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Holiday Inspiration 2012

We are excited to share our new holiday book with you. The pages that follow are not only a guide to our
new collection, but a celebration of the experiences we have shared in our homes at this special time of the
year. We took inspiration from our own lives—from childhood traditions we grew up with to new rituals we’ve
created with our own families and our family of friends. These homecomings, these afternoons spent baking
with our daughters, these potluck dinners with friends…they make us feel at home, connected, content.
I wish you and your families the happiest of holidays at any gathering you choose to honor the spirit of
coming together.
We wish you peace,

Marta Calle
President, Crate and Barrel


2 ç







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In the Balance print 41√sq.x2œ√d

HN100 $499.
Alton II Fireplace screen Bronze.

39√wx3œ√dx30Œ√h HN253 $179.
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LIBATIONS CART 33√wx14√dx32¬√h

HN284 $599.


A young man knows he’s arrived when he’s invited into his grandfather’s inner sanctum
for an evening of shared memories accompanied by a smooth jazz track and an
equally smooth Scotch.
4 ç

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DouBLe oLD-FasHIoNeD GLasses (from left to right) HN185

Emilio. 7 oz.; 3 Œ√h $9.95
Joseph. 10 oz.; 5 ¬√h $9.95
Ray. 7 oz.; 4√h $9.95

Lewis. 6 oz.; 3 ¬√h $9.95
Oscar. 10 oz.; 4√h $9.95

Set of five (one of each design). Open stock, $49.75 set price, $39.95

6 ç Grandpa&Grandson


syLvaN taBLe LaMp

HN097 $199.


Brooks LeatHer CoLLeCtIoN Chocolate.
More Brooks available. HN262
Settee. 70√wx35√dx31√h $3299.
Small Bench (see above, opposite page).
50√wx20√dx16√h $1299.


DyLaN LeatHer WINGBaCk CHaIr

Stone. 33√wx35√dx40√h HN263 $2199.


Tino Decanter 36 oz. 4√h HN190 $8.95 Tour Double old-fashioned glass 12 8 ç  Grandpa&Grandson crateandbarrel. 6¬√dia.x12œ√h HN178 $39..95 Alexander Decanter 26 oz.x14√h HN178 $29.95 Spirits Decanter 36 oz. 3¬√h HN191 $8.95 Wells Decanter 30 oz.. things had a certain swank and elegance.. And they 9 .95 Back then. 4œ√h HN188 $8. 5√dia. Read about our archival finds at crateandbarrel.Glencairn Whisky Glass 11 oz..95 Winston Single Malt Glass 7 oz. 4Œ√dia.x9œ√h HN178 $39..x12œ√h HN178 $44. 5√dia.95 Discover Special Finds These gorgeous decanters look like they stepped right out of the ’50s.

.GATSBY PITCHER 84 oz. 7√h HN366 $9.95 FeLIx MartINI GLass 9 oz. 6√h $12.x8 ¬√h HN179 $54.95 BostoN sHaker 3 ¬√dia.x11 ¬√h HN181 $19. 14 oz. 4Œ√dia. 144 pages HN252 $19..95 Double Old-Fashioned Glass.95 CaLLaWay BarWare HN360 Highball Glass.95 sILo pItCHer 42 oz.x10¬√h HN193 $9.95 10 ç  Grandpa&Grandson THE AMERICAN COCKTAIL Book GatsBy CHaMpaGNe CooLer 6√x8√.x9√h HN180 $24.95 the Classics are timeless GatsBy ICe BuCket 6¬√dia.. 4œ√h $11.95 crateandbarrel. HN183 $29.95 Bar sCoop 2 ¬√dia.. 18 oz.95 9√dia. 6Œ√dia.x8¬√h HN176 $49..x9¬√h HN179 $44.95 staINLess steeL CoCktaIL tray 15 ¬√ 11 .

Our 13 .95 Natural King Nutcracker 5√wx4œ√dx16√h HN238 $130.5461 crateandbarrel. where wooden toy making has been a family livelihood and tradition since 1700. the nutcrackers’ whimsical expressions cleverly allowed local citizens to criticize their leaders with the sharp crack of a nut.95 12 ç 800. our modern-day Natural Nutcrackers are created exclusively for us by artisans in the mountainous Erzgebirge region of Germany. Each is hand-numbered in a limited-edition release of 1000 to collect or give to someone very special this holiday season. Natural Santa Nutcracker 5√wx4√dx11√h HN238 $99. Natural Night Watchman Nutcracker 4¬√wx3 ¬√dx11 œ√h HN238 $84.323.Old World Tradition Harkening back to an Old World appreciation for handcraftsmanship and the natural beauty of fine wood. Originally representations of authority figures. King and Night Watchman are handcarved and hand-assembled of solid wood and richly detailed with handpainted golden accents.

x18√w HN030 $10. passing down the family’s favorite Christmas cookie recipe. 2Œ√wx4√dx1√ A little flour.95 pro line nonstick baking sheet 18√wx13√dx1√h HN008 $19.Mom&Daughter Play Film Now Showing at crateandbarrel. A young mother shares a special afternoon with her 15 .95 holiday ric rac dishtowel 20√x30√ HN045 $5. 1Œ√wx3¬√dx1√h.95 gingerbread man cookie cutters Set of two. 3¬√x4¬√ each HN031 $3.95 ORNAMENT COOKIE CUTTERs Set of two (one of each size): small. HN035 $4.95 Cooling Rack 16¬√wx11¬√dxŒ√h HN010 $7. french kitchen pastry slab 24√x16√ HN042 $49. sugar and a whole lot of hugs. large.95 14 ç crateandbarrel.95 rolling pin with red handles 2œ√dia.

95 2 5 HoLIDay sNoWFLake BoWLs sNoWFLake CookIe paN Set of three (one of each size): small. ¬ 17 . 3¬√dia.. HN057 $ 1 tbsp.. $349. 1. $409.x4¬√h HN033 $9. 7√x12 ¬√ $6.95 16 ¬√wx11 œ√xŒ√h HN009 $12.HerItaGe HILL 1-GaLLoN GLass jar WItH LID 7√dia. 8√sq. HN363 $29.–10œ√dia. 8Œ√wx14√dx14√h HN021 Sugg.95 Potholder.1 oz. medium.95 16 ç Mom&Daughter crateandbarrel.95 10-pIeCe GLass BoWL set One shown.5 qt... Or go to crateandbarrel.x4√h.x3√h. Customize one of our exclusive designs. 2œ√dia.95 1 4 GINGerBreaD strIpe potHoLDer/MItt HN046 staINLess steeL MeasurING spooNs Set of four: œ tsp.95 Discover Free Invitations Host a cookie exchange. 5 Œ√dia.95 Mitt.95 6 HoLIDay suGar CookIe MIx 18 oz.. free at paperlesspost. spool. $4.–4. 4œ√dia.99 special.x3œ√h. HN034 $10.95 Bakers tWINe 766 yds.. HN136 $19. Our friends at Paperless Post® have created these holiday email invites just for us (and you). large. 1 tsp.x10√h HN019 $11. 5√ 3 kItCHeNaID® artIsaN reD staND MIxer 5 qt.

