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The {67} Steps by Tai Lopz {(REVIEW)}

Tai Lopez
The lst couple of mnth Ive stumbled upon something Ive never come acrss bfr on the

It a video cours where Tai Lopez {(An} investor, entrereneur and author) tlk about {67}
imortant leon he larnd throughout his lf.
Tai Lopez

B balaning your health, our wlth and your social lfe youll rech a stte f udaimonia.
Whch is a fany wrd fr xcllnt life qualit or a Ta alls t; Th Good Life

Ta illustrates each topic with personal torie from his lfe or insights he picked up from reading

{And} he ha rad quite a few {(5000+} )

67 steps review Ti Lopez book

The course i ws completely fr and you even got a additional cop f Mnging Onlf b
Ptr Druckr to disover our personal strengths.

This course s gld

{It} this review Im gng to share the most imortant lessns Ive learned from the cours and how
I pln to implmnt thos steps nto my life (th nes Iv fund relevant at least)

{At} the mment Im t {16} {19} 21 different key lessons.

Not: Th are my prsonal interpretations of what hs 67 stps men. Dfferent concluion are
lwys poible.

Lt go.

{1)} Be Wrth A Damn

{67} tp revew T Lopez be worth a damn

To deserve the life you want, youll have t do the actions that ar necessary.

H says most people r delusional. We omhow think wr nttld to th good life without
utting in the ffrt requred to atually get there.

When ou look at our life today, would ou objectvely say yu deserve a hghr lf quality than
other according to the work youve put in? Ar ou better than your comptition?

Look around in ur lif, wh would yu bt on to make a million dollrs? Would u bet n

yourelf? {If} nt wht needs to change?

Application & Thught

Tk n n attitude f {full} responsibility fr your wn life. {If} u want a highr lif qulity
there will be things youll have to do nd thngs youll hve t gv up. Th way ull increase
ur chances of attaining th life u desre {(duh).}


Th mad me lk at m life and comple a list f essential habits that re required to build a
great life. Then I proeeded to break these down nto actonable sts to mplement gradually.
2) Be Adaptable

Ths step is based n the theory of evolution which states that th person whs best-adapted to his
envronment the one thatll survive. The gd lif dent go to people who dnt ntice the
hange f sesons.

Th person wth stati skills wll never thrve n an dynamc nvironmnt. Lk for hanges &
trnd and u thoe t our advantag. Make chices on a long-term ba.

Appliation & Thoughts

Be aware f your current actins and surrundings. Check up n yur hbits nd see if the w
yur living is an {ESS} (evolutionary stable stratgy) meaning you quantify your decisions based on
long-trm thinking.

Devie a survival strategy for your life.

Is etng at McDonalds a maintainable strategy?

Is spending mney n clothes nd dnners a maintainable strategy?
Is working a {9-5} jb without added entrepreneurshp a maintainable strategy?

Th wa I do this i b staying aware f politial, social, economic and tehnologial trnd. I

wouldnt watch the new (slely) sinc they re heavily biased towrds ratings.

Subcribe t different wbit who keep ou updated f occurring events that my impact your
{3)} Be Humbl

Everyone has a iece of gold that we can extrct frm thm. W find humlty n what we learn
from others, even th ons we think cant provde us any value.

Be tchbl b people who achieved far grtr rsults than you hve. Lk for d dman
expertise (des he/he actuall have the knwldg?) nd references (dos he/she hav th results
you desire?)

Many eole are unhumbl know-it-alls, unabl to listen to people who know mor thn they d.

Application & Thoughts

Spend more tme lernng frm the ones that came before ou and less frm our wn mistakes.
Snd ur money on books & seminrs. Spnd mre time tracking dwn and netwrking wth

This wll nabl you t avoid a lot of mistakes by standing on th shulders of giants. {It} allow
you to tap int th olletive widm of great minds that have come befre u.

4) Get A Mntor

Mentors wll shav yars of your lrning curv and I recommend you t gt one. Whether this is
in book, eminar or real-life.

Mentor others too. Tai talks but th law of {33%,} which tate tht ou should spnd;

{1/3} of your time wth people below u (the ns you mntor)

{1/3} f ur tm wth popl on your lvl (close friends, brothrs n arm)
1/3 of your time with people bove you (your mentrs)

Fnd ele wh rnt {full} tme teacher {but} re actually making money wth the thngs
theyre preaching bout. Keep in mind tht;

Good mentrs are busy (H mentins a story in whih a mn trd 17 tims before he gt
Some r burned up
Build the relatinship slowly (Estblish ntat vr a {18} month perod)
Dont b a leeh, provide value by using the onept of rciprocal kindness.
Intervew people yu dmir on a slf-cratd platform
Bu and read thir books

Appliation & Thought

Make a lit of 10 mentors and contct ll f thm. A great w to reate a networkng spreadsheet
b uing the fr bk from John Corcoran Ive found t t be invaluabl.

I dnt necessarily believe th law of 33% is tht relevant/practical. Lern from the grt and tah
t t other (t imprve your memr)
{5)} Ignor The 99%

Mot popls opinions are simply reflections of social bias. Look for references and signs of expertie
before takng advice.

Dont trut hlth advice from a ersonal trainer thats overweight.

Dnt tak money advice frm smenes whos constntly trugglng financially.
Dnt listen t relationship dvice frm someone who doent have a (grl)frend(s)

Slct the people yu liten to carefully.

Many people think they know what thyr talkng about yet rarely do m included. G straight t
th top f popl that n give yu advce and cut ut the verge.

This is a {BIG} reson why {Im} so fnd f bk. It allows u to lern from the gretest and copy
their relative susss b dopting ther thnkng pattrns.

Application & Thoughts

See th diffrnc btwn ur rch friends nd poor friend in ach area. Th friend wh
are rih in health;

Hw d th think?
How do th eat?
How do thy train?

Same goes with financially rich people;

The way thy manag ther money

Their spending habits
Hw much they read
What they tlk about
Hw much {tv} thy wath

Sm with popl wh have great relationshis;

Hw the treat thers

Hw th bhv n company
Thir body language

Invert their bhavior and s how t pays off.

Overall be carful who you imitate. Through observational learning it possble t nstll bad
patterns n ou that you remain stuck with for a great while (e.g. your dad that smoked, your
plurging habits f your frinds, ) We dmire ttu nd prestige n others and ar somtims
blindd b the way thyv aquired it.