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III International Symposium Engineering Management and Competitiveness 2013 (EMC 2013)

June 21-22, 2013, Zrenjanin, Serbia


Zlatibor Ljubinkovi, M.Sc
Serbian Railways Joint-Stock Company Belgrade, Nemanjina 6, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
Today, with the development of contemporary information technology, computers have the primary function in
monitoring and control of processes realizations of any project. An important segment for efficiency each business
process, i.e. projects is ably managing in real-time during the process execution of the project and only thus can be
achieved that realization of project maintain along the route according to the plan. This paper analyzes benefits of
project management software in terms of monitoring and controlling throughout their duration. In the paper, the used
results, upon completion simulation of IT support management maintenance railway vehicles using software tool MS
Key words: project management, monitoring and control, maintenance railway vehicles.

Observations in this paper are the consequence of a five-year research of the project management, for the
first time publicly set forth at the conference "Yu Info 2013" entitled - Simulation of IT support
management maintenance railway vehicles using software tool MS Project. The goal of these
considerations was to determine if implementing projects management software would improve the
effectiveness in workshops for maintenance railway vehicles. The key strengths indicate that project
management software is particularly useful in the planning phase, including creation of a single database,
estimation and planning resource, scheduling and cost control, resource allocation, internal
communications within the project team and external communications outside the project team,
monitoring of activities, decision-making etc.
However, in this paper the topic will be reduced to only two key aspects. Specifically, the focus of this
paper is to demonstrate the importance of monitoring and control throughout of the process of
management maintenance of railway vehicles. Monitoring implies collecting, recording, and reporting
information concerning project performance that project participants and others stakeholders jelly use.
Controlling represents use of data based on monitoring for insight actual performance to planned targets.
On this basis, project managers, when needed, usually introduce corrective measures to eliminate of
eventual disorders, so that overall project remain on track.
The management project functionality enables managers to plan, implement, monitoring and control of the
business processes, or projects. It supports structuring, scheduling, as well as operational and financial
planning and execution. Monitoring and control of the realization projects can be defined as the systematic
and continuous collecting, analysing and using of information for the purpose of management control and

Monitoring and control are an integral part of the whole project management. They provide a informations
by which management can identify and solve implementation problems, and assess progress in relation to
what was originally planned.
There are more steps in the drafting of a monitoring and control system, and they are:
- Analysis objectives,
- Review implementation procedures,
- Review indicators,
- Design report formats,
- Prepare an implementation plan for the monitoring and control system.
The monitoring and control as a key part of in system of maintenance the rolling stock, refers to the
following notions:
Planning of the process implies the scope works in maintaining railway vehicles, according to existing
standards and normative,
Plans are developed to accomplish the successful outcomes in maintaining railway vehicles,
Executing of the process implies that accomplish the necessary work in maintaining railway vehicles
and satisfy the set objectives,
Closing of the process implies that the finalize individual activities, or completing phase or that
ultimately the close everything required works in maintaining of railway vehicles,
Monitoring and controlling of the process involve tracking, reviewing, and controlling the progress
and performance of the activities, identify required changes to the management plan in maintaining of
railway vehicles, as well as taking corrective measure,
Process in maintaining rail vehicles when they begin, must be completed. And this implies
regularly and consistently monitoring through the activities from initiation to closure. Hence,
monitoring and control is a set of ongoing activities that span the entire process in maintaining rail
Actually, it means that the definition of success for maintaining railway vehicles, in relation to
expectations, implies the need for some sort of route or plan, thereby giving responses to questions from
the aspect of who, what, when, where, how, and why. It follows, that monitoring and control by means of
the project management the essential key for successful realization of the project maintaining railway
The monitoring and control is the process of tracking, reviewing and regulating of the routes to meet the
objectives according to the project management plans. Monitoring and control in maintaining of railway
vehicles includes more notions at once, as we can see in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The graphical view of notions monitoring and control in process maintenance
Every management system in any business process, i.e. in realization of the project focuses on the time,
costs and scope of works. These are key details of the project. For achieving of good results it is necessary
to establish an outstanding system to monitor and control realization project. The with their software tools
MS Project in terms monitoring and control realization of projects represents one of the best solutions.
The key advantages of monitoring and control in realization of the project are measurements and
comparisons, to achieve regularly and consistently identifying the variances from the plan and scope of
works. According to the contents text PMBOK Notes 2, the monitoring and control includes:
Controlling changes and recommending preventive action in anticipation of possible problems,
Monitoring the ongoing activities according to plan management and the performance baseline,
Influencing the factors that could circumvent integrated change control.
The solution MS Project is a very good software tool for helping in managing process of work during the
regular repair wagons. A convenient way to show progress of works is options "Tracking Gantt". On
Figure 2, we see application of "Tracking Gantt" in the example of repairs wagons series Eas. In him, we
can see whether tasks are started or finished, or we can see their percentage of completeness and much
more. For example: Out this option, we can make reports the completed works during of the repair
wagons. About the details usage "Tracking Gantt" options, there were more words at the "Yu Info 2013".

