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To the Honorable Richard K.

Jones, Sheriff, Butler County Ohio

705 Hanover Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45013

RE: Deputy Jasen Hatfield and John Hatfield (brother of Deputy Hatfield)

Sheriff Jones,
Sir, please allow the following, to serve as official record, notice, report and complaint:
On December 13th, 2015 at or around 0100 hours, myself and Chris Ebbing entered Major
Leagues, a community sports bar located on SR128
I/We observed Deputy Hatfield with a group of people and sat away from the group
Without interaction, Deputy Hatfield left shortly after our arrival
Moments later, a male from the group Deputy Hatfield was with, approached me, by firmly
poking me
He began by citing Mr. Ebbings case, where Deputy Hatfield is the arresting Officer
(CR2015010043) and my case, where Deputy Hatfield is the arresting Officer (CR2015010041)
and (TRC06525-A-B-C)
He began commenting about the disposition of Mr. Ebbings case and referenced shelf time
that Mr. Ebbing received. It was blatantly obvious he was baiting Mr. Ebbing and myself into a
physical altercation
He stated to me: you must be the pussy that was with him, and youre next
At this juncture, I had no knowledge of who this individual was
I told this individual to never touch me again and to get the explicative away from me.
This individual continued to verbally challenge us, to the point where the new Owner of the
establishment told him to leave
The individual then stated: I will have Butler County Deputies sit on this fucking place every
single day once you take ownership. (change of ownership takes place in January 2016)
The individual continued threatening the use of Law Enforcement to harass, charge and arrest
us as he left the building
This individual was later identified as John Hatfield, Deputy Jasen Hatfields brother.
Sir, this is the second time where Deputy Hatfield or an individual he was with, has approached me,
Mr. Ebbing and our friends, in public, and threatened us. This all, while the case in question is open and
currently set for trial in February 2016. I will not encumber you by reciting or re-hashing that case, other
than my incredulous disbelief that I was ever charged with a crime and vehemently assert my innocence.
I respectfully attest, that Deputy Hatfield either knew, encouraged, instigated or should have
otherwise known that his brother would initiate an altercation. Regarding Johns chosen term shelf
time and seemingly intimate knowledge of our cases, it was immediately recognizable the information
could have only come from Deputy Hatfield. It was also apparent, that John Hatfield wanted a physical
altercation so we could be again criminally charged. Although it may be a stretch, however slight that
stretch may be, to say that it was a blatant attempt to taint my trial. This would be accomplished by

Deputy Hatfield testifying that I was involved in an assault with a member of his family. To be seen as
culpable in assaulting a family member of my arresting officer, prior to trial, seems like a brilliant way to
fight the reputation that Deputy Hatfield has.
Sir, I am fully aware that individuals are responsible for their own actions. However, as one with
multiple family members who are Law Enforcement Officers, in multiple venues and levels of
government, as a family member I cannot fathom the decision to physically threaten, and threaten by
means of their agency, to an individual they have arrested. I find it nearly impossible for a family
member to insert themselves in this manner, prior to trial, without the input of the individual officer.
I must ask sir, when will this stop? I am tired of seeing crown-vic headlights and wondering if its
Deputy Hatfield or a friend of his, and the immediate onset of anxiety wondering if Im going to be
stopped, arrested, cited, harassed, or in some other manner placed back into the criminal justice system
due to a vendetta.
I understand that the term vendetta may seem like an overstatement. If these were merely
opinions, it would be. However, after being arrested for the first time in my life, for a non-crash, nonpursuit, non-reckless-felony DUI, accompanied by 2 Minor Misdemeanor moving violations AND without
being offered Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, followed by a felony charge of carrying a firearm in a
vehicle, that I have a license to carry, issued by you sir, AND THEN having the arresting officer threaten
me, AND THEN having his brother threaten me, I respectfully submit to you sir that it is not an
overstatement, but perhaps an understatement.
The above facts condense to nothing short of witness intimidation. Whether directly or indirectly,
Deputy Hatfield and John Hatfield, through information provided by Deputy Hatfield, have single
handedly destroyed the reputation of your agency, my faith in your agency and numerous others with
knowledge of this case.
I truly hope that you are as disgusted and outraged as me and my family. A Butler County Sheriffs
Deputy is the most recognized and visible representative of the Sheriff. Deputy Hatfield has brought
great discredit to himself, his agency and those that allow him the honor of continued service.


Kevin B. Gray
654 Shultz Drive
Hamilton, Ohio 45013

CC: Jeff Meadows,

Michael Gmoser,
Special Agent in Charge, FBI, Cincinnati Ohio