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Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition (VSSE

Space Applications Centre, ISRO
The Vikram Sarabhai Space Exhibition (VSSE) is a non-commercial exhibition located in the
premises of Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad, and has been functioning for the
past 13 years. Recently the exhibition was completely renovated and opened for public
viewing on 4th Oct, 2015. It aims to impart knowledge to its visitors on the significant
advancements and achievements made by SAC and Indian Space Research Organisation
(ISRO) in the development of state-of-the-art satellites, communication/remote sensing
instruments, launch vehicles, planetary missions and applications. The exhibition is also
aimed at inculcating scientific temper in young minds and inspires them to make a career in
space industry.

The exhibition comprises two floors and an auditorium. On these floors there are themebased exhibits which enable the visitors to learn through a series of entertaining, interactive
and educational experiences. The exhibits are divided into various themes which are
arranged in a specific sequence so as to help the visitors gain a better understanding of the

These will be displayed in LEDs and static display panels. This part of the exhibition enlightens the broad role played by the remote sensing satellites like RESOURSESAT. in various fields.’ Before man could travel in space. model of Mark-III. 6) Communication Satellites and Applications This gallery tells the story of the remarkable technology of the satellite which is catering to the communication needs of all sections of the community. control room. An animated model of ISRO’s latest lauch vehicle the GSLV is also placed here. weather forecast. planets & their satellites (Earth & Moon) and a brief introduction about role of space agencies (ISRO) as a bridge between earth and space. looking back. This part of the exhibition explains about the ground tracking systems. aesthetically pleasing area on the ground floor where the place where the visitors get their first impression of the exhibition. satellites help to conserve & manage resources and support the Global Positioning System (GPS). their concepts. After entering into the first exhibition hall. 5) Remote Sensing Satellites and Applications Today. KALPANA. etc. solar system & orbits. We have a special light and sound show showcasing the birth of universe (Big-Bang theory). One can explore the various features of the vehicle in an interactive manner. present and future prospects. which makes the understanding more interesting. This gallery tells the story of the remarkable technology of the satellite which is catering to the needs of all sections of the community.1) Space/Universe/Solar System/ISRO (Reception Area) The Reception Area is a modern. Present & Future ‘Looking out. etc. first displays will have a brief introduction of ISRO with focus on the past.’ This part of the gallery gives an overview of spacecraft engineering like details of solar panels. GSLV. . 7) Ground Facilities Ground tracking system. technology and their applications. satellites explored the unknown frontier. testing for possible fatal effects of space travel. national defence. LED and Static panels describe these in details. 4) Spacecraft Engineering ‘Engineering Excellence. galaxies (Milky-Way). There are models of various communication and navigation satellites here.. CARTOSAT. Significant artefacts fill the gallery like PSLV. RISAT. etc. 3) About Rockets/Launch Vehicles ‘Rockets! Launch Vehicles!’ This theme summarizes the historical development of rocketry and honours many pioneers in the field. payload sensors. 2) About ISRO: Past. etc. crop forecast. spacecraft bus.

A few special elements 3D Theatre Inside the exhibition hall.8) State-of-the-art Space Technology (SOA) This portion of gallery will throw light on the components’ developments and their criticality. will be provided along with the prospects of space tourism. etc. This is the first of its kind among all the ISRO campuses. 13) Area for Quiz/Interaction Active mind lives in an active body. The programme which is under progress and information regarding till date developments like space suit will be displayed with relevant details. 12) Human Space Programme Living and Working in Space demonstrates how mankind has adapted to the extreme environmental challenges of space travel. its development. 10) International Space Agency/Programme The brief information regarding other international space agencies and their developments will be displayed. 9) Scientific Missions/Interplanetary Missions This gallery is all about the scientific and interplanetary missions which were carried out by ISRO and the future pathway which includes Chandrayaan. . maintenance. weigh machine which will provide weight of an individual over different planets and their comparison. 15) Area dedicated for Dr. 11) About Space Stations/Tourism Relevant information about Space Station. Mars Mission. Vikram Sarabhai. Cut-outs of few astronauts are kept here and one cut-one has a opening in the face are allowing visitors to take a photo of themselves around famous astronauts like Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams. there is an oval shaped 3D auditorium having 70 persons seating capacity where visitors can see 3D/2D movies based on ISRO activities. which will describe his journey and his achievements. 14) Kids Special Attractions This part of the gallery is dedicated to the kids. The section will house 3D models of nanosatellites which were developed by youngsters. etc. An interactive session with the visitors of the gallery will be conducted to let them recollect the information which they have gathered during the exhibition visit. Vikram Sarabhai This display area will be dedicated to father of ISRO – Dr. etc. which are carried out for the development of space science.

So. etc. t-shirts. The touch panel has interactive content like games related to building/assembling of rockets. A PSLV/GSLV type rocket model is placed with a cut-out to make the kid’s face visible for taking photographs. video.Interactive Touch Panels This touch panel is mounted on a table inclined at an angle to provide a good view and accessibility. rocket shaped pen drives. key chains. Holograph in Free Space In this various 3D holographic models are displayed on the tabletop arrangement. . plastic rocket and satellite models. the rocket model has stairs on one side and a slide at the same or the other side. QR codes QR codes are used to represent URL of a website presenting the detailed information (text.) of a particular theme. if one is interested to know more about a particular theme than what is already displayed. stickers). one can use a supported mobile device. calendars. wooden. Souvenir Shop A souvenir shop having several items like paper. Rocket Ride with Photography This is only for kids item which would allow them to take their pictures inside a rocket. Virtual Presenter ISRO Chairman virtually welcomes all visitors using this state of the art presentation technology. books. inflatable models. etc. CDs. scan the QR code put at the theme installation and view relevant information on our dedicated website. sound. Such panels are used to demonstrate the various websites of ISRO. To add to the fun of riding a rocket. etc. satellites. distribution materials (brochures of latest launch.