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A. What that Department of Industrial Engineering?

Industrial Engineering is a field of science that studies how to design ,
manage and apply all the factors such as humans , machines , methods ,
materials , the environment becomes a system in scope related to the
function of the plant , such as basic research , operational research , the
development of a product the new , through engineering - industrial
engineering , product design , system design work , engine maintenance ,
system production to the quality of up to after-sales service for these
B. What just learned in this course?
Industrial engineering focuses To design, improvement and
installation of integrated systems Consisting Of Human differences, material,
equipment and energy.
This section describes three main roles to do an industrial engineering is to
design, improve and install an integrated system.
1. Designing demonstrated ability to creatively combine the knowledge
that has been held into a system design. The most classic system
designed is a manufacturing production system, both only a 1 or a
complete production line 1 fruit factory. But in reality, the system here
can be also an integrated system solution (integrated solution
systems), the design solution "typical IT": design multi-perspective,
multi-disciplinary, multi-approach and multi-dimensional. Multi solution
that is the power of IT. Therein lies the integrative capabilities, which
makes industrial engineering graduates working in the field of
2. Increase can be translated as management. Management experts say













planning . making even the quality control so that products can be more quickly accepted by the market in optimum quality. systems thinking and so are useful in solving problems. this concept is known as the start of the desired end result (Begin With the End in Mind).control . capability-based analysis of the data using statistical science. design for six sigma jobs.and information through processes of design.operation . because the core of the improvement is the ability to solve problems. material . system modeling . design for manufacture. Based on this definition certainly indicates management's ability to do problem solving. machine . 3.maintenance . What skills are preferred for this department? Manufacturing System is a system that utilizes engineering approach industry to improve the quality . while there are significant management improvements must be made.and efficiency of integral system consisting of human . and ergonomics. C. Type disciplines studied in manufacturing systems here include production systems . This includes sensitivity to identify .and repairs to maintain alignment human and environmental aspects of its work. . is a design concept that already incorporate ease of maintenance. Installing require knowledge of project management. design of factory layout . although the project management for industrial engineering is different from civil engineering.productivity . production planning and control . In the seven habits of effective human.continuously accurately rule. Translations of this example is a design concept for maintenance. Installing a technique to force the industry to think far ahead in designing and improving the system. Installing demonstrate the ability to perform defining the steps needed to perform the installation of the system design.

hospitals .D. finance . How the scope of science in industrial engineering ? Industrial Engineering has a very broad scope not only in research and design of a product related to technology but also include examples of business activities such as marketing system that runs the company . These two factors are mutually supporting each other . government or military organizations . What are the prospects of industrial engineering graduate work ? The basic principles of engineering science industry will be able to be widely applied in various employment sectors such as industry ( plant ) manufacturing. banking / insurance . and consulting services . . agriculture . E. human resource development and others .