pUl'jJose of this feHtme of Jehoyah's ]llan. '[ 2:;.
\\'hy t:ou!<l not IIS!'apl olltllin life on the IJflsis of the alom',
ment-d:ly sllcl'itices? How 'YfiS the circmns(flnl'l' met, not
only for ISl'flC'J, hut for nil mallkind? Explain \Yllnt Jrsns'
absolute faitlit'lllnpss in doing his Father's \yiI!:lYlli!l'd for
.If'SUS lrimlSplf, ~ ~±, ~J.
Explllin how Jesus knew (hnt 'Ilis hour hn(l come'. Ilow \\'afl
the Je\\ ish IlllSSOyel' IJrougllt to an end, an<1 \\"Imt took its
pJ:[{'e'! How far-reachin!;' is the bencfit uf \ylrat .Te~us there
ml'lllorifilize<1? ~ ~G, :27.
\\'hy was Jesus' ill\'itation to his disciples to llrillk of Ids
cup tile greatest f:no!' ('\'C'r bC'stO\yel] upon m:lll'! ',1 :28,
Lucifer',; t:omIllission as overlord in Eden i1H]i<'ll(C's \\'llllt
divine intention as to \I arId ;:o\,erlllllPII('! \\'Ilat l'il:lllge
of elispensation lllfirkeel the enl] of the ac::e (1U I±) ? IIow
find \Ylren di<1 Jesus \Yin the rig"llt to rule tlie \\'or1<1? 'J 2~).
\\'hut grat:ious provision has beell nI:lI]p for o(]lprs to be associatC'd in that go\'emlllPnt? On \yhat cOlll]ition lllay they
enter into tbat glorioUS pl'ivileg<.?? ~ ;]0-:1:1.
What erroneous illC'a Ims preyaiIp(1 n'~pectillg tile e]uty of a
Christian'! I';xplain God's plll'jl0Se in 1lie 'high cfllJing'.
Describe the course necessflry for 1Ill' Christian to pursue
thflt he may enter into Llmt for \\ hii'll the llearenly ealling
\Yas inteJl(lpll. ~ 34, 3;).
Quote Jesus' prayer for his faithful db, i[)lp~, all{] point out
thcrC'in the rule hy \Yhkh hi,; tmp fol io\n'rs IllUlSt be gov(,1'Ilo,1 unl]e'r thpir coyenant by ~:ll'ri!k('. -:; :J:';-:38.
Apply 1 Corinthians 11: 2G. E:qlinin I'aul'" silltpment in
1 Corintllinns ](): :21. How Illny one tIlOW \Yhe'ther he Cflll
pnl1ll];e of the lIIpnlorial \Yorthil~? ~ :1D-11.
"'Jlnt \YflS the suh~tan('e of Jc,sw.' \I o,.li~ to 11i~ disciples on
till' night of insti(uting the :\[PIll'lr;,l1': (;1\'l' l'ellsonS \l'lIy
tile )'('11lll:lnt sl:ouh] find a ~jJ(','i:l[ j,,~ in [lrO~lnt cireulU'
:;(;lIlC<'S and pl'iYileges. 'Ii ±:2, 48.



PHIXCE is onc of the lligllC'st rank in a stak
lie may indeed be the highest, for the lW1ll1.l
may be used of the king'. Usually, hOiyevcr, it
is giyen to the king's son, the heir to the throne. 'rhe
term "The Corning' Prince" has heen lIsed by students
of prophecy as referring to the one ,rhil'h all prophecy
tells shall come, one whose dominion shall be orer all
the earth, and who shall rule all people. 'rhe term is
taken from Daniel's prophecies. He tells of the prince
that shall come, and definitely Sl1ys that he is l\lessiah,
the Princc.-See Daniel 9: 25. 26.

Ever since there have heen kingdoms in the earth
mell h:1\'e al\yays been interested in pl'inces, the sons
of the king. 'fhe world has ahyays 1m-cd a good prince,
one who has shown interest in the people over whom
he might be called to rule. It is probably not without
some connection with tIlis unh'ersal feeling among the
nations that the Bible has murh to say about the coming Prince oYer all the earth, ,,-hose dominion is to
be oyer all, who shall neyer lose it to any foe, who
shall haye all the nations for his inheritance, and
the uttermost parts of the earth for his possession.



The Bible is the most 11 UTllan book in the "'odd,
There is nOIl(' like it for touching human nature. It
(,l'l'tainly diselosl's human nature at its ,Yorst, but both
by its exaTllllll's and by its promises it ennoble's it and
tlignifil's it so that it may be seen ,Yorthy of bl'ing of
('od. The Bihle shows that eYer.ything- good in human
nat ure has its {'ounterpart in the diYine nature, in
that of Him ,yho made man. But whether of such design or 1l0t, the fact is that the story of the coming
Pl'inre of earth is one of the most interesting phases
uf tlw Bihll"s story. It tells of the coming of a prince
\dlO shall ddiH'r all the human family from the Dragon, who has Iwtl the pmH'r of sin and of death and
who has ])('l'l1 the {,Ollstallt enemy of men, seeking to
de('ei\'C~ theTTl as to the good disposition of their Creator toward till'lll.
God \\'<1S ('oTllpelll'd to punish m:1ll for his sin; that
is, he TllW,( fnlAl his word as to \\'hat should be dOJli~
ill r:,s{' 0 j' Ill:: II'S 1nllls:rression: that he wOllld take
the pl'i\'J!q.(l' or lifl' from the mall when b~' his wilfulness he should J11'Oye to be ull\yorthy of that fayor.
~atall, the' l>n,g'on, took occassion thereby to decei,'c
lll('n, and has snl'('l'l'ded. 1fe has decei\'Cd almost all
1'1('11 {'ollcerllillg U()(1.
The BihIL' tells oj' the birth of a chiJd to be horn to
111 en , of tIll' great :,]](1 gocd things lIP would do for
11\(·m. 11 is ('oming is alw;):,"s ;lssol'iate(1 "'ith life allll
1l1ljlpilll";S for till' p:'lIples of l':Jl,th; but only after
I\(' has dd'eatl'd the' Ihng'on, an<1 h;lS slain and dl'~:ro~'l'd all thos(' \Ilw helped the Drag'on 01' supporteu
his I'eigll \\'h ieh Jlln'! t he people. '1'he coming Prince IS
"\,('1' presented :'S ilw friend of the peopl('s, bringing
them gifts from Cod, ;~llll who "'ill C'nahle thl'111 to lin)
Jll eonst:lllt [l('a('(' ;;nd lwppiness and ,,,ithout fear.
TIut the Yl'inC'(' mllst ~;n[rer before he can do this. l-1,,~
is pel'tllittl'l1 to suf[l'r at the lwnc1s of his enemy and
must learn full obedienee, and gain confidence in hi"
(;0<1 and Futlwl' hy rc~aSJn of his sufferings; besides
that he gains sympathy with those who haye hl'en unlll'r the bondage of the Dragon, and undC'r the bondag"
of the law of sin and dC'ath. In God's due time he is
('nu.o\\'eu. ,Yith divine power and the right to ollC'rate
against all the f01'('es of eyil. He owrcomes them to
the !Slory of God and to the good of all humanity.
Sueh is the BiblC' story.
11'110 is the coming Prince? \Ye haye already said
that Daniel names him :\Iessiah, t hat is, the Anointed
One'. The Messiah is Jesus the Son of God. Jesus has
many titles of authority, reaehing ewn to the one
"King of kings, and l.JOrd of lords". Ill' is also named
"Prince of the king's of the earth ".-He\'. 1: 6.
The titles of Jesus arc used with exactness, just as
the various name's of Jehovah are used. Thus while
Jesus is named Prince, he was never so called when he
\yas a man upon earth, though twice while a man he
accepted the title of king: once when he presented
lli mself as king to J emsalem, "Blessed be the King

nnOO!(LL\, :\. Yo

that cometh in the' name of the Lord; peace in heawn,
and glory in the highest" (Luke 19: 38); and when
he accepted the title from Pilate, as ,\'hen ,. Pilate
the'l'rfore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus
answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end
was 1 born, and for this {'ause came I into the \yorld,
that I should bear witness unto the truth. EH'ry one
that is of the truth heareth my yoice·'. (John 18: 3/)
It ,,,as only on his exultation after his ascension that
he \vas mad(~ Prince, whell nl:;o he recei"ed the titll'
of Savior. We quote, "Him hath God exalted \vitlt
his right hand to be a Prince u1ll1 a Saviour, for to
gin, repentance to Isral"l, and fOl'giwness of sins. " Acts;): 31.
It is in the yisions of the Hewlation that Jesus is
shown ns a Prinre in po\n'l'. (See Heyelat ion 1: 5.)
Jesus had the titll', but it (1id not go into full effed
tiJJ the" due t inw -, eame. 'When Jesus was l'ecei\'ed
into heavl'n lll' w~:s bidllcoll to 1)(' sl'ated at Jeho\'ah's
right hand till a l'(l'tain time wlwll his {'nemies should
he made his foo:sllnl. (Hell. 10: 13) To he s('ate(1 th{'1'(\n,s merely as 1J(·tokening' hOl1or; he was to wait, for
the time \\"hen he should receive his full honor as
Prince had not come.
The Old rrestam('llt, like the l\PW, (,:11'1'ies the thonght
of tile coming' 011e ,~s Oil(' \';ho should be hoth Pl'inel~
and King; but in th{' Uld Tpstaraent the ofii<-e of
Pril1('e is l'IIJplwsizPd. Tlti~; is he(';:m~e in the Old '1'l'Stament Jl'1lOHth is hil1g' in lsl'~:d, (~~~P8 Psalms /.f: 12;
89: IS; llenteJ'ollomy :.33: 2(;.) WIH'n Samuel mOlll'lwd
that.]sra{'l wanted a l\ing' and <1pparently thou:~-ht less
of the judil'ial a1'r:m::>:emcnt he had instituted for their
\ydfare, ,ll'ho\'ah bad{~ ;:"":1lilUd rempm!Jcr that the people did not n'jl'et Samnl'!; it \\'as he, J {'hoY;lh, whom
tlH'y l'l'jected :IS thl'ir kill:~.-1 Sam. 8: /.
lla\'id was (jod's relll'l'Sentatiw; hence he was set
as king upon Cod's holy hill of Zion. It was said of
him that he sat upon the tl1]'(111e of .1l'hm'ah (1 Citron.
30: 2:3), and hence Ill: be('allle a tYre of the company
\dlO should eome fulfilling the seeond Psalm. Th\)
coming Prillee \\";is to bless brael, and to rule oyer
the whole eal'th.--Isa. 9: 6, /; 11: I-G.
But it is to 1)(' noted that 1l(·ither the Old Testnnwnt
in its prophe(·ies of the coming Prince, nor thl' Kew
Testament in all it has to say about him. eal'l'ips the
thought that Jesus is to be King or 1'I'ime for eyer.
His 1'('ign is limited between definite points of time.
The fact, of eours{', is that the l'('ign of the Prinee i..;
for a special purpose, namely, that of restol'ing hrael
and the whole \yodd to righteousness, to happilll'ss ill
harmony with the wi]] of Jehoyah God.
But 'Yhy has the rule of the Prince been delayed for
so long'? The chief outward reason is the simple but
effectiYe one, that the place of power or authority has
been that occupied by a prince, appointed by Jehovah,
and two could not rule at one and the same time.
Satan had, by permission of Jehovah, become prince

MARCH I, 19::!9



of this world (.Tohn 16: 11), and Jesus must wait till
.Jehovah's time came when that prince should bc cast
out from his place of Jlower and authority.
.J l'SUS, however, has been Prince as he has been
King', to some, namely, to all those who have come to
(:od by him. lIe said, "All power is given unto me
in heaven and in earth." (l\latt. 28: 18) There is no
1'l'<lSOn why lw ~;l!oultl not l'xl'l'C'ise prilH:ely pmYl'r and
;:nthority over all \rho would render allegianC'e to
him. But his ;mtllOi'ity \\';\S limitl'tI to his Father's
plan. His kiJl~~dolll timing' t Ill~ wait ing' time might
therefore be eallell a l:ingdolll of g'l'al'e; the snbjects
of .Tesus are tl'ans]atl'll out of till' kingdom of darknes':l
into the kingdom of (:o<1's deal' :--;Oll.-COL 1: 13,
But this ph:)sl~ of thl~ j)()\H'e of .Tesns is not by any
means tllll I'l~igll of the Pl'inC'e of Peace. That reign
\I ill he exel'eised OVl'r all llIl'n ill all the eadb, It is
ill Jehovah's dlW time aeeOl'dlll~' to his ananged plan
t hat the reign of tlw Pl'inl'e 0\'1'1' all the eal'tll hegins.
'l'ill that time .Tl'sns, so 1'<11' ;IS that pieiure oj' phase of
Ilis offire is eomel'lled, sit.'! at his Father's right hand.
In anot her offlee he bas ueen Jehovah's great priest,
ministel'ing to those who have rome to God by him;
for it coulll not be that he should be idle, doing not hillg'. When the due time came the \\'oek of establishing the kingdom must be l-ntered upon. Th is meant
tllll easting' out and casting down of all opposing forees.
•Jesus must now assumo the aggressi\'e. As Satan \raS
an oppOSl'r, he must be clislodgl'l1. lIl'IH'!) thero \ras
war in h!)~l\'en. 'J'he rulin§'; "[lJ'in('(~ of' this wOl'I<1"
\1'~1S (';lSt. Ollt.-Rev. ]~: !l.
~\t jlJl' same timl' slrifl' lll'gan on l'al'1h; the nations
of' till' e:l1',1J \\ej'O tlll'O\r:1 into \\;\1'1'aro. This was the
lIatlll'al ]'('slilt. of thl':I' mIll f'ooldl polil:ies, a fnlit:~i!e
whic-h .)eIIO\';11J II: ': :,llo\\'("j j() l'IJ)('!l, hut whir·1J hitherto had hl'l'n kl:»t fJ'ola j'II)('IiJW(', 'l'lll'!! eame the aflermath of t.lJe \1 aI', trouble \';hieh fin,t bl'ings into l1l1!On
cyery possihle fOl'ee \"hieh ean he rallied to oppOSO tlH'
comillg' of the kingdom 0;' lJe;\\'('n ill tlw person of its
]'ightful Prince, bill, \rhi('lt will des1roy the earth as
it is now organized.
']lhero arc tiro main phases of the eOJlling of .Tesus
l','\'ealed in the Ke\\> '1'estmnl'nt. 1'hero is his coming as
]Jrince and King, and tlH'l'l~ is his coming as general
() L .Tl·llOvah's armies. This is tlH' pieture of the ninetl'l'nth chapter of He\'l:lation where he is shown as
.Jcho\'ah's great gelwral leading his army to the battle
of (lod Almighty. There he is called the 'Wonl of Cod;
lie is Kin~(' of kings and Lonl of lord:..;, I'lluipped for
the gl'<'al \\'al' of Cod ~!~'aillsi all thosl' who oppose him
and the S(,tt in~' up oL his kingdom. The battle opens,
and Satan 's armies aJ'e eonquered and dl'stroyed.
As it has pleased Jehovah to allow Satan to be
l)l'ince of this world till an appoillted time, ho could
not havo .Tl'sUS reig'n over the earth till that time has
(:xpired. Enmts have shown that that time was 1914,
and this is in various ways confirmed hy the Sel'ip-

tures. From that date the rule of the Prince foretold
must begin to be exercised in the earth.
It is to be expeeted that his coming will be accompanied with a strict examination into all those thing:l
which have been professed before men as serving the
interests of Christ, and that thero will be swi ft judgment upon eYerything that is in opposition to the
will of God.
It is berause of this that the Scriptures show that
judgment must begin at the house of O()(l (1 Pet.
4: 17); also that there is judgnwllt ll])on tho nations
\"hich hayo professed to be Christ's kingdom (Christendom), but \"hich have wofully misrepresented him.
The teaehing' of the cl11lJ'('hes ahout the coming of
Christ to rpign and to judr:c Iws r1'entell a in'eat fear
in JIll'll. 1'he rominp: of the OlW ,,-!w is c-~:lled the Prine.'
of Pence and forl'1old as man's great Deliverer, ha'!
been m::l](, by these falsifin's of truth to be the mo~t.
tOl'l'ihle thing the world eould know, and to be the
]11()~:t un fori l1nate thing tl][:t could happell to mell
and to t he earth, t heir home. H is cOlllin~~', which it is
said \I'ill take men altogether unawares, \yould mean
that at that moment all those who are not members
of rhurches would bc cut off from all hopo of adjusting themscl\'Cs, and hom that day would be shut
off from human life, heneeforth to live with tho Devil
and all evil beings in the hell of ort hodoxy 's imagination, and that the earth itself \"ould be destroyod.
The Bible certainly does say that the coming of Jl:sus Christ is to bo accompani,:d with a time of trouble
such CiS men have never known. But the teachers of
Christl'mlolll, the rlergy, have been false witnessl:s
conel'I'ning t his. They have taught that the troubll'
WClS to eome upon those who made no profession of
]wing Chist ian, \1110 cit her rl'jocted tho clergy or
were eal'eless as to what the e1erg''y had to say.
The Scriptures show that Jesus comes as the ;\fessiah,
the Anointed One, to be the great Savior promised, and comes to save tho poor and needy. That
the pOOl' and needy 01 the eal'1h aro those who haH'
sllf'll'red at the hands of those who have had the us,'
of the best things of tho earih, sel:ms plain. The
judgments of Jesus begin with the hOllse of God. The
.!\Iaster reekons with his senants, as is sho\m in thll
parables of the POllnds and the T;dl'nts. Jesus also
judges those who have professed to be servants of JehO\-ah f-nd to do work for him. The gTeat systl'ms and
t heir leaders are examined, and are found wanting:
they ha n~ used the name of God as a e10ak for serving
their own enck They are found lacking, and are dejJl'in'd of their sen-iel's.
The great chllrrh systems have professed before the
world that their mission was to eonyert the world amI
make it ready for tho coming of Jesus. l\Iistaken
though they \"ere, they have not cn'n tried to do as
they profess; but, liko the Pharisees of old, they han'
used their privileges for their O\vn purposes. They.

and TTlOl'e extensiyc.h. . 45: 6) That he is Christ. they tell of thing.rcw:m1ed hy fntn1'e favors.od become bright lights in the heaH'llS of God's '''' ord. "'rhy throne. and in this ease also it is seen that the eni~!. All men will be compelled to acknowl('(1ge the Pri!lee of Peac'e 11S the ruler \yho represents . am1 whose authority is to be in tIl(' eurt h. we are certain. In Psalm 45 we reau: "Instead of thy fathers shall be thy children.0 'The WATCH TOWER tuo. is for eyer and ever. anu must be uestroyed. the King. for the psalmist inuicates him when he says. . how('\-pJ'. there is no satisfartory ans\\"er to tlwse questions. \wre to be fulfilled at the time when tIl(' Christ of Gael comes into his kingdom. In consequence they have completely lost faith in the Old '1'estament as being part of the divine revelation.J ehovah. the1l judgment follows upon all those systems which are of 1he preSe]lt \yodd aJTangemvnt.-See Hebrews 1: 3. seated at the right hand of the ~Iajesty on high. the prince. Afte1' tIl(' dll1rehes haye h('('n judged and haye heard the sentence. and who sen-cd him in £:lith. a spn1pnee .S:lg('S of the 'i"onl of (. and would neithrr 1" () it nOI' allo\\' others to do so.Are \\"e to suppose that the sweet singer of Israel spokt> only tlw thoug-hts of his mind. and 1l1at tIl(' 1hinl~s written must all be fllUilled? For Ol1l'selws th('I'(' is no question that the things written were of the spil'it of God. and we arc confirmed in this heeause som(' of the things \\Tittpn by the psalmist m're fulfilled in the life of .yere to be fulfilled at the first adwnt.illlls yisunlize conditions in the earth \"hidl han. and therefore of _\llJ'<lham. shonld be eonsidered as the fathers. the :\lost High over all the ('arth. and it ean not be long' before all men will know that God has set his kingdom in authority in the earth. It is in part because the teaehers of organized religion know they entirely lack an understanuing of the Old Testament that they were so ready to give place to the If we arn compelled to take the oruinary orthodox yiew of the purpose of God in rplatio!l to man and the earth. and must necessarily l'OUOW upon all those who support them as against the new kingdom of righteousness \rhieh Christ has eome to estahlish in the earth." (Ps. It must therefore be llnuerstood that only those who in sincerity endeavorcd to keep their eovenant with . '1'he wodd knows that l:w great ehun-h s~-stems haye Iwen opposers of in('j'ease of !mowll'dge among men.. ns to tlw fathers who may he made prin('es.. which has in great measure serwd as a witm'ss to Christendom. anu that Jehovah had set his King upon his holy hill of Zion. BlaJUL\:L1K. '1'hns he h~d mallY fathers in the line of (lesevHt from Abraham. ~.-orld. and that all men s!lOulll render allegiancc to the King. But how ea n t Ill'SC he mach. fOl' all ~ee the ehureh s:rstems discl'edited. ncver ~'vt obtained.of being. as children? and how are they to become prinees in all the eaJ. Some men. "\s a man. 0 God. 'rhe coming of the Prince is not without its herald. all (1ifiieuHics .-ani. (~nestions naturally arise. haY(' kill the key of knO\dedge. its witness. The many do not yet undel'stanu. of whatever phase of . PRINCES IN ALL THE EARTH T HF] Ps. whom thou ma~-est make princes in all the earth.'IlJ~lt ical and so-called difiil'nlt Jll'~. But the IlJessage of the kingdom gocs fOl'\yard with yigor anu with assurance.lready some are being so treated. How arc we to take \I'hat is said? . Therefore beJTond the fact that orthodoxy. for the Apostle Paul quotes thesc words when telling of the high exaltation of Jesus.> whieh should l'Olne to pm:s in the purposp of Cod which have newr been realized. prominent in the rl'ligious . the Son of Uml. ~\. t11(' ('1'('ator. or are wc to aecept ns a fnet that hl' spoke by the holy spil'it of God. Eyidently some things .yorIO. 7: 23). '1'he]'e is an :lppan'nt dimeult~-. But bcsidl's these general "noises" God has hau his speeial \\'itnesses calling definite attention to the fact of the Loru's prcsence.Jesus. but the changes in the earth haye turned men's minds to the thought that possihly the \yodd eYents 'Y<'re evidences of the fact that the Creator WDS moying' in human affairs.fehovah." '1'0 whom is referencc made in this Psalm? 'Yho are the fathers? and who is the one who may make his fathers princes in all the earth? There can be little question about the chief person of this Psalm.. TInt the record of somc of tlwse fathers in this J'O~-al line is not snch ~s to commend them as men \vol'th~.Jesus.. Yet \vll('n the jlllr1!0:. avowed this in the early days of the \\'orlu 'Yar.h is now openly diselosed bdore all the \rodd. Y. As soon as the disrupture and the destructive WOl'k haye l)('en aCl'omplished there will begin those blessings to all the human family of which the prophC'ts !wye spohn.. witnessing thus to all the world. They have no answer to the difficulties which modern thought has forced upon them.'hi(. "I neyer knew :rou [:rou \\'ere neYer mille] : depart from me" Ul'1att. and som(" the greater. was thc son of Dayiel. Failm'c to do this means that sueh must sooner or latcr be trcated as an a('t of rebf~llion.Kot only has there 1)('en much said for many years in certain circles of the religious world about the l'('jmn of actiyity on the part of Jesus in the .l' of Go(1 in thl' \':ll'ious n~'vs is spell.

ye find hal'lllOny in the grl'at and appal'ently long-drawn-out purposes of . and tend rather to bring men into bondage than to give them liberty. has taught that the earth is to bl. the democracy. one central government. But thc'se do not break from the orthodox needs. that formed it to he inhabited: I am . Under his rule there will be aile policy.. or. burned up. Sel'\'illg the interests of the great King.~L\r:CH 1.Jehoyah that created the hran'ns. II('re . a strong ruler who will suppress all opposition to righteousness. arc to be made "pl'inl'l's in all the earth".) I 'l'lms as these men of old time were distinguished from thl'il' fellows by 1'l'llS0n of th('ir lo~'al seniee to . as in the ease of Abraham.-1 . The common i(1oa about the l'arth and its future . and it is certain that every form of government and every attempt tv remedy the matteI'S of any nation produce irritation.'al'l1. '1'hus their better resurrection is not so great 01' so glorious as that of the church. (Heb.. says.t l'l'iga on the earth for a thousand years after his retul'll. at his corning' a. the faithful followers of Christ.JdlO\'ah. its creed-makers came to the comlu:-. There an'.Jesus and the glorified church together arc tho great power of the kingdom. the Uod that fOl'mrd the ('arth and made it.Yanled. which in its rpslll'l'eetion is exalted to the divine nature. and who will be a ready helper along the upward road to moral rectitude and life to every man who ~'ields obedience.JehO\'ah 's arrangement for the kingdom is disclosed. and the rule will be for the benefit of the people. some who differ from this in that they seE' that thr Bihle rery definitely tells that Christ mu:-. There clln be no warring factions.tIl(' . The world at present is gett ill:~' some examples of rule by a dictator. As orthodox~.. there is no suggestion that those who had bl'C'11 faithful to Jehovah in previous days 77 WI'l'O to haH' a similal' l'l'.Jesus on oarth no mall lwd ascrnded into lwann. and as it lws also taught that all nwn are immortal. \Ye repeat that when the plan of God in the ages is seen. Their immediate rewan1 in the kingllom is on earth.Tolm 3: 2. and some turn wit II hope toward rule by democracy. But no form of governmell t devisl'd by man shows any probability of doing mo]'(~ than affOl'ding some tempol'ary help.' '-Isa. Je<. and all God's promises he will fulfil.. in Hussia. has mis:-. margin.> will rl'tluee the world's chaotic state to order. lmt. "Thus saith . killg. and some by "a better resurrection" thlln that aeeorckd to their fellows. being spirIt beings. and Israel's coyenant order pass away.l' kings have witnessed its failure.ion that a II good mell.he aceorded to good literature.Jehoyah in the Old Testament.(Jrld.. 8: 17) The Apostle Peter says of these that 1Iwre is l't's('ned for them an inhrritanre incorruptible and unddikd. it must now be acknowledged that Pl'otrst:mt orthodoxy has put that treasure store of God's 'Yord away from it as being of no moral value bl'yond that . But this is altogether contrary to the Scriptures. as Jesus said that the world would sec him no man" (. V.Apostle Paul in his argunll'llt on the rewanls of faith that those faithful senants of Jehovah who had li\'ed before thl' coming of Jesus wero to be re. tlw fathers. (John 3: 1:3) TIll'rC'fore it is cert<lin that these faithful men of old had l10t lWl'n rewarded by being tab. "I go to prepare a place for you" (John 14: 2). 1!J2U 'The WATCH TO\VER thought. as in Italy. and therefOl'e must continue to li"e somewhere..tatrd the 01(1 Testament. (1 Pet. eh'al'l. A. of whatever degTee of goodness.Yo shall be like him. howcwr. 45: 18. some ae\:ot'l1ing' to speeitic promises. n. to whom . Thus though Jesus disclosed the special reward . are taken to lwann on tho death of the human body. To the eOlltrary of the eommon thought it i.. 1: 4) . hut it is as evid('nt that the pl'opll'. '1' to heaven. for he himself so said. believing that 11 supposed inherent common sense and self-interest . 1: 23. happiness and lWaOl'. the word of God abideth for ever.. and in the interests of all men. 'Ye know that up to the days of . 1: 4.Jesus said to his disciplrs before his death. 11: 3. tlwy will not 1Je seen lJy mon. .. and there is nOlle dse. in anot her form.n.. The Scriptures show that it is Jehovah's ]JllI'pose to give the earth that which it surely needs. for the faithful in Christ me to be made joint-heirs with Jest!s when he is established in his kingdom. they "'ill be distingn ished in the n'Slll'l'oet ion.-hen he should rule in powrr. but the King will hare his l'l'lll'('scntatives on the earth who will din'd the affairs ol' the world for him. Some Christians think that. but while times and seasons may change. Kor is their re\\':!rd the same as that giH'll to the church.John 14: 19) . Today many who have had faith in gO\'ernment h.. then each of these things falls into its natural place in the grand scheme of the dirine ro"rlation..-I Pet.. can not bring order out of chaos <I~ that monarchs and their abettors and sharers in th" spoil failed to do so. and thrir faith in him.'hich God had prepared for the church. and he IH'omisrd that they should be rewal'dc'd "at the last day". the day .-John 6: 44. namely.Jehovah. as between the nations.Jehoyah: these. speaking hy the spirit of God.. The Prophet Isaiah.sion.'auld S:lYe the \\. .\' shmyn h~. they merely put forward the destruction of the earth for the pl'riod 01' the reign of Christ. '1'here is a common assumption that what Jesus said of the end of the age and of the rew<lrds for righteousness entirely cancels whatever may ha"e been said in the name of . a totally wrong COl1('(~ption of the purpose for which God made the earth.presnme that the earth will haye sl'l'Ved its purpose. that rstahlished it and created it not in vain. Thus .JehO\'ah gan~ the land of Canaan for an e\'I'rlasting l)()SS(':-.hich ma~.-2 Pet.-hich is held b~· the followers of tho ell'rg~' is that it is to be burned up "'hen Christ comes agaill. (Rom.

bnt the fact is continually disclosed that he had all the qllalifieation~ of a great constructive legislator. and on earth God's representatives. If the world's needs are placed in view and the records of these men are placed alongside. Jacob showed himself to be a master in observation of the . of quirk derision. the rule of righteousness. from Joseph to John the Baptist. will have the necessary ability to undertake the world's constructive prohlems. the patriarchs. As the apostle says when writing of the men of faith of the past days (and the list of one would be the same as that oj' the other).dll be begun in outward demonstration the . is that of clearing away all opposition. amI it is easily seen that these men and their fellows. their fellows.. rrhis is the basis of the world's hope.Tesus as a sharer in his "'01'[.ly appeal' to be much greater. Also besides those who are named of the house of Israel. and before these a few men whose records are given in brief but pregnant words.JellO\'ah (iod gave to allY people. quicldy do much to reduce the tl1l'bulcnt elements 10 peace. B~' faith's unclouded vision \i' e see thee ever there. \\ iih thanks to God our Saviour. and a master of army strategy. and the need of a mighty de1. Thus these men of proved unselfi~. if he had a place of authol'lty. [-Ieb.d . the Lamb. that the 'vill of God may be done all earth as it is done ill heaven..) given th(' ])rivik~() of sharing in the human or earthly work of the king·dom. prodnce. tlll'ough thy bloml ac('C'ptecl. It must be destroyed to make way for th8 kingdom of heawn. there were their fathers.rherein (h\'elleth righteousness" . and of hims("lf could accomplish all the work of God called for in the restitution of mankind. to be made princes in all the earth to help bring humanity into harmony 'vith the will of God. time . the case that he was not the author of the laws which Israel got under his name. men with all the capacity to be leaders of BROOKLYN.dl nation of Israel. 11: 28. for the reason that all the dead of the past agl'S arc to be resurrected to ('OPle under the rule of that kingdom. . It needs little imagination to conceive that such <I man as Abraham would.rorkings of nature'.lllH'SS and loyalty to Cou arp. he was on oceasion a man of determination. Thou stallliest at the altar. and gave a lpsson in the matter of preserving a people which will be of selTice till all sneh need is past. but it has pleased .\vo1". N. Since his death and resurrection Jesus has :~ II power in heaven and in earth (l\Iatt.000 of the church raised to the divine nature. for righteousness. and beyond the power of man to solve. By the blessing of Cod he restored Bgypt. It has also pleasl'd Jehovah to have those faithfLtI men of old who were the fathers of . when backed by the power of heaven. Unquestionably this is . it be seen that God has appointed a king to de11\'er the race of mankind from its foes and to deliver it from all its distresses. Koah. David. those men who have proved their love for God. 28: 18). It is shown by the apostle's statement that Jesus Christ "by the ~'l'ace of God should taste death for every man". of great courage. than any other knOll n to history. verer and of a complete arrangement is seen to be a lH'Cl'ssity. Out of thy hand tht' incpnse Ascends before the throne.'s. and in resource.Jehovah's rllll'pOSe'. I. and for their fellows: and the kingdom of heaven is secn to be organized for tlw deliveranee and restitution of the human race. and J)articularly constructive ability. for thine <fheWATCH TOWER but the fact is that the present world order is to be destroyed. Not only were t here in that nation men of ability to undprtake great . with mention of the determination for righteousness found in Ezekiel and E. Wt' feed: 'l'hy flesh is bread from heaven: Thy blood is drink indeed. each of whom has the spiJ'it of the Savior. IVe m igltt contimll' with the names of Samuel. Thou off'rest ev'ry pray'r. which for a long period of \yell nigh two thousand years enjoyed the only 1'. as conspicuous for their unselfishness in their service as they were for their faith in God. as his rerord shows. Then . 'l'hou art alone the Lamb of God. ~: 9) It is because of this that Paul stated that ('~)d had given unto all men an assurance of a reSllrl'('dim!. Till' "Ll. and with him the 144. But if the problem of the earth at the present timl~ is imnlPnse in its vastness. as he enters upon the long God-appointed task of the restoration of humanity. Y. 3: 13.-arks 0 f their fellows: there were those who were ~~'l'eat in heart and purpose toward God and their 1 <'110''. Abel. What a glorious P1'OSP('(~t is afforded for the world's salvation I Jesus who died for the race. Thus the first work of the Prince of Peace. l\Ioses was one of the world's greatest men. His SOli Joseph inherited his father's good qualities and mlS blessed with others of his own. On thee. Lord Jesus. \vhidl . And.Jehovah to give the church to .Jeslls in the truest sense (See Romans 9: 5.vould fail to tell of all that they did. 1.::ll'illg that time more men of outstanding ability.. that of the kingdom would correspondin~.-2 Pet. it is readily seen that here need and satisfaetion arc met. Thou art our great High Priest. III joy we kt'ep the feast.(ra. Where thou art interceding. It is.rorld ". 0 t' course. Enoch. for.

Haeckel. "'iOI much loyc and prayers to ~-ou and nil lit Beth"'l.1E'E']! apprel'iation and gratitude that I acknowl('(1ge ~~our ill~Vi ring nnl1 (lll('ourngjng letter ancl laYing gift. FOES I'll: \1\ BI:OTIIETI HGTHEI:FOTIll: It is with . hilt tlmt hle~"ed olle oi' I h'cP!llbel' 1. I lllll ycry l1i1lllkful to tlIe lteaYenly Falher for thc truth due aurl COllH'Ilil'lIt for our hl'nefit. JHa~' thc LOl'd's ril'lIpst bipssing I". IXSl'UU:.) ECCLESIA n.\XD BEArTIFUL ]ll. our COIL \\'e 1 hnnk him that tIJl'ou~h olle parOdy orc:anization we are rl'iyjlp~('d 10 ItayC a small Imrt in the lIlo~t stupclHlous \\'ork lhp wOl'hl has eH'r \YitlH'sspd. till' l'xncl tillle to ~I'I'YC its (lti" I lJUl'Pi.\l: .\"S. and oh. \\'e are f'iYing the leadin~ lIrticll's careful allli jlr:I.JelioYali alld the gl'l'at work he is doillg at p!'l'scnt. the while watching how we can more etIectuall~' do the \york and honor fhe name of J ('hoYah.lIti'. I grind wheat.'::dn~t nil' VI'\il. 1 lmye learned to 101'1' and \\ ol'ship 0111' ~r". 1':\"1. \\'e putpr 1IIe l\e\\' YI'~II' \yilli joy ami a gl'eatcr Ill'sire alH1 Ilpt"l'mination to pron~ oursp]n's \Yortli~' of the prh ilpgp of H'I'Yinc.:'1' ~Tonrs AMO~G :--1..CI'S.. hut as soon as I stal't tile first ('anY:ls~. eyE'I'Y 1I1pal1S to l1ps. thc strength and countge he giyes me! I am sixlJ'-lhree. Cod's Idngdom 011 c:tl'th. so loyal alld true. 1 can see the COllling tprl'iblc war and the terrible sufferi:i" we will han' to go tllruugh. F.. I think it is the most lo~ical.. Your hrethrE'11 in thE' spn-iee of the King. Fla.1:. We also \ybh to express our npPl'l'ciatiuJJ fur tlie "isit of Brother Watt.l'\ pnin~ a mol ion \\':lS nl:lde aJH1 pa~~ed that we sl'nll . the truest. .1~. b~' st llllying' the dally POI" lion in our tl'l'a:-lll'pt! Ycm' Rool. it appealed so much to me. 1. the most sublime. ami ho\Y it ('ouws .rectin~s in til(' Sl'I'Y!ce of JpIWY:llI GOl1. and 'ol'igl1t(.. 'l'IllDL\" ILuUIOXD.colllpli~h his IInls. but when I read it.: 'y. I wouid indl l'Ll bp [lieasl'll bpyol1l1 p"IH'ession. bcstoweel u)Jon you anel all your ('olaIJorers tl. hut 1I111 giali 10 tdl ~ou liiat ~Oll il:l\C bl'en dlO"I'1I eitler of tIll' I )01'1'1'. As fnr as sl'l'yice is concl'l'llE'd.]" e"l'!l'~ia.l'l'le~ia lipid l\1L11ll1.iu~' in them that 1 can hal'llly wait 1'01' eaeh succ(. C 1/ ~(l. it sel'nlS alIllo~t illl]los~ihip on lIeeoun! of not being well. "'inwood. who was a real help and inspiration to ns. 1. I1is explanation of recent '1'01cel' articles was a hlpssing to many. nor such a veautiful 1"('\Ure of the fut ul'e...ow hC~lUtitul! I do hope millions more like me liaye k'ncllled tIl rough your mi~hty re~pl'\'oir of wi~(lolll. clll=ournging'. as I UlU twpnty-three hlocks from a bus line. 1111' Hashes of li. tlIPI'.recede the LCIl'l!'s righteous reigll.["ul'e ami ('011l'. DJ'. anl1 may he help us to hold up your hands. Your hrethrcn in Christ. \\'1' know that \\ ar lms hcpn l1pl'!arcd .olliing to us 1Ilr01I~li tlie '11i1l. Yours 1'raterrml1y.1\ e allli [ll':1~'ers. As 11'"anls the payn1('nt fm' tllPll1.\'par w(' are just Plltprin. organization.'. .. anL! tdling of (. doing all the work for them.E (FL. I haye f'rl'nt difficulty in gctting into town. ~ . 1I('c':lusl' tllere is so IIlUl'h good nl'\\ s to tell the people t1lat it iS:lll one can tllink about. [ Ila\'c 1)('1'11 l'e:1l1illg Thc Watch To/ccr since Hl~:i. Tlll'l't' is so nllll'h light. \"itll Chri~tial\ loye alld continupll !. \\'e at-o \n111t to assure ~'ou tlial you haye our confidence.Vl'l'~.illgs that COl1 ~llo\n'l's U]lon Ids ]lcople at tliis till1f'.~ \nlnt to llrietly I'XllrC~S to you our appl'l'c'ialion of 1111' \Hlndl'!'ful tliings that arc (.LETTERS OF APPRECIATION '\IESSAGE LOGICAL . rotten ". But none of thenl gi ye an pXl10sit ion of t his corrupt. True. It llUS truly bpen strong lueat. hdore I lc:l \'e IIl. and our PlImest allL! all-absorhing desire is to vc f:lithful lInll finish the \\ol'k lhnt is ~'et to be . I l10 not know how I would Ila \ e to send the mone. I \\ as astounded.\l'Ki'oOX\'iLl. WE' are f('cllng vcry keenly the increasin~ actlvit~' lInll opposition of tlil' lIl!Y('rsary. hnOlying' itOII' bus.'iG BUlJTIIEl: It I-TllEurOllD : 11 gh'ps me ]llc. suph as In~el'"oll. comfort anLl ."PI' follow ~ our example in boWly denouncing the Deyi!'s 79 . \\'11. CO:. :tJ1(1 llie lil'ar(s of ~Ollle arc madc ~lnd \yith 1111' hll's. I 'Yill not takl' 11111l'11 of your timp. Tllis is my daily )Jl':l~er. and ask him daily to "lye ~'ou ~race. nnd ha n' ['('l'l'h ed mau~' hlessing~ by doing so. lhat lIe is usin. (':1 I. J.\I: SO MUCH GOOD l\'EWS TO TELL BnOTIl1'l{ I: I '111 LI:Jo(lHll : (.ttel' life and tit mysplf to try and ~ain lhat gn'at prize to {'Ollll'. }'ED ill hi:"\ DF \ R DESIRE TO FIXISH THE \YORK DE\I: BIWfIlEI: l{I''J'lIl:l:FOltll: (lreetings in tlie n:llilC or Olll' King.11111 to aMain sOllie mol'(' of your vooks if it b jlossillip.\'in~ Tile WI//ch Tu/( CI al'ti('it'. And I am dplenuinel1 by God's ~rac".JlUGI: Hl'Tlll:l:fmill: I all! a working lllall and Ii"e in far away Australia.lone. makl' breac1 \\'hil'h with a little tish anel nuts is my diet (nothing I'lse dig('st~)' I kpt'p ahnlYs \\'ell. 111111 unp tIay a fl'ipnt! of millE' handed me a small pamphlet to I'enll called Pn:c(/oln tor the Pcoplcs.l'din~ b~uI'. L. Many time~. a great reader. and in his strength to (.\.n>l'ful "tudy.vs tiulls willin. so bold and fearless.V (. De Leon.l~c: cOlnforting.[gl' to tell ~ oU Iww The !Fa/ch '1'oll'el' of I)Pcplllbl"r Ll has comforterl. Ha"ing a lot to reat! ant! bein. I {OCl: the work.\liIlXLI:. And ~() \\'e rpsolye to "kpcp on kl'cpillg on" nlld to sup]lort you in 1 he jlosition in whieIJ God has placed ~'ou. I e\ er daily thank God for sUl'h a faithful 1(.1':1. as was dear Brother Hu~sell. l\1I:s.. an inspiration to me. Your bl'otlIer by II is grncp.Y llOllll' to go out..Yol'lll 0\ PI'.at . it was some I illle lwfore I read ~'our little book. ill. Tltc l'IlIS8 is stut1.01'11 is surely hle~sing ~'ou. and still it contil1\ll's from his bountiful tavle ill the lliidst of our enE'lllics. You are indeed.:htning are too hright for some.\IFORTIXG. Sydney. hut GOll helps me to oyerconw lIimcullic-~. At II IIlC('till~ of our (.\'J I'n: (. wllich you haye ~]lokcn oi'. so if ~ ou care to senll me a parcel . ('ou-~rnrs (Ohio) ECCLI:"L\.. I1:I..llillg OUt IIOPP:.':stl'm of sociel~' as ~ ou e"vose it. wisllom a11(1 strl'lIgth to nccolilplish grpater lilillgs in his mll1ll' 11ul'in~ the . {:)ccn:/rIlY.\Jarx. EJ)\L\I~J) E.t l'lIml'lIts to a(.g:. nnd the motilcr of t"1l dlilliren. Thr.:.1' t hpm and explain how to l'l'mit the mone~.Tehoyah mol'''' Illroughout the ~'ear that is ~OlW. so lliat ~ ou lll:ly nil prove f:lillIiul cven unto dpatll. 111 . hut I:Ot 1'01' Illo~e \Y]IO~P llPal'ts ar(' in hal'mon~' witli .(. :III llly ailIllents are forgot(pn. II. I tllou"ht I \"ould like to gN in touch with ~ou m1(1 your aSSol'rntps .f H'II"e:IIICI>. the most beautiful al1(1 noble work I eyer l'E'at! in 'IllY life. and I haye rE'all all 1Ill' gn'at mastpr minds of the world.troy t lIe' Lon1's true IIl'Oplt'. am at it "ix days a \Yl'ek.e of the Iiour.' is IlotiIing to be coni' pal'l'11 with it. and that he n1\Ya. Head.iu~t ill tilup. for \\'hiph I thank God.~ l'xclusill'ly. I agree wit]1 you ill e\'t'ry word ~'ou :-. .'1'\ i('t'. JOHXSOi'\."ccrclul U HK\RTS MADE GLAD WITH BLESSINGS I:] \I: !lllOI'llI It Itl'TliEHIOl:Il: \\. Blatchford. \"lmt Ill'omptell me to \nilP tllis le!tl'r is. 1\1. EXCOrRAGIXG. aUIl h:l\'e hl'cn ('al'eI'ullJ !'l'ading l'\'ery lim'. Your one littlp pamplJlpt II:IS inspired we so lllU1'1l and heljlPl1 llll' to tl'~' allli liye a I". to I.\OU our lovl' am1 tell you oi' our hearty POOlll'ration in ~our hra\e eJ'forts to SCl'\'e tlie !Zing and send forth the llle~sa. nllli lias I'aised m~' llOpes. \yaile(1 for tid" hOIll'.\ .\' you arc. llllli \yill COil fill ue to IJless you if you cOlltillue fa i1ltful.~1f1er. May the Lord continue to vlE'sS ~'ou. I n'IIl:l in YOUI' si~tpr 1Iy lib f'1':ll'('.