2√dia. HN015 $9.x10¬√h. 4Œ√dia. 6œ√dia.x1 ¬√h. HN012 $29.x7√h $19.cookie press and decorating kit Press.x2√h.95 18 ç  Mom&Daughter conversion dishtowel 20√x30√ HN050 $4. $89.95 Red and white striped bowls HN039 Individual Bowl.95 crateandbarrel.95 deck the halls dishtowel 20√x30√ HN047 $5.95 Mixing Bowl.95 snowflake ramekins Set of two (one of each size): small. dualit® 5-speed chrome hand mixer 8¬√wx4¬√dx9¬√h HN023 Sugg. Special. 1¬√ 19 .x3√h $3. 2√dia. $100. 11œ√dia. six tips. each. 4Œ√dia.95 Discover Recipes Get the recipe for our Christmas Tree Spritz Cookies at crateandbarrel. 14 discs.

95 reD BrIDGe tea kettLe 9¬√wx9√dx9¬√h HN026 $39. HN051 $12. 5¬√dia.95 crateandbarrel..95 20 ç Mom&Daughter CoCoa HN053 GINGerBreaD MaN pLatter MINI MIGHty MarsHMaLLoWs Double Chocolate.95 hot cocoa spoon 8œ√ HN032 $2.95 Child’s Mug.95 5 oz. 13 oz. 3√h $3. 6 oz. 4¬√h $ 21 .x1 œ√h HN136 $19.95 MILk CHoCoLate GraHaMs 13 oz.95 tHerMaL reD CaraFe 34 oz.95 pile on the Marshmallows Share mugs of peppermint cocoa and a little story time. 12 oz.95 Peppermint Chocolate.. $10.. HN058 $6.95 12√sq. 6 oz. Gingerbread man Plate 7√ HN136 $4.gingerbread man mugs HN136 Mug.x9Œ√h HN303 $34. $7.

95 birds of peace dishtowel 20√x30√ HN343 $4. Jar.95 BUon Natale Dishtowel 20√x30√ airtight glass bottle holiday tree dishtowel 20√x30√ 3¬√dia. 5¬√dia.50 18 oz.x4√h $3.x8œ√h HN336 $24.95 Small.x4¬√h $3.x3√h $2.95 WINTER BIRDS dishtowel 20√x30√ HN342 $5.95 homemade cookie jar White.x9œ√h HN337 $19. Jar.95 HN344 $4.x12√h HN338 $4.95 PEPPERMINT Dishtowel 20√x30√ HN340 $5.From top to bottom: Weck Canning Jars HN339 12 days of christmas dishtowel 9  23 . 20√x30√ each HN348 $12. 6œ√dia.95 let it snow Dishtowel 20√x30√ HN346 $6.95 birch gift boxes HN353 Large.95 10 oz.x3¬√h $3.95 Medium..95 gingerbread man Dishtowels Set of two. 3¬√dia. 4√dia.95 crateandbarrel.50 20√x30√ HN341 $4.95 gingerbread man cookie jar 96 oz.95 HN345 $6. 4¬√dia. 4œ√dia.95 22 ç Mom&Daughter vera holiday candy jar dishtowel 20√x30√ HN347 $5. 4Œ√dia.x4Œ√h $4. 7¬√dia.x3√h $3. Jar.

95 Highball FriendsandGiving crateandbarrel.95 each aCaCIa WooD appetIzer pLate 7√x6√ HN152 $5.95 vINtaGe sarI GarLaND 6∫ HN302 $24.. 24 ç 3√x6√ pILLar CaNDLe Ivory. $79.95 each sMaLL rIse CaNDLeHoLDer 2¬√dia.xŒ√h each HN089 $6.95 play Film Now Showing at crateandbarrel. 3 ¬√h $7. 10œ√ HN125 $7. 1 ¬√dia. 6√h HN159 $2.95 CLear-CuppeD WHIte teaLIGHt CaNDLes Set of 12.95 each Foster 20-pIeCe FLatWare set Four 5-piece place settings.. $87.95 Friends&Giving Friends are family at this Thanksgiving gathering.x2œ√h HN085 $2. 5Œ√h $8.80 set price..MerCer DINNer pLate More Mercer available.95 BaLI Dark pLaCeMat 15√dia. A young hostess’ invitation for a potluck feast brings good food and good company together.95 pINt tuMBLer 16 25 .95 puBLIC BarWare HN187 Double Old-Fashioned Glass. HN121 Open stock. HN134 $6. 14 oz. 16 oz. HN088 $7.

special. special. $224. © Apple Inc. $155.95 27 . $400.95 Get the Download appetites Cook recipes step-by-step with popular chefs in 30 video classes.95 LoDGe® Cast IroN rouND skILLet sCaNpaN CLassIC FrypaNs HN005 10œ√ Limited time only. Sugg. For rookies and foodies alike.95 12¬√ Frypan. Get this top-rated app for iPhone. $99. Content subject to availability. 12¬√dia.95 aLL-CLaD® staINLess sauCepaNs WItH LIDs HN002 2-qt. Terms apply. $164.x8√h HN003 Sugg. $121. CaLpHaLoN® CoNteMporary NoNstICk roaster WItH LIFters aND Baster 16√wx13 ¬√dx4√h HN004 Sugg.. special. iPad and iPod touch. Sugg. Saucepan with Lid. crateandbarrel. Saucepan with Lid. HN335 $29. special. special.95 12√dia. $79. $199. $190. $99. $400.8 pots and pans every kitchen should Have Le Creuset® staINLess steeL MuLtIpot 5œ qt. $304. Free with redemption code available at crateandbarrel.95 Le Creuset® 7.95 26 ç  Friends&Giving It’s on us. rouND spINaCH FreNCH oveN WItH LID 14œ√wx11 Œ√dx7√h HN003 Sugg.

