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Coordinator, AACCUP
(0927) 716-5041
Also known to her colleagues as “Aleli”, her multi-faceted personality
has led her to becoming one true leader, being the Coordinator of this
year’s assembly of accreditors.
Dr. Manangan is currently affiliated with Isabela State University –
Cauayan Campus, holding the position of Associate Professor III. Her
designations include the following:
 Chief, Quality Assurance
 Extension Coordinator, BEED/BSE
 Director, Extension & Training Services
She holds a Doctorate degree in Educational Management from Isabela
Colleges in Cauayan City, wherein she also obtained her Master’s in
Education degree prior. She received her undergraduate training from
Nueva Vizcaya School of Arts and Trades and finished with a Bachelor’s
degree in Industrial Engineering.
Her unwavering dedication as an educator is very apparent with the
responsibilities entrusted unto her as a lecturer and trainer, sports
coach, and editor for Fund of Sports, Food Safety & Hygiene, and
Rhythmic Activities.
Behind all these workload, you can still find an energetic and loving
mom and grandma to her family. And she enjoys dart challenges, too.
So, you better be prepared in nailing that bulls-eye before she takes
her turn.

Accreditor, AACCUP
(0936) 184-4976

a book author in Filipino under St. Dayawon. Information and Publication  Chairman. Valerio or “Terê” is affiliated with Quirino State University – Main Campus as a Research Coordinator for the program Bachelor of Secondary Education and a Supervising Instructor. and a Foreign Language (French) Professor rolled into one. a Senior Reviewer/Lecturer at Marie de Pona St. MARINEL PALATTAO DAYAWON Team Leader. who are you gonna call? It’s Dr. Validation Committee for Filipino Subjects She is also a qualitative researcher. Theresa B. Andrew Publishing. Dayawon is an Associate Dean of the Institute of Teacher Education in Isabela State University – Cauayan City Campus with an academic rank of Associate Professor II.Many Filipinos speak English very well. She Obtained her PhD in English from the University of La Salette and previous to that was a MAEd in English from the same. Loyalty to your mother tongue is indeed a strong sign of nationality. Her designation includes. Dr. Valerio. But do you know what the Tagalog term for the word “Mathematics” is? I don’t either. So. AACCUP (0916) 514-8024 | (0935) 279-9363 mrnlpalattao@yahoo. Having finished a PhD in Educational Management and MAEd in Filipino from the University of La Salette you will never go wrong with your Filipino grammar again. program leader of PASA-LET extension program. the following:  Graduate School Coordinator  Program Chair of Bachelor of Secondary Education  Chief. Jude Review Center. a few still struggle with it. Her undergraduate studies took place in Wesleyan University – Philippines where she finished with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education Major in English. learning from her will increase your . Dr. Besides. But only a rare minority can even come close with a language expert such as Dr. but is not limited to. Though. Ma.

So why not learn it from a skills specialist? Get to know more about Prof. Holding a PhD in Educational Management from Saint Louis UniversityBaguio City and Master of Health Social Science from De La Salle University-Manila. endless itinerary of beautiful places to visit and it has Dr. Because it is not easy to learn what you think you already know.appreciation of our own language in a very interesting way. Dr. ELEANOR RIVAS BELIZAR Accreditor. AACCUP (0906) 545-1037 elibelizar The City of Dancing Fountains doesn’t only have fountains in it. Belizar – a national treasure indeed. Manila with an academic rank of Associate Professor III. She is also a Faculty Member in the Graduate School of the University of Northern Philippines and a Lecturer/Trainer at the Institute of Women’s Studies in Saint Scholastica’s College. Ronie G. Prof. Belizar now serves as Coordinator for Women’s Studies. he already obtained his Master’s in Industrial Education and Bachelor’s in Industrial Education from the same university. It is also rich in history. Dr. . Skills can be learned. Torres. RONIE GUZMAN TORRES Accreditor. Torres holds a Doctor of Education degree from Isabela State University Main Campus but prior to that. AACCUP (0935) 404-8098 ronie_0782@yahoo.

Elizabeth Alonzo has an in depth looking and appreciation to every rhythm. REDENTOR SANGALANG ROJAS Music has its own way of searching for an artist. On the other hand. Prof. Torres never stopped at studying in ISU but continues and passes the legacy on by serving as the Chairman of the Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education Program. ELIZABETH HIPOLITO ALONZO Team Leader.Learning a skill is one thing. AACCUP (0927) 511-3516 lzbthalonzo@yahoo. But an educator such as Prof. So. AACCUP (0916) 703-2674 rojasrs@gmail. An artist deeply appreciates a certain genre of music. Music found her and she found music. Rojas. Redentor is a doctor on process in the program of it could also mean that something is pulling you and be magnetized to it – just like A force could actually mean that you need to push something so hard for it to move. Prof. Prof. Some of his designations also include being a Supervising Instructor (Student Teaching Program) and Research Coordinator for the BS Industrial Technology Program with an academic rank of Associate Professor III. he mastered and finished his baccalaureate degree in . She is an Associate Professor IV at Isabela State University and currently the University Director of Socio-Cultural Affairs. And he’s also a TESDA Competency Assessor so he knows his stuff pretty well. Transferring it is another. Professor Elizabeth finished her undergraduate programs: Community Services Work at South Australia and Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Music Education and Art Education at TCA PNU Manila. Finished her post-graduate studies in Music Education at PNU Manila and pursuing her doctorate degree in Educational Management. Prof.

AACCUP (0917) 322-5802 lei_tabago@yahoo. no opening again. she is the current Director of Research and Development in Isabela State University. pursued her post-graduate studies at Cagayan State University with the program of Master in Science Teaching Major in Physics and finished her baccalaureate degree at PNU Manila with a program of BS Physics for teachers. AACCUP (0936) 311-3895 sellebeltran@yahoo. Prof. At What you see around us has its own scientific equivalent. BELTRAN Accreditor. All of his perseverance in studies was taken at University of Northern Philippines. LORELEI CAYABAN TABAGO Accreditor. But there are few people who loves turning back to the past and learning it again the other way around. Tabago. Dr. There are also some forces that we just take for granted but a person could appreciate it without hesitation. . She is affiliated at Isabela State University as an Associate Professor Everything that happened in the past is already engraved as a history. No more turning back. Lorelei finished her doctorate degree in Educational Management at University of La Salette. In addition. he is wholeheartedly affiliated at University of Northern Philippines with an academic rank of Associate Professor V and designated as Coordinator of Science and Technology researches. ROSELLE M.Physics.

Roselle M. Beltran finished her baccalaureate degree in ISUCabagan with the program of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Science.Prof. she is a CTE Supervisor and an administrative officer at DAHR-Annex. Mastered Arts in Teaching Major in Social Science in the same university and soon to be Doctor in Educational Management at CSU-Andrews Campus. . In addition to this. She is an Associate Professor II at Isabela State University designated as Chief of Student Affairs and Services.