_..].l. E. .al'l1en City. Ky. (. Mar.weet\\atcl'.-.. 3.-._.. Ky. 23·46 ' . !). ~\ 1Ll. Kv " 27. ::!() 22 K<[w.\[:11'. :!s-:J() . :!-!-:!Ii 2:. W. Calif. Asllla11.Ia". Onto " l\.\1:11'. ~Iar.Mal'. tIle IlUItJ!lel' pnl'(akiltg in their 1'( specth e ]lh((·e~.. B. ]\'C\-.. DIl11l1licllpl'. Ollt. 2~ Oil!. ..11 tltp pr('sill"tlt of iltp So('ip(. Ill. S""k. 4 Bra11don... Onto " 23. 10 HplII'\llle. "-. \'a . I:.J() CO:'-lVE.. H. __ . 3[al'.. \'a. Kans. Pralt. ( 1aInerOll. Ky. Tex. 1n to lD.: Jssue We(Ok of April 21 Week of April 21> ot Fein III/I ~ I-Hi 17-32 p~ oplp" If I. ). hilt tit pre will bl' a'ltltl~I!J('r 01' ]'w:I! ('onYen(iolt~ \"Itidt \\'111 be aIl1l01111('pd ilt Tllc Hutch '['OILCI' in clue ~pnson. " :{ I 7-1 n :. l\lar. . 1-1·1 .\ Ita. Kans. "'linn. :'Tal'.iii" (Jlli. Oljt. Cal~".:!D 1ll. Yn.YJ " . :27 ::-. (lnl ].S. ka1oo11. THOR~ :}.. :!'" ~ Gustine.<. Ont. .\. HAZLETT Palla. :. . l)n~o Hohl0S. J:1:. . Stockton. 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(':11l11 O'-. -" 'fat 1. 2 J~ru\\ Il\\'ood.\ 111:111('l'. L.) War.. "'\Ll]. nl'ock\ 1]ll'. Sioux Citr. :!() ~.~ " 23.'nls As'ot'i· niioll will abo 1. Dividc.-':.\"TIO~S A COII\'('ntion of' tlte Tntcrnalioltal Dible St1tl]f'nt~ As~oei· atioll will be 1t\'ld at Alt'xaltdl'a I'alfle\'.'.illc. RlInrlolph.!lOY:t It·.~Y: A ('IIIt\'('ntion oj' 1I1\' I:illlc Stnd(.rlILIP.. ~:. I G.IIIII'IITlIII'IIIIIII"'III'. Ya Ya. " 0' Loul. Onto 28 Tlte 1]<11p for ('. . lll. W. S't Ste. Calif.. Llllnt.s.) " " ~7. 20 1"ran).EIDr... A11a. Clifton Forge. Lynchbul'g. C.''''''''''''''''. i\!<1rc:1t :C-J._ . 'V. .:3 4 ri :. In :ldtliiiolt to lItl' dlSCI'nl'sP" dl']i\('r('il. . 5. lfanl!ncl'.. Knns.\'. :Jd Ulda.\11:[ I:dIllollton. CUTFORTII Lcrllhrid.. Alta. C]UlIllp:ugn. H. .:1.. :J 5 7 !) 1 01 ~ H·1(1 17 10 21·23 2l-2G 28-:::0 \T. rrC'Jlll •. .:!n. Ill. '.:!:1 2-1 :2..i\lolllld.\1'1'. Okhl.Ilol'P (j('tailell ilt: OI'IlI:1 j illil \\ ill !I(' ~i H'1t ilt ']Ill' St'a~on.:\Ial' :::1-. W. •.Pltliol1s. 4.'s llre I'PCjueslpI] to report io Tltp. 1.fllll] cOl11lttelttontte our 1.I.: .. l'all. At tllis !iltle nil' place is Itot cldiltiiply s('tlled bnt \\ ill !Jl' nltllOnll('pd Intpl'.I.TarksOll\ 111(" Ill. Indian Hl\"0!'. (. (. :n:...'u" :'In ~. :!t. :!. 1 1'1'. III.A. ::-)uflolk. ~Iar. Ollt.. 31·. Oil/.:\11:1..\'.r1n. .. 20 " 21. On!.i:b!-.. 20 Chifm ick._... Onl. nC'J'-. l11p.~. :1-3 :-. l\Ian. nnilltl Pl'. C. Itt..Li[·. :. :2 ~ . Opt. AI1. noosen~ll. . 'l'!lpre will !J(' ItO :':(. .\ Ita. HERR Fred"rit'k. ..j. Ii Ira \·!'lnc k.all. ('niH.:c.II. 2. .'" I . 1\WRRAY K:1n~:l~ Cit.\' will attel«] ('aelt of till' n!Jo\('·nnltouncetl colt\... '1'01111.\. I:llgialtd.2~)-. . (':l!loc':lll.J}o. Ya Coehllrn. OR1mLL Yen turn. . Onto Il('Ill1Jl'O]d" lint. ('nIl). Scotlaltd. f'" LB.'nl'1it of' tl. .1(lV.:2 ~ ~IH'illgill'l(l..llts will be ltelt1 ilt (iennalJY . Onto . ..1. ~a... Jo.1""1111'11"1111'1(1'1'1'11'1111""IIIII:II. 17 la.:. :\Iar. h.(.. . io 18 indusi. Kans. Lolttlon.i1~al')'. .". ..'rl't:lrie~ of' ('Iass. DannlJe. .17. 7 Portug'e La 1'1'... .) K:ln Luis Obispo. . Hanna...!(} H.\ltH. Kans.\'. . . k. A conH'n(jon 01' tit\' Internationa] nibIl' Stndt.I.')·. Tl'tlll.11.1l']('1()11 (){1n\\.ix p."'rances. 24 OdIlia.:J() Alton. Spl'lll~dale. 1:2 Trenton.\lta. (·. an"r :-. ('('!'tain dn~s \\ ill be :lssi~ll('d 1'01' s('J'\-!cl' til'ld \\'orl. __. . ~rar. .Judging Ili<:. Berean Bible Studies by means of 'fhe Watch Tower J.. Elllll. 1. 1. " l! 3 5 7 10 11 ]3 15 1..-. ~8 ~!) negina. OlIt.p Swiss ami G"l'tllalt ltl'ptltl'CIt of S"ilzPl'lalttl. (':1Ilt'. JnO()JllIll~toll. SaCralllf'lltn.. 26 Barrie.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!lILIIIIIIIIIIIU'''"""".fOl't.\'. .. 11 J:2 1. .I1('I'al COI1YPIt(iOI1 ilt Anll'rka tltis ~'('nl'.. 2-1-2U Hcno. CalIf.). 7-H l(l·12 " 11 1II l'Cl'l'..\Un. III. 1\1. r.. " 22 NOI:th Bay.!(. :31 ~\pl'...:.:1nt. Okla. 11. Kans. .. i\ 11. Sa ..TUItC' 1 (0 4." :.IIIIIIII'I"111111"11111. Onto l\Iar.. L('1I:lJ10ll.J.lll.-12 ra... Y<t. ." 8 'Yirt'llipeg-.31 1() 1~ nO(k\Yond.1\1:11'.~. (. .S :21 (lId.ow. E.) ::\c\YPOl't . reh 2~-~rar.\Ia:.('plJ.. .. Yn. W.. J.'~:1 1'.:eJ'. ]\Ian.t"k.\ a. 18. Ya.". 1~: \Yelcll. ('nllf. 10 Fort l. In. I>ookout. hr. ( )nt. Ill. 1']:[(('.!. \\"oo<!\\anl. 111.. Mal'. ralif. __ " IIlllchinsoll. ('lwth:Jlll.. Iowa ~Iar. .June :2.\!ta.· •. 1)J\I._ HocI(. BARKER Mt. . :! Ky.'111'1. ('alif.1.. .~ ~1-. . Tlmt \\'ill ])e tit" tim\' at \\ llidt thp altoiltted of tlte Lor<1 ilt YHI'ions pari s of tho <'at·tlt \\ill Ilesil'e io a~s\'ll1ble to~dher at iheir J'('spcetiYe ]llnces of Itteetiltg. LoxingtOll.. . YaJldal1a.. 1\1... l\Ian. SHEFFIELD Winfiel<l. . :27 " ~jO. Pel ('l'hol'o." :. 14-1ti Yn ~Iiddl('lJOro. 1!UD i ""epk of April 7 Week of April 14 ".\illo.. Kans Wiclllta. .! 1 :2.1r. _ r('h :?~-:\Ia I. 'Yitlt a puillie llwl'tiltg at Hoyal Alll( 1'( Hall Oil Sunday CYl11!in s .:gtoll. III. ~. It is pX]ll'<'t('d tl. ~:! Ky. ~Icn{)bel'l-.j Kll1(]Pl':. KillQ. . .J Knox\ 7-!J 'l'Pllll . Ill.l. 'V~ Yu " 1. _ TOllha \\ a.\Ial'.~nl'. 28-30 Inwoorl. . ~ 1 2~. _ ::\f:1l'. I\J:C)IORIAL FOR 1929 :. ()l-1a. Iowa 24-26 Jasper. I :1molll.:\1.. 2 Eo D. IG. Vnr.. 2 Josuc of Fc1JI'ual'If 1. ~ _. Iowa . \'a.. Oul{llaie. (i ~ . Lu\\ rCIH'l'nlle. . . . .llloqlH\ .2. I7-1!l 21-:!. I'ndul'. :' g\\al\\C'II. C. Indepcn(]PJw('. " D . 11-1~) . " StirJlil:!. . Okla . Onto "11 12 Fort \Villiulll.\far. I'ainbvil1e. IS ~O. 10-]2 14-1 G 17·19 E. G. 1 I-Ill ]):lIl\ 111l'. . ". Tex_ rl'l'x.. :\ral'. ItpIl1 llt (.:!:! Nt. Shattuck. S(-! til I.a~ CIty. :!n. _.joll. 18 McLennan..ILty 11 io l~J.!. 'lilt. Oll t SIt!ilJ. Kans. l\In. Ira/('li. J0 I:o.T\lIW 1..) ".) :31 H.\f.:.

UPOD the earth dIstress of Dation!!..:o'~J~~~~r.. _ _ _ _ _ h U5 95 V5 D6 _. &7 SS 89 VO D3 DECISION FOR THE RIGHT 'VHO ARl!: GOD'S WORST El\E"lILS? LETTERS _. and lift up your heads. _ RADIO ••..Mark 18: gil..~1td}l1flllJ~11ll9~i~~ ~1F~~~nU~~1r1 a. for your redemptio~ draweth nigh. . ana what an8wer 1 8hall make to ~lle11) fhat 0PP086 me. ._ _.i~. then know that the KingdoIll..~a~1l)tilll~@r?-lllai~ VOL.Ith perPlexIty: the sea and ~lIe waves [the restles!!.• ~•.. L 1\0. _.~~~~~~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: H Time S4 Judgment ~'ha T~st _ '" S5 _ ·'Come" .•••.~1 God 1a at hand.-Luke 21: 211-31: Matthew 24: 33 i .. __ . _ 82 "I will stand upon my watch and wll! eet my foot! upon the Tower.. 1929 CONTENTS Gn~f..•__ A Question Pledge of Loyalty SERVICE CONVENTIONS _ _ _.. and for looking after those things which are coming on-the earth: for the powers ot heaven shall be shaken. ana feUl watch to 8CII what He will say unto me.. When these things begin to come to pan... .."-Habakkuk e: 1. 6 SE"llI-lIIONTRLY March 15. dIscontented] roarIng. ._ Adding and 'l'aking Away Lesson __ __ _ _ S7 .enOmhllS ~mm$flJh>tmllllQlil. Look up.. . men's hearts falling them for fear.

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shall suddenly to understand the book of Revelation and have reached come to his temple". This would imply a brightness or shining that from the time of the beginning of the presence forth that would be seen by some but not by all. As it now appears. It is to be expected that after favored by Jehovah. or uncovering. who have been brought into the temple might show his servants what must come to pass.before the time when God assembled Zion and brought joyed by them. These are given to the anointed remnant 2 The Greek word epiphaneia. This glory appears to them by and through is therefore addressed to the body of Christ and to no 83 . The lightthere is a fulfilment of the prophecy by the uncover. let him take the water of life freely. and & Many consecrated persons have diligently sought this work done.'prepare the way before the Lord' until the time ing would be greatly favored by the Lord. as the Messenger of the Covenant. manifestation or shining forth. of Christ he. . employed in the class through their Head.forth prior thereto. (Mal." try to see. . It is reasonable to expect that the light continues to 3 The presence of the Lord is manifested to God 's increase until the complete uncovering of the prophecy anointed during the period that Jesus Christ is en. It condition. Nor a refiner . . . which means a disclosure. and light. nor even to the cons("crated servants things which must come to pass in the who are not of the temple class. must Those who would first see or have some understand. means remnant a better understanding of God's plan and brightness. When there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament a thing is uncovered it can then be seen by all who [covenant J."-Rev. gaged in 'preparing the way before Jehovah'.&he J\TCH TOPRESENCE ER AND HE~ALD OF CHR]STS VOL.written. or shin. Christ Jesus. It follows that a clear understanding of -Rev. G GRACIOUS INVITATION H And the spirit and the bride say. tratian God's prophet says: "When the Lord shall Rather the promise is that the earnest seeker for truth build up Zion. then "the Lord . 1D29 No. to afford the Scriptures to tell of the presence of the Lord. put greater brilliancy. and voices. and there were lightnings. there was no works done by him is to give to the approved ones a reason to expect an understanding of the prophecy clearer vision of the truth than was previously en. 102: 16) The glorious appearance of the Lord here TO WHOM ADDRESSED mentioned must of necessity be to the favored rem1 The Revelation was given to Jesus Christ that he nant class. coming to "And the temple of God was opened in heaven.nings are evidences of the presence of Jehovah and ing thereof. that Christ might show to his then appear to the world. in advance of others. of silver. In harmony with this apt illus. of Christ. but would appear future." Silver symbolically repre. 3: 1) Of course the Lord some conclusions in their own minds and have found comes to his temple for a purpose j and one of the much joy therein. 'As further corroborative proof it is written: word "revelation" is derived from the Greek word apokalupsis. and being refined it shines forth with be displeased with the efforts of his anointed. 22: 17. taking off the covering. The Revelation is therefore a prophecy. the book of Revelation could not be had by all until 6 All lightnings proceed from Jehovah. Come. The to the remnant only. L MARCH 15.purposes than they previously had. to understand the prophecy. 11: 19. Come. would be blessed by the Lord.would it appear that the Lord would in any manner sents the truth. That glory would not Son." (Ps. And let him that heareth say. Those of for him to come to his temple. he shall appear in his glory. The prophet says: "He shall sit as the approved ones into the temple condition. J EHOVAH God gave a revelation to his beloved a brighter shining of the truth. Christ Jesus. And let him that is athirst come: and whosoever will. Then he suddenly the anointed remnant class are the ones thus specially comes to the temple. It is reasonable to expect that that time those blessed by being made a part of the these would have some understanding of the prophecy temple class would have more light upon the truth. We understand ing upon.

The conclusion that does seem to be supported by the Scriptures is that the prophecy here uttered by John has its fulfilment from the time the Lord came to his temple in 1918. TIME 11 Aside from the fact stated. Here is the announced divine l'llle. has little to say about what the church will do during the millennial reign. behold. In the epilogue John states that which he was told by tile Lrn'd's messenger. does not seem to be warranted by the Seriptures. therefore. IIis won1s there BROOKLYN. is an introduction to what is about to be said concerning what is to come to pass. verses ei~. and it is the prophecy. when he . It was after the coming of the Lord to his temple that the lightnings of Jehovah lwgan to fbsh for the enlightenment of those of Zion." (Verse 10) By these words a definite time is fixed. If not to be scaled. It is for the enlightenment of those who have been taken into the covenant by sacrifice. and that those who hear and obey what they do understand shall receive a blessing from him. 14 To establish the faith of his anointed the Lord gives corroborative proof. including Revelation. in the light of present truth. (2) the Yision that is given to him by the Lord to set down in the record.CfheWATCH TOWER 84 otllers. but done in the time of the presence of the Lord and up to the complete collapse of Satan's organization. If the prophecy begins to have a fulfilment after the Lord comes to his temple. (Isa. and the anointed ones have been brought under the robe of righteousness. verses one to seven. John wrote: "Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand. that we here examine. and in whom the Lord delights. John thPl'e spoke a prophecy.. It is the conelusion of the book after the main discourse has been l'ecorded. or an epilogue or after-speech. comfort and encouragement of the faithful servant class. according to the direction of the messenger. That marked the beginning of the epiphaneia of the Lord. Heretofore we have applied Revelation 22: 17 to the millennial reign of Christ. and are so considered in the examination of the text first above mentioned. which shining forth is seen and appreciated by those who are of the temple class. As the prophet of the Lrn'd. There is no other book in the Bible where such a promise is made. In verse sixteen it is written: "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I come quickly. 42: 1) It is after Zion is built up. or the shining forth. This after-speech is found in chnpter twenty-two. Does not the 'coming' here correspond exactly with the time meant when the prophet says: "The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to his temple" ~ It is from that time forward that the prophecy is not to be scaled up. It seems quite clear that it is intended for the instruction. it must have its complete fulfilment before the time of restoration blessings of the people of earth. Is it not true that those who walk in the light as they have the light receive a blessing from the Lord~­ 1 John 1: 7. Without a doubt. and my reward is with me. the words of John set forth in the epilogue were written undel' the supervision and direction of the Lord. that the "faithful and wise servant" class is made manifest. and the bright and morning star. and them that hear the words of this p. then it must be after that time that it 'would be understood.\'ht to twenty-one.-as told not to do so but to worship God. Such conclusion. the New Testament. that the overcomers shall reign with Christ during the thousand years. to wit: (1) a foreword or prologue in which John tells what he is about to write. There is a foreword or prologue to the book. Y. Then verse three gives a promise of blessing that shall rest upon him 'that readeth. The creature is to worship the Creator and Giver of every good and perfect gift. we may divide Hevelation into three divisions. must be a prophecy. The truth proceeds from Jehovah God. It is at that time that he gives' reward to them according as their work appears'. It does not appear to be a work to be done during the millennial reign." is This is corroborative proof that the time of the fulfilment of the prophecy is after Jehovah sets his King upon his holy hill of Zion and after the Lord . John states that the message is from Jesus Christ to the church. contained in this epilogue. 12 Telling of what the messenger said to him. Is there a way for us to determine when that period of time began 1 13 Verse twelve says: "And. THE SETTING ~ The Revelation which was given to John shows a work to be done in which the church or body members of Christ have a part but which work must continue until the complete establishment of the kingdom. N. and covers a period of time until the complete collapse of Satan's organization. 9 Then there is an epilogue to the Revelation. I am the root and the offspring of David. Chapter one. 10 After John had received the message on Revelation he was about to worship the messenger. With propriety.rophecy'. to give ('very man according as his work shall be. and that means those who are in Christ Jesus as members of his body. It must be expected that those who study the Revelation with an honest desire to understand it would receive some blessing from the Lord.. and (3) John's conclusion thereon." lUanifestly the coming here mentioned means the coming of the Lord to his temple and at which time he did take account with those who had made a covenant with Jehovah. Consequently the undel'standing would be after the coming of the Lord to his temple.

the bright and morning star. 110: 1. 5: 2. 3: 1-3) As further corroborative proof of the time of the beginning of the fulfilment of the prophecy. 5: 12) If the judgment here mentioned refers to the people of the world. and the facts show that this complete fulfilment is when Jesus Christ is presented as King to the spiritual house of Israel. let him be unjust still. the root and the offspring of David. The early watchers see it and are glad. 11: 1. This we understand to h at the time of the laying of the Chief Corner Stone in Zion. who must have the throne for ever according to this promise. let him be filthy still. The "morning star" mentioned in the prophecy refers to Christ. Jrsus also was horn in Bethlehem." These words show specifically that the time arrives when there is a judicial decree rendered by the One having authority to judge. (Ps. 7: 13. That prophecy could not have its fulfilment until Christ is sent forth to rule among his enemies. The word" star" is also rendered prince. 2: 45) It is Christ. (Matt. It gives forth its soft and pleasing light and cheers those who are watehing for the new day. UNJUST The "just" means those who are approved. 1928) set forth the proof that the prophecy of 1\1icah above quoted was not fulfilled in completion until the Lord came to his temple because the complete fulfllment was deferred "until the time that she rZion] which travaileth hath brought forth". The Prince of Peace tak('s his power as King. (John 5: 22) That judgment begins at the house of God when the Lord comes to his temple. because none of the human race will be just or approved until the end of that reign. The nations are angry and then the temple of God is opened. 11 It was in 1914 that the new nation was born. and obtains throughout the Millennial age. God caused his prophet to write: "There shall come a Star out of Jacob. and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel. 5: 3. Concerning the Huler who should come out of Bethlehem. 118: 22-24) It was then that Christ. David foreshadowed Christ the King. (Isa. That authority rests upon Christ Jesus. and it was in 1918 that God's anointed King presented himself as King and Head of Zion. because all are sinners. 11: 17-19) The Scriptures and the facts well fix the time that the Prince of Peace takes his authority and the time for the opening of the temple. it is written that Jesus said: "I am . If that were true. 18 Furthermore. 3. because the prophecy so declares. (Rom. to whom the kingdom and throne shall be and are given for ever.~1. 1 Ki. and he that is holy. (I. If this prophecy of Revelation is applied to the millennial reign of Christ. let him be holy still. 21: 27) It was in 1914 that the prophecy was fulfilled by the coming of him whose right it is to rule. IS The morning star is a sure harbinger of a bright and glorious day and is seen just before the break of dawn. whose right it is. was chosen to be the rulrr over Israel. 2) David was born in Bethlehem. though thou be little among the thousands of Judah. the filthy. The prophecy must have a complete fulfilment at some time. the Prince of Peace. IG '1'his prophecy had a miniature fulfilment when Jesus came out from Bethlehem. (JUic. (Ps. 19~1) 'fheWATCH TOWER comes to his h'mple. and he that is righteous. 66: 8) The birth of the man child." Long before that. (2 Sam. At the beginning of the millennial reign all the people of the world will be unjust. Isa. Therefore will he give them up. (Ps. from everlasting. then it must be put down to the very end thereof. 25: 14-19) All these are then put upon examination and tested. let him be righteous still. (1\lal. The words of the Scriptures show that the appearance of the "morning star" would mark the time for the fulfilment of the prophecy here under consideration. 4: 17) In that judgment the Lord deals with the un· just.24:17) Undoubtedly this lat· tel' prophecy refers to the Messiah as the rightful Governor of the world. 2: 6) David. . representing the new government or new nation. (Isa. It is after that that the prophecy of Revelation 22: 17 begins to have its fulfilment.ev. (Ezek. 28: 16) 'l'he Watch Tower has in a previous issue (December 15. whose goings forth have been from of old. JUDGME~T 20 The coming of the Lord to his temple is a time of judgment. then all being unjust at the beginning must for ever remain unjust. It appears in the east shortly before the rising of the sun.IHCli Hi. . the righteous and the holy. whrn God set his King upon his holy hill in Zion. and which promise must be fulfilled after his second coming. then the remnant of his brethren shall retul'll unto the children of IsraeL" -]Hie. It is Christ the King. it is written: "But thou. until the time that she which travaileth hath brought forth. It is one of the titles given to our Lord." (Num. (Ps. became the rightful inheritor of the promise made to David concerning the everlasting throne upon which God's anointed should sit. 11: 4) It is the time when he takes aecount with all those who had confessed his name and to whom he had committed his goods or kingdom interests. upon whose shoulder the government of righteousness shall rest. the antitypical David. take note of verse eleven: "He that is unjust. (1 Pet. yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel.2) The fulfilment thereof synchronizes with the time of the fulfilment of the prophecy of Revelation 22: 17. and he which is filthy. Beth-Iehem Ephratah. God promised that the throne of David should be established for ever. the son of Jesse. therefore seems to be a key that begins the opening of the prophecy under consideration. then it would 21 .

but who are still righteous. saying. like a 'sow that has been washed and has returned to her wallowing'. (Gal. 19) It is the same class described by Jude. when they came to the Lord. He can maintain it only by holding to the faith that was once delivered to the saints. 5: 1. and speak evil of dignities. The Lord comes to his temple and takes account with his servants. Concerning these the Lord says in the parable: "And so he that had received five talents. His words arc in exact accord with the final decree announced by the Lord Jesus against the unjust and the filthy. He finds those who have repudiated him. let him be righteous still. 22 Applying the prophecy at a time between the coming of the Lord to his temple and the estahlishment of the kingdom in full sway. 4: 9) At one time such left the Devil's organization. despise dominion. They devoted themselves wholly to the Lord. When one trusts in the redemptive blood of Christ Jesus. behold. 42) Jesus describes a "wicked servant" class who smite their fellow servants. But these speak evil of those things which they know not. thou hast been faithful over a few things. Y. I have gained beside them five talents more. and who at the end of the period of sacrifice are taken out of the kingdom class. in those things they corrupt themselves. and who were in line for a place in the kingdom. (Matt. the servant of God: "Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh. 25: 24-30) When he pronounres his decree of judgment.22) It is well known that there are those who have been in the service of the Lord. "He that is righteous. makes a consecration to do God's will. and therefore disapproved. 23 Jesus tells of a class of persons who have been accepted in the Lord. They received the truth and held it in the love of the truth and sought to glorify God. Such a construction of the text would therefore be out of harmony with the numerous other scriptures which plainly declare that during the reign of Christ every man shall have a full and fair trial and opportunity of receiving God's approval and life. and God's judicial determination. No one could be of that class unless he had at one time been made righteous through the blood of Christ Jesus." 2G HOLY 28 'When the Lord came to his temple and began the accounting with his servants he found some who had been diligently caring for the kingdom interests that had been committed to them. 27 There is a great multitude of persons who have made a consecration to do God's will and. His lord said unto him. is consistent . and God receives him and justifies him. 24: 48-51) When he comes to his temple and takes account with his servants he finds those who are unfaithful and unprofitable. and who are assigned to the position occupied by the hypocritcs . 25 The Lord comes to his temple for judgment. and who have become filthy. They have sought to make themselves righteous but have neglected to faithfully keep the commandments of God." THE FILTHY U The apostle describes a class that were once enlightened by the Lord and who thereafter defile themselves with the world and bccome filthy. and count his blood as a common thing.vith all other scriptures. but who do not prove themselves wholly faithful unto God and their covenant. (Eph. repudiated the Lord and his truth. 8: 33) If that one is ever to live on any plane he must maintain that righteousness accounted unto him by reason of the blood of Christ. that decree is final. There are those who have been favored with the truth and brought into Christ by adoption who have afterward turned away from the Ijord and become unfaithful. he is then counted as righteous. came and brought other five talents. These had shown an appreciation of the fact that they had been brought into the body of Christ and anointed to do a work in the name of the Lord. thou deliveredst unto me five talents. '1'he word here rendered "unjust" means an offender or one who has become wicked and is therefore the very opposite of righteous. and that such work takes place before the millennial reign. and that is the time he declares he will 'give every man according to his work'. and of these less faithful." The Apostle Paul declares in plain phrase what shall be the d~stiny of those who repudiate the Lord. let him be filthy still. BROOKLYN. 'VeIl done. Lord. and who are disapproved. RIGHTEOUS Ko human being is righteous within himself. 13: 41. and retumed to the beggarly elements of the world and joined themselves unto Satan's organization. and he casts them into outer darkness. (Matt. trample upon the Son of God. 2:19. looking forward to the time when they might specially profit thereby. When he becomes offended and walks in iniquity he is disapproved by the Lord. he says in his decree. but what they know naturally as brute beasts. being justified. "-Jude 8. 4: 18. were brought forth as new creatures. 10. let him be unjust still. (Rom. thou good and faithful servant. and were then transferred by the grace of the Lord from darkness into the kingdom of light. N. 1: 13) Then later their understanding became darkened and they turned themselves in the way of lasciviousness and of uncleanness. and therefore he says: "He that is unjust. and of and conceming them he says in his judicial decree: "And he which is filthy. (2 Pet. (l\Iatt. They have received the truth and hold it selfishly.CfheWATCH TOWER 86 mean that all men would for ever be precluded from passing over the great highway. 4: 22-25. I will make thee ruler over many . but who have neglected their obligations. (Col.

" (Verse 17) The children of Zion are born and the temple of the Lord brought together. run after and have illicit relationship with the Devil's organization]. 3 : 17) ~r esus Christ is the executive officer and the right-hand man of Jehovah God. being of the bride class. OUTSIDERS There are a great number of persons outside of those who haw ever entered into a covenant with the Lord by sacrifice but who have taken the name of the Lord for selfish reasons. as wdl as to others. '1'lH'se arc of Zion and in the temple. It is to the overcomers that the promi~c is given t!wt llH'y shall "eat of the tree of life. and whosoever lo"eth and maketh a lie. and they arc a1so plainly told by Jehovah. To abide there he must prove his faithfulness by obeying God's commandments. and covered them with the shadow of his hand. and the time for the complete vindication of Jehovah's name. The Lord dispos('S of them in this prophecy. It is Jehovah who hns commanded that now there shall be a tremendous witness given on earth. that they may have right to the tree of life. 2: 7) Clc'arly. and the Lord's judicial decree concerning them is. and murderers [those who hate and persecute the followers of Christ]. and rejoice that the day of dcli. 36 The remnant rejoice also that the time has come when the people should be infol1llCd that Jehovah is the true God and when they shall be invited to take their stand against tho Devil and on the side of Jehovah. "-Matt. . 35 The bride. 25: 20. "He that is holy. and that those who desire may have an opportunity to take their stand on the side of the Lord. go to make up the remnant class and who form a part of Zion. . 21. and. this implies that the temple class must meet the h'st and prove tlll'ir loyalty and faithfulness by ke('ping' the commandments. tl1at I nJll God. 43: 10. What Jehovah is doing he does by and through his beloved Son." take your stand against Satan and on the side of Jehovah. put his words in the mouth of sueh. send me. that the nations of the earth and the people may receive notice of what is about to come to pass. (Ps. Those who have thus been favored have committed to them all the goods or kingdom interests of the Lord.~IARCII HI. in obedience to the command." This is a complete description of those that go to make up the Devil's organization on earth.. and may enter in through the gates into tIle city. (Rev. To his beloved Son he says: "Whom shall I send?" and those of the remnant respond: "Here am I. (Matt. 56: 9-11) ]. That great SIJirit causes the witness to be given. the only true God. The remnant brought into the temple condition begin to realize that there is a work to be done.ith the truth to deceive]. And let him that is athirst come. The prophet shows that Jehovah calls for volunteers. and idolaters [those who worship systems or men or other objects daiming the name of the Lord]. . Never has there been so wide a witness of the truth as dlll'ing the past few years. and whoremongers [those who."Isa. "Ye arc my witnesses. and to finally and fully ent('r into the kingdom and receive t:w right to the tree of lif('. and will result in the complete fall of Satan's organization and the everlasting vindication of Jehovah's name. and thus Ill'ove their love for him. "For without are dogs [dumb dogs who take the name of the Lord for selfish purposes (Isa. It is his truth and message that is now being heard. 32 8'1 "COME" 83 The gracious invitation of the prophecy is: "Come. THE TEST 80 The mere fact that one is brought into the temple condition and enters into the secret place of the Most High is not a guarantee that he shall for ever be there. let him be holy stilL" These are the ones who. Come. 29 These faithful and approved ones were brought lmder the robe of righteousness. have on the wedding garments. 2~: 14. They learn that it is the will of God that before Armageddon there shall be a wide proclamation of the truth." (2 Cor.. 31 In order to continue in the Lord's favor. they say. 12) COlH'erning those whom the Lord approved when he came to his temple to give judgment he says: "Blessed arc they that do his commandments. and therefore show forth the glory of God. And whosoever will. "Now the Lord [Supreme One] is that Spirit. 34 Jehovah has brought the remnant into his secret place. Such go to make up the "faithful and wise senant" class. "Come.' ·-l~ov. which is in the midst of the paradise of God".-erance is at hand. lIe is the great Spirit. 1920 'The WATCH TOWER things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. And let him that heareth say. and thereby says to those who hear his commandments and his 'Vorel: "Come." (Isa. these lIlllst continue to o~)ey or keep the commandments of (}od. 25: 1-!J) '1'hey arc brought under the robe of righteousness. in the name of Christ. and sorcerers [mixers of false doctrines . includes those on the earth 'V11O remain faithful and true. at the time. composing the body of Christ." The facts show that this is exactly what the remnant class is now doing. 6: 8. given the garments of salvation. and this disposition shows that the prophecy docs not have to do with the millennial reign of Christ. '1'hey know that this message must go to the great multitude. They learn that the battle of Armageddon will soon be fought. 2·1: 14). 2~: 43) '1'he specific commandment of the Lord is given to this class to 'preach the gospel to the nati ons as a witness' (IUatt. :2!J:!J) These are the wise virgins that rejoice in the Bridegroom. let him take the water of life freely. The burden of that . (Matt. therefore.

UUOOKLYN." 'When there is a convention of the consecrated it is observed that a large number in attendance do not take part in proclaiming the message of truth. let him take the water of life freely. say. Their hearing has been dull. and receiye a blessing. After Armageddon some of the remnant may be used by the Lord to bear witness and to aid those who need to be taught. Y. That will be the day of the Lord's judgment of the people. and they will be ready to hear. After receiving such knowledge they add to or take away therefrom. and point the people to the fact that soon the great highway to life will be opened. 88 The prophet of God mentions a great multitude of hungry souls. The remnant bring them the glad message. and marvelous in our eyes. In the book of Revelation (20: 11-15) it is made known that there shall be a trial of the peoples of earth after the downfall of Satan's organization. (Isa. and this they mny do before aetually being taken into the courts of everlasting glory. 7: 17) The Lord may use the remnant to thus help them. 55: 4) The remnant is now com· manded to 'prepare the way of the people. 118: 23) It is now easy to be seen that Revelation 22: 17 is in course of fulfilment and that the remnant is having a part therein. It is certain that the work of the remnant now is to proclaim the glad tidings as God's duly appointed witnesses. ADDING AND TAKING AWAY The prophecy then discloses that there will be a class of persons who will 'add to the words of this prophecy' and some who will 'take away therefrom'. There comes to them by radio the sweet and blessed message of God's plan of deliverance. the kingdom is come. and to them they say: "And whosoever will. To them the world is like a parched desert where there is neither food nor water. " There the gracious message of God 's Word brought to them has quenched their thirst and they are made glad. Notice is served upon every one who hears the words of the prophecy. If any man shall add unto these things. 43 Clearly the prophecy does apply to a class of persons who have been favored with at least some knowledge of the divine plan as set forth in the Scriptures. gather out the stones'. By means of the radio and the printed gospel message they learn that Jehovah is God. The words do not seem to have an application even to those who claim to be Christians and who have no understanding of the divine plan. 41 The breaking down of Satan's organization will remove the refuge of lies and open the eyes of men to the truth. This is one reason why the truth should ofttimes be repeated to them. shall be destroyed.' Read the report for 1928 and mark what marvelous work the fjord has done during the past year. 40 The remnant must now be witnesses to and leaders of the people. 2: 3. 89 There are millions of people of good will throughout the land who are in distress and who long to see a better day but who l~now not which way to turn for relief. God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. It is the Lord's doings. Some of these who have recently come to some knowledge of the truth have immediately seized the opportunity to carry the message themselves to others. Now call to mind that there are those who of recent times have had a knowledge of God's plan. The faithful servants of the Lord call at the prisoners' doors and show them the food that is contained in book form. They hear and understand and see their privilege of having a part in proclaiming the message of God's kingdom. and that Christ is King. and their understanding poor. ' Jehovah is God. 62: 10) This must be done to the end that 'whosoever will may take of the water of life freely' by taking their stand on the side of the Lord and responding to the requirements of the kingdom. These prisoners hear the glad tidings and hear the message of the prophecy: "And let him that is athirst." This is the time that the witness must be given. and whose names are therefore not written in the book of life. Even the great multitude class must be led to the living fountains of waters. and who still claim to have developed such a sweet and beautiful character. They in turn tell their neighbors to drink of the water of truth and to take their stand on the side of Jehovah God. and therefore the day of deliverance is here. Christ is King. Probably these have not understood and appreciated their privileges. Is it not such a class of people that may now seek meekness and righteousness. 87" And let him that heareth say. To them the Lord says: 'If you hear." (Verse 18) This could not apply to the modernist clergy who deny that the Bible is God's Word of truth. and 42 ." They are told that they may now take their stand on the side of the Lord. (Acts 17: 31) It is plainly stated that those who fail in that trial. Come. Come. (Isa.83 CfheWATCH TOWER testimony has been and is. (Ps. There will be many others who will be humbled by Armageddon. "For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book. and that the kingdom and the day of deliverance are at hand.' and take your stand on the side of the Lord. N. (Ps. and be carried beyond the great battle of Armageddon and live for ever and not die ~-Zeph. Come. Those who hear should remember the words of the prophecy: "Blessed are they that do his commandments. and blessed is he who has a part therein. and against the Devil. 107: 10) Within the confines of organized Christianity there is a great multitude of prisoners whose members are thirsting for the truth because there is no truth within their prison walls. (Rev. Gradually the truth takes a deeper hold on them. and be hid in the day of his expressed wrath.

1929 'The WATCH TOWER 89 Zion. of prophecy? 1 1. "In that day Lord first manifested? "What is the purpose of the epiphaneia? '1'0 whom does this glory appear.' Knowingly and wilfully they re. 2: 7) Whatever the Lord until death. including Judas and the Devil him. which is promised only who there abide and continue to faithfully represent to those who are overcomers. "Whom does God favor with an understanding of representing the Lord and announcin~ that crisis. and did not give now see that the King is upon his throne. The 1\1ost High." Without a doubt." These will continue to invite the peoH Then there are those who have been blessed by some knowledge of the truth. and now they say. that the God the honor and glory for what he is doing amongst Lord is in his holy temple. The duty of this class is plain and clear. LESSON 41 There must be a present-day lesson herein for those who love God and Christ. They were selfish. by the grace of the Lord. Therefore they take the Devil's side. It is the remnant class that constitutes the witnesses of the Lord. Even so. When the anointed. "I will men. must now say. Lord Jesus. and how? 1 3. Let not thine hands be who insist that God is so very loving that he will save it shall be said to every creature. however. in the face name of Jehovah shall be exalted. Those who continue to be of God's revealed plan. Quote Revelation 11: 10. 'Ve will have nothing to Satan's organization of his purpose to destroy that do with service. When and by whom will the work indicated in the book of Hevelation be done? WlJat evidence is there of the . and had a part in the tree of life. These in it." this selfish class become dissatisfied with the food 48 The work of the great Jehovah God through his which the Lord provides for his people and who have people is now progressing. 6. The first verse of the took shows that the Revelation was addressed to whom'l For whom was it intended? How would they benefit therefrom. The time comes when those who go to make up sing praise to my God. hear and understand this prophecy. and therefore of the bride. They class join in the gracious invitation and say. In sub. 46 The angel revealing this prophecy to John then says: "Surely I come quickly. and when? CJ 7. voice and sing the praises of Jehovah God. lightnings. It they can not be a part of God's holy city or his is no surprise that these faithful ones now see eye to eye and with great enthusiasm together lift up the glorious kingdom. Truly from this time forward it 45 The marginal reading and all revised versions may be said: "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth.the unspeakable privilege of being workers together stance they say: 'There is no more truth to be re. It must be done that there is and will be a faithful class whom Jeho. come. and for a time rejoiced ple to take their stand on the side of Jehovah. Jehovah by and vealed. vah calls his remnant and his witnesses.lI1ARCH Hi." Those who hear and QUESTIONS FOR BEREAN STUDY understand gladly respond: "Amen. 2.slack. ""hat are the "lightnings" there mentioned? What is their source? Their purpose? Of what avail was the stm]y of this book prior to the Lord's coming to his temple? 1 5.This message is to be proclaimed to those who have mandments that the witness must now be given and a desire for righteousness and truth. speaking through God's commandments. then they must see that there is to be. the remnant class. This they do without any excuse. "Come. those in the temple class are clearly disGod shall take away his part out of the book of life. The anointed ones enjoy no pleasure in obeying his commandments. They rejoice." There must have been a time when these could have are now in the secret place of the Most High." The faithful renmant to do with proclaiming his gracious invitation. "Come. They see that it is their blessed and out of the holy city. and are anxious to see t. They refuse to have anything his beloved Son. and must be done. " -Verse 19. cerning his purposes. They add to life and to walk therein. 4." These see that the time draws nigh To whom was the IteYelation giyen? For what purpose? when there shall be a great crisis in the affairs of When can prophecy be understood? The fact of its being understood indicates what? Giye the meaning of men and that the church now has the great privilege epiphaneia. Concerning 49 Surely this is the most blessed time that the such the prophet says: "And if any man shall take church has had in the flesh." (Zeph. and abundant entrance into the kingdom of God. 'Ve must now sit down and quietly wait un· through Christ is causing notice to be served upon til we are taken to heaven. those who of this verse are: "His part from the tree of life.with God and with Christ Jesus.he Lord finish 'Vhen and by what work was the second presence of the his great work. 3: 16) The time is come when the self. "Come. shall then have an immediate may be the final state of the class here mentioned. lives in his service. a witness work amongst the peoples of the earth and that it must be done quickly. (Rev. says. There is no time to wait or for delay." remove from or take away from God's words the com. By reason of Jehovah's away from the words of the book of this prophecy. that the wicked who have hearing ears to come and learn the way of shall be destroyed in the second death. and from the things which privilege now to represent him and to lay down their are written in this book.organization and to grant full relief to the oppressed fuse to have a part in the service in obedience to of humankind. He is bidding those of the statements of the Lord's '

Saul must reign as long as Jehovah would allow him. 49. But Saul was not faithful to Jehovah. 27. 10. Abner . and there would be the desire to keep the profits and the honor of their offices which they would expect to lose if David were made king.r BnOOKLYll. What means has Jehovah provided for extending the invitation to "him that is athirst"? IIow are the fruits of this witness multiplied? 'if 37.yords to David show that the fact was known and accepted. "'hat is signified by "I come quickly". Show the application of the term "bride" 11erc used. Apply "Let him that heareth say. During what time would it have its complete fulfilment? 'if 11-13.4:>. Y. judidal decree conceming these? "'hut encouragement is given to them? State the promise to the overcomers. Hevelation 22: 11 applies when? Give proof. 'What conditions are yet to be met in order to enter Into the promised reward? 'if 28-31. 3: 17) The time for dl'cision had come. account for their having come into that condition. Show their connection with Revelation 22: 17. Saul's . and it seemed to have a right to provide the ruler by reason of the promise that out of Judah should he come to whom the gathering of the peoples should be. How is this class related to the "wicked sernlllt"? "'hat is the result of their judgment? 'if ~2. the prophet of God. Apply Revelation 22: IS. '\'hat is the portion decl'eed for them? 'if 4~.>. What facts indicate their having a part as God's witnesses? ~ 35. There were several reasons why David was not accepted by the other tl'ibcs. "-1 Sam.yish to see Dayid. Corne". the "Scepter out of Israel". and a son of that tribe. for J)ayid had been hunted by Saul "like a partridge on the mountains". Illustrate the importance of frequent repetition of certain truths. a man of strong will and determination. As Saul had been God's choice when the people cried for a king. saying. but the chief reason was that those who were under Saul had been David's enemies. (Gen. "'hy is it thut they IIII ve men-Iy maintained their justification? What is clpcreed for these '/ 'if 2G. and why at that time? Account for their coming to assume snch position.vas a capable military leader. . and David would then be king in his room and stead. Describe conditions which indicate the appropriateness and the timeliness of the message. There was to be no rebellion. These and related scriptures illllicate what as to a jul1gnlPnt work. What was the purpose in verse sixteen? How does it serve to show the time of application of the seventeenth verse? 'if 14. The tribe of Judah was powerful. all the tribes submitted to his rule without demur. who had been the leader of Saul's army and 'who was then the leader of a rebellion agamst the known WIll of Jehovah their God. "And now. "Ye sought for David in times past to be king over you: now then do it. ~:J. 1u. 'if 32. the anointed of God. His recent association with the Philistines had brought him lIndl'l' suspicion. 2:. the time therefor. the fact that David had l)('en anointed to be king became known in Israel. What work of Jehovah is now in progress on earth? The anointed enjoy what grand part therein? To whom will this unspeakable privilege he l'olltillued? '\'hat is their inspiration. I know well that thou shalt surely be king. 34. but young David's exploit in the matter of the challenge by Goliath made his name prominl'nt in Israel.. This anointin!? O was not announced to Israel. 24: 20. What is the parvose of the witness to be given? How will those to whom the testimony is given avail tlwll1sclves of the benefit of the message? 'if 3D-H. Who are the "filthy"? With Scriptures. as here used. 3u. whom he represented. Saul said. Show. Identify the "Star out of JaCQb"." (2 Sam. DECISION FOR THE RIGHT N A certain occasion Abner. which caused Judah to stand alone. nor any attempt to usurpation on the part of David. with scriptures. "'hat is the destiny of this class? 'if 24. when fulfilment of Hevelation 22: 17 seems to have its beginning. About fifteen years before his death. who was of that tribe. 'if 47. 'if 21. 10. and. 'if 18. 49: 10) Wlwn Saul died it was natural that Judah should . and the lesson therein to God's people? 'if 9. Into what three parts may Revelation be dividell? What was John's attitude toward God's messenger? 'vhat was the angel's response.Jesse. and the "morning star". and by the response thereto? 'if 4G. Point out the lesson contained llerein for the remnant. 'Vhat circumstances and a knowledge of what facts place the remnant in a position to have part in this invitation? In what manner will the invitation be extpnded to others. Describe the cluss declared as '·holy". N. 38. lwhold.DO Cfhe WATCH TOWER fulfilment of the promise of blessing to 'him that readeth' and to 'them that hear the worlls of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein'? 'if 8. Apply the term "righteous". Samuel had been sent to Bethlehem of Judah to the house of . 17.'hose right it is' and the 'establishment of the throne of David' are related to this subject. and the classes concerned? ~ 20. and why? "'hen. What bearing has :\1icah S: 3 UIJon the consideration of our text? Explain how the 'coming of him . To whom does the eighteenth verse of this chapter apply. No doubt the division of the nation of Israel. "'hut is the Lord's . and had been directed to anoint his youngest son David to be king in Israel. communicated with the elders of Israel. Describe the class here referrel1 to as "unjust". though it is not so stated. and for what purpose? 'if 33. placed upon the throne of Israel. inasmuch as he did not conform to the word of the Lord giwn to him by Samuel. and what the source of their light and strength? ~ 48.15. Account for the ready response of this class. was in great measure the work of Abner.

3: 15). To strengthen his cause Abner. and 'to make a decision for Christ'. This purpose is expressed by the Apostle Paul when he says that it is the purpose of God to bring into unity all things in heaven and in . Judah grew stronger." Abner's injunction to prompt action as such is familiar in these days in the business man's slogan. Abner called the elders of the tribes together and declared to them that he well mdC'rstood that David was Jehovah's choice. The circumstances were these. and it has been. "Do it now". He said. and he went to David to make an agreement with him to turn the whole kingdom over to David. The injunction to take a right decision is good to give. Without doubt this incident has not had its typical significance fulfilled till now. and the northern tribes accepted him. No man can afford to allow such occasions to pass unheeded. but is imperative. as every Bib: J student now knows. and when only those who love God and place themselves openly on his side against all those who oppose his kingdom will be preserved. But the incident is typieal . To say that the condition of affairs in Israel so long ago is an exact picture in type of that which is happening in Christendom at the present time. By it Jehovah gave both an injunction and an exhortation to those of days to come who would profess to be his people. with all its material and moral loss. brought civil war in Israel. The Apostle Paul says that whatsoever things were written afol'etime (meaning thereby those things which were known as the holy writings). There came civil war in Israel. a common thing for those who call themselves religious missioners to use such a word as this when they call men to repentance. 3: 18) He reminded them that they had leaned toward David in time past. Abner's word. The people to whom Abner addressed his words ought to have been ready to accept David as their king years before. "Do it now. but the nortllC'rll tribes grew weaker. were written for the instruction of the church of God (ltom. but all those under the rule of the king installed by Abner suffered because the blessing of Jehovah their God could not be given to them and because the king was a weak and helpless man. But it is the more serious matters of life which concern us. and still is. under David's leadership. 15: 4 . 2 Tim." not only is good to heed. their pride. 1929 <[he WATCH TOWER Thus it came about that Abner openly opposed David. for life is short and the best can be gained only as life's opportunities are seized. But what Abner had to say meant to those who heard him much more than an urge to general promptness of life. some were resentful and some were opposed to David's being made their king.MARCH 115. He said. was always victorious in the many skirmishes which occurred. and he urged them to prompt action in the matter of making David king. "Now then do it.vould prove to be the most crucial time in the church's history. and that they knew he was God's appointed king. Not only had the disputers." Here is the decision between acceptance of the known will of God and refusing to do so by continuing to take one's own way. saying." or the modern version. Unquestionably when there is a right thing to be done and the time to do it has come. contrary to the known will of God. By the hand of my servant David I will save my people Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. and especially in that part known as the religious world. or obedience to the advertiser's urge at the end of his advertisement. made a son of Saul king". precluded. their self-interests were involved and were in jeopardy. 'Vhenever such occasions occur there must be either progression or retrogression. Yet there is at the moment actually a rejection of the king whose right it is to rule. "Do it now. controlled by Abner. a sort of "Don't leave till tomorrow what you should do today". that is. will come as a surprise to many. It is good for the everyday things of life. "Now then do it. But they were unwilling to do so." He should act immediately." (2 Sam. the present day: trying. because it is the time of the establishment of the kingdom of heaven when darkness is covering the earth and the people. Their prejudice. when the winds of trouble will blow so fiercely that all which is not built upon the foundation of truth will be destroyed. and they disclose. On certain conditions David accepted Abner's aid. But this fact of opposition is not seen clearly unless there is some understanding of Jehovah's purpose through Christ. and for which we use this incident as an example. There are times in the life of every individual when he knows that he must make a decision between the course he knows is right and another which pleases best his lower nature. "For [Jehovah] hath spoken of David. more than all. and good to receive and to act on. the particular fact that they were written with special reference to that which . a man can not see a truth or know a better course to take and then refuse the truth or decline to take the better way and yet remain as he was. This is the day of testing. During the seven years' war Judah. A man is bettered or hurt according as he makps a ri~··11t decision or refuses to do so. It happened that Abner felt himself insulted by his appointee. and a very definite opposition being manifested to the message of truth telling that the time is come and that God has set his King upon his throne.ill of God should take the urgent advice of Abner to the tribes of Israel. Any man who is brought face to face with the fact that he is consciously following a course contrary to the known v. and out of the hand of all their enemies. but. it is to be taken as a type or something done for future instruction. "Now thpn do it.

but who at last is afflicted from the crown of the head to the sole of the foot with a sickness which can end only in death. This judgment comes with the establishment of the kingdom and Jesus as the divine representative. not to aliens.he::. 82). Some who have been waiting for the Lord and have desired the prosperity of Jehovah's . 45. words show this. who profess a confident expectation that the world will emerge from its troubles as they say it has done in times past. It is to be noted that Abner's words were addressed. but to those who formed the greater part of the house of Israel: it was Israel which needed to be brought to decision and to their duty toward Jehovah. A decision for the right king is now to be made. are doing now what the northrrn tribes of Israel did. given in order that all . The Most Hig-h over all the earth brings the harvesting of the earth according to his own times and seasons. and the apparent drying up of any spirit of desire to serve Jehovah God. though now on a much larger scale and affecting the multitudes of professing Christians. The churches arc either wholly ignorant of the will of God and his purpose toward the earth at this time or are purposely putting' away from them the message which his fait h elll s('rnmts give concel'lling the setting up of his kingdom. the Creator. (I~u~i:e 21 : 28) Thus the signs of the disciples' redemption are also portents to the world. 1: 19. Its sickness is more plainly seen as unto death than that which is on the world. famine. fess to teach to the world. which is to be effected by the establishment of the kingdom of God in the earth. Then the facts that Abner's host constantly lost in their skirmi::. There is no longer any place for the great religious systems..-ho will may take warning and escape the disaster which is surely eoming through the world's obstinacy in refusing the voice of him that thus speaks from heaven. even to the extent of repudiating the Bible as not being of Divine authority. But they surely blind themselves to the fact that the present condition of the world is altogether different from anything in its past. It is to such as these. though troubled with many ills. It is evident their end is fast approaching. One of the saddest phases of the present world distress is that the great church systems. and Jesus gathers before him his servants to give rewards or to pronounce adverse decisions. it has always been localized and never general and persistent as now. The churches have been so busily engaged in telling men that they ought to repent of their evil ways that they have lost sight of their own evil condition. proved where JehO\'ah 's blessing was. "For the time is come that judgmf'llt must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us. It is for this reason.92 <fheWATCH TOWER earth (Col. 46. 4: 17) Jehovah makes inquisition among the rulers (Ps. pestilence. 25: 40. They arc the signs that their redt'mption drmvs nig-h. that the Scriptures say that 'judgment begins at the house of God '. and which many see to be incurable. like Saul. N. indeed. what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God ~" (1 Pet. (EzelL 6: 11) Those who know of these things see them as the sig-ns which Jesus said his disciples should look for. but ere their desolation comes there is something to be said to those who will listen to the call to 'save themselves from this untoward generation'. the hypocrisy of the systems whose worship is accepted generally as a matter of form. There must have b~'rn many in the ho::. of the divine order in that they are brought to a head exactly at a time appointed. Whatever trouble the world has had. and that David's constantly gained in strength. There are some. The Bible student knows that though it is the case that the troubles of humanity are the natural result of the human policies. because of a good constitution. Those who seek the welfare of their fellows must be filled with apprehension and fear of the things which are coming upon the earth. The Prophet Ezekiel said that Jehovah's means· of chastisement are sword.. They see in these things a fulfilment of the prophecies. which claim to represent God and righteousness. as well as to all who profess to love the cause of Jehovah and to be desirous of honoring his name. but who have used their offices for their own selfish ends. however distressful or threatening. Those who are acquainted with the divine purpose in the times and seasons know that by all these things Jehovah God. The present unparalleled events in the earth have brought many Christians to the belief that the end of the age is come. 'fhe leaders of the churches have been so taken up with their position and their office that they have lost sight of the truths which they pro- BROOKLYN. those who by reason of their privileges ought to have represented him. foretold in the Scriptures. great and small. the journals published in the interest of many church organizations are a constant witness to all supporters of organized religion that it is a dying cause. Y.ts of Abner who knew that David was the chasm of Jehovah to be king over all Israel. for the world at present may be said to be like the condition of a man who. are altogether cast off from God's favor. is come. word should come with force. is speaking to all men. they arc. for the word of warning which Peter spoke to his own people is as applicable now as it was then: the circumstances are duplicated. Now they. 12: 25. Abner'::. 20). always been able to throw them aside. nevertheless. that Abner'::.-l\Iatt. even if there were no other witnesses. -Heb. So it can be said that. has. is evidence that the final time of the testing and the rejection of these systems. The very apparent unbelief which prenils in the churches.