x4Œ√h HN138 $39. 12¬√.com 29 .95 AVALON EXTENSION dining TABLE Black. 65¬√wx36√dx30¬√h (9¬√w folded) HN269 $299. HN130 $7. Or go to crateandbarrel.95 Discover Free Invitations Our friends at Paperless Post ® have created these Friendsgiving email invites just for us (and you).95 paisley Napkin 20√sq.95 crateandbarrel. 45√dia. HN013 $29. felix walnut side chair 19œ√wx20¬√dx31Œ√h (17Œ√h seat) HN268 $89.95 wilder oval Platter More Wilder available. HN132 $¬√h (62√w with leaf) HN270 $499.95 BLAnk Embossed placeCards Set of 24. 7¬√wx5√dx2√h (9Œ√w with handles).95 rectangular baker with cork 12√wx9Œ√dx3√h (15¬√w with handles) HN014 $ 28 ç  Friends&Giving yvette Napkin 20√sq. Customize one of our exclusive designs.Owl Placecard Holder 1√x1œ√ HN155 $3.95 Caliope multi Napkin 20√sq. HN017 $29.95 BAMBOO 2-piece SALAD SERVER set 12√ each HN119 $8. blue (not shown). green. 2¬√x1¬√ each HN156 $5. HN133 $7.95 3-piece potluck baker set Light Green.95 Caprice neutral Napkin 20√sq.95 span gateleg dining TABLE Espresso. HN131 $7.95 bamboo 12¬√ salad bowl 12¬√dia. 11Œ√wx8Œ√dx2Œ√h (14¬√w with handles). 18¬√wx14√dx1Œ√h HN127 $39. knife. 11√. 2-piece robert welch® bistro carving set Fork. free at paperlesspost. 10¬√wx7œ√dx2œ√h (13œ√w with handles).

$59. oreGoN BIG WHIte WINe GLass 22 oz. This is the glass that goes with 31 . $87. 3¬√h HN187 $7. 9√h oreGoN LIGHt WHIte WINe GLass 16 oz. HN351 $19. 10¬√h HN169 $6. nutty flavor. 2√wx6√dx1√h. 9√h HN169 $6. while enhancing a mature wine’s spicy.95 The familiar slender shape enhances the bouquet of sparkling wine.90 set price.95 HerItaGe CuttING BoarD 28√wx16√dx1√h HN352 $99. 1√wx6√dx1√h.95 sHesHaM 5-BottLe WaLL MouNtstaCkING WINe raCk HN304 Wine Rack..a toast to Good Friends public double old-fashioned glass 14 oz.95 vinotemp 15-bottle wine cooler 17√w x19√dx20√h HN024 $229.. narrow knife/spreader.. but it really makes a light. Open stock.95 30 ç Friends&Giving The shape keeps young whites tasting fresh. $69.95 WooD-HaNDLeD CHeese kNIves Set of three: wide knife.80 Set price.95 Set of two. fork..x7√h HN177 $24. 11√ HN125 $7. Plus it’s fun to watch the bubbles rise to the top. 20¾√wx5¼√dx4¾√h $34. 1√wx6√dx1√h.95 HN169 $6.95 BroWN MarBLe WINe CooLer 4¬√dia. oreGoN FLute 8 oz. crisp white wine shine.95 crateandbarrel.95 mercer dinner plate More Mercer available. $79. HN121 Open stock.95 foster 20-piece flatware set Four 5-piece place settings.

76√wx36√dx31 ¬√h HN264 $1499.. 36¬√wx15Œ√dx49Œ√h HN289 $349. 28√wx33√dx31√h HN265 $1199. Lyra pILLoW Cayenne.x8√h HN309 NavIta pILLoW 18√sq. More Paterson available. $36.95 HN112 Reg.x11 Œ√h sopHIe pILLoW 18√x12√ HN070 $16. HN114 $49.95 2 vauGHN apartMeNt soFa Cream. $29. More Cavett available. 20√sq.95 3 Cavett LeatHer CHaIr Sumatra. More Vaughn available.95 vIaNNI vase 9√dia.95 33 . $39.95 HN113 $29. 32 ç Friends&Giving crateandbarrel. 5Œ√h HN187 $8. 5 patersoN tWo-Door CaBINet Black.95 each strIve Desk LaMp 7√wx13√dx24√h HN364 $54.puBLIC HIGHBaLL GLass 16 oz.95 4 1 GrIFFIN Grey vase 5√dia.

Find your Favorite Beer’s Favorite Glass 1 A thinner base keeps aromas locked inside the glass so you taste every perfectly picked hop. Cask MuG 12 oz. CraFt Beer GLass 16 oz.95 2 This sturdy glass is perfect for stouts and ales as well as clanking.. 16 oz. 4 ¬√h HN161 $3.95 5 The shape locks in carbonation.. Kölsch and 4 Get the perfect head and body distribution of pilsners and lagers in this curvaceous glass.95 Thirsty for this poster? Get it at popchartlab. pINt tuMBLer 16 oz. cheering.. 6√h HN160 $ 35 ... Any delicate beer works because the slender shape kicks up the malt flavor. 9√h HN158 $4. swaying and singing.95 3 For rye beers. 6√h each HN157 $29. crateandbarrel. so you can watch more bubbles float up the beautiful tall glass. 6√h HN159 $2. steMMeD pILsNer Set of two. BLoNDe Beer GLass 12 oz.

95 Play Film Now Showing at crateandbarrel. servers.95 BARBERRY 20-piece FLATWARE set Four 5-piece place settings.x6√h each HN092 $14.95 tjorn wood serve bowl with servers Bowl.Love&Light painted Wood dreidels Set of three (assorted).x6√h.x3√h each HN240 $11.x3¾√h HN084 $3. HN151 $ 36 ç TOVAH MENORAH 10¬√wx2¬√dx5¾√h HN078 $32. 17√dia. these families have gathered on the last night of Hanukkah to light their menorahs together. 10¬√ HN126 $4. $159.95 Bellisima red wine glass 12 oz. 1¬√dia. 14√ each.95 Multi mENORAH CANDLES Set of 45 (assorted): Yellow and tonal blues.95 DANCING DREIDEL PLATE 8√ HN145 $5.80 Set price.95 each CLEAR-CUPPED white TEALIGHT candleS Set of 12.95 Since the kids were little.xŒ√h each HN089 $6.95 each ASPEN Dinner PLATE More Aspen available. It’s a ritual that’s grown better and brighter with each year.95 37 . 7¬√h HN164 $10. 2¬√dia. 1œ√sq. $149. Green or Blue.. œ√dia. SPLENDID VOTIVE Silver. HN122 Open stock.

