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Entry test - Junior Analyst


Download this question file.
Create a document on Google Docs, name the file "JA your full name".
Copy the questions to the newly created file.
Answer the questions.
Include your contact details.
Share the file with Edit permission to and

No word limit. Feel free to make assumptions and state your

1. How do you reduce payment transaction costs for companies in your portfolio?
2. What are your three favorite fonts and why?
Font 1: Gill Sans for English writing
Font 2: Helvetica Neue: thin & clean, suitable for both VN & English.
Font 3: Verdana:

3. Imagine you were a social media manager for a current Presidential
Candidate, write a tweet.

4. You are paying Deloitte to value a potential investment target. How would you
get the highest possible valuation from the advisory?

Growth rate for the next 5 years. Vietnam which you want to long. What is the most important thing you'd say. e. Discuss corporate governance structure. The content of the two messages are not required to be identical. Growth rate after 5 years. What is your favorite business model and why? 8. b. d. Capex. 13. In In In In In the US which you want to long. The latest monthly revenues of a firm were 60K. the US which you want to short. 62K. R&D capitalization. 7. not the third. legal issues. Dividend payout. 11. Singapore which you want to long. Quantify reliability of Google Analytics. One message should be in English. not the top. . Singapore which you want to short. Corporate tax rate. Write an email to dissuade Shane Carruth from completing "Modern Ocean". Give three reasons you want a portfolio firm to remain in the second highest market share. and what is one question you want to ask? 6. and 78K. and taxation of Masan Group (HSX:MSN) and its parent.5. Operating expenses outweigh gross margin. Write two Viber messages to motivate two frustrated CEO's. Briefly explain why. c. Risk appetite. 14. Sort the following in descending order of what you want to change in valuing the firm and briefly explain why. List two companies (not necessarily public) for each of the following cases: a. 9. You are to meet a real estate tycoon. 12. Why haven't all firms incorporated in tax havens such as the BVI? 10. the other in a language other than English.

13 i=1 17. } for (i = 0 .15.13i 5 1. b < repeatB . She is struck with panic attack every time somebody mentions anything related to Math.13 0. How would you connect IT to agriculture? Be as specific as possible.02 5 i 0. If you were hiring for this position. Note: analysts need to perform this task during meetings.19 + ∑ 1. Use humor to insult the author of the following code: for (i = 0 . i < numberOfAssets1 .67 ×1.67 × 1. In the next 8 hours she will need to estimate the following calculation in 2 seconds without using any calculator. 20. Describe how you would train her. How would you coerce a 5-year experienced ABAP Engineer to "move fast and break things"? 18. i++) { w[i][0] = securityValue1 / (pdt[startPeriod1][i]). 16. You are assigned to mentor an intern who has Classics (Literature) background. Devise a practically feasible scheme for orchestrating the next major financial meltdown. b++) { .195 ×1. compose a test question. i < numberOfTradingDays . i++) { for (b = 0 . 0. 19.

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