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displacement ring control.ry Apacer latest promotions Star Service 1 Introduction With the continuous development of urban construction. the growing number of high-rise buildings. velocity. velocity.2. The design of PLC control in the frequency control to achieve with the current. Now commonly used to control the lift of two ways. the realization of current. second control mode to replace Microcomputer with programmable controller signal control. based on double closed-loop. first using computer as a signal control unit. S7-200 series CPU221. without increasing hardware conditions. these two methods is not much difference. PLC high reliability. drag the control from drive to complete. PLC received from the control panel and each call box call . convenient and flexible program design. high-rise building in the vertical elevator is running as a means of transport has been closely linked with people's daily lives. complete the lift signal acquisition. From the control and performance. operation and function of the state to set and achieve automatic scheduling and set the lift operation function selected.1 Hardware structureSiemens PLC.

which determine the location of the elevator. the reduction ratio 1 = 1 / 20. 2.Where I: total number of pulses S: Pulse equivalentThe system uses the reducer.1 Frequency control loop control can basically meet the requirements. Inverter with current sensing device itself. The design is based on the idea. PLC in the output display and control signals at the same time. precise stops. sure direction in the same time.616G5 CIM-RG5A 4022 inverter. start. etc.Manned elevator as a tool for site potential load conditions.signals. resulting in a. constitute a closed loop speed pulse count. the use of existing rotary encoder. car and door system functions well and the drive signals and the state of the signal. in addition to requirements of safe and reliable.2 current. will be introduced into the high-speed counter input port PLC 0000 by the cumulative number of pulses. which constitutes the current loop. but also required to run a smooth. b two-phase pulse into the drive. while the speed loop constituted by the inverter output and motor speed PG card and lift the number of pulses proportional to the displacement. pulled cited . and motor coaxial connection through the rotary encoder. by equation (1) to calculate the equivalent pulses. acceleration / deceleration and braking the elevator. speed double closed circuit By YASAKWA's VS . the procedure to determine and implement the elevator operator The set of selected control. given the direction to the drive. signal. but compared to the elevator and foreign high-performance needs further improvement. comfortable ride. the ideal control the operation of the displacement curve of 3.

The order and format can not be artificially changed. can not meet the accuracy requirements of a given curve. Practice Dongyang Elevator acceleration of 2.2 Speed control This method is the use of PLC function module D / A module. each cycle should be functions of all inquiries. the D / A converted into analog after the ideal curve of output. motor rated speed ne = 1450r / min. exchange of information with the programmer. user program execution.1 accelerate the production of a given curve 8-bit D / A Output 0 ~ 5V / 0 ~ 10V. the basic six steps to complete the work. According to a conservative value. by look-up table write the D / A. judgments and action. Usually a scan cycle. the program runs.Wheel diameter D = 580mm. which uses the usual look-up table method. the corresponding figure is 16 decimal 00 ~ FF.2. control the amount of output and other operations are in accordance with fixed order to the way the scan cycle. a total of 255. PG card division ratio r = 1 / 18. and digital processors to exchange information. the CPU and the exchange of information between various devices. including operating surveillance. rotary encoder pulses per revolution corresponds to p = 1024. 3. each look-up table of the instruction time interval is too long. generation-type (1) may3. data acquisition.5 to 3 seconds to ask. exchange of information and . prior to the ideal speed curve of the digital into the PLC registers. In the PLC is running. the elevator to accelerate the process of look-up table each time the interval should not exceed 10ms. Since the largest part of the program logic control the elevator. and run by PLC cycle scan mechanism.

the user program and the input and output interfaces services. the control function under the premise of ensuring the maximum scan time shorter CPU cycle is a very complex issue. each distance to the response time should not exceed 10ms. the latter with 4 breakpoints. To meet the requirements of real-time systems. Generally only the shortest time from the user to program execution method. At the same time. Starting with fixed periodic interrupt. despite a number of ways to reduce scan time. are in the main program logic control is implemented.(3) be periodic interrupt. once set. This interrupt can not be carried out by a program switch. In one cycle. The operating conditions of the judge Run mode by selecting the look-up table. This mechanism has a convenient side. etc. etc. Interrupt service routine on the main program. Accelerated by the scheduled period start to run the interrupt service routine to complete. but the real poor. directly affecting the effectiveness of the signal response. using interrupt method to effectively overcome the limitations PLC scanning mechanism.communications processor. the braking distance by using the principle of curve segments. but still can not scan time down to 10ms or less. this means the speed curve generation. has . Used in the program after two interrupt. the braking process using highspeed counting internal interrupt. and have the program running on the curve of the interrupt service program. Lift the logic control part of the program scan for more than 10ms. Long scan time. run state detection Run Protection within the selected outgoing calls. The first two have eight breakpoint interrupt. CPU only performs the entire user program again.