com 39 . $11. $ DANCING DREIDEL PLATTEr 13√ HN145 $19. 5 ¬√–9 Œ√dia. $421. $135.Time For Potato Latkes Three moms share the oil.95 Sale. Special. HN016 Sugg. $139. Sugg. laughter and tears (who’s grating the onions?). Orange. $69. Special. pro line nonstick baking sheet 18√wx13√dx1√h HN008 $19. $85.95 5-PIECE MIXING BOWL Set 23 oz.95 10√ Frypan. toil. $29. 8√ bread knife. $19.. Special. 20√x30√ HN049 Reg. 2¬√ paring knife. Brown. 9√ sharpening steel and hardwood knife block. $49. x3 ¬√–6¼√h HN039 $34. Sugg. $199.95 CUISINART® 14-CUP FOOD PROCESSOR 7¬√wx11 Œ√dx15Œ√h HN022 Sugg. Turquoise.95 over the sink colander 19Œ√wx9Œ√dx4¬√h HN040 $19.–136 oz.95 Discover Recipes Get our favorite latke recipes at crateandbarrel. Citron.95 Pintura dishtowels Set of five (one of each color): Blue.95 Le Creuset® 12¬√ Skillet HN003 Sugg. $70.95 12√ Frypan.95 crateandbarrel. 4¬√ utility knife.95 38 ç  Love&Light End grain board 20Œ√wx14œ√dx3œ√h HN365 $129.95 OXO® fish spatula 3¬√x13Œ√ HN296 $12. Sugg. Special. 3√ paring knife.95 WÜSTHOF® GOURMET 12-PIECE KNIFE BLOCK SET 8√ chef∫s knife. $199.95 cuisinart® multiclad unlimited frypans HN007 8√ Frypan. kitchen shears. four 4¬√ steak knives.95 Cooling Rack 16¬√wx11¬√dxŒ√h HN010 $7. Special. $180. Special.

contact your local store at crateandbarrel.  12–5 pm Cookies&Sprinkles December 1. Get expert advice.95 per shipping address and arrive in just 3–5 business days. 9–11 am We’re throwing a party in our stores just for you. Houston.95 Select Standard Delivery purchases ship for one low flat fee of $4. we’ll ship it later. Chicago (North and Clybourn). Don’t miss out on your favorite gifts to give. 2012 for Hanukkah only. 7 oz. Los Angeles (Beverly Hills. Questions? Call Customer Service at so we can advise you on how to make your return within 90 days of receipt. CB2 and The Land of Nod. 23–Dec. Territories will incur extra fees and charges.Order at crateandbarrel. Three brands. Los Angeles (South Coast Plaza). We’ll hold your order and ship the week of November 30.95 Snowflake Glass Mug Small. Ship it for just $4. And international shoppers can see prices in their local currency. FiftyOne. Minneapolis. Hawaii and U. Crate and Barrel Credit Card One 20 noon CT Christmas–Dec. Get complete policy details at crateandbarrel. 24 Select stores will wrap your gift purchases in our exclusive Snowflake wrap at no extra charge. 2012 for Christmas delivery. start your wedding registry. Mon.S. order an eGift Card online and it’ll pop up in their inbox in as little as two hours. enjoy food and drink and mingle with other couples. 5 noon CT Hanukkah–Dec. visit crateandbarrel.5672.S..95 Hot Cocoa Spoon 8œ√ HN032 $2. and holiday ideas from local experts. but if you’re In a hurry. Gift Cards ship free. no cancellations on Holiday Hold orders).com/Shipping. 2-Day 40  ç More Joy in our Stores It’s Snowing Gift Cards Join us for these festive events with tastings. Washington. 20 noon CT Christmas– 41 . For dates and times. Nick of Time Everything you need to know so your gifts arrive on time. and deliveries to Alaska. Earn $10 in rewards for every $200 you spend at all three of our brands: Crate and Barrel. Free Local In-Home Delivery for select furniture when purchases in one shopping occasion total $1500 or more. Manhasset).  6–8 pm Thanksgiving&Feast November 10. terms may change at any time.** Participating metro-area stores include: Atlanta (Lennox Square). South Coast Plaza).* *Reward program is provided by Crate and Barrel. San Francisco (Union Square. 2012 It’s on the house. 21 noon CT Shop and Ship International With our global partner. nespresso® citiz espresso machine Red. Holiday Hold. We’re wrapping gifts in our stores…free. To RSVP. Next Day Air. Don’t miss these important Last Days to Order. Dallas (Knox Street). Order early. 5√wx14¬√dx11√h HN355 $249. Order from our catalog and online for Holiday Delivery. Applications are subject to approval. For details. and we’ll package your order immediately and charge it to your account (sorry.5461 crateandbarrel. 6 noon CT Christmas–Dec. Burlington Mall).–Sun. Cheers&Beers* October 25.323. Boston (Boylston Street. Just choose the Store Pickup option at checkout at crateandbarrel. please go to crateandbarrel.606.  12–5 pm *Participating metro-area stores for Cheers&Beers include: Boston (Boylston Street).com/Stores. 2Œ√h HN361 $3. Available on most in-stock merchandise to most ZIP codes. San Diego (University Towne Center). Must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages. Thanksgiving&Feast and Cookies&Sprinkles events will be held in all stores. No waiting…no shipping. RSVP today at a store near you or at crateandbarrel. See Terms and Conditions at crateandbarrel. Order eligible items online and pick up at a store near you. for orders shipping within the contiguous U. and the week of December or call 800.5461. Weekends. Nov. Chicago (North and Clybourn). More rewards. **Subject to availability. The Wedding Parties® Events October 28. Visit crateandbarrel. View Terms and Conditions at crateandbarrel. please call us within 7 days of receipt at 800. Our festive new holiday gift card gives joy in any denomination and can be redeemed at all three of our brands: Crate and Barrel. CB2 and The Land of Nod. 7 am–9 pm CT. New York (Madison Avenue. Learn more at crateandbarrel. Free Local In-Home Furniture Delivery Now through November 11. you can shop and ship to more than 90 countries. Stanford Shopping Center). Standard 2-Day Express Next Day Air Hanukkah– WeddingParties. 30 noon CT Hanukkah–Dec. New York City (SoHo). drinks.237. In the St. For furniture returns or Buy online. DC (Tysons Corner) and Toronto (Yorkdale Shopping Centre). DC (The Market Common). Pick up in stores.323. Washington. Guaranteed Holiday Delivery Returns and Exchanges The short story is you have 90 days within receipt of your purchase to make a return on most non-furniture GiftCards.