nor abusers of themselves with mankind. and therefore that those who do these things are God's worst enemies. no. They are enemies to themselves and at times. misrepresent. adultery.1I1. lying. To the thousands of good men and women who ought to flee from this formal religion and to acknowledge God's King upon his throne. and other like offenses. and to be deplored.) He is now the great Spirit in the likeness of his Father. In many instances they are not God's enemies at all. A wicked person is one who wilfully. neither fornicators. (See Matthew 24: 3.\ al'C sin11l']. not by actual sight. murder. Jesus said that during his second presence he would establish his kingdom.' There is a responsibility upon all men of good-will. They know that God has set his King upon his holy hill of Zion.'he matter of allegianee to the King is vital. The work of telling about the kin gdom is urgent. clergymen and others have concluded that these are the worst offenses against Jehovah God. They are sinners. 1929 'fMWATCH TOWER cause have allowed themselves to be so misled by the dogmas of orthodoxy that they look for Jesus to manifest himself in a physical way. There are two aspects of the responsibility which the truth brings to those who hear: there is that which more particularly concerns themselves in that those who refuse to hear and obey are bound to find themselves condemned with those who oppose the truth. By all such Abner's word may be taken as an injunction to act with all promptness. nor revilers. and to slander his name. shall inherit the kingdom of God. bribery and profanity. have no desire to oppose or misrepresent God. we urge Abner's injunction to Israel. lying. The Scriptures declare that "there is none righteous. and commit offenses because of . The people who commit these offenses are sinners. nor effeminate.s. that all who hear and understand should be moved with the desire to have the name of J ehovah God exalted in the earth. refuse to accept the message of the Lord's presence and to believe that he is setting up his kingdom in the earth. but they are not the most wicked people on earth. As in David's day every Israelite had a responsibility toward Jehovah to see that his known will was put into effeet. oppose. evangelists. indirectly. because their hearts are not wicked. nor idolaters. not one". in common with multitudes of those who are altogether misinformed and misled by the churches. even though until the time of knowing these things he has made no profession of being religious. All men are sinners because born in sin. enemies of their fellow men. Because these things are condemned by the Scriptures. nor drunkards. Those who know the truth see themselves as the messengers of Jehovah: it is that they may glorify his name that the favor was given to them. as was requisite for him in order to die for the race which. 'You know the truth. and what you should do. It oftrn happens that such people are credited with being the 'bpst-hcarted people in the community'. which may be said to be. and there is no reason known why he should again have a human form. and this. but not wieked people. maliciously and with deliberate intent. The Bible calls these people sinners. 'I. 10 are found these words: "Be not deceived. enYironment. are wicked. but are yietims of circumstances. which would be discerned by signs. seeks to injure. however. neither are they God's worst enemies. or improper education and training. Not all men. Vcry seldom do they have any proper concrption of God's laws. Ofttimes they are hampered I by fleshly weaknesses which they are powerless to resist. And every honest man who sees the truth will so act. 'l'hl'. that he is come whose right it is to be King." lUany other scriptures condemn these evil practices. "Now then do it. and to those others who have not yet seen more than the poverty and the hopelessness of organized religion. Let there be no slack hands. Millions of those who commit the crimes of theft. What is necessary is not that men and women should be warned of the kingdom that they may escape the terrors of hell. These. Few people have ever discerned that the Bible makes a distinction between a sinner and a wicked person. all missionary efforts have been made with the idea that men must be converted from doing these things to higher moral standards. You know what is to be done. now then do it. but does not call them wicked. As a result of this conclusion. hinder or thwart the work of Jehovah God. nor thieves. nor extortioners. and hence do not realize how flagrant their sin is in the sight of God. and are properly eondemned by all good people. under the power of God. but that Christians should obey the warning that they may escape the anger of him whom they have professed to serve. nor covetous. Of course these things are wrong.\ncH 111. so now every one who has made a profession of being a Christian should take this concern to himself as an obligation for which he must give an account. together with murder. nor adulterers." WHO ARE GOD'S WORST ENEMIES? [Fifteen-minute rallio lecture] ~ 1 CORINTHIANS 6: 9. he was to save.

who . becausr. neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. will die the second death. As usual. and for which Jesus taught his people to pray. who are God's worst enemies. the common people hear the message gladly. They were the wicked ones. Weare now living in the time of the second advent of the Lord. They will be destroyed. "-Ps. He began to oppose Jehovah God in Eden and has wilfully. those who misrepresent and slander his name. all of whom were sinners. they are not wilful. and has maliciously blinded the minds of the people to the same.-Rev." He told them that they taught the precepts of men as though they were the commandments of God. and have been given such a wide circulation in the millions of books and booklets which have been sent out by the Internat ional Bible Students within recent years that there is no CXCllse for the continued teaching of these falsehoods by the religious leaders of our day. and in unmeasured terms Jesus denounced them as hypocrites. Y. in face of the multiplied evidences of that fact which Jesus gave. to the message now going forth. in Acts 17: 30. Paul said: "Had they known it. The Scriptures repeatedly make mention of second death as the penalty for sins of wilfulness and maliciousness. (Mark 12 : 37) They wonld have gladly accepted him as the Messiah. yet there are people who set themselves in opposition to the work of the Lord. It is written that the common people. resist and slander God after having been shown the evidences as to who is God. He is already sentenced to destruction. On the other hand. when once enlightened. and that his Word is the truth. N. The evidences of this fact are being set forth so clearly that they are indisputable. "trinity. fair and foul. have the same spirit of selfishness and wilfulness which actuates Satan. God pities the sinners and makes allowances for their wealmesses and their ignorance. They were God's enemies. and who try by every means. while the rabble and the soldiers were iO'norant tools of the wilful and malicious Pharisees 1~ld others. At his first advent Jesus found the prominent religious leaders opposed to his work and message. In BROOKLYN. He has slandered and misrepresented God and his truth. The proofs . without any hope of a resurrection. heard Jesus gladly. and inciting the people against him. at heart. 7: 11. who are the wicked.94 'fheWATCH TOWER wealmesses or because of ignorance. Let us get clearly in mind. that if. To those people who murdered Jesus. All those who oppose. for ye neither go in yourselves. 145: 20. and would accept the same except for the influence of the religious leaders. The man who sins ignorantly is not nearly so bad as the man who sins wilfully.vere wicked at heart and had determined to destroy him. because they were the ones who hired others to swear to lies in order to convict Jesus. stubborn and rebellious. to hinder the people from entering into the joy and blessing that properly belongs to them. In l{evelation 20: 10 we read that the Devil will be cast iH. will come fully into harmony with God and finally win everlasting life on the earth. it is . Paul says that 'the times of this ignorance God has overlooked because he has appointed a day in which he will judge the world by that man whom he has ordained'. Jesus said to these leaders. denying that he was the Son of God. namely. maliciously and persistently opposed him ever since. 20: 14. the second death. hindering his work. Hebrews 2: 14 we rrad that Jesus Christ will destroy the Devil. and hence.'. what is his work. So the men who were incited to kill Jesus . displayed a wickedness of heart which God can not overlook. and the apostle tells us that the lake of fire means second death.uitten of the wicked: "God is angry with the wicked every the lake of fire. then." And again: "The wicked is reserved to the day of destruction.-Matt. These scribes and Pharisees were the religious leaders of that day and knew they were killing an innocent man. The second death is the portion of the wicked." And it is further written of them: "All the wicked will he destroy.. Job 21: 30.vere not nearly so guilty as those Pharisees and scribes who incited the mob of ignorant ones to do the murder. those who resist his truth and resist the establishment of his kingdom upon earth. is so wicked and malicious in God's sight that he can not and will not condone it. where thry will get a proper education and training. The evidences that the teachings of "eternal torment". except for the influence of their religious leaders. Of course Satan has been the great enemy. and according to the Scriptures will suffer the same everlasting punishment which is to be the portion of Satan. and sent his Son into t he world to die for sinners. Those who persist in opposing God and his work. To deny that Jesus was the Son of God. and has provided for them a great thousand-year judgment day. 31." (Acts 3: 17) Also. many millions of those who were sinners. 23: 13 i 15: 9. and to teach the doctrines and creeds of men and claim that these come from God." While God pities the sinner. "Ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men. To hinder others from accepting Jesus as the Messiah." and "immortality" are untrue are set forth so clearly in the Scriptures. in the face of the most convincing evidences. 21: 8. they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. Peter said: "I '\Vot that through ignorance ye did it. The second death is eternal destruction. There are some people on the earth who are declaring that the Lord is present and is setting up the kingdom which he foretold. those who oppose Jehovah God and his work.

til at in all Berean studie. is my prayer for you and for all the dear ones at Bethel. the book U('('OI/Cililliion is being lJroallcast. ~[us. HOGERS. 'rhe words of said book began to penetrate my being when I got to pa~e 15. We wish . THA:"KFUL FOR BEAUTIFUL TRUTHS DK\R Bn01IlLll HLTHElamw: I lIave finbhCll reatling" your wonderful book. I rpmain Your brother and spn-ant by his grace. C1. and now the watC'rs are oyer· flowing tlte hiding-Il!ace. are so clear and convincing that a wayfaring man. struction in early life.\R BJWTIlER n1"'I'Ht. and by so doing are preaching for doctrines the commandments of men.ritps that In their class there is UII ehler . he argues ng-ain. and are his worst enemies.. while "'e strhe to sing forth the honor of his name.enl for the Lord and his cause anu loving sen-ice for his people in the past.t what is stated in The lratch TOII:cr and Is gl'nerally oJlPo. you were very clOSe to me then. C. truth and love. or passion.:.on. or not. I as]. whether he is ellncatell. and that it was love on the part of our grpat CrC'ator that provided the way for their reconciliation to him! :!\Iay you. the relationship hetween the throne 01' Jehovah and the earth. You are a sweet singer. That heing true. uear brother. "\Yhat shall a class do In such circumsl anccs 'i" The answer is that the ela. Oommittee: J.s shou!!l ask the brother to resign as elder. and how I do rejoice to bear the good news to the pauper race. dear Brother nutherford. Reconciliati. for which I thank you. Like unto his promises. \Y. Mucll Jig-Ilt given to us on the Kew OJveuant. when the precious corner Stone was laid in com- pLl'tion. and saying. Some. How much I appreciate )"our remarks from pages :3 to :)::. The quest ion is asked. who sail under the name of Christains but thus resist the Lord's work and plans. and hinder others from accepting them. It's clear that tile fulfilment 01' Isaiah 28: H-:~2 began in lU18. H. The fact thnt the Lord hles. OATIIOl'T. 3: 8) We find some of the great religious leaders of our day sneering at the proofs that Christ is now setting up his kingdom. I thank you for the light thrown on Genesis 3: 12.MAUCil Hi. and that blessings are soon to flow to all the families of the earth. '1'he scourge is on. just as they did at the first ad. These opposers. ~8. I am so thankful for the plain statement of !\is beautiful truths concerning the reconciliation of man to God. walking after their own lusts. he reveals his plan to tllose who reverence and obey him. In our day its . are fighting against God. can understand them. tllough knowing llOw very valuable ~'our moments must 00.:. :1 thallk you for the light thrown on Covpnant by Sacrl1'lce. GRATEFUL DE. Peter refers to these. jOyfully awaitiug his commands. ~\gaill. bl'~ause of truth aml meekness anll rigllteousne~s. we are Your brethren by his grace. Such people become opposers.etl tile dear Lord to strengtllell me to get the book into tile handS of the people.. continue to be kept by pow('r divine. or eternal destruction. Hesolwd that we rpcognize the 'Yatch TO\ver Bible and Tract ~ociety as the agency wlliel1 til(' Lonl is using to accomplish his . A lIxiliat"1l Oolporteur.vitness work in thE' earth and that we pledge our continued loyalty and cooperation in the same. vent.-ork is eviden('e that the Lord is usin~ tIle Society. as Paul stated. a11( to tile work of the Soeiet)'. which means the second death. S.\R BROTHER HLTIIERFORD: Permit me to thank you for the book Reconciliation. 'fhe Society is either tIle nc:ent of the Lord to carryon his work on eartl1.y his grace. that it now means life to them. and for these God has reseryed the blackness of darkness for ever. PLEDGE OF LOYALTY DE. or lack of proper in. S. chapter 9. Where is the promise of his coming?" -2 Pet. though foolish. ""ith IllU('\1 ClJristian love to ~'ou. They are far more guilty and reprehensible in God's sight than are those members of the fallen and sin-stricken race who.. 3: 3."ho is well euucatHl unu Otllel' members of tile class look up to him. In also to lJe assured of our prayers for )'our guhlance and sen-ire of lo\-e in the Lord. W.:. promiJIPnt or other.\~Jlm. hinderers and reo sisters of the truth and of God. the leaders are substituting the Gou-dishonoring theory of evolution for the truth. I~zek. "-e thank the Lord for ~-ou. and led by God's loving hand.:. 'Vhen I got to page 34. G. . He should be asked to step aside and not interfere with the Lonl's work. or because of ignorance of God's love and power. and the way you prove your points by Scripture quotations and physical facts will surely arrest the attention of all who read. dear brother. nor ('ven to pl'rmit him to attempt to tf'ach the class. . are prone to lie. chapter 7. 13: 1-23. because of in· herited weaknesses.HFORD: Intemational Bi1Jle ~tudents Convention assemhled ser'ds greetings. I remain 1'('111' si-ter 1. to know the only true God and our Lord Jesus Christ. In ()l'(ler that tile refuge of lies mlgllt be swept away and the nawp of Jehovah glorified. and will cause a flood of reflection in thinking minds. C. It. You will be glad to know tltat before I got half-way reuuing the book HceoHeiliation. It penetrated my bones. steal and swear or commit other offenses against righteousness.:. 4.vise. saying. LETTERS A QUESTION A memher 01' a certain eluss ". The scornful men are being trOl]. HL'GIIART. now journeying through the valley of darkness. '\'iti\ much Christian loye.' (2 Tim. May you ride prospprous]y witll hiw. BllOWN.-Isa. Tltere tlte hail began. But some oppose this message of blessing and comfort and hope. I can not refrain from pxpressing to you my dpep appreciation for these preelous things prepared for them that love him. tllen anyone who 0PPosPs Is opposing the Lord's work and no class can nfford to have sneh a 011(' as ehler. 'do always resist the truth. "There shall come in the last days scoffers.-Jude 13. West Africa. loye for our great Jehovah God and Father. Dak. 18. especially from page 225 to ~38.ateful nppreeiatlon of your 7. 1929 tfhe WATCH TOWER that the kingdom of Christ is now being set up on earth.vhieh is truly the ontp'o"i'th of the fruit of the spirit. They refuse to ac· cept the blessings themselves.'en down. T.

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..•. for your redemption _with ... 112 CONVENTION S ·········... men's hearts tailing them for fear.s at hand.u1ch--Luke 21: 21>-31.•._ ••_ ••_ ••_ •••.••• When these thlnp be~ln to come to pllSS..••.•• _ ••_ ••. D9 J~l:r)()<. _ ...._ :_. discontented] roaring. Matthew 24: 33....••.~~:~j"e~~~~:::::::::::::::~=::=~=::=::::::=~:::~~3 fl Waiting to Serve the King _.CONTENTS lIIOI'NT 7:IOK AND THE CITY .._ 110 ERVICE ApPOIN~'MENTS •......•..._ .......112 SERVICEl CONVENTIONS •••••••••...Sk~~DiEASRT:~~••-==::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: g~ "I win stand upon my watch and 10m set my toot upon the Tower.•••••••... and will watch to sefl what He trill Upon the earth distress of nations... and lift up your heads...•_ ••_ ••_ ••.. ~: 98 ~. Mark 13: 29. 105 ~l~~K~:t~.•...~U~C~ ..-en shall be shaken.._ . Look up..........:::::::::::::.._ ••_ .•••_ .•.. then know thllt the Kingdom of God i... .••.••••••• _....••••••• 112 SPECIAL SERVICE WEEKS •••_ •••••• _ ••••••_ ••_ ••••..••••••••••••..•••••. with perplexity' the sea and the waves [the restless..::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ii:g Advice and Admonition _ Coming to Zion IfJs Commandments _ The Kingdom · _ 101 102 102 ::1 en fHE HII'H )[AN IN HELL •.... and for lookin~ after those things which a~e coming on the earth: tor the powers of hea.::1..•.

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The British Empire is now the great world power. W. that by reason of Allam's wlon. and is from everlasting to everlasting. A.

There God met his people amidst supernatural phenomena. It has become the place of official government because it is the meeting-place between God and his own. 2 Paul wrote to the church. the king of Egypt. and God intends it for his own.&lM!ATCH TOWER PRESENCE AND HE~ALD OF CHR~STS VOL. Jehovah manifested his pleasure in the Israelites as his people and demonstrated his great power and made for himself a name in the overthrow of Pharaoh and the Egyptians. In the text first above cited and in the context Mount Sinai and Mount Zion are compared and contrasted. Moses was in the land of 1\fidian on the farther side of Mount Sinai. Those in the temple. and such negligence or wilfulness persisted in leads to disaster. Typical Zion was a part of the city of Jeru6 smAI • The Israelites had been in Egypt for four hundred years. 19: 4. The act performed in obedience to that divinely-given knowledge brings added comfort. Knowledge is given not merely to comfort and cheer them. They did not come there to rest. G The covenant God made with the Israelites in Egypt was confirmed at Mount Sinai. God by the hand of :Moses miraculously fed them and brought forth water from the rock to quench their thirst. Knowledge and responsibility go hand in hand."-Heb. Prior to the end of the four-hundred-year period Moses had fled from his native land because of his enemy Pharaoh. 14) Zion did not become the place of rest for his people. and then does it. The end of their oppression was near and the time of deliverance had come. (Ex. 3: 1-12) In 99 . and unto the city of the living God. 1929 MOUNT ZION AND THE CITY II But '1Ie are come unto mount Sion. There was a good reason for so doing. The performance of the covenant really began at Mount Sinai.V ZION When David became king he made Zion the place of his government. 132: 13. but he intends more than that. and there Jehovah God appeared to him. and when the due time came 1\10ses marched out ahead of the hosts of Israel and led them out of the land of Egypt. One flash comes. receiving the flashes of light. . Sinai was the meeting-place between God and his people. A failure or refusal to perform the duties which the knowledge discloses causes a blur to the vision. When one knows what to do. obedience to God'8 commandments Moses went to Egypt and delivered God's message to the enemy Pharaoh. which is a-symbol of everlasting existence. became a part of God's ord. L APRIL No. J EHOVAH'S lightnings flash for the benefit of his anointed people. T 1. Leading the Israelites into the desert. It may be properly said that Sinai began the wanderings of the Israelites and Zion marked the end thereof. and brought you unto myself. God directed Moses to go to Egypt and lead the Israelites out to Mount Sinai and there to meet and to serve God. The light is progressive. Zion therefore became the typical dwelling-place of God with his people. There he built himself a house of cedar wood. . 'Vithout a doubt one of the reasons was and is that the anointed may take a view of both Sinai and Zion and be comforted and have increased faith and hope. the heavenly Jerusalem. There he spoke to them his law. '-Ex. Under the direction of the Lord. Selfishness is the beginning of neglect which immediately places the selfish one in jeopardy. that knowledge brings comfort and cheer to his heart. His hand was guided by the Lord. Another flash. Paul's writing. which foreshadowed Satan and his organization. and there God said to them: ' You see how I bore you as on eagles' wings. Moses led the Israelites to the foot of Mount Sinai. and new beauties arise. The anointed have a great desire to do God's will. good cheer and real joy. therefore. (Ps. Later the typical kingdom was established under David and Solomon. and the anointed see some beauty in his Word. but to learn of Jehovah's purposes and to do his commandments. From there they journeyed on. It does not now become the place of rest for his people. Love leads to consistent action of obedience and enlarges the vision to greater light. and in due time entered the land. 12:22. and to an innumerable company of angels. He placed the tabernacle there and brought the ark of the covenant out of its captivity in the woods and placed it there. of Palestine. are able to look at Sinai and at Zion and begin to have an appreciation of the comparison and the contrast.

(Mal. Real Zion is the official part of God's organization and dominates all those who have been brought forth and will be brought forth as his ('hild1'en. When he says. and those who shall form the great multitude because they have been called out from the . that is to say. whereas the heavenly Jerusalem embraces others than Christ. Shortly after the death of the apostles the unity of the called ones did not exist. which have always been faithful and loyal to God. The anointed temple class. 2: 15) Literally. and again the church became one. the world. and anointed him. the great Judge over all. is made up as follows: (1) "Jlount Zion. " he addresses the church collectively. and his body members. . 126: 1. stands forth as and is the official part of God's organization. "Ye are come unto mount Sion. Matt. Seeing. and the great multitude which will ultimately be made to serve in the city before the throne. and thus the church is addressed by the Word of God spoken or written by the apostle. the Head of the Church. 66: 8) From and after that time the words of Paul in the text and context have a deep significance to the . Sinte the words of the text are addressed to creatures on the earth. filled when Jehovah brought the babe Jesus up from Egypt. but 8 18 . N. that the Lord came to his temple in 1918. Rather the assembling of Zion is for a specific purpose. (Hos. Then 'the Lord came suddenly to his temple'. THE CHURCH PURPOSE When God by his prophet wrote. It had a far greater fulfilment when Jehovah called his beloved Son out of antitypical Egypt. this prophecy was ful. therefore there was a unity of the church. composing The Christ. 16 The apostle draws a contrast between Sinai and Zion and also shows that what came to pass at Sinai foreshadowed what is to take place after the assembling of Zion. As the Israelites were brought to Sinai. (5) Jehovah God. entered into the joy of the Lord. the heayenly Jerusalem. for the bringing of the creatures who had been taken out from the world into Zion. It is the anointed ones. who acts as the chief officer of Jehovah in the performance of all his work concerning tho church. as appears from the words of the apostle. Mount Zion is symbolic of the kingdom or government of God which he has giyen to Christ Jesus and those who are members of his body. to wit. 8 The entire organization. it was then and there that the members of the anointed class were assembled and made a part of Zion." The clear distinction is here made between Zion and Jerusalem. that constitute Mount Zion. (2) the heavenly Jerusalem. the Head of the temple. the approved ones who had been brought forth from amongst men as the sons of God were brought into the temple con· dition under the supervision of Christ Jesus. from the Scriptures. 3: 1) Zion was builded up. God's organization. the Head thereof. whereas Zion. BUOOKLYN. Y. there to meet God."orld and will be granted life as spirit creatures. When these are all brought together such will constitute "the general assembly and church of the first-borns". 10 When Jesus selected his apostles and sent them forth in his name they were under his leadership and therefore were one with him. then. As others were brought out of the world (Egypt) and adopted into the body of Christ they became one with Christ the Head and thenceforth were no longer of Egypt the world. and unto the city of the liying God. Tho church of God is under the government of Christ Jesus. and (4) the church of the first-borns. The words of Paul show the church assembled as a unit to enter more fully into the unity relationship of fellowship with God and with Christ Jesus.100 'fhe WATCH TOWER salem and dominated that city. and is there· fore the dominating part. It was there that these children of Zion were born. Paul says: "Ye are come unto mount Sion. 11 : 1. as in the must have in mind the application th0reof to snch creatures. 2. including others than the anoint· ed. and unity was established. approved by the Lord. even as Jesus was not of the world. that is to say. which is the official kingdom and the head of God's organization. The Scriptures view the church as a unit. "Out of Egypt have I called my son. 12 Again appears the great importance of the Lord's coming to his temple.-John 17: 16. even so the church is brought to Zion to meet and receive a specific commandment from God which they must obey joyfully if they would please him.-Diaglott. and that under the leadership of the Head of Zion. It is not assembled to enter into idle rest. " undoubtedly he had reference to his Son Christ Jesus and his body members.ord' for the assembling of Zion. which is the organization of God. which means Jesus Christ. Those brought into Zion are to begin to carryon the work intended for them. because they were mixed in with the ungodly and under the domination and control of the clergy. because it is called" the city [organization] of the living God' " and includes (3) the innumerable company of angels. which we understand in the light of the facts in fulfilment of prophecy. and The assembling of Zion is not for the purpose of rest and ease to those brought into Zion.anointed. Jerusalem is a symbol of God's organization. During the period of time that the apostles were on earth the church was under the leadership of God's anointed apostles. 102: 16. T Addressing God's anointed people. an innumerable company of angels. (Isa. Jesus Christ is the Messenger of Jehovah and 'prepared the way before the I.. 11 The time came when God began to manifest his presence and also the presence of Christ Jesus.-Ps. and then began the separation of the anointed from the merely nominal ones.

For the new crcature merely to refrain from human weaknesses residing in the flesh would not satisfy this scripture. the apostle adds: "And what concord hath Christ with Belial1 or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols Y for ye are the temple of the living God. The question therefore arises. to wit. which work must be to the glory of God. There is no proper relationship between God's organization and the Devil's organization. which are the result of inherited sin." (Luke 21:28) The words of Jesus would not be apropos until that condition of dejection and discouragement existed amongst the people of the Lord. Jesus was wholly pure as a man and was without sin. the context must not be oyerlooked. must continue and be for ever to the glory of God. The straight path is the one which Jrsus trod. and lift up your heads." (Verse 13) These words eould not apply to tho natural blemishes. and have since applied to all who are of the anointed. Fellowship means partnership. and walk in them. for your redemption draweth nigh. That is a con- . and being instantly resurrected. and there can be no fellowship or partnership between the two organizations. and the feeble knees". 4: 4.-Jas. Then it must be Satan's organization. 6: 15. then look up. ADVICE AND ADMONITION 1~ In considering the text. 16 Shortly thereafter God permitted his church on earth to see as never before the distinction between Satan's organization and God's organization. 16. 21 When a Christian votes with worldly men to select worldly men to perform duties in worldly offices he thereby yokes himself with the world and is consequently unequally yoked. their works will continue thereafter. God himself has put enmity between the seed of the serprnt and the seed of the woman. Is it possible for one who is God's anointed to 'rna ke straight paths for his ff'et' and at the same time indulge in the election of men to public office by voting at such elections 1 19 The proper answer to that question should be seen by asking another. Up to this time the church had in a mcasure tried to please at least some part of the world. He must be separate and distinct from the enemy's organization. because the world is the Devil's organization. the political and tho ecclesiastical elements join together and elect their favorites to office to rule and control the people Y If the Christian aids in that election by voting. lIe becomes to that extent a partner with the world in the affairs of the world. 22 Continuing. 1929 'fheWATCH TOWER for the performance of a work. Concerning this matter it is written: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with un· believers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness 1"-2 Cor. 2: 21) They must separate themselves completely from the Devil's organization because such must be unspotted from the world. but let it rather be healed. "-2 Cor. 12: 12) These words are in harmony with the words of Jesus: "And when these things begin to come to pass. because he is the god of this world. 1: 27. 4: 4. (1 Pet. Those members of Zion now in the flesh must die and cease from the laborious part of their duties. by resisting the Devil and his organization and being wholly for Jehovah. A man can not be the friend of the world and be pleasing to God. or the temple condition. About the time of the beginning of the assembling of the church to be brought into Zion. 14: 13. 101 a There are those in present truth claiming full devotion to the Lord who think it their privilege to vote in the elections held for the purpose of selecting men to public office. there was much distress. to wit: 'Vhose organization is holding and conducting the election for the selection of men to public office? Certainly not God's organization. and the feeble knees. speaking of "the hands which hang down. does he not thereby enter into an agreement with the Devil'a organization' 1I6 To have God's approval the anointed one must be wholly devoted to God.-Jas. That does not mean that he has to be harsh and unkind to anyone in the world.APRIL 1. If he belongs to Jehovah God and his organization. This work. because the admonition is to the new creatures in Christ.-Rev. which is well illustrated by the words of the apostle. If the Christian is inclined to take a course of action and is influenced therein by 'what the people say about me' he shows he is lame and liable to be turned clear out of the way. "Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down." (Heb. :iT No man can try to please the world and at the same time please God. and they shall be my people. Paul's words there began specifically to apply. beginning with the assembling of Zion. then he can not have anything to do with Satan's organization and at the same time 'make straight paths for his feet '. as God hath said. Now his faithful must follow in this path. I will dwell in them. That is what happened in 1918. The apostle admonishes such to be healed by taking a stand unequivocally on the side of the Lord and thereafter to make straight paths for his feet. 28 Do not the commercial. Now the words of admonition of the apostle became appropriate: "And make straight paths for your feet. 6: 14. and I will be their God. No child of Jehovah should have the slightest difficulty in seeing what is his duty concerning such elections. 20 If he votes for worldly officials he thereby shows his friendship to that extent. and yet he must make straight paths for his feet. but to simply keep himself separate and distinct from such. lest that which is lame be turned out of the way.

For ye know how that afterward. saith the Lord Almighty. and tempest. Such is the positive statement of the scripture. HIS COMMANDMENTS The coming of the Lord to his temple is a time of great crisis. lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you. but because of their difficulty many others are defiled."-Verses 18. 28 There is no time for quarreling and quibbling amongst God's people. and holiness. however. 81 Esau because of selfishness sold his birthright. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth. (Isa. and I will receive you. shoulder to shoulder.-Rev. Y."-Verses 16. At Sinai God shook the earth. and 'then he allows himself to be drawn into Satan's organization. nor unto black· ness. against the enemy. 15 One might for the time be of Zion and in the temple class and ignorantly vote or otherwise enter into some support of Satan's organization. He has called men out of darkness. and the words of his faithful witness are: "See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. and that burned with fire. Fornication means an illicit relationship. and will be a Father unto you. who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright. and bitterness often turns one away from the Lord. (Ps. 83 'Vhat came to pass at Sinai merely illustrated what is now about to take place. or profane person. (Mal.102 ~WATCH dition precedent to God's approval. Their failure to obey those commandments caused them to lose the benefits of the covenant. Those wholly devoted to the Lord will avoid all bitterness toward those of the anointed. but now both heaven and earth shall be shaken. when he would have inherited the blessing. The anointed of God have been entirely sep- TOWER BROOKLYN. God is not trying to get anyone into heaven. The apostle adds: "Wherefore come out from among them. It means entire and complete devotion to God and to his cause of righteousness with a firm stand against the enemy. 13: 16. The result is that not only the two elders are involved. and be ye separate. He begins to con· nive and consent with the enemy against his brethren and then falls into wickedness. 122: 7. (Ps. if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven. Then he became exceedingly bitter against and together they harmoniously lift up the voice in proclaiming God's message. N. 52: 8) All the true members of Zion will now be at peace. Bitterness often leads to fornication. thereby making straight paths for his feet. and touch not the unclean thing. At Sinai God gave com· mandments to the Israelites as to what they must do. Now Jehovah God speaks to his people from heaven. 3: 1-3) Prior to that time many were of the opinion that God has been trying to get men into heaven and that the Devil has been keeping them out. and ye shall be my sons and daughters. 26 One might say that he must cast his vote to have the favor of some earthly officer who is a member of Satan's organization. saith the Lord. and has transferred them into his own organization and illuminated them." -Verse 25.-Rev. 27 In many ecclesias there has been a disposition to quarrel. and entirely out of order with the anointed ones. arate from the world and made members of God's organization. without which no man shall seo the Lord. 8) Therefore says the apostle: "Follow peace with all men. . and darkness. When. He has brought them forth as his sons and gives them the opportunity to prove 84 . If he does so knowingly and deliberately. Bitterness may arise between two elders in a class. from Satan's organization. The very words of the text clearly indicate that.. By voting he is lending his support to some part of Satan's organization. 18. His wrong condition leads him into Satan's organization. For the price of satisfying their bitterness such sell their birthright. then he is using his power in support of Satan's organization and is having his hand marked with the mark of tho beast. 17. Esau represents that wicked class that persecutes the righteous class foreshadowed by Jacob. The anointed must be at all times for God because such are his witnesses. says the apostle. and thereby many be defiled. much more shall not we escape. Those who are God's watchmen see eye to e.. 17. though he sought it carefully with tears. The Christian must choose either to please man or to please God. 15: 2. and they were cast away. and some the other. he was reo jeeted: for he found no place of repentance. but ye are como unto mount Sion. Other members of the class take sides because some like one the better. 19 Then the apostle speaks of fornication. 6: 17. Holi· ness does not mean sanctimoniousness. 50: 16-18) After having taken that course he has put himself out of the kingdom and there is no hope of his recovery. They must present a solid front. he comes to the understanding of the truth and sees that by so doing he is having fellowship with unrighteousness he must immediately separate himself from such unrighteousness and follow the courso of righteousness. as Esau. This is wrong. especially since 1918. Now the anointed see clearly that such a conclusion is not in harmony with the scripture."-Verse 15. within the meaning of the Scriptures. 22. otherwise he will be quickly shaken out of Zion. 80 Evidently this is what the apostle had in mind when he wrote: "Lest there be any fornicator. " -Verse 14."-2 Cor. COMING TO ZION 82 After setting forth the foregoing admonitions the apostle explains why he is so pointed in his speech: "For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched. The admonition of the apostle is therefore timely: "Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God.

. (Luke 22: 28-30) From tan's organization. best and thereby kept the spirit thereof. 3: G) What THE KINGDOM then are his commandments. which means in harmony with ly. but now God shakes tion. He will destroy Satan's organization complete. may know that I am God and may know of my pur. through fiery tests in order that the approved ones 39 Now the crucial hour for the remnant of the may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness. At Sinai there was just before the complete collapse of Satan's organiza a great shaking of the earth. 4: 6) Of necessity the divine rule is the Then the apostle assigns the reason for the great same with reference to the ne.r his Yet once more. whereby we may anointed into Zion? The answer is that he has serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. and his voice is not the earth only. and in that test he won.serve him acceptably. to wit: Why has God brought the not bc moved. and ing began. stand only by the grace of God. many who have been called out of darkness into the He went to death in the most ignominious manner. He waited for 38 The Scriptures make it clear that there rested that dar. which the anointed must now faithfully obey? This question may be answered 41 "'Vherefore we receiving a kingdom which canby asking another. It is the means employed to determine who are but warns all who have received the anointing' to maintain it by faithfulness now. Jesus received a commandment from that I am God. (1\1al. and those can 36 Why did the Israelites fail? Because of their lack of faithfulness and devotion unto God. both heaven and earth. The time has Thus the reason is emphatically statrd. The Lord there began to put his anointed ones scribed by the terms of the covenant. "Ve have now come last time and when there is to be a final shaking. 43: 10. but they could have done their the heavenly kingdom. Even that .v creation. He never docs a thing in secret. complete submission and absolute obedience God 37 Only his saints who are wholly devoted to God raised him np out of death and clothed him with the are ready for his service.hich is called "organized Jesus invited his followers to enter that covenant and Christianity" has become an active element in Sa. His message. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER 103 their loyalty. Asto do that work. You are my anointed and commissioned ones kingdom which God had promised to give him. but also obedience to bis Father's will.hour and responsibility of duty. 27) The purpose of this shaking is that the ap.. saying. They did 3~ When Christ Jesus came to his temple the testnot do so." brought them forth for a specific work." (Verses knowledge of the truth do not seem to appreciate the 26. notice.APRIL 1. '1'he apostle not only admonishrs Lord.' (Isa. '1'hey are indifferproved ones shall remain true and faithful unto the ent and lukewarm. because the testing.itnesses. They could not keep that covenant perfectly.share with him the kingdom. and in the interim.. Kane aside from the approved. as of things that are made. amI all who can be shaken out will be will be shaken out. Yet once more I shake lightnings to flash from time to time. faithfulness and love for him. but refused to hear and obey the Lord. because there he sat to refine the sons of therefore they did not escape the punishments pre Levi. Therefore you are my witnesses. signifieth the rell]J)ving of those things thunder. "'Vhose voice then shook the earth. church has come. Because of his ent and lukewarm. Heb. that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. but ly understand their responsibility. God causes his now he hath promised. Only those who love God and are faithful will be preserved. is going throughout the earth. God calls to these and says: nature divine and gave him all power in heaven and 'I will have a witness given to the people that they in earth. thundering now..Jesus had completely won the victory and gained the pose. 40 Some who have been in a manner favored with a that are shaken. He exalted Jesus to the highest of all places. Only upon the Israelites the responsibility to keep their those who do thus prove themselves can ever be of covenant with Jehovah. faithful and true will be able to stand. laws or rules of God do not change. That is in exact sponsibility than ever rested upon the Jews. Even trsted to the very extreme. On the day of his drath the Devil. 12) These willingly and his Father to remain inactive until the due time joyfully embrace the opportunity to become God's should arrive for him to take his power and reign . (Rom. That the anointed may more fulshaken out. at his Father's direction. and to l\Iount Zion. cending on high. (Ps. 4 4 . He gives full his commandments. and this will be the last and In that shaking everything that can be shaken out final shaking. And this word. It is the harmony with the words of Paul. 31: 23) n: 20. symbolized b. With it has come a far greater re· That means that everyone who does not stand approved under the test is shaken out. The leaders are openly denying the time of the Jordan to 11 is crucifixion Jesus was God and his plan of salvation through Christ. and such shaking determines the approved ones.' says the apostle. The whole world is blind and has gone after to give him the kingdom. and to put his enemy under his feet. let us have grace. and it is come when God is going to shake the heavens and the made clear that in order to please God each one must earth. He will now use some creatures to give that 42 At the Jordan God made a covenant with Jesus notice. light of the truth have become negligent and indiffer.

48 '}'hat means thl'1t God will consume everything that is opposed to him and his kingdom. and now the people of the Lord stand at the very border of the world with their faces set toward the gates of the kingdom. The crash. 15. and this is the royal family of heaven. symbolic of God's kingdom.. It means. Jesus declared to him: "Upon this rock I will build my church. Kow he goes forth to make war against it for the plain purpose of accomplishing its destruction. Standing over against it is Satan and his mighty organization. also that of selfishness.-r 9-11. The Rock of ages can not be shakrn. 24: 14) The fear here mentioned does not mean fear of man or devil. Christ Jesus leads in the conflict against the enemy. and give reasons for such application. H The great climax has approached. 8. 12. Y. and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The faithful and true hear the commandments of Jehovah God and joyfully obey him. primarilyl Whyl ~ 24-26. N. 14. See to it that your course of action is Buch as will have God's favor. So doing. 48 The due time arrived for him to take his power and rule. QUESTIONS FOR BEREAN STUDY To whom does Jehovah give his lightf In what manner1 For what purpose1 'What is the relatIOnship between knowledge and responsibilityl Point out the course of love in the use of knowledge. Distinguish between Jerusalem and Zion. The kingdom shall stand for ever. 13. and in what sensel ~ 6. What can be said of unity in the early church 1 How has that unity been restored 1 . All througb the age Satan has sought to destroy it and has not succeeded. ' 4T There could be no acceptable service of the Lord except by joyfully obeying his commandments. 'if 29-31.n obeying his commandments. addresses his brethren and in substance says: 'Call to mind the great confusion of the elements ·when God led his people to the base of Mount Sinai. -Ps. and in obedience to God's commandments he went forth to rule amidst his enemies. 13.15-17. The kingdom is here and it can not be moved.·hat was it typical. Then the earth quaked. Those of the kingdom can not be shaken. :Hay a Christian participate in public elections and other political affairs1 Wh)"l How may we arrive at a correct conclusion in such matters 1 ~ 18-23. the faithful witness of the Lord. truly and faithfully unto the end. then. Apply Hebrews 12: 12. God's organization. No human words can describe that scene. Prove the present importance of Hebrews 12: 14. Quote scripture to show the stand to be taken with respect to the world and its activities. God '£I time has come to establish the world. Point Qut the seriousness of permitting bitterness to take root in the heart. 48 Because this great crisis has come in the history of the church God's faithful witness the apostle says to aU those who have been brought into the covenant: 'See now that you refuse not to obey him that gives the commandments. then.104 rneWATCH TOWER he continued the selection of those to be taken into the covenant for the kingdom. How did Jesus set an example in 'making a straIght path for one's feet'1 . What there came to pass faintly illustrates what is just ahead in Armageddon. Surely." (:ThIatt. and thereby prove their love for him. that all who will be able to stand by God's grace in this time must joyfully participate i. (1\1att. The day of vindication of his name is here. Show when fulfilment of our text began. the roaring. as indicated in our text1 ~ 7. which he will do by and through Christ. Satan masses his forces and hurls them against God's organization. 3-5. and in order to have BROOKLYN. All the forces are hurrying on for Armageddon. ~~d the sight was so terrible that even Moses cried out in fear. . 'Vhat constitutes . How long had the Israelites been in Egypt. confidently. This great shaking will rend the heavens and the earth. The truly anointed ones will fear that they may miss a great opportunity to prove their love and faithfulness to God and thereby come short. Then adds the apostle: "For our God is a consuming fire. He commands his people to tell the nations that the time has come. Paul. 16: 18) God's church is made up of his anointed ones. 96: 10. and what was tll('ir experience therel What commission was given to Moses con· cerning them 1 Describe their deliveranee and the manner 1D which they were sustained on the way. ~ 27. the importance of faithfully serving God appears to everY' one of the anointed.' 45 'When the apostle announced in the presence of Jesus. "Thou art the Christ. But the kingdom stands.' . '''hy llid Jehovah thus deal with Israell How does Sinai come into prominence ~ How dId the Israelites come to the end of their journe) 1 What later took place therel . There was blackness and da"'kness and a great tempest. When the apostle makes it clear that the approved ones must serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear he thus emphasizes the importance of having a part now in declaring God '£I message to the peoples of earth as a witness. They are commanded to journey on through the gates. After ousting the enemy from heaven he gathered the faithful into the temple condition. Apply "Out of Egypt have I caned my son' '. and it shall never be moved. his favor you must serve him acceptably and with godly fear. . 28. There stands Mount Zion. What is the responsibility attending knowledge in this connection 1 What is it to have 'the mark of the beast'l Is it ever necessary or important to please men. For what purpose were the Ismelites brought together at Sinai 1 What was foreshadowed therein 1 . What was Zion 1 Its purposel Of ."-Verse 29. these shall have an abundant entrance into the kingdom and shall abide for ever with Chril:>t Jesus and with Jehovah God. the thundering and the quaking far exceed those which took place at Mount Sinai. There was the sound of a great voice. in order to have the approval of the Lord. because all who will not meet the test will fall. To what end does each lead 1 ~ 1. Even before Armageddon everyone 1vho has made a covenant with the Lord and who can be shaken out will be shaken out. 2.

Notice that he was not charged with being a sinner. LAZARUS IN ABRAHAM'S BOSOM [Twelve-mInute radIo lecture] H ELL. who had been dead four days. as the parable states. kingdom". They were . does present faithfulness mean' 'If 47. but he had been in the tomb all the time. and fared sumptuously every day. Bear in mind also that it is not a sin to be rich and to be clothed in purple and fine linen. Israel's priests wore fine linen. E:Kplain the purpose of 'shaking heaven and earth" '\[ 35. If this were necessDry in order to get to heaven. and the first one to go to heaven. First. What privilege and responsibility come to God's people in this connection' '\[ 36. because Lazarus was carried into Abraham's bosom. 44. For what present purpose has God called men out of darkness' To what end' 'If 34.Jesus raised another named Lazarus. A beggar full of sores was laid at the rich man's gate. but always the grave. Kings wear purple. (Jonah 2: 2) Jesus said that the city of Capernaum would be "brought down to hell". Wicked rich men will not tolerate a beggar's lying at their gates. (lUatt. they would not know anything. Account for the severer tests coming upon the anointed in and since 1918. which is supposed by some to teach eternal torment.46. Let me remind you that Jesus was dead three days and did not know anything until God raised him from the dead on the third day. On another occasion.APRIL 1. and the evidence seems to imply that he gave food to the beggar. This can not be correct. Show to what feature of the Sinai picture the people of God have now come. 'If 32. hence that Abraham was not in heaven. and thereafter the city was completely destroyed. If it were. namely. (Matt. This Lazarus had not been to heaven during those four days. Purple is a symbol of royalty. '\[ 43. the Bible repeatedly says that dead people do not know anything. Not a word is said about the beggar's being a good man or a follower of the I~ord. that if they were literal men. A rich man was clothed with purple and fine linen. because he allowed the beggar to lie at his gate. because they wear purple and fine linen continually. Jesus was in hell for three days. The rich man died and . The nation of Israel. 9: 5). desiring to be fed with the crumbs that fell from the rich man's table. being in torment. the brother of 1\Iartha and Mary. if the parable be taken to refer to two men who died. and just before he raised Lazarus Jesus asked that the stone be rolled away and then he called Lazarus forth from the tomb. niany Christians would have no hope of going to heaven. "I am tormented in this flame. 13: 34) Thus we are faced with the proposition that this is a parable. Point out the course which Jesus took. 37. then very few would ever get there. Let us examine it. THE RICH MAN IN HELL. 1929 'fhe WATCH TOWER Compare the responsibility of the Lord's people now with that of the Israelites under their covenant. 'If 41. Evidently the rich man was kindly disposed. It is claimed by some that. and we shall find it in full harmony with all the preceding deductions. as every student of the Bible has found. David said that 'the pains of hell gat hold of him' while he was still alive. 'Ve are also faced with another proposition. 48. and both died. Fine linen is a symbol of righteousness. 11: 23) In Ezekiel 32: 27 it is recorded that some soldiers were in hell. Why did Israel fail to enter into their available heritage' What present lesson lies therein' Describe the circumstances which call for a special witness to be given at this time. 'YllOlll did this "rich man" represent 1 The answer is. means the grave. and how the Father dealt with him. as an example and encouragement to his followers. 83. is found in Luke 16: 19-31. and this is another proof that people do not go to heaven at the moment of death. In none of these instances could "hell" be understood to mean either fire or torment. (John 3: 13) Jesus was the first one to be raised from the dead." PleDse bear in mind that the Bible says that "the dead know not any thing" (Eccl. 'They would call a policeman and make him leave. Was the Israelites' responsibility modified by their inability lO. What is the present lesson and encouragement in Matthew 16:18' '\[45. saying. In hell the rich man lifted up his eyes. Not a word is said auout his being taken to heaven. 1\lore than that. or destruction. . the parable teaches that at death good people go to heaven. What. Neither is a man a saint just because he is a beggar and full of sores and because the dogs lick those sores. and saw Lazarus in Abraham's bosom and begged for a drop of water to cool his parched tongue. The parable of the rich man and Lazarus. then neither of them would know anything. then. and that the rich man and Lazarus were not literal men. The beggar died and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom. and how perilous is their present position.vas buried. (Acts 2: 27-31) Jonah was in hell in the belly of the great fish. for the reason that Jesus said that no man had ever gone to heaven prior to his time. 42. '\[ 38-40. Now let us further examine the parable. with their weapons of war buried under their head. How may one" serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear'" Explain "we receiving II. who were God's chosen people. hence. They were clothed in purple and fine linen. and that Jesus never spoke to the multitudes except in parables.s to keep their covenant perfectly' Compare their position in this respect with that of the anointed at the present time.

Here was a member of the Lazarus class at the door of the rich man. and so . Israel had a table and fared sumptuously. the condition of destruction as a nation. and. for the reason that this favor was on their table. all the n:'tiollS of earth. But let the righteous ones be glad: Let them before God's sight Be very joyful. to be cleansed of his leprosy. This favor extended to them is pictured." All Gentiles were called "dogs" by J e\\"s. not as a people. ns a people. No Y. looking down on the city of Jerusalem." . Jesus said unto her. 26. Ll't God luise. And let all those that do him halo Before his presence fl('e. and ha\'e been dead ever since.'fheWATCH TOWER 106 called a nation of kings and priests.('\'er. and receiving his blessings because of their faith. because of her faith in Israel's God. Everyone kn"\\'S that this is a fact. '1' he nation of Israel lost Gou's fa\'or. Lift up your head: rejoicel . But they lacked a proper faith.:roms have been maue against them. came to I he Prophet Elisha for the crumb of blessing. She said: "Truth. A very prominent example of one of these beggars is found in Matthew 15: 22-28. Jesus rejected the nation of hrael five days before his crucifixion. but when they lost fayor they ceased to be the children of Abraham. the Syrian. by his name JAIl. as a people. When we get clearly before our minds that the Bible shows that deael people are unconscious until the resurrection takes place. for l'clid fl'om the haru conditions in which they have !Jet'll placed. All Gentiles who have the faith of Abraham sinre the first advent of the Lord. they recognized that lsrad's God was the true God. From that time on favor began to go to Gentile belieycrs. and to cast it to dogs. This docs not mran heawn. . the lost sheep of the house of IsraeL" This sho\\"s clearly that the Gentiles .Yhat is meant by Abraham's bosom? Abraham is called the father of the faithful. for mercy.vJH'n. Jesus said that there were many lepers in Israel in the time of Elisha the prophet. Naaman. A woman of Sidon came to Jesus to have him cast a devil out of her daughter. namely. . They immediately went into hell. they ha \'e been in torment. out a [c·xistence. The woman persisted. When Jesus came to earth he rejected that nation [lnd they became dead [IS an organized nation. There they lost divine fa \'01'. yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table. This shows that the favor which she beggc'd belonged exclusively to Israel. They havE' ce[lsed to exist as a nation. anll scattered Let all his enemies be. and Jesus answered again. realizing this fact. saying. Lord." There they were rejected. in that they were God's chosen people and in that God heaped blessings upon them. But. destroyed. in the parable. That rides on heaven. and can properly be spohn of as being in hell. begging crumbs that fell from the rich man's table. the Jews hllve bren i:>cattereu amon::. Now who was the "beggar"? lIe represented those Centiles .yere not entitleel to his favors. that is. except as a beggar would be. they have becn persecutcd: po:. they beggcd favors of Israel. Sing unto God. What does this mean ~ It means that both died to their formcr condition. figuratively speaking.vho were not in God's favor anu who. save to Naaman the Syrian. Now note her reply. he said. that is. as a pcopk 111('y hr. show forth his praise.vere not been pleading for water. In the parable. yea. "I am not sent bnt unto BROOKLYN. both the rich man and the bc'ggar dic'd. so drh"e thou theml As fire melts wax away. Extol him with your voice. that is. arc called the children of Abraham and. Several references to these Gentile "beggars" are recorded in the Bible. Thus they were rich. let them Rejoice with all their might. Before God's face let Satan's hngls So perish and decay. as the beggar's being in Abraham's bosom. See Luke 4: 25. ho\\. :l\fany of Israel's widows could haye had the same blessing if they had had the proper faith. They used the word exactly as we use the word "foreigner". d. except as beggars get favors. "Your honse is left unto you desolatc. then we can understand the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. anel as long as Israelitrs were in God's favor they were called the children of Abraham.J esus complimented her on h('r faith and gaw her the desired crumb.-Luke 4: 27. came to Israel to get favors. arc in Abraham's bosom. The rich man and the beggar simply exchanged places and each became dead to his former condition. but unto none of them was the prophet sent. "It is not meet to take the children's bread. If all Israelites had had the faith of :Kaaman they could have been cleansed of their leprosy. Thus the rich man went into hcll as a nation. and that Gcmtiles . as an organized nation. and all those Gentiles who had a propcr faith came into God's favor. they have heen drivrn from country to country. They were the only nation on earth whom God recognized and dealt with. anel came into God's favor.yere not entitled to these blessings. 'rhe widow of Sidon had her barrel of meal and cruse of oil multiplied by Elijah in the time of famine. they arc in God's favor. and they dieu to tlzeir former condition of disfuyor. As smoke is Ilriv'n. their table consisted of all the special favors and blessings that God bestowed upon them. a.

