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Family planning is a program that allows individuals and
couples to determine the number of children to have, when to
have them, and at what intervals. This is achieved through the
voluntary use of various devices, sexual practices, chemicals,
drugs, or surgical procedures that interfere with the normal
process of ovulation, fertilization, and implantation . It is very
important in social development as an integral part of population
education. In general it is defined as the regulation or control
childbirth to limit the number of children. A couple must first to
understand the merits and advantages of any method of family
planning before selecting which one would suit them best. The
contraceptive methods are classified as a.) Oral contraceptives or
the pill, b.)Surgical methods like sterilization; vasectomy and
tubal ligation, c.) Mechanical devices such a condom, IUD,
diaphragm, cervical cap, etc. d.)Chemical contraceptives like
spermicides, sponge, and e.) The withdrawal rhythm, douching
and prolonged lactation are natural and traditional methods.
Natural family planning costs nothing and it has no side
effects. But it can be difficult to use. Women do not always know
when they are fertile, and if they have one irregular cycle, they
can easily get pregnant. These methods work best when your

too late. or not have sexual intercourse. During the fertile time you and your partner must not have sexual intercourse without using some other form of family planning. To use natural family planning. Most of these deaths. and injuries are preventable through improved access . Natural family planning does not work well for women who do not have control over when they have sex. family planning is important on both individual and family levels as well as being a key contributor of socioeconomic development for communities and Nations. you must watch your body’s signs to understand when you are fertile. A woman can get pregnant only during her fertile time when an egg comes from her ovary into her tubes and womb—about once a month. Family planning services help avert maternal morbidity and mortality that result when pregnancies are too early. your partner must be willing to use condoms or a diaphragm. In addition to this rights framework. Or you can prevent pregnancy by using condoms or a diaphragm during the fertile time. Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth is among the leading causes of mortality and morbidity of women of reproductive age in many parts of the developing world.cycles are very regular. At these times. During your fertile times. and is at least 26 days and no more than 32 days. This means the time from the first day of your monthly bleeding to the first day of your next monthly bleeding is the same every month. you can try other types of sex. such as oral sex or sexual touching. health problems. too many. and too frequent.

000 maternal deaths annually It can be even more difficult for women with disabilities to get information or access to practice family planning. believe women with disabilities cannot have sex or become pregnant. The remaining mistimed births. significant problems in Malawi. The lifetime probability of maternal death in this country is 1 in 7. Many people. their bodies. the work they do. Even if some of these methods are not . saving lives and preserving the well-being of families. Family planning also helps avert infant and child morbidity and mortality. Preventing unintended pregnancies could significantly improve these figures. 1 in 120 in South Africa.500 in the United States. and do not give them any information or advice. If these pregnancies could be avoided. including safe and effective family planning methods. including some health workers. This compares to 1 in 54 in Namibia. Two-thirds of these unintended pregnancies occur among women who were not using any method of contraception. and what they and their partners prefer. and 1 in 2. About half of these end in induced abortions. women make choices depending on ease of adequate health care services. Where many family planning methods are available. most of which are either illegal or unsafe. more than one-third of pregnancies in developing countries—about 76 million each year—are unintended. the following could be averted: • 90% of abortion-related mortality and morbidity • 20% of obstetric-related mortality and morbidity • 150. cost. Furthermore.

available in your community. Boac. Mariduque SMALL FAMILY 1. because before they get into sexual intercourse they are decide that in case of what may happen they are ready for the . emotional . you can learn about them and talk with the local health workers about trying to make them available. Marinduque State College School of Arts and Sciences Tanza. spiritual needs of the family  To give time to her husband and son  To give also to her self 2. According to Mrs.  To give pull attention to the family  To give the financial needs . You may be able to educate them. Yes. social. Elsa Malapad her own definition of family planning are the following.