the maximum speed to the corresponding mode. Mun district judge peaceful layer is given by an external signal to ensure the reliability of deceleration. In the interrupt service routine to modify the conditions of the counter settings to ensure the implementation of the next interrupt. the accelerated process operating conditions are no longer satisfied. a position feedback. the interrupt is returned.PG card using the drive pulse signal output to the introduction of high-speed counting input of the PLC. 3. after each break. the resulting high-speed counter interrupt service routine execution slowdown. so the operating conditions to be placed on starting the interrupt service routine. Maximum lift to correspond to the mode of operation. the deceleration curve tables arranged in descending value.2. not the implementation of accelerated procedures. High-speed counter cumulative number of pulses reflected the position of the elevator. point to slow down in this mode. direct return from the interrupt.been interrupted by set time interval cycle. The value of . interrupts are executed once each time the pointer plus an operating table. Internal registers in the PLC. the next interruption of look-up table values will be less than the value of this look-up table interrupted. the elevator has been in a steady speed or accelerate during operation. Before determining the deceleration point. to be carried out in the main program to determine the conditions and deceleration braking point identified.2 deceleration curve generated To ensure the completion of the braking process. Accelerate the process interrupted by the completion of fixed period. the operating conditions not satisfied.

high-speed counter counts the cumulative . smooth. the flat layer error control pulses equivalent in scope. Before running through the self-learning. which determine the running distance of the elevator.the constant high-speed counter with the signal points compared with the numbers corresponding to the pulses. the door zone signal and leveling position signals. D01 . This theory. The elevator is running. gate signal 5 subdistrict level peace process are introduced. quick change-speed point.D1 Floor of a two-way counter CNTl0 counter count when it reaches the floor layers point. Operation. Real-time calculation of the following position signal: the location where the floor lift. greatly reducing the signal detection device and the shaft connection and reduce costs. medium speed for speed. the elevator up to the leveling accuracy.Relative count of the design approach adopted. fast for speed. measure the floor height of the corresponding number of pulses. according to the direction of the plus 1 or minus count. the speed for speed point. braking points and leveling the parking spots and other signals. through the position signal detection. The following set of elections for control in the realization of additional floors on the basis of the new count. flat layer of accurate requirements. In considering the speed reducer gear and other mechanical factors combined gap case. Thus eliminating the need for the original set in the shaft on each floor above the signal detection device. for speed points. well below the national standard criteria. to meet the elevator smooth starting and braking. corresponding to the 17th floor elevator into the 16 memory units. respectively.

the use of pulse counting method. by floor count floor along the counter trigger signal. equal to issue floor count signal. Signal level and the district judge level signal is similar. upstream plus 1. Medium speed for speed and rapid method for judging a similar speed.Accurate pulse signal acquisition and transmission in this system is particularly important for the detection of rotary encoders and pulse transmission circuit failure.value of the real-time point corresponding with the floor to compare the number of pulses. using a pulse encoder to replace any original shaft position detection device. to achieve displacement control. not repeat them. using software instead of part of the hardware function.When the high-speed counter value and fast for the same number of points corresponding to the pulses. . not repeat them. made fast for speed signals. but also improves the system reliability and security. Pulse count for the elimination of accumulated error.When the value of high-speed counter CNT47 area corresponding to the door within a few pulses. the fat gate area signal. not only reduces system cost. down by 1. to achieve full digital control of the elevator. set the reset switch at the base station. design a pulse without pulse detection circuit signal and errors through real-time testing to ensure system uptime. if the elevator is fast running and the layer and layer selection signal. If the elevator is running or while in the fast-speed running. but without the layer and layer selection signal. not made-for-speed signals. access to PLC high speed counter reset CNT47 end 000This paper described the control system is based on the principles of electrical assembly elections. to prevent the counter during the count pulse high repeat count.

flat layer accuracy of less than 5mm. the field of transformation of two 17-story elevator.Based on debugging in the lab. using the above method. the relevant parts of the test and nearly a year of actual operation that the system is reliable. significantly reducing the failure rate. . ride comfort. and achieved good operating results.