whole butter. order early…these sweets are eagerly anticipated all year and fly off our shelves.95 42 ç  800.95 HN051 $21. not too far from our second store. dark chocolate and sea salt peanut butter bites 7 ¬ oz. Illinois.323. HN051 $16.salted chocolate caramel peanut bark 15 oz. As always. creamy caramel and more. Thirty-five years later. nor should they.95 A Sweet Story The Long Grove Confectionery first began making our delicious chocolates and confections by hand in 1977 in a small kitchen in their family-owned candy shop in a little red schoolhouse in the historic village of Long Grove.5461 GERMAN CHOCOLATE BITES Sea salt caramels 16 oz. SNOWFLAKE PRETZELS 24 oz. dairy-fresh whipping cream. Some things never change.95 HN051 $19. HN051 $15. 7 oz.95 crateandbarrel. HN051 $14. these holiday treats are ready to gift in our very own packaging that’s almost too special to open. we’re still sweet on their highest-quality ingredients—pure 43 . Made to our exact specifications.

1 Œ√dia. 4√dia. Gold.95 44  ç  800.x4√h HN221 $11. 3 Œ√dia.Holiday&Magic A little bit of magic to adorn the Christmas tree. Shiny/Matte Silver. Copper.95 glitter 3D STAR ornaments Set of two (one of each color): Silver (shown). to add sparkle to gifts. one of each design).com 45 . assorted). to collect over the years. Champagne. Gold. assorted). Silver. 2 Œ√dia. Silver. Opposite page: glitter drip ball ornaments metallic ribbon glitter drop ornaments Set of four (one of each Set of six (one of each color): Shiny/Matte Gold. Silver.95 crateandbarrel.95 color): Bronze (shown). Copper. 2√–4√wxŒ√dx4√h HN207 $29.95 This page (clockwise from top left): white glitter buri moose 4√wx2√dx4√h HN206 $6. Lavender. HN226 $23. two of each color): Gold. 2√dia. Shiny/Matte Lavender (shown). HN230 $41.95 sketch snowflake balls Set of three (one of each color): Gold (shown).5461 winter white button owls Set of three (two shown. HN223 $5. Lavender.95 glitter glass pinecone ornaments Set of three (one of each color): Bronze (shown). assorted).95 lavender graphic ball ornaments Set of three (one shown.95 wood curl ornaments Set of three (one shown.95 SILVER laser cut snowflake ornaments Set of three (one shown. 2√dia. 3√dia.95 white glitter buri polar bear 3√wx3√dx3√h HN206 $6.95 glitter design ball ornaments Set of six (one shown. 3√dia.323. 3√wx1 ¬√dx3√h HN229 $23. HN222 $23. HN228 $20. HN225 $17.x3√h HN230 $23.

New Year’s Eve. Get our free Gift Registry App at crateandbarrel.95 Now&Forever A young couple celebrates their engagement with close friends on their favorite date night of the year.95 5√x7√ crateandbarrel. 5Œ√x7Œ√ $18. Play Film 46 ç  Get the Download Free App Edit your registry on the go.95 CLear-CuppeD WHIte teaLIGHt CaNDLes Set of 47 .x3œ√h HN082 $4. 1 ¬√dia.aCryLIC BLoCk FraMes HN328 4√x6√ Frame. find products by voice search and scan new items right from our shelves and onto your registry. 6Œ√x4Œ√ $15.95 raj votIve 2 Œ√dia.xŒ√h each HN089 $ GettheDownload Now Showing at crateandbarrel.

Cora Sparkling Wine Glass 7 oz.95 Plate. Gold.60 Set price.95 Sycamore Platter 16√wx8√dx1√h HN309 $29.95 48 ç  Now&Forever edge Flute 5 oz. 4√h HN186 $9. 49 . Copper. $12. 6√sq.95 soiree plate 8√ HN143 $7. 2 ¾√h $2. 64Œ√wx20¬√dx33√h HN276 $1899..95 mix appetizer fork Set of four. $19. 5¾√ HN123 Open stock $14.. $4.95 metallic frost platter/Plate HN142 Platter. Brass. Set price. $23.95 each Allegro metallic Coasters Set of six (one of each color): Silver. 4¬√sq.95 zie manhattan glass 5 oz.95 each Set of eight. 6¾√h HN163 $4. Berry. 16¬√x10√ $24. 9Œ√h HN167 $12.95 Mingle Bar Glass 11 oz.95 Flynn Sideboard More Flynn available. 4¾√h HN312 $9. HN157 $19. each HN212 $29.95 each gala plate 8√ HN144 $7.95 crateandbarrel. Open stock.95 Bitty Bite Tall Glass HN314 Tall Glass. 3√dia. 3 oz. Platinum. Bronze.ikat ball ornaments Set of three (one of each color): Red.

x16¬√h HN330 $99.95 sHaDoW Box toWer 44√wx14√dx73¬√h HN354 $999.95 48√dia.x7√h.all Dressed up tuvaLa BoWLs Set of three: small. Silver.95 26√ Tree Skirt. $99.95 HN251 Stocking (shown). medium. 5√dia. 9 ¬√dia.x3 ¬√h.95 52√ Tree Skirt. 50 ç Now&Forever HN111 $39. large. 2 Œ√dia.95 HaNGING LuMINere orNaMeNts FrosteD stoCkING/tree skIrt MIravaL DINING taBLe Set of three (one of each color): Gold. 11√x22√ $24.95 paNaCHe pILLoW Platinum. 7¬√dia.95 FLurry pILLoW 18√sq. 16√x8√ CartaGeNa HurrICaNe 8Œ√dia. $59.x29 ¬√h HN277 $1599. HN108 $46. HN068 $129. Copper. 51 .x4√h HN215 $20.x5 ¬√h.