Many noble deeds of bravery and heroism are found in the annals of the past. The most beautiful doctrine in the Bible is the doctrine of the ransom. sanitation. The curse of sin and death still rests upon the race. or in behalf of a country which we love and which protects and honors us for such deeds of heroism. No other doctrine reveals the length and breadth. shorter hours of labor. and many instances are on record where both men and women have laid down their lives for some cherished principle. and why Il. 6) Thus the death of Jesus is associated with the doctrine of the ransom. he belittles the sacrificial death of Jesus. but analyzing them. Very few people understand what the doctrine of the ransom is or what the word "ransom" means. higher nature. like any other member of the race. lives for their children. dietetics. 20: 28) Paul said that "the man Christ Jesus .. would not need anyone to die for him. doctors. and speakers from both pulpit and platform. exhaust their rhetoric in singing the praises of earth's heroes. he belittles the sacrificial work of Jesus and makes Jesus simply Il. harmless. magazines. According to the Bible. If Jesus' death was not necessary. involving sacrifice even to the extent of laying down life itself in behalf of others. Newspapers. of course. Every time anyone denies the necessity for Jesus' death.' Worldly wisdom and science falsely so called. "I proceeded forth and came from God". 'I am come that I might give my life a ransom for many. Many of these are. because misunderstood. and everyLody knows that the ransom is the price paid for release of the captives. to give his life a ransom for many. and when it is noticed. surgeons. his death could accomplish no more than the death of any other man. then he told an untruth when he said. lower to Il. The teaching that the only value of the life and work of Jesus was to furnish a good example for his followers completely nullifies the necessity for his death. If Jesus was the offspring of Adamic stock. then he told an untruth when he said. They assume to be wiser than they really are. can not in any sense or to any degree lift man out of this captivity. for if Jesus was not the Son of God. and not a single person has ever been able to deliver himself from it. while the greatest act of love and heroism that has ever been witnessed. and all the sermons that have ever been preached. It reveals a love which. and of his Son. 2: 5. and almost every year adds some new disease to the already long list which science has to combat. But how few are they who read the story of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ with thrills of admiration. is thus destroying the very foundation of the Christian religion. Many instances are on record where bandits have captured individuals and held them for Il. quite properly. lovers have given their lives one for the other. it is usually belittled. stands without a paralleI on the pages of history. dentists. (1 Tim. in the bondage of sin and the captivity to death. as does this doctrine. they attach more importanc'll to their own speculations than to the words of God's holy prophets who spoke under inspiration. worthy of our commendation. gets scant notice by any of these. with thrills of admiration and delight. because this evolution would accomplish all that could be desired. men and women have given their lives for their country. the entire race of mankind need to be ransomed. writers. ""Ve read of these instances of devotion to family. our Lord Jesus. we find that these sacrifices are usually made in behalf of those whom we love. and separate from sinners. or ever will be witnessed by men or angels. gave himself a ransom for all". Not understanding the Divine Plan. or misrepresented. and what constitutes the ransom price. and what benefits will be derived from its use. and the reason is that they are in captivity. in bondage.. Ofttimes these sacrifices are made to win the applause and approval of the masses. ransom. fanatic who died a martyr to his fanaticism.. and usually the thought of present and future fame or glory spurs on to action. in its unselfishness and its spirit of sacrifice. seeking to palm itself off as inspiration. for if man were gradually evolving from Il. to country and to principle.WHY DID JESUS DIE? [Thirty-minute radio lecture] ESUS said: II The Son of man came . And the men who are doing this are simply taking themselves too seriously. The word "ransom" means the price paid to release Il. Parents have given their . It would seem that six thousand years of abject failure in the work of try. J 107 Everyone who believes in the doctrine of evolution does away with the necessity for the ransom work of Jesus." (Matt. Health laws.. most effectually makes the wisdom of these wise men appear very foolish. An understanding of the Divine Plan. which is taught throughout the Scriptures. he would not need a savior. then. or who love us. physical culture exercises. and the apostle's statement was not true when he said that Jesus was holy. ing to deliver the race from this captivity would be . there is often a measure of selfishness in the motives which prompt these sacrifices. ransom was necessary. Every man and woman who is sane must realize this fact. the height and depth of the love of God. thing or a person in bondage or captivity. Every time anyone denies that Jesus was the Son of God. to home. For six thousand years the race has lived under this captivity. In other words.




sufficient to make the worldly-wise philosophers and
Rcientists give more attention to the remedy proposcd
in the Bible. But why have human efforts resulted
in such a pronounced failure? The answer is that
there is only one way to deliver man from this curse,
and that way is the Bible way, namely, by the payment of a ransom.
Let us notice how mankind came under this curse.
God's purpose is to fill the earth with a race of human beings who will be without sin and have perfect
health. With this purpose in mind he created Adam
in Eden, perfect physically, mentally and morally,
and told him to multiply and increase and fill the
earth. The entire race was created in Adam's loins.
Adam was a free moral agent; that is, he had the
power to choose the right or the wrong. This power
differentiated him from the brute creation and made
him responsible to God for all his acts, whether right
or wrong. Hence, when Adam sinned, he was held
responsible for his act and punished for the same.
'rhe punishment inflicted is elearly stated to be, "Dying thou shalt die." (Gen. 2: 17, margin) In harmony with this verdict, Adam was driven out of Eden
and began to die. He continued in the dying condition until, at the end of 930 years, he ,vas surely
dead. His children were born after the penalty began
to operate against Adam, and by the law of heredity,
they inherited the same condemnation, namely, to
live for a longer or a shorter time in a dying eondition
and finally to surely die. This is why the apostle
says, "In Adam all die" (1 Cor. 15: 22); and again,
'By the offence of one, condemnation came upon all.'
Throughout the entire Scriptures this' surely dead'
condition is described as a condition of silence, darkness, and unconsciousness. The prophet plainly says
that "the dead know not anything" (Eccl. 9: 5) :
and to this statement all other scriptures agree. It
is a mistake to claim that the dead are more alive
than ever. That is Satan's lie.
The question arises, When Adam sinned did God
abandon his original purpose, namely, to fill the earth
with a race of Adam's posterity? We answer, No;
God still purposes to do this very thing. But, we ask,
How is this to be done if the race is actually dead?
The Bible answer is, By a resurrection of the dead.
How reasonable this method is, and how easily understood. Both the Old and the New Testament repeatedly assure us of this fact. Here are two instances:
(1) From Ezekiel 37: 13, 14, "Ye shall know that 1
am the Lord, when I have opened your graves, 0 my
people, and brought you up out of your graves, ...
and 1 shall place you in your own land." (2) The
words of Jesus himself, "The hour is coming, in the
which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,
and shall come forth. "-John 5: 28, 29.
To accomplish this deliverance of mankind from
the bondage to sin and death there is, according to the


N. Y.

Scriptures, only one way, namely, by ransoming them
from the grave. I quote some texts on this point.
From Psalm 49: 15: "God will redeem my soul
from the power of the grave." Again, in Hosea 13: 14
we read, "1 will ransom them from the power of the
grave; 1 will redeem them from death."
If it was God's plan to ransom man from the power of the grave, then it would be proper to ask what
price was necessary to purchase their release. The
word "ransom" conveys the thought of an exact
equivalent, a corresponding priee. The Bible states
it thus: 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and
a life for a life.' It is written that' the blood of bulls
and goats can not take away sin'; and the reason is
that it was not bulls and goats that sinned. It was a
man, a perfect man, that sinned, and the only price
that would be acceptable must be another perfect
man. 'l'here was no perfect man on earth, and so it
devolved upon Jehovah God to provide one. Note
what the prophet has to say on this subject. In
Psalm 49: 6, 7 we read, "They that trust in their
wealth, and boast themselves in the multitude of
their riches; nono of them can by any means redeem
his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him."
In simple and beautiful language the Bible tells
us how God provided another perfect man and without sin. That man was Jesus. Begotten in the womb
of l\Iary by the holy spirit of God, he was born flesh.
"That which is born of the flesh is flesh," said Jesus.
It is foolish, as well as unscriptural, to claim that
because Jesus was begotten of God he was therefore
divine. God gave life to fish, birds and beasts, and
no one would claim that they are divine. The Bible
never speaks of Jesus as being divine until after God
raised him from the dead. At his resurrection God
gave him the divine nature; but prior to his resurrection he is always spoken of as "the man Christ
Jesus". Jesus was not a descendant from Adam. 11e
was a new branch grafted into the Adamic stock. At
maturity, the age of thirty years, he was a perfect
man, yet holy, harmless, and undefiled, separate from
sinners. He was therefore then the exact equivalent
of Adam before Adam had sinned. Paul tells us that
the human body of Jesus was prepared specially for
sacrifice. (Heb. 10: 5) It was his life as a man, his
human existence, that Jesus gave as a ransom price
for Adam and his race.
Note some of the scriptures on this point: "My
flesh .•. 1 will give for the life of the world." (John
6: 51) "The Son of man came ... to give his life a
ransom for many." (Matt. 20: 28) "The man Christ
gave himself a ransom for all."1 Tim. 2: 5, 6.
Jesus declared that he laid down his life voluntarily. His words are, "1 lay down my life.... No man
taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself."

,APRIL 1, 1929



(John 10: 17, 18) And again, he said that he could
call twelve legions of angels to defend his life.
I-let us for a moment glance at the sacrifice of Jesus
and see how far it transcends any other human sacrifice. First, note the condescension in it. Try to imagine some earthly prince condescending to give his
life for the degraded, the wicked, and the slum clement of this world. Even the thought is preposterous. But Jesus was a prince, the Son of God. In his
prehuman condition his name was Michael. He created the angels and everything else in the universe,
except God himself. This mighty Prince Michael
laid aside the glory he had with the Father before
the world began; he condescended to men of low
estate; he who was rich became poor for our sakes,
that we through his poverty might become rich. Having taken upon himself the form of a servant, he
humbled himself still further, and became obedient
unto death, even the ignominious and humiliating
death of the cross. Think of the thirty-three and a
half years of separation from the companionship of
his Father; think of the jibes and jeers, tho insults,
the cuffs, the cruel nailing to the cross; the mockings
as he hung there on the cross; the spear-thrust: in
the eyes of the world, a criminal of the worst sort,
the offseouring of all things; not one to sympathize
with him in that trial; even his own disciples forsook
him and fled. It had been written of him long before
that time that 'he was brought as a lamb to the
slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb,
so he opened not his mouth'. (Isa. 53: 7) Then add
to all this the fact that Jesus gave his life for his
enemies, as well as for his friends, and that the vast
majority of the race were his enemies, slandering, reviling and persecuting him and his Father, Jehovah
Why did Jesus become a man and give himself to
such an ignominious death? The answer is, That he
might ransom the race from the power of the grave,
that he might redeem them from death. (Hos. 13: 14)
Paul says that' Jesus tasted death for every man'.
(Heb. 2: 9) Jesus said, "I am come that they might
have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10: 10) In other words, the death of
Jesus made a rrsurreetion possible. Notice the emphasis given this fact by the Apostle Paul: "If
Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and
your faith is also vain. For since by man came death,
by man came also the resurrection of the dead. " I Cor. 15: 14, 21.
'Ve marvel at the love which prompted our Savior
to make such a sacrifice. Well has the poet expressed
it in these words: "Such love was never known such
. never shown, as that of Christ our Savior."
The Apostle John said: "Hereby perceive we love
because he laid down his life for 'us. "-1 John 3: 16;
R. V.


Was it possible for any other being to make so
great a sacrifice as Jesus made? Yes, there was One
who made a greater sacrifice than Jesus did, and that
was the heavenly Father himself. Think, if you can,
of the heavenly Father, Jehovah, permitting his Son
to come to earth, to associate with the fallen human
race for thirty-three and a half years, denying himself the fellowship and companionship of that Son,
and for three and a half years witnessing his enemies
revile and persecute him, spit in his face and nail
him to the cross. And then try to think of an earthly
parent permitting an only and beloved son to be persecuted and put to death by his enemies in this way.
Nearly everyone overlooks God's part in this great
sacrifice, but the Bible does not. In it we read: "God
so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten
Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3: 16) Jesus'
own words also are: 'The Father sent the Son into
the world to be the Savior of the world.'
Jehovah himself is the author of this plan, and he is
carrying it on to its complete execution. The Scriptures tell us that when the plan is all finished, and
every feature of it is properly understood, every
knee shall bow, and every tongue shall con1'ess; that
everything that has breath shall praise the Lord; and
that everything in heaven and in earth shall be saying, 'Great and m:uvelous are thy works; just and
true are thy ways, thou King of saints.' These texts
mean that everybody will recognize the wisdom of
Jehovah's plan, the justice of it, and the love in it.
All will acknowledge that it was superior to any manmade plan, and will spontaneously render their
hearts' devotion and the praise of their lips to Jehovah God.
Jehovah had three objects in view when he designed the salvation of the race by means of the payment
of a ransom price. His first object was to carry out
his original purpose of filling the earth with a race of
human beings. His second object was to give such
an exhibition of his attributes of wisdom, justice, love
and power as 'would compel the admiration and reverence of all his creatures, both in heaven and in
earth, throughout all eternity. His third object was
to show up the fallacy of human wisdom and the
foolishness of the plans and schemes of men, so far
as releasing mankind from the captivity to sin and
death is concerned. And the lesson will be so impressive and so thoroughly learned by everybody that it
will never need a repetition. Never again will any
person attempt to be wiser than God. Never again
will there be any insubordination in all the universe.
There will be two things that will convince both
men and angels that God's plan of salvation is the
only reasonable and effective one.
These two things are: First, all human efforts to
stabilize the world and improve the moral conditioll3



will have utterly failed, and the present so-called
civilization will have completely collapsed, as the
Bible most clearly depicts. Second, when the Devil
is bound for a thousand years; when the nations beat
their swords into plowshares and their spears into
pruning-hooks, and learn war no more; and when the
dead begin to come forth from the tomb, and a blessing begins to flow to all the families of the earth,
then men will begin to realize the benefits of Jesus'
ransom work. Then they will begin to understand
why Jesus tasted death for every man.
Let me quote some of the prophecies of this time of
blessing, all of which are to begin to have a fulfilment
in the very near future.
Isaiah 35: 5, 6, 10: "Then the eyes of the blind
shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as an hart,
and the tongue of the dumb sing. The ransomed of
the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs
and everlasting joy upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall
flee away."
Jeremiah 31: 15-17: "A voice was heard in Ramah,
lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rahel weeping for
her children refused to be comforted for her children,
because they were not. Thus saith the Lord, Refrain
thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears:
for thy work shall be rewarded, 8aith the Lord; and
they shall come again from the land of the enemy.
And there is hope in thine end, saith the Lord, that
thy children shall come again to their own border."
Also, in Revelation 21: 4 we read: "God shall wipe
away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no
more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall
there be any more pain: for the fanner things are
passed away."
It should be easy for anyone to see that moral reforms, social uplift, humanitarian works and the
preaching of the gospel can not accomplish these


N. Y.

things. Legislation can not accomplish it. Anyone
can readily see that the theory of man's evolving
from a lower to a higher condition can not bring
about any blessings for those already dead. It can
not bring about the resurrection from the dead of a
single individual.
Then why put our trust in these things Y Why not
heed the plain instruction of the Scriptures, that
there is no other name given under heaven and among
men whereby men can be saved, but the name of Jesus Y Why not recognize the apostle's statement
that without the shedding of blood there is no remission Y (Heb. 9: 22) Why not listen to the declaration of John the Baptist, who, pointing to Jesus,
said, "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away
the sin of the world" Y Why this persistent effort to
obtain salvation without recognizing the value of the
death of Jesus Y
Even if it were possible for any of these schemes
to bring about permanent blessings, it must be acknowledged that they can not bless the dead; they
can not bring about perfect health and happiness,
nor can they bind the Devil. They can not open blind
eyes, nor raise the dead; can not unstop deaf ears,
nor restore the insane to sound mind again.
This same Jesus, who gave himself a ransom for
all, was highly exalted at his resurrection and given
all power in heaven and in earth, and has both the
authority and the power to resurrect all the dead.
Very soon now the resurrected Jesus will begin this
work; and for a thousand years, during which Satan
will be bound, Jesus will heal all the sick, raise all
the dead, and give to all the willing and obedient the
privilege of living on the earth for ever. Then everybody will recognize that eternal life is the gift of God,
through our Lord Jesus Christ, that is, through the
ransom which he gave for all, and through the power
to resurrect and bless, which he will exercise during
the thousand years of his reign.


For your information, at a meeting of the Pittsburgh
ecclesia yesterday it was unanimously decided to raise at
least $2,000 during the present year as a 'good hope' fund
to be used by you in furthering this great movement of
spreading forth the name of Jehovah through the WATCHTOWER network. 'Ve as a class heartily endorse the progress
you are making in this, and wish to do all we can to uphoid your hands. From time to time, parts of this amount
will be sent you by our treasurer as they are raised by the
We esteem it a great privilege that we are granted this
opportunity of sInging praise to our God, and assure you
that our prayers are for the complete vindIcation of his
Yours in his service,


Greetings in his name.
When it was intimated at our class tonIght that an opportunity was to be given to canvass for the new booklpt,
The Peoples Friend, it was unanimously decided that the
secretary write you immediately, to express our appreciation for the great privilege the Lord has given us at this
time, in placing such literature in the hands of the people.
'Ve desire to express our thankfuinpss to the Lord for the
privilege of llving at this time in the world's history, when
our God is about to come out of his place, to vIndicate his
name before all creation. Our hearts are thrilled with the
vision of the two great organizations' getting into grips;
and we already see by faith, and have the continued assurance, that the conflict will end in sure and certain victory
for the Lord of hosts. And so as a people we are waiting
on the Lord (not, as some do, In a comfortable easy chair,
but), waiting to serve, willingly serving, joyfully serving,
the King of kings and Lord of lords.


APRIL 1, 1929

You will be glad to know that the whole class are harmoniously working togcther, standing shoulder to shoulder,
singing forth the honor of his name.
The flashes of lightning from the temple, and the messages from '1'he Watch '1'ower, are having their proper effect
In moving the Lord's people into active service; and there
we find blessings untold and joys ever increasing.
May the Lord continue to bless J'our ministry in the interests of his cause and his people, is the sincere desire of
our hparts.
Yours in the service of our King,
EVIl'iBCHGH (Scotland) CLASS.
HOUT. L. GCY, Secretary.

I find so much lllore interest in the radio lectures since
the chain broadcast on Sundays has bE'en instituted that I
just must send a line to tell J'ou so. People are getting it
everywhere, and the prominent and int! uential onE'S, too.
Canvassing business tE'l'ritory one finlls the radio work
is getting a kind of results we never achieved in any othcr
way. The local broadcast here, WJ'\RC. on Frillays, also
has lIad wonderful success, and has to some extent prepared
this section for the chain. ]1~ach day's canvassing brings
allded joys.
Yours by the Lord's favor,
BERTHA ELLER, North Oarolina.

From time to time during the past few years I have fE'lt
a great desire to tell J'ou of my deep appreciation of the
truth and light that pE'netrate through J'our books and The
Watch '1'olcer at this time.
Realizing what a busy person you must be, I have refrain·
ed from writing until now. But after reading our new book,
GOl'ernment, I can keep still no longcr. It is a clear proof
to me that Jehovah is using you for the glory of his
name in the earth; else you would not be allowed to print
the facts as you have stated them in the book, Government.
It pertainly shows the world powers in their true colors as
no other book does.
Thanks for the sweet relief It promises to the world of
mankind. It gives me great joy to take this hook from
door to door. How can we keep from singing God's praise
el'en louder than ever before?
Although I have not the opportunity of putting full time
into the work, as 1 have two small children, I do enjoy going out a few honrs each week as a class worker, singing
forth the honor of God's name, and telling the people that
the time is at hand when thE'Y shall know the truth and
tbe trut h shall llHlke them free.
Praying for J'ou and for all the laborers in the field, I am
Your sister by his grace,

~Ianv thanks for the beautiful book, Reconciliation. That
figure 'on the cOYer gives me the thought of man's helpless
condition; he is looking up for God's reconciliation. I love
the Creation book. It sells well. I open it and show the
picture of our great King and tell of the blessings that are
coming to mankind. Words can not express my gratitUde
for all the blessings I receive from the Bible House.
I remain yours in the Lord,
MRS. E. A. GILKS.-Oolporteur.

It makes me very glad to have the opportunity to send
you a communication, which will surely encourage you and
cheer you up. The Lord has blessed his people of our ecclesia also very richly during the past months.


The Watch TOICCl' stated some time ago that the sale of
litprature and the part which the brethren take in the
house-to·house work make it possible to judge in what condition the ecclesia is. 'The friends at Berlin ha\-e sold during the past twelve months nearly one million books and
booklets, and that is more than were sold in all Germany
through this colporteur work in the year 1fl23. It is also
specially gratifying that in round numbers 1200 series of
Scripture Studies have been distributed among the peovle
during the same period. The two IBSA weeks were specially
blessed; and it was of great advantage that friends having
their vacation just during that time worked togetber in
certain districts. We arranged such groups, and si:s:tE'en
hret-llren sold 2,000 books and 5,000 booklets in six days in
June, and in the second drive week eighteen brethren sold
in eight days 1,500 books and about 7,000 booklets.
You will remember that wheu J'ou -,vere here the 1l1St
time J-ou expressed your joy in a meeting of the friend~
over the large participation of the Berlin friends in the
house-to-house work. For the first time the number of 500
workers had been excE'edE'd on that occasion, and in the fol,
lowing months the number of tbe workers was still higher,
and now for the first time there were 7G2 brethren of the
Berlin class participating in the field work.


Greetings in his name. Ever since I have learned,
through The Watch Tower, that the Lord has come to Ids
temple, my heart has been made to rejoice in the light that
is shining more brightly now, as in the issues for Octolwr
and November, and ('specially in that of November 15, which
gives us this wonderful understanding on the pyramid of
I am so thankful for this understanding; for I was olle
of those who had swallowed this, bait, hook, sinker and all.
I am thankful for the good things which the Father is giving to us in this day; but there is no end to the good things
which he has for us.
I find gre:tt joy in carrying this message of truth; for
where once we could not sell books, the people are now a~k­
ing for them, and saying that they are the most wonderful
hooks they have ever rE'ad.
My whole heart Is in harmony with the Bible House, and
I earnestly desire to do the will of my God.
Brother, may our Father in heaven richly bless you and
keep you faithful. Assuring J'ou of my Christian love and
of my daily prayers for you and the dear ones at B",thel, I
Your sister by his grace,
C. WARE, [Olca


Just a word to make known to you the joy I exverlenced
in reading the articles in the last two Watch Ton'ers, which
proved the falsity of what we have considered to be the
the corroborative evidence of Jehovah's Word and plan.
My pyramill idol is shattered; and the beautiful truth
which our God has given to us has taken its place in my
I want to thank you, dear brother, as a faithful servant
of the Lord, for this "meat" which is evidently given to
the "remnant" in due season. After reading the last article
on the pyramid, I asked the Lord to forgive me for lack of
faith in his Word, which is all sufficient. I thanked him
for helping me to discern the evident truth that thE' s~'mbol­
ism of the "altar" and the "pillar" have their fulfilment
in the experiences of the faithful "remnant" at this time.
Then I took my pyramid books, which had cost me ahout
five dollars, and threw them into the stove; and, as the
Devil was determined they should not burn, I poked them
until they were consumed.
Yours for the honor of .TellOva1l,
W. B. LIXDSLEY, ~'. r.

International Bible Students Association
JelrersoMown. Ky
Louisville, Ky. .
_~ "
Cincinnati. Ohio
Gallon, Ohio •.._._.,



Brie, Pa. .
Troy, N. Y. ..
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Greenfield. Mass. •




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Saskatoon, Sask.
Hughton, Sask. .
Hea thland, Sask.
6, 7
Spruce Lak(>, Sask.
IJ, 11
Paradiso Hill, Susk
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N. Battleford, Sask. .. ..

Saskatoon, SaRk
Apr. 13, 14
Prince Albert, SaBk.
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Kini.tino, Sask.
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20,:! t
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27, 2~

Sallna, Kans.......Mar. 31·.\]11'. 2
Abilene. Kans. ..
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Jarnestown, Kans
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Coon Rapirls, Iowa ..Apr.
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Iowa City, lo,yu
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Oxford ,Junction, Iowa "
Cedar RapIds. Iowa May


Charlottesville, Va. Mar. 31-Apr. 2
RIchmond, Va
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Hope\\ell, Va.

~x!llore, Va.....: .........Agr.
Chmcoleag ne, \ a.....
'YilllllIlifton, Del.
1:ork, 1 a.


Anna, Ill
Mar. 31·Apr. 2
CarbondaW. III.
White Ash, IlL
\Vest Frankfort. IlL
Valier. Ii!.

Swanwick, III.


Flora, Ill. .._ ..
Robinson, Ill.
Belmont, Ill




Fort SmHh, Ark. ~[ar. 31-Apr. 2
FayettenlJe, AI k. ....Apr.
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Joplin, lifo
Sprinl'fiel<!, Mo
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J ell'erson City, Mo

Apr. 18·20

Kankakee, Ill. .
Roseland. Ill.•.._.........


Chicago, Ill.
Hammond. Ind

_ Ap,r. 14-28
,.. ' 2!l,30

l'tI. L. HERR
Parsons, Kans. (city) Apr. 1,~-21
Drumright, Okla. !\far. 31-.\.[lr. 2
Sal'ulI"l, OUa...........•\pr.
Parsons, Kans. ~c'llirr)" 2:!.23
Tulsa, Okla.
Pittsburg, Kans.
.. "
Nowata, Okla.
lola, Kans.
Coffeyville, Kans.
Ottawa, Kans. ..

New Lhkeard, Onto .. Apr.
Matheson, Onto
Timmins, Ont. ..
.. "
Nakjna, Onto ~.
_.. "
9, 10
Port Will JIl m, Onto
Dryden, Onto

Oxdrift, Ont.
Keuom. Ont
" ]8,l!l
"~inllipeg, l\fnn. .
Portag-e la Pr., l\Ian
" 23,25
VIrden, Man.
Brandon. Man.

A convention of the International Bible Students Association will be held at Alexandra Palace, London, gngland,
June 1 to ·1, with a public meeting at Royal Albert Hall on
Sunday evening, June 2.
A convention of the International Bible Students Association will also be held at Glasgow, Scotland, Govan Hall,
June 15 to 18 Inclusive. In addition to the dIscourses delivered, certain days will be assib'']Jed for service field work.
More detailed information will be given In due season.
GERMANY: A convention of the Bible Students will be
held in ':lermany May 16 to 1\). At this time the place is
not definitely settled but will be announced later.
A convention will be held for the benefit of the Swiss and
German brethren of Switzerland, May 11 to 13.
It Is expected that the president of the Society will at·
tend each of the above·announced conventions.
There wlll be no general convention In America thIs year,
but there will be a numlJer of local conventions which will
be announced In 'The 1V atch Tower from time to time.

H. S. l\1URRAY
IndlanapolJ.g, Ind.....Apr.


Cincinnati, Ohio ........Apr. 14·28

San Jose, CalIf. lIfar. 31-Apr.2
Palo Alto, Calif. ..- AT/r.
Oakland. Callf

San Francisco, CalIf. Apr. 22·28
Richmond. Calif. ..
Marshfield, Oreg.

flaItLakeC'y. Utah Mar. 31·Apr. 6
Ogden, Utah
flan Raphael. Calif. _'
Healdsburg, Calli. _ " 14·16

Upper Lake. Calif. ..Apr.
Oakland, Calif
Ashland, Oreg. ..
Klamath Falts. Oreg."

18, 19
20, 21



thervtue. lowlI ....A1:r.

Inneapolls, Minn. _

to Paul. Minn. __.._ "



Eureka Center, Minn. Ap,r. 25-27
Rochester, Mlnn.
Ellsworth, Wls. _._ 1I1ay

In view of the fact that there will be no general convention during ID29, the Society Is arranging a series of local
conventions, to be held In conjunction with the regional
service directors' appointmE'nts to some of the larger classes.
These conventions are for the COllveniE'nce of classes within
a radius of from sixty to a hundred miles from the city
where they are held.
IIIinneapolts. 1IIInn
Apr. 13,14
Chicago, Ill.
_................................................. .. 27, 28
Cincinnati, Ohio
Apr. 27,28
I'ortland, Oreg. ..
lIIay 18, 19
Columbus, OhIo
.. 18, 19
lIlilwaukee, Wis. ..._
.._._. ..
_.._. " 18, 19
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Duluth, Minn. .......__.._
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April 15, 1929


'l'he Christian and \\.ar

l'i otka

Weakness and Strength





: •. 121
J 23



"1 wm stand upon my watch ant:! will set my foot:
~l'owe,.. and will watch to se6 what He wil'


Upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity' the sea lind the waveo! [the restless, dlscontemed] roaring: men's hearts falJlng the11'l
for fea.r, and for looking after those things which a~e coming on the earth: for the powers Of heaven shall be shaken.••• When th~se
things begin to come to pass, then know that the Kingdom of God 1.a at hand. Look UP. and lift up your heads: tor your redemptlO.Q
c1raweth nigh.-Lnke 21: 25-31; Matthew ,24: 33; :Mark 13: 29.



HIS journal is published for the purpose of aiding the
people to understand the divine plan. It provides
systematic Bible study in which aU its readers may
regularly engage. It gives announcement oj' the visits made
to Bible classes by traveling speakers, announces conventions, and gives reports thereof. It announces radio programs and publishes suitable Bible instruction for broadcasting.
It adheres strictly to the Bible as God's revealed Word oj'
Tmth. It stands firmly upon the great ransom sacrifice as
the fundamental doctrine by which all doctrines are measured. It is free from parties, sects and creeds of men. It
does not assume a dogmatic attitude, but confidently invites a carefUl examination of its utterances in the light
or the infallible Word of God. It does not indulge in controversies, and its columns are not open to personalities.



THAT JEHOVAH is the only true God, the l\Iaker oj'
heaven and earth, and is from everlasting to everlasting;
that the Logos was the beginning of his creation; that the
Logos became a man; that he is now the Lord .Tesus Christ
in glory, clothed with all power in heaven and in earth.
THAT GOD created the earth for man, created perfect
man for the earth and placed him upon it; that man wilfully llisobeyed God's law anll was sentenced to death; that
by reason of Adam's wronl'ful act all men are born sinners
and without the right to life.



]. F. RUTHERFORD President

W. E. VAN AMBURGH Secreta'"



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Please address the Society in every case

In order that friends throughout the United States and
Canada may prepare at once to give thorough notice in
local territory, announcement is made at this time of another nation-wide broallcast of the message of the kingdom
of .Tehovall.
An address by the president of the Society, with opening
allJ concluding musical offerings, will be broadcast simultaneously by radio stations regularly associated in the WATCHTOWI'R net\vork anll also by a number of other powerful
transmitters, including
KOrL Omaha
IOITR Los Angeies
Portland, Oreg.
KDYL Salt Lake City
San Francisco
T,ist of twenty-one WATCIITOWER nctwork stations appears in The Wateh Tower for March 1, 1929, page 66.

THAT JESUS was made a human being in order that he
might become the Redeemer of man; that he gavo hIs life
a sacrifice for man anll thereby produced the ransom price;
that Jesus the uivine was raised from the dead, ascended
into heaven, and presented the value of his human sacrifice
as the redemptive price for man.

This sixty-minute program will be presented in New York
city Sunday, April 21. beginning at 10: 00 a.m., Eastern
Stan(larll Time, and will be audible in other American time
zones, as follows:

THAT FOR MANY CENTURIES God, through Christ, bns
been selecting from amon>::!t men the members of his chureh,
which constitutes the body of Christ; that the mission oj'
the church is to follow in the footsteps of her Lord Christ
Jesus, grow in his likeness, giye testimony to the Ilame anll
plan of Jehovah God, and ultimately be glorified with
Christ Jesus in his heavenly kingdom; that Christ, Head
and body, constitutes the "seed of Abraham" through which
all the families of the earth shall be blessed.

It is suggested that classes and individuals in territory
served by any of the above-namell stations may share in
giving this witness by advertising this program in local
newspapers two or three days in advance of the date of
broadcast. Let frequent announcement be made also, wherever possible, at the microphone of local radio stations during the week before.

THAT THE WORLD HAS ENDED; that the Lord Jesus
has returned and is now present; that .Jehoyah has placetl
Christ Je~us upon his throne and now commands all nations
and peoples to hear and obey him.
THAT THE HOPE OF THE PEOPLES of earth is restoration to human perfection during the reign of Christ; that
the reign of Christ will afford opportunity to every man to
have a fair trial for life, and those who obey wiiI liye on
earth for ever in a state of happiness.

American remittances should he made by Express or Postal Money
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Remittances from scattered foreign territory may be made to the
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Only willing, but anxious, that all such be on our list eontinually
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When requested, may be expected to appear on address label within
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Act oj March. 3, 1879,

Central Standard, be~inning at 9: 00 a.m.
Mountain Standard. be:;:inning at 8: 00 a.m.
Pacific Standard, begiuning at 7: 00 a.m.


AU canvassing parties and all individuals who canvass
should mention the radio station In that vicirlity that is
broadcasting the truth. This often proves a means of opening the \Yay to place the books into the hal\(ls of the people. Have in mind that the chief purpose of the radio is
to call the people's attention to the truth and then furnish
the opportunity for them to get a wider understanding of
the truth by reading what is being printed.
Eyery one engaged in the house-to-house work in territory now served by broadcasts of the WATCHTOWER network
program may have a share in teIling the people that this
unique service is available every Sunday. The "Radio Slip"
supplied by the Soclety, described more particularly in
The Watch Tower for March 1, 1929 (page 66), is proving
to be a convenient and effective method of giving public
notice of this chain program.
It seems likely that we shall find it necessary to increase

our factory force at Brooklyn from time to time to care
tor the increasing work. Any unencumbered brothers desiring to particlpate in this branch of the service will be
sent questionnaires. When returned to us they will be filed
for call when reqUired.

8 GOD OF BATTLE "Thus saith the Lord unto you. He is the God of love. and a time to hate. 1: 28. Ps. The Christian now really devoted to the Lord is a member of Jerusalem. but when the time came for him to take action he did so. 6 Jehovah God is the source of all life. If the creature forgets the name of his Creator and follows God's enemy he goes in the way of destruction. L APRIL 15. In his own due time he does that very thing. which shows that there is none like unto him. 4: 3. 14: 33) When it is his will he casts his enemies into confusion. a time of war. God can not be moved into confusion. His law is perfect and right. He is the great God of peace.PRESENCE AND HERALD OF CHR~STS VOL. He makes for himself a name by the demonstration of his power. In Noah's day he was long-suffering with the evil ones. . 14: 18. If his creatures rebel against him he cuts them off from the privileges of life. 19: 7. Such is not for the profit that God receives therefrom. if followed to the end. For ag~s God's name has been defamed and reproaches cast upon him. which means God's organization.-Rev. His enemy Satan seeks to draw all of God's creatures into the pathway of evil which. All right to life proceeds from him. (Num. Ezek."-2 Okron. His act is therefore wholly unselfish. 20:15. T Jehovah God does not maliciously engage in war. . for the good of his creatures God at the proper time brings his own name before them. Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude. 8) His laws have been repeatedly violated. as it is written: "The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name"? Jehovah is the great God of peace. The real purpose at the time was to make a picture showing God's power and his means to care for his own. he gives forth wisdom which is always pure and peaceable. 3: 17) The ways of the wisdom which he gives are always ways of pleasantness and peace. (Prov. J PEACE In the Scriptures it is written that Jehovah is "the God of peace". 3: 1-8) Such is the rule by which Jehovah governs himself. (Jas. and he abides by it himself. (1 Pet. He abides in a state of calm and tranquillity. and in his own due time he executes his decree or judgment of righteousness. He could not have malice toward his creatures. He is never disturbed by controversies. e The great enemy of God is Satan the Devil." (Eccl. would mean destruction. 86: 15) But his due time comes to take action to preserve his name for the good of his creatures. . God hates his enemies for their wickedness and will destroy them in his due time. and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Being all-wise. (Ps. By his Word it is revealed that he is seated with a rainbow about him. but "God is not the author of confusion". because he does not possess malice. Thus he ill pictured as dwelling in sanctified peace. Therefore. 3: 17) There is often great confusion amongst his creatures. Being righteous. A time to love. 3: 20) "To every thing there is a season. EHOVAH caused the above words to be spoken by his prophet to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. he acts exactly at the right time. The wars of Jehovah are therefore merely the proper and timely enforcement of his laws. but God's. It is in time of war that the promise applies. 1929 No. Manifestly it is the will of God that his sons now on the earth should claim to themselves the promise in this text. (Heb. who because of his wickedness has put himself beyond the blessings of Jehovah. but Jehovah never suffers any disturbance of his peace of being by reason thereof. and a time of peace. He judicially determines what shall be done with the wicked. but is for the profit of his creatures. S Jehovah never provokes war. In the midst of great confusion of war and battle. The picture and instruction given was written for the aid and comfort of the people of God on earth at the end of the world. By putting his name before his creatures God informs them of the way to life. Residing in the highest heavens. The lUi . even among those who are his people.0tJ01ATCH TOWER . I DUE SEASON • God is long-suffering and of great mercy. 13: 20) How can it be consistently said in the Scriptures that he is the 'God of battle' conducting a great war. he must enforce his laws. for the battl8 is not yours. and therefore in due time. (1 Cor.

He became the enemy of God by reason of his deliberate violation of God's law. (Ps. . and thou shalt bruise his heel". Lucifer set himself up to be worshiped and placed himself in opposition to the great Creator. Hev. 24: 10) He is the Lord God of hosts and his strength is supreme. The first blood in the war 9 BROOKLYN. 89: 8) That means that Jehovah God has a great host and that he is in command thereof. . but at the same time it is God's war. 3: 15) "The woman" here refers to the covenant which produces the seed. From then till now Satan has made war on every one who has taken his stand firmly on the side of Jehovah God. the King of glory". it shall bruise thy head. (Gen. between thy seed and her seed [the seed of the woman] . trusted officer of Jehovah. the god other than the great Jehovah God. Lucifer's purpose was to make himself a ruler like unto Jehovah and build a great organization of his own. in defiance of God. 4: 12) He is the Supreme in command of the forces of righteousness. which means the Lord of armies or military forces. He announced that he would "put enmity . (Judg. Y. He resorted to treason to obtain that dcsire. FIRST WAR The first declaration of war was at the time of Adam's sin in Eden. 5: 4) He is "The Lord of hosts. 39: 5-8) Men used as instruments of Satan have wrongfully charged God with being guilty of bloody and unjust wars. God could have preventeq." In a parable Jesus pictures the human race as a lost sheep and himself leaving the courts of heaven and going forth on a . (Ps. 10 The course of Satan was covetous and rebellious. (Ex. For such treasonable act God decreed that the deliberate law-breaker Satan must die. H Perfect wisdom said: 'Let Satan do his worst.rrneWATCH TOWER 116 enforcement of his decrees takes the form of war. which seed is Christ. he names. God has at stated times manifested his warlike power against the enemy. The agency which God will use to enforce his decree or judgment. J er. was ~uilty of rebellion against God. He is the certain loser and must suffer everlasting defeat and destruction. (Josh. God appointed Lucifer as overlord of man. 11 Adam chose to follow Satan. good and evil could not have been contrasted and the creation would never have learned the lesson that obedience leads to life and rebellion leads to death. He has a vast number of intelligent crea· tures and forces in his organization and is therefore called "the Lord of sabaoth". To that end he led the creatures of God into sin. ~. LORD OF HOSTS 12 Jehovah is the only lawgiver. because it is the enforcement of his judgment. The fact of such great organization is proof that it is to be used in God's appointed time. (Jas. 8 Sometimes a people or a nation without a cause or excuse made an attack upon God's chosen people and God used the Israelites as his executioner to punish them for their wrong doing. Those on the earth wholly devoted to God are counted as a part of his army.Jesus. Lucifer. 45: 1-9. Satan has a tremendous organization. In his Word God speaks of his beloved Son as acting in such a capacity. lated God's law he enforced the decree against them by using others to act as his executioner. Every war that has been fought by Jehovah has been for the benefit of those who would have life and has therefore been fought for the vindication of God's law and name. 19: 11-14) The righteous angels are in his organization and members of his great host. whom Jehovah has clothed with full power and authority. Jehovah can choose any instrument he may choose to act as his executioner. He deferred the execution of his judgment. 3) When the Israelites repeatedly vio.' As a result of Adam's sin the human race has been brought into sin. let man make his choice. well knowing that Satan would further harden his heart and that his hatred of God Rnd his law and of all creatures who would take God's side would thenceforth increase and that this would afford opportunity for God's creatures to prove their loyalty or disloyalty unto God. PRIZE 13 The cause against which Satan and his army fights is the good name of Jehovah. 110: 4. Instead of treating this office of trust as a sacred charge Satan thought out a scheme of robbery to seize the human family and hold it for himself. "All we like sheep have gone astray. 15: 2. The prize of war is the human race. His course placed God's other creatures in danger of destruction because of the violation of God's law. but had he done so. (Ps. (Ezek. 1 Sam. God's executive officer. (Jas. contrary to God's law. The "Captain of the host of Jehovah" is his beloved Son Christ . and let all creation learn that God alone can give everlasting life. 5: 8) The entire human race has suffered in consequence thereof. 17: 8-16 . To keep his name before his creatures that they might see the supremacy of his power and know that life can come only from him. 21 : 24-27. and in due time that old Serpent the Devil shall fall at the hands of the "seed of the woman". the power and extent of which is little appreciated even by those who claim to be on God's side. 5: 14) Christ Jesus ii Priest or chief officer of the Most High. The earth therefore became the scene of war begun by Satan. . . Each division of the army of the Lord is assigned to duty. He desired something to which he was not entitlcd. . He became opposed to Jehovah. Satan from so doing. with the blessings incident thereto. was shed by Satan when he caused Cain to slay his brother Abel. as his namc Satan indicates. Satan covds that prize and has staked his all that he might win it.

