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1.1) Area of residence:
a) Rural

b) Urban

c) Semi-Urban

1. 2) Gender
a) Male

b) Female

1. 3) Age ----------- years
1.4) Marital status
a) Married

b) Unmarried

1. 5) Educational qualification
a) Up to SSLC

b) HSC

c) Diploma

d) UG Graduate

e) PG Graduate

f) Other Please Specify ---------------

a) School Student

b) College Student

c) Business

d) Professional

e) Employee

f) Other Please Specify ---------------

1.6) Occupational status

1.7) Type of family
a) Joint

b) Nuclear

1.8) Position of your family
a) Head

b) Member

1.9) Members in your family
a) Earning ---------

b) Non Earning ------------

1.10) Monthly income of the respondent
a) Below Rs.10,000

b) Rs.10001 – Rs.15,000

c) Rs.15001 – Rs.20, 000

d) Above Rs.20,000

1.11) Family Income
a) Below Rs.15,000

b) Rs.15001 – Rs.25,000

c) Rs.25,001 – Rs.35,000

d) Above Rs.35,000

2.1) How do you know about the online shopping?
a) Through Media

b) Friends and relatives

c) News Paper

d) Existing Customers

e) Other Please Specify -----

4) How many time purchased the products through online in a year? a) Up to 2 times b) 3 to 5 times c) 6 to 8 times d) Above 8 times 2.2) How long have you been knowing about online shopping? a) Upto 2 years b) 2 to 3 years c) 3 to 5 years d) Above 5 years 2.2000 to Rs.2.8) Do you feel online shopping better than the traditional shopping? a) Yes b) No 2.10.7) How do you received the purchased product? a) Though Courier b) Parcel service c) Door delivery d) In store pick up e) Other Please Specify -------- 2.5000 c) Rs.10.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 DS – Disagree HDS – Highly Disagree Factors Company reputation Variety of product Offers Brand Product price difference between online & store price Speed delivery Product quality Low service charge Product returned system HA A N DS HDS .000 d) Above Rs.000 2.5) How much of amount spending for a single purchase? a) Up to Rs.3) How many years do you purchased the product through online? a) Up to 1 year b) 1 to 3 year c) 3 to 5 year d) Above 5 year 2.2000 b) Rs.5000 to Rs.6) What kind of product purchased through online shopping? a)Electronics b)Clothing d)Footwear e)Others c)Kitchen Products 2.9) Which factor influenced to purchase through online? SA-Highly agree A-Agree N – Neutral S.

4. 11. 7. 13. HA – Highly Aware S.2.1) Specify the Customer satisfaction of online purchases HS – Highly Satisfied S – Satisfied N – Neutral DS – Dissatisfied HDS – Highly Dissatisfied S. 6. 9.10) Mention your level of Awareness for the following factors while making online purchase. 5. 12. 3.N o 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Factors Save the time Product price Security for money transfer Product quality After sales Service Product return system Door delivery Discounts & offers Payment producers Method of online purchases Got the ordered product properly Shipping charges Period of time delivery Packing of product Guaranty & Warranty Safety & security HS S N DS HDS .NO 1. 8. 14. 10. 2. A – Aware N – Neutral NA – Not Aware HNA – Highly not aware FACTORS Discount / Offers Brands Design / Varieties Procedure to make purchase Terms & Conditions Mode of payment Guarantee & Warranty Procedure for cancelling the order Procedure for returning the products Procedure to make purchase Delivery Charges Duration of delivery Order tracking facility 24 * 7 Customer care HA A N NA HNA III. SATISFACTION OF CUSTOMER 3.

3.4) Will you continue online shopping in future? a) Yes b) No 3. mention the Problems: a) Delivery of product is late b) Damage of goods c) Risk in money transfer d) Others please specify ------------------------ 3.3) Are you satisfied with overall online shopping? a) Yes b) No If no state the reason __________________________ 3.2) Are you satisfied with the product catalogue on the snapdeal website? a) Yes b) No 3.8) Suggestions ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ .7) If yes.5) Would you recommended online shopping to others? a) Yes b) No 3.6) Are you faced any problems during the time of online shopping? a) Yes b) No 3.