x0 ¾√hHN290 $00.x4√h $39.95 crateandbarrel. 20√x13√ HN293 $49.95 OSLO PILLAR HOLDER/TEALIGHT HOLDERS HN083 Pillar Holder. $89. HN292 Reg. 33√wx36√dx33¬√h HN259 $1299. $ 53 ..x0¾√h $00.x2¬√h $9. 30√wx32√dx29√h HN317 $2499. castillo floor lamp 20√dia.x63¬√d HN356 $229. 20√sq. 52 ç  Now&Forever Left to right: Caney Pillow Ivory.00 AE000 $799. 2¬√sq. Cora Sparkling Wine Glass 7 oz.95 Taza Pillow 23√sq.95 each Prosecco Flute 7 oz. Milo classic lounge chair Arctic.x2√d HN316 $699. 2¬√sq. 4√sq. 5Œ√h HN311 $4. More Petrie available. deck the halls dishtowel B available. 95√wx95√dx34√h HN258 $3599.95 Large Tealight Holder.95 Quincy Pillow Ecru.95 Sale. 4¾√h HN312 $9.95 petrie 2-piece Sectional sofa Graphite.Donegal Chair Midnight.x6œ√h $19. HN291 $69. Mason Coffee Table More Mason 00¬√dia.95 Medium Tealight Holder.95 Small Tealight Holder.. Modern motif print 47√sq. 2¬√sq.95 each conversion dishtowel B 00 ¬√dia.x4√h $14. 48√wx24√dx18√h aurora vase 11¬√wx5√dx12√h HN349 $119.00 AE000 Atmosphere Print (back) 32√wx2√dx46√h HN315 $499. More Donegal available.

95 vasa CaNDLeHoLDers HN076 Small. 4œ√dia. 9 ¬√dia.95 suspeND WaLNut MaNteL CLoCk 5√dia. 3√x4√ $7.95 crateandbarrel. HN357 Reg.x3√d HN256 $49.95 bel-air Round coffee table Laser Cut trees HN243 Small/Dark. $949. HN088 $7.95 Votive Candleholder. 1 ¬√dia. $1199.x4¾√h $16.95 Large.Dancing By Candlelight raj HurrICaNe/votIveHoLDer HN082 Hurricane. 6√dia.x3œ√h $4.95 54 ç Now&Forever Glitter Wreath 18√dia. HN117 $1099. Copper.95 each 3√x6√ pILLar CaNDLe Ivory.95 MetaL pINeCoNe orNaMeNts Set of three (one of each color): Gold.x4œ√h HN203 $17. 14Œ√wx6√dx15¬√h $49. Bronze.x10√h HN166 $49.xŒ√h each HN089 $6.95 CLear-CuppeD WHIte teaLIGHt CaNDLes Set of 12.95 jonas 8∫x10∫ Rug More sizes available.x7√h $ 55 . Sale.x12√h $12.x18√h HN281 $599.95 suGar Frost pILLar CaNDLes Gold. More sizes available. 3√dia.95 Small. 4œ√dia.95 Large/Natural. 2Œ√dia.x9œ√h $19. HN091 3√x6√ $9. 4¬√dia.95 Dove Vases HN069 Large. 8œ√wx6√dx10√h $39.95 More Bel-Air available. zia 8∫x10∫ Shag rug Natural (more colors available).x8¬√h HN063 $59.x8√h $9. 36√dia. scissor cut wine and champagne cooler 8¬√dia.

Download this party playlist on iTunes.95 Brown Recluse At Last Four 5-piece place settings. crateandbarrel.95 bennett dinner plate More Bennett available. 11√ HN319 $14. HN318 Open stock. Terms apply. $224. Drawn Straws Print 40Œ√wx1√dx54Œ√h HN310 $ 57 . $239. Free with redemption code available at crateandbarrel.  each Prints from front to back: Organized Abstraction V Print More Organized Abstraction Prints available.95 swing Print 35¬√wx1¬√dx43¬√h HN362 $349.95 AERO 20-PIECE FLATWARE SET Bess Rogers Come Home CAMILLE RED WINE GLASS 23 oz. Content subject to availability. curran side chair 20¬√wx23Œ√dx32œ√h (19√h seat) HN275 $269. 56 ç  Now&Forever 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 7¬√wx5¬√dx¬√h HN309 $8. © Apple Inc.95 GOLD CHARGER PLATE 13√ Animal Kingdom Get Away with It HN146 $19.80 Set price.Get The Download SYCAMORE PLATE It’s on us. 21 ¬√wx2√dx22¬√h HN329 $89. 10œ√h HN313 $ GetTheDownload flynn Dining table More Flynn available.95 Bill Fay This World James Vincent McMorrow This Old Dark Machine Morning Parade Headlights The 1900s Babies The Elected See the Light The Tallest Man on Earth Wind and Walls chool of Seven Bells S The Night Limited time only. 84œ√wx36√dx29¬√h HN276 $1799.

$89. $149. Set of 10 (assorted): 1√dia. 11√wx3 ¬√dx16√h $29.95 Mini.95 sILver orNaMeNt trees HN246 Large. 2√ 59 . 17√wx4√dx26√h $54.95 sILver starBurst orNaMeNt Set of six. HN107 $29. $24.x9¬√h $46. $39. HN233 $9. 3√dia. 3√dia.95 Medium.x5 ¬√h.95 58 ç 800. 3√dia..95 Large. Set of 12 (four of each size): 2√dia.85 set price.95 Set of three (one of each). 2¬√dia.95 arDeN CeNterpIeCe BoWL 14Œ√dia. 2√dia.95 WHIte art GLass BaLL orNaMeNts Set of three (assorted).x2 ¬√h HN147 $79.95 sILver-GreeN-WHIte orNaMeNts HN232 Large..95 Small.x4√h.95 perDIz pILLoW 12√sq.95 crateandbarrel. 3 ¬√dia. $161.95 saMara GreeN vase 13√wx4√dx11 ¬√h HN059 Reg.x11 ¬√h $54.x13 ¬√h $59. 1 ¬√dia. $69. each HN234 $11. 4√dia.95 sale.323. 3√dia. 3√dia.5461 arDeN CaNDLeHoLDers HN080 arBor LIGHts pILLoW 12√x18√ Small.95 HN109 $36.a Little shimmer toNaL GreeN oMBre orNaMeNts Set of two (one of each shape): drop. each HN235 $20. onion... Open stock.

make memories on this Christmas 61 . make merry.Home&Coming Three generations of the harmonious Byrd family descend from near and far to make crateandbarrel. 60 ç  Play Film Now Showing at crateandbarrel.