'Yhat shall they do with reference to taking sides and fighting in the war? 19 Many nations call themselves "Christian". They know that within themselves they are helpless against the gigantic organization of Satan. lie has also shown them something about his own organization. because he is the Son and executive officer of the :Most High and clothed with complete power and authority. whether of sin unto death. Laws are made to keep wrong-doers in check. 6: 16. 23 The true Christian obeys the law of God. No real and true follower of Christ Jesus can have any room for doubt as to what he should do concerning his participation or non-participation in the wars of the world. because they are true followers of Christ and must obey God's law. Many arc afraid of the visible part of Satan's army because such have little love for or faith in Jehovah God. 1~ Satan the enemy has the human race blinded and under his control. that is their affair and not the affair of the Christian. his servants ye are to whom ye obey. or of obedience unto righteousness ~ "-Rom. all invisible to man. and those from amongst men who have been taken out from tbe world and brought fortb as the sons of God. but with full confidence in God they fervently pray: "Save now. To be on his side no. The forces are now rapidly gathering for that battle." (John 15: 19) There is no partnership between Satan's organization and God's organization. All the world is on Satan's side now. Now he is revealing to them their position in the line of battle aild showing them what their duties and privileges are. but I have chosen you out of the world. To accomplish this act for humanity a great war is necessary.' If the person is a part of the world. put on the uniform and go to war and use the instruments of destruction to kill. Their wars are selfish and are prompted by Satan. Their position is entirely false.' The law of God. They arc blind to eveD'thing except the doing of the will of God. "Thou shalt not kill. The Christian is not a wrong-doer. The apostle answers that question in these words: "Whether it be right ill the sight . Since none of the nations of the world are God's nations. If the nations of the world wish to fight one another. He needs no one to heIp him. 10. The question now is. he must be governed by God's law. says. The wars between the nations are not fought according to the will of God. the resurrected saints.CfMWATCH TOWER APRIL 111.2 Cor. all the holy angels of beaven. "-Ps. J ehovah indulges in war to enforce his judgment for the violation of his law. The Christian has no right to say to another person. 1929 lonely and dangerous journey to fight for and recover the strayed sheep. he has not directed and does not direct their wars. 'You shall go to war and kill. When the law of the land is right it will be in harmony with God's law and all true Christians will obey it of course. 5: 21) "Love worketh no ill to his neighbour. and that means always to do right. 20 If one is wholly devoted to the Lord God. by which his sons must be governed. 'You shall not go to war. and soon it shall be fought. For this reason the Bible Students devoted to the Lord refuse to take military service." (JiIa tt. Love is the rule by which he must be governed. 118: 25. that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey. tlwrefore love is the fulfilling of the law. On the side of Jehovah God is his beloved Son as Captain in command. 21 But suppose the nation in which the Christian has his earthly domicile enacts a law compelling all persons within certain ages to perform military service. he must determine for himself what he wishes to do. To such Jesus said: "Ye are not of the world. I beseech thee. "-Rom. 0 Lord: 0 Lord. and especially the child of God can not fight in the wars between the nations. Who is on the side of Jehovah God? 17 Few among men have the faith in God and devotion to him to take their stand on his side. But suppose the Christian is threatened with imprisonment or death if he declines to be obedient to the law of the land commanding him to go to war and kill his fellow man. 6: 15-18.v is the most wonderful privilege. In these latter days God has revealed to his people who are on the earth the hideousness of Satan's powerful organization. I beseech thee. On that mission Jesus must be successful. and his forces Satan is gathering and forming into battle line. BATTLE ALIGNMENT 16 Satan and his angels. 22 The law of nations says. the god of this world. The nations of earth are not acting as God's instruments to carryon war among themselves. What shall he do 1 The Apostle Paul answers: "Know ye not.-Luke 15: 3-7. and the day must come when Satan and all of his hosts shall be put under foot and the human race fully reconciled and restored to God. and their clergr attempt to find some reason to say that IS 111 the nation in which the clergyman resides is fighting a just cause which is approved by God. Jehovah is in supreme command. send now prosperity. and Jehovah the great God of battle will fight that battle against Satan and his hosts and win it. That is the Christian's creed. Only the remnant count not their lives dear unto them and wholly trust in Jehovah. THE CHRISTIAN AND WAR What is the proper place for a Christian in time of war between nations? Suppose that there is a war between the British nation and the nation of America and that in both of the nations reside some true followers of Christ. 13: 9. and all human agencies that willingly support his organization are on the enemy's side.

but God's. Acts 15: 14) In these days. 1: 30) After instructing Joshua in the audience of the people. His position requires the Christian to sing forth the praises of J e· hovah by telling out his purposes. neither be ye terrified because of them. according to all that he did for you in Egypt before your eyes. 20: 15-22) The divine record of those events was made for the specific benefit of God's people now on earth. for the battle is not yours.' (Isa." (Acts 4: 19) Therefore the creed which is the teaching of the Bible. when ye are come nigh unto the battle. do not the true followers of Christ form a part of God's great army 1 and therefore do they not go to wad They are members of God's army. for he hath done excellent things: this [make] known in all the earth. 28 The church is now entering into "the day of battle and war". he shall fight for you. forming a part of his organization. "In the great war which Jehovah fights against Satan. Moses. That statement is false because it emanates from the enemy who uses his wily and fraudulent means to overcome the people of God. Y. and shall say unto them. N. Some foolish persons. as God's mouthpiece. and what he did for Israel in time of danger and war. 81 'Ve are now in "that day". said: "Ye shall not fear them: for the Lord your God he shall fight for you. as Christians. he is now to those who are of Zion." (Deut. "Come out from among them. to save you.-Isa. ye approach this day unto battle against your enemies: let not your hearts faint. Moab and Mount Seir. speaking for Jehovah. (2 Cor. and touch not the unclean thing. His Word makes the Christian's duty clear. Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude. He sends them forth with his message in printed form to serve notice upon the rulers and nations. Sing unto the Lord. 29 Let no one be induced to believe that he can now remain passive. fear not. and God commands his people to sing. but. Hear. 2D Those who have devoted themselves to God and unreservedly taken their stand on his side have been assigned to a definite position in God's army. while I set my government in order. Moses.. The weapons which they use are not carnal. They obeyed him. but God's law does not require them to take human life.118 rn. (1 Pet." -Isa.• covered thee in the shadow of mine hand [power]. "And in that day shall ye say. which the rem· nant must keep if they would have the protection promised in the hour of great battle. and which is that which the Bible Students. 6: 17. when God is setting up his kingdom. and 'when they began to sing and to praise. (2 Chron. lukewarm or in an indifferent attitude and at the same time receive the protection of the Lord. and be ye separate. saith the Lord. Far better would it be to suffer death at the hands of man for doing right than to do wrong in the sight of God and suffer destruction. and there to meet their enemies.' (Isa. even as he commanded the people of Israel. and I will receive you. thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee." (Deut. and complete protection he will furnish to all who fully trust him and obey his commandments.WATCH TOWER of God to hearken unto you more than unto God. Let the remnant be not at all disturbed by this saying. and they shall see eye to eye. 2: 9. declare his doings among the people. to fight for you against your enemies. 43: 10. his own people." Then Jehovah God gave specific instruction to his people concerning what they should do. and . he has made the truth so clear that there is no longer any excuse for any of his children to be in doubt of their proper course. because he is all-powerful. He permits the remnant now to be in battle alignment as a favor to them. and to have these march out in battle form singing the praises of Jehovah God. 12. judge ye. 26 What Jehovah was to Israel. God sent a message to his people by his prophet and said: I I Thus saith the Lord unto you. (Job 38: 23) By reason thereof the remnant is now in the most perilous position. which goeth before you. believe. for the Lord your God is he that goeth with you. 12: 17) The safety of the remnant now depends upon God. "-2 Cor. 82 These are God's commandments. 12: 4-6. said: "The Lord your God. and do not tremble. (Rev. the Lord set an ambush against the enemy and slew them'. 3: 22) Whenever God put the Israelites in battle array facing the enemy he instructed them in these words: "And it shall be. thinking themselves Christians. and that assignment has been made by Jehovah. 0 Israel. DO Jehovah needs no one to fight his battles. To the remnant he says: 'I have put my words in thy mouth. He told them to put singers in the van of the army. 10. 15: 4. 10: 4) The true follower of Christ is a member of God's holy nation. con- . or the temple class. call upon his name. and while he does 80 God will do his fighting in His own good way. IT A great crisis had arisen in Israel when the city of Jerusalem was threatened by: the combined armies BROOKLYN. make mention that his name is exalted. as foretold by the prophet. When the Israelites were about to enter Canaan. Cry out and shout. 51: 16) Why would he put his words in the mouth of the remnant 1 That they should be his witnesses to tell the people that Jehovah is God. "-Deut. 20: 2-4. say that the Society is a book-selling con· cern. 52: 8) Let the church bear in mind that God's people on earth.-Rom. of Ammon. and speak unto the people. Those who are of the remnant will not thrust each other now. Praise the Lord. that the priest shall approach. 'with the voice together shall they sing. forbids them from engaging in military service that might lead to the taking of human life. which God has taken out of the world for his name and to be witnesses and to show forth his praises.

secrecy of movement is maintained. and therefore he serves the enemy with an ultimatum which under no conditions will be altered.' Both excuses show a lack of faith in God and of a love for him. 84 Because of the approaching battle. and everyone who was fearful. If the little company of anointed ones should proclaim the truth for a million years and place in the hands of 119 every living creature a book explaining the Bible. is very small and its members weak in themselves. They will not take a part in the singing of the praises of Jehovah. When the supreme assault is made by the enemy the remnant is the only visible part of the organization of the Lord on earth that will not be cut down.-John 17: 3. "Some trust in chariots. He wants the anointed to be strong in him and in the power of his might. 20: 2-9) That was written for the benefit of the Christians now on earth. 12: 12. When the Israelites were about to go into battle God commanded that every man who loved his house or his wife or his vineyard more than he loved to obey God.!\Ian trusts in visible power. 21: 31.Zech. Jehovah commands hirs witnesses to proclaim the day of the vengeance of our God. One of such reasons is to afford the opportunity to fully test the faith and confidence of God's anointed ones. 16: 14) While this is in progress God commands his remnant to go out and tell the rulers and the people what he is about to do. 61: 2) The time has come when Jehovah will vindicate his name before all creation. That is the position of such in his army. The remnant of the Lord trusts in Jehovah's power. rrrust me and show your faithfulness and love for . knowing that the time is short in which to prepare for battle. God foreshadowed this class. (Isa.. and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. and therefore he commands that the message shall be given before the final trouble. Satan. The visible part of God's organization on earth. He seeks no arbitration with the enemy. Some will make the excuse: 'I have not the time'. 6: 10. Even so now. "-Prov. In fact it is now claimed that in event of another war between nations it will begin without a declaration and that the first attack will be by sur· prise. (Rev. 'I have not the ability. is of the Lord. and let him march to war who loves God and counts not his life dear unto himself. 192~ 9:M WATCH TOW ER stitute the only part in the alignment of battle that is vulnerable.2. 22. NOTICE In the armies of the world. They will then know that he is the Mighty God of battle and that "the battle is God's". and these are commanded to sing the praises of Jehovah while he moves into action against the enemy to destroy him. hastens the preparation therefor. and others. God says to the indifferent and lukewarm and those who love the things material more than they love God: 'Stand aside. 89 Some claiming full consecration to the Lord will drop out of the battle alignment before the great fight. The little company of Christians on the earth have nothing to do with destroying Satan's organization or any 1i fe. Nor docs God take this course in order to bring about a peaceable settlement. 21. 88 WEAKNESS A. He serves Satan and the officials of his visible organization with due notice of what he will do. God will have all nations of the earth to hear this message. made up of his fully devoted sons. These will stand because of their absolute trust in God and obedience to his commandments.-Rev. that would not overthrow Satan's organization. 85 How could any of God's sons be faithful and true to him if they either failed or refused to obey the commandments now to give the witness to God's name 1 J chovah does not need the remnant or any one else on earth to fight. 81. but mine. which is the battle of the great day of God Almighty. 14: 1. Jehovah's course is exactly contrary to that." (Ps.-Eph. 24: 14. belongs to the Lord. as the battle alignment is being made up." He has a good and worthy reason for the apparent great disparity in tho two armies. He has declared his decree. All that the Christian has. and the time has come to execute it. including his time. 88 A second reason for this apparent discrepancy in the alignment of battle is that when creation sees that the victory was not gained by human power they will know that the victory is the result of Almighty God's power exercised. 20: 7) "The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety. but he has given his remnant this place of honor as a favor to them. (Deut. should get out of the line of battle and return to his home. Thus he will make a name for himself to the end that all who desire to live may with complete confidence and trust turn to him and learn to know the true God and his beloved Son Christ Jesus and live.Matt. or even to serve notice. " The battle is Jehovah's. 16: 14-16.APRIL Ill. His ability is measured by the spirit of the LorrI which he possesses. The fact that a small company of people on earth is on the Lord's side singing his praises before and during the battle will further magnify before the people the power and strength and glory of God. That is not the purpose of the witness work. His remnant is commanded to sing Jehovah's praises because the time is at hand when God will make a name for himself in the great battle of Arma· geddon."W STRENGTH 88 The visible part of Satan's organization is great and powerful. Such manifest a selfish love and fear.' To those who love and trust God completely he says: 'The battle is not yours.

'If 2. 20: 5.5 Every Christian who has been brought into the covenant with God by sacrifice must take his stand on the side of the Lord and be fully obedient to his commandments if he would receive God's protection and the victory in the great warfare. contrast Jehovah's course with that of Satan and hLs servants. so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem [that is to say. 54: 17) With full confidence in Jehovah they say: "Thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle. 31: 4. Clearly. they know that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. In time of war between the nations. In this respect compare the laws of God with those of nations. 12: 17) Therefore such are the ones that are in danger. even wit h those at enmity with him. In his dealings with Israel. 30. It is quite clear that the remnant is not fighting for the Lord. and I will preserve you and give you the victory. They know that their strength is in the Lord. (Cant." (Jer. 27: 4. though at times he disconcerts his enemies. The general foolishly applied this prophecy to himself and induced himself to believe that God appointed him to capture Jerusalem. a. As to secrecy of movement. 26: 3. State God's purpose in providing the printed message at this time. What alignment of forces is seen on the enemy's side? To whom is this vision given? For what purpose? How do faith and obedience serve in receiving the vision and keeping it clear? ~ 16. Concerning this the prophet of God said: "So shall the Lord of hosts come down to fight for mount Zion. show God's relationship to war.8. and Mount Seir. have nothing whatsoever to do with the wielding of destructive weapons. What were Jehovah's instructions and assurance to the Israelites on their approach to Canaan? Relate how Israel was cared for when Jerusalem was threatened uy the armies of Ammon. and here account for the position taken by the true Christian with regard to war. It applies only to God's organization. who fights the great battle in the name of Jehovah. In point of number and p'Ower. "In the name of our God we will set up our banners. ~ 29. Isa. • 3 "Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations. For their own good. As birds flying. defending also he will deliver it. 6. then. Apply Isaiah 12: 4-6. as an illustration. and passing over [as the mother bird hovers over her young] he will preserve it. what is the position to be taken by the Christian? Why? 'If 18-20. Show the present importance of trust in God Rnd obedience to Ws commandments. N.0 The security of the remnant is in the Lord. Then what is the reason for God's revealing his purpose at this time? The anointed are therefore face to face with what privilege and responsibility? ~ 33-35. He caused airplanes to fly over the city repeatedly before it surrendered. and Why were they recorded? 'II 26-28. and for the hill [highest part] thereof. 5: 10. this they are "terrible as an army with banners". (Isa. what battle array do we there see? ~ 12. 51: 20) This text is in exact harmony with the aforementioned prophecy of Isaiah. 110: 4. and Why have the remnant any . 6: 4. and particularly those on the earth. Dan. 2: 44) The body members. 2. Viewing the 'army of the Lord of hosts'. . The followers of Christ occupy what army position and perform what service? ~ 24. God gives those of the remnant the opportunity to fight on his side. and among them the Lord Jesus is the Standard~ Bearer among ten thousand. Describe the first war. which was foreshadowed by Jerusalem. Moab. With BROOKLYN. the executive officer and High Priest of Jehovah. ~ 7. with the swiftness of birds will God fly in defence of his own organization] . margin) All of the anointed now have the honor of raising high the standard of the Lord. For what purpose does he demonstrate his power? ~ 4-6. Of course the prophecy has no reference whatsoever to the literal city of Jerusalem. The enemy organization aims to destroy the remnant. What is the prize sought in this war? Has the enemy been successful in his efforts? Why? ~ 13-15.' -Rev. "-Ps. QUESTIONS FOR BEREAN STUDY To whom were the words of our text spoken? Show the time of its application. To what extent have others engaged In or been affected by that rebellion? 'If 9-11. their own activities will not bring' the victory. . 'If 21-23. "-Isa. and with thee will I destroy kingdoms. therefore. (Ps. The words or Jeremiah are addressed to Jesus. "-Ps. The standard of the Lord committed to that happy class is the message of God's Word. whose battle is it. Because they are on the side of the Lord God. but they are counted in and share with Christ Jesus in the victory as a bride shares with her bridegroom.). will fight for those who are or Zion. • 1 While it is true that the remnant is fighting on the Lord's side. 'II 31.Yorld War. (a) as to those to whom the message Is presented. God docs not need anyone to fight for him. 2: 9. 31: 23. Ps.17. 'If 1. Y. God is not the author of confusion. 3: 16. Give examples of God's long-surrering and mercy. The Scriptures contain what picture of Jehovah as the "God of peace"? Show that. (b) with regard to the anointed as his witnesses. 'l'he Lord.120 trheWATCH TOWER me. H Those of the remnant have the honor of being the standard-bearers on earth of the Lord's army. Provo 3: 5. U General Allenby led the allied armies against the Turks who were holding the city during the . Preservation and blessings arc only to the faithful overcomers. (Rev. contrast the visible part of Satan's organization with that 'Of Jehovah's. The members thereof know that they are in the secret place of the Most High and abiding under the shadow of his power. 32. 18: 39. 5. 'Vhat did these pIcture.

they would be required to enlarge that garden." Judging man's moral achievements by his record for the past six thousand years. only to acknowledge defeat. and so commissioned Adam to do it and gave him 7. peace and happiness. 44. In this garden nothing grew except that which was pleasant to the eye and good for food. miasma. where the face of mother Earth will be perfect." God foresaw that it would take 7. Jehovah created Adam and Eve and placed them on the unfinished earth. At that time the earth was unfit to be man's abode. . thistles. and every day her mangled body is being trampled upon by those who are appointed to be the guardians of justice. perfecting it and making it fit to be the abode of perfect beings. similar to the much-vaunted American prohibition law. the Bible repeatedly pictures a glorious earth. Who. The soil is daily becoming more and more impoverished and less and less fertile. It is impossible for man to perfect the face of nature. He called that specially prepared place a garden. every comfort was there. their garden home would be too small. then. '\[ 3\). as found in Genesis 1: 28 (Rotherharn) reads: "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. 1) Is to be applied literally. a paradise. The proof of this statement lies in the fact that the past is clut. liberty. 36-38. The statute books are glutted with laws. there could not be much reason for expecting any improvement along these lines. designed to accomplish some of man's wonderful moral achieve· ments. and at maturity each one would cooperate with their father in the work. love and power. and so Jehovah God specially prepared a portion of the earth. immorality or death. then it will never be accomplished. and all must eventually give up the fight. of course. How are they of the remnant 'girded with strength for the battle'? In what sense are their activities essential? 121 Show whether Isaiah 31: 4. a perfect earth: where moral conditions will be perfect. God has decreed that no flesh shall boast in his presence. of necessity. The commission given to Adam. but across everyone of them has been and will continue to be written the word failure. and he wisely so planned it all that at the time the earth would be . If the robing of the earth in God's glory is to be left to man. for the moral conditions of the earth were never at a lower ebb than at the present time. so that when Jehovah God himself should robe the earth in a most wondrous glory. Many. Seven thousand years before his due time for having ~ glorious earth. filled with thorns. justice. as the family would increase. and subdue it. the giver of all these good and perfect gifts. If this Bible picture is correct. THE EARTH TO BE MADE GLORIOUS [Fifteen-minute radio lecture] A FEW months ago a celebrated clergyman. and. It is impossible for man to stop wars. and some- thing that would give everlasting and stupendous testimony to his attributes of wisdom. until eventually all the earth would be like the original sample. robed in God's glory. it is self-evident that the condition can not be brought about by man's achievements. have gone down to destruction. '\[ 40-42. Hundreds of church systems have appeared on the horizon. made desperate efforts to stem the tide of human selfishness. peopled with a race of human beings having perfect health and exercising perfect love toward one another and enjoying perfect life. made this remark: "This earth is quite a juvenile planet. Then what does it mean to neglect or refuse to take part in the witness to be given? Apply Deuteronomy 20: 2-9 and directly related scriptures. no man could claim any credit therefor. To whom does Jeremiah 51: 20 apply? The remnant enjoy what part therein? '\[ 43. A perfect environment adapted to perpetuate a perfect human life everlastingly and all necessary perfect foods were supplied by the Creator. every necessity. Justice is dead in the streets.000 years to accomplish the work.APRIL 111. (Gen. briars. lawlessness. and. Let us robe it with God's glory in man's moral achievements. crime. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER part therein? Give reasons justifying this apparent discrepancy in the battle alignment. in a radio talk. the best that man can produce. However. tered with the wrecks of man's achievements. sickness. During these 7. It is wonderfully interesting to note the method used by Jehovah in making the earth glorious. It was a sample of what the entire earth was to be eventually. When Jehovah created this planet his purpose was to have a glorious earth. God planned to let father Adam and his posterity make the earth glorious. then Christ can come. something that would be a credit to himself throughout all eternity.000 years for enough of Adam's children to be born to fill the earth. and so Jehovah arranged to let man try his hand for six thousand years at bringing about some moral achievements. indeed he knew the tendency of fallen man would be to appropriate the credit for the divine accomplishments to himself. Only the almighty power of Jehovah God can achieve such blessings. sin. many governments. 2: 6-8) Every convenience. have a responsibility in this regard? How only can they be assured of safety and blessing and the Lord's approval? "if 45.000 years his children would be born.

that God may be all in all. educate and bless them." Still again. in Isaiah 65: 21-23 we read: "They shall build houses. as the waters cover the sea. but. 1\1ore than eighteen hundred years ago our Lord Jesus Christ received his commission to do this work. and shall come forth. in the unfinished earth. according to the Scriptures. ." Still another text which describes God's glory in the earth is found in Revelation 21: 4. and over the birds and the beasts. 2. That time is now here. as follows: "Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened. Isaiah 2:~. all the dead will come forth and share in these glorious blessings. Profiteering. God-dishonoring creeds of the "dark ages" must likewise be for ever destroyed. and the second Adam is none other than the resurrected Jesus Christ. Y. Still another part of Adam's commission was this: 'Have dominion over the fish of the sea. In this work of uplift. implied that he was given the power. but he has had to wait the Father's due time for him to begin it. . for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord. and he has already begun the work and God has given him a thousand years to accomplish it. the work all finished. -Rev. when the battle of the great day of God Almighty shall have ground to powder the man-made nations of earth. and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation. 20: 1. has never chan~ed his purpose. All the man-made. and there shall be no more death. . and a little child shall lead them.122 CfheWATCH TOWER brought to a state of perfection. neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. I I The same prophet says: "Instead of the thorn shall corne up the fir tree. "And they shall beat their swords into plowshares." (John 5: 28. neither shall they learn war any more. God plainly told him that if he disobeyed he would forfeit his commission. immorality and crime must end under the iron rule of the Son of God. I will open your graves. And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp. their J"oung ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. was driven out of the garden and left alone to die. Had he or his children never violated God's law. and his work was stopped. They shall not build. and never will. they would be engaged in filling and glorifying the earth even in our day. and reads as follows: "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. 0 my people. and the result would be an earth robed in God's glory. It shall blossom abundantly. Now let us note some texts that describe the glory of the Lord which will fill the earth at the end of the thousand years of Christ's reign. . Satan is to be bound during the thousand years. 37: 12) In Isaiah 35: 1. and will soon end. his children would all be born." In verses 5 and 6 of the same chapter we read with amazement. we are told. God could no longer usc either him or anyone of his imperfect posterity in filling the earth with his glory. . whom will Jehovah use? In clear and positive language the Bible declares that Jehovah God has raised up a second Adam to do the work. in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his [the Son of man's] voice. they shall not plant. But who is to do this work:? If imperfect fallen man is out of the consideration. neither sorrow. and another cat. BIIOOKLH1. nor crying. Thev shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain. as must also sickness.' This man was authorized to robe the earth in God's glory by his achievements. they that have done good . But the commission given to Adam by his Creator was contingent on perfect obedience to the law of his Creator.-l Cor. (Isa. pain and death. and bring you into the land of Israel. and inhabit them. and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree: ." Also. " (Ezek. and another inhabit. Jehovah. and eat the fruit of them. when he shall have turned the kingdom over to his Father. and still designs that the whole earth shall be filled with his glory. Jehovah says that he will 'sweep the earth with the besom of destruction'. Christ will then take the stricken. Then shall the lame man leap as an hart. or men to do this work. He will make wars to cease unto the ends of the earth. 29) With this the words of the Prophet Ezekiel agree: "Thus saith the Lord God. and they that have done evil. After the destruction of Satan's man-made organizations. . It implied also that he had the necessary information and knowledge to do it. . The fact that God commanded Adam to do this. . :N. and for the rest of his thousand-year reign will uplift. however. And the cow and the bear shall feed. and all others of man's achievements. vice. His commission had been forfeited." In Isaiah 11: 6-9 we read: "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb. 15: 45-47. Jesus said: "The hour is coming. Behold. and they shall plant vineyards. and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice' den. The record is that he disobeyed. His first work must necessarily be the destruction of all the miserable achievements of men. and blossom as the rose. 2 we read: . They shall not labour in vain. the authority and the ability to do it. humiliated and chastened race. and on until its completion. nor bring forth for trouble. In order that this work may not be hindered. and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. and the leopard shall lie down with the kid. and cause you to corne up out of your graves. 'The desert shall rejoice. not only are the living to share. 14: 23) This work began in 1914. who has "all power in heaven and in earth". God has not commissioned any imperfect man . education and blessing. and the tongue of the dumb sing. grafting.

they S are not aware that they are selfish. are likewise unselfish in a perfect or complete sense. the Lord had a particular purpose in view for them and a particular work for them to do. On the other hand. however. " And the Apostle Paul. comforts and rights of others first. or to enjoy themselves in ease and comfort and escape the necessity for having to work. without the limitations of creeds or sectarian bondage. but the thousand-year kingdom of Christ. Jehovah God is unselfish in the absolute sense of the word. who think their every word and act is actuated by good and worthy motives. that is. for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off. but giveth grace [favor] to the humble. they try to be unselfish and think they are succeeding. poor judgments. is also unselfish in the full and complete sense of the word. It means trying always to be a help and a blessing to others. Thus seen. The person who cultivates unselfishness will find himself cultivating a love for and an appreciation of the divine qualities. mercy. It will not be man's moral achievements that will bring about these happy results. enjoying everlasting life on a perfect earth. God's glory will consist of a happy. but behind this desire there is a selfish motive. contented race of human beings enjoying life. the great Jehovah God. says that 'at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow. comforts or rights of others." -1 Pet. in harmony with Jehovah God. God hates the proud. our Lord Jesus Christ. benevolence. peace and happiness for ever.-Phil. Selfishness can never be fully overcome until the kingdom of Christ shall take charge of earth's affairs. God's glory. Jesus has in mind always the blessing of the race. for the reason that pride is selfishness in one of its worst forms. Jehovah's agent. inherited weaknesses. writing to the church at Philippi. even if it cost some sacrifice of personal comfort. and properly educate the people in ways of righteousness and truth. 1929 'The WATCH TOWER and it shall be to Jehovah for a name. The Son of God. Such people are thinking of their own personal comfort and pleasure and are not taking God into consideration in their desires. In order that the perfect unselfishness of Jehovah God may shine out the more clearly. and would resent and deny such an imputation. 55: 13. and is also one of the most subtle. Others are unwittingly 80. He has not been neglecting them. bind the Devil. as it shall fill the whole earth. "-Isa. to the glory of God the Father'. and called "holy angels". This race will recognize and worship Jehovah the one true God. become puffed up with pride and are prone to consider themselves as being superior to their fellow men. that there is no member of the fallen. They want to go to heaven in order to escape eternal torment. convenience or money. He has been planning and working for the blessing of the human race all through the ages. but because of lack of education. It is mentioned in Ephesians 3: 21. They will love God supremely. All these motives are selfish. those who cultivate selfishness gradually become cruel and unmerciful. THE UNSELFISH ONE [Thirty-five minute radio lecture] ELFISHNESS means thinking of self first. nor has he forgotten them. every portion of which shall be like the garden of 123 Eden. Like his Father. Jehovah's gift to his creatures. or to escape suffering in the flesh. considering our own interests or comforts without considering the interests. while the remainder of the race are to live on the earth for ever. and their neighbor as themselves. Some of the race are basely and beastly selfish.APRIL lIS. liberty. patience and love. let us contrast it with some of the subtle forms of human selfishness which are not generally regarded as being selfish. and when the work is completed it will be the achievement of Jesus Christ. in Ezekiel 36: 35 we read: "This land that was desolate is become like the garden of Eden. sinful race who is unselfish in the absolute sense of the word. and his Word says: "God resisteth the proud. 2: 10. kindness. which reads. Selfishness is one of the worst of all the forms of evil. and without a better motive no person will ever get to heaven. gradually and almost imperceptibly influencing every word and act and motive. For instance: :Many people desire to go to heaven when they die. "Unto him be glory . It destroys the God-like qualities of sympathy. We need to get clearly into our minds. A selfish person is a narrow-minded person who says and does things only because they will benefit and profit self in some way. improper training. It often occurs that those who think they are unselfish. long-suffering. pity. Unselfishness means considering the interests. will consist of a redeemed and resurrected race. In offering the reward of heavenly glory and spirit bodies. JEHOVAH GOD. 5: 5. Again. This pride spoils them. poor reasoning faculties or a lack of ability to properly weigh the rights of others. 11. According to the Scriptures only the church class will ever go to heaven. Selfishness destroys all those tender qualities in the human make-up which make man like unto his Creator. Without a doubt those angels who are still. and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. duly authorized and empowered to do the work.

she took of the fruit thereof and did eat. however. and then. and the record of it is found in Isaiah 14: 12-14 and Ezekiel 28: 13-16. contentment. is by leading them to believe that they can spend their lives in self-gratification. when they BROOKLYN. and docs not mean that anyone will loll about in idleness. Nobody will ever get weary or tired of the work. and this appeal to self and self-gratification is the strongest appeal that he can set before any of God's creatures. Persons who do this are selfish in the highest degree. 2: 9. but always results in injury and evil. and that the spirit which actuates Satan is selfishness. but. It is the most subtle temptation of the adversary. Peter expresses the same thought. but he selfishly desired to please his wife. in the earth today. namely. that yo should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light. activity. She desired to be wise and to have something good to eat. Selfishness is of Satan. Jehovah God and Satan. on their death-bed and with their last breath. they continue to think only of themselves and expect God to give them that which they do not deserve and to which they are not entitled. and which very few realize to be selfish. and then and there his name was changed to Satan. "-1 Pet. enjoying peace. it is invariably found that the seeming blessing is in reality a curse. Y. and that the spirit which actuates Jehovah is love. and these blessings can come to no one except he first learn what God's work and plan is and then come fully into accord with the same and strive to cooperate with God in the accomplishment of that work. and men must learn that there are only two masters. His selfishness consisted in loving his wife more than he loved his Creator and benefactor. God had forbidden Adam and Eve to eat a certain fruit. a desire to bless. She gave no thought to God or the fact that he was her Creator and benefactor. and wisdom. "Ye are a chosen generation. as found in Genesis 3: 6. and something that looked pleasant and desirable. Eve's and Adam's. pretends to offer blessings. and a tree to be desired to make one wise. But why does God desire that his name and work and plans should be made known to all his creatures? The answer is that he unselfishly desires to giTe all his creatures everlasting blessings. and placed him in Eden as a guardian and protector to father Adam and mother Eve. in folly. He was given great power and authority. throughout all ages. ·and also neglect to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness daily. call upon God for pardon. to show forth his praises. he became ambitious to have a similar dominion. and the record is that "Adam was not deceived". but any other motive would be selfish. God created a wise and beautiful creature called Lucifer. Selfishness. and the record. the joy of doing it will always increase as the ages roll around. God had forbidden him to eat the fruit. Selfishness never pays. when indulged. the very opposite of love. in pleasure or in sin. on pain of death. to tell out his lovinlj plans and purposes to all his creatures! This will mean work. is as follows: "And when th6 woman saw that the tree was good for food. and seeing the wonderful dominion of the heavenly Father. 2: 14) He knew the consequences of his act. . They consider only themselves in this life.124 'fheWATCH TOWER in the church .•. liberty and life. Another way in which Satan has deceived the people into a course of extreme selfishness." that the true church is to show forth the glory of Jehovah. come to die. N. Satan is the author of this and all other forms of selfishness. In sharp contrast with this satanic spirit of selfish- . because they are considering the interests and work of Jehovah God first. Let us notice some Bible illustrations of extreme selfishness. Lucifer's. with nothing to do. however. and expect him to give them the highest reward he has to give to any of his creatures. This work. This is the second example of selfishness given to us in the Scriptures. Realizing his power and authority. love and power throughout all eternity. and that it was pleasant to the eyes. justice. Satan tempted mother Eve along the same line of selfishness. a royal priesthood. To accomplish his purpose it was necessary to win the allegiance of Adam and Evo away from God and to get them to serve him. They are not selfishly looking to their own comfort and convenience and pleasure. he became selfish. Another example of extreme selfishness is given. saying to the church. Those who thus desire to use their powers in the service of their Creator are unselfish. because he realizes that it will spoil them for Jehovah's purposes and unfit them for Jehovah's work. In other words. in connection with Adam. Lucifer succeeded in his wicked designs. and neglected to honor and please Jehovah God. That was the first manifestation of selfishness. These three acts of selfishness. are responsible for all the sin and evil. disease and death. it never brings blessings. and neglect Bible study and prayer. he knew that he was sinning. Satan persuaded Eve to think that Cod was-selfish in forbidding her to eat this fruit.•. (1 Tim. " Her selfishness consisted in self-gratification. self first. On the contrary. even the same reward that he has promised to those who are faithful even unto death. It would be entirely unselfish for anybody to desire to have the heavenly body and spirit nature and powers for the purpose for which God intended them. Satan loves to deceive the people into selfish motives and purposes. What a privilege and honor it will be to show forth Jehovah's attributes of wisdom. will be a pleasurable one. and then.

They voice their criticism and condemnation in these words. Thus seen. 125 from poverty and the necessity for work.' People who thus criticize and condemn Jehovah are lacking in reverence and modesty. pestilences and famines. and death on condition of disobedience. I would not permit evil. he is described as being all-wise. being unable to stave off the death penalty longer. but finally. and became filled with the spirit of Satan. during which their posterity was born. and placed them on trial for life. let us now examine the loving spirit of unselfishness manifested by Jehovah God. with nothing to molest or make afraid. or else too conceited. A peculiarity of a selfish man is that he is biased. our first question is. just. what was then God's plan respecting him Y The Bible answer is that God planned to bind the Devil for a thousand years and to deliver Adam and all his posterity from death by resurrecting them. a promise that all who are in their graves shall come forth from the tomb and enjoy life. " In Isaiah 60: 21 we read: 'The righteous shall inherit the land and dwell therein for ever. which is selfishness. God would pursue a different course. proven and found worthy of the same. Hence. liberty. crimes. God created this earth that it might be peopled with a happy. as they were before they were created. His posterity inherited this selfishness. he is the author of a code of laws which are laid down in the Bible and which are declared to be absolutely just j we are told that nothing but good and perfect gifts ever come from his hand j he created Adam and Eve and placed them in Eden on trial for life. prejudiced and unreasoning. God would follow a certain course. and God sentenced him to death and drove him out of the beautiful Eden home and left him alone to die. Now let us ask. and even those who profess to love and serve Jehovah God. but should he sin. or to eternal torment if he disobeyed. contented and sinless race of human beings. Adam became a subject of Satan. For more than six thousand years he has permitted sin and death. and written by the hand of the sam~ prophets. and to bring forth other descendants. and of the awful consequences of that condemnation. and then . They desire ease and comfort for themselves. liberty and happiness.' In Psalm 115: 16 we read: "The earth hath he given to the children of men". God claims to be the author of the book called the Bible. They desire to be free from pain. No unselfish person can object to this course. and all-powerful. that the penalty for disobedience was death. saying. when the desert shall blossom as the rose. and when God created Adam he told him to 'multiply and increase and fill the earth'. and had been sentenced to death. according to the Scriptures. a promise of a time when the whole earth shall be like the garden of Eden. love and power. It is selfishness that leads people to thus criticize the heavenly Father. is an oft-repeated promise of a full and complete recovery of Adam and his children from the effects of the condemnation which Adam brought upon himself. Such people are prone to criticize and condemn Jehovah for what they think is a great injustice. should Adam not sin. Their selfishness leads them to jump to the conclusion that God is selfish. God permitted Adam and Eve to eke out an existence for several centuries. to inquire into the reason why God permits evil and why he permits the Devil to exist. he is declared to be the creator of all things in heaven and in earth. wicked and unjust. In this same Book. until he had first been tested. According to God's plan. of their sin and their condemnation. and when every man shall sit under his own vine and fig tree. liberty and happiness on the earth for ever. and that they should enjoy life. 1929 'fhe WATCH TOWER ness. think that God was unjust in permitting these conditions to exist. He can see only one thing. and are too lazy. without beginning. In Ecclesiastes 1: 4 we read: "The earth abideth for ever. namely. The question now arises. supplied every need. who likewise eventually died. He arranged that their every need should be supplied. they violated his just law. Deserted by Jehovah God. justice. and I would kill the Devil at once. we see also that God had made his plan in the alternative. that God created Adam and Eve. This feature of his plan is in entire harmony with wisdom. and we can see it in even the best people of earth today. men and women. nobody could have the blessings of life. the gratification of his own selfish desires. Let us bear in mind. and he sentenced them to death and drove them out of Eden and left them alone to die. Properly. though. Adam did sin. No unselfish person can object to it. There was no promise made to Adam that he would go to heaven if he obeyed. and we are told that all "his work is perfect". gave them a beautiful paradise home. or else they think that he lacked wisdom or misused his power. Who is Jehovah God Y According to the Scriptures he is a spirit being having the divine nature. and therefore not a created being. we find. Many texts prove this statement. loving. they both died. 'If I were God. with its wars. some longer and some shorter periods of time.APRIL 111. God has permitted their descendants to live. they were to return to the dust. peace and happiness for ever. After Adam had sinned and proven himself unworthy of life. that is. and have an oversupply of self-esteem. that is. In it is a record of the creation of Adam and Eve. Why did God permit evil Y According to the Scriptures. setting before them life on condition of obedience. Has not God been selfish in permitting Satan to live and evil to exist for six thousand years? The majority of people.

endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction. Another reason for this long period of time is that when Adam sinned his posterity became extremely selfish. Y. God was unselfish when he sent his only begotten Son into the world to die for sinners. and permitting men to hate and smite and finally kill that son by nailinghim to a cross I Think also of the unselfishness that Jesus manifested toward the race in willingly becoming the Lamb of God who would take away the sin of the world by dying for the race! When God has bound the Devil for a thousand years. "they neither marry nor are given in marriage". In permitting evil he was considering the eternal welfare and happiness of the race. people. There is only one way to remove sin and evil. N. but he has unselfishly endured it for six thousand years because he could overrule it for man's good. because he could teach certain lessons by it. Evil results from the fact that men do things in their own way and not in God's way. hoping thereby to lessen the evil that is in the world. Un:der this compulsion men will get blessings until they shall learn that obedience leads to life. Sin is repugnant to Jehovah God. from which there is to be no resurrection. Realizing this selfishness. a race of men and women who would voluntarily choose that which is right because they loved righteousness and hated iniquity. just as Adam had been on trial for life. but the race has not yet learned it. He will prove that he was always right. willing to shew his wrath. sickness. always. and that they were wise in their own conceit. His plan was that those who. with an accurate knowledge of the truth and every help necessary. but are still urging different man-made schemes of government. that they might learn some lessons thereby. that is. He will show those people who have censured and criticized him in the past. This trial or test of their faithfulness would be more advantageous than Adam's first trial. No just and honest man can object to this. namely. which would be helpful in the matter of deciding whether they would choose life or death. it would require all these centuries for enough people to be born to fill the earth. Think of a father's denying himself the fellowship and companionship of an only and beloved son for a period of thirty-three and a half years. First. should die the second death. " In Psalm 76: 10 we are told that God will make the wrath of men to praise him. an experience with sin. Why does God permit evil? The answer is. because he would want to live for ever to gratify his selfish propensities. after having been given a fair trial. would yet love iniquity. which means that he will compel obedience to his laws. because each member of the race would have something that Adam did not have. love and power. Because he is unselfish. and write his own law upon men's hearts and rule with a rod of iron. Why do men disobey Y The answer is. We must get the thought that God is not the author of evil. hence we can see that births must and will cease as soon as enough people have been born to fill the earth. An innately selfish man might object to going into second death. that is. Jehovah thought it wise to let them try out their own selfish plans and schemes. God wanted an earth full of free moral agents. in order to convince them of their folly. How will he do this Y The answer is that he will so overrule evil that it will be a blessing. Jesus himself tells us that when the resurrection begins. Then. why has God taken so many centuries to work out his plan Y Why did he permit evil during all these centuries Y There are at least two reasons for allowing so many centuries for the completion of his plan. But. Their experiences along the line of having their own way and along the line of selfishness will finally convince them that God's way is best and right. justice. that their wisdom was what the Bible calls "the wisdom of this world" which is "foolishness with God". and that way is the Lord's way. Because they are selfish and want their own way. their remembrance of all these experiences throughout all eternity will help them to keep from sin in the ages to come. and place them (and Adam again) on trial for life. different man-made forms of religion. that he has always been unselfish. and God is letting them try to do it. They still think that they can legislate righteousness into BROOKLYN. too. and has brought forth from the tomb all that .126 rrneWATCH TOWER to give to every member of the race an accurate understanding of his glorious plans and purposes. This class will go into everlasting destruction. It would seem that six thousand years of failure would convince them. and urging every form of blue-law and sumptuary law that men can devise. we ask. In Romans 9: 22 we read Paul's words: "What if God. Thus. The one great lesson which all men must learn is that there is no help in man-made schemes. and that it was their disobedience which caused all the sin and suffering on the earth. die the second time. and to make his power known. by making it a means of teaching men valuable and helpful lessons. but they are not yet convinced. The time is soon to come when God will again take a hand in the affairs of men. He will bind Satan for a thousand years. The Lord is well aware of this fact. Surely there is no selfishness in this feature of God's plan. It is written that 'God is not in all their thoughts'. The majority of the race have not yet learned this lesson. God will demonstrate his wisdom. selfishness and the Devil. that no blessing can come from them.

Sun pm 3-4 "'SMK _ Dayton. God made the entire human family of one blood and intended them to live as on~ family. Washington. They will then learn that leagues of nations were man-made schemes formed for the selfish purpose of oppressing and exploiting weaker nations. D.30 WWRL New York.30·8.\TION CITY AND PROGRAM PERIODS ". Chicago.. The time is coming when every knee will bow and every tongue confess to Jehovah God. no church federations nor prohibition laws..45 (second and fourth. Va. N..lTIO:-. Sun am 11-1.__. one nation. 6·7. C. Tex. Tenn. Sun alll 10·11* WOOD . and this accounts for the failure of the League of Nations.. but he endured it all for their sakes. and he tells us that the list of membership is not kept on earth. Pa. Mich. Wed pm 8. Sun pm 1. who used ambitious and selfish men to accomplish this purpose. N. Y. He has permitted mankind to follow their selfish ways and schemes without interfering._ Saranac Lake.30 WRBJ Hattiesburg. etc.. was foisted upon the world by Satan. Man pm 8.. . that they might learn the needed lessons.45 WOOL Jamestown.15-10.30 WOBD __. because their motives and efforts arc along selfish lines. all the sin and evil. Wed Sat pm 8-9. ence has brought upon himself. and knew that the only way that the race would ever learn the lesson that God's waYil and plans are best would be by letting man try out all his own ways and plans. Satan.APRIL lIS. Philadelphia. That ye resist not evil".30-8 WNRC _ Greensboro. Sun am 10-10. is thus manifested by Jehovah God I RADIO SERVICE (Continued from Page 128) ST. Ill. which man by his own disobedi. that federations of churches were likewise man-made schemes for the selfish purpose of controlling the liberties of other people. and will continue to be crowned with failure._. . and so he has endured with much long-SUffering. Sun pm 1-2 . C. In Matthew 5: 39 we read that Jesus said. N.hkeepsie. Ohio Sun PIll 2...REC _ Memphis. Y. 127 and prohibition laws are instruments of force. Miss. pm 2-4.. Jehovah is all-powerful and yet never uses force. He was thinking of their best interests._ Grand Rnpids. wars. '''NAT . God knew their plans would fail because of their being selfish. Fri pm 7-7. monthly) WHR Dallas. Va. but that their names are written in heaven.. Sun pm 5-6 WWVA . On the contrary. . Fri pm 7-7. Sun pm 7. God never authorized a prohibition or any other sumptuary law to control the consciences or actions of others. W. because he recognizes only one church. 'Vhen that time arrives there will be no League of Nations. Ohio Sun pm 1.__. federations of churchcs. J.30-3 WTAR Norfolk. :Mass. and their every effort has been. split up the people into nations. The multiplicity of churches. and that all prohibition laws were also the products of selfishness whereby one class of people attempted to control others. What an example of self-restraint. is. CITY AND PROGRAJII PERIODS . patience and forbearance. Iowa Sun pm 10.. N..30-11* WOWO ' _ _. Jehovah God never authorized a League of Nations. 1929 'fMWATCH TOWEl{ are in the graves and has written his law on their hearts and engraved it on their minds until all shall know him from the least of them unto the greatest of them. pm 7·9. Bing. Sun am 10-11* WOKO . monthly). financiers and clergymen think this statement by J esus is foolish. their eternal future welfare._.30 W~BF . Va. but the politicians. if he chose. 'rue pm 8·9 W::\BZ . 'l'11ll pm 9·10 "'OL .45 WS. Sun am 11-12 (first and third. God never authorized the Federation of Churches..30-9 wac Davenport.30-10. Y._. for the reason that he did not organize any of the nations.30·9 ST. Pa. with their jargons of creeds. Fort Wa~'ne. F'ri pm 7. "I say unto you. Ind. and that eventually there will be one government under the whole heaven. . Sun am 10·11*. .. Poug. could force the people to do his will.30·6 WSPD _ Toledo. pm 7-7. W._ _ _ Wheeling. N. He has had the best interests of mankind at heart. He wants only those to serve him who serve him in spirit and in truth.. They will be ashamed also of all their past efforts to bring blessings to the race by using their own schemes and ignoring God's way. and all prohibition laws. For six thousand years Jehovah has grieved and suffered as he witnessed the folly of his creatures.__ _ Paterson. No good ever resulted from selfishness.45 'YUK Hamilton. Sun am 9.30 WRAW __ Reading. Sun pm 4-4.15-1. Sun nm 9-10*.hamton. Ya.__ Knoxville._ Charleston. all the folly and calamity. pm 7·8 WOV _. No Y. Ohio Sat pm 5. N. of absolute unselfishness. Sun alll 10·11*. Men will delight to do God's will.. and the Scriptures tell us that Satan's nations shall be dashed in pieces as a potter's vessel.30 ·W~OX _.__ New York. and so continue to use various forms of force. Federation of Churches. Leagues of nations.\Z Huntington. Tenn. Y.30-2 WRIDI Minneapolis. who. Y. Sun pm 9·10 WORD __. has not done so. SUll am 9. New Bedford. Jehovah God.40 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat am 10·11. Minn. N. of compulsion. and force will be unnecessary. TIm pili 8-9 "':'lBH . using the selfish ambitions of men. then men will be ashamed that they criticized him and found fault with his plans and purposes. W. Sun pm 2. He will reign in the hcarts of men. STATION CITY AND PROGRSJII PERIODS "'ODA .15·3..

30·10.. 7·8.. Iowa Sun pm 12·1 KVOS _.. Australla Mon Tue pm 8.45 KGCB _ _ _...15CKOC _. Pueblo. 1'10n \Ved Fri pm 7... l\Iadison.International Bible Students Association RADIO SERVICE The message of the kingdom of Jehovah Is broadcast by these and other stations in Australasia. 7·8 Frl Pill 8.. 6·8 Wed am 10-12. Calif. Dak. La. Pa..15 l\lon Tue Thu Frl Sat alll 6.30-7. pm 4·5 Wed pm 9·10 KXRO _ _ Aberdeen..55 j Tue pm 8·8. Wash.. Inll. Ohio Sun pm 9·10 WLBW Oil City. Tenn. I1'ri pm 7·8 WLEZ _.30·3 KQV __ Pittsburgh.30 (last. 7-8. 7·8. Wash. monthly) WIEl\1 _ Jackson. Sun am 9·10* WFJC _ _ Akron.45. Sun pm 2·2... Colo.45 WEBR _.30·7._. Sun alll 10·11*·. Mass._ Seattle._ BelIlngham. Sun pm 5·3. Sun am 9.. Sun PIll 1-3 \VLEG _.10'7.. Sun am 10·11··..30. Sun am 8._ London. 4._ Fllnt.15·1. Pa. Kans. Sun pill 6.30·9 WJEL _ _.30-9. Australla Sun (occasionally) CJUJ .45·5. Sun am 9-9.. Minn. Brooklyn. Va.40 WBRC Birmingham.30-7 ][OIL _ _ _. Okla. pm 1·2. Sun pm 1-2.0 6Wl" _ Perth. Y. Sun pm 6. 1'1lch. N.. Sun Pill 5-6 WIP _. St. WGHP _ _.30-7 KNX _ Hollywood. 9·10 l'Ion Tue Wed Thu Frl Sat 11. 6·8 WECl\! Eay City._ _ Sydney. Wash..30-8.45·4 (Eng-lish) WISN _ Milwaukee. Sun am 10·11*KPRC _ _. CaW'. Sun Pill 7·7. N.30 WE'I' _.30·10.30. N. Wash..15 KWCR Cedar Rapids.30. Mont.15 WEOW _ Terre Haute.15-10.15 KFJF Oklahoma City. every other week) Sun am 11·11. Sun pm 6·8 (every other week) TIm Sat pm 9... Pa. Sun pm 2·3 WEEC _ Duluth.30 \VLBV Manstleld.30 WHK _ _ Cleveland. monthly) KOCW _ _ Chickasha. Thu pm 8·8..30 KFUL _ Galveston. Sun pm 1-2 KHQ Spokane._ _ _ Calgary..30 IIDN Adelaide._ Decatur. pm 2·3 (German and Norwegian occasionally) KTBR Portland. Ohio Sun am 10·11· WBA\V _ NashvIlle. STATION CITY AND PROGRAM PERIODS KOl'10 _. Sun pm 6. Y.. Sask.. Sun alll 10-10. Man.30·8 WDAY . Sun pm 2. N. Sun Pill 7.. S. Wash.. German) WJAD _ _ _ Waco. I. Columbus. N.30 KGGll _ . Sun am 9.__ Muscatine._ Hamilton.30·8 WAIU _.45·7 KLZ _.30 WHB _ Kansas City. Petersburg-.30 KFWl'l Oakland. pm 2·3. Ohio Sun pm 12·1.45·8... pm 5-9 Mon am 10·12. Local radio representatives are requested to send (1) prompt advice of change in schedule and (2) a monthly report to Radio and Lecture Department. Sun am 10·11· WCAH _. Ala._ Fargo. pm 1.15 KFJZ _ Fort Worth. N. Calif. Fri pill 6·6. Mich.__.30 WEPS Gloucester. Sun pm (l'Iay 5) 7. monthly) WLBX __ Long Island City. Sun am 9·10.45·11._ . Newcastle. Colo.30 WIL _. Pa. 117 Adams St. Louis.30 WJAX Jacksonville.30 Tue Thu Sat am 8·9. Y. Alta. Fri pm 7. Ill....30 (Illonthly) KFBL _ _ Everett. Sun alll 11·12.30·10. l'Id. Australia Sun pm 6. Wis. Mo. Sun am 11-12 WJ!'EE _ Cincinnati. Sun pm 1·2 WD"\g Tampa. 'l'lm pm 8·9 KGHF _._ St. C. Colorado Springs. Sun pm 9·9.__. pm 2-3._._ Enid. Australia Sun pm 8.. Mich...30-5.30·4 KFUM . Galesburg.. Sun pm 7. Okla.45·10. Sun Pill 7·7. Sun am 9. Oreg. Greek. Nebr. Philadelphia.. Colo..30·3. Wl'1BS Sun am 10-11· W.. Houston.30·11·...30 WBBR _ New York. Sun am 10-11. Fla. Sun am 10·11· WFDF __.30 Thu pm 7. Sun am 10·11· CK Y _ _ Winnipeg. Italian... I.. Sask.\IBII __ _ Joplln..__.30. Mas. Dak.30 \VCBA _ Allentown.30·12 noon. 8·10 Fri Pill 2·4.. Mon Wed Fri am 8-9 j pm 2.. Ind..11. monthly. 7. 1'1on pill 8·8. 0. Sun pm 1·2 CJRl\I _. Sun aIll 10·11* W.. Sun am 10·11· W2\IAL Washington. Fla.30-9 WCBl\1 Baltimore.30·10 WFIW _ _ Hopklnsvllle. D. Sun alll 9. Pa..30 (German. Sun pm 2-3 WEDH _ _ _ . Ky.30 \VKBF Indianapolis. Sun aIll 10·11· WLSI _ Providence.30-8 WGBF _ Evansville. Sun aIll 9-10 (Polish. Sun pill 2.15 (fourth.43 WIBA _.30 KSL _ Salt Lake City. Y.30·7 (every other week) WINR _ Bay Shore._ _. Sun am 9-9. Mo. Mon pm 8-9 CJGC _. Fri pm 9.. 11·12. Sun am 1)·10· WGBI _ Scranton.. Ohio Sun am 10-12*. Pa.45·9 (Continued on Page JIl7). R. Sun am 9.__ Bangor.30 8DB Melbourne. Sun pm 6.45·7.. pm 9·10 KTl'l __ Los Angeles. pm 12·2. Sun Pill 3. Wis._. pm 3-4. Utah Sun pm 1·2 KSOO Sioux Falls. Iowa Sun am 9.30·3.. Tue Pill 7..30 (second and fourth.15·12. Tex. Sun pill 6-7 _ _ Harrisburg._.• Buffalo. Pa.30-6. Sun am 9-10* WKBS _..30·10 WCLO _. •• Northwest network program. Sun alll 9·10 KTNT _. STATION CITY AND PROGRA1>I PERIODS 2HD . III._ Councll Bluffs.. Iowa Sun am 10-11 • WATCR'rOWIIB ehaln program. Pa. Tex.. Sun alll 10·10. Tex. Y. Sun am 10·11..30 KGIIL _ Billings. Sun pm 5·5. Mich._.. Sun pm 7.. Onto Sun pm 2-3 (every other week) CJHS _ _ Saskatoon._ Shreveport.. Mo. Me. TIm pm 8.30-8 KI1'1~Q _ _._._.30·6. Ohio Sun pm 2-3 (every other week) Wed pm 7... 1'10. 9·11 KGBZ _ York.._ Charlotte.'rl pm 9·10. Sun pm 2·2.._ Kenosha. Tex. Y.30-9..30 KGHC San Antonio. Sun Pill 6. Sun pm 6. 6·7.30. Sun pm 6..30. Ohio Sun pm 5·6 Wl"BG _ _ Altoona. Sun am 10.30 KFKB Milford. Australla Sun pm 7-8.30·9. Sun Pill 1·1.. Wis. N._ Detroit. Mon alll 8·8._ Denver. .. Tex. 9._ Erie.30·7 (every other week) Mon pm 6. Polish) Wed pm 3. pm 4.30.. Sun pm 12. Kans. Okla.30 STATION CITY AND PROGRAM PERIODS WFBL _ Syracuse. Sun am 10._ Moose Jaw.30-12.\IES _ _ _. N. Sun pm 7·7.30 2KY _.. pm 2·4 Tue pm 12·2. Joseph. Ind. Ont. Columbus.45 (fourth.45 KFH _ Wichita._ Boston. pm 9·12 TIm pm 1-3.. 4. Canada and the United States.7..