Figure 2: Tracking Gantt view of regular repair wagon series Eas

Managers in the workshop for repairing wagons should checking situation of works very frequently, of
course, depending on the extent and duration of repair wagons, on the basis planned of the budget and
activities. Nearly all data should be of an operational nature for internal use by the project team, but also
for external use with stakeholders. A few selected items, and plus aggregated data on the resources
involved in the maintenance of railway vehicles and they are key indicators for tracking reports and
performance reporting. In Figure 3, we see the existing six options for reports. Details for use of these
options were described in the Microsoft Project 2007 Tutorial.

Figure 3: Options for Reports concerning of repair wagons

"Cost Reports" in project is a very effective means of monitoring and control the fiscal-situation of a
project. By using these the reports, project manager one can quickly and accurately to concentrate on the
pressing cost issues and catch potential problems early. As shown in the Figure 4, "Cost reports" offer the
possibility of five category for reviewing project costs and budgets.

Figure 4: "Cost Reports" concerning of repair wagons

Monitoring and control the quite often focus on the critical paths. By its very nature the critical path
almost contains all of the tasks project, which can affect the completion date of the project. These are
usually the longer groups of tasks that follow each other. In this case it is manufacture and purchases spare
parts of wagons.
In the project it is possible for there to be more than one critical path. But, for better project control it is
best to retain the project schedule to one critical path. The project management team must make effort on
keeping the critical paths on track. If this is the case the overall project will remain on track. In project
management team must be wary that do not spend much effort on the critical path, because in that case,
other tasks do not have good monitoring and control.
The "Gantt Chart" is a formatted to display the critical paths, in red color, and it is easier for tracking
execution tasks. The "Gantt Chart" Wizard toolbar button forms the critical path automatically. Also, the
critical path can be seen in the Network Diagram view, and it is a chart showing all tasks and task
dependencies the relationships between tasks. This option is suitable for creating and fine adjustments the
schedules in a flow chart format. Tasks can be created, resources assigned, tasks linked, etc., in the same
way as in the "Gantt-Chart", as we can see in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Network Diagram view of regular repair wagon series Eas


The key step for each project is monitoring and control the schedules. This step is performed throughout
the life of the project and he harmonizes the work result lines up with the schedule plan. Schedule control
require the use of progress reporting, schedule change control systems, such as the use of project change
requests, performance management, and variance analysis to determine if additional action can agree
schedule with the plan.
However, to get back to terrain of the repair wagons. When ready project for repair wagons, as well as
required financial and material resources, only then the most important part begins, and that is realization.
It is very rare that the repair to go exactly according to plan. Project management hence has the complex
task of establishing controls over the process repair, and that stay on track towards the achievement of its
objectives. This is done through monitoring and control, which can be defined as systematic collection,
analyzing and use of information for management control and decision-making before, during and post
each phase of the projects repair wagons.
Monitoring and control are not reliable only based on the data collected. Informations must be in the right
form, on right place and on time. Only then, can timely and appropriate to be bringing decision for
solution problems and ensure that the project to be successfully finalized. The equally, communications
between the project team and stakeholders are part of overall accountability in the realization of each
project repair wagons. They are essential to process maintenance wagons, respectively to timely inform
stakeholder of issues that may come up during the realization of repair wagons.
The IT can be perceived as a means automatization of business management, easier and faster data
processing, transferring and saving. The monitoring data are processed as informations in electronic form
so as to enable decision timely making. The software project management for support in decisions one can
applied in the railroad transport system in order to improve its quality.
This paper shows options of the MS Project that can be used for monitoring and control of realization
activities of the maintenance railway vehicles in the Railways of Serbia. Application of the MS Projects it
might improved the quality of work, lessen the cost and increase availibilty of railway vehicles.
This approach with its possibilities includes use: of new technologies in sector maintenance railway
vehicles, computer equipments for monitoring and control activities in maintenance and of modern
diagnostic devices for more efficient organization of the maintenance. With all the other improvements,
Railway of Serbia can offer its transport advantages for potential users and finally, finds financial benefit.
It is necessary that Serbian Railways Joint-Stock Company Belgrade one day commence the introducing
modern technologies and catch up with successful European Railways.
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