95 winter solstice pillow 24√x16√ HN106 $49. 3¬√dia.95 Format frames HN061 Multi-Pic Frame.95 each pillar candles Red.95 caroline pillow 16√sq.95 4√x6√ $14. 13 ¼√sq.90 Set price.x15¬√h $34. HN104 $34.95 Votive Holder. 4¬√dia.95 caroline doormat 30√x18√ HN194 $24. $8.95 each knox lanterns HN073 Large.x12œ√h $29.x12¼√h HN094 $29. $9.95 Gia vases HN300 Small. 71¬√wx14¬√dx18√h HN272 $799.95 each Set of two votive holders.x24√h $89.95 merrIE pillow 12√ 63 . 11 ¾√x13 ¾√ $19.95 Chalkboard Frame-Memo Board with Four Magnets 13œ√wx1 ¬√dx19œ√h HN308 $39. 3√dia. 9¾√sq.95 Large.95 3√x6√ $8.95 8√x10√ Frame. 7¼√sq. HN088 3√x4√ $6.x1¼√d HN062 $32.x17√h $39. Open stock. 3œ√dia. 23√sq.95 long NEEDLE pine garland 6∫ HN257 $59.95 62 ç  Home&Coming crateandbarrel. palma small square lidded basket Two shown. more Big Sur available.bone china snowsettia hurricane/votive holder HN350 Hurricane.95 BIG SUR NATURAL 71¬√ dining bench More finishes.95 Small. HN105 $26.x3œ√h $4.x5¬√h $14.95 structure 4-photo wall frame 16¬√sq. $39.

95 Set of three (one of each): Ornament.95 Special.. 8√h HN018 $9. $139.x9√h $44.x5 ¾√h HN025 $64.x9√h $44.95 special.x4 ¬√h HN001 Sugg. 20√wx14¬√dx2√h HN128 $39. $209. 24√x36√ each HN043 $15.95 MICropLaNe® paDDLe Grater 2 ¬√x14√ HN029 $ 65 .95 Mario Batali Red Lasagna-Roaster 9√wx13√dx3¼√h HN001 Sugg. DutCH oveN 10 Œ√ 64 ç  Home&Coming crateandbarrel.95 MarIo BataLI reD 6-Qt. 10Œ√dia. Red.95 OIL-VINEGAR CRUET 9 oz.95 TERRA MeDi ORGANIC OLIVE OIL 17 oz. $169. $129.Christmas eve Crowd ATLAS 150 chrome PASTA MAker 7 ¾√sq. Green. $89. $149.95 Pepper Mill.x10œ√h HN002 Sugg.95 TM MARIN PINE PLATTER More Marin Pine available.95 12 qt. HN052 $16. 2 ¬√dia.95 Discover Recipes Dig into our favorite lasagna recipe at crateandbarrel.x1¾√h HN041 $44. 2 ¬√dia.95 MICropLaNe® Grater-zester HoLIDay FLour saCk DIsHtoWeLs aLL-CLaD® staINLess MuLtI-Cooker FeDeraL saLt/pepper MILLs 1œ√x12√ HN029 $16.95 END GRAIN chopping BOARD 14√sq.95 HN028 Salt Mill..99 special.

95 26√dia. Skirt (shown).95 LONDON clear HURRICANEs HN081 Small. 6 ¾√dia.95 caroline tree skirts HN250 christmas countdown garland 6∫ HN248 $74.95 each belvedere butler’s tray table 39√wx17¬√dx29¬√h HN283 $299. Go to crateandbarrel.x13√h $29.95 52√dia. 8√dia.95 Discover Ornaments See everything you need to re-create this tree with all of its ornaments.Green TREE CANDLES HN090 Short. 6√ caroline stocking 11√x22√h HN250 $19.x9√h $24.95 each Large.x8√h $11. 4¬√dia. $59. 66 ç  Home&Coming crateandbarrel. $99.95 each Shiny silver Reindeer stocking hook 6√wx5 ¾√dx8¼√h HN249 $22. 67 .95 each Tall.x13¬√h $39.

HN129 $8. 8¼√ HN128 $8. Green.everyone around the table pIer BoWL/HurrICaNe HN072 Bowl. More sizes available. 8√dia. 6¬√h HN184 $6.. HN120 Open stock $159. 10¼√dia.x12√h $49. HN088 $ 69 . LyLe sIDe CHaIr 19√wx23√dx36¾√h (18√h seat) HN274 $199. 10√dia.95 LuMIMarja NapkIN Marimekko. 90¬√wx37¬√dx30√h HN272 $1999. 7√h HN162 $14.each presCott CHarGer 13√ HN148 $19.95 MarIN DINNer pLate Green..x8√h $49.95 LuMIMarja 60√x90√ taBLeCLotH suvI reD WINe GLass Marimekko.95 BIG sur sMoke 90¬√ DINING taBLe More finishes.x5√h HN128 $26.95 15 oz.95 3√x6√ pILLar CaNDLe Ivory. 10¬√ HN128 $9. HN129 $59. $149.95 MarIN pINe saLaD pLate More Marin Pine available.95 68 ç Home&Coming crateandbarrel. 21√sq. more Big Sur available.95 Hurricane.95 MarIN pINe servING BoWL More Marin Pine available.95 LuCCa 20-pIeCe FLatWare set Four 5-piece place settings. Green.95 MaCk HIGHBaLL GLass 16 oz. More Marin available.80 set price.

HN116 $299. 31√wx30√dx31√h HN261 $799. More colors available. PARSONS SIDE TABLE with travertine top More Parsons available.x1¬√d HN358 $399. OLIN floor pillow Grey. golden coast print 42√sq.95 each Zak table LAMP 18√ dia.x19√h HN266 $119. More Oasis available. each $69. each OLIN 8∫x10∫ Rug Grey (more colors available).OASIS SOFA Linen.x29¬√h HN099 $249. abaca OTTOMAN (right) 19√dia. 70 ç  Home&Coming crateandbarrel. More sizes available. HN110 20√wx30√dx22¬√h HN279 $399. 85√wx42√dx31√h roll weave storage basket-ottoman (left) 16√dia. NARITA CHAIR with cushion Bark.95 EDGEWOOD COFFEE TABLE 40√ 71 .  each HN301 $79. 25√sq.x14√h HN260 $2199.x17√h HN280 $699.

x5Œ√h HN173 $ 73 . 28 oz. 25 oz.x11¼√h HN165 $29. 10√h $14.95 crateandbarrel...95 Bourdeaux Glass.95 Cabernet Glass. foil cutter.Let No Glass Go empty sWooN CaraFe 80 oz. 22 oz. 7 ¬√wx2√dx6 ¬√h HN172 $44. 10œ√h $14.95 72 ç Home&Coming vINturI reD WINe aerator 2¬√dia. 9√h $14.95 Burgundy Glass.. spare coil.95 3-pIeCe raBBIt WINe opeNer vINeyarD steMWare HN170 Corkscrew.. 9¬√dia.