4. Actually I have only own child even I am not using contraceptives but when I was given a chance I want the age gap of my children was 3 0r 1 year gap is enough. because I’m not using any contraceptives because of its side effect to our health as a girl.For me. 7. . I think 3 children for every family 5. 3. Yes. 6. because I know that it was for own future of our son or daughter. 10. No. I’m not favor to used artificial contraceptives even they are couple and especially they are not couple yet because it can cause different disease that can harm you. the right time to talk about the family planning was when you are having a long time relationship you are aware of family planning and when you are just starting a family .consequence that will happen or the girl will not able to get pregnant . because for example you have few siblings and your work husband work was a construction work with his salary you can save a little money cause you have a small family but if you have a big family the salary of your husband is not enough to give all the needs of the family. As I can see in our government and what I have notice there program which is family planning was not yet giving the full attention by government because they cannot see the good and bad effect of family planning in our country . If ever. 8. 9.

Yes. Maryjane Reajano family planning is planning needed in determining the number and spacing of one’s children through birth control. . According to Mrs. they need to decide what kind of family planning you want to use but do not forget that sometimes the RH Expert recommendation are functional to use because maybe your partner doesn’t so the best was to talk your partner about that just the two of without any Rh Expert involved. 2. Boac. Mariduque Big family 1.Marinduque State College School of Arts and Sciences Tanza.

Yes. 5. Mrs. because I know that I belong to well -to do I can support my children’s future and I can give their primary needs so I don’t need to practice birth control. especially the women because through family planning a lot of women today have works than men and its solve the excrescency of population . Of course No . Reajano said that the right time to talk about family planning is when you are newlywed couple so that you are preparing how many children do you like. Government did not notice effect of family planning but for the people its help a lot. Yes. Yes. According to her she thinks 3 children in every family is enough to apply family planning. because it is the only solution to that we can do to avoid a lot of children but we cannot give their primary needs. . Based on my own opinion family planning and its effect help us a lot . 10. because family planning is one of the solution that who can help us to solve the poverty in the Philippines and to give attention in other problems of the country. Although it is a blessing but we need to think their future also not our own happiness. 4. For me the age gap that I want for my children was at least 3 years gap. 9. 6. 8.3. 7. because this solution is to excrescency of population.

Mariduque Recommendation Based on the interview that we conducted we recommend to use family planning not only to limit the number of your children but also to give time to yourself and attention to your husband and children . Boac.Marinduque State College School of Arts and Sciences Tanza. Conclusion .

Mariduque An Interview About . Nowadays. It also gives significant for that family who are suffering poverty in their life. it is really needed to apply because of the crisis that we have suffering. Boac.We conclude that family planning is really important in every couple. because no matter what kind of family do you belong whether in small family or big family? You can apply it if you want. Marinduque State College School of Arts and Sciences Tanza.

Mariduque Answer the following question based on your own opinion and understanding.Family planning Prepared by. Jhoanna Cariño Ginalyn Privado October 8. Is it ideal for each couple to decide on what type of family planning do they need to used or just follow the recommendation of the RH expert? 3. 2015 Marinduque State College School of Arts and Sciences Tanza. Boac. 1. What do you think is the right time for the couple to talk about their family planning method? . What is family planning? 2.

Based on your own opinion. What is your ideal number of children to be called that you are applying family planning? 5. emotional.4. Mariduque Discussion and interpretation of data According to Mrs. Can you consider that using contraceptives could be of great help to limit their birth spacing? 7. Elsa Malapad her own definition of family planning are the following. Boac. To give the financial needs. If your family belongs to well-to-do family is it the right to practice birth control? 9. to give full attention to the family. Are you in favor of using artificial contraceptives as part of family planning as part family planning despite of its health condition side effect? 6. spiritual needs of the . what would be the effects of family planning to us? Marinduque State College School of Arts and Sciences Tanza. Do you think family planning is the solution to solve poverty among families? Why? 10. social. At what age gap of your children do you think family planning is applicable to use? 8.

While according to Mrs. .family. And the two wives said that family planning is good but they can’t control their want. To give also to herself. Maryjane Reajano family planning is planning needed in determining the number and spacing of one’s children through birth control. The small family is concentrating to their only child while the big family can’t give their full attention to their children because they against in family planning. To give time to her husband and son. Because before they get into sexual intercourse they are decide that in case of what may happen they are ready for the consequence that will happen or the girl will not able to get pregnant .