discontented] roaring.UllB@lP1-lsaiaIJ VOL. with perplexity.~'lclCll'»11W~m19~15J@l~ ~f~lij® ~u~~t1 f t a. . and ". Mark 13: 29J . the sea and the waVffi [the restless.••• When th~'e things begin to come to pass. 1929 OONTENTS DELIGHT THYSELF J~ JEHOVAH Spiritually Sick Encouragement for the Lukewarm :May Become Builders Sabbath Day The Blessings WHO GOES TO HEAV'. men's hearts fa!ling them for fear.all watch to seR what He will say unto me. and lift up your heads... and what answer I shall make to thc11j that oppose me/'-Habakkuk t: 1. for your redemptIOn llraweth nigh. Upon the earth distress of natlons. Look up. Matthew 24: 33.eJIil'omiiVllSj ~mm\t1lI&. _ 130 OPPORTUNITY FOR SERVICE 130 "I will stana upon" my watch and will set my joot upon the Tower. 14:3 GOOD HOPES FOR 1929·1930 143 SERVICE ApPOINTMENTS _ 144 SERVICE CONVENTIONS 144 VACATION 130 BEREAN STUDIES -.al1ill&li ~Wi~U.141 141 1\ U LECTURERS AND REGIONAL SERVICE DIRECTORS . and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. L SEMI-l\IONTHLY No.j5 135 136 137 141 :. J oyiul Service Can We Refuse? __ _ _ 131 1 .N? INTERESTING LETTERS Willing.\4 133 1. then know that the Kingdom of God is at hand.-Luke 21: 25·31.9 " May 1.

clothed with all power in hpaven and in earth. but by InternatIOnal Postal Money Orders onl. It announces rauio programs and publishes suitable Bible instruction for broadcasting. constitute. 6 LeIte St. and is from everlasting to everlasting. It adheres strictly to the Bible as God's rewaleu '\Yard of 'i'ruth. by reason of old a~c or other infirmIty or adversity. E. OPPORTUNITY FOR SERVICE It seems likely that we shall lind it necessary to increase our factory force at nrookl~'n frolt! time to time to care for the increasing \York. that he gave his life a sacrifice for man and thereby prouuced the rnl1som price. but anxioll~. It is free from parties.\S E:\TDED. If not convenient. 1929. Cape Town. The classes will please have these dates in mind anJ send in any orders so that they can be fiileJ prior to August IS.) TEI"!S TO THE LOr:D'S Poor:: All Bible Students who. W . 2. $1.LY UNITCD STATES. that by reason of Allam's wrongful act all men are born sinners and without the right to life. CHEAT DUITAI::. RUTHERFORD President EDITORIAL COMMITTEE W. l)('~inning August 18 and ending September 2. OFFICERS W. Chan"e of addrcss.I~I~I~jH 1I1': ourl'l lIl~ '" ~ . BARBER E. They are also sold at priees to cover the cost of lllanufaeturp. It stands firmly upon the great ransom sacrifice as the fUUllamental doctrine by which all doctrines are measured. A.~FlnCA. $1.\. N. 1[129 beginning June 2 beginning June 9 "God of Battle" Issue of April 15. • • • . F'or further information address Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society. the "seed of Abraham" througll which ull the families of the earth shall be blessed.~: Acknowledgment of a renewal or a ne'. 117 ADAMS STREET ]. the l\Inker of heaven and earth.. that all such be on our list continually and in touch with the TIerean studies. \\ ill be supphed free if. South African and r""'''i'~B'~''S'~'A'~'''''B'~'. sects and creeds of men.piration) "Till be sent with the journal one month before the subscriptIOn expires. may be expcdcd to nppcar on address label . Indiana. announces conventions.• AustralIa . During that period of time there will be no general convention. t1mt tIle Lord Jesus has returned and is now present. 1879. COWARD FOREIGN OFFICES British • • • • • • 34 • • ..' . It provides systematic Bible stuuy in which all its readers may rcgularly engage. 'I '[he Watch Cfower : Week \reek Week Week Week "Mount ). 40 Irwin A venue. as no on1ers to the office will be filled Juring the time above mentioned.t. that the Logos became a man. the period of vacation. or by Bank Draft. Toronto. Notice to Suh8e". The Braille method is used.illini(. Branch for the Bliml. Y. THAT GOD created the enrOl for man. HEMERY YEAr.Tl'SUS upon his throne and now commands all nations HtHI peoples to hear and obey him.'ill afford opportunity to e"ery man to have a fair trial for life. (Foreign transiatioJI8 of this journal appear il~ 8everal languages. it will be desirable to have the vacation in the same perioJ if convenient. grow in his likeness. . ~ ~ 'I I" ''''lIllIlmJ . The books arc loaned to the blind without charge. from scuttC'rpd forei~n territory may he made to the Brooklyn office. American remittallt'CS f. E. South Africa Please :1udress the SOCIety in every case ====== VACATION The vacation date for the Bethel Family office and factory force at BlOoklyn is fixed for the two m'cb. Ontario Strath/ield. THAT JESUS was made a human being in order that he might hecome the Hedeemer of man. It does not assume a dogmatic attitude... • 7 Beresford Rd" .ANEOUS FOReIGN. ]. hns been selecting from amongst men the members 01' his church. and gives reports thereof. 1989 beginning June 16 beginning June 23 • b i ' J 30 l"III1IUllltlUll1111111l1l1" II~~I' ~~~~:IIIII'I. created perff'ct man for the earth and l)laced him upon it. BROOKLYN.ian remittances SIIOUld be made to hi aneh ofjiees only.ion and the City" Issue of April 1. are unable to pay for this journal. ~ i. S. the local managers will fix the vacations in the countries respectively which best suit the convenience of the majority of the brethren. and therefore all who take advantage of this period for va· cation may arrange for special field service wherever they spend their vacation. . Al i)'JltALASJA A~D SUUTH . TIL\T TIlE HOPE OF TIlE PEOPLES of earth is restoration to human llCrfl'ction during the reign of Christ.l[rril J[rrtfer at B/'Ooklyn. H. 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then such should strengthen the faith of the anointed.9 DELIGHT THYSELF IN JEHOVAH "Then shalt than delight thyself in the Lord. The message is a warning delivered to those who have neglected or failed to keep God's commandments. 4 .. If The Watch Tower does not stress t he importance of service.vho are self-centered and self-satisfied and who are looking for the day when they will be so good and completely developed that God will just have to take them to heaven to help him manage it. Jehovah caused his prophet to draw a sharp contrast between those who take delight in their own spiritual growth or creature development and those who delight themselves in doing God's will. lift up thy voice like a trumpet. and feed thee with th e heritage of Jacob thy father. This class is . The charge has in no \ray caused The Watch Tower to lessen its campaign for service. He shows why the former are not pleasing to him and why they are in danger and points out how the latter meet the requirements of his law. It is for the benefit of the latter that the Word of the Lord shows that a warning must be given. God will have other means to do so. The effect of such continuous emphasis placed upon service has been received in a different manner by different ones of the Lord's people. They say that too much has been written about service. Such statement is not only false. spare not. because there is little probability of recovering those . and I will cause tllee to ride npon the high places of tlle earth.. Some have se\'erely criticized The lV aieh Tower and the ones engaged in its editing. The fact that they are of the house of Jacob shows that they are of those who have made a covenant with God by sacrifice.-Acts 15: 14. for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. J EHOVAH loves those with whom he has made a covenant. These have grown strong in the Lord and delight to take part in the service of the 1. Their Jove for the l\Iost High must be supreme. being thoroughly convinced that it is the will of God that such must now be done. 58: 14." (Verse 1) This is a commandment of God to the faithful remnant directing such to deliver a message to those who are of the house of the I~ord.. however. as its readers know. has strrssed the importance of service in proclaiming the name of Jehovah.vho have developed bitterness and hatred. "-Isa. 2: 9. If the Lord's anointed. They must conform themselves to the rules which God has made to govern his own.0rd. and The 131 n'afch Tmeer has attempted and will continue to attempt so to do. but cruel. nor even to justify the course taken in stressing service. and has a peculiar interest in their welfare. 2 For some time The lV ateh Tower. When some of his sons are in danger he gives them warning for their own good. have induced others over whom they have influence to take the stand of indifference and become lukewarm. It is deliyered to those . 6 The prophecy opens with the words: "Cry aloud. Some have become harsh in their criticisms and have developed bitterness toward The lV ateh Tower and those who have to do with its publication. 1929 No. 43: 10. L r-IAY 1. S The opposition that has become bitter goes on from bad to worse. 12.&1AVATCHTOvVER PRESENCE A~~D HE~ALD OF CHRiSTS VOl.. 10. otherwise they can not dwell for eYer in his house. can have Scriptural proof that the course taken by The Watch Tower has been and is in full accord with the Lord's Word. however. 5 The 1Yateh Tower is not seeking to defend its position. Some have even gone to the point of declaring that the \Yatch Tower Bible & 'l'ract Society is merely a bookselling concern to make money. Isa.. Some leaders in opposition.1\nother company of the Lord's people have greatly rejoieed because of present truth which the Lord has giYell to his people through 1'he lV ateh TOll'er and of the importance of participating actively in tIl(' service. 'l'hey have great joy in the field service. realizing tliat Gou has called a people for his name and that such people must now be obedient to his commandments and sing forth the praises of his name. What is here said is not for the benefit of opponents. That is not necessary. 'l'he Scriptures abound with proof of the correctness of The Watclt Tou'e1"s position in stressing service. The prophecy here under consideration is a part of the cumulative eviuence upon that point. and shew my people their transgression. 1 Pet. and the house of Jacob their sins.

and sigh and moan as one clothed with sackcloth and ashes and who is in dire distress." (Verse 4) They love to exalt their own virtues and seck to get into an argument about how well they are doing. as a nation that did righteousness. and it does not accomplish for man God's purposes. When appearing in the presence of others they use a solemn and affected voice. but are not diligent to obey God's commandments that apply especially at this time.Jehovah speaks of the condition of those . but do not delight in magnifying the name of the Lord. and forsook not the ordinance of their God: they ask of me the ordinancrs of justice. Y. '1'he remnant is told to give the warning in no uncertain terms. and exact all your labours?" ( Verse 3) The lukewarm are here represented as speaking au inquiry of God. They make themselves believe that such a course of action is pleasing to the Lord and is necessary for them in order to get into the kingdom. seemingly. The remnant is to use diligence in telling the message to others. they take delight in approaching to God. they say: 'Behold us. which speaks louder than words. God docs not need anyone to help him rule.Vherefore have . It will be noticed that when in the presence of the congregation such have an appearance of a bulrush fully matured. as a leading elder of the class. "wherewith ye grieve others. thcy say to God: '".-er others in that ecclesia. This conclusion is further supported by the .132 'The WATCH TOWER exactly thc same as that warned in the period of Laodicea because of their lukewarmness or indifference to the commandments of God. he necessarily wields an influence o. Yet they seek me daily. they meet together and sing and pray as the Scriptures enjoin upon them. 10 For some years many of the consecrated have sincerely believed that their chief work is to develop such a nice character that God will receive them. and they delight to approach God. he would have taken them from amongst the holy and beautiful angels. 11 If one of these has been a leader of some ecclesia for a number of years. By his speech and every act in the presence of the congregation he induces himself and some others to believe that he is one who is fully ripe and ready to go to heaven. Their very attitude bears testimony that they have afflicted themselves. The parading of one's own virtues before others brings no glory to God. and thou takest no Imo\vledge? Behold. By their action. ye fast for strife and debate. They mark the contrast between themselves and others and draw attention to themselves that others might see what wonderful characters they have developed. in the day of your fast ye find pleasure. They say: '\\T e have fasted and afflicted our souls and prayed and wept and testified of our love for one another. Their fasting and prayer in their sanctimonious way opens the way for strife and debate and for smiting. They take great delight in themselves. The work that God gh-es his anointed ." God tells them that they take pleasure in themselYCs and also arc pleased to tell others what the others should do in the way of developing character and therefore in developing brotherly love. They spend much time in measuring and judging the brethren according to their own standard. The marginal reading of the text is. ' 12 Jehovah makes it clear in his Word that he is not pleased with such a course of action. and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall not fast as ye do this day." (Verse 2) Here . and delight to know my 'ways.vho are not doing what they might to glorify God's name in accordance with his commandments. we are more holy than thou. Continuing to address this same class and to point out their improper course. BROOKLY~. with head hanging down. Through his prophet he tells them that although they have fasted and met together and testified and prayed. His influence leads others to become like him and to take a similar course. and thou seest not 7 wherefore have we afflicted our soul. They say one thing and practise another. Others should take us as an example and reach the blessed state which we have now reached by our solemn and. 7 Then says the prophet: ' . He has taken out from amongst men a people for his name and has granted such the privilege of showing forth his praises by telling others about his virtues. If it were nice and beautiful and glorious creatures that he wants in heaven to help him fasted. N. They arc glad that they have the truth. Of course.Ve serve you. and now will you bless us 7' 'l'hey content themselves hy receiving the truth and meditating upon it. They bear witness against themselves. to the end that the negligent might repent and hasten to get in accord with God and busy themselves in doing what God has commanded shall be done at this time. The class to whom the message is given measure their own spiritual growth by the Lord's way or standard. it would be beneath his dignity and his position of great importance to have any part in the active field service.vords of the prophet that follow: 8 "". they have no real joy in the Lord. They assume the attitude of "more holy than thou". say they. and not to spare self in so doing. They conclude that by fasting and afflicting themselves they are thereby crucifying the old man and developing beautifully the new. to make your voice to be heard on high.silent meditations and the development of brotherly love. and why have you not heard us?' Then God begins his reply to their questions. the prophet of the Lord says: U "Behold. They assume an attitude of sorrow and meekness and apparent complete submission to the Lord. Behold how wonderfully W!3 have developed our character. Like the Pharisees of old. In testimony they tell how much they have suffered for righteousness' sake. In the place of meeting they hang their heads with an air of great modesty.

MAY 1, 1929



to do is for their good, to show a full obedience and
devotion to him in joyfully obeying his commandments.
lS Those who have become so thoroughly impressed
with their own importance and their solemn attitude
which they strike to impress others, are not pleasing
to the Lord. Hanging down the head like a bulrush
is not ,vhat he wants. To such he says: "Is such then
the fast which I can choose 1 a day that a man afflictefh his soul? to bend his head as a bulrush, and to
spreaJ sackcloth and ashes for his couch ~ wilt thou
call this a fast, and a Jay of acceptability unto the
LorJ1" (Verse 5, Leeser) This statement of Jehovah's shows that he is 110t pleaseJ with the course of
action taken by those who attempt to convince others
by a saJ and solpmn countenance that they have developeJ into the likelH'ss of Christ. There is no proof
in the Bihle that Christ Jesus ever did anything like
that. On the contrary, he said to his Jisciples: "1\1oreO\'er, when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad
countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they
may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you,
TI1C'Y have their reward. But thou, when thou fastest,
anoint thine head, and wash thy face; that thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which
is in secret: and thy Father, ,vhich seeth in seeret,
shall reward thee openly." (lUatt. 6: 16-18) The
rule that Jesus is here emphasizing exactly corresponds with what the prophet said. 'When one senes
the Lord he should show by his very countenance that
he has joy in his heart.
14 One who thinks he must appear on the platform
or pulpit in a certain kind of long black coat, and
hang his head in silent prayer while others behold
him, is manifesting selfishness, which is the very opposite of love. Desiring to have the approval of men
is selfishness. To have an honest and burning desire
to receive the approval of God because of faithfulness to him is proof of true love. If one really loves
God he diligently seeks to know and to keep God's
commanJments; and while doing so he will have the
appearance of joy, and be in fact joyful, because he
delights himself in the Lord. (1 John 5: 3; John 14:
21) Then the Lord proceeds to state to his people
the kind of fast that is acceptable and pleasing to
15 "Is not this the fast that I have chosen: to loose
the bonds of wickedness, to undo the bands of the
yoke, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye
break every yoke?" (Verse 6, R. V.) To fast means
really to abstain from that which might be proper anu
pleasing to the flesh that greater joy may be had
in spending the time and effort in magnifying the
name of Jehovah. Abstaining from food illustrates
this. There is no statement in the Scriptures that the
Christian is warranted in fasting in order to Jraw
the attention of otlwrs to himself.


16 'Vhen a prophecy is in course of fulfilment and
God's people see it, that is the time to rejoice and do
what God through his prophet points out must be
done. At this time God is showing his anointed ones
that there are many prisoners who need help. The
wicked leaders have bound them as prisoners and held
them in their systems or organizations anJ unJer
their influence, and arc still holding them there. The
prisoners are crying unto God, and he hears their
cries. CoJ commands his anointed people to carry his
message of deliverance to these prisoners and show
them the great privilege they now have in taking their
St:111J entirely on the Lord's side. lIe bids the anointed
give the prisoners that which will enable them to
break the bands and go free.
11 Furthermore, there arc those in the ecclesias of
the Bible Students who arc bound and held by a yoke
whieh is made by the improper course taken by some
elders a f such ecclesias. If the leader or eluer of long in the class refuses to have anything to Jo
with the active field service in preaching the gospel to
others and tells the class that it is of greater importance to engage in silent and solemn meditation, that
leader thereby binds some with his influence and induces them to become lukewarm. That conJition of
lukewarmness being to their own injury, God commands that his faithful remnant cry aloud in their
hearing, as with a trumpet, and to spare not, that the
lukewarm ones may be awakened. The Lord says to
those who please him that they put forth their best
endravors to break their yoke and to aid the people to
sec his glory.
18 All the blessings of life proceed from Jehovah
God, because he is the great r~ife-Giver. The people
must know him and his beloved Son in order to get
life. They must break away from everything that
tends to the worship of creatures. The worship of men
has long been a subtle scheme of Satan to turn the
people away from God. Assuming a grave and sanctimonious attitude could be for no other purpose than
to have and receive approval of men. The man who
takes that course begins to worship his own virtues
and soon forgets that he owes everything to God. He
thus puts the yoke on himself and on others who are
influenced by him, and hinders them from seeing the
great privilege of magnifying the name of Jehovah
and delighting themselves in him.
19 God has supplied the bread of sustenance or
spiritual food for his own people and he makes it the
duty of each one of his anointed ones to deal out that
bread for the hungry. No one of God's anointed is
commanded to feed himself and silently meditate upon what he has received. Jesus declared that it is
more blessed to give than to receive. That is the fixed
rule, and those who give out the truth to others are
not only feeding themselves but feeding others; and
for this all receive a blessing. Therefore God tells his



people what is pleasing to him, and through his
prophet he further says:
20 "Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and
that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy
house Y when thou seest the naked, that thou cover
him; that thou hide not thyself from thine own
flesh?" (Verse 7) Here the Lord is telling his people not to hide themselves by hiding in their homes
or in their little classrooms, but, on the contrary, to
go and carry the bread of life to the hungry; to find
those who are afflicted und in distress and to comfort
them by feeding them upon the truth; and to find
those who arc not identified with the Lord in his service and to tell them of their blessed privilege of now
taking their stand wholly on the side of the Lord und
of serving him.
21 Those who merely hrar the Word of God and
absorb it like a sponge and do not give it out to others
are deluding themselves: "Be ye doers of the word,
and not hearers only, deluding your own selves."
(Jas. 1: 22, R. V.) This is conclusive proof that those
who merely hear the Word of God and do not use it
as he has commanded are in a state of delusion. The
Lord makes it clear and plain that formalism is not
pleasing to him. There are many today who are without a proper shepherd because the false shepherds
have led them in the wrong way.-Ezek. 34: 1-9.
22 The anointed of Ood who are faithful to him
must practise the pure und true religion. "Pure religion and undefiled before our God and Father is
this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world."
(Jas. 1: 27, R. V.) There is a wide difference between "religion" and the pure religion of the Lord.
The faithful must refuse to compromise with any part
of the world, but must go and boldly and joyfully tell
the people of God's gracious government that soon
will deliver them and bring blessings to them.1 John 4: 17,18.

Those who have opposed and still oppose activity
in going from house to house and telling the people
of the wonderful doings of Jehovah are spiritually
sick. They find fault with those who are actively engaged in the field service. Such spiritual sickness can
be healed only by the Lord, but those who would be
healed must faithfully follow the Lord's direction.
He commands his anointed to cry out aloud for the
benefit of these spiritually sick, that they might see
the right way to be healed.
24 Many of those who are spiritually sick utter
harsh criticism against The Watch Tower and the
active ones who are engaged in the service. Such
have not been active during the Elisha period of the
"'ork of the church, aI!d such inactivity has causeel
spiritual sickness of these to increase. Constantly



they say: 'We do not get enough spiritual food; we
should have more about development of character and
how to show forth more love. We should say nothing
about the world and the oppressive organizations.'
Such complaints are evidences of the spiritual sick.
ness of those who utter them. God says to them in
substance: 'If you would busy yourselves in obeying
my commandments and go and carry the truth to
others, thereby proclaiming my name and my purposes, your sickness would be healed.'
2~ Further upon this point his prophet says: "Then
shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine
health shall spring forth speedily; and thy righteousness shall go before thee: the glory of the Lord sha II
be thy rereward." (Verse 8) It is a well-known fact
that can not be successfully disputed that those who
are indifferent, inactive or lukewarm have not seen
nor appreciated the unfolding of prophecy since the
Lord came to his temple. They are living in the past
and deceive themselves in believing that the Lord has
supplied his people no food during the past decade.
The spiritual food with which God supplied his propIe during the period foreshadowed by Elijah was
according to his will, and that which was then due to
be understood. God did not stop there in rrvealin~
his truth, however. Those who have partnership with
God and with Christ Jesus by doing with thrir might
what their hands find to do are the ones who walk
in the light. (1 John 1: 7) Others who have been
brought into his covenant and who find fault and
criticize the activity of their brethren and remain inactive, lukewarm and negligent are going blind and
can not see the beauties of the truth which Ood is
now unfolding to his anointed.-2 Pet. 1 : 9; Rev. 3: 17.
26 If the lukewarm were awakened and would take
the course which God points out to them, not only
would their sickness be healed, but they are told by
the Lord, "Righteousness shall go before thee." Tlw
anointed can see before him and know that he is
going the right way, and therefore is righteous. N'J
self-righteous persons can be approved by the Lonl.
Furthermore the prophet adds: "The glory of the
Lord shall be thy rereward." That means that God
has furnished the protection from the rear and wards
off the assaults of the enemy, that the enemy can not
successfully attack from the rear. The healed ones
will then know that they are going in the right way
and are absolutely safe.
27 The remnant is now in the van of the little company of the Lord's witnesses, and the lukewarm ones
might be healed and then follow on. Those who arfl
marching on can not watch the enemy approaching
from the rear, but Jehovah God provides the protection for his own, both from the front and from the
rear "For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go by
flight: for the Lord will go before you; and the God
of Israel will be your rereward." (Isa. 52: 12) This

loUy 1. 19211



gracious promise from the Lord brings full assurance
and joy to the heart of everyone of his anointed, who
know that their destruction is being sought by the


28 The Lord tells the lukewarm that the yoke which
they have put on themselves has caused them to hang
down their heads like a bulrush, look sad, and apparently long to get away from the earth. Of course if
they should be suddenly stricken with pneumonia
they would send for a doctor. Such have not entered
into the joy of the r~ord because they do not appreciate the fact that the time has come to vindicate the
name of Jehovah God and to deliver the people from
oppression. God first gives them a chance to be healrd
and enter into his joy, and then it is that if they will
awaken and become obedient to him he will hear them.
29 The Lord then says: "Then shalt thou call, and
the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall
sny, Here I am." Then the Lord adds a condition to
"'h icll such must comply in order for their cries to
be heard, and that condition is stated by the prophet
ill these words: "If thou take away from the midst
of thee the yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and
spraking vanity."-Verse 9.
30 The remnant joyfully respond to the call of the
Lord to carry forth his message, saying, "Here am I,
send me." (Isa. 6: 8) God now tells the lukewarm
to awaken and do likewise and to receive his blessing'l.
Then, continuing to advise the lame ones, God through
his prophet says: "And if thou draw out thy soul
to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall
thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as
the noonday. " (Verse 10) The Revised Version marginal reading of this text is: "Bestow upon the hungry what your soul desires for itself." Othrrwise
stated, the Lord says: 'Come out of your seclusion
and busy yourselves in carrying the message of truth
to others.' For the further encouragement of the
same class, God promises that obedience on their part
will mark the taking away from them the agonizing
prayer and affliction from which they have been suffering and will bring peace and joy in what he is doing for them.
81" And the Lord shall guide tIwe continually, and
satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones:
and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a
spring of water, "'hose waters fail not." (Yerse 11)
To those wllo thus obey, the promise is given that
their supply of truth and joy in the truth shall not

82 It is well known to all the anointed that sinc~
19] 8 breaches have been made in the ranks of God's
people by the wrongful course of some who once
started to walk in the right way. Some have been in-


fiuenced to draw back from the work by the wrongful course of others. The Lord has his remnant in
the van of the earthly part of his organization, but
now he gives promise that the lame ones might awaken, enter the joy of the Lord, and be permitted to
take up the work and bring up the rear and to repair
the breaches and become builders. This does not mean
builders of self, but builders of the waste places, as
the prophet further says: "And they that shall be
of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt
raise up the foundations of many generations; and
thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, 'rhe
restorer of paths to dwell in. "-Verse 12.
83 Taking the right course of obedience to God '81
precious offer, such may become builders by proclaiming the message as witnesses to the nations as tho
Lord commanded. (1\1att. 24: 14) By becoming witnesses to the name of Jehovah and joyfully and boldly
declaring' his doings amongst the people; by gathering ont the stones of falsehood that have caused many
to err; and by lifting high the standard of the Lord
that the people may rally to it, such will be working
to their own good and to the glory of Jehovah. (Isa.
62: 10) Zion is builded up, but the fact that God
holds out this mercy and encouragement to the lukewarm ones shows that there is yet some opportunity
for them to have some part in his organization. They
may also have part in pointing out the right way to
those who seck the Lord.
34 :JIany "'ho have refrained from participating in
the active field service now reason in this manner:
'The sabbath is a day of rest, and we have entered
fully into the rest of the sabbath day; and that means
to us absolute inactivity so far as going from house
to house, preaching to others, is concerned. \Ve are
resting in the Lord and waiting to be taken to heaven.' Such have concluded that they must refrain from
work and must afflict their souls, develop character,
meditate with long and solemn faces, and prepare to
help God when they get to heaven. In this they deceive themselves, as shown by the words of the Lord.
85 God rested from his creative work on the seventh
or sabbath day; but he has not been idle since then,
most assuredly. \Vhen Jesus was on earth, four thousand years after the creation of man, and speaking of
working on the sabbath day, he said: "My Father
worketh hitherto, and I work." (.Tohn 5: 17) What
work, then, has the Lord been doing? His law provided that if the ox or ass fell into the pit it should
be pulled out, even on Sunday. Jesus referred to
such law when he was speaking to those who criticized
him concerning healing the sick on Sunday.-Luke
13:11-16; 14:4,5.
36 The Word of the Lord therefore proves that the
sabbath day is a day for doing restitution work.




Since the fall of man God has been working out his
plan for the salvation and restitution of man. With
him the seventh day or sabbath day has not been one
of idleness. There is no excuse for his anointed to be
idle in that period, especially at this time. Now his
great work of establishing his righteous government
for the deliverance and blessing of the people has
reached a climax. All those who are coworkers with
God, instead of entering into the condition of inactivity, must enter into the condition of work. What
shall they do ~ They must be ,\'orkers, doing what
God has commanded them to do. 'rhey must be God's
witnesses, giving testimony in the way he has provided it shall be given. They must tell the people
what God is doing, that the people may have an opportunity to take their stand on the side of the Lord
God. God has put his spirit upon his people and has
provided each and everyone of them with the means
of going forth and telling of his mighty works. The
radio, the printing presses, the book-manufacturing,
and the going from house to house with this printed
message of good news, all arc means which God has
provided to do his work at this time of the sabbath
day. Upon this point God's prophet says:
31 "If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath,
from doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call
the sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord, honourable; and shalt honour him, not doing thine own
ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking
thine own ·words." (Verse 13) In this verse God
tells those who have taken the wrong meaning out of
the sabbath day to make it one of inactivity, that if
they will turn away from their wrongful conception
thereof and from the doing of their own selfish pleasure and on that day not follow their own selfish way
but honor him by doing his work in his appointed
way, then they will have Jehovah's approval and
blessing. Then they will delight themselves in the
Lord and not in their own" character development".
88 If the lukewarm awaken, repent and quickly
change their course of action in the way the Lord has
directed, there are some wonderful blessings in store
for them. Especially is that so to those who have been
induced to take a position of inactivity by reason of
the 'wrongful influence exercised over them by the
stronger ones in the ecclesia. God tells such that if
they will quickly obey him and 'delight themselves
in the Lord', then they shall have his blessings. This
is in exact accord with the promise uttered by Jesus
to the lukewarm ones of Laodicea, and shows that
both prophecies are now in course of fulfilment.Rev. 3: 17-19.
39 Jacob had a great desire for the birthright that
would come from his father. His desire therefore
pleased God, and the birthright was given to Jacob.


N. Y.

Thereafter he was persecuted by his brother Esau.
The house of Jacob therefore stands for those who
love God and who have a great desire to please him
and have his blessings. The heritage that comes to
the house of Jacob is that of everlasting blessings to
those who are of God's organization and who remain
faithful. To those who hear and obey the Lord and
turn from their selfishness and delight themselves in
Jehovah, he says: "Then shalt thou delight thyself
in the Lord; and I will cause thee to ride upon the
high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father; for the mouth of the Lord
hath spohn it."-Verse 14.
40 God has graciously called his people out of the
parched and arid desert of the world. He has led
and instructed them. Because he loves them, he warns
those who are in dDnger. For their own good he commDnds his remnant to give this warning by crying
out aloud with the voice of a trumpet. This command
must be obeyed. Hence the necessity of repeatedly
stressing the importance of serving God. His love
for his people, and his protection and the blessing.,
he will give to them who are obedient, were foreshadowed by what he said through his prophet long
ago: "For the Lord's portion is his people; Jaeob
is the lot of his inheritance. He found him in a desert
land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him
about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of
his eye. As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth
over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh
them, beareth them on her wings; so the Lord alone
did lead them, and there was no strange god with him.
He made him ride on the high places of the earth,
that he might eat the increase of the fields; and he
made him to suck honey out of the rock, and oil out
of the flinty rock. "-Deut. 32: 9-13.
41 God was good to Lucifer, and his goodness hardened the heart of Lucifer because of pride. God was
good to Pharaoh, and his very goodness hardened
Pharaoh's heart. God shows his goodness and exceeding kindness in warning the lukewarm to repent and
telling them of the blessings that await them if they
become obedient. His very goodness and loving-kindness will harden the hearts of some of these because
of pride. Some, puffed up by reason of their importance, will laugh with scorn at what is here said ann
will continue to oppose. Can their course in any way
hinder the work of the Lord? Certainly not. What
is the condition of those who refuse the grace of God
when his Word discloses that it is stretched out to
them 1 In a subsequent issue of The Watch Tower a
discussion of this matter will be had.
42 The importance of the year 1918 becomes more
apparent to those who delight themselves in the Lord.
Since the coming of the Lord to his temple God's
light of truth shines in completeness upon the Head
of Zion, that perfect Stone which is laid before the
anointed of God. (Zech. 3: 9, 10) From time to time

MAY 1, 1929



God's lightnings flash from the Stone, illuminating
those of Zion. The light is to cheer and comfort and
give strength to those who love the Lord. Let his
people therefore delight themselves in Jehovah and
be the recipients of his everlasting blessings.
How does Jehovah regard those in covenant relationship with
him i On what condition will they retain his love and favor'
Ilis warnings, reproofs and chastisements are for what purposei ~ 1.
ContTast the attitude of some with that of others with respect
to the continual encouragement and urge to engage in the
kingdom service. 'Shy has this emphasis upon service been
necessary f ~ 2-5.
What is here indicated in the expressions, "my people" and
"the house of Jacob'" Also, "their transgressions" and
"their sins" f Clearly, to what class is the command gh-en
to 'cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice', and ,,-hat does
this mean f ~ 6.
Compare the scriptme with the facts, to identify the class reo
ferred to in the second verse. ~ 7.
The Lord's' taking no knowledge', as they themselves testify,
indicates what ~ Accordlllg to the Lord's answer to their
inquiry, what is the purpose in their afflicting themselves
and fasting~ How do the facts agree therewith' ~ 8, 9.
Many have held what erroneous view as to what one must do
to have the Lord's approval' In what is their error mani·
fest ~ What does the Lord say of their course of action'
~ 10-12.
Jesus gave what instruction as to fasting' Point out the
proper quest for approval. ~ 13, 14.
What is the real meaning and purpose of fasting' Fulfilment
of a prophecy, and the Lord's revealing to his people tho
meaning thereof, implies what as to action on their partf
Adding his command brings to them what privilege and
duty f Describe the present situation, as calling for verse
six. How can God's anointed people serve in the fulfilment
of this scripture' "if 15-18.


Account for anyone's distorting Jesus' words to read, I Freely
ye have received, keep it among yourselves.' In verse seven
God points out what as the proper use of spiritual food
which he provides' ~ 19, 20.
What does James say of being I a hearer of the word, and not
a doer" Give his definition of pure religion, and its appli·
cation. ~ 21, 22.
Give evidences of spiritual sickness among some of the Lord '8
people. What is their only source of healing, and the course
required of them to maintain their spiritual health' 1 23, 24.
Show that some have failed to experience the blessings set
forth in verse eight. 'What is the reason for such failure'
'Vhat, then, is the privilege of the anointed in this connection' What promise of guidance and protection is given to
those who joyfully enter into this privilege' 1 25-27.
The Lord then sets what opportunity before those in bondage'
How may they avail themselves of his approval and blessings' What is the promise to those who will obey the Lord,
meeting the conditions here set forth f 1 28-31.
Account for breaches in the ranks of the Lord's people. By
realizing their position and pursuing a course of obedience
to God, "they that shall be of thee" will enjoy what privileges f 1 32, 33.
How have some wrongly concluded in regard to the use of the
sabbath day' What did Jesus teach and exemplify with
respect to the sabbath f In the light of prophecy and evident present fulfilment thereof, how only can the anointed
meet their privilege and responsibility as coworkers with
God' 1 34-36.
What action on the part of the class addressed will meet the
conditions mentioned in verse thirteen' 1 37.
The Lord sets what further rich blessings before those who accept in obedience the conditions here specified' What is
meant by being' fed with the heritage of Jacob " 1 38-4U.
Illustrate how one's heart may be hardened through misuse
of God's goodness and loving-kindness or through lack of
appreciation thereof. Point out in particular the present
danger in this regard, and the importance of entering fully
mto the gracious privilege and blessings which Jehovah sets
before his people. "if 41, 42.

['I.'hlrty-mlnute radio lecture1

OULD you like to go to heaven when you die,
or would you prefer to live for ever right
here on the earth 1
'l'his question is asked in all seriousness. ~rany
people, both young and old and of both sexes, when
asked the same question, have almost without e~cep­
tion ans,Yered, 'I would be perfectly satisfied and
happy if I could live on the earth for ever.' Many
clergymen have expressed the same thought.
Chancellor Day of SJ'racuse University, now deceased, was reported in the public press as saying:
"Bible Students claim that people will live on the
earth for ever. I hope they are right. That would be
good enough for me."
It is a well-known fact that those Christian people
who expect to go to heaven when they die will get the
best doctors and employ every means at their command, to keep from dying when faced by that ordeal.
It is also a well-known fact that most Christian people will resist death, and plead with God in agonized
tones that their life may be spared.
Why this instinctive fear of death, and this tena-


cious clinging to life, even when continued life means
continued pain, suffering and distress 1
The answer is that man was made to live on the
earth. All his members are adapted to earthly conditions. His feet were made to walk on terra firma,
and would be utterly useless to him in heaven. His
eyes were made to see the sights of earth; his ears, to
hear the sounds of earth; his mouth, palate and digestive tract were made to eat, digest and enjoy the foods
of earth. Instinctively he feels that he could not use
a single one of his members in heaven. Somehow he
feels that Jesus told the truth when he said, "A
spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have"
(Luke 24: 39); and that Paul was right when he
said, " Flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom
of God."-l Cor. 15:50.
Speaking of those who will be counted worthy of
a place in heaven, John says: "It doth not yet
appear what we shall be; but we know that ... we
shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is."
(1 John 3: 2) These texts, and others, teach that those




who go to heaven will have spirit bodies just like the
one that Jesus now has.
A spirit body is an invisible body. Jehovah God
has an invisible body; and so has Jesus since his
resurrection from the dead. Angels have invisible or
spirit bodies; and if human beings are ever to see
angels, it is necessary for those angels to materialize.
To materialize, an angel must create a body of flesh
and appear in it. This is the only way a human being
can see a spirit being. Jesus materialized on several
occasions after his resurrection for the purpose of
convincing his disciples that he was alive. After he
had fUJ'Ilished to them sufficient proof that he was
alive, he ascended into heaven in their presence and
will never materialize again, for the reason that it is
not neceSSalT, because he furnished complete proof
that he was alive on the occasion of his materializations.
The Bible not only shows that man was made to
live on the earth, but in uifferent ways and by great
numbers of texts assures us that people will live
pn the earth for ever. In fact there are far more
texts "'hich illuicate that man's everlasting home is
this earth, than there are texts that say man \vill go
to heaven. '1'he fact is, however, that there are both
heavenly and eartlily promises in the Bible. The fact
that men will live on the earth for ever has been entirely overlooked by Christian people; and the reason
for this oversight is that such a view does not harmonize with the creeds.
During the dark ages men made creeds; and ever
since that thry have spent their time in defending
these creeds instead of studying the Bible. As a result, people are wrll inuoctrinated in the creeds and
know vcry little about the Bible. Another hindrance
to a correct understanding of the Bible is the fact
that most people brlieve that the creeds are taught in
the Bible, and so close their minds to argument along
opposing lines. The faet is that not a single item of
the creeds is correct from the Bible standpoint. Creeds
werc made by men \vho did not have the truth, and
often by men who were among the most wicked and
reprobate people of earth. To be honest a man must
repudiate the creeu when he finds that it conflicts
with the statements of the Scriptures. But most people are so weuded to their creed that they will repudiate the Bible instead.
'1'he creeds teach that all who are saved will go to
heaven. It is claimed that all infants who die will
go directly to heaven, and that all who live reprobate
lives and before death express regret will also go to
hea\'en. It is also believed that all those moderately
good people who belong to some church, even if they
never study the Bible or make a pra;yer, and even if
they are not regular attendants at church, in some
unexplainable way will get to glory. Again, it is believed that all the heathen who die in ignoranee of the


N. Y.

only name whereby they can be sayed will in some
unaccountable way be taken right to heaven.
'Vhat a motley crowd would thus be in heaven.
Little children, reprobates and heathen. They would
know nothing about God or the Bible. They would
have no knowledge of what God would require of
them. They would be totally unfitted for any work,
and unable to properly appreciate their sudden
changc of environment. 'Vhat could God do with
such a crowd of people 7
It is not true that little children, death-bed converts or the heathen \vill be in heaven. None of these
classes fulfil the necessary divine requirements. Jesus said: "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will
give thee a crown of life." None of the classes mentioned were faithful unto death. Jesus also said: "To
him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in
my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set uown
with my Father in his throne." None of these classes
ever overcame anything. The Apostle Paul says that
'without faith it is impossible to please God'; and
everybody knows that an infant can not exercise
faith, neither can the heathen who know nothin~
about God or the Bible.
Peter also gives us his view of the matter, saying,
"Add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;
and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance
patience; and to patience godliness; and to godliness
brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity
[lO\'e]." Then Peter adus: "If ye do tllese things,
ye shall never fall; for so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our I~ord and Saviour Jesus Christ." It is
self-evident that infants, heathen and death-bed converts have never auded anyone of these things to
their faith. The trouble with these teachings is that
they are teachings of the creeds and not of the Bible.
In most clear, positive and unmistakable language
the Bible points out two different salvations: an
earthly salvation for the larger part of the race, and a
heavenly salvation for the church. '1'he earthly promises
are found chiefly in the Old Testament, and the heavenly promises are found in the New '1'estament. There
was no church prior to the death of Jesus. Indeed, he is
expressly declared to be "the head of t he church".
(Eph. 5: 23) Furthermore, members of the church
are declared to be followers of Jesus. It is self-evident
that no one could be a follower of Jesus who lived
and died before Jesus did. The hem'enly promises
were made 10 a faithful class of people who would
deny self and take up their cross and follow in Jesus'
foob;teps; to a class who would be faithful unto death,
and who would receive, as a reward for their faithfulness, 'glory, honor and immortality.'
The church began on the day of Pentecost, fifty
days after the resurrection of Jesus; and from that
time on others were added to this church, and the
work will continue until the church is completed.

MAY 1, 1929



According to the Bible the church is composed of
a limited and foreordained number. In Revelation
14: 1 we are told that the church is composed of
144,000 members. Speaking to those who would be
members of this church class, Jesus said: "Fear not,
little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to
give you the kingdom." (Luke 12: 32) Again, in
l\Iatthew 7: 14 we read that Jesus, speaking to the
same class, said: "Strait is the gate, and narrow is
the way, which leadeth unto life; and few there be
that find it." In harmony with these suggestions is
the oft-repeated statement that "many arc called,
but few are chosen' '.
The heavenly promises of the New Trstament are
made to this church class, a little flock, few in number, 144,000 in all. Speaking of these, Jesus said:
"Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first
resurrection: ... they shall be priests of God and of
Christ, and shall reign \yith him a thousand years."
(Rev. 20: 6) It is this church class who arc so often
designated as the "rlrct of Clod", "those called to be
sain ts, ' , , 'the sanct ified in Christ Jesus," , , over·
comers," "joint-heirs with Jesus Christ."
It is this church class who are to share in the" first
resurrection' '. Here we have the key to an under·
standing of the two resurrections, mentioned in the
Bible. The "first" resurrection is for the church;
the" afterward" resurrection is for all the remainder
of the human family, and will not take place until
the church is in glory with her Lord.
Speaking of these two resurrections, the Apostle
Paul says: "There shall be a resurrection of the
dead, both of the just and unjust." (Acts 24: 15)
The jttst class is the church, those who have been
faithful, and who come up in the first resurrection.
The unjust class is the human family in general, including heathen, idiots, infants, and millions of professing Christian people who never study their Bibles,
who never confess their sins and never ask God to
forgive them. The great easy-going, nominal, professing masses of Christian people, who arc content
to know that they arc members of some church, but
who never honor Jehovah God, never show forth his
praises nor encourage others so to do, these arc unjust also, even if they have refrained from indulging
in gross sins like many others.
Speaking of both resurrections again, Jesus said:
"The hour is coming, in the which all that are in the
graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth; they
that have done good [the church class], unto the
resurrection of life: and they that have done evil
[the remainder of mankind], unto the resurrection
by judgment."
It is generally supposed that Abraham, Isaac and
all the prophets will also be in heaven, but the Bible
does not support this view. Jesus said: "Ko man hath
ascended up to hrann, but he that came down from


heaven, even the Son of man." (John 3: 13) Jesus
also said of John the Baptist: "Among them that are
born of \vomen there hath not risen a greater than
John the Baptist: notwithstanding, he that is least
in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he." (l\Iatt.
11 : 11) Of course, if the least one in the kingdom of
heaven is greater than John, the only conclusion is
that John will not be there. Indeed no person who
died before Jesus did will be in the kingdom of heaven. This is the harmonious and united testimony of
all Seriptures. Jesus was the head of the church, and
of course no one could precede him: all other members of this church class must be followers of the
When once we grasp the thought that there is both
a heavenly, invisible part of Cod's kingdom and also
an earthly, visible one, it clarifies many texts that
otherwise are not understandable. For instance, in
Luke 13: 28 we read that Jesus, addressing the scribes
and Pharisees, whom he had just called hypocrites,
said: "Ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob,
and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you
yourscl vcs thrust out." It is entirely unreasonable
to suppose that those hypocritical Pharisees will be
in heaven. '1'hey connived at the death of Jesus. They
were guilty of hiring false witnesses to condemn Jesus. Most surely they will not be in heaven; but, as
this text indicates, they will be brought back on the
earth again, and will see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
in the earthly part of the kingdom.
But Jesus said to these Pharisees that while they
would see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the prophets
in the kingdom, they themselves would be thrust out.
",Ve ask, lIow will they be thrust out 1 The answer is,
that they were so wilful and rebellious in their opposition to and persecution of Jesus that they will die
the second death therefor. Their punishment will
be everlasting destruction. They will have no share
in either part of the kingdom. 'rhey will be accounted
as the offscourings of all things. This is the portion
of everyone who, in any age, wilfully resists the
truth and those whom the Lord is using to put forth
the truth. There is no forgiveness for wilful sins,
neither in this world nor in the world to come.
Now let me cite some of the many texts that tell
us that people will live on the earth for ever. In Psalm
37 : 29 we read: "The righteous shall inherit the
land, and dwell therein for ever." It is generally
supposed that all righteous people will go to heaven,
and yet here is a positive statement that righteous
people will live on the earth for ever.
Again, in Proverbs 2: 21, we have the same thought
in these words: "The upright shall dwell in the
land, and the perfect shall remain in it."
The Prophet Isaiah, pointing forward to the end of
the thousand-year reign of Christ, when all wilfully
wicked shall have been destroyed in the second clP:llll,

and in Isaiah 45: 18 we are told that 'God formed the earth not in vain. be like him.. peace. if we hold to the creeds. we can not belieye in an earthly salvation. birds and fish'. so that the kingdom work may go on without being hin· dered. failures spoil his plans.YO read that" the earth abideth for O\'er".. amI wiII result in complete and abject failme. J esus beeame man's ransomer. dom when he taught his disciples to pray. The first thing necessary will be to awaken the people from death. This is why Jesus could say: "The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. But in no single instanee does the Bible so teach. And the death of Jesus guarantees to every man an awakening from the sleep of death. will be compelled to learn the truth about God and the Bible and to unlearn their creeds. lS'. J csus had reil'rcnce to the earthly part of the king. that will be the time when the idiotic and insane will be restored to sound mind and come to hear about the only name given among men . They must be faithful. Other texts tell us that men "shall build houses..'aters cover the deep '. blossom as the rose". Jehovah God is not disposed to let man'r. and instead of the briar . and that 'the lion and the lamb shall lie down together. These must prove their loyalty and obedience now. "-Isa. They must be fitted for their work. with all its powers. Associated with . easy-going people who have sailed under the name Christian. The allswer to our question. and an opportunity to win life on the earth again. and things in earth. Their reward is a grand one. 'Vho goes to heavrn1 we have found to be. but told him to 'multiply and increase and fill the earth and subdue it. Man's effort to convert the . with all their glory. and inhabit them. he com· mitted si11. for the reason that the creeds teach that the earth is to bo destroyed. and that "the desert shall . The Bible ealls it the "day of Christ". an earthly home and everlasting life on the earth. This is exactly what Christ will do during the thousand years of his reign. 'We are told that when the thousand-year kingJam of Christ begins. but they will share with J csus in blessing both the living and the dead." Of eourse. liberty. That will be the time when all the infants will come to a knowledge of the truth.140 'fhcWATCH TOWER leaving no one alive but righteous people.yhercby anyone can be saved. and spirit bodies. says: "Thy people also shall be all righteous: they shall inherit the land for ever. the myrtle tree". indifferent. and not life in heaven.vorld prior to the establishment of that kingdom is not only without authority but very foolish. as in heaven. The creeds teach that mun is to convert the world before the second coming of Christ. he formed it to be inhabited '. that" instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree. and eat the fruit of them". and forfeited his commission. so he made an arrangement whereby he would ransom the l'a ce from the consequences of Adam's sin. and a little ehild shall lead them '. King Jesus hns all power in heaven and in earth. This being true it fully explains why the church is saved first. while the Bible teaches that Christ comes for the purpose of convcrt· ing the world. bring them forth from the tomb again and give back to them all that Adam had lost for them. That period is what men call the Millennium. The church is called the "bride of the Lamb". and they shall plant vineyards. also "the kingdom of Christ". because they have had their nanw on some church roll. . Christ . "Thy kingdom eome. we find that God made no pl'omise to Adam that he would die and go to heaven." (Luke 19: 10) That which was lost was life on the earth. howevrr.Jesus in this work of blessing the world will be the true church. Y. It is these creeds that are responsible for all the confusion in connection with an understanding of the Bible. so in earth.. and also explains the necesgity for two sal \'ations. None others have ever had either this power or the authority. and shall reign with him during the thousand years. They too will be clothed with a proper power and authority to do the work. Only those who are to share with Jesus in the work of converting the world of mankind. 'fhe church will share with Jesus. the Devil. Then there are the other numerous texts which tell us that the whole 'earth shall be like the garden of Eden'." Paul referred to the same thing when he sai d: "At tIl e nam e of Jesus eyery knee should bow. the church wiII be with him. In harmony with all these texts. and that the 'knowledge of the Lord shall coycr the earth as the . The kingdom of Christ will not fail. They must be overcomers. and then to educate them until BROOKLYN.. 'all shall know the truth from the least of them unto the greatest of them'. happiness and everlasting life. his redeemer. when all the heathen will learn about the death of Jesus and the necessity for the same.vill rule with a rod of iron. and haye dominion over the beasts. Not only will they have the divine nature. They must suffer with him if they would reign with him. During that time those lazy. for a thousand years. Thy will be done. of things ill heaven. The record shows that after Adam had reeei"ed his commission to fill and subdue the earth. It is called "the kingdom of Christ" because Jesus will be Jehovah's agent in blessing all the people with knowledge. 60: 21. in the great work of educating the world during this thousand-year kingdom of Christ. In Ecclesiastes 1: 4 . namely. God also set apart a period of one thousand years for the purpose of doing this great work. He will hind man'8 great adversary. which means that people 'Yill be compelled to learn thc truth and obey it or else go into the second death. whom God has been selecting during the past nincteen centuries. as his joint-heir.