95 gabriel throw Red. ATWOOD LARGE NIGHTSTAND More Atwood available. 33Œ√wx18√dx26œ√h HN288 $1199. standard pillowcase).95 tribeca 8√x10√ FRAME 8¬√wx¬√dx11¬√h HN064 $24. Duvet Cover.x10√. Scholar Twin Bed More sizes 75 . More sizes available.95 each LOCKE Table LAMP 11√dia. HN102 $24. Black. 20√x26√ $39. 38Œ√wx21√dx38√h (18√h seat) HN271 $399.x3¬√h HN087 $14. 40√x70√ HN103 $69.95 Holiday Guest Towels Set of two. 6 oz. Glass. 18√sq. 4√h. $29. 3Œ√dia. $84. 41Œ√wx79œ√dx52√h HN287 $699. fitted.95 Palma Large Low Basket 26√wx16¬√dx6Œ√h HN094 Reg.x23√h HN096 $169.95 Sale. 23-oz. HN101 JUNIPER BERRY SCENTED CANDLE 2Œ√dia. 66√x86√ $89.95 Brinkley Pillow Red..95 Standard Pillow Sham. 14√x20√ each HN118 $14.  each Kivet twin Bed Linens Marimekko. 74 ç  Home&Coming crateandbarrel.95 BEDSIDE CARAFE Carafe.twig wreath 23¬√dia.95 Extra-Long Sheet Set (flat. $24.95 village armless bench More Village available.x6¬√d HN255 $59.95 HN192 $19.

x5 ¬√h Sugg. 10 oz.95 Mug. $58.. $90. 3 Œ√dia.95 crateandbarrel.95 76 ç  Home&Coming koBeNstyLe CookWare Dansk®. $39. Tray. 16 oz.95 CuIsINart® WaFFLe Maker Red. special. 14√wx10œ√dx4Œ√h HN020 Sugg. HN006 Butter Warmer.x3œ√h 77 . pICk Me up MuGs WItH tray Red.95 reD tree pLatter 13 ¬√ HN139 $19. Red.95 4-qt.95 CHeMex® 8-Cup CoFFee Maker 6œ√wx6¬√dx9Œ√h HN027 $38. HN153 $24. $99..95 NorDIC sNoWFLake pLate 10 Œ√ HN140 $7. More Kobenstyle available. $59. $143. 13√wx8√dx1√h. special. 3œ√h. special.Breakfast With santa Left to right: yuLe pLate 6 ¬√ HN141 $3. Casserole. 9 ¬√dia.

Kashmir’s first medical center providing healthcare to thousands.5461 crateandbarrel. raccoon. 2 ¬√wx4 ¬√dx3√h. Berry. Orange. aLpaCa WooDLaND Creatures Nutcracker ornaments These papier-mâché ornaments are handcrafted and handpainted exclusively for us by artisans in the Kashmir region of India.95 HaNDpaINteD NutCraCker orNaMeNts Set of six (assorted). each HN219 $24.x2 Œ√h each HN217 $29. such as food.95 aLpaCa CHuBBy peNGuINs Set of three (assorted). 3√dia.x3√h each HN218 $29.95 alpaca ornaments Our alpaca creatures are hand-knit by local village women in the rural Lake Titicaca region of Puno. healthcare and education. in collaboration with a fair-trade organization. Peru. these miniature replicas are handcrafted of banana fiber by women in remote Kenyan villages in collaboration with a fairtrade organization. 79 . Our partnership empowers these women to earn a sustainable income and work toward economic independence to provide their families with food. shelter and access to healthcare and education. hedgehog. Our support of this project helps to fund Florence Hospital.95 78 ç 800. squirrel. 3 ¬√dia. HN217 $39. 1 Œ√dia. clothing. 1 ¬√wx5√dx3 ¬√h. Set of four (one of each): fox.a World of Good How can the purchase of such a small bit of charm and whimsy make an important contribution to the lives of others around the world? Natural Fiber Huts Modeled after African vibanda huts. Our partnership in this project empowers these women to earn a sustainable income to provide their families with basic needs. NaturaL FIBer Huts Set of three (one of each color): Red.95 aLpaCa sNoWy oWLs Set of three (assorted). 2√wx5¬√dx3√h. 2√wx3√dx4√h.x2 ¬√h each HN217 $29. housing. 2¬√dia.323.

Learn more about our ongoing eco initiatives from products to packaging at crateandbarrel.6696 or crateandbarrel. Apple. Postage Paid Crate and Barrel Key: Get the Download It’s on . 01 02 03 04 05 appetites Cook recipes step-by-step with popular chefs in 30 video classes. We’re giving you our favorite apps and music to add more joy to your holidays. free at paperlesspost. facebook. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. and other countries. Customize one of our exclusive designs. the Apple logo.967.S. For rookies and foodies alike. Plus the history of the Prohibition’s secret speakeasy bars. Discover Free Invitations Our friends at Paperless Post® have created these holiday email invitations just for us (and you).Crate and Barrel 1860 West Jefferson Avenue Naperville. Content subject to availability. © Apple Shop our entire collection 24 hours a day Let’s get together on Facebook. Limited time only. Terms apply. Animal Kingdom Get away with It Brown Recluse at Last Bess Rogers Come Home Bill Fay this World James Vincent McMorrow this old Dark Machine 06 07 08 09 10 Morning Parade Headlights The 1900s Babies The Elected see the Light The Tallest Man on Earth Wind and Walls School of Seven Bells the Night Limited time only.. Illinois 60540-3918 Customer: Prsrt Std U. © Apple Inc. Terms apply. @CrateandBarrel © 2012 Holiday CrateandBarrel Please recycle this publication. registered in the U.≈ iPad≈ and iPod touch.S. iPad. C order 24 hours: speakeasy Cocktails enjoy our Gift of Music Discover 200 interactive mixologists’ recipes and 40 bartending videos.≈ Free with redemption code available at Follow us on crateandbarrel. For iPhone. iPhone. Content subject to availability.5461 Find a store: 800.