The truth is conclusive when we bear in mind that "dates" in this pyramid did not develop anything. 'l'he new Year Boole which has just come to hand proves beyond a doubt how the Lord is blessing the service work. I haye becn instructed. JOYFUL SERVICE DEAR BROTHER RrTIIERFOlW: The brethren of the Preston class send greetings and love. Go to it and pour 'the sm-enth vial into the air' over the radio. It truly marks the year as "Birth of The Nation" marked the vear 19215. while we. and that your heart may always be truly humble and thankful. It is certainly fitting that the "Laodicean Period" should immediately follow. W. Yours in kingdom joys. neyer I 1 remain. the joy of service. but there is the same material distress. and that when you discover a past error J'ou take the hide off it. and we take this opportunity of telling you that your message of love and greeting contained in the letter addressed to the . MR.. G. A. you . showing that all the wisdom of ancient Egypt is contained in this building of stone. for the kno\\ lcdge of the Lord will fill the earth. E. we remain GLOUCESTER (England) ECCLESIA. that you may be a fit instrument in our Lord's hands. HOLD. in 1926. Do not even think of. the saUlfl famine for the Word of God. Hon'MAN. We consider it the last call and reminder. ever keeping this year's text for our motto.. add to your joy for the counsel of our King given through you. This should be of special interest to those who still prefer to cling to our former ideas respecting the Pyramid. In my profession I come across many pcople versed in the occult. I am Your brother by grace. We greatly appreciated the Detroit Convention. N. and whilst you hit the DedI hard. but aftcr a close examination I am now convinced that you are right. have been truly "meat in due season" throughout the year 1928. • Asking our Lord's richest blessing on you and your share of the work. "\Ve are personally thankful to the Lord that he has upheld and strengthened you.INTERESTING LETTERS WILLIXG. H. hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools" and yet keep your face resolutely set to do the Father's will I rejoice and pray that you may be kept until the end in th~ faithful service which has so obviously met with divine ap' proval down through the years. unto which we are called. "\Ve say we love our Father in heaven. W. AND MRS. It is realized that you need comfort and encouragement. which is all the proof we nced that we were deceived into accepting this pile of stone as being connected with the Word. lIave read your articles on the "Pyramid of Gizeh". Secretary. F. and then "all shall know from the least to the greatest". W. and uesire to express their appreciation for all the blessings receiYed during the past year. England. through the many trials and difficulties \\hich you have to face. another landmark passed. the extraordinary goodness of our heavenly Father in the wonderful clarification of his truth. joyful stanu. One of the best known occult scientists in London has published a book dealing WIth the subject. Anointed" is held in high esteem. During the cnsuing year we shall pray uaily for the Lord's blessing to continue upon you "Il. but I am writing you a few lines which may be of some interest to you. The 1Vatch Tower. On behalf of the class. by . Lovingly. Our ecrlesia fully appreciate the wonderful work you and your colaborers at the Bethel Home must be doing to enabl<l the volumes and booklets to be produced in such large quantities and at so low a price. They further rejoice in being allowed to be colaborers with you in spreading kingdom truths among the groaning creation. he asks for a simple demonstration of our professed love in that we serve him in the greatest work man was ever aske<l to perform. Secretary. as it prayed nothing. brother. and that the things which were figured out to happen according to these measuremcnts did not mature. I saw this truth a long time ago and wrote you about it and am glad to sce it coming to pass.. on the borders of your land '. 'MAKE HIS PRAISE GLORIOUS' DEAR BROTHER RUTHEltFORD: The Gloucester ecclesia greet you in the name of our reign· ing King. Book sales are beginning to pick up. The Lord is with you. and the results of that speech proye that God is with you. Our prayer is that you may be sustained and always lean on the Arm of the Lord. also. It will interest you to know that the Great Pyramid is considered by them to be the greatcst silont witness to the higher occult truths (f) in the earth. and at first I could not see "eye to eye" with you on this. So 'fear not. It has often been expressed here that your wonderful discourse at the Albert lIall. am glad to note that you are not afraid of your shadow. on our part. Go to it I When all blind eyes 141 i: are opened it won't be necessary to have a pyramid or anything like a sign to guide us. . HEATHERLY.-illing response and joyful service. intcnd to 'sing forth the honor of his name: make his praise glorious'. PioneBr Colporteur. O. POWELL..." "\Ve are in a section of country new to us. but rejoice in the privi· lege of bearing the reproaches of Christ. and we are daily encouraged by the daily renewal of the right spirit." "Witness and Leader to the People. JAS. England. We have never read anything to surpass" The Altar in Egypt". our Father. Can we who say we know him refuse' Please. aUll in particular of the most pro found privilege we have in presenting the most vital message of the day to the peoples of earth. the same longing for relief. as the results for last year far exceed all expectations. "God's Lightnings. the olu man can not touch you." "Prcpared for the Remnant. It emphasized the service which has come to the front to stay. NOT FOLLOWING FABLES DEAR BROTHER ReTHERFORD: I know you are very busy and may nevcr see this letter. CAN WE REFUSE? DEAR BROTHER RUTHER]'ORD: It gives me very sincere pleasure to express my great appreciation of present truth. we are Your brethren in Christ. ANTHONY BUCK. the opposition that proves our work. ""Vhen. Your courage and the energy you employ in the interest of the kingdom have been a source of definite inspiration to me. to write and convey to you their love and to say how they appreciate your zeal and devotion to the Lord and to his people who remain on the earth at this time.. We pray that you may continue to give out meat in due season as his lightnings reveal. Revelation 11: 19 "lightnings" are striking error and knocking it out. DAILY ENCOURAGED DEAR BROTHER RUTHERFORD: "\Ve are writing a few words of <leepest appreciation to you for your service in the stre~s of this day. God. the best of times and the worst of times. I used to be "strong" on the pyramid dates and studied the Edgar books a great deal' but now I see that time was wasted. They would like you to know how whole-heartedly they agree with The Watch TOWEr and its bold and fearless way of presenting and discussing the ever-increasing light which the Lord is shedding upon his Word. nothing else. and as a company we hope to increase our eiIort to bring honor to the name of Jehovah. "With warm Christian love. We are not following cunningly devised fables but plain truth. . or consider. as secretary.

dear brother. 51: 16. comfort. So when you made a statement at the Detroit Convention that it was the work of the Devil. was a hard one to grasp. Just a few lines to express my heart's gratitlHlp for the new Song Book. Your brother in the Lord. and happy.ion.nding check for these. and the Gorenl1l!Cnt book. as I do wish to please our heavenly Father. as did Aaron and Hur. I ot once laid my idea before the Mahaffey ecciesla. I have read It and think it is fine.. for wanting to get it in the hands of others. but will be fully satisfied with GoLl's Word. Y. 17: 12. South Carolina. It makes me provoked at 1l13'self when I see what a dnnce I was to think anything about it." dissipateLi the many shadows which were cast by the pyramid. To think that you would contradict what we had been taught so long. aTHI thank you also for your faithfulness in hplping us to see it. Pipase pray for me. we take this opportunity of staying your hands and those of the brethren associated with you in the service of the King. TOPE. Yours by the Lord's grace. that I may be more carefui in the future. Our pastor is highly pleased with Deliverance and Creation. Washington. N. I am not able right now to he in the senice of our dear Jehovah. A. Heassuring 3'OU of my loyal support to the end of the way. I IlPsitate to take up your valuable time. C. Even during the twenty-seven years we were in Bahylon the Lord led us on and brought us into the light of the truth. We are glad. how he can break through as strong a place as our dear Brother Russell and feed us on the husks of sin. joy. But there is no work in the worlLl which makes a person so happy. A'nLi although because of physical disability we can do little. A. or trick-o-nometry. Regardless of the obstacles and difficulties that Satan mny throw in our road. Reconciliation and Govel'nment. The article in The Watch TOICor for Kovember 13. DELIVERANCE DE ~R BROTHER: Being sueh a poor scholar. and leO are. lIEPllUl\.'o years. "NOT QUITE ENOUGH FIRE FOR HIM" IIfY DEAR Sm: I have for some time thought that I would write you and tell you of the great benefit 3'our books have been to me (a IIIethodist). I thank the dear Lord for the light we arC' getting in tht'sp days. I am Your brother in Christ. Wishing you the blessings of Jehovah. but havo been putting forth every effort to keep in harmony with the Society. surely we ought to be busy. as \\'('11 as for all the good things Jehovah has prepared for the remnant class at this particular time. If one would oniy think a little Illore. but not a doer. Yours in his service.\T. 4: 18. Kow. I am sure that the Lord is guiding you in the great work you are doing. and took a strong stand in favor of the Devil's stone witness. Now for twenty years I have been a hearer of the truth.rrneWATCH TOWER 142 COUNTERFEIT EXPOSED DEAR BROTIIER RUTHERFORD: Greating in the name of Jehovah and his Anointed King.-Prov. I remain Your brother in our Master's sen-ice. C. and I wish to state that I can not find words to thank our God for using 3'OU to open my eyes to this awful deception. C. GRAy. so that today's light has caused even the great pyramid of Gizeh to swallow its own shadow. I will never again contradict The lVatch TOlwr unless I can do so by the Word of God.'. ever hefore us. Our experience is that the increasing light brings peace. dear brother. ANEW SONG DEAR BROTHER RUTIlEIUOHIl: 'TRINITY ELIMINATED' My DEAR BROTHER RUTHERFORD: I know I am very late in thanking you for the book Reconciliation. the new ones affect us like a fresh L1rink of \vater.-D. Now I have just finished reading the December 1 issue. and am glad to say that very few times have I had any trouble in grasping the truth as set forth in The Watch TOICor. BUCLIElJ. G. find by the one who taught It. Continually praying God's richest blpssings on you and your as:>ociates. and he does not like it so well. BROOKLYN.lany thank:> for the liglit receiyell from the last 1Yatch TOlcer in regard to the pyrami<l. Ohio. If everybody would read it. Having sung' thosp dear old songs for twenty years. WOOD. "TIle Altar in Egypt. the flpsh is very weak. that shineth more and more unto the perfect day". Then the picture on the cover expressps so much. and am sf. our Lord Jesus Christ. I have never seen anything so thoroughly discussed and so completely done away with as you have the "trinity" in Revonciliation. And the Governmcnt book is a masterpiece of literature. I could hardly sit still till I read it throngh.Isa. \Vith our "ministry of reconciliation". I am thankful to the Lord for the spirit and understandIn~ of the truth now due and for the disposition to reveren~e his Holy Word. It certainly will 1'0 a long way toward 'la3'ing the foundations' of the "new earth". I am sure there would be far fewer believers in the trinity. I have been in the truth less than t. "kingtlom interpsts. our p~lthway becomes brighter and brighter. It shows the cunning deception of Satan. but your IIell book does not have quite enough fire for him." and a conviction that we b(~iong to )'. -Ex. but I fe-el that lowe you an apology. LEE H.-England. W. J. and fearlessness. trigonometry. they wanted to know how I stood. ami another of the Devil's counterfeits is exposed for what it Is. THANKFUL DEAR BROTHER RUTHEI\FOlW: . Pa. and for twenty-four years that light has been shining more and more. in that they are using you as a chief among the anointed servant class in this period of service of the kingdom. Be assured of a continued interest in our prayers and tho:>e of the dear ones with whom we associate. and are grateful to both for the honor and grace bestowed on you. and the LorLl's dear ones will no ionger be fooled with its mathematical hieroglyphics. and for some reason I was fully convinced that the P3Tamid of Gizeh was God's stone witness. . now. I answered that I was stopped. one could see that it was not of divine origin. I have all except your last two books. \Vhen the Novemb('r 15 lVatch TOlcer appeared. W. truly "the path of the just is as the shining light. But I find that while the spirit is willing. STIEGEL. and of my consecration to the LorLl's will and way for ever. I am Yours in the joy of the kingdom. I was stunned. ANNIE C. But I thank you so much for it. It shows us our complete nothingnC'ss in the sight of Jehovah.

Some are not blessed with endowments for going about and telling it to others. The Society is no longer sending out the service lecturers. Brother Russell always outlined the work during the year in proportion as the Lord provided the money through his consecrated children.. would you like the assistance of a regional service director to help you organizeY Give full name and street address of the class secretary. Y...__ __ Kindly address this card to the 'I'OWEH BI13LE & TRACT SOCIETY... state distance from station and if the brother will be met. Number each answer to correspond with the number of the question... Write plainly. 143 . We suggest that it be brief and that nothing else be written except the following: B~' tlle Lord's grnce I hope to be able to give to his work for ~Vl'l'a(ling tlle gospel lluring" the ensuing year the amonnt of $. anointed to serve the Lord.. based upon what is expected. even the ones and twos. and to do the work entrusted to us. however..SERVICE LECTURERS AND REGIONAL SERVICE DIRECTORS A BOUT May 1 of each year the classes of the International Bible Students in the United States have been asked to renew their requests for service lecturers (formerly called pilgrims) for the ensuing year. as appropriate in the church. Or. (Sigllature) _ _. serve all the classes in the United States that are organized for service. Every consecrated child of God is privileged to participate in this work. to the end that hungry souls might be fed upon the precious truths.. and remit their" Good Hopes" to such offices. and moncy in telling the message to others. while they are blessed with some money which they desire to use in the Lord's service. To this end we are requesting that the class secretary bring this matter to the attention of the class.. Each one who has been enlightened by the truth appreciates the fact that this blessing came to him as a gracious gift.. One of these put aside for J'our own record of what you haye prom- ised.. enables us to outline the work.. but we are assured that the prayers of the righteous avail much.. 'Ve continue to follow that example... If a country appointment. 117 Adams Street. the other send to us. Financial Department. as we have been fed.. answering all questions if possible. Hence we ask the brethren to present us daily before the throne of heavenly grace. those that are not organized for service as well as those that arc. (a) State the number of Bible Students in your class (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j) (k) (1) who are in harmony with the Society and the work it is doing7 Are weekly meetings held 7 At what hours are Sunday meetings held7 Are conditions such that your class can entertain a service lecturer or regional service director? Is J'our class organized for service Y If not. that we may be given wisdom and grace to use the money to the best advantage in spreading the gospel to the Lord's glory._.. and as he has a zeal for the Lord he appreciates his privileges of using time. Give name and address of another to whom we could send notice._ . N. Upon receipt of this issue of The Watch Tower kindly write two cards. Brooklyn... I will remit in such amonnts and at such times as I can find convenient.. All being members of one body. if you prefer. A notice to the Society that you hope to give so much. and give the street address where possible.... put it in the form of a letter. as telegrams can not be delivered to a post office box. it is the desire of the Society to keep in touch with all classes. keeping a copy of the letter for your own convenience. Is J·our yicinity coyered by the WATCHTOWER radio service? How many of the public were you able to get out at your last public lecture Y GOOD HOPES FOR 1929 . Of our own selves we can do nothing. energy.. and furnish us with the following information... Give the name of J'our railway station.1930 T HE work of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society is the preaching of the gospel of Messiah's kingdom. except in a very limited way and at irregular intervals. 'YATCH Brethren residing outside of the United States should write their respective offices in the countries where they reside.. The custom of setting aside each week so much to be used in the Lord's service has always proved benefi· cial to the giver... and send the answers to the Radio and Lecture Department. exactly alike. Hegional service directors. at least once a year. according RII the Lonl prospers me.

. lIIan Treherne. lo\va " 20.. . lIIay 19-25 " 26-28 SERVICE CONVENTIONS W. _.. " 5.. 211 N.12 Cedar Rapids. Ohio . 19 Chariton.. Wash __ .__ _.._ __._ " Hacine.. Ohio Apr. 741 Charleston St. _. . 1Ilinn.." 23-25 New Albany.. . . Minn _. 30 Duluth._ Benton Harbor. Oreg. __ _.. "-ray 19-21 JetIersonville. Colo. Man.._ _... whose name and address are given in each instance.. Iowa _May 1 Olnaha. New u I.lontgolllt'l'y. Ohio lIIay 20-21\ Cleveland. 1603 Hunter A\ e.10 Altona. Trenery.. 16 South Bend. .." 13. ._ _ . 15 Milwaukee. _ 13 Plum Coulee. . Oreg " Albany. Wash.. . !IIansfield. Dubuque." South Haven. MACMILLAN Des Moines.. . Bellevue._. 30 L. C. . _.. N. l\Ialby.10 Kelwood._._ _ _. . Man. Mathews. May 31-June 2 Fort William. " "-roxtOll. Wis _ __ _ _. Mich. Oreg. Man. CUTFORTH Gilhert Plains.. . __ .l\loilles. Grand Junction._ lIIay 18.21 " 22 0 ••••• 2a " 24 26 27 28. Kans. J. .7 Lincoln..._ . .14 Elkhart. HERSEE 3 Mlnnedosa._ lIIay 18. " 29. Ind May Marcellus. l\full.. 11.. C. .. 13. 15. _. Utah .. .8 Rm. J. . .._ July 13. " 5-7 9-11 12-14 15. . Spokane.17 Duluth. Ohio _._. 488 Summer Ave.__ Ewart.5 Emerson. 10\\ a Cedar Rapids. Sask.. Minn. Kalamazoo..17 Cellar Rapi(ls. _ _ _._ " 11. ... Flynn.July 20. W. 'Vis.. _ _. 1555 E. Wash.._. . Colo _ May 11-13 Colorado Spr'gs. ~ask. -Mich. 6 l\Iorris. ._ . Mich. Sask. Louisville.._ _ July 4-7 Howard A. II H.. Mich._ .14 Mill wood. Nev.. Sask.26 27 29. i\fuu. . " 7. --------._ _.. \"ash. Ohio . Pittsburgh. __ _ lIIay 18... . 29 30 31 Marshfield. lIImn. . Communications should be duected to the secretary.May 4. Mich. 603 Highland Place. . May 2 P?.May 16._ Souris. l\IUll.. 21 Walter W.. . . Nebr. Y•. JJ 27 Detroit.. 9. Viscount. BARKER 2 Greenfield. Beilke. RAINBOW T. Conn. 1\lan. Sask. L. the Society is arranging a series of local conventions.:a. " 20. 612 N.E. " ]._ _ July 4·1 H. Sturgis. 10. 2(i-28 Belvidere. . 1I11nn.__. Pa Easton. Ind. ._.. _. 19 lIliss Doris Eo Whlle. Wausau. Ind. 24 26 27 28. 9 Coldwater... _.H.) Elkhart. Ill. 30 Edgar A..DRAPER 5-7 Washington._ _ July 4-7 F.. _. ._." 10-12 Dallas.. .. . Sask. Oreg 17-28 Centralia. 459 2Uth St. 26-~8 J. 14 Roland. Ill.. Charleston.. Ind. 7 Adrian.. Mich. . Wash " 2li·28 A. 8 LslJer St. 1338 Prospect Ave. 8 j1"'rallklin.... S..\I"y 7 May 9-19 Toledo. _.. Seattle. 111. H. ilIau. 26-28 Des . __ . Fa. 8 Hillsdale. 19 " 20. _ June 29. _. Ill.. 12 Neepawa.ora. lo. 1504 Henion St. Mich. O.__ _. __. TOUTJIAN G. West Hm en._.. . ." 15-18 Denver. . .26 Glenwood. Oreg _. Wis. :Man. Iud... Iowa lIIay 18.._. Man. 19 E... "-ash _ " 2:3-25 Ol~·mpia.. Nebr _" 3-5 Nebraska City. .. \Vawota. II Hi-18 W. " 14 Cllnton. Ohio Columbus. Onto . 57 S. 5-7 9-11 12-14 16. ' __ ' . • " Humboldt. ._______ 4. _May 16 _" lR._ _ June 1·3 Adam A. Oreg _. . 16 17-19 20 22. Smith. Newark. Mich. .June II H.12 Morden. Ind..._May 12-21 South Bend. Conn .. lIIan. Iud.. Lorenz. S. Cedar Ilapids._. Io\\a Dubuque.. .. _._ JJ Saskatoon. N. Ind. THORN 'Vaterloo. 1\10.24 23 25. .. 21 W: J. ._. 2203 W. 6. Mich. 3038 Ashwood Ave. Iowa _ " . Wis. 'Vis. lIIay ZiOll. Sask ..ancaster.. Oreg May 12-14 Portland. Dumas. Sask.. Wilkinson... . ... Oreg. 27th St...__.. Waukegan. 14 1Ildlimwille.. Oreg. Joseph. Man. \VIS••••••••_•._ _. Mich. 1238 Tholllpson St. .. July 4-1 C.. Paul. 22 23. Mich.. Somerville. 56 " Rapid City. " . Pa.21 Freeport.__ May 30-June 3 C. Duluth. l\1an. Brandon. . 2-4 5-7 9-11 Salem.. W. Pa.30 DWIGHT KENYON Medford. ..30 Madison. Oreg. . Iowa . 14 A. E. E. . W.. W. Lacota.._ . lIlan. . _ __..._ . Va. .. " 9 Winkler. Dak .. ORRELL Reno.._lIray _lIIay " S. Oreg. C. 7 Hamiotu. Minn. _. Iowa May 1R. to be held in conjunction with the regional service directors' appointments to some of the larger classes. Ind. Shoal Lal<e. . 2 • II T-9 Pueblo. 23-25 Two Ilarbors.. _. 6 'VoH Creek.." ~()-22 Aberdeen..bow.. .._.. _ . Battle Creek. Otsego. . . 12 Three Rivers. Colo. Niles. " 23 St.ving. _. .. O>. W. Crandall. " 2-7 9-18 Allentown. KUUH St. Columbus. Mich. Wis _lIIay 21.May " _. •_ lIIay Eugene. . 16 H 5-7 9-11 12-14 10.lIIay Reading.. Princeton. Mich . B.rta._. lIlan.19 Wansau. ~:). Iowa . _May York ton. ~lan. _._ _ _June 14·16 1I1iss Clara Klebe.. Ia 1'1'. Ind.__. . B.:: 3 "lnulpeg.. Grams. Nebr _ " 8 Sioux City. Cleveland. 29-. 19 Aifred L. 19 20 21. . O... " 3 5 Detroit. Mich. . 17 Portland. _" 7._ May 19-21 SuperIOr. Iowa 1\Iuscatillc. .. Oreg _ _ _. 117 State St. 111. . Io\va . 18.. _. 15th st..May 29-June 1 Topel. l\Jan. Iud._. WATT M. Minn.. Pa. lIIan. Minn. Pa. W.Jun<:l 29. l\Ian. H. . .~ May Salt Lake CIty.. May 30·June 1 E. 57th Ave. :Man.. .]!) Yancouver._. __ " 2:3-:2..) HoeHord.__._ " 25. Minn. 11._. lIIan. Iowa Oelwein. Me<. SHEFFIELD Centuria.. J. Colo May 19-June 1 In view of the fact that there will be no general con vention during lU:W. Trenton St.. Portland. 19 . . Walnut St. _lI~~y 9·11 1'. Wis Grantsburg. Su~k. HERR Lawrence.eburg.. . . Iowa . 28 Fargo. 13... __.. OI'f'g". . . . 17. Proctor. _ _ June 8.. WIS.__ __. Man.. . Ohio .. 1110 Linneus. 12-14 Bedford.__.. . . Man. Milwaukee. __ _. Ky. . . "-Iay 2-4 Grants Pass. :l\Iinn. Baxter. _. Ind . _ lIIay 18. Hillyard. 6. Iowa . 1I1iller. Dorst. ._••_ 1uly 20..J une 21·23 K Hammerschmidt._May 26-June 9 Eo D. Foam Lake. These con ven tions are for the convenience of elasses within a radius of from sixty to a hundred miles from the city where they are held.. Mass May Syracuse. . 26-28 Duluth. Ind.International Bible Students Association SERVICE APPOINTMENTS J. 19 Harry W.. " 26-28 Magnet.'). " 2-4 5-7 9-11 lIIilwaukee. N. MURRAY Dayton. Indianapolts. M.:!._. Wis. ----. 22 Rhinelander.21 23-25 Indianola._ . 2414 lIIallon Ave... Man..

• ~:n~mhllSl ~UW$'fl~...•..ft'~m~J~teijUW®ml9~1r))~~ ~f~Uy~nu~u.•. ...•. L No....•.•...•...•...oatch to see <chat lie .•... __ ..•. Mark 13. HADIO SEITVICE _ Ol'l'OlGUNI'l'Y I!'OR .... 10 SElIlI-lIIoNTIILY May 15. 1929 CONTENTS JI:nOV.. and for looking after those things which a~e corning on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.•.. _. 140 "1 uiJl stan(/..••••••••..-Luke 21: 2t:i-31.••... 147 ] ~)() In Course of Fulfilment Questions for Berean ~........ WHAT Is HEr L? .\0 ..... and UtI! ...\F[ SUl'ltDIE •._ n:c~unr. ] G:3 ]56 •__•. __ . Look UP.." ..••••••••••.••••.. with perplexity' the sea and the waves [the restless..••..Z1llllQl~ wnS11. 33.. then know that the Kingdom of God is at haud.. • • ......... and lift up y01ll' heads.zt T:pon the earth distress of nations.. Matthew 24. for your redemptIOIl draweth nigh...•__ .:CCTION OF TITI~ 1)1... discontented] roaring. :illg@lPJ'-~aiaIJ VOL.lG0 SPECIAL S8ltVICE 'YFEKS "AC'A'lION __ ~_ 146 14(j SEUVICE __ ..tlldy ~ .•. 29~ . upon my watch ana will set my foot upon tile 'j'Ju.•.•...•••.. When tll~se thmgs begin to come to pass. men's hearts failing them fo~ fe..•.•..

. This gives two full wceks. but by International Postal Money Orders only. give testimony to the name and plan of Jehovah God. Canadian . If not convement. A renewal blank (carrying notice of expiration) will be sent with the journal one month before the subscriptiOn expires. As to all other countries.J. THAT JESUS was made a human being in order that he might become the Hedeemer of man. the anointed will have the same opportunity.:otice to Subsaribers. . For the year 19:29 two separate weeks have been selected. Canadian. . During the pcriol! of vacation the Bethel Home will be closed. and those who obey will live on earth for ever in a state of happiness. grow in his likeness. Labor Day in the United States. Strathfield.A.. that man wilfully disobf')'ed God's law and was sentenced to dl'ath. S. . COWARD R. clothed with all power in heaven and in earth. F. N. Y.. but anxious. It does not assume a dogmatic attitude. H. and is from everlasting to everlasting. • • . U. $1. London. THAT FOR MANY CENTURIES God. The British Empire is now the great world power. The second drive or fielll service week will begin August 25 and will include two SUllllays and one holiday. and its columns are not open to personallU('s. . 1929. It . but confillently Invites a careful examination of its utterances In the light of the infallible "\YOI'd of God. The first will be the week beginning May 19 and ClIlling JUay 2G. TH"\T GOD created the earth for man. the anointed remnant can prepare anll arrange their aff'airs so as to devote the time to special field service. . Ontano • 7 Beresford Rd. may be expected to appeal' on address label within one month. It does not indulge In controversies. and ultimately be glorified with Christ Jasus in his IH'aYenly kingllom.50. Durmg that period of tIme there 'Till be no general eonvention. W. 'Entered M Seaond ClaRS Mllil Matter at Brooklyn. J. THAT THE "WORLD HAS E~DED. has bf'en selecting. when requested.S. to the glory of the Lorll's kingdom.. that by reason of Adam's wrongful act all men are born sinners and without the right to life. the local mrmagers will fix the vacations in the countries respectively which best suit the convenience of the majority of the brethren.u::! has returned and is now present.'S.. '\'e are not only willing. CANADA AND lIflSCBLLANEOUS FOREIGN. • • 6 Lehe St. as no orders to the office will be filled during the time above mentioned. Sydney. This is the best evidence that we shoulll con tin ue this practice. VAN AMBUROH Secretary President EDITORIAL COMMITTEE W.. Any unencumbered brothers desirIng to participate in this branch of the service will be sent questionnaires.vill be their privilege to give the witness in these couutries. llpad nnd bOlly. OFFICERS J. that he gave his life a sacrifice for man and thereby produced the ransom price. that the Lorll Je. American remittances bhould be made by Express or Postal lIIoney Orders. Change of address. E. It gives announcement of the visits made to Bible classes by traveling speakers. RUTHERFORD W. that he is now the Lord Jesus Christ in glory. YEAl\LY SUBSCRIPTIOl{ PIlICE UNITED STATES. Toronto. It is free from parties. THAT THE HOPE OF THE PEOPLES of ('arth is restoration to human pNfection dnring the l'f'ign of Christ. that all "uch be on our list continually and in touch with the Berean studies. ". 40 IrWIn Avenue. ACS'lRALASIA A~D SOUTH APRICA. constitnt('s the "seed of Abraham" throuc. Where a definite time is set and notice given ahead. RUTHERFORD E...00. to \Vit. Australia . that the Logos became a lllan. through Christ. Notice is now giv('n that the anointpll in every part of the earth may have ample time to prepare. Likewise in tIle United States.• Cape Town. BARBER FOREIGN OFFICES British . that the reign of Christ will afford opportunity to eVNy mall to have a fail' trial for life. sects and creeds of men. [(Foreign translations of't his jou1'1lal appear in several languages. Y. and gives reports thereof. September 2. 2. anll therefore all who take allvantage of this period for vacation may arrange for special field service wherever they spend their vacation. . VAN AMBURGH J. England . :z. E. that Jesus the divine was raised from the dead.' Acknowledgment of a renewal 01' a new llubscrlptlOn will be sent only when requested. Will be supplied free If they send a postal card each May stating their case and requesting such provision. . and pre1'lented the value of his human sacrifice as the redemptil"e price for man.THIS JOURNAL ITS SACRED MISSION PUBLISHED SEMI. Act oj March.. When returned to us tIler will be filed for call when required.cell Christ Jesus upon his throne and now COlllmaIllls all nations and peoples to hear and obey him. that the mission of the church is to follow in the footsteps of her Lord Christ Jesus.. 1879. HEMERY J. it will be desirable to have the vacation in the same perioll if convenient. \Vithin its domains there are a numbpr of the Lorll's anointed. by reason ot old age 01' other iufirmity or adversity. ascended Into heaven.. The classes will please have these dates in mind and send in any orders so that they can be filled prior to August 18. 34 Craven Terrace. Hemittances from scattered foreign territory may be made to the Brooklru office. N. South African and Australasian remittances should be made to branch offices only. that Cllrist. are unable to pay for this journal.. British. announces conventions. .. OPPORTUNITY FOR SERVICE It seems likely that we shall find it necessary to increase our factory force at Brooklyn from time to time to care for the increasing work. created perfect man for the eal1:h and placed him upon it. N. It provides sJ'stematlc Bible study in which all its readers may regularly engage.from amon~t men the memllers of his church. $1. W. It stands firmly upon the great ranSOlll sacrifice as the fundamental doctrine by which all doctrines are measured. GREAT BUITAlK. It announces radio programs and publishes suitable Bible instruction for broadcasting.. 117 ADAMS STREET BROOKLYN. South Afnca Please address the Society in every case SPECIAL SERVICE WEEKS Designating certain weeks during the year for special service to the Lord in allvertising his kingdom has had the Lord's blessing. WATCH TOWER BIBLE & TRACT SOCIETY T TO US THE SCRIPTURES CLEARLY TEACH TIIAT JEHOVAI-I is the only true God. 8. . P08tofflc~. 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they go on in their own selfish way. Here I am. if he gets into a bad way. The words of the prophet are addressed to those who have spurned the warning." -lsa.Tehovah God. As the instrument of Jehovah. I~egardless of what the creature may do. that he can not hear. they are needed by the Lord. and your sins have hid his face from you. The prophet then tells them in substance that Jehovah is supreme and needs no one to help him. 5 Then the prophet addresses those who continue to oppose God. because of the effort being made. "sins have made him hide his face from you. that it cannot save. Everything that Jehovah does for man is for man's own good. Believing that they have developed such an approved character that the salvation of man and the operation of the uni\"('rse requires them. "'I'hou shalt cry." (Isa. God is love. self-willed ones who continue in the 147 . their destruction becomes a necessity for their own good. The prophecy indicates that there arc many who have taken their own selfish wny in utter disregard of their covenant and God's ·Word. The same prophet (fifty-ninth chaptel') utters the sequel to the preceding prophecy. the servant clnss takes its stand before those who refuse to heed the prophet's \varning and says to them: "Behold. 2 Pride and vainglory cause some to disregard the mercy and loving-kindness of Jehovah God. Those who continue in that attitude separate themselves from God." (Verse 2) The marginal reading is." That means that God's favor is withdrawn from them. that it cannot save. and he will lead them and help them. Then says the prophet of the Lord to them: 'GOG'S car is not heavy. Even though a man has made a solemn covenant with the Lord. the Lord's 'hand is not shortened. a The Prophet Isaiah (fifty-eighth chapter) is callseu to sound a warning to those who have made a ('o\'enant wit It God anG who have transgressed in violation of that covenant. L MAY 1Q~9 15. he will hear. God sends thrm a warning. In both chapters the prophet \\"ho speaks is the anointed and approved prophrt of . Those who are still in possession of some meekness will hear the warning and ('hange their course of action. He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. but when his creatures continue in the way of wickedness and with no attempt at reform ation. that he will not hear. 4 The purpose of the warning is a manifestation of mercy and loving-kindness on tlie part of Jehovah extended to those who have become lukewarm and indifferent to their covenant privileges.0tJvVATCH TO\tVER A~~ D HE~ALD OF CHRRSTS PRESENCE VOL. and his lovingkindness is for ever extended to them that know and obey him. !\o. To such the Lord hns committed his kingdom interests represented by his goods. what good could result from calling attention thereto? Manifestly the purpose is to awaken some of the weaker ones who are in danger and to rescue them from the influence of the stronger. and he shall say. God does not save him from that condition until the creature admits his error and calls upon God for help. 10 JEHOVAH SUPREME "Behold.' The cries of those who are repentant and desirous of service to God. that it cannot hear. they continue in their way of iniquity. 59: 1. When the attempt is made to aid such to see the way of the Lord. but "ill harden their hearts toward God and his work. the Lord's hand is not shortened. and says: "But your iniquities have separated bE'tween you and your God. On the contrary. the effort is repulsed and the proud assume that. J EHOVAH is long-suffering and merciful. and therefore represents the class on earth today who are faithful and true to the Lord as witnesses. If the lawless OMS have separated themselves from God. 58: 9) But the prophet shows that some do not repent and cry unto the Lord. Every act of Jehovah is therefore unselfish." The inference must be drawn that the disobedient have assumed an attitude that God can not get on without them. Seeing those in danger who have made a covenant with him. His mercy is great unto the heavens. 'I'hose who al'l) proud and impressed with their own importance will not heed. Jehovah's prepared plan of salvation for man will be worked out exactly according to his will and exactly in due time. although they have be(>11 offered the opportunity to selTe God. To such the Lord had already said that if they would turn away from their wrongful course and cry unto him he would hear and help. neither his ear heat'y.

and sets on fire the . They weaye webs like the spider to ensnare the gullible. but the tongne of men no one is ab]() to subdue. and without a doubt this is done for the benefit of the ones who have been put under the yoke of the workers of iniquity. and thereby they defile their hands with blood. Then the dreadful situation of such is made known by the words of the prophet. and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper. "-Jas.vho can be made to sec their dangel' and their opportunities to escape therefrom. but tlwy speak against justice and truth. full of death-produeing poison. your lips have spoken lies. and yet they join with the clergy in seeing that the Bible Stndents should say nothing against the Devil's organization. Y. 6 That the danger might he realized for their own good. says: 11 "None calleth for justice. 5) These opposers are in combination against the work God has commanded his anointed to do. It "'ould be a waste of time and effort to appral to such as have. To be sure. thus is that tongue renderetl among our members. T God through his prophet makes it plain that it is not a lack on God's part that causes snch consideration. the iniquitous ones embrace those who have been favored with the truth of God's plan and who by reason of their peryerseness hal e joined with the clergy in opposition BROOKLYN.' On the contrary. N. as set forth in the fifty-eighth elwpler. Furthermore.. Therefore the prophet of God.' Those who have been in the truth and then turn against ~he work of the Lord have entered into a combination with the clergy to accomplish an evil purpose against the Lord's people. however. They hatch cockatrice' eggs. are defiled with lawlessness. continuing to speak of and concerning them. and your fingers with iniquity. They know that the clergy are doing injustice to those who are striving to be witnesses for God. The tongne is a great enemy. They do not deceive the Ijord's elect by their works. Their fingt'rs. As food for such they provide that which is likened by the Lord unto cockatrice' eg'gs." (Verse 6) The proud and vain workers of iniquity deceive themselves and try to cover up their evil course by an out"'ard appearancE. they say to the people: 'Don't hear anything the Bible Students tell you. God would not have the warning sounded forth for his own good. If. and let the people judge as to whether or not they are right. and the act of violence is in their hands. Whether they know it or not. It seems qu jl \) certain that the evil class here mentioned in. It is a warning for them to break away from the sinister influence of men and delight themselves in the Lord.And the tongue is a fire. They resort to lies to accomplish their unlawful pnl'lJOscs. Continuing the prophet says: 12 "Their webs shall not become garments. that the less guilty may escape. 9 An effort is made to hinder the work of the Lord by evil speakers using their power against it." (Verses 4. to the work of the Lord. 3: 6. Burn their books and read nothing they bring you. representing even their smallest effurts.yorks of ini([uity. but the Lord declares that these webs they weaye shall not be a garment to coyer them. thel'o are those who are being held under the influence of the workers of iniquity and . They do deceive some who follow their advice. Continuing to describe the evil done by . and thus separating themselves from God. to wit. nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity. God offers the opportunity for the breaking of that yoke. They are working to the same end. They trust in their own vanity and speak lies. the destruction of the work of God's anointed. which is a symbol of death. whieh results in death to those who fced upon that food. neither shall they cover themselves with their works: their works are . Concerning it it is written: ". by reason of their iniquities." (Verse 3) Doubtless the course of iniquity by such workel's was begun by evil surmising'S and evil words spoken against their brethren. All such opposers are of the antichrist. the world of wickedness. they would surely say: 'Let the Bible Students tell what they know about God's \Vord. cJudes those clergymen or leaders in the denominatio11<11 clllll'ch systems who claim to represent God and yet who deliberately persecute those who they know are striving to serve God. and bring forth iniquity..Ylwel of nature. 10 If the clergy were just. It is an Rct of loving-kindness on his part toward those who have consecrated themselves to do God's will. and is set all fire by gehenna. persisted in a course that has caused God to hide his face from them. and "'hen these are crushed or exposed to others they break forth like vipers to destroy everything ill tl1l'ir way. no more do they plead for justice and truth..148 'The WATCH TOWER 'Hong way. the prophet of God then proceeds to set forti1 the terrible condition of those men who deliberately oppose the way of the Lord God. TIll'ir desire is to kill the Lord's work. they are working to the same end. It is a part of the "'arning which God commanded his srrnmt to give. but the Lord through his prophet says that their works of iniquity shall be uncovered. to "'it: 8 "For your hands are defiled with blood. but is the lawless course taken by proud and unrepentant ones that has separated themselves from the Lord. which defiles the whole body. they conceiye mischief. then the "'arning and the recountin~ of the tlceds of the iniquitous persons might result in good to those who willhrar and obey. Diaglott. and weave the spider's web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth. an irrestrainable evil. and of course they do not deceive the Lord.. By their unlawful course these have corrnpted themselves. and speak lies. your tongue hath muttered perverseness. Once in the truth and then tuming from it. 8. It is their sins which have 'made him to hide J] is face fl'Om them '.

" (Verses 7. as those who. and it displeased him that there ""lS no judgment. (2 Tim. but we walk in darkness. but it is far off' from us. and again. the prophet says: 13 "Their feet run to evil. 13) Whosoever therefore follows where such men lead will find themselves hopelessly involved in the way of evil. We grope for the wall like the blind. The warning of the prophet is. and departin~ away from our God. wandering stars. 8) The Apostle Paul. refused to hold the head and therefore refused to follow Christ as head of God's organization. by and through his prophet. and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street. Again Jude describes them as those who. in the eighth verse above quoted. both of the worus of the apostle and of those of the Prophet Isaiah. for our transgressions are with uSi and as for our iniquities. Yea. their end will be destruction. 15 Those who have proudly walked in the way of evil have deceived themselves and others. 'Ve roar all like bears. that this can be done only by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. The way of peace they know not. and our sins testify against us. doubtless. and there is no juugment in their goings: they have maul' them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace. to whom is reo served the blackness of darkness for ever. but behold obscurity. Then God speaks by and through his prophet concern· ing the result of the evil course of the workers of iniquity and says: 18" And judgment is turned away backward. Jude describes those who "speak evil of those things which they know not". emphasizes the fact that man can not by his own efforts make himself righteous. (Rom. These worus show that the clergy and those who have helu positions of confidence anu trust among the people of God. and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey. and then by following in the footsteps or Christ Jesus in doing Gou's will. They know that they have taken a lying course against Jehovah and have spoken in revolt of his Word and in repression of hig service. conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood. lIe shows that the praise of men or the approval of men could result in no benefit. carried about of winds. and the Lord saw it. and equity cannot enter. preached for reward or approval of men. like Balaam. and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noonday as in the night. For our transgressions arc multiplied before thee. but that God alone must approve. speaking oppression and revolt.MAY 111. without fruit. like Core. are the most reprehensible of all creatures aside from Satan himself. addressing the Jews. (Rom. for brightness. and therefore the way of peace is not known to them. trees whose fruit withereth. They have made common cause with Satan's organization by turning from the Lord and persecut. says that these workers of iniquity have made crooked paths for their feet. and who have turned away from God. and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity. Be it noted that in their speech there is not the slightest expression of regret for their terrible condition. 1929 'fheWATCH TOWER those who are opposing the message of God's kingdom. thou slander· est thine own mother's son. we wait for light.-e separated themselves from God. when they feast with you. They have once known the Lord and turned away from him and have then come to realize that they have no light but that they walk on in the darkness. Then he describes them as those who like Cain would murder their brother. but there is nonc. 3: 1-22) Therefore the words of the prophet woulu mean that those thus described as having taken the evil course have been brought down to the lowest level of iniquitous humanity. for sal vation. These workers of iniquity are not satisfied to be steeped in evil themselves. twice dead. (Jer. makes such speak against themsel ves. we know them." (Jude 12. ing his people. 17 The words of the prophet here seem to say that such workers of iniquity come to know how dreadful their course has been and is. but if they see one trying to depart from evil and take the right courso in serving the Lord. and continuing therein. "Thou sittest and speakest against thy brother. plucked up by the roots. Such are the same as those described by the psalmist. 14 These concoct schemes of evil against those who were once their brethren because brought forth by the same covenant. truth faileth. shows that they are applicable to the people who have known the way of God and who by their IJerverse heart and course of action ha. "-Ps. we arc in desolate places as dead men. 2: 29) He then quotes the above worus from the Prophet Isaiah to show the condition of those alienated from God. Then Jude says to them: "These are spots in your feasts of charity. He that hates his brother is a murder· er. to recover the ones that are being influenced by the evil class described by Jude. The student of God's 'YOI'd is reminded of a terrible condition that existed at a former time amongst men. 50: 20. 15) With those . 149 feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water. 6: 5) The prophet of God. wasting and destruction are in their paths. But the context. and mourn sore like doves: we look for judgment. 3: 13) 'l'hey have become bold and brazen." (Yel'scs 14. The prophet records them as speaking of themselves thus: 1G "Therefore is judgment far from us. raging waves of the sea foaming out their own shame. neither doth justice overtake us. such as elders and leaders. in transgressing and lying against the Lord."-Verses 9-13. The fact that record is made of such shows that this class is amongst the people of God. Then God. they make that person a prey.

God now declares to be against him and therefore proves they are false. self-centered and lawless ones. as the Head of Zion. Proud and arrogant." (Verse 17) The battle is Jehovah's and t he time has come for him to get himself the victory.' 20 The Lord has no need of any other. These are under the direct supervision of Christ Jesus. and his righteousness. that his people may see their transgressions'. It was about that time that great distress came upon the anointed of the Lord. So far as they are concerned. because these have the approval of God and possess the burning zeal peculiar to his house. then speaking concerning the faithful servant class of Jehovah. the truth has failed. whether by actual agreement or not. These faithful servants are in partnership with God and with Christ. Then says the prophet: 'Neither is his ear heavy. the opposers have persecuted the remnant of the Lord. it :mstained him. N. and many who had professed to be walking according to present truth turned back and began the persecution of their brethren. because their heart devotion to God is whole and complete. and there judgment came upon those who claimed to be followers of Christ Jesus. It was in the year 1918 that the Lord came to his temple. Such is the armor of Almighty God. clothed in the armor of the Lord. (1 Pet. They had no reason to refrain from calling attention to the enemy's organization. and it displeased him that there was no proper conclusion reaehed by them that work against the cause. that he can not save. in righteousness the servant rlass comes forth. Christ and his body members. and was clad with zeal as a cloke." (Verse 16) The due time arrives for God to act. because thcy are all of olle mind and that is the mind of Christ. in obedience to God's commands. The servant class furthermore 'put on the garments of vengeance for clothing' because they are identified as the ones commissioned by Jehovah to declare the "day of vengeance of our God" and they do it. rrhey put on the" helmet of salvation" as the servant class of the Lord. They induce themselves to believe that they have the work of salvation in their own hands. Y. they have exalted themselves and followed their own selfish course. They revolted against the truth and joined with the oppressors. 61: 2) The servant class is "clad with zeal as a cloke". That message is gi\'en forth by the true lovers of God and of his righteous cause. that he can not hear. the great right Arm of J0hovah God. Displeased with the course of action God's anointed take in obedience to his commandments. Surely he needs not those who work iniquity. Both classes of these opponents should have been active in honoring the name of Jehovah by declaring his name and plan of salvation for the people instead of following their own selfish devices. and through his prophet says: 'The hand of the Lord is not shortened. and he put on the garments of VelJgeance for clothing. and wondered that there was no intercessor: therefore his arm brought salvation unto him. and is so described by the Apostle Paul. its blinding influence and effect. Once knowing the truth. (1 John 1: 7) Armed in the holy cause of God. and seeing that the workers of iniquity were dragging others with them. and lift up the voice like a trumpet. This he does that thry might turn away from the transgression and no longer be deeeived by the proud. and great oppression of mankind. This 19 BROOKLYN. go forth in complete harmony to represent the Lord. there was no excuse for them to fail to see that God would have his anointed ones testify to his name and his works while he proceeds to set up his government for the benefit of man. rejected in toto the Lord's plan and adopted the Devil's plan of salvation.150 cneWATCH TOWER who have taken the course of evil against the Lord and his work. whether in the truth or out of it. Their object has been the overthrow and destruction of the Lord's work on the earth. Since that time both the nominal church clergymen and those who departed from the truth have been working to the same end. He sends forth the faithful servant class to represent him. IN COURSE OF FULFILMENT The facts show that the prophecy here under consideration is in course of fulfilment. These" put on righteousness as a breastplate". The goodness of God hardens the heart of such. truth is fallen in the street or by the wayside. 6: 10-18) All j . and equity and righteousness can no more be with them. (Isa.' God hears those who cry unto him in sincerity and in truth and grants his favor unto them. because they walk in the light and rejoice to do the will of God. (Eph. The Lord saw it. and they would do it in their own way. There was no excuse to refuse to tell the people that God with his strong arm would dash to pieces the enemy organization and deliver mankind. says: 22 "For he put on righteousness as a breastplate. and his beloved Son. Therefore says God through his prophet: 21 "And he saw that there was no man. The prophet here speaks also concerning the servant cluss which is now. even though they still call themsclves by his name. 4: 17) It was about that time that the nominal church systems. They intelligently and obediently follow the Lord. under the leadership of their clergy. Such thereby joined the enemy. God announced his displeasure with these workers of iniquity. God directs his servant class to 'cry out aloud. God himself is in :mprem 3 command thereof. Among these workers of iniquity there is no one who will make a move to\vard repentance or make an intercession with God. and all who are of Zion. The workers of iniquity who profess to be of the Lord. the Head of Zion. and an helmet of salvation upon his head. The prophet of God. and that must mean that God intends for his anointed now to have some understanding thereof. terrible condition having obtained.

They do not put their trust in the power of restless humanity. and he deals with them accordingly. the lIead of Zion. Look to the Lord and his Word for guidance. and hearken. through his prophet he says: 23 "According to their deeds. 95: 8-11. Let n1 one of the house7101d of God be inflnenced or [Jllided by any 111lman beinf] on ear/h. God declares that 'no l1esh S!lall glory in his presence'. the prophet then says: 20 "And the Redeemer shall come to Zion. regardless of who he is or what position he holds. 7: 9) They come in for a just recompense in the great tribulation that will mark the complete overthrow of the enemy's org-anization. The words of the prophet here also show the reason for God's causing this prophecy to be recorded concerning those who become desperately wichd. fury to his adversaries. and are described as Jerusalem which shall be taken in th(1 battle. The things which he has heretofore caused to be written were written for the encouragement and comfort of those now on the earth. 14: 2) 'l'hey are otherwise called the great multitude. and to ·whom many have looke'd for advice. do not heed the advice or follow the course of that elder. " (Verse 20) God thus declares his purpose to fully protect and save Zion by the hand of his beloved Son. (1 Cor. to the islands he will repay recompence." The prophecy therefore must mean that when God's fury is expressed against the adversary those of the great company class will receive a just recompense due them. " (Verse 18) God will show his fury against those who have deliberately opposed his work of righteousness and will recompense those who have stood on the side of the enemy. That purpose is shown to be as a warning to all of the house of Jacob who still possess some love for God. ye people. accordingly he will repay. For the encouragement and comfort of those who have a hearing ear. and Jehovah does the real fighting by and through Christ Jesus. thus: "Listen. and his glory from the rising of the sun. 13: 41-43) That day of shaking and separating of the false from the true is at hand. The remnant class is counted in as participating in the battle. In corroboration of this prophecy. There are those amongst God's people who have faith in God but who are looking to the time when they may enter into his glorious realm. God and his entire organization move on to the scattering and punishment of the enemy and to the complete vindication of Jehovah's name. Concerning his commandments to sing forth his praises they are negligent and indifferent. by another prophet God shows that some will harden their hearts. the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Clad in the accoutrements of warfare and in the capacity of an avenger. Again God shows his mercy and lovingkindness to those who do not harden their hearts but who turn to him and joyfully obey him. 49: 1) In the prophecy here under consideration (Isa. 24 The prophet represents the faithful servant class as a part of God's organization participating in the battle against the enemy. ability or acquisition of a fleshly being. 1: 29) It could not therefore be pleasing to God for anyone to glory in the learning. however." (Isa. 27 In hm'mony with this prophecy of Isaiah. unto me. In another part of the prophecy of Isaiah the propht't mentions the faithful servant class as speaking to the same class. Let all the followers of Christ take full warning of this. the prophet further says: 2~ "So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the wcst. Such are of God's organization. 59: 18) the prophet of the Lord says: "'1'0 the islands he will repay recompence. his beloved Son and chief executive officer. As these take note they will begin to fear the name of the Lord God and to observe his glory and manifestation of his power. from far. (Zeeh." (Verse 19) In this verse the Authorized Version rep· presents the enemy as coming in like a flood. 0 isles. If that elder opposes the Lord '1'1 work. Jesus declared that he would send forth his an~els and would 'gather out of his kingdom all things that offend. and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob." ·Whichever rendering is accepted as correct. Concerning such. The great Deliverer comes also "unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob". It is the battle of Almighty God.n Hi. The Revised Version renders that part of the text thus: "For he shall come as a rushing stream which the breath of the Lord driveth. 15: 4) No man's ad· vice. They are content to meditate upon the 'Vord of God and do nothing. because these sing forth the praises of Jehovah and at the same time give notice of his purpose of avenging and vindicating his name. 1929 <rheWATCH TOWER who are in harmony with Jehovah must be thus clothed. recompence to his enemies. Concerning such. Oratt. (Rom. particularly the giving of testimony now to the name of Jehovah and the declaring of God's ven· geance against the enemy's organization and of God '1'1 purpose to set up his kingdom of righteousness. saith the Lord. and that then the righteous should shine forth as the sun. There may be in an ecclesia some elde:c who has long been held in high esteem and confidence by the members of that ecclesia. God remembers the degree of iniquity of the evil class. and all that do lawlessly'. Let all who arc of God's organization take warning.M. we know from this and other seriptlll'es that Satan will assault the people of God like a rushing flood and that God will drive the enemy and his forces asunder and completely wreck hig organization. As the forces of righteousness move on in battle those who hear and heed the warning are represented as looking up from the west toward the rising sun which marks the beginning of the manifestations of God's almighty power. (Rev.-Ps. But they do not rely upon the restless world. 151 When the enemy shall come in like a flood. .

59: 21. Let the llROOKLYN. 0 Lord. ~ 10. and lift up the \'oi.1cntify the "ad\'ersaries". through his Prophet Isaiah. nor out of the mouth of thy seed. Y. "-Ps. saith the Lord: l\'[y spirit that is upon thee.o the right cours('~ Then how should e\'en neglpct and indif[erenee. God has made it so plain in his 'YoI'd that he has called out a people for his name to give testimony concerning his name and plan that there is no excuse for any of hi<. I. Describe the position now tnl'l'n hy that l'bss. SJ. 8). children now to err as to the will of God. Let the lukewarm ones of the Lord's people arouse themselves and put on the zeal peculiar to the Lord's house. 82 Jehovah delights in blessing those . he will be fully protected from the blinding influenre of the enemy. am] the Apostle . In the light of the apostle's statement (Jas. and my words which I have put in thy mouth. ~ El. 29 Each consecrated one has a responsibility before God to lmmv his Word and to obey it. and the "lRlant]s". QUESTIONS FOR BEREAN STUDY In what are . N.. Do good. To the wicked and erring ones he extends his mercy and loving-kindness th~t they may return to him and receive the blessings which he has in store for those that truly love him. the "enemies". Point out the purpose of such counsel. they have the promise of God's blessing. Clearly.Tude ref0r to thesei '\-hat in the words of each indicates that these workers of iniqnity are amongst the peoplo of God ~ 'l'hen how tImely is the Lord's warning to his people nowi 1~-14.lgIllf'nt against these. (Isa. be \'. . ana (b) unto them that turn from twnsgression in Jaeob. ~ 1-4. as shown by context i 'Vhat docs the apostle say as to the me:ms by wIndt a person is justifie." -Isa.152 CfheWATCH TOWER should be taken when that advice or course of action is contrary to God's Word.inning of iniquity.-h~t stanrlan] only must all counsel. so the Lord is round about his people from henceforth even for ever.Yieked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous.'eighed i 'Yhat shoulr] be the attitude of everyone of the Lord's people toward any indifferenee or oppoi'ition to engaging heartily in the witness work now to be donef Point out the personal responsibility of each of the anointed in this respect. 61: 1-3." 1T 20. be regarded by God's people i 1T 15-18. unto those that be good. points out.yho delight themselves in him. He will have his family be a joyful and glorious one.elBe ]9. in the prophery here under consideration. 9. and to them that are upright in their hearts.l f How do the psalmist. from henceforth and for ever. The psalmist draws what contrast between the faithful an. the Lord shall lead them forth with the workers of iniquity. Explain why since ]~18 many ha\'e turne(l away from presl'nt tJ'Uth [end ha\e jOlllcd the enemy. "The Redeemer shall come (a) to Zion. docs God direet his servant class to 'cry aloud. remnant be not at all discouraged by the harsh criticism leveled against them by the opposers of the truth. Show how those who have separated themselves from present truth are really in combination with the clergy against the Lord's people and his message of truth. whether of elders or of oj hers. the 1'ropttet Jeremiah. and how dif1'erently two dasses receive it. How will God deal with each of these classes ~ 1T 23. then.lliar zeaL 'if 20-:::J. and . WhR t is the part of the remnant class in the battle of Almighty God ~ 'if 24. 3: 6. 'if 27·29. 'if 5-7. For the rod of the .ow that the iniquitous attempt to conceal their works. follows that righteous course. 125: 1-5. The advice of no such opposer should be taken by anyone who is consecrated to the IJord. as recorded in verses 4 and 5. Quote the 1. Seeing that the lawless ones have separate<1 themselves from God.r . nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed.out thl'ir commission 1 Describe their arlllor amI their pec. 28 God commissions his anointed to declare the day of his vengeance against his enemy and to tell of his great works and the establishment of his kingdom of righteousness. have the iniquitons and sinful come into theIr conditIOn of defilement ~ What are the facts Bupporting this conclusion f 'if 8. Lo~ate the day rcferrer] to in Matthew 13: him.rhcther they WIll succeed thelein.l face about awl ta]. but peace shall he upon Israel. then. If one -who loves God supremely. how. referred to in \'erse 18. For what purpose. and what resultsf 1T 23. describing tho condition of those alienated flOl'l God. 12: 1-6) Any man or woman who advises against any or all of the anointed's participating in giving this witness is giving such ad\'ice contrary to the -Word of God. saith the Lord. Those who take a contrary course shall suffer that which God. doubtless. what is the proper procedure for the faithful remnant at this timei "I[ 30-32. 43: 10-12. who seeks his counsel and is guided thereby. 'Yhat aetivity on the part of the enemy is suggested in \. Let all who are God's anointed ones henceforth and for evermore sing the praises of our God. and show the application thereof. The appheation is to what dass.1 those who turn Rsidef State the promise given to those who heed the warning and" turn from their twnsgressions' '. but abideth for ever. If such as are the Lord's people heed his warning and 'turn from their transgressions'. justify calling attentIOn thereto. 11. 80 The Lord draws a contrast between those who trust him fully and those who turn aside unto their crooked ways: "'rhey that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion. Concerning such the prophet says: "As for me. As for sl1rh as turn aside unto their crooked ways. what admiRRion do thp~e themseh-es make conel'Illing their present condition anrl their attitude towar(l tho~e who woul. lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity. shall not depart out of thy mouth.Tehovah's long-suffering and mercy manifest' To \rhom are his \varnings given i Describe the circuIllstances necessitatlllg the Lord's bringing his words of warning to the attent10n of hiB people. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem. By .1 's ju. this is my eovenant with them.0'-. 31 'Vithout a douht the warning is gi"en for the benefit of those who have an honest desire to he pleasing to the LOl'd and who are in some measure wrongfully inflncnced in taking a course that they are now taking. as a bl'c. Gire the words of the Prophet Isaiah. which cannot be removed. In the prophet's words r('sperflllg those \vho have once known the LoJ'(] an<1 hme turncd away f. Let all take courage and press on in the keeping of God's commandments.'e like a tnunpet' i Undn \\ hat at rangelllent am! supen-ision \\ill the sen-ant dasB go forth to earn. Apply.

sueh a forgiveness has not been given. . for if a man who dies is more alive than ever. and should not be content until he has such an understanding.-hat seems so is merely a transition from one scene of activity and life to another. Even a child can understand it. as the body of flesh is often called. he has been taught that a person who dies has not lost anything. however. 38. pains and aches. then. ings of the Scriptures. in Psalm 146: 4 we are told that a dead man "returneth to his earth. death al· ways means to pass out of existence. as claimed by the creeds. '1'hose who believe that dead people are more alive than ever fmd themseh'es in gn·at diffieulty when considerin~ the Bible doctrine of a resurreetion of the dead. at some most distant date. why should a resurrection be necessary or eYen be desired 1 In an effort to avoid this confusion. everyone knmys that our present bodies are not desirable. then how can he be resurrected? And if he is alive and happy. to resurrect the body and reunite it with the soul would mean to fetter the soul with all the handicaps that it formerly had.' The foundation for such belief is found in the age· old doctrine that every man possesses an immortal soul that can not die. as the Bibld teaches. and is free from its limitations. How did man become subject 163 . why want to come back into the prison 1 If one has thus escaped into a larger life and is beyond the limitations of the flesh.RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD: WHY NECESSARY? [Thirty-minute radio lecture] HE great majority of people are taught that when a person dies he is more alive than ever. Let me quote some of the proofs. To the reverent and honest student the Bible furnishes a most complete and satisfactory explanation of two important questions. If it is true. Why is a resurrection necessary 1 The word "resurrection" means to restore to life again. the individual is supposed to live on in glory. ". a man who is dead knows nothing. but God giveth T it a body as it hath pleased him. To reach this understanuing. In Ezekiel 18: 4. then it becomes an easy matter to discern what a resurrection means and why a resurreetion is necessary. This belief is common among Christian people and is shared by heathen people as well. If a proper repentance has occurred and a proper forgiveness received. But if one is handicapped by the creeds. It means that a being has formerly had life.vhere in his body something that is called a soul. Again. and that at the moment of death this soul escapes from its prison and lives on in either a more happy or a less happy environment. for the Seriptures tell us in most emphatic language that it is the soul that dies. only intensifies the confusion on this sub. Your loved one is not dead: he is present with us today and fully aware of what is taking place on this occasion." The chi im that i. The resurrection of the dead is one of the most im. it is supposed that the individual will continue to live on either in an intermediate state called "purgatory". If. pOl·tant doctrines found in the Bible. in that Yery day his thoughts perish". ject and places it in violent conflict with the teach. ." Also. This doctrine is held alike by both heathen and Christian. and enjoying bliss unspeakable. or in a horrible place called "hell" to be tormented by the Devil and a horde of imps throughout all eternity.. and that the body will not he resurrected. which is the Bible explanation. in a better environment. and will be united with the soul again. but. It is quite common. Their belief makes confusion in their minds on this subject of the resllrrection. to hear expressions like this: 'There is no death. and has shaken off this old mOl·tal eoil. 20 we read: "The soul that sinneth. but the Bible never pictures it thus. Moreover. In Eecksiastes 9: 5 we are plainly told that "the dead know not any thing' '. in 1 Corinthians 15: 37. that it is the body that dips and is resurrected. death is pictured as a door or gate into higher life. whieh has a sentenee in it as follows: "I believe ill the resurrection of the body. In the creeds. If.As a result they have a man-made" Apostles' Creed" that none of the apostIcs ever saw. and for some reason has lost the same. they are driven to the necessity of claiming that it is the body that is resurrected. O\-er and over the Bible confirms this thought. we read: "Thou sowest 110t that body that shall be. is very simple.t is the body tliat dies and will be resurrected adds more cOll[usion to that already existing in their minds. it is of the utmost importance that he discard the teachings of the creeds and go directly to the Bible for his instruction. ·What is meant by the word "resurrection" 1 and.. and enjoys a larger liberty than he did before he passed through what the creeds call the gate of death. if even his thoughts are perished. It is supposed that every person has some. disease and death. and will receive back a~ain the life that had been lost. Thus we see that the theory. that when a man dies he has escaped out of the prison-house of his old body. depending on whether or not the individual has repented of his sins and received forgiveness. In the Bible. on funeral occasions. because he now lives on a hi~her plane. namely. happy beyond the power of words to describe. Every Christian should have a proper understanding of it. if he has escaped from the prison of the flesh. it means the very opposite of life. as a spirit being. has gained somethin~. '1'his. A question that must be considered in the diseussian of this subject is. on the contrary." Thus do the Scriptures deny the tearhing of the creeds. it shall die. They are full of wounds and bruises awl putrefying s~res.

God This great work is to be accomplished by Jesus. which have hidwritten the Bible. eternal life. Y. he started the race in Eden and com. as the second Adam. With this which was lost. to pass other tests intended to proyc their believe that the Bible supports the creeds. Satan is to blame. namely. will reign a thousand years. and purposed that no one could have en~rlasting life on his posterity will receive. and and will have an opportunity to prove their loyalty that if he ever has life again it must be a gift from and obedience and their right to live eternally on the God in the nature of a resurrection and a restoration earth. not to sickness. did not tell Adam that he would go to eternal tor. he finally suc. 15: 45. to his former condition. After 930 years of struggle against will have their first opportunity to prove their loyalty the death penalty which had been pronounced against and obedience to God.who. God and obedient to his law. or more properly speaking. But God also live on ealth. who profess der this same condemnation and.honor their heavenly Father by believing' the truth. second Adam (1 Cor.pIe who have been blinded by the creeds. God created this earth with tion. and is not a rewal'd for obedience. and that then the second Adam shall recover creature. Death is a penalty for dis.vas that if the man proved disloyal amI ease and death. him. like Adam. He is a wily 13: 14. anu. and this will be the first time they will ever have and awaiting' a resurrection which God has promised fully understood and appreciated the same. What a glorious prospect lies just ahead of tha Hence God placed the first man under certain tests.that it was for the disobedience of the one man. During this same thousand years all those peo.vere born un. lIe has purposed that Jesus. namely. Satan has . as recorded in Psalm 49: 15 and Hosea Bible. What was lost ~ And the Bible tells us in missioned Adam and Bve to multiply and increase most unequivocal terms that Adam lost the right to and fill the earth with their posterity. at the hands of the second earth unless he should first prove himself loyal to Adam. pri. the divine ar. Jesus said: the benevolent intention of making it the home of a "The Son of man is come to seek and to save that happy and sinless race of human beings. he had sins and made a resurrection possible for them. of God. the den the truth for centuries ~ 'l'he answer is that. They will then unlearn the creeds which have so blinded them all through his 'Yord. 6: 23) God told Adam that he would return Then for the first time those children of Adam vdlO to the dust as he was. This is what he will receive again." (John 11: 25) Again. but to be restored to the perfection disobedient. and for the cumbed to the inevitahle and passed into death. present time for the human family! How grand it in order that he might prove his ~worthiness to live will be when the graves begin to open and the dead for ever on the earth. but he did years he will bind the Devil and restrain every evil tell him that death would be the punishment for dis. This is why Jesus could say: "I am the resurrecAccording to the Bible.question is. LIlller this te~. and giYe them. permit it? The Bible clearly answers all these ques. the great agent of Jehovah ment. which means that they have ceased to ex. During the thousand years all those who have died by eating the fruits of his own labor. They will learn that Christ died for their God del'ierted him. if obedient. shall first ransom marily. namely. will also learn :1'01' the first time about the loving plan After Adam had sinned he was driven out of hi~ of God for their ransom from the Cllrse of death. During the thousand a doorway into a higher and better life.1G4 rrheWATCH TOWER BlIOOKLYN. and obedience. go on trial. 47). and realizes full well that if he can make for the first Adam and his posterity just what the creeds that misrepresent God and the Bible and get latter lost for himself and the past. ist. the right to the people to believe the creeds.vas to die. first time will learn of the love of God and of Jesus This means that he passed out of existence. he did not tell him that death would be simply God.begin to come forth again. they will. They are dead. will gone down into death. N. God has promised just sueh a rcsurreC'tion and res. and beautiful Edenic home and left alone to die. He is the great adversary the first Adam and all his posterity from the power of God. pain. Let us get this thought in all are called "heathen" will learn why they had to die: its significance. This meant that he woul<1 of being that Adam lost in Eden! forfeit and lose his life and his right to live. but the creeds are silent on them for the reason the first trial in Eden. have to be Christian and yet do not know the truth. They obedience. to death? Why is death necessary. why does God loyalty and obedience. will write the law of Cod on every human infancy will come forth from the tomb. by all the prophets and apostles who have Who is to blame for these creeds. of course. after trying in every way to keep himself alive. (Rom. and the life. His posterity . that the creeds assume that there is no death. have returned to the dust as come forth from the tomb and have an opportunity to they were. 'l'hey deserted God. He delights to misrepresent God and the of the grave. toration. he . It serves his purpose so to do. lIe had their deliverance into the glorious liberty of the sons forfeited his right to his home and his right to live." (Luke 19: 10) Kow an excellent purpose in view.just what was promised Adam if he had obeyed in and every person that would do iniquity. sleeping in the dust of the earth. disrangement . Paul says that" the wages of sin is death".

. Then he nses other selfish Scriptures show that that kingdom is a thousand people to popularize will go crazy. as well as know the creed it is not necessary to study the Bible.'ho is the very embodiment of selfishness. that Jevirtues of the said creed. contradictory of the Dible. the mysterious. He if they can accomplish their ends. This feeling. fri~!hten and discourage the maliciously so. 'rhus many more are deceived. and follow in his footsteps. sc'lves. uses as beautiful and harmonious as one could wish.' Such plans and purposes. on ly increases the bondage. print and circu. take up their cross. 'Vhy should doubts or denies them he is immediately branded as anyone refuse to believe the plain and beautiful an infidel or a heretic. and so the the two resurrections7 we ask. nor prove his love and power more. hypnotism.who advocate the truth. the word". perplex. the some of them ignorantly so. This would be a test of their vine healing. . that it is right here on the earth. and. lIe panders to their ambitions. Soon it has a following'. Nevertheless. . and others wilfully and creeds confnse. for he is well aware on the minds and consriellces of millions of people. people. Selfish people Jesus was on earth. powers by which they can do secret and occult things.000 men and women to deny themthat it is supporteJ by the Scriptures. that if they earth. tory. that they will be dis.teachings of God's 'Vord 7 There are several anple believe that it is a great disgrace to be called an swers to this question. reviled. Some men esteem themselves infidel or a heretic. honor and immortality. 'Vhy they arc unfit for the service of the Lord. and makes them believe they are heaven's fa. first resurrection and an afterward resurrection. It clarifies the truth. of which there are hundreds in the teachings of the Bible. rrhis appeals to certain ones and soon crystallizes into and they would get this reward in the first resurreca creed.they allow their love of money. The Devil has surely nothing could be a greater honor to Jehovah the people so in bondage to the creeds that if anyone God. and the answer is just Devil. many people believe that it ers in the creeds and send them out to poison other is dangerous to study the Bible. In fact. On the contrary. Again.the Bible. therefore. who are teaching these crreds to the people and urgBible study is delightful as well as instructive.vho believe the creeds inwardly The doctrine of the resurrection is a most beautiful hope they are not true.too highly and therefore put their own views ahead of the teachings of God's Word. they vvould be persecuted. they oppose those newspapers. he was conare not particular whom they slander or misrepresent tinually pointing forward to a coming kingdom. 1929 'rhe WATCH TOWER 155 also taught the people that the creeds summarize the These creeds.the test these would come up in the first resurrection vOl'ites by giving them what seem to be miraculous and reign with him during that thousand years. tion. Now comes a most wonderful fact. Still othbe leaders of thought. But how could Satan succeed in this work of blind. of communication with those who have loyalty and obedience. great colhence we find that most people think that Dible study leges and theological schools are built to educate othis unnecessary. Satan uses another class of superstitiou'> He told these to "search the Scriptures". Nothing could be more comforting. They like to have a following and to have conscientiously believing and teaching the error.MAY Hi. has worked through human dupes. Thus the clergy become the tools of Satan. So Satan uses snch taught his followers to pray for that kingdom. namely. and that if they were faithful they would who love to delve in mesmerism. Their reward would be glory. for a money consideration. or to have their names go down in his. These people like to draw attention to themThe Dible calls attention to two resurrections. Having selfishness enthroned in their hearts. Others esteem some graced. and write up news items extolling the der that he may deceive the nations no more. are contradictory one of another. a clas'l who love the occult. He finds among Others are so extremely selfish and dishonest that the human family some men and women who are am. leaders in some important ers have not taken the time to investigate and are movement. In this way Satan has perpetu· remarks arc of Satan and are designed to keep pcoplp. He can find plenty of peopltl years long. and some with more liberty doctrine.that during that kingdom Satan is to be bound in orlate the same. a selves.other man or men too highly and put the sayings or ing and deceiving the people 1 The answer is that he teachings of these men ahead of the Word of God. black art have all manner of evil said about them falsely. Betheir names emblazoned on the front page of the ing conscientious in their beliefs.It is an undisputed fact that it is the clergy of our day diate the creeds. at his first advent. that if people study the Bible they will shortly repu. atrd the creeds and fastened them with viselike grip from investigating the Dible. position or power to bitious. to "preach people. and the Devil has made peo.them would be killed. that or healing of disease. and than others openly express this hope. When them to further his selfish purposes. Innocent and guileless people are dnped into believing sus invited 144. tures. and that some of and uses them to foist on the race false ideas of di. who like to swerve them from honoring Jehovah God. and say: 'If you pry minds and blind them to the beauties of Jehovah's into God's secrets too muC'h . and if they faithfully stood died. Other people to start some creed. It ing them to worship and venerate these more than reveals God's plans and purposes to his amazed crea. who like to shine among men. l\Iany people . and who will.

as my Father hath appointed unto me. The first resurrection is for this elect. The rest of the race will be awakened to life on the earth again and have an opportunity to prove faithful and loyal during the thousand years. and children who have been taught this cruel doctrine have suffered untold agony and spent man:! sleepless hours. of this 144. 1\1others and fathers haye likewise suffered in anguish of heart." (Rev. Other scriptures show that some . Answering the question. justice and love. and shall reign with him a thousand years." (1 Cor. adulterers. ing them to a knowledge of the truth. there can be no hope for any member of the race.000. It is further believed that the unfortunate ones who are sufferill'~ in this torment will be able to sec their loved ones in heaven. The resurrection of the dead is the logical result of the death and resurrection of Jesus. they shall be priests of God and of Christ. Jesus said: "Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection. It is claimed to be. believing that a loved son or daughter who died without having joined some church was suffering in this place of fiery torment. bribers. and that in some indescribable way it will redound to his glory. and your faith is also vain. grafters. and condemn sinners to this awful punishment. how would a second death be possible? The Bible teaching of a second death for the wilfully wicked is a point-blank denial of the creeds.. fearing that the Devil or some of his imps would come to carry them to this 111ace of torment. Parents. if the creeds were true. never to be released. Their reward will be a heavenly one. Many Christian people honestly believe that infants dying without being baptized must always suffer this same torment because their parents neg· leeted to have the rite performed.. WHAT IS HELL? [Thirty-minute radio lecture] HE word "hell" is a Bible word. and in their inmost heart they hope that it is not true. when he dies. These will assist Jesus in the work of awakening all the rest of the dead and bring. Why is a resurrection necessary1 The Scriptures clearly indicate that it is necessary in order that people may have life. dom work with Jesus. 1\Ien and women who believe and teach this doctrine try to convince themselves that God can still be a God of wisdom. yes! If there be no resurrection. 20: 6) Jesus also said of them: "I appoint unto you a kingdom. People would remain for ever dead.. N. for the reason that there would be no gospel to preach: no hope to set before the race and no basis for a proper our preaching vain. then is Christ not risen. under the special help and ministration of Christ and the faithful elect church. special class. for it is written that they 'shall be like the Lord and see him as he is'. who is aided in this work by a host of lesser devils. called the Devil. is more alive than ever. then." '1'his explains why there is a first and an afterwat'd resurrection. about it because. and it would be useless to try to preach the gospel. profiteers and those who indulge in other forms of sin. have been guilty of tlueatening them with this everlasting torture for some slight offense ag'ainst parental authority or for some mischievous act. only to find that those in heaven are so happy and contented with their lot that they will turn a deaf car to their cry. at the hands of a wicked creature. who die without being converted must spend eternity in this torment. murderers. who will faithfully follow in Jesus' footsteps now and prove their loyalty and obedience to Jehovah God now. 14) Ah. then. that a man. T thieves.. It is also generally belieyed that all those liars. There would be no hope for the race. It is claimed that God is the author of this doctrine. 15: 13. and taught to be.156 'The WATCH TOWER Speaking of the first resurrection. . as Paul most emphatically states. a place of indescribable cruelty and suffering. and if Christ be not risen. He says: "If there be no resurrection of the dead. 'rhe heart of eyery good man and woman on earth rebels at the thought of eternal torment. Without a resurrection death would end all. and will beg for a drop of water to alleviate their anguish. who love their children. and for any one to teach that the dead are more alive than ever completely nullifies the beautiful. and if a brute . Among professing Christian people it is generally supposed to be a place where sinners are everlastingly tormented in a literal lake of fire and brimstone. Y. harmonious and consistent doctrine of the resurrection of the dead as taught in the Bible. No honest person would thus torment a dog. but the creeds are silent BROOKLYN. They are to share in the king.ill carry their selfishness and ambition to the length of refusing to come into harmony with God and that such ones will be destroyed in the second death. It is further claimed that those fortunate ones who succeed in getting into heaven can look over the battlements of heaven and Sl'e their loved ones writhing in torment and still be serene and happy themselves because they are convinced that their loved ones desel'Vo this cruel fate. The Bible repeatedly reiers to the second death.

secret. It is not taught in the Bible. it meant the grave. and he said: "Out of the belly of hell cried. There is not the remotest idea of fire. in hell with their weapons of war under their heads. while he was still in the flesh. 1. hell]. Again. for it says: "Though they dig into hell. and those people who have taught it. that Jesus was there for three days. That is exactly what the Bible teaches. brimstone. in Amos 9: 2 we read that Jehovah purposes to take people out of hell. It will help the people to sec that God is love. that the1'e is no fire there and no consciouSIlPss there. It would be impossible to conceive of anything more wicked. thence shall mine hand take them. It would be foolish for anyone to attempt to deny it. In most clear and positive language. Surely this can not mean eternal torment. are guilty before God of having misrepresented him and his 'Vord and also of having injured their fellow men. but the description just given is not the deseription of the Bible hell. because the Bible mentions it many. hidden and covered place. that e"ery person who is in hell is to be delivered from it and hell itself is to be destroyed. and its author is the Devil himself. they are in a grave. which we shall prove. Still further. many times. cruel and unjust than the doctrine that God has created a lake of fire and brimstone for the purpose of tormenting any of his creatures and has also created a being called the Devil to do the tormenting. and that a resurrection 'would mean to bring them out of hell. namely. Anyone can see that David was not in eternal torment. David was declared to be a man after God's own heart. This doctrine is not true. In Ezekiel 32: 27 we are told of some soldiers who were buried. consciousness or torment in the word. and frenzied efforts are made to dig them out of their tomb before they die.MAY HS. " '1'his text alone is indisputable proof that there is no knowledge or consciousness in hell. if hell means the grave. Love recoils at the thought. the Bible vgrees with the theological idra of hell. Jonah escaped from his living tomb before death overtook him. that there is no torment there. a child can see that the grave is a dark. and finally. First. the hell of the creeds. and justice forbids it. but must mean the grave. that cities as well as men go to hell. 'Ve say they are buried." (Ps. that it is described as a silent and dark place. proving again that hell does not mean eternal torment. secret or covered place. Both these words were translated by the English word "hell". that the Devil has never been there. his tomb. 1\1any other texts confirm this thought. and this is a correct translation. At the time the Bible was translated into the English language the word "hell" meant nothing but a dark. After he had passed through a specially severe and trying experience David said: "The pains of hell gat hold upon me. These must give an account of the same before the judgment bar of Jehovah God. Most positively do both of these texts deny the doctrine of eternal torment. just what all standard dictionaries say the word means. if hell simply means the grave. What David really meant was that he was suffering such severe anguish that unless the Ijord had delivered him it . Thus seen. nor any other suffering. reason rejects it. as we shall show. it will most effectively and for eve~> shatter the bogy of eternal torment and will deliver the people from bondage to one of the worst teachings of the creeds. The Old and K ew Testaments were first translated into the English language in the latter part of the fourteenth century." All must admit that the only hell that men can dig into is the grave. Jonah was in hell before he died. however unwittingly they may have done it. and will confirm and strengthen their faith in his Word. and the 157 Greek word is hades. '1'he Old Testament was written in Hebrew. nor wisdom. the laws of men would send the tormentor to prison. '1'he Bible teaches very clearly that there is a "hell". that both g'ood and bad people go to hell. nor device. in the grave [Hebrew. the Bible sets forth the following' propositions. that hrll means destruction. Thus far. Jonah called to the Lord out of the belly of the great fish. That fish's stomach was his grave. just as we say of men who are buried in a cave-in during a mining disaster. If these propositiOIlS ean be proven. it is a description of the theologieal hell. nor knowledge. and undoubtrdly it is a llame applied to a place or condition to whieh people go at death. Of course. and in Hebrews 11: 32 he is mentioned by name as one of those who obtained a good report through faith. they are entombed. which originated in the dark ages. but no further. It will likewise clear the name of Jehovah God of one of the worst slanders ever uttered against him. and thus the teaching of eternal torment is punctured again. whither thou goest. even a child can see that eternal torment is not true. so that otherwise good vild loving people would reject the Bible because they think it teaches these horrible doctrinrs. it is quite easy to see that if people who are in the grave are ever to have life again they must have a resurrection. let it be clearly understood that we are not denying that there is a hell. l\Iillions of people have rejected the Bible because they have thought it teaches this theory. and the Xew Testament was written in Greek. 1!J29 '[he WATCH TOWER beast were thus tormented." Surely Jonah was not in eternal torment. More than this. hidden. In Ecclesiastes 9: 10 we read: "There is no work. out of the grave. In other words. The Hebrew word for hell is sheol. Again. Satan's object in leading the people to believe in eternal torment is to cast a reproach upon the name of Jehovah God and his Word. 116: 3) David tells us that he suffered the pains of hell before he died.

In the face of all the texts that tell us that the Devil is working among the living. For the proof of this read Ecclesiastes 3: 19. that his soul was not left in hell. . all go unto one place: all are of the dust. the doctrines of devils. Capernaum. Had he takell his ilesh b~1l'k again. . Another interesting side-light on this qnestion is that l. to the good. 3: 18) Paul agrl'e's with PetN. He is also declared to be busy deceiving the whole world. namely." ·Where was Jesus during those thr'ee days'l The answer is that he was in hell. these pains woulu have brought him down to the grave. it is quite interesting to inquire as to where clergymen got the idea that Satan is in hell stoking fires and tormenting people. called. in the Bible.31) Hcre is a positive statement that Jesus was in hell during those three days. but God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave"." The Jlrophet says: "I will redeem them from death. N. deceiving and injuring them (not working among the dead). This word "grave" is the Hebrew word sheol. which says: "That which bcfalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts. BROOKLYN. return to tho dust as they were. "And thou. as the one dieth. Yes.158 CfheWATCH TOWER would have meant his death. however. In other words. for the reason that Jesus had g'in:n his fle~. that he might bring us to Cod. death shall feed on them. . lying to. Of these wicked ones who are God's enemies David says: "Let them be silent in the grave" (Ps. "Christ also hath once suffered for sill'l. in Ecclesiastes 9: 2 we read: "All things come alike to all: there is one event to the righteous and to the wicked. I will redeem them from death. likewise the fool and the brutish person perish. and to the is not a single text in the Scriptures that says that the Devil is or ever was in hell. . Let us examine this phase of the question. This prophetic statement. The Bible tells us that when Jesus died on Calvary's tree he died to ransom the souls of men from hell. so uieth the other. which is declareu to be everlasting destruction. 30. God raised Jesus from the dead as a spirit being. and the Hebrew word means 11(']1. and to the unclean. was fulfilled in every detail on the wicked city of Capernaum. it ·would have nullified the ransom ·work 'and left the race dead without any hope of a resurrrctioli. and all turn to dust again.' . and for three days was not even resurrected. "He [man] returneth to his earth. Stili another proof that the word "hell" does not mran eternal torment is found in Matthew 11: 23. and gave him the divine nature and all power in he. like sheep they are laid in the grave. ." Again. in that very day his thoughts perish. It was so completely destroyed that the very site is not known. The Scriptures tell us that God will punish the wilfully wicked with second death. destroyed. being put to death in the flesh. and is another most emphatic proof that hell means the grave and dol'S not mean eternal torment.ll f. . both the righteous and the wicked." AllY one should be able to see that a city can not be tormented. dead. namely. In full harmony with this thought arc the words of the prophet recorded in Psalm 146: 4. the clean and the unclean all go to the same place. which means the grave. Again. in Hosea 13: 14 we read: "I will ransom them from the power of the grave. rose again the third day. . then all the souls in hell are to be delivered from it. Peter gives us the proof of this 8t ah:ment. shalt be brought down to hell. on the third lby. .. . out of existence j and this is exactly what hell means.r the life of the world and therdore could lIewr have his flesh back again. The answer is that they got the thought from the creeds and the theological schools which teach the creeds. 3: 17. He is busy putting forth false doctrines. which reads: "Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell. After Jesus had given his hmnan life as a ransom for all that ·were in the grayc. "-2 COl'.. as the creeds of the dark ages claim. . from the time of his death on the cross untit he was raised from the dead." (Acts 2: 27.1\'('n and in earth. Very few people are aware of the fact that Jesus did not go to heaven when he died. Another most positive proof that hell does not mean eternal torment is the fact that Jesus was three days in hell. . the Bible hell. In Psalm 48: 10-15 we read that "wise men die. which art exaltl'll unto heaven. but quickened [made alive] spirit. . being a prophet. for he says: "Now the Lotd is that Spil'it." He dol'S not say." (1 Pet. God raised him from the dl'ad. Y. the just for the unjust. He is declared to be going up and down in the earth. . David uttered a prophecy concerning Jesus. those who arc in hell are silent. 20.. there to remain until the Lord shall call them all forth from the sleep of death in the resurrection of the just and of the unjust. bot h good aTIll bad. and in the margin of the Bible we are told that the word means hell. In 1 Corinthians 15 : 4 we read of Christ: "He was buried and . But God did not bring him back to life as a mall aO'ain.. 31: 17). saying. 'I will redeem them from torment. spake of the resurrection of Christ. For many centuries that city has been in hell. 16: 10) Centuries later Peter quoted this prophecy and added this explanation: "David. and working in the hearts of the children of disobedience.' for the 1'('ason that he knew that hell means death and docs not mean torment. . the tomb. If this statement is true. Jesus addressed these words to the city of Ca})ernaum." According to the Scriptures both good and bad people go to the same place. In other warus. .." (Ps..

29. without flesh and bones. when he appeared to them and they were terrified: "Behold my hands and my feet. and with different bodies. Here is the plain statement that God gave to Jesus the keys of hell at the time he was raised from the dead. it was to convince them that he was a spirit. and so Jesus assumed a human body in order that they could see him. Jesus had this power after his resurrection." J csus used the parable of the rich man and Lazarns to illustrate a beautiful truth. The scriptures just read show that Jesus is now a spirit being. but this is wrong reasoning. the grave. The apostle tells us that at his resurrection God gave Jesus the keys of death and hell. More than that. "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. and without a parable spake he not unto them. he gave him the power to resurrect the dead. and. How the people have been fooled on this subject of hell! Stupendous sums of money have been taken from them by their leaders who have taught the lie. and the life. behold. 1929 'rhe WATCH TOWER 'When Jesus was raised as a spirit being he exercised the powers of a spirit being and materialized in the presence of his diseiples on several occasions. then it is worse than folly to claim that hell means eternal torment.. this includes 'those that have done good and those that have done evil'. to J\Ianoah and to Peter. as ye see me have. and that Jesus now has both the power and the authority to unlock hell. How thankful we are that the matter is being cleared up in our day and that the people are being set free from the shack. "-John 11: 2S. thus defaming Jehoyah God. 28: 18) Again. says Jesus.Jesus get" all power" and the right to resurrect the dead? The answer is that he received tbis po\ver and right when God raised him from the dead. This leaves just one portion of Scripture for our consideration. that those in hell are dead and that they are to be delivered out of hell. to Abraham. It is a parable. Now the question before us is. again. and the life." The disciples could not see a spirit being. and reads: "Death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them. I am alive for evermore. but a copy of the booklet entitled IIell will be sent to any address on receipt of ten cents to pay the cost of printing and mailing. both of the just and unjust. If the unjust are to have a resurrection from the grave. This is why God gave him" all pow- 139 er in heaven and in earth". It was are· ward for his faithfulness. but a proper understanding of it is in entire harmony wit h all the texts jnst quoted. and thus he could prove to them that he was alive. On the contrary. . '1'he parable is too long to be discussed on this occasion. and have the keys of hell and of death. and not a fleshly one. and was dead. When he dematerialized in their presence." and. angels appeared to Lot. and it is the only hope of life which the race possesses. and have done so on many occasions. When God raised Jesus from the dead and gave him the divine nature and power. An angel appeared to Daniel in the den of lions. namely. for a spirit hath not flesh and bones. and that which enti· tles the race to a resurrection is the fact that Jesus ransomed their souls from the power of the gravt'." Jesus obtained these "keys".. it is impossibl. recorded in John 5: 28. the Bible hell.e for a human being to dematerialize as Jesus did. on different occasions. which read: "All that are in the graves shall hear his voice. '''hen Jesus materialized. The fact that Jesus appeared several times. found in Luke 16: 19-31. Many people are prone to regard the fact that Jesus appeared on several occasions after his death in a body of flesh as a proof that he is now a man and has a body of flesh. Now the question that confronts us is this: Will all the race be delivered from the tomb. On one occasion Jesus said to his disciples. and shall come forth. This is why Jesus could say." This text tells us. in this same text. a power which he did not possess before. "I am the resurrection. A few moments later Jesus dematerialized and was a spirit being. spirit beings can both materialize and dematerialize. . It is found in Hevelation 20: 13. Jesus could say after his resurrection. and that both the just and the unjust are to be brought forth. Without a resurrection there is no hope for the race. As further proof that there is no such thing as eternal torment we cite the words of Jesus. When and how did . Our last proof text is so emphatic that it is an end to all controversy unless one is an unbeliever in tile Bible. Jesus said: "I am the resurrection. that it is I myself: handle me. misrepresenting the Bible and dcceiying the people. because he had given his life to ransom the race. les of ignoraucc and superstition. What is Jesus to do with those keys1 We understand the word "keys" simply means "power" and "authority".liLa HI. the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Consequently. the Bible hell? The Apostle Paul says: "There shall be a resur· rection of the dead. We quote: "I am he that liveth. for the reason that we are told in Matthew 13: 34 as follows: "All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables. These spirit beings materialized and then dematerialized. it was to convince his disciples that he was alive. and see." (Acts 24: IS ) Notice that it is the dead that are to be raised. It is a wicked way of imposing upon the credu· lity of the people. This parable is gcnerally supposed to teach eternal torment. this power. and deliver all who are therein." (Matt. is an undeniable proof that he was a spirit being. and in no other way could he convince them of this fact. and not before.

. 11~12..lionl Tue pm 8·G \VlSIHr DetrOIt . Loms Sun pm 0...IIlL'Y ilion 'rue pm 8.ha'" .3:5 Hill KFKB ::iun aIll V.:}0 (~ecoJlu null jourth.. John's Sun pm 8. ALABA \1 A Hun woe KT:"IT 12-1 (e\ cry otlwr lVeek) NE'VFO[T]'\nr._\VBTIC KTSL ~-9 Bangor SUll am 10·11' KOY CAUF("'"TA B:lltirnore ~un 1-2 LOR Angeles KT~l 9-10 K"W~1 Oal. Greel\:..): I'd pm 7-7... Po\bh) "'('(1 plll 3AG·4 (English) Plnladplphia W.4G~7.lar Rapids ~llll a 111 H :.-13 1IIilllll'aJ..0 Fort Wayne Sun pIll 4·4.~1 BTA ~un 1)]11 7. pm 9·12 ~'llU JlIll 1·3.ionally) 'YFBEJ Chnrlcstoll "·pd lllll 8.International Bible Students Association RADIO SERVICE The message of the kingdom of JelJoyah is broadcast by these and other stations in Australasia.hlll'g' ..hinQton >"1Il am 10·11' "'.TGC ~nll lIIll ~-:~ (e\ ery other 'Yl'0k) Preston. 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\HTII. _.......•.. it~ ('A~V...t al!IsolPl'-~aial) VOL.••.. _ .11 June 1..::~~~·~\~>...%1~:::~~:~~~~:~~~~~~~:~~~:~:::~~~:~~~~~~.... nn ~~f...•••••..\:-..e:~l:e.. ... .~:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i :!~ Order in God's Ort. Rr-RsC'RII'TIOX EXl'IHElJ"! •... L SE~lI-..x~l~~..-Luke 21: 2(j-31. .:S . Upon the earth distress of nations.e things which are ('OIllIng- .-~ ~::~~~~. discontented] roaring.J 11. .•.. ] (. "hen th~se things begin to come to pass. ..:~ llo\yer (.. Look up. 1929 CONTENTS TUB JIIGIIBR POWERS •. 1 ( QUl?stlOIlS for Del'ean Btutly __ ....\RST~G P. with perplexity........ and lift up your heads.rext .0(1':-.. YOUH.••...•...~ ~~i~~~~ l<it~~I.••._](.iaVef' [the restless.....•.. then InlOW that the Kinp-rlom of God is at ham"!..•....• __ Org-anization .allizatioll ']'lle '.. ~Iark 13: 20.\IoXTHLY Ko.1 ()7 __ ..•.. lIIatthew 24: 33...::l~f:i:~.........IS~UD-iES···:~:::::::::::::::::::::::~::::::::::i~:~ ttl will stana upon my watch and 1cill sct my toot t..••.....1 (iii __. and for lool\ing after tho-.3 _11.. the sea and the for fe.~ a ~Sn. men's hearts fa!ling them on the earth: for the powers of hea"en shall he Rhnken..~lctCH~1iW~1lll9(@JJB)~~ ~ft1ly~ nU~llyt? 'Qe1ifomi1J1lij ~$'fln»..._ __ 111. for your redemptIOn draweth nigh..o them.

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'The Watch '[ower 7:3 • by means of offices only. \\'"e are not onl~~ willing'. may be expected to appear on addre"R lahel within one month.\.'IJII1ll1I'llllIlll. that he gave his life a sacrifice for man and therf'hy prouuced the runsom price.ruI5.lishpl! for the benefit of the blind. gi\ e testimony to the name anu plan of . that an such be on our list continually and in touch with the Berelll.111l11.THIS JOURNAL PUBLISHED SEMI·MONTHLY BY ITS SACRED MISSION T HIS journal is published for the purpose of aiding tho people to understand the divine plan.'1.. from scattered foreip."hie h all the families of tho cn. TRUTH FOR TBE BLIND Sl'vcral of the Society's books ani! The Watch TOlccr are pul.. RUTHERFORD E.\' one engaged in the house-to-house work in territory now s(. • 40 Irwin Avenue.Teho\ah Gorl. or by Bank Draft. Ontario • 7 Beresford Rd.) TER~IS 117 ADAMS STREET African and AI<'RICA. but confidently invites a careful examination of its utterances in the light of the infallible Word of God. sects awl creeds of men. The hooks are loanf'd to thf' blinu without ehaJ'gf'. that Jehoyah has placed Christ Jesus upon his throne and now commands all nations and peoples to hear and obey him. S.ity for them to get a wider unuerstanuing of the truth by reading what is being pnnted. POhtoffice.1 JlI" 1IIIIIIIIIIIIlIIUJllll. RUTHERFORD P.fnll.INEOVS nnI'l'.50.:-~~ :."ill li\'e on earth for en'r in a state of happiness.-ill be ~ent with the journal one month before the subscription expires. For further information :\ddress 'Vateh 'Tower Bible & Tract So. .14 "JelwY(. A renewal blank (earning notiee of expiration) . through Christ.h Supr!'ml'" Issue of M..A. (Foreign translatiml8 Of this journal appear in 8e. THAT GOD createll the earth for man. but anxious. is proving to be a convenif'nt amI effechve methou of giving public notice of this chain program. LoganspoJ't. Strathfield. are unable to pay for this journal.-.. that the mission of the church is to follow in the footsteps of her Lonl Christ Jesus.I AXD MISCET. announces conventions. It is free from parties.'01' the benefit of subscnbcrs it is herp repeated. It gives announcement of the visits made to Bible classes by traveling speakers. Sydney. A..-hich all doctrines are measured.tal ~[OIlf"Y Orders. • • • Canadian • • AustralaSian • South Afncan J. described more particularly in The Watch Tower for March I. by way of explanation. Cape Town. S. and presenteu the vtllue of his human sacrifice as tho redemptive price for man. will be supplied free if they send a postal card each "ray Rtnting their case and requesting such proYhdon. F.le to branch Relllittance. It provides systematic Bible study in which all its readers may regularly engage. that Christ. Y. England • . J.·eral languages.... 'fhe Braille metho. grow in his likeness. 1'hey ar(' also sold at prieps to eov!'!' the cost of manufacture.\lIlPI"J('an rt?lnittal1eeg should IJ~ ma(le by Express or Pm. and its columns arc not open to pmsonalities.\-. BARBER British. W .llllutUI1IIIIIIIIIII. A renewal hlank (carrying also notice of pxpiration) is sent with the journal one month before the subscriptIOn is lIue to f'xpir!'. THAT THE HOPE OF THE PEOPLES of earth is resto' ration to human pf\rfection during the reign of Christ. This often proves a means of opf'uing the way to place thf' books into the hands of the people. VAN AMBURGH Secretary EDITORIAL COMMITTEE W.I:o:. N. OFFICERS J.n territory may be BrooklJ'u office.11111. On foreign subseriptions the expiration nohee is sent with the journal two months in :t<h-ance..6). 2.ID.l~. has been selecting from amongst men the members of his church. Canadian. E. TO THE BROOKLYN.7 "-e"k b"ginning . . ..l of A hraham" through . the Maker of heaven anrl earth.IIIIII..rth shall be blessell. constituteA the "see. that he is now the Loru Jesus Christ in glory. E.\ustralasian remittances should be ma.211 \\'('ek heg-inning .T'YelI hy broal1casts of the WATCHTOWER network program ma)' hRw a share in telling the people that this unique service is aYRilahle every Sunday..T. Head and borly. ].S. It announces radio programs and publishes suitable Bible instruction for broadcasting.. Have in mind that the chief purpose of the radio is to call the people's attention to the truth and then furnish the opportun. which constitutes the houy of Christ. Australia • • • . "Delight 'Thr~{'l1' in . THAT FOR MANY CENTURIES God. .. when requested. It adheres strictly to the Bible as God's revealed Word of Truth. H.\..TPlwvah" Issue of J[(lY 1.ITES. by reason or old a. It stands firmly upon the great ransom sacrifice as the fundamental doctrine by .

" Otherwise stated.t every soul be subject unto the higher powers. (Isa. of course. power. J POWER 4 The power of Jehovah is supreme. in substance. 17) That inflexible rule must always be kept in r. correction. and there is no qllalifiration to the statement that God is supreme. for the sake of his own conscience. (Gen. 13: 1. then. 2 Tim. Jer. 4: 10) In his argumcnt the apostle says: "There is no power but of God: the' powers that be are ordained of [arranged undt'l" I God. "-Rom. :. and will later include all who come into harmony \yith God. The anointed of the Lord must do right. A rule or law that commands a child of God to take any other course is wrong. 19: 7. instruction. From him proreeds all rightful authority. and without a singh> exception. and that the motive for such obedience must be love for God and a delight in doing his will. it is not unlawful to he found in possession of or (and) transporting intoxicating liquors. that power is ordained of God. to the end that such may be thoroughly furnished with knowledge that will enable them to do right and to accomplish good. Eph. 3: IG.&lWATCH TO\ER PRESENCE AND HE~ALD OF CHR~STS THE HIGHER POWERS "Let every soul be s1tbject 1tnto the 7zig7zcr pott'ers. which also claim to be Christian. POl' there is no power but of God: tlze pOleers that be are ordained of God. England. then the law of the nation should be obeyed in order that the child of God might not needlessly cause offense. 10:12) Th('l'c is no limitation to his power. 42:5. At once it is seen that the foundation is laid for the doctrine of the" divine right of kings ". It follo\. In Canada. 35: 11) He is the :l\Iost High. and that therefore the child of God must be obedient to that. that if the law of a nation is not contrary to God's law. Paul's argument is also to the effect that if the laws of the land are in harmony with God's law they should be obeyed. 3 The apostle is. points out the right way. "L(. \Vhen the apostle says. The controlling point in his argument really is citizenship. whereas other scriptures show that God has appointed a special time for the judgment of mankind in general. The instruction given therein by the